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A short story

By Chanchal

The Author of Pink


“Why has he called you?” Asha asks to her husband, Aziz Khan.

He says “he wants to marry again with our daughter”.

Asha is happy, as her son in law, who had given the divorce (Talak in Urdu language) to her daughter, a month back, now wants to marry her again “ah Allah, thanks for it”.

Aziz calls her daughter “Heena, come here, my Angel, Salman has just called me, he wants to marry you again”.

Heena is surprised “what?”.

Aziz “yes, he is ready to accept his mistake. He said, he was angry that day, due to office work. He lost his mind”.

Heena “but, what if he gives the divorce again to me”.

Aziz “I will talk with him, but you also have to control yourself. Don’t ever try to fight with him. Just listen him. He is man. Let him say, whatever he wants to say”.

Heena “Abba (means father), I did not have done anything wrong. I did not say anything to him. He had just told me to go parent’s home for few days, just because there was a little more salt in the food.Then he gave me divorce just because of it. He only told me that, I cannot cook the good food” ………. She weeps “and then I had come here and he sends the message on your phone and gives me Talak (Divorce) by writing Talak three times in it”.

Her Abba cannot hold his and her tears and says “You are woman and woman has to deal with all this stuff”.

Heena still weeping “but Abba, what if he gives me Talak again. What I will do”.

Her Abba tries to persuade her “Heena, he wants you back. He has only called me. That means, he still loves you and I hope he will not give you Talak again”.

Heena says “you hope, Abba? Hmm, I have a five-year-old son (Farhan). What I will do, if his Abba gives me Talak again? He wants to marry me again, maybe he is not getting any girl to marry”.

Abba says “maybe, but maybe he now thinks, that it was his mistake, believe me, he will not do this mistake again”.

Heena thinks for a moment and looks to her Abba and thinks, “how many more days, I will live here in my Abba’s home? One day, I have to go. I cannot be a burden on them”, she agrees with him “ok, tell him, I am ready”.

Aziz calls Salman and tells him that, he has persuaded his daughter to marry him again. Salman in reply says that, tomorrow he is coming home to marry her.

Farhan is happy, his dad will come tomorrow and he will start again living with him. He says happily to his Amma (mother) “Abba will come tomorrow, we will live together, yeeeeee, Amma, you will marry Abba again? I will watch you both getting married”.

Heena hugs him “hmm, we will marry and you will watch your parents’ marriage, ha haha”.


Next day, Heena and Farhan with others are waiting for Salman. Salman comes at 10 o’clock with a man, Wasim Khan. Farhan has the smile on his face. He runs and hugs him. Aziz greets Salman and he goes inside the house and sits on the sofa. He sees her, she smiles and he too. After eating biscuits with a tea. He starts telling about the Wasim Khan, the man, who has come with him.

Salman “he is Wasim khan. He is the Halala agent. He will arrange the person, with whom, Heena will marry first and next day, he will divorce her and then she will be eligible for me to marry me”.

Aziz is not shocked, he knows about this, it is called Halala. But he thought, Aziz would do court marriage. He says “so, you will marry with her through the Halala”.

Salman “ya, I think, you know about this very well, as she is divorcee, she has to go through this”.

Aziz looks toward the Heena. She is shocked “what is this, Halala?”.

Salman explains “according to Islamic laws, you are sin to me, because I had given divorce to you. I cannot marry you, for remarry, you have to become eligible for me. For that, first you have to marry other man and then he will divorce you, through this, you will not remain sinner any more, and then you will become eligible to marry me”.

Heena is confused “I don’t understand. I have never heard like this. Many women are there, who are marrying a man without this called Halala after getting divorce”.

Salman “actually, you were my wife, and I had given you divorce and if we marry again each other, then only you have to go through the Halala. If you marry other man, you can do marriage peacefully in the mosque, and the same is with me, understand”.

Heena “it means, any divorcee woman, if she wants to marry her same husband, who has given her the Talak (divorce), she has to marry other man for one day and then will get the Talak from him and then will do marriage with that ex-husband, right?”.

Salman “yes, absolutely right”.

Heena “I cannot believe this”.

Salman “it is written in Koran”.

Heena “I have read Koran two times, but I have never read this in it”.

Salman looks toward the Wasim Khan.

Wasim khan says “ya, you are right. It is not written in it, but it is an Islamic law. It is 1400 years old custom or you can say ritual. According to sharia law, you need to go through his”.

Heena “why? It is not written in Koran. So, why I have to go through this”.

Salman “then we cannot marry”.

Heena “we can marry in court or in mosque only. Who knows us? And there is no need to tell anybody”.

Salman “no, it is against the Islam. Allah is watching everything”.

Heena “but it is not written in Koran. Someone else made this law thousand years back. We don’t need to follow it”.

