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Hello Darling, Chivalry Is Dead


Hello Darling, Chivalry is Dead

J.K. Freeman

Copyright © 2015 J.K. Freeman

All rights reserved.

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The poem depicts an adventure that is based on a true story. It is told using metaphors and is succinctly written in abab rhyme scheme and 4 line stanzas throughout.

The protagonist takes the reader on a quest to escape suburban disillusionment. It is only after many trials and tribulations in the wilderness that the protagonist has an encounter with a female spirit that personifies true beauty. At the behest of the female spirit the author uses ancient lore to intricately define both true beauty and true love in poetic form and it eventually leads to the death of chivalry and the discovery of a vast new world.

For Nhu: thank you darling, without you this all would have been in vain.

Table of Contents


Part I – Disillusionment

Part II – The Escape

Part III – The Quest

Part IV – The Discovery

Part V – The Three Fables

i The Sunrise

ii The Fleece

iii The Blue Eyed Rose

Part VI – The New World

About the Author

[]Part I: Disillusionment

The media is a lovely tool

that is so sickly sweet

Creating such a pungent gruel

the theatre floor sticks to my feet

To the senses of a fool

this smells like a treat

That pompous swine is drooling

next to me in my seat!

It becomes their new Zen

love on the silver screen

So warm and fuzzy in their pens

dynamic couples or so they seem

A honeymoon cruise into the sunset

with your new blonde wig

Credit card consumer debt

more lipstick on a pig

A new family on the quay

low hanging fruit from a weary tree

Easy money paved the way

in the land of the free

The joy of life is now blown

and their every penny spent

Through the golden arches flown

where all good consumers went

[]Part II The Escape

The bourgeois horror exposed

from this lie I must break free

I dashed away between the rows

sprinting under the marquee

Through the streets I ran

leaping over latte pails

Dodging mini vans

a ray of hope was my trail

The bitter flock left behind

that followed the easy way

They will be an easy find

politicians will save the day

Within our terrestrial bounds

true beauty has always been

Indeed it will again be found

outside the dreams of men

A renaissance of the truth

is not only found in death

An archaic belief is uncouth

that requires your last breath!

It rises above the abyss

of blasphemy on high heels

As they emerge from commercial mist

spewing banal appeals

Who will heed our call

and save the world today?

So pleads this enlightened doll

that sings above the fray

Freedom and justice for all

who believe in our ways

Means cheap stuff in our shopping mall

or we put you in your graves!

Around this wall of disbelief

from this drudgery I must get clear

Flee this suburban grief

true beauty does not dwell here

There is a secret place

I always held so dear

Where I can find true beauty’s grace

a grand mountain range lies near

For this wilderness I yearn

to strive and to seek

Here I will relearn

to be free from cheap intrigue!

[]Part III: The Quest

Following the faint mountain trail

many months, now another year did turn

All the while I still fail

to find true beauty among the ferns

A thousand nights had passed before

the morning finally came

The dawn arrived at the horizon door

peeking through I saw the flame

The sunlight shot forth

onto the landscape’s familiar form

The twilight chill was no more

as the new day began to warm

Under the grand blue sky

where the eagles glide

It is here that the angels fly

on their wings true beauty rides

I crossed the valley and began my daily task

of lumbering up the mountain’s side

From the highest craggy peak I ask

true beauty, where do you hide?

I wondered aloud with a sigh

could an angel take female form?

Only the creator knows why

such beauty has not been born

Many great sculptors of old

Used chisels to conceive this image true

A vain effort so very bold

still no man can imbue

Quietly the sculptors utter

that beauty can be seen all around

Green envy does flutter

when a new rose breaks the ground

When has the sun ever let

the clouds hide the painted dawn?

Why not let the composer beget

this new beautiful song?

