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By Santosh Jha

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A Big Thanks… You have already enjoyed 33 of my eBooks. They all, be it fiction or non-fiction, have been my humble endeavor to empower your consciousness for life-living wellness and personal excellence. This 34th eBook is also aimed at continuing to write on the core issues of 3Cs – Consciousness, Cognition and Causality, as I stick to my belief that holistic, integrative and assimilative knowledge of the 3Cs alone can open the doors of wellness and excellence in a world of chaos, conflict and confusion, we live in. There is nothing better than living a self-aware life with poise of purpose…

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There are questions of life and living. Everyone has them. They have been there since thousands of years. Since the time, these questions came into existence, the answers also started to take shape. The old wisdom attempted answers to these questions and many of us have good faith that the answers provided by old wisdoms of religion, philosophy and spiritualism are right and probably the only answers. However, for many, they are not satisfactory answers and the questions remain valid and in search of ‘right’ answers.

You have a tough task in your hand. You want new answers and in fact, it is only natural, as we all are living in a new world, where realisms have a different perspective; needs to be in sync with modern scientific logic. The old wisdom, somehow, does not seem to be galvanized to update their answers in the light of the new awareness and knowledge of humanity.

However, the contemporary modern realist in us has to do more than just seeking answers. We all have to Revisit and Reassess the questions first. We have to works on the premise of objective and measurable logic, a common sense, which has to be in perfect symmetry with modern knowledge of humanity. That is why; even the age-old questions need to be revisited, reframed and even reassigned and realigned in a secular and temporal perspective. This is primary requirement for wellness and lasting peace.

For every one of us, living in modern contemporary world, seeking answers in milieu-specific pragmatism, the context needs to be understood by some contemporary example and for that let us use the metaphor of a computer. We all operate the computer; even kids do it smartly, some even better than adults! However, only a miniscule percentage of us know exactly how the computer is made and what scientific mechanisms and processes make it work. Most of us are operative geniuses of computer, successfully doing all functions that a computer is designed for. However, when someone asks us about how the computer does this function or than one, we are in trouble answering.

The reason is; an average person does not know the scientific or technological details of the working mechanisms and processes of the computer. We actually do not have the need as we all have mastered the operative functions and it is enough to make full potential use of the computer. Kids run the android operative system on hand devices and nobody has to bother about the technological details of the jelly beans and ginger breads!

The trouble starts when questions are generated for answers, which pertain to finer details of the working system of a realism, the operative masters of which we happily are. So, when a kid shall ask, how the pictures sneak into the screens of your computer, we shall device ‘smart answers’ but they shall never be ‘true answers’, as we do not know the system functioning.

Empowerment and personal excellence is not only about the operative knowledge of the system called life and living; it is much beyond that. We have a mechanism, the life around us has a mechanism and the cosmic order has a mechanism and process. Usually, we do not have the express need to be in complete knowledge of the entire mechanism of the ‘computer of life and living’. Most of us do quite well without it. However, it has to be accepted with humility and innocence that questions shall always emanate, wherever there is an intricate and multidimensional mechanism and process. Questions are embedded in the mechanism. We may do without it and still do reasonably well. That is another thing. Still, questions cannot be wished away.

The humble assertion is; we all are designed to have excellence, not just bare survival. Excellence is systemic too in the mechanism and process of all designs, even as entropy always sneaks in. This excellence is a must for ‘Optimizing Operative Efficiency’. When we talk about the idea and idealism of spiritualism in modern context, we are essentially talking about knowing the mechanism well, the processes well, so that we have the questions right. Then only we can think of having the right answers.

Spiritualism is an intangible, innate, instinctive, embedded and essential consciousness of overall excellence of life and living. Spiritualism is your mind-positioning for this avowed excellence of life and living.

We all can operate a computer but those with overall knowledge of the technological mechanism and process of the digital computing and artificial intelligence shall have the overall excellence in using the computer to its best possible potential. Moreover, they shall also be more adept at handling the entropy of the system. Naturally, as the computer is designed for enhancing and catalyzing the excellence of the operator, those in complete knowledge of the design and its mechanism-process shall be better positioned to land at the potential excellence.

Moreover, one does not have to be a computer engineer to understand the mechanism-process of the design of a computer. We just have to expand the limits of our natural inquisitiveness to get to the core principle of digital computing and artificial intelligence. All sciences and technology, in fact all wisdoms and knowledge have a ‘Simple Model’ to get to its core system. Religion provided its own model, using simple ‘metaphors’ from nature around us. Science does it by using analogies with other simpler models.

The same complex scientific theory is taught in class six, which scientists learn for a lifetime, in their labs. We all have the mind-mechanism to understand everything in simpler and less complex models. Spiritualism is also about assimilating a simpler and easily amenable model of the complex cosmic system and life and living mechanisms. Our own body-mind homeostasis is one simple model to understand the colossal and complex mechanism of cosmic poise.

It also needs to be talked here that spiritualism has no answers of its own. A computer engineer shall never give you an answer of his or her own. Being an engineer, being a spiritualist, does not qualify us to ‘create’ answers. It only enables us to develop and assimilate a simpler and understandable model of an answer already embedded in a system. How a computer works has a singular and objectively replicable answer. The answers cannot change for you or me even when you and me become a computer engineer. It just extends us an endowment, an ability to understand the already present answers.

The cosmic realism, the life and living mechanism and processes already have answers. The answers are as real, ingrained, systemic, objective and replicable as are the questions. The realism and mechanism itself engenders all questions and all answers. Humanity has just been able to create a knowledge and wisdom, which helps us unravel and understand the questions and their answers already there.

Spiritualism has no answers of questions of life-living and cosmic realism. This is simply because; it has no questions of its own. Both questions and answers pertain to realisms, which have been there billions of years before spiritualism or humanity came into being. Spiritualism, however remains and shall always be the ‘facility and wisdom’ to unravel and assimilate the answers as well as the questions in personalized models, a subjective metaphor of an objective realism, which were, are and shall always be.

Now, the big issue at hand for all of us is what is the nature, scope and structure of this new contemporary collective wisdom, which a modern aware person can have to optimize his potentials as a human and also be able to unravel the already available key answers of life and living questions. We talk about all this in this eBook…

… when we accept that life, the milieus around us and we in it have a mechanism and process and even these mechanism and processes have a pattern to it, we are essentially on the doorstep of peace and lasting wellness. What next we need is to step inside the door…

The computer analogy we used for understanding spiritualism however has its own limitations. Cosmic system, in its vastness and multidimensionality of life and living cannot be akin to a simple computer. The trouble starts from here.

The cosmic system and the life-living realisms are billions of years old and even scientists believe, they are so vast and intricate that human mind is insufficient to understand them fully ever. Moreover, there is one fact that has to be taken in mind.

It is eccentrically fascinating, extremely bizarre, stupidly enjoyable yet, probably the most critical and grim fact of humanity and its living experiences on this planet. We all are into something, which has no parallel in the history of living being, probably anywhere in the universe!

We had questions, which originated few thousands of years back for we humans but the questions actually had their origins billions of years back. From about ten thousand years, we humans started attempting their answers. Answers first came with religion, then with philosophy and finally, early science stepped in.

Now, the modern humans have the wherewithal of modern science and technology to understand all transcendental questions in a new light and present novel set of answers. Still, the troubles are the same. Even thousands years back, the data which were available for testing the validity of facts and separate fiction from objective fact were very negligible as all facts were billions or millions of years old, randomly and erratically available.

It is a strange situation. Incidents happened billions and millions of years back but the consciousness and wisdom of humanity to be able to fathom all these happened merely a few thousands of years back. The universe came into being 14 billion years back and humans happened 4 million years back. There is a popular belief that the evolutionary model of life and living, which science presents as alternative to ‘God’s Design’, has so many missing links. The popular big-bang theory of creation of universe and the contemporary quantum mechanism are considered to have so much elements of philosophical imagery and postulations that it is even tough for scientists to present a simpler and amenable model for understanding of an average person. Many believe, such science is a very complex fictionalism of factual realisms. The debate is never ending.

A simpler interpretation is; as humans developed the subjective consciousness – the feeling of ‘me’ and ‘self’; something unique and exclusively available to human species only, humans could formulate questions, which had their origin way back in time. Modern humans today can hardly visualize the distant past even in its best of consciousness as the links, the requisite factual data to all these incidents are missing and can never ever be recreated and re-imaged to perfection either in human mind or in a human-created lab. It is a sad thing to say but the fact looks like; the very distant past is beyond replication in its finest details.

It only seems natural that despite best of scientific advances today and more finesse coming in coming decades, humanity probably cannot find the actual, objective, singular and the right answers. We do not have the requisite data now and may not ever have, even if we have the consciousness and logistics.

Then, the billion-dollar question is, are the answers to all the questions of life-living really important and necessary for successful life and living of humanity in coming centuries? Do we really need these answers for creating a world where all humans have a peaceful, prosperous and enjoyable life and which next generations could inherit from us?

No doubt, if we have a singular answer for all these questions of humanity, we naturally shall be better off. But, as it is apparent that this is just an idealism which shall always remain confined to the realm of ‘should’ and ‘prescriptions’, we all need to move ahead for something practically possible which could be actually achieved, despite the above limitations of human consciousness and mind.

The idea is, it shall take another hundreds of years before, science could evolve itself to such a capability where it creates a singular, objective and integrative platform for assimilation of all human wisdom so far to explain all realism, be it physical, cognitive consciousness or pre-cognitive and non-physical consciousness. On the other hand, it may never happen. The later has larger probability!

So, can it happen that humanity drops these contentious and conflicting issues for a while and concentrate on building an integrative, holistic and globally workable and acceptable paradigm, which could be the singular basis of developing a worldview that works commonly for all humans? Accepted, any procrastination is not a welcome thing to do. Especially; when the issue at hand; is of such paramount importance to larger humanity! Still, procrastination is better than confused and chaotic continuity.

A simple and innocent query is; can we drop the ‘larger questions’ of life and living for a while to focus on so-called ‘smaller questions’ of humanity? The smaller yet very crucial issues at hand are world peace, personal peace, sustainable development, an alternative global economy based on larger wellness of humanity rather than pure profit, a compassionate framework for family and social living based on collective wellness rather than individualistic instant self-gratification, etc. Can we accept that there may not be a situation of impeccable joy for all but there can always be a possibility of an individual attaining his or her own subjective peace and poise…?

As it seems, humanity has been very well ensconced and in perpetual pursuit of the larger questions and it is actually the smaller questions mentioned above that are being procrastinated for ages. If compared, we can see that humanity has made larger advancement in understanding and even answering the larger questions but has made very little headway in settling the smaller questions. Many of these issues have rather regressed in the march of civilization and we all are easy victims of this procrastination and regression.

Well, it looks like another presupposition for ‘shoulds’ and idealistic ‘prescriptions’ but then, is there a better option? It is as open to unending debate as anything is. People may say that crucial and cardinal questions, such as what is ‘consciousness’, what is actual realism, what is life and how things came to be, etc must first be truly answered. Only then there could be a basis for a singular paradigm for a singular worldview, which then could be true basis for building a new and lasting worldview for a rational and lasting world order.

The only rejoinder to these debates is an idea that cardinal questions may never be resolved as the requisite empirical data for this is not available and may never be as they are somewhere billions and millions of years away with so many missing links.

Even if they get resolved in next few hundred years from now, it would take another thousands of years for all humanity to accept them. This is too long a period for all smaller questions of humanity to wait.

It seems only practical that as humanity grapples with larger questions, in the meantime, let us take all smaller questions in all sincerity and urgency as humanity is in such a stage where these questions have put a question mark on the very survival of human species on the earth.

No doubt, we all need our answers right and first but we all actually first need to survive and be rationally empowered to reach up to such a stage in human evolution where we actually remain there to enjoy the answers.

The way our smaller questions have made this world a virtual calamity, it seems improbable that humanity can survive such long till the answers are found and even if it survives that long, will the humanity be in such state of consciousness to even accept and appreciate that?

One may say, it is a Hobson’s choice. Finding answers for smaller questions of humanity are far more challenging and impossible than answering the larger question and no amount of answer of larger question can settle the smaller ones.

Then, what we should do? A section of objective people say, “humans do not become what they think they should or they would but they become what the randomized and probabilistic energy of stupid engineering of evolution thinks humanity should and would”.

However, some great minds of contemporary wisdom appeal, “Let this evolution cease to be as randomized and probabilistic as it had been thus far, let conscious and rational humanity be the new and controlled energy of a new evolution which is well directed and well planned”. Is that another presupposition for ‘shoulds’ and idealistic ‘prescriptions’? You decide!

