Hell & the Devil

On the earth today, there is a lot of scepticism about the spirit world of the Lord God. Including a lot of controversy as to whether there is such a place as hell. There have been many reports from people all over the world for many years testifying on their out of body experiences as well as those on their death beds, who have come back to tell of seeing hell. This book is intended as a guide to avoid all the pitfalls that lead down that road we call HELL. Jesus spoke about hell more than anyone else in the Bible. Why? I believe its because of His love for each and everyone of us that he wishes for us to be with Him in heaven. Many would say that there is no Hell but when you read the gospels we find Jesus talking about it over and over again. You may well say that’s old fashioned, but you read and consider the facts through the bible God is still the same God in the New Testament that was there in the Old Testament. His Universal Laws and Commandments are still the same today as the day he gave them Moses. No one is immune to any of them and ignorance does not cut it with God. Hell magnifies the love that God has for us, by allowing His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be crucified for our sins to save us. How great is that LOVE. God has given us FREE WILL to make our own choices. We have two options. Choose life and live with God or live without Him which can only mean one thing. Life without God must be Hell. In a way God doesn’t send anyone to hell we do that ourselves by our choices.

  • ISBN: 9780463314166
  • Author: Colin Thomson
  • Published: 2018-10-17 04:10:06
  • Words: 4089
Hell & the Devil Hell & the Devil