Only heaven holds the power

to reveal the immortal glow

So I pray, release heaven’s flower

let true beauty lighten my woe

So futile was this prayer of mine

the heavens would never comply

My hopes had met the end of their climb

as I stood on the mountain high

[]Part IV: The Discovery

Suddenly from cloudless heights

a single raindrop did splash

It landed at my feet with such might

that I felt a thunderous crash

Braced for an angry God’s wrath

I shook with a terrible fear

If thrown down to the valley path

there my bones would be seared

I took a knee and bowed down low

if only heaven would forgive the words I said

Yet the mountain trembled harder below

and I believed I would soon be dead

Then a sudden silence decreed

and I saw that a rose did grow

A flower of female form was freed

from a crack in the rock below

So wonderful was the glow

of her lovely skin so fair

The purest white fresh fallen snow

on her shoulders bare

Down her shoulders fell the flames

warm splendours of flickering hair

Beautiful contrast, much the same

as the fires from a dragon’s lair

The parting flames revealed her eyes

that adorned a crown of mid-evil lore

Like stars from the night skies

fallen upon the heaven’s floor

The spirit broke the silence, this is what she told…

A knave knows not a ruby from any other stone

The tales of true beauty were buried in the fables of old

So you see the truth you seek has been forever known

To have the true beauty held in me

tell me what these tales hold

Speak now, show me you hold the key

or my love will stay forever cold

[]Part V: The Three Fables

My answer:

It is my desire that you shall see

a man both wise and bold

I am not afraid to set free

the ancient wisdom that I hold

The secret of your crimson hair

was in the vault of history stored

But now the origin of its novel flair

in this poem will unfold

Part Vi: The Sunrise

Long ago the Gods spilled wine

and they told us of their glory

We came to know of a time

courage bloomed in a battle story

Onto a chosen sunrise their fine

drops of precious nectar

Splashed across the clouds sublime

and painted Achilles felling Hector

During that sunrise it rained

onto the blossoming flowers

The dawn’s colours they gained

in the twilight hours

Your hair became a glorious red

When the festive gods of fable

Spilled their wine upon your head

From the heaven’s table

Spirit reply:

This is not enough to win

the high beauty of the land

You must once again

mine with legend’s gold pan

Part Vii: The Fleece


Please let me take your hand

and feel the glow within

A flower petal held by sand

is the softness of your skin

It holds the colour of the moon

from the night sky above

The lily field’s bloom

does illuminate heaven’s dove

The touch of fine silk

feels this way

A heavenly milk

like warm clouds in May

Such a special cloth

was not made from clay

This angel’s broth

was cooked on a Spring day

Left to cool in the breeze

then pulled over your figure

A White marble fleece

put on Earth to linger

Your robe was made on Aphrodite’s loom

by the goddess of love it was blessed

I have described your lovely plume

have I satisfied your request?

The Spirit speaks:

True beauty has long been

within tales of lore caressed

Indeed your eyes have now seen

my hair and skin are so blessed

In my chest you must find more

than a greedy fiend would expect

True wealth is not found in ore

as fables of old reflect

For you I will remain a dream

unless upon me you can impress

Your desires are not based in schemes

of which desperate men obsess

Your love for me must be put first

beyond what money can obtain

I will quench your thirst

only if true love can be explained

Part Viii: The Blue Eyed Rose

I speak:

Anyone can dig a hole

and true love is never found

The tunnels that fools bore

in circles they go around

A fiend believes that its shine

is kept hidden safe and sound

Buried deep and hard to find

so very far beneath the ground

In tales of old the dwarfs toiled

and searched for these gems

Deep in the mines moving soil

greedily digging for them

Looking for a precious star

in the cold, damp and dim

Such fools they are

for risking life and limb

I will wait warm in our bed

as we awake from dreamy slumber

The sapphire’s shine I find instead

when your blue eyes flutter

A secret mine in ivory thighs

where lie your ruby studded treasures

That become mine when your sighs

fill my vaults with pleasures

This apparition of your angel mind

is revealed and no longer hidden

Love is no longer blind

and the answer has been given

Spirit speaks:

With your words you have defined

the meaning of true love

Infinite beauty the drop confined

sent from the gods above

To earth below through heaven’s gate

within a capsule of mortal form

Your words released my earthly fate

and with you I will now roam

[]Part VI: The New World

I speak:

Now that you have been reborn

to our mortal earthly kingdom

The true beauty in your earthly form

shall take heed when beckoned Freedom

Woman speaks:

Yes, my love, so it shall be

as I appear in font of you

I am always what you want to see

and your illusion will be true

I speak:

Come with me and take my hand

reveal the darkness to the light

We will tread the path to understand

should another find our fire bright

Cowering, vanity always weeps

under eternal beauty of sunlight

The Eastern star never sleeps

always returning to erase the night

Tithonus wished for immortality and bade

farewell Eos who watched him forever die

A pale dream born to fade

so quickly beneath eternal sky

The charging knights kept

the virgin’s glory as their light

A false dawn that swept

away reality from sight

Gentle smile between decadent lips

a glance from suggestive eyes

Bid you follow her swaying hips

to where your honour and duty lies

Your lust, passion, vanity dismiss

what those tender features hide

Look behind smoke, mirrors and mist

to see an age that has already died

These withered archaic expectations

hidden under the warm spring dress

Romance and tyrannical aspirations?

So perplexed is the neo-princess

The cliche of opposite attraction

fizzles within a split personality

Make your choice, embrace one faction

and escape this vain triviality

Alas, it was a noble concept

into which so much was read

An ideal grown inept,

farewell darling, chivalry is dead

From the embers the new dawn did rise

to emerge from the dying blaze

Patiently watching are her eyes

peering through the smokey haze

Faintly I became aware

of a voice rising in the mist

Leaning closer, looking there

I now see the streaking wisp

Like the thunder being born

when first it’s just a flash

From the horizon within the storm

suddenly comes the revealing crash

Of the veil falling down

that covered past absurdity

An illusion hiding the frown

of a lie hidden so perfectly

Who are you? I dared to ask

what has again come to be

It is my spirit from the past

my lost soul beckoning me!

Long neglected and left for dead

I can still hear its pleas

To freedom I have now fled

and embraced the light I see

Seek the truth and believe

that to dream is for the bold

Be strong and achieve

what a New World holds.

Let vanity drift on the breeze

and settle beneath the sand

Embrace the horizon and flee

into the Promised Land.

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Thank you,

J.K. Freeman

P.S. I have a collection of 10 completed sonnets and a couple of free form poems that I intend to publish simultaneously. Included in this collection is the original sonnet version of “The Blue Eyed Rose” which is the 3rd and final fable that was used to win the heart of the spirit. It is one of my favourite poems and I tried desperately to fit it into the context of the story but unfortunately it didn’t make it into the final draft.

[]About the Author:

I have lived mostly outside the US over the last 5 years and have been heavily influenced by different cultures, religions and political perspectives. I have enthusiastically funded charity programs in Honduras, Laos and Cambodia over the last 2 years and hope to remain active in the future. This is my first publication.

Hello Darling, Chivalry Is Dead

The poem depicts an adventure that is based on a true story. It is told using metaphors and is succinctly written in abab rhyme scheme and 4 line stanzas throughout. The protagonist takes the reader on a quest to escape suburban disillusionment. It is only after many trials and tribulations in the wilderness that the protagonist has an encounter with a female spirit that personifies true beauty. At the behest of the female spirit the author uses ancient lore to intricately define both true beauty and true love in poetic form and it eventually leads to the death of chivalry and the discovery of a vast new world.

  • Author: J.K. Freeman
  • Published: 2015-10-10 19:40:07
  • Words: 2385
Hello Darling, Chivalry Is Dead Hello Darling, Chivalry Is Dead