… if you accept that your own evolution to peace and lasting wellness must never be energized by random elements of milieus but by planned and controlled elements of higher consciousness, then this eBook has utility and fruition for you…

…For Finality Of Fruition

It is not that people await good times, the good times also await good people to come and hoist the potential seeded in the soil of future. Good words also wish for good readers, to be in reception of and be in linearity of the innocent intent, which ride on the shoulders of the words, for the finality of their fruition…

On Navigation And Expression Of Intent

There has to be a humble admittance – Any word, however well meant and well spelt, is a possible suspect of misinterpretation. There is a simple reason. People are in different consciousnesses and culturally as well as personally inclined to a specific value-summation of utilities. As a writer, it is a huge temptation to take liberties, with not only imaginations but also with the words, as against their common and popular use. Do kindly accept my latitude with language and personal coinages of words, as I understand, many times, they may not conform to popular usages. I share with you whatever is part of my consciousness. All wisdoms say, what stays with you is what sinks in. Wisdom is what we internalize. I share with you whatever I have internalized in my life. This may not be mainstream stuff; but may have utility in some meaningful way. I believe, as a reader, you shall enjoy this novelty and pleasant awkwardness of the writing.

Thanks For Your Magnanimity, The Book Begins Now…

Rule Of Causality And Probability Of Disorder…

Disorder and entropic chaos is far more creative energy. You are better off only when you land in the probabilistic multiplicity of uncertainty and completely taken to randomization of eventualities by the typhoon of disorder and chaos…

The above rhymes seem a humdrum of an insanely stupid mind who is in the habit of mouthing gibberish insinuations just for populist consumption. People have since ages seem to have spoken of such nonsensical causality to draw attention of mindless millions; no doubt. But, the idea is, looks like close to what thermodynamics says about energy and its situationalism. Understanding the basics of energy and its intuitive mechanism helps a lot in understanding not only the societal space around us but also the systemic stupidities of our inner-selves…

The state of physical realism is that the total energy of the universe is constant. The more important factual physicality is that everything tends to become less organized and less orderly over time. The resultant wisdom of the physicality rule is now available for causal philosophizing…

It needs to be insisted here that this causal-philosophizing is for restrictive purpose of paradigm-building for a very metaphoric-mechanism; having utility only for arriving at a dimension which otherwise may not be possible. This process has derivative utility only…!

Energy being constant is a huge hypothesis for human social realism. It provides great insight into humanity’s incessant enterprise to construct and destruct the world around for increasing conveniences. What it means in general understanding is, we humans have this capacity only to devise the usages of the energy already available and still it remains what it was. We convert the potential energy into kinetic energy and this very moment entropy sets in. No usage-device of any advancement can use the energy 100% and part of it goes into the system.

The hypothesis is, as energies are used for creating order within a mechanism, part of it, often a considerable part, is always lost in the process and this is the disorder which goes into the system or the immediate environment where the mechanism operates. As energy can never be destroyed, the disordered energy, lost in the mechanism is stored as entropic energy in the system. The construction process releases the entropic energy which is stored in the system as destructive energy. In simple words, the process or mechanism of ‘order’ itself releases the entropic energy which is stored as ‘disorder’ in the system, within which the process works…

This happens as energy is constant; it is always conserved but takes different shapes – from potential to kinetic and part going to energy fields (systemic). The other fact is that everything tends to become less organized and less orderly over time. So, greater the time-period of ‘order-building’; larger is the propensity of ‘disorder-building’ in the system. Given that systemic efficiency has a larger impact on the efficiency of the process and mechanisms within it, entropic energies in the Long-Run would ensure recurring disorders in the overall working-efficiencies of order processes.

We shall talk about the idea of Long Run later and before that, we need to know in detail this element of entropy and inevitability and omnipresence of disorder in all orders.

We can say, there is this Rule Of Causality in the cosmos as well as in the milieus, which plays around us, muffles us and makes us sing and dance to its tunes. It is this rule of causality, which unleashes its embedded energy and we, as individuals are run into actions and behaviors by this energy; either in inertia, by choice or by status quo.

The simple thing is – A ‘Probability’ Has its own ‘Causality’ and even when this probability is playing its energy on us, at one time/space situation, the other aspect of this probability, usually the inverse of it, or the flip side of the probability, is still there, though in static energy form. So, a ‘Heads’ in the toss of coin plays some causality or set of it for us, even as the probabilities and related causalities of ‘Tails’ of the same coin is lying latent in the same milieu and for the same person. The trouble is, mostly, people accept only the kinetic energy of ‘Heads’ playing at the moment for us and refuse to accept the inevitability of the static or latent energies of the ‘Tails’ of the same coin of life, which always has the ‘Dual’ causalities of twin probabilities…

If you accept ‘Heads’, or it happens to you, by choice or by inertia, its energies lead your actions and behaviors but never ever believe that the static or latent energy of ‘Tails’ is not playing its own energies of causalities of probabilities. The coin is never only heads or tails, it is always both. If ‘Heads’ is ‘Good’ for me, then ‘Tails’ is also trailing me and its causalities are also there in the same milieu (Often with inverse probabilities), where Heads is operating for me. Good and bad are always operating in its entirety and that is why, throughout our lives, everyone of us is in the midst of the dualism, which in its holism is affecting us.

In our subjective consciousness, we fail to see and accept the holism of the dualism playing every second for us and this is our core trouble. The dualism mothers loads of hypocrisies, everyone of us dump into the milieus and add to the already overdose of 3Cs – Conflict, confusion and chaos…

Science has confirmed – The vacuum in the space is not ‘Nothingness’. There always are ‘vacillations’ in the vacuum and these vacillations shape up the ‘Somethingness’ in the causalities of rainbow of probabilities…

If we see and accept the dualism and its energies in life, we can clearly see that in most cases, especially in the modern day problems we face, the artistry of arriving at solutions or goodness-wellness is not in ‘creating’ or generating something externally but in ‘rearranging’, ‘repositioning’ and ‘realigning’ the already present factors and elements in the dualistic energies of holism, in some alternative ways…

The coin is always there with dual probabilities… Everythingness is what we all are muffled with like ambient air… nothingness is a subjective stupidity…

Often, in our daily lives, we are in drifting ‘reactive-mode’ of consciousness. This is our mechanism; we have been designed this way for survival. This mode is for quick-fire response of the stimulus in the ambient environment for survival-success. Tougher life shall be, more reactive we become. This is one ‘trap’ situation, which we need to understand.

Now, the key question is; what we can accept as ‘Long-Run’, where entropy starts taking its toll. It is crucial to know that because, only then we can gauge the extent and intensity of the disorder and entropic energy in our systems. If the period is short, we have a system, which has low disorder and low entropic energy, and if the period is long one, we are in a chaotic and catastrophic system.

Consider the scientific facts available about the life of our Sun and the universe we live in. The Sun is the source of life on Earth that’s why, its end means end of all things, living or non-living on the Earth. Now, we all know, our dear Sun came into existence some 4.6 billion years ago. The scientists are affirmative that after 4 billion years, the Sun shall be so hot that all life on Earth shall vanish. Some however have belief that such a stage can come even after just 2.5 billion years. The universe however has longer life. It came into being almost 14 billion years before and shall survive about 35 billion years more.

What does this mean? It seems, we are halfway through our entire life period on this earth! Is that a period enough to be termed as ‘Long-Run’ of time? It seems, looks like a possibility. Even if we consider the entire life-period of universe, we are past one quarter of it. So, can we assume, we, humanity as a whole, have passed long enough time on earth to make the hypothesis true that – Everything tends to become less organized and less orderly over time. Do we need to align ourselves to this possibility that as we are halfway through, we must all understand and accept that we live in times when our mechanisms of order and construction has spewed out reasonably high amounts of ‘Disorder and Destruction’. This is a systemic trouble… a procedural predicament that we humans cannot wish away. Can we?

What this causal philosophizing on the thermodynamics realism means for humanity in general and in particular? Yes, this is now the most important aspect to explore and understand. It is not that this hypothesis about ‘Long Run’ and ‘Entropy’ is what we need to feel scared about. The only insinuation is that somehow, in our zeal to maximize joys and comforts, this probability of causality about systemic entropy is not even being accepted in sidelines. We at least need to bring this issue to debate and discussion at the center of all talks about development. Thinking of development is always good but being oblivious of entropy that the enterprise of energy for development is unleashing fast in the milieus is call to calamity. It seems so…

Stephen Hawking says, ‘A frightening possibility is that intelligent life is not only common, but that it destroys itself when it reaches a stage of advanced technology. That’s why we have not met aliens as yet…’

Yes, this is disorder and entropic energy at its best. What Hawking is probably hinting at is the systemic causality of development and entropy, which all humans need to understand and accept. The intuitive mechanism of energy, in and around us must be accepted by all; at least our decision-makers.

We always see a lot of chaos, confusion, conflict, catastrophe around us and more often, these destructive energies are so potent and omnipresent that we feel frustrated and often start believing that our systems have gone so much wrong and humanity is doomed. Somehow, as human brain/mind is only 15 percent genetic and majorly 85 percent milieu-driven, major part of this chaos, confusion, conflict percolates to individual consciousness and collective unconscious.

In all nations, be it developed or developing, the systemic entropies make a larger population feel frustrated and in anger and revolt of the system. May be, the human system and milieus have become so large and their working has become so complex that level or content of entropy has risen very high, unleashing loads of conflicts and confusions. We all think, our leaders or those in control of resources and authority have misused their briefs to create such a chaos and conflict. We almost always fail to see the larger picture. The entropy is systemic. We all contribute to it. It is there because it has to be there. There is no wishing away. And as time passes, every next day brings about more entropic energy into play in the system. We think and believe that they are people-specific troubles, unleashed by politicians or others but the fact seems like it is all systemic entropy.

This is cardinal principle of physical realism of the universe. More we grow in time and space, larger becomes our systems and mechanisms for excellence and order and more and more grows the disorder and entropy in the system. We need to accept, we have come halfway mark. Too much we have constructed for the destructive energy to be under control and within comfort zone. Scientists warn, the forces of nature and evolution has ceased to be and human intervention has come a long way. The entropy somehow also balances developmental energies but as natural entropy is non-operative, it is human entropy into the system, which has gone out of limits and is set to go berserk.

We have become a complex living conundrum. We all see it around. We all have ourselves discovered the rules of physicality. Still, we do not wish to accept it. It is interesting how we all rather prefer the energy of entropy in our lives and the life-enterprises. See, for example, we say it to ourselves and everyone, ‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. Stretch it out, leave the comfort zone and dabble into the pond of uncertainty to catch a larger and better fish…’. This ‘maximization’ motto of life-living attainments and wellness is sure invite to more entropic energies in the system. Everyone is adding loads of it in the milieus and system. The sanity of survival is pumping in loads of pollution of elements of entropic insanity into the human system.

We all add entropy into the system. Intelligence and all good societal benchmarks of goodness add a hell lot of entropic energy into the system and it is only natural that systemic health is hitting abysmal low. This is what Hawking says when he predicts, intelligent races are suicidal in tendencies… Why only living beings, our dear Sun is also becoming more intelligent as it is burning more fuel and getting hotter by the day. And around 2.5 billion years from now, it shall become so intelligent and ‘good’, would warm up so much that it would end all lives and things on earth, finally burning itself in 4.5 billion years. Brilliance beyond limits of ‘utility’ is not only a ‘futility’, rather it is calamitous and catastrophic.

Now, coming back to where we started, ‘Disorder and entropic chaos is far more creative energy. You are better off only when you land in the probabilistic multiplicity of uncertainty and completely taken to randomization of eventualities by the typhoon of disorder and chaos…’ Yes, this is what fuels ‘intelligence’. Being intelligent, of course in contemporary established benchmarks of millions of years; is riding the entropic energy and fueling all such constructive probabilities and options for human consumption which would result into more and more entropic eventualities.

John Stevenson said it in his ‘one life’ discourse, ‘Evolution is a chain of accidents’, call it ‘probabilistic multiplicity of uncertainty, completely taken to randomization of eventualities’…

Loren Eiseley said very rightly, ‘It was the failures who had always won, but by the time they won they had come to be called successes. This is the final paradox, which men call evolution.” That’s why, John says, evolution is an idiot engineer…’

John believes, ‘Evolution degenerates characteristics that are superior to those needed for survival. Mankind will thus degenerate until again in balance with the new nature that he has created. Such degeneration will cause the collapse of society, which is the mainstay for the new environment. So it will collapse also. The human, no longer equipped for the old environment will perish under it.’

The randomization of eventualities of the entropic energy established through ages of evolution, happily benchmarked by humanity as ‘successes’ is what we all know as entropic mechanism of intuitive physicality but fail to see and accept. This has to be understood, accepted and remedial measures taken.

Stephen Hawking calls for this remedial step and terms it as humanity needing to enter into a new phase of ‘self designed evolution’, rather than random and accident-designed evolution, in which we the intelligent humans will be able to change and improve our DNA. This shall enable us to take humanity even to other planet, long after our Sun dies…’

This is however still a bit far away. It shall take time before humanity comes with a technology to create ‘super-humans’ who shall then write a different history of humanity. But till then, we all poor normal humans have to survive and sustain in this chaos and conundrum. So, we have to understand this entropic energy and also the ‘success-benchmarks’ that we all follow without scant understanding of what and how they are and what randomization of further entropic eventualities they lead us to. This can help our peace, if not make us happy…!

