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HOKA HEY - Legend of Tala Whitecloud

Hoka Hey, is the Lakota Sioux battle cry, meaning “It’s a Good Day to Die.” A Zac King supernatural thriller, Hoka Hey underscores the current strife of American Indians who defend their sacred rights against corporate greed and corruption of Big Oil. Imagine a world where all Native Americans stood together as one tribe, with one voice. There are insidious reasons the Indian Nations are kept silent and the government has intentionally fractured tribal communities. Big Oil desecrates sacred Indian burial grounds for drilling and fracking, willing to disturb the dead to get it, until now. Tala Whitecloud holds the key, a force so powerful and a revelation so shocking it forever alters mankind’s destiny. A unifying voice representing The United Indian Nation, Tala is dying to be heard and it’s “A Good Day to Die.” This is her story.

  • ISBN: 9780463365281
  • Author: Koz Mraz
  • Published: 2018-10-07 17:45:07
  • Words: 22630
HOKA HEY - Legend of Tala Whitecloud HOKA HEY - Legend of Tala Whitecloud