Hypothesis Of Peace Called Love…

Acceptance of inevitability of conflict and chaos is only half the task done. Rest depends on how we understand the process of peace in our lives. There are larger questions in our lives. Why are we born? Why and for what we live? What is the ultimate aim and end of life – money, status, power and prestige… Or for that matter attaining spiritualism and moksha (liberation)? Peace is incumbent upon understanding these questions and then probably unraveling the probable answers…

Since thousands of years, the questions have remained with humanity and the struggle to find the right answers. Well and good if we humans find the ultimate end of life, the final destination of all of us and most important is that we should all agree to that. However, if we see the larger picture and accept facts objectively, with whatever knowledge humanity has so far evolved and understood, we shall have to accept that all life on earth, including humans and its evolution is one huge random and multi-dimensional event-cyclicality.

On the other hand, what we humans make out of it and charter our own ways for survival, purpose and excellence is another multi-dimensional cyclicality. Both forces, though inter-dependent only at the core and having some patterns, which can be replicable, still, they remain highly and intricately randomized.

The element of Unpredictability, Inadvertence, Accidentality and Asymmetricality in both largely sovereign forces of the cosmos only ensures that humanity can never ever remain in perpetuity of singular purpose, peace and order. Especially in contemporary situation, when humanity long before evolved and acquired the criticality of conscious intelligence, which is bound to lead it to ever-growing entropy (degrading randomization) and ultimate extinction in the long run.

Finding a purpose and purity of singular pattern or model of culture and virtuosity for global community is out of question. The mechanism of cosmic realism never ever allows it. It is more impossible now. The wise can understand that perpetuity of happiness seems like out of question and we can only find our own subjective peace.

There may be most things tough and troubled in outer milieus. There may be inevitable and omnipresent entropy in cosmic construct, which facilitates accidental probabilities. Still, an individual has some magic in his or her hands, which can make him or her create a small cosmos within, with reasonably facilitative milieu for reasonably good level of wellness. This magic is his or her Consciousness and the consequential Cognition. More importantly, there is this brilliantly galvanizing element of Love And Compassion, which we all need to muffle our consciousnesses with, so that our peace and wellness has the best possible chance of perpetuity.

When entropy orchestrates the debacles of inadvertence and randomizations, we all need to let love-intimacy and absolute compassion completely absorb our consciousnesses. When love and compassion fills up the milieus and cosmos within the consciousness, the destination is not important; important is that we all, you me, all our closed ones, travel the path with love and compassion and together, so far as possible. If we all travel with love and compassion all throughout our journeys, wherever we will reach will be the desirable destination. This is the facilitative cognition that has all elements of peace and wellness.

Even if we do not reach anywhere, our path itself is so beautiful and satisfying that there is no need for a destination. This simple wisdom, this wellness cognition can be made possible and come to happy acceptance only when we are in love and then become love. Love does not look for ends of life. It believes in the simple fact that life is one endless drive and on the way look for no signposts to reach anywhere…the joy and satisfaction of journey is more important than the nobility and utility of destination. There is no need to reach. Be on an endless journey and make it your destination where you tire. But always remember to travel with love and compassion in heart. When love and compassion are with you, the path and the journey becomes the theatre of infinite song and dance. When song and dance is with you, journeys are full of incessant joy and satisfaction.

If you reach the stage; if ever there happens to be one, you will automatically lose the question of destination. The question of meaning of life and its purpose will be lost. Love makes you understand the futility and redundance of the intellectual concerns of life’s larger purpose and the material desire of life’s acquisitions. Love and compassion makes you understand that the true wisdom is not in reaching but in traveling well. May be also because, there is no destination and reaching. Love and compassion and its accompanying innocence is the greatest intellectualism, it is the best acquisition, if one defines life’s purpose in terms of acquisition and possessions.

In simple and easily understandable terms, what we are trying to establish is – we surely cannot now revert back to a point where entropy was in limits. We also cannot install effective control on inadvertence and randomizations of milieus. What we can do is shift our Cognition to align it with peace and wellness. This we do by purposefully and very awaringly filling up our Consciousness with this magical element of love and compassion. This helps in creating a heaven within, a small island of wellness within for every individual.

This hypothesis needs to be understood in details. This we do next…

Artistry Of Playful Metaphorization…

The higher consciousness of frictionless reception alone has the eligibility to accept that this is sheer joy. For an average consciousness, instinctively inclined towards reactionary positioning, it shall look like we are labeling the energy of conflict and confusion about life and living realism as some tool of subjective wellness and peace.

No doubt, this energy of ‘confusion’, as accepted in popular culture, is the undercurrent. However, we are talking about the human inventiveness and asymmetrical artistry of ‘playful-metaphorization’ of this ‘confusion and chaos’ into something ‘meaningfully and intuitively enjoyable’, in time-space situationality, which stands as the sheer joy.

Vishnu, the protector God in Hindu religious faith, says it in the most revered ancient book of wisdom named Geeta, ‘sansaar chhanbhangur hai par mithya nahi hai’ (the world is ephemeral but not unreal/untrue)’. ‘Ye maya, naashwaan-nashwar sahi, magar, nirarthak aur niruddeshya nahi (the life and living realisms are transient and mortal but not meaningless and purposeless)’.

This is somehow also what the supposedly most intelligent person ever in the history of humanity, Udhishthir, the legendary wise man of Mahabharat epic, while answering to the ‘yaksha-prashnas’ (angel’s questions) said. When the angel asked him, “kim ascharyam”( what is the greatest wonder of the world), Udhishthir replied, ‘har pal, har oar, har vastu ke naashwaan hone ke spasht saakhchhya hone ke bawzood, maya-sansaar ki nirarthakta sthaapit nahi ho paati (every moment, everywhere, there are irrefutable proofs of everything being mortal, still, the uselessness and purposelessness of life does not get established)’.

How can it be, when ‘God’ himself is ‘saying’ that it is not useless! It can never be as never ever one can expect and accept uselessness and purposelessness being created and orchestrated by God. Anyways, how can one label the brilliant energy of billions of years of evolution as waste, useless and untrue? Yes, ephemeral and mortal is everything.

Just see, how religion, philosophy and science, which have been positioned in the popular culture as competing and mutually exclusive, are singular on the most important question of life – the utility and purpose of life! It is not amazing; it is simply an innocent truth.

This is the greatest wonder as well as the greatest joy and satisfaction! The infinite and intrinsic inventiveness and artistry of humanity, despite the mortality and transient situationalism of the life and living realisms, is the wonder even God fails to understand and unravel. This has been mentioned in the ancient Indian religious traditions.

How beautifully satisfying! The ‘joker’ plays its ‘tricks’ in the ‘circus of life’ and everyone laughs. Truth also claps along with the audience. Everyone is happy and thrilled! What is untrue and useless, even when the show of the circus is ephemeral?

The joker of life’s randomization throws up its rainbowish tricks and tantrums and, everyone is happily part of the show’s symmetry. Some may laugh, some may weep but all participate in this randomization show.

This energy of inventiveness in response to the randomization of life’s show can be anything but not untrue and purposeless. Had it been, the life would have wrapped up the show millions of years before. In ancient Indian traditions, this randomized and ephemeral life show has been referred as ‘maya’ and the energy of inventiveness of all living being, especially humans has been labeled as ‘leela’. We shall talk about these two ideas in totality with a holistic, assimilative and integrative perspective, using ideas from all wisdoms – old and new.

We have already talked about how any species sustains and survives because of the energy of the intelligence of its inventiveness and it is this very intelligence, which leads the species to its extinction and end.

The logic is simple, though sounds unpleasantly inappropriate. The life realism is ‘mortal’ because it is not ‘useless and purposeless’. Had it been useless, there would not have been life. Moreover, as it is not unreal and untrue, it shall be created and mitigated in a cyclic order of infinity.

This realism is the exalted positioning that every human has to attain. This is the position of sat-chit-anand (absolute existence, absolute consciousness and absolute bliss). This position is symmetrical with the realization that if there is a God, the cosmic energy of creation; it is this energy of inventiveness. Moreover, if there is a Devil or Destroyer, it is the same energy of inventiveness. This is the non-dualistic consciousness of sat-chit-anand positioning amid the conflict of dualism. All religions say, ‘god is in everything’.

The big question now is; how to understand the energy of this maya structure? Where rests this energy? It seems, this energy is that of inventiveness and its source is the human instinct. This instinct has all the doors of inventiveness. It is important to understand the mechanism of this instinct well.

However, before we begin to understand the mechanism of instinct, it has to be admitted that this process of understanding is also subject to ‘human inventiveness and symmetrical artistry of playful-metaphorization of confusion and chaos into something meaningfully and intuitively enjoyable, in time-space situationality’. This cyclic interplay of maya structures is mesmerizing.

In addition to the above conundrum, the fact remains that we are in a state of realism where there is a huge debate about ‘instincts’ and its role in human destinies. The psychologists and sociologists now argue that humans are no more instinctive. The reason they extend is:

To be considered instinctual a behavior must:

a) Be automatic

b) Be irresistible

c) Occur at some point in development

d) Be triggered by some event in the environment

e) Occur in every member of the species

f) Be unmodifiable

g) Govern behavior for which the organism needs no training.

The absence of one or more of these criteria indicates that the behavior is not fully instinctual. Under such watertight definition, nothing of human stands as ‘instinctive’ in today’s world of info superways and info overdose.

The modern science, based on contemporary knowledge of brain and nerve mechanism however believes, most of what humans do or can do is ‘instinctive’ and even learned or experienced behavior can only be present when brain accepts and converts it into ‘instinctive’ behavior. Even if something is considered as conscious behavior, it always has larger influences and shades of instinctive behavior.

A secondary point is the huge confusion among people about the word and idea of ‘instinct’. The confusion is that the term instinct has entered into the popular language expressions as widely used metaphor to describe it either as ‘gut feeling’ or ‘intuition’.

The semantic conflation is not only this much. Many people believe, gut feeling or intuitive emotions are either their heart ‘speaking to them (instead of mind)’ or it is the ‘voice of the soul’. Most believe, the soul and heart voice cannot go wrong, as they are voice of humanity’s instinctive goodness that God has created and endowed all humans with.

Science does not accept it, as it now has the knowledge of brain functioning and the operative mechanism of neurotic plexus of human body. Unlike religious ideas, science says, human mind is value-neutral and almost like a computer with factory-loaded operative system but most of what constitutes human behavior in societal system is learned behavior, which in time becomes part and parcel of his or her instinct.

Remember, even a software we load externally in a computer, shall be finally run by the mechanism of the internal operating system (OS). The operative mechanism is always our instincts, the external programming of ambient culture, which we often accept as our intelligence, needs to work its way only through the instinctive operations.

That is why; the gut feeling and intuitiveness are so much conditioned by popular cultural influences that it is impossible for a human to make a distinction between his or her ‘instinctive’ behavior and ‘conditioned’ behavior. This nature and nurture divide is a huge issue.

You think, all this is so confusing and chaotic! Yes, it is but this is the joy of it; the cyclic situationalism is the joy. The instincts condition the environment and cultures, which in turn conditions instincts and this goes on. Nature shaped the components of nurture; nurture then started shaping the nature and so on. What we are today is such a mega conflation of millions of years of ‘nature-nurture-nature’ dialectical evolution that it is impossible to segregate the two. We need to accept that we have become a complex living conundrum.

That is why, when we now ask ourselves, ‘who am I’, we cannot be sure the answerer is speaking from his or her nature or nurture. The inventiveness and symmetrical artistry of playful-metaphorization is at its best. All answers are true but no answer is objective and, now, another answer to yakshha prashn of ‘kim ascharyam’ is added.

The answer is, “Every moment, everywhere, everything seems to herald the supremacy of me and self. Everyone says he or she knows himself or herself and his or her priorities. Still, in reality, nobody knows exactly who and what truly is this me and self.”

In such a scenario, the entire spiritualism lands in the realm of confusion and conflict. The ‘design of God and His ‘expectation’ for and from humanity itself becomes a huge conundrum. Religion, spiritualism and philosophy work on the premise of the ‘self’ being an objective realism, with born capability of a general will and in instinctive possession of universal goodness. However, this hypothesis seems the primary source of confusion and conflict.

Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu says in Geeta, ‘the ultimate karma for a human is to become nisprih’. The meaning of this word ‘nisprih’ in contemporary world is almost impossible. In Geeta, there is a powerful metaphor of akaam karma.

There is a suggestion of a consciousness, which is unattached with instinctive self. That is why; even when someone does an act or behavior, the energy of it should never come from its purpose and end result. Instinctive reaction is considered to be energized by the purpose and fruition of end results. Nisprih consciousness keeps it unattached to the fruition energy.

This is hugely confusing, tough to understand. The suggestion is; everything needs to be done but nothing needs to be done for doing it! Everything needs to be done, which is positioned there to be done yet, in doing it, there must never be the notion of ‘me’ or ‘self’ involved with it. Even when, we look like involved in doing everything, there must never be the feeling and attachment of ‘me’ or ‘self’ in it.

This is mega confusing. The prescription is, “the beingness, the instinctive-me, the intuitive-self, everything shall be there when something is being done yet, there must never be an ‘attachment’ with it.”

This is a big challenge to keep one’s being unattached with the instinct. The trouble is, to do so; one has to be completely sure what this ‘instinct’ is? What part of it is the share of ‘nurture’ and what part is purely nature. This gut feeling or soul voice must first be purged of adulteration of ‘socialization’ and cultural benchmarks, then only one can be sure of the authenticity of it.

The big question is; is it possible to purge the soul voice of such adulterations? Is it possible to segregate the nature-nurture divide? Is the amount of objectivity, which is required for such action possible? Is it possible!

Now, we seem to have the real ‘yakshya prashn’ of ‘kim ascharyam’. The biggest wonder of this mortal world seems to be, “The truth is neither finite nor established and static, still, every human believes, what he or she understands is the truth and what he or she chooses is the finite-static-established positioning of truth. In addition, there is this infinite and acute desire, urge and endeavor to make this truth prevail and perpetuate on everyone and everywhere is his or her primary duty”. Why and how?

The larger point, which needs to be understood is; if ‘nisprih’ means being unattached, then this unattachment should be not only from the instinctive ‘me’ and its actions but from the truths of the subjective soul voices too. How can one be ‘nisprih’ if this unattachment is partial and incomplete?

To be ‘nisprih’ is a big attainment. Being ‘nisprih’ means rising above the maya structures. This means rising above the “human inventiveness and symmetrical artistry of playful-metaphorization of confusion and chaos into something meaningfully and intuitively enjoyable, in time-space situationality.

It is a huge challenge to rise up to this level of objectivity. Science says, objectivity is not possible for humans. In fact, it is not possible even for machines. No machine can work on hundred-percent efficiency. In fact, religion too says it is impossible for humans to attain hundred-percent objectivity.

Most human minds have been trained to accept that only one thing has been stationed in the cosmos as completely objective. That is God. That is why; every human has this ultimate benchmark of attaining godliness. Like, it is every machine’s pursuit to attain cent-percent efficiency. However, this does not seem possible ever.

If divinity is attainable, then it cannot be the final destination. If godliness is attainable then where is the utility of the benchmark of divinity? Godliness is something, which is beyond the limits of attainment of humanity.

In religion, objectivity has such a difficult positioning that it is even beyond perception of average humans, let alone it being achievable! Geeta elaborates the desirability of karma in the following way: ‘Life is ephemeral but not unreal; one needs to be unattached but not detached; being ‘nisprih’ looks like being recluse but it is not the same; doing without sense of doing is true action; the action and behavior, which is purged of instinctiveness are true action and behavior; all actions should be like offerings in a yagna (holy fire); only that action and behavior, which stands at the assimilative point of tangible and intangible is pure, etc.

All this looks like a complex portrayal of confusion and conflict. It has been hinted in Geeta: ‘to be human is to stand at either end of the two extremes of this conflict (dualism). It is only God who stands in the middle of the two extremes and still, ubiquitous in both the extreme ends (non-dualism). This is some exclusive positioning, which is reserved only for God, unavailable and untenable for humans.

Science attempts to present an easy and understandable definition of this cosmic conundrum and conflict. It says, ‘objectivity is not possible for humanity as the very presence of body melts the objectivity. The objective realism and truth changes the very moment it is observed. It is only natural that there shall be difference in ‘observer-dependent’ and ‘observer-independent’ realisms. This is the stated position of quantum physics.

Forget and forego the debate and conundrum. Just accept that this cosmic energy of conflict and confusion is not a burden, rather a huge source of perpetuity of joy for all of us. As it has been said, “human inventiveness and symmetrical artistry of playful-metaphorization of this confusion and chaos into something meaningfully and intuitively enjoyable, in time-space situationality is sheer joy”.

An average human does not need to delve deep into these issues. Just be innocently humble to accept the under-mentioned ‘four pillars’ as essential for the beautiful palace of workable objectivity.

Being ‘nisprih’ as enunciated by religion is a long tough process. To ensure that the life becomes a long unending process of joy-journey towards attaining ‘nisprihta’, one just needs to ensure, first, he or she would never discriminate against anyone. Second, shall make tolerance towards all as his or her primary virtue and never ever allow aggression towards anyone. Shall keep away from greed and self-gratification instincts and four, life-long make such endeavors that would keep him or her on the unending journey to mitigate ignorance.

These four pillars are basic ingredients of the hypothesis of love and compassion filling up the consciousness so that our cognition shifts to such a facilitative domain, where peace and wellness always has better chance of continuity and perpetuity. Love and compassion facilitates the positioning and attainment of this magical ‘Nisprih Consciousness’. As Nisprihta is unraveled to our higher consciousness, we are in sat-chit-anand cognition.

Human inventiveness and symmetrical artistry of playful-metaphorization of this confusion and chaos into something meaningfully and intuitively enjoyable, in time-space situationality is sheer joy. This has to be understood and accepted and then has to keep performing the four virtues stated above. This is the sat-chit-anand position available for humanity.

This is the form of divinity available for humans. This is the preferred journey. The sat-chit-anand cognitive position empowers humanity to unravel and understand maya and enjoy its dance and song. As this happens, then, the individual becomes the theatre, performer, audience and the play all at one time. Then, the truth stands there to applause.

Next, we talk about what modern contemporary knowledge offers all of us to attain our peace and poise and hit the road to lasting wellness…

3Cs – Consciousness, Cognition & Causality …

There is this popular perception that the world is growing more problematic as overall, complexities of living environment is growing fast and individuals are more stressed, even in their normal life. However, researches also confirm that this world has growingly become a better place to live with standard of living and overall support system getting better.

If we think of it, this is in fact the carnival time for humanity, definitively a phase in evolution to celebrate with jubilation, not because we have managed to build more structures and other facilities for our consumption, education, health and better living.

This point of wellness needs to be understood and accepted in its holism…

Since thousands of years, the wise of humanity have been telling us – God cannot give you peace and joys, it can only extend ‘Resources’ for Prosperity…

The wisdom of the saying is two-fold –

p<>{color:#000;}. Wellness and overall happiness is a function of multiple factors, both tangible and intangible. Some humans may be fortunate enough to have best of resources for prosperity but all of us have this intangible endowment of peace and joy; immaterial of ‘material attainment’. Because, prosperity is not only material, it is largely ‘Personal Positioning’ of subjective Consciousness and Cognition…

p<>{color:#000;}. Material prosperity shall always come loaded with commensurate troubles. Coins always come with Heads as well as Tails. Therefore, in the resource of prosperity are embedded the seeds of frailty. In that sense, tangibility is innately aligned to the energies of entropy. Finally, it is the energy of intangibility – One’s personalized Cognitions of Consciousness, which can strike the Critical Poise for lasting wellness and overall happiness…

The true and real reason for jubilation for larger humanity is that we now have reached to a ‘new wisdom’, which is fast and decisively coming up for all of humanity. This ‘new thinking’ is a huge facility for understanding the ‘mechanisms’ of all our problems and troubles and then, singularly working for a satisfying solution.

There has been and shall always remain the critical three elements, which represent the core of all wisdom. In the past, humanity has attempted to give answers relating to questions in these three areas. The future also pertains to understanding them better with whatever novel and better tools available for humanity. Most of the problems and troubles, we face have connection with these three realism. They are:

p<>{color:#000;}. The subjective self – the Consciousness – the ‘Observer’

p<>{color:#000;}. The objective matter – the Cognition – the ‘Observed’

p<>{color:#000;}. The interaction of self and matter – the Causality – the ‘Observance’.

We live in a world, which has definitively entered a doorway of new time threshold, opening up new information, insights, theorization, pragmatism, perspective, paradigms and methodology into the existing as well as archetypal wisdom about the above three. As we see the notions of ‘Observer – Observed – Observance’ in the light of this new thinking, we can understand the whole mechanisms of our problems and solutions in a better and effective ways.

Humanity in the new millennium is most certainly evolving a holistic, assimilative and integrative wisdom model, comprising a judicious and innovatively insightful assimilation and integration of archetypal wisdom of spiritualism and philosophy as well as the pure sciences in its wider manifestation. The quantum physics is the indicator of the new frontier science is now willing to open, as an improvement over classical science, for better understanding of matter and Consciousness.

We have now entered a phase of an understanding of the ‘self’, the subjective as well as objective consciousness and even the subconscious minds as never before. We can now understand the ‘self’ in such new and innovative lights that it opens up new insight into the archetypal and puts us all in better stead. Of course, the knowledge is evolving but evolving fast and on right track. Debatable, it shall always be…!

As we now accept that cardinal to personal peace and poise and lasting wellness is understanding the ‘self’, we shall next talk about the idea and realism of Consciousness…

Mechanism And Process Of Consciousness…

Seeing consciousness from the perspective of brain mechanism and then relating our own subjective feelings with these objective facts can best present a matrix for understanding the agency called consciousness.

Consciousness is termed as “An Intangible Emergent Property Of Information Processing.” Consciousness is intricately a two-way processing agency. First, it works as a storehouse of information, which are gathered from sensory organs. These info it matches with the milieus around and creates an imagery of physical model, for the body to deliberate on a decision for appropriate action. This imagery is intangible. This is first part.

Simultaneously, when these models lead to tangible actions and behaviors by body, it also stores those experiences, emerging out of these set of actions of body and converts them into processed information for future decision-making. Therefore, consciousness works not only as warehouse but also as agent of gathering multi-dimensional information. As deliberating imagery of workable models out of the previously stored information is an intangible facility, whereas storing information from actual actions taken by body is a tangible work, the consciousness as a dual mechanism is intangible, emergent and virtual processing of information.

Its dual character makes consciousness a virtual agency. It is not body, not purely brain, not entirely the full spectrum of what we know as mind, but a part of mind. That is why consciousness has an emergent and virtual skin and flesh. At best, it is a bridge between the body and brain, very much part of mind and always evolving. This mechanism makes consciousness a virtual agency and that is why there is so much of mysticism and marvel associated with the idea of consciousness. It is because of the virtual nature of consciousness – the sense of ‘I’, mysticism stands as instinctive first choice of acceptance of realism. That is why the old wisdom as well as science maintains that God, ghosts, angels, soul and after life et al are mystical realisms, which are all inside our conscious self and what we do with the above idea in physical world is a virtualism, emanating out of the very character and nature of our consciousness.

The dualism, which the idea of consciousness creates is – ‘You’ are in your perspective and your perspective is in ‘you’. This needs elaboration. Modern scientific insight into mechanism of consciousness says nothing new or against what old wisdom of ancient world had elaborated thousands of years back. Science however puts facts in objective way, elaborating the details of the mechanism, which creates the dualism of consciousness. The primary hypothesis is the fact that human evolution designed a brain, which is far more complex and multi-functional than other developed organisms. In addition, human brain is not a typical single part, like other organs, e.g. liver. It has evolved in a way, which makes it a layered organ, with every new layer evolving as a pile up on previous layer. Brain is a complex cooperative of multi-functional parts working in an auto-mode synchrony, which we are mostly unaware of.

Other organisms, especially developed animals with sensory system also have this subjective feeling of ‘self’. Science has definitive lead on the fact that all other species have consciousness, a feeling of ‘self’, but it has different shade. However, consciousness in humans is far more pronounced and permanent, as we have a brain mechanism, which makes it possible for us to store far more complex information in our brains; especially those info created out of actions of body and mind, which we call experiences. Apart from that, we have a brain mechanism, which engenders a strong and decisive feeling of ‘experiencing’ the experiences. This however, is an emergent agency and empowerment; we are not born with that faculty.

Science maintains that the conscious feeling that we all have is primarily because we have an evolved and matured process of storing experiences as memories, with a definitive sense of we as our bodies present in all such memories. These memories in which the subject is definitively our own body, creates a sense of self-awareness in our brains. This we refer to as knowledge. This needs to understand very carefully. Knowledge is not information, our sensory organs collect and pass on to our brains for processing. Knowledge is the ‘processed’ info as physical imagery in brains, which goes through the filters of mind’s memories of experiences, instinctive inclinations as well as those collective experiences, passed onto us from our ambient culture.

We have awareness that we are experiencing something. We also have memories of other experiences of our past. More importantly, we have a definitive and exclusive mental facility of collating all past imageries of experiences and imagining a novel imagery of possible model action and behavior for future. This facility of intra-polation and extra-polation of imageries in our knowledge inventory has been a decisive tool with us, helping humans produce brilliant solutions of innumerable troubles and problems. However, we need to accept the fact that this facility itself also doubles up as a major trouble for us. Imagining and extrapolating singular and objective real facts can lead to tested and replicable solutions but in situations, when the collated facts are virtual, subjective and mystical, solutions arrived at shall be subjective, untenable and non-replicable. We can design futuristic spacecrafts as we collate and juxtapose objective, tested and replicable facts of aerodynamics and navigation. However, we fail to create futuristic solutions to our emotional and psychological troubles, like those in the realm of love, faith, culture etc, as we collate only subjective, virtual and non-replicable facts. This we have to be wary of and change our attitudes and perspectives to use our consciousnesses for attaining the objectivity and singularity of decision-making matrices.

Other advanced organisms, like a dog or a lion also may have consciousness, which creates set of experiences for them. The difference seems to be the fact that they experience but do not have evolved and permanent sense or knowledge that they are experiencing. The definitive sense of their body into their experiences is either completely missing or is too feeble to admit. The same happens with a baby. It also experiences things and stores many of them as memories but as the brain has not yet developed and systematized the necessary physical pathways, the sense of they actually experiencing them is too feeble to recollect later. Their sense of a definitive body in their experiences is somehow missing in their experiencing. It is similar in higher animals with sensory system.

The subjective consciousness in us that ‘we are’, seems a function of the knowledge the consciousness builds up by storing different body experiences as memories, which the actionable body creates. The dualism of consciousness is created because of the cyclicality of experiences and knowledge. The body’s sensory organs provide information from the milieus to the brain. The brain is physical part of information processing. It is like the hardware part of computation. The mind however is the functional part, the software part. This functional part, the mind controls the brain, the physical part. Mind is the knowledge, which is memories of experiences of body’s actions, stored in consciousness. The feeling of ‘self’, the sense of ‘me’ is a virtual realism as this ‘self’, the subjective consciousness is an intangible connect, a bridge between the physical and functional – the brain, and mind.

The brain is the physical pathway that makes the body act in a particular way. However, the physical pathway, the brain does not itself decide all actions. This is crucial distinction and needs to be understood. There is a key difference in deliberating and deciding an action and actually executing the action. The brain makes physical action possible by physically moving concerned parts of the body. However, whether the action should be taken or not or if taken then in what measure and intent, is what the mind works at. This is functional part of information processing.

We all have empirical experience of this typical dualism of hardware-software cyclicality. In a computer, a software deliberates a particular function but the software is not designed to execute the function as it is the role of the hardware. The software shows the priorities and choices and the hard disk actually engenders the physical pathway to get the function done. Similar is the situation with our consciousness. The intangible domain of knowledge (the software part) deliberates an action and behavior priority and choice. The knowledge is a functional facility, a software faculty and therefore, it cannot itself execute the physical action and behavior. The brain shall execute the action and it shall be done because of the physical pathways, the brain has created for it. If the brains have not created the necessary and synchronous pathways (the hardware facility), there shall not be an action or the action shall be different than what the knowledge (software) had prioritized or chosen. Often, we see that our computer does some task on its own will or different from the command we selected. This is typical software-hardware dualism. Consciousness also sometimes does the same as it also has the same built-in dualism, like a computer. Therefore, we need to change the way we look at and accept ourselves as. Our consciousness must be accepted in its entire mechanism and its mechanism entails that software choices must have commensurate and synchronous hardware pathways. Otherwise, the dualism of consciousness shall create its own scary choices, often constricting our wellness and excellence. We have to be in perpetuity of our higher consciousness, which ensures the symmetry and harmony of software-hardware (body-mind) dualism. We are humans, having a definitive edge and therefore, we cannot act and behave the way other organisms do.

The consciousness of other organisms, like dog or lion primarily has physical part of information processing – the hardware. The brain does take most decisions based on instincts, which are codes already written in the genetic navigation system. They too have minds, which takes into account some of the past experiences (software) but as they do not have evolved and complex memory mechanism, they have very fleeting sense of self-awareness. Even the memories become part of rote function, very much part of instinctive decision-making. The same happens in small kids. However, even in grownups, this instinctive action-reaction dominates decision-making. This leads to larger troubles and needs to be changed.

Usually, in humans the mind, the functional part of consciousness dominates the decision-making. That is why; the consciousness in us has dualism far more accentuated than other organisms. This dualism also splits the subject, the subjective feeling of we as the action doer. There is a physical processing of information and brain handles them, we being little aware of them. This part is instinctive response to stimulus provided by sensory organs and such actions are generic actions. This subject, which does these actions, is referred as ‘generic subject’. Science says, 90 percent of brain’s structures are dedicated to handling those action-reaction functions, which we are not aware of. They happen in unconscious or subconscious minds, where our body is the action-doer but the definitive sense of we doing them, as our bodies, is missing. Only 2 percent part is conscious action of brain, where decisions of action are taken in total consciousness, with perfect sense of we as our bodies involved in them. This itself presents a huge causality for dualism about our consciousness. In babies and higher animals, this conscious action is very negligible, not even this 2 percent.

We have evolved and complex mind mechanism, the functional part of consciousness. It dominates the processing of information, filtering it through personalized and subjective memories of experiences of past actions and those experiences gathered from popular experiences of the milieus, called contemporary culture. The actions, deliberated after such filtering are ‘specific’ and creates a ‘specific subject’.

The dualism of consciousness creates loads of troubles for average people. It is because of the mechanism we have and the way our brain and mind consciousness has evolved. However, knowing and understanding this dualism in detail makes us clearly understand that what we predominantly are; is a function of our perspectives and attitudes and in turn, our attitudes and perspectives are what we are.

Here is the idea of change in all of us. We are humans and we live in complex societies, which are so laterally and vertically interlinked that every individual’s action-behavior has catalytic impact on the wellness and excellence of millions of us. That is why in modern contemporary societies, relationship troubles in familial, societal and workplace domains are number one troubles of humanity. We all have a responsibility towards not only us as an individual but also towards all of us in the society we live. We, as aware and responsible citizens of a nation and societies, need to own every action and behavior. We already see the world we live in utter chaos, conflict and violence. Nations and societies need to be collective domains of wellness and excellence. They are not in contemporary world as this happens only when each of us consciously own and be responsible towards each of our actions and behaviors; not only two percent of them.

When we understand and accept that in our usual consciousness, we are seldom aware of our actions. Most of our actions are very generic actions as we are usually in control of our generic subject. This has to change. We need to be aware of our bodies, and always be in the higher consciousness state, where the specific subject takes control and owns every action and behavior. The contemporary culture also makes us behave and act in a generic way. The pop culture pampers the generic subject. This needs to change. We are humans, we have the facility of higher consciousness, which separates us from a baby or an animal. We need to stretch our consciousness by being consciously aware of all our decisions of actions and behavior. We are humans with faculty of a super consciousness, which makes us, a definitive sense of we as a body, to hold back our instincts and emotions, assess their utility in a larger sense of collective wellness and excellence. A decision, when processed in a non-reactive and receptive mode, in a holistic-assimilative-integrative perspective by our super consciousness, the specific subject within us, shall be far more amenable to our own wellness and excellence and that of the society and nation. We are in our perspectives and our perspectives are in we. Therefore, if we all understand and accept the singularity of the utility of the above-mentioned perspective in prioritizing all our actions and behavior, we shall ensure larger wellness and excellence of not only we, as an individual, but also the collectivities of society and the nation.

Now, the same ideas we need to understand also from the perspective of the ancient wisdom, the traditional Oriental wisdom, explained in terms of kaaya (Body), maaya (external world/milieus), karma (Actionable duties) and karta (Subject). There is huge commonality, even as the symbols and means used in explaining these terms vary. The ancient wisdom also explains the dualism of consciousness and minute details, elaborates how there is a mystical causality between the kaaya, maaya, karta and karma, which decides cognition of the consciousness. In some way, scientific explanation may not be very conducive for average person’s understanding as we are still not used to many ideas of the modern science. Average person’s age-old faith mechanism also makes science a bit less acceptable in the subconscious mind. Let us delve into the old wisdom’s perspective on 3Cs – Consciousness, Causality and Cognition –

The consciousness is a stupid engineering. Its mechanism is so intricate and mystically multidimensional that it keeps people in constant state of flux; engendering layers of realisms, not amenable for linear understanding of individuals. The elements of milieus outside body-mind mechanisms keep interacting with disposition of consciousness within. This action-reaction cyclicality engenders information, which mind stores as intangible experiences and memories in the subconscious.

The totality and wholeness of it is a person’s culture, which sets the boundaries of his thought-action-behavior domain. As the milieus change in the course of life’s randomized journeys, the patterns of its interactions with disposition alter synchronically. This energizes the incessant cyclicality of learning and unlearning, which keeps an individual’s overall culture of consciousness in continuous flux. This flux has the energy of creation and destruction, making and unmaking going in an intertwined way. This cyclicality of changes in personal milieus, which makes a person’s subjective perspectives and personality change and in turn the later altering his or her inner milieus, creates a dualism, which is tough to understand if the person is not aware of the mechanism of cyclicality. It is only the higher consciousness, which understands this dualism and deliberates on a desirable poise for larger wellness. We are talking about it right here from the perspective of ancient wisdom, as we have already dealt with scientific perspective.

The ancient wisdom talked of the desirability of a higher consciousness in every person as chief aim of life and living. This was considered essential as only this state of higher consciousness or the ‘super consciousness, could be a vehicle of larger wellness of the person and his or her personal excellence. The ancient Oriental wisdom said: There is a super consciousness within, evolved through discipline of body and mind, which enables the self (an individual) to decide the matrix of all decision-making of action-behavior, independent of the innate instincts and subconscious mind. Usually, for an untrained and unattained mind – an average person with no mind-training, it is either his or her instincts or the prevailing popular culture, which decides the benchmarks of right and wrong of any action/behavior and this happens almost unconsciously. However, one has to attain this facility of being the ‘conscious decider’ of what should ideally present oneself with his or her decision-matrix at any point of time in life.

For example, suppose a couple is madly in love with each other. The man in an emotional state, picks up a pebble from the riverbed and gifts it to his beloved saying, he is also like a pebble, non-egoistic yet unworthy. The woman in extreme gesture of love says, she values it more than a diamond as it is given by the man she loves more than any possession of life.

The very emotion and idea which made the woman accept a pebble as diamond; inspired a worth and utility of value of a diamond in a useless pebble. The woman truly and deeply felt huge joy about its possession. This way, the woman’s ‘super conscious’ prevailed over her instinctive and cultured self, which would have otherwise thrown away the pebble in disgust. This state of consciousness engendered a novel matrix of a decision-making, independent of and beyond her intelligence, disposition and instinctive nature, which otherwise would never ever accept the utility of a pebble at par with a diamond.

Within our consciousness, there is a culture as well as an innate judgment mechanism, which usually assigns values and decides the utility of an entity. They would usually have decided that a pebble is worthless and a diamond is precious. However, the super consciousness of the woman in love overruled all fixed parameters of her conscious and subconscious minds and came forward as the ‘conscious decider’ of what should ideally present her with her decision-matrix at this point of time in life. Her super consciousness aligned with continuous and immortal intangible entity – intimacy and compassion in this case, renouncing the mortal value and utility of the tangible matter.

This is something available to humans only. This facility is your super conscious mind. This facility is essentially a function of imagination, which is duly supported by memories of experiences we have. Early humans succeeded in evolving fast and better by using their power of imagination to win over all obstacles. We have the facility to imagine ourselves out of the body and even out of the milieu to intangibly position ourselves in a situation, which is virtual and then weave possibilities to turn this virtual realism into a largely realistic one. In Indian spiritual philosophy, the ancestors prescribed a mechanism to be in exalted state of this super consciousness.

Science also explains the same mechanisms but uses different terms and frameworks. The Indian spiritual philosophy maintains that there is a continuous and complex interaction always going on between nature (external milieu) and human mind (internal milieu). It defines nature as drishya, something, which is seen and observed. It constitutes of two parts – the first being the tangible factors in external environment, which includes the contemporary culture, in which a human being lives. The second part is the intangible factors of body’s intrinsic nature or disposition. This intrinsic disposition has three attributes – sato gun (receptive mode), rajo gun (action mode) and tamo gun (inertia mode).

These three attributes are simultaneously present in all humans, even while different people may have different mix of the three attributes. Even science says, people can be identified as of a particular shade of consciousness, depending on amount and intensity the three attributes of reception, action and inertia in a person. One single person can be in different shades of consciousness, at different stages of life, as there are changes taking in the quotient of the three attributes. The society or larger physical milieu, we live in, also has these three attributes of reception, action and inertia.

It is self-evident that in a small and simple society, where material pursuits are very limited and small population naturally has larger proximity and intimacy between them, the predominant attribute of the milieu shall be reception. This shall make the society and its people in larger internal wellness but external discomfort.

However, in the unmanageably large and complex societies, we live today, where there is a deluge of material pursuits to attain, the predominant attribute of milieu shall be action and such societies, there shall be physical comforts for people but there shall be larger conflict and competitiveness among people in the society, economy and politics. In many societies, where physical comfort and personal attainments have become high, or in such societies where knowledge and development are miniscule, the predominant attribute shall be inertia. It is only natural and self-evident that such later societies shall have more conflicts, larger competitiveness, greater violence and less tolerance and stability but better external comforts. This is so self-evident for all of us.

Every attribute comes with an associated package of societal culture and individual behavior-action. A person living in a society where reception is predominant attribute shall behave differently than a person living in the society where predominant attribute is action or inertia. It is empirically observable to all that the drishya (nature or milieus) is a realism, which is in continuous change as the attributes and elements constituting it are mutually contradictory in nature. Modern psychology too accepts this. A person, who has a dominant consciousness of action, may eventually realize its futility and shall accept the utility of reception mode in later stage of life. A spendthrift may eventually start practicing the virtues of misery after indulging sometime in former mode. The vice-versa is also possible. The same is true with societies. It is our mechanism.

In contemporary American society, the predominant attribute is action, even while large part of it has inertia, because of larger availability of comforts. It is only natural that many there are fed up with existing milieu and look for a life in reception mode. Indian society has largely been in the dominant attribute of reception. However, as material well-being is rising, it is going the old American way and now attributes of action and inertia are taking over. This change is cyclic with newer elements being introduced in every new cycle. This is why we all behave in a way, which a dominant culture prescribes to us. Societal personality becomes an overriding consciousness for most of us. The popular benchmarks become a rule for us. This is why ancient as well as contemporary wisdom tell us to rise above the populism and be your own conscious decision-maker.

Ancient Indian wisdom called the consciousness as drishta, a virtual agency, which sees and observes the intelligence of a person, which his or her current consciousness lands him or her in. The consciousness has been referred to as the observer of human intelligence, which decides the matrix for any decision of life, in the larger realism of drishya (nature and culture). The Indian spiritual philosophy observes that the drishya and drishta (nature and consciousness) are continuously interacting with each other in a cyclic causality, in which, each affects other and in turn gets affected. The randomly multidimensional juxtaposition of drishya and drishta (nature and consciousness) engenders different cyclical expressions of disposition. These cyclical expressions are infinite and all of them lead an individual to pains and troubles. This is because, these expressions link the ‘self’, the consciousness with discontinuous and immortal elements of drishya and drishta (nature and consciousness). The interaction of drishya and drishta (nature and consciousness) elements leads an individual to both gratification as well as renunciation. The Indian spiritual philosophy maintains that this cycle of gratification and renunciation is such a naturally intense and powerful realism that most people on earth remain attracted to it and become a part of the cyclic drift.

To come out of this cyclic causality of gratification and renunciation, which takes one away and aloof from this powerful drift is the role and function of this super consciousness. This is the difficult part of the entire idea of consciousness. This is probably an idea, which is tough for the consciousness to imagine. The practice of it is far more difficult. The yoga philosophy says, there is a state of super consciousness, which is called ‘kaivalya’. This Sanskrit word has almost no parallel word in modern languages. We can say, it literally means a state of singleness, a conscious position of onlyness.

For most of us, it is difficult to understand its true meaning as since long; we have been accustomed to collective and mutual existence and awareness of self. There is so much of contemporary culture within our conscious and subconscious minds. We are so used to our consciousness in complete collaboration and concomitance with our external as well as internal milieus that for us, an idea in the domain of total and perfect singleness and onlyness is beyond even imagination. The idea, as elaborated by Indian spiritual philosophy enshrines that super consciousness is a state of being, where there is complete and perfect lack of any connection, causality and coexistence between the drishta and drishya. The subject, the consciousness, which observes the nature and the decision-making matrices of life, becomes completely free and detached from the causality and utility of external as well as internal milieus and nature. This super consciousness is a state of singleness and onlyness – the kaivalya state of consciousness.

The idea is – in both the consciousnesses of gratification as well as renunciation, if there is causality and utility of the subject with object, the consciousness acquires the element of ego and sense of self, as distinct and different from others. This ego has to go in the state of super consciousness, as this element of sense of self is actually a mortal and discontinuous element. Kaivalya is a state of consciousness, which is devoid of ego and sense of self as this state is the true element of immortality and continuity. The singleness and onlyness has only a singular element of continuity and immortality. This sense of self needs to go away then only one can truly attain the state of kaivalya, the state of singleness and onlyness.

This is very tough. There have been people on earth, who attained greatness and even understood the utility of it all. They became saints and helped the masses. Still, they could not devoid themselves of the sense of self, and this made them create rifts between different persons. The evil, which all cultures portray in human beings is this sense of self, which remains attached to egoistic attitudes. Kaivalya is possible only when this sense of self withers completely. Even greats are affected by the attributes of inertia and they stop practicing when they attain greatness. This dooms them and humanity. Kaivalya needs to be practiced lifelong.

This is the state, in yogic philosophy, where jeevatma (human soul/consciousness) unites with parmatma (cosmic soul/consciousness). This is what they called yoga, the union. The different yogasanas are different ways to discipline your body and consciousness to arrive at the state of kaivalya. This is also something, the spiritual philosophy of Geeta, the chief holy book of Hinduism says. Somehow, the modern concepts of psychosynthesis and psychoenergetics also work around the similar ideas.

There is a cardinal rule to the success of every enterprise of life. At the start, every enterprise looks huge and tough. Human mind, as we discussed, is not good at seeing far ahead. Therefore, it is always advised to take small steps towards achievement of part of the enterprise and set aim for smaller goals. Your innocence and honesty is your best preparations to attain your goals. The simple idea is; it is your imagination, which makes you a winner, when you have to make any important decision in life. This imagination puts you above and aloof from the immediate milieus, culture and body-mind instincts, which often either blur your judgment or keep you in a flux. Worse, it makes you drift with it, beyond your conscious control.

You have to use your power of conscious imagination to accept your being and self as someone, not only your body, not only your mind, not only your milieus and not even the interaction between them. You have to accept it as some super consciousness, which observes each of your thought-action-behavior matrices from a position above and aloof from all the dimensions of your consciousness and being. This enables you to hold every emotion, instinct and ideas back for a while, sit over them with an objective and independent super consciousness.

As this super consciousness is a receptive mode facility, you shall be endowed with a power to observe and control all your instinctive and culturally induced thought-action-behavior of action-reaction mode. As you keep practicing to remain in this super consciousness self, you shall finally attain the kaivalya realism. Then, this super consciousness shall become your single and only consciousness.

This is the stage where, you become the conscious decider of what should ideally present yourself with your decision-matrix at any point of time in your life. This is a sure facility for personalizing your own wellness and making them independent of milieus, culture and instincts. Anything you wish to attain in life, in societal milieu, which cultural benchmarks label as worthy, you shall decisively find yourself in competition and conflict with so many others, who want the same attainment and that too exclusively. The success of the enterprise shall only partly depend on your efforts and merits as there shall always be many factors in milieu and people, which shall be equally decisive.

That is why successes in our societies are exception, not a rule. However, when you wish to attain something, which is possible only just by your simple and innocent resolve, you shall be always successful. Like your resolve to find utility and worth in intangibles like love, compassion or attach value to being in nature with trees and birds is only your own personal attainment. This enterprise is successful any number of times you do it. For example, the worth the woman in love in our story above created in a pebble, installing more value to it than a diamond, shall always remain with her as this is an intangible utility, nobody can take away from her, unlike a real diamond. The ancient philosophies tell us to align ourselves only with these intangibles as utility because; our own consciousness has worth only as intangible. Our consciousness is intangible and continuous and that is why, it shall find lasting and continuous wellness only in intangible elements. That is why, the philosophy prescribes, true and lasting relationship can happen only between similar and generic elements. Our consciousness is intangible and values the intangibles in our lives more than anything. If we align our consciousness with value, worth and utility in tangibles, there is bound to be pain, conflict and confusion as these elements are not similar and generic to the true character of our consciousness. This is the change we all need to instill in our conscious mind.

This power of imagination, our super consciousness has, is our most precious endowment but this treasure has to be protected against misuse. This is best ensured when you have innocence and honesty of character. You need to be cautious that you keep yourself in milieus, both internal and external, which are conducive to protecting and prolonging your innocence and honesty. If not, then this power of imagination shall always be involved with your ego and sense of self, which shall then lead you away from objectivity and innocence of imagination. You shall then begin to be intelligent, instead of innocence and subjective in assigning value and worth to possessions.

The kaivalya state shall be unavailable, as this sense of self shall put you in the groove of subjectivity, making you trapped in the cyclic causality of action-reaction. It is equally important that the body-mind entity remains ensconced in a conducive internal and external environment. This is crucial initially. Once you have attained the kaivalya state, you can live in any milieu, as you would then rise above all to be affected by them. Initially, you have to keep away from contemporary milieus and culture of gratification and action-reaction mode.

As we have accepted that love and compassion is the cardinal element, which helps us attain Nisprih Consciousness, we talk next about love. I have written two eBooks earlier – ‘Why We Flop In Love’ and ‘Incidence Of Love: Demystified And Decoded’, which covers almost all aspects of love. Here, we talk about love as a dimension of consciousness…

Love: Best Faculty To Unravel Dualism…

This whole conundrum is all about something, which is probably the best faculty available with humans or, one can even say that this is the chief trouble for not only the humanity but all living and non-living entities in the cosmos…

This consciousness is such a powerful thing that there are only extremes associated with it – it is either the best thing or the worst. This extreme makes conflict of ideas. Many believe, as it is something so great, it must have been given by God to humanity. Others, who believe it is something of a huge trouble, are prompt to accept that such a thing could only be a slow and prolonged growth, designed primarily by systemic entropy in the mechanism and process of this stupid engineering called evolution.

Let us not be embroiled in this debate. The far better and enjoyable option is to understand and relish the art and science of ‘Consciousness’ in an integral, assimilative and holistic way. Who gave us this consciousness – this definitive yet ephemeral sense of ‘I’, God or evolution, hardly matters! What matters is what and how we all do with it and about it. This consciousness has made many of our great forefathers create such wisdom for us that if we understand and use them in a way that have been prescribed, we all can find true joy and satisfaction and can make this world a better place to live.

We all know, there is wider acceptance about the dualistic nature of the consciousness. Thousands of years back, the early wisdom in ancient religious books also admit the dualism of consciousness. The prescription in almost all religion has been to lead the consciousness from this dualism to an exalted position of non-dualism. Later wisdoms as philosophy and psychology also speak of the same. The issues of dualism and non-dualism are however very poorly understood notions, as the debate about consciousness rages on and the core question is still unanswered.

Try to understand it and to be able to do so, we do not have a better tool than Love! Love is something so intrinsic that every human being experiences it. It is a primary emotion that is now considered to be a wired realism for humanity. Yet, the best and most exalted form of love is an evolved and nurtured feeling. That is why; Love is the best tool to understand the core and cardinal idea of dualism and non-dualism, as it is very much part of the core mechanism of consciousness.

Love and its dynamics are easy tools to understand how consciousness travels in different dimensions and how it keeps evolving to newer and higher planes in a typical wave-particle dualism of the cherished quantum consciousness…

We all are born with a consciousness, which looks like a non-dualistic consciousness as we are just and singularly only and purely ‘instinctive’. A newborn has a singular consciousness of pure ‘nature’ as the forces of nurture are still not fully operative on the newly born. This state is not static as gradually, nurture unleashes its forces and the growing up baby has dualistic consciousness. The nature and nurture makes dualism of consciousness happen. The newborn is nothing but a consciousness of Love. The newborn with non-dualistic consciousness is somehow only love but this is not the non-dualism, which wisdom of all genres accepts as something pure and desirable!

The child grows and finally imbibes all those ideas and emotions that nurture of a particular time-space linearity has to offer. The dualism gets more defined and the requirements and challenge of acquiring a non-dualistic consciousness gets more and more difficult and conflicting. The grown up child well in his or her teens and youth still loves and feels far more energetic and keen for giving and getting love.

But this is the worst time-space situation for him or her to be able to do so as his or her love is in the troubled realm of dualism. This dualism makes love more intense but more instable and conflicting too. This is entropy unleashing its energy at its best worst. This love has to reach a stage of non-dualism which is now a tough ask as the grown up man or woman cannot revert to the intrinsic and singular non-dualistic love of a newborn as the forces of nature have given space to nurture in a big way and the person, torn between the two forces of nature and nurture is a classical case of a dualistic consciousness which the ancient wisdom calls as maya

The maya is all about the consciousness of dualism… the unsure and fluctuating domain of conflicting consciousness torn between the powerful forces of nature and nurture. The person in the midst of the dynamics of maya has a dualistic consciousness which makes him or her see myriads of realism and still he or she is not sure, which is the realism he or she should accept as singular and right one.

The ancient wisdom says, sooner the person comes out of the dualism into the newly evolved and exalted position and situation of non-dualism, better off he or she is. The prescription in ancient wisdom is, ‘Blessed is he who came into being before he came into being. This very prescription speaks of two core and cardinal processes of the evolution of consciousness.

First, it says, there are two stages of ‘coming into being’. That is, there are two stages of arriving at your consciousness. One is non-dualistic and another dualistic. Secondly, it say, it is a cyclic process. You arrive with something and after traversing a long journey reach back to the same stage. That is, starting from non-dualism, traversing various dimensions of dualism and then attaining the stage of non-dualism. But, the two forms of non-dualism, one at the start and another at the other end of journey are similar but not the same. The non-dualism after the cyclic journey is the pure and exalted one and the one at the start was not.

The prescription is, those who are blessed ones arrive at non-dualism of second stage before they arrive at the non-dualism of first stage. This however is an idealism. For common human being, the cyclic evolution is the only process available. The kid’s Love has to evolve through the Love of a young one and then reach at the Love of a person who has it as pure and as sublime as the one he was born with but having completed the cyclic journey of dualism…

The process looks so simple and it seems this cyclic evolution of consciousness is an automatic one, available for all. The reality is far from it. This is just a prescribed route for all but only a few reach destinations following the route. The journey of dualism devours and dissipates a majority of humans. And, as modern cultural forces makes the journey of dualism far more intense, conflicting and over-empowering, it is now far more difficult for humans to reach the ultimate positioning of the exalted non-dualism…

Love in contemporary culture, across the globe is the best and easiest parameter to understand the core and cardinal challenge for consciousness. In modern world, love everywhere is in the critical and conflicting domain of dualism. That’s why, nowhere love exists and stays. The love one sees in the society is dualistic. The man who proposes the love is not non-dualistic and that’s why he is offering love that is exposed to and mired with the conflict and dualism of nurture and confused nature. The woman who receives Love is far more in conflict and dualism.

The current century has witnessed men a bit improved from their archaic troubled positions. They remain true to their instincts and yet improved slightly in their nurtured consciousness as times have changed. The women are growingly losing their natural and instinctive position and the nurture has landed them in a new situation they are still not in good terms with. Therefore, the dualism in women is far more chaotic, conflicting and instable compared to men. That is why, Love is a casualty more in the hands of women today. This is hard to accept. Almost impossible!

It has to be understood with an objective consciousness, which is tough. Men even today are far more true and instinctive in their nature. They are almost what they were and have been. The women have changed far more in the past century. The women have lost much of their true instinctive nature. Therefore, a man usually approaches a woman with Love as he always had. He finds the response to his Love now completely at variance with what he earlier got.

Because, the woman who receives his Love, offers her far more conflict and dualism that she usually used to do. This has got to do with nurture changes than women have undergone in the last century. This is no blame game but just a statement of probabilistic factualism.

Somewhere, the old balance of man-woman Love has gone missing. Naturally, there emerges a tendency among men to look for this ‘missing’ thing in more than many. The balance has gone missing and the search for the missing from both ends, create such varied and experimental structures which soon becomes a cultural rule or gets enhanced societal desirability and acceptability. The dualism of Love becomes beyond redemption and non-dualism of Love becomes an extinct possibility.

The Love-debacle is just one aspect of human consciousness, which has gone beyond the possibility of a prescribed and ideal stage of non-dualism. In modern contemporary world, the dualism of human consciousness has been so much exacerbated and conflicted that now it seems almost impossible for someone to attain the idealism of the non-dualism.

The maya, the forces of culture and nurture are so powerful and so highly conflicting and chaotic that the dualism of consciousness is getting more potent and intense. The maya, which was once the cherished energy powering the cyclic journey of first stage of non-dualism through the dualism to make it arrive at the exalted non-dualism of highest order has become so dissipated and disheveled that it is making human consciousness its favored prey…

We just need to unravel the exalted non-dualism of Love to understand the true evolution process of human consciousness. The good thing is that the consciousness, which is the core notion of all cognition and the receiver of all realism, is now in the core of all perspective building on cosmic realism. The new advances in science and technology has added to the shift as now, humanity can know in better and incisive details how the mind and brain of humans and all other creatures work.

This however does not mean that shift towards consciousness makes humanity get rid of the dualism, pluralism and multidimensionality of perspectives on realism as consciousness too falls within the ambit of the pluralism of perspectives. Suddenly multidimensionality of consciousness, multi-colored consciousness, positioning of self in the consciousness, looking inside and rising above to see the larger perspective of consciousness, the relativity theory and quantum mind, kundalni process in tantra and Yoga, psychosynthesis model of psychology and etc have all come into a huge debate and we are again in the midst of the confusing and conflicting pluralism.

It is somehow really helpful for humanity. It is not a brilliant idea or a profitable one to see and accept consciousness as a singular realism. The multidimensionality of consciousness is a huge reward for the evolved human mind and being. What we all can do for now, till humanity arrives at one singular perspective on consciousness and realism, is, let us accept all dimensions of both consciousness and realism and then attempt to place them in a symmetrical linearity of understanding and perspective building. It is not very tough; we all have this innate faculty for doing it successfully. And to do so, you just have to be in Love… the non-dualistic and singularity of Love.

This love incorporates all dimensions and perspectives of both consciousness and realism and leads us to a singularity of symmetrical linearity of being. Be in Love and you will know and experience all shades and colors of consciousness. Be in love and you will see and experience the multidimensionality of realism around you and everywhere. And still, the non-dualistic love would provide you with a singularity of situationalism and positioning of your being, your awareness and exalted self, which shall by all means be singular and non-dualistic. It’s a magic to be experienced and then you yourself become the magic, you cease to be an experiencer and turn to be experience itself…

As this merger happens, the experiencer becoming experience, all pluralism, all dualism and all multidimensionality of consciousness and realisms merge into singular linearity. Many would think it is a cyclic situationalism… it is up to you!

The science of physics is evolving and the contemporary physics has discarded the restrictive theories of classical physics. The relativity theory and quantum physics has attempted to look at the realism of matter and energy in a completely new light. It shall take hundreds of years before science could synthesize the new knowledge with practicality and actuality. In the meantime however, we all can and should prefer to be in the state of non-dualistic love as it is a position where all dualisms enter a singular path of beingness, even while retaining the plurality of both consciousness and realism.

In oriental spiritualism tradition, it has been mentioned almost 4000 years back that what is the param pad (ultimate and absolute positioning) for mankind is the ‘poise’ that is attained in the ambient environment of dualism and multidimensionality. This param pad, the poise is Love. This is where the almighty God receives you. Or simply, God does not even have to receive you; you just enter Him or get infused into Him to be one with Him!

Ancient wisdom never denied the dualism, pluralism and multidimensionality of either consciousness or realism. All they said was – arrive and be in such a poise; a position of being where you admit the dualism yet, position yourself above and aloft all dualism and pluralism. Love is the easiest mechanism to arrive at and be in such a poise position. It is available for all. Only a few can get this poise through exalted knowledge of wisdom through discovery and revelation.

And what is the process of arriving and being in the poise position called Love. It is the process of arriving and being in a non-dualistic Love. Easy is it? Never! It is easy to chant and recite a prayer a million times but arriving and being at the ‘prayer’ is very tough. The road traverses through the dualism and plurality of consciousness and realism. The process then involves unlearning to shed the weight and burden of dualism. But never ever denying the pluralism. Those who deny cannot love…

Let the experts do their business. Let them unravel mysteries and mysticism of consciousness. It is a long tiring process. They shall find tools and mechanism to understand the core questions – ‘where resides the consciousness? Is consciousness a whole or scattered in parts? Is consciousness beyond matter possible? Is precognitive consciousness possible? Where and when the subjective cognition arrive in evolution of consciousness? Do all creatures have consciousness at various levels?, etc…’ The questions are unending and humanity may or may not find the singular right answer. What we can do as a wise man and woman is skip the process and attempt sincerely to arrive at and be constantly in the poise position of non-dualistic Love…

It is somehow easy and within the human limits of possibility even in the turmoil of the randomized and probabilistic energy of evolutionary situationalism of consciousness and realism… All best for any sincere endeavor…

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Accept My Gratitude

Writing something is a daunting task as there is always a lurking apprehension of it not being of utility for some readers. I however feel at ease, because of my faith in magnanimity of readers. I am happily sure; you shall forgive if my efforts could not be up to your expectations. Thank you so much for being with me and allowing me to share with you. Wish you an empowered life; with the prosperity of the consciousness.

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People say, what conspire to make you what you finally become are always behind the veil of intangibility. Someone called it ‘Intangible-Affectors’. Inquisitiveness was the soil, I was born with and the seeds, these intangible-affectors planted in me made me somewhat analytical. My long stint in media, in different capacities as journalist, as brand professional and strategic planning, conspired too! However, I must say it with all innocence at my behest that the chief conspirators of my making have been the loads of beautiful and multi-dimensional people, who traversed along me, in my life journey so far. The mutuality and innocence of love and compassion always prevailed and magically worked as the catalyst in my learning and most importantly, unlearning from these people. Unconsciously, these amazing people also worked out to be the live theatres of my experiments with my life’s scripts. I, sharing with you as a writer, is essentially my very modest way to express my gratitude for all of them. In my stupidities is my innocence of love for all my beautifully worthy conspirators!

Other Titles By Santosh Jha


Literary Fiction: A novella about life-living choices from the perspective of a very successful contemporary woman.

Short Description:

Dumped by her billionaire fiancé, a resplendently beautiful woman, the reigning royalty of Hollywood’s dream factory, lands herself in all sorts of woes – hospitalization for slipping pill overdose, bad Press, peer group backstabbing and paparazzi. She escapes to anonymity at India’s Yoga capital but the threat of paparazzi follows. A young yogi bails her out and detours her to an unusual world where he introduces her to the super consciousness of ‘Onlyness’ within her. The redeemed empress unconsciously discovers her true elements being in linearity with that of the yogi and believes, she may be second time lucky. However, more shocks await her.

Back To Bliss: A Journey To Zero

Literary Fiction: Novel: A Love Story in contemporary culture of conflicts.

Short Description

Battling against hypocrisies, sadomasochism and perfunctory pursuits of pop benchmarks of successes, he refuses the passion-oriented male worldview of karma and life’s purposes. Metamorphosed by compassion, that love’s innocence fills him with, he opts for a journey that takes him far away from the stupidity of self-worth, calculated in terms of personal utility, individualistic possession and unfettered consumption. Does he arrive?


Fiction: Inspirational Romantic story In Contemporary Milieu, with women’s perspectives.

Short Description:

He wants this to happen. She is reluctant. He wishes the probability of mutuality to get a last full-blown opportunity to attain fruition and ultimate utility. Her mind is unsure of the validity of the enterprise itself; even as she has nothing against him. Finally, the raw and core instincts of bodies are invited to preside over the missing probability of mutuality. Does it work?

You Didn’t Care

Fiction>Romance>Contemporary Women

Short Description:

Most men want their women bare. However, when women decide to unclothe their consciousnesses off suffocating fabric of procrastination, men run away. A young woman, abandoned by her lover, bares it all for her ‘ex’ to see through. Because, she still loves him. Men need be in apt audience as a woman resonates her bosom baritone. A ‘neurotic’ woman’s monologue, men need to engage with.


Fiction: A Novelette about a young woman’s viewpoints on contemporary male world.

Short Description:

A young beautiful woman barely in her twenties awaits this one someone, like her mom’s bedtime story of the prince riding a white horse, as he is her only hope of nurturance, she desperately needs. She seeks his assuring touches all over her body and soul, especially where the nasty world has lacerated her most. She wants to be taken in, feel happy to be naked in the shine of his golden intent.

Autobiography Of A Duffer

Fiction: Humour and Wit.

Short Description:

A witty but insightful narration of ‘normal’ and ‘orderly’ cultural realisms of contemporary world, from the perspective of a young duffer. This duffer believes; a normal person should know how this world looks to a stupid, whom the world loves to label ‘abnormal’ and ‘disordered’, to truly visualize realities of benchmarking. This duffer’s wife asked him to make it different; he truly does it!

Not Man Enough

Fiction: Humour and Wit. Narrative on contemporary gender issues.

Short Description:

The protagonist’s advocacy against mass accusation on him being ‘not man enough’. He also contests the parallel label of ‘not woman enough’. The jury is already out as he puts up his witty advocacy against the pop cultural benchmarks over gender appropriates and massive peer pressure on men and women alike for being ‘something enough’. It is for readers to preside on the judgment. He surely needs your vote. Do bail him out!

Be Lonely, Be Your Best

Short Description:

This book challenges the populist idea that loneliness is a bad and sad thing. Loneliness is rather very facilitative mechanism of body-mind for wellness and personal excellence. It is innate call of instincts for self-actualization of potentials within, to attain excellence. It answers core question as ‘What’s Wrong’ with things around and within us, listing ways to use loneliness for happiness.

Incidence Of Love: Demystified And Decoded

Short Description:

Million questions in love, about love – How to be sure, I am in love? What does it feel to be in love? Is this true love? Does she/he love me or love me not? What exactly is love? How to be an ideal lover, how to love the best possible way…? All 3Ms – Mystery, Marvel and Magic about love that create 3Cs – Confusion, Conflict and Chaos, now demystified. It is easy, simple, honest and impacting.

Stupidity Of Be Yourself Viscerality: Unlearning Sexual Unputdownability And Pop Empowerment

Enjoying life, living richly and happily successful is great. However, all attainments and accomplishment are not about life-engineering but ‘I-Management’. Primary success is Self-Actualization. Sadly, I or Self is the worst-handled enterprise of humanity. In new millennium, we need to unlearn the archaic yet all-embracing stupidities of self. This ‘Be Yourself’ I-Expressions need reality-check.

Science as well as spiritualism says, ‘Self’, this unputdownable sense of ‘I’ is the greatest mysticism. Still, people are madly in never-ending pursuits of ‘self-indulgence’ and ‘I-Centric’ gratifications and attainments. Worse, there is this calamitous contemporaneous prescription of ‘Be Yourself’, as if ‘Self’ is the definitive genius of everythingness! Worst, this viscerality is being invoked in celebrity-mode, market-mounted ‘I-Iconism’ as ultimate empowerment. The progenies of ‘Be Yourself’ viscerality – solipsism, anti-intellectualism and anti-rationality are unleashing loads of conflicts, confusion and chaos in societies. Time to unlearn the stupidities of ‘I’. Time to unravel the malaise of ‘I-Iconism’. Time to redeem the true ‘I’. Why? How? This eBook has it all.

Cyclicality Of Causality: Book Of Life-Utility Ideas

Short Description:

Insightful, inspiring and empowering Life-Utility dialogues on – Happiness, Solutions, Intelligence, Love, Dreams, Loneliness, Consciousness, Realism, Life-Choices, Poise, Success, Self-Worth, Excellence, Meditation, Wisdom, Objectivity, Life-Management, Destiny and Gender. Utility of book has got to do with decisive, straight-forward and objectively logical words. Centarlity of theme is of holism, no ingredients of populism and platitude. For people, who have consciousness for novelty and iconoclastic insinuations.

I Am A Woman And Not Stupidly Touchy About It

I am a woman, but it is always ‘I’, which shall decide for me ‘How I Am A Woman’ and not the populist generic identities. Womanhood is a blessing but what ‘I’ accept ‘womanhood’ and ‘empowerment’ as, is definitively a conscious-judicious enterprise of ‘power’ I acquire through personal initiatives. Man or woman, I’m always a good, amicable, honest, sincere and compassionate person, transcending generic identities. Identity as a woman matters, but personality defines me as a person and constructs my wellness and excellence. ‘How I Am’ matters more for me than ‘Who I Am’ as I am an empowered woman, not in emotional-reactive, but objectively logical way.

Divorced Of Somatic Stupidities And Happily Married

Short Description

If total global costs of failed marriages and divorces all over the world are calculated, it would stand at many thousand billions of dollars. If saved, it can eradicate poverty and starvation from the face of earth. Saving marriages is enterprising social economics. What it costs to save this wastage? What investment saves marriages? Cost in terms of tangibles is negligible. In terms of intangibles; investments for wellness and excellence in marriages are colossal. But then, sanity is always round the corner and it is magnanimously available without any cost to anyone, with a coin of ‘acceptance’. Somehow, acceptance is not contemporary intelligence. But then; marriage is primarily an enterprise of series of acceptances, that too mutually, with an eye to unlearn subjective somatic stupidities. Men and women are invited to unravel this mystical mutuality called marriage.

Why We Flop In Love

Non-Fiction: Science of Love and Intimacy, Relationship Issues and Attitudinal viewpoints.

Short Description:

Love is ideally accepted with three elements of Mystery, Magic and Marvel. The three ‘M’s’ land most of us in inexplicable troubles and pains of love. The magnificent dualism is – love’s mystery makes it flamboyantly attractive and joyful. Still, the mysticism engenders loads of confusion, making many of us flop in love. Success of love is in non-dualistic positioning, which is simple and practical realism, most of us refuse to accept.

Why Do You Want To Change Me?

Non-Fiction: Life-Living Wellness and Personal Empowerment.

Short description:

Accept the question of ‘change’ and let the magic and marvel unravel. The question of change is the key, which opens the doors of life-living wellness and personal excellence. The book is about unleashing your potential by simply unlocking the consciousness. Won’t you open the doors, if someone knocks to deliver the Christmas Cake! Innocence of reception is beauty. Be beautiful and bountiful.

Naked Solutions Of Dressed Up Life Woes

Non-Fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness and Personal Excellence.

Short Description:

The world we live in; is what it is, neither good nor bad. It is people, who are the ‘Theatre’ of all pains as well as joys. The human mind is the most capable and instinctively galvanized mechanism to solve big problems. Still, the same human consciousness is the most potent dilemma. The core trouble is, modern day problems are so ‘dressed up’; partly by our complex environment and partly by our consciousness that we fail to see the ‘naked’ reality of the nature of problems. We can see them clearly, if we ‘undress’ them. It is an art, we all can master. How?

Habitual Hero: The Art Of Winning

Non-Fiction: Science of Success, Life Wellness and Personal Excellence.

Short Description:

In all of us, there is this definite ‘winner’, the genius of this universe. However, this champion is what we can label as ‘Random Warrior’, as it wins but not always. We all have the determination, patience, courage, discipline and the mastery to be a sure and sustained ‘all-weather-all-season-Hero’. However, as many of us miss the knowledge and acceptance of this ‘mechanism of winning’, this warrior turns out to be only a ‘random’ winner, unable to sustain the artistry of winning, to qualify as a ‘Habitual Hero’.

Maya And Leela: Utility In Life’s Futility

Non-Fiction: Science of Spiritualism, Life philosophy and Intellectual Connect.

Short Description:

Most of us, living in modern contemporary world of complexities, conflicts and confusion, have questions as what a good and righteous person should consider as ‘perpetual-utility’ in life, amidst the general feeling of ‘futility’ of everything around. What is this singular life and living positioning, which can make us live the life in a perpetually joyous state of consciousness, endowed with ‘true utilities’, shunning away all those ‘futilities’, which land us in pain and regret?

I Am God

Non-Fiction: Holistic and Analytical Perspective Building on Divinity Issues.

Short Description:

Avant-Garde expressions on divinity. It internalizes the 3Ms: Mysticism-Marvel-Magic, with a novel & unique perspective of 3Cs: Consciousness-Cognition-Causality. It’s about the Registry & Artistry of a Super-positioned Consciousness, which aligns the cardinal elements within Subjective Self, Milieus (within & outside) and Idea of Divinity in singular linearity. If God is in details, it’s here.

Wisdom Of Wellness: Perpetuity Of Poise Of Purpose

Non-Fiction: Personalizing Spiritualism, Life Wellness, Paradigm Building.

Short Description:

One needs to be in lasting physical, emotional and ideational wellness. Tips, pills, and ‘shoulds’ abound; still, wellness is elusive. Wellness is largely a function of emotional ‘poise’ of consciousness. Wisdom of wellness is in being the ‘master of mechanism’, ‘internalizing’ the multifaceted life-living realisms and then, creating a personalized model of wellness. Nothing ‘external’ helps.

Karta: Life-Inspiring Essays On Cognition, Consciousness & Causality

Non-Fiction: Essays on Life-Living Wellness and Personal Empowerment.

Short Description:

The essays in this book unravel the Karta (subjective consciousness) from the perspective of the new thinking of 3Cs – Cognition, Consciousness and Causality. The effort is to make you – the Karta, assimilate the core idea as how a holistic, assimilative and integrative perspective of the 3Cs helps you in attaining and enhancing personal excellence and wellness. Makes you meet a new empowered you.

Bare Basics

Non-Fiction: Essays on Life-Living Wellness and Personal Empowerment.

Short Description:

Essays in this book journey into essentials – the bare-basics of empowering consciousness, life-living wellness & personal excellence. It’s Scientific Philosophization. Truth can’t be created, it’s there to be deciphered. However, consciousness is localized; needs to be challenged to inch closer to decode truths of life. Words have no magic; they however help unravel the wonders of wellness.

Acceptance: Of Hypothesis Of Hypocrisy In Intimacy

Non-Fiction: Short and Nippy Narrative on Contemporary Cultural Realism of Relationship.

Short Description:

This word Acceptance is so magical, has a world of wellness embedded in it. Sadly, acceptance may not truly seem a contemporary intellectualism. Intellect is rather the brutal killer of innocence and simplicity of acceptance. Worst, this word is definitely always the first casualty in intimate relationships. Acceptance of a simple hypothesis of hypocrisy in intimacy however can be therapeutic.

Youth Sanity In Crazy Culture

Non-fiction: Youth/teenage Issues of Sexual Behaviour and propriety, Life Choices and Personal Management.

Short Description:

In contemporary culture of hypocrisy, conflict and confusion, where even adults are in a flux over benchmarks of real success and self-worth, the young being advised about sanity and sensibility, lands as big joke for them. The youth needs a worldview, enabling them to see through the hypocrisy and perplexity of pop culture, offering them a date with real intelligence and life realism.

Young, Restless And In Love

Non-Fiction: Youth Empowerment and Wellness, Inspirational issues.

Short Description:

Young-Restless-In Love is a life-living situation that lands you in randomly probabilistic eventualities beyond your control. The potential this combination unleashes, needs great amount of preparedness and ultimate readiness, as most life possessions are squandered for want of proper usage. This latent energy can destroy your life-living wellness, if not handled dexterously. Read the way out.

Hey Beautiful, You Are The Hope

Non-Fiction: Women’s Empowerment, Feminist Issues and Personal Empowerment.

Short Description:

An essay addressed to modern women of wisdom, aimed at empowering her consciousness to enhance her life-living wellness & personal excellence. As feminism enters its maturity-phase in new millennium, core ideas about true woman, her contemporary mind consciousness and fresh agenda need to be revisited. New-age women hold keys to sanity of humanity, as she is the ‘dominant gender’ in every sense.

India Beyond Stampede Of Stupidities

Non-Fiction: Indian Politics and Governance, Cultural Issues, Contemporary Troubles and solutions.

Short Description:

An analytical commentary on how energies of ideas for socio-political changes, create a stampede of stupidities, when they are reactive and participants of change fail to observe assimilative perspectives, compromising the sanity of system, which could weed out loads of aggression, chaos and conflicts from the soil of struggle. A global reality, elaborated with India as a case study.

Decipher Destiny: Decode God’s Will

Non-fiction: Science of Eventualities, Insight into Patterns of Life and Living and Empowering Consciousness.

Short Description:

There is a mechanism to all ‘probabilities’ in life, which we call God’s will. This mechanism has its own energy and patterns of possibilities. Those, who succeed, decipher this mechanism and the patterns, which are there for anyone to see. We attain success and excellence, as we align our personal energy with this energy of the cosmic mechanism. God’s will is then in linearity with our wish.

Redeem & Reinvent The Art Of Lost Wellness

Non-Fiction: Essays on Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence.

Short Description:

The world we live is what it is, neither good nor bad. It is neutral and objective. Wellness is largely individual onus. As we acquire and practice those life skills, which make life wellness a beautiful journey for us, our mind is attuned to them. We then have an auto-mechanism for larger wellness. Time to test our Life Skill Quotient (LSQ)!

Enter New Year A New You

Non-Fiction: Utility Narrative on Attitudes and Perspectives on New Year eve.

Short Description:

Five simple steps, which can make us a super person, endowed with required skills and personal resources to: Solve our problems; Be a winner in life situations; Be great in love and relationships; Have a personal spiritual wellness model and Accept a worldview that makes us cool and collected, to have a happier and better New Year. The book has been revised and new contents added.

Wellness And Excellence Mantra For 2017

Short Description:

A New Year has nothing special. However, there is always something marvelously exceptional in your resolve and courage to infuse novelty and creativity in all your enterprises in the next 365-day-frame, to add meaningful dimensions to your wellness and excellence. The countdown for the most productive and propitious year of your life begins. Hit the road. Let this book help you in your readiness.

भारत का सांस्कृतिक विकास: जरूरत आत्म-अन्वेषण की

एक बेहद मासूम सी गुफतगूं की आरजू, शब्दों की सतरंगी पोशाक पहनने की जिद ठाने बैठी थी। मैंने उसे डराया भी कि शब्दों से संवाद की बदगुमानी अच्छी नहीं। पर जिद के आगे झुकना पड़ा। आपसे गुजारिश और यह उम्मीद भी कि आपकी स्वीकृति उसी प्रेम व करुणा के भावों में मिलेगी, जिस भाव में अभिव्यक्ति की अल्हड़ सी कोशिश है। लफ्जों की इस नौरंगी-नार की पजीराई कीजिए। इस संवाद से दिलरुबाई कीजिए।

यूं ही बेसबब

यह एक बंदिश है, शब्ददारी की अल्हड़ रागदारी है, सात-सुरों के तयशुदा श्रुतियों की ख्याल परंपरा से अल्हदा आवारगी का नाद स्वर है, गढ़े हुए बासबब लफ्जों से इतर स्वतः-स्फूर्तता का बेसबब बहाव है, ठुमरिया ठाठ की लयकारी के सहेजपनें से जुदा सहज-सरल-सुगम आह्लाद है, मूर्त की दहलीज से परे अमूर्त की अनुभूतियों की बेसायदार अभिव्यक्ति है। आप ही से आसनाई को मुंतजिर है यह ‘शब्द-संगीत’, यूं ही बेसबब… चले आइये…

टैग लाईफ फिलास्फी, विज्ञान-मनोविज्ञान, किस्से-कहानियां, संस्कृति-परंपरा, राजनीति-अर्थव्यवस्था, धर्म-आध्यात्म, लोग-समाज।


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Help Your Peace, Time Up For Joy

There is over supply of wisdom for every one of us. Everyone is ever willing to offer advice and prescription of ‘shoulds’. However, in contemporary milieus of conflicts, chaos and confusion, for an individual self, there seems no definitive road to happiness. There is but a dependable alternative of personal peace and poise. Milieus cannot facilitate happiness, yet self can live in peace. How? If you accept that your own evolution to peace and lasting wellness must never be energized by random elements of milieus but by planned and controlled elements of higher consciousness, your own aware self, then this eBook has utility and fruition for you. Happiness is elusive in external milieus and an individual self is too insignificant to change things in the complex and chaotic society and culture. However, what everyone can definitively do is create a personalized milieu of self-designed cognition and causality within mind consciousness to live in perpetuity of peace and poise. This book is all about this mechanism and process.

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Help Your Peace, Time Up For Joy Help Your Peace, Time Up For Joy