Salman “but, I have to, I believe in Islam. I believe in Allah”.

Heena “I also believe in Allah, but this is not good.I think, there was no phone in the time of Mohammad. So, how can you give me divorce (Tilak) by sending the message? Is it not illegal? Hmm, that means we are still husband and wife, now there is no need of marriage”.

Salman “no, Talak is Talak. We cannot hide anything from him”.

Heena “but, it was your mistake. You do Halala, why should I? because it was your mistake”.

Salman “I know, it was my mistake and I love you a lot, that’s why I want to marry you”.

Heena “then marry me”.

Salman “but you have to marry other person first”.

Heena “and what else I have to do?”.

Salman “you have to sleep with him”.

Heena “what is the meaning of sleeping? Just sleep in a same room or what?”.

Salman hesitates “you have to sleep with him, whole night and you have to make a love with him”.

Heena is shocked “are you out of your mind? You said, you love me and how can you say something like this to your wife?”.

Salma “I love you and I am doing this for you and Farhan, for us Heena”.

Heena “what you are doing? I have to go through Halala”.

Salman “you cannot do this for me and for our son, Farhan?”.

Heena “sleep with other person? How can you even think?”.

Salman “just for one night”.

Heena “you are mad. What if he will not give me Talak”.

Salman “he will definitely give you Talak. He will take the money for it”.

Heena “you will pay somebody to sleep with your wife, you are crazy…. By the way, how much you are going to pay?”.

Salman “it is between 50000 rupees to 1 lacs”.

Heena “You are mad, absolutely mad. How can you do this?”.

Salman “I can do this for us. I know it hurts but Halala is in Islam. It has the Allah’s grace”.

Heena “if it has the Allah’s grace, then that man should give me Tilak, without sleeping me”.

Salman “no, through sleeping with him, you will become pure”.

Heena “I cannot believe, you have said that, I think, you have lost your mind”.

Salman “I have not lost my mind. It is the law and Allah wants this, so as a good Muslim, I too”.

Heena “don’t include Allah in this shit. Just think for the moment. It is not written in Koran. Allah does not want this. If he wants, why that man is taking money in the name of it. He should give me Talak within a second just after marrying me. But he wants to sleep with me. It is called lust. They are making people fool in the name of him. Allah knows me, I am not a prostitute. I have a son and a family. He wants peace for me. He does not want to break me. He cannot see me, when someone else will take my dignity”.

Salman shouts “why you don’t understand? It is ritual”.

Heena “I cannot believe, a husband, who has the responsibility of his wife and her dignity, wants himself only, from his wife to sleep with other man for a night”.

Salman “because I love you and I want you back”.

Heena “ha haha, you love me and want me back. So, one day again, when there will be little more salt in your food, so you can say three times “Talak TalakTalak” and divorce me. Because this law had made by somebody 1400 years back, oh no”.

Salman shouts “respect the Islamic law”.

Heena “why this law wants woman to sleep with other man? because Man does not have to go through, why? because man is man or man is great and woman has to give the sacrifice, always…. Isn’t?……. No, it is not truth, the truth is this that, man will not get the woman for the night, but there are lot of men, who can sleep with a strange woman. man is man, they can sleep with other woman but they cannot give their wife to anybody”

Salman “we are nobody to raise finger on the religion or religious law, respect it”.

Heena “I respect more than you”.

Salman “respect me too. I was your husband and I love you and that’s why want to marry you again

Heena “what about my respect? And tell me, how will you live with me, after knowing all this, like I have slept with someone else”.

Salman “because I love you and I want you back in my life”.

Heena “haaa, that’s the height. So why you are going to pay 1 lac rupees for this? You can do this at much cheaper price”.

Salman “how?”.

Heena “there are many man in the city or in your colony. Who go regularly to the brothel for sleeping with prostitute and pay from 300 Rupees to 500 or last 1000 rupees. Bring any man and ask her to sleep with me, in return ask the wedding and Talak, what you say?”.

Salman “are you mad? You are sinner and you can only become pure, by going through the Halala, a ritual”.

Heena “I am sinner, hmm. I don’t know, when I have done the sin…. You had given me the Talak, just because there was little much extra salt in the food. And you are absolutely fine, hmm. But I become the sinner, wow”.

Salman “I am man, I am husband. I can do, whatever I want to do. I had given you Talak and that day only, you had become the sin. It is the law. Law makes me the powerful and If you follow the ritual. Then you will become pure. This is law”.

Heena “ha haha, by sleeping with other man, I will become pure, ha haha”.

Salman “don’t laugh, this is the only way. Otherwise you will remain sin to me”.

Heena “I don’t know, I should laugh or I should cry on this curse”.

Salman “this is not curse. You are sin for me. By doing Halala, you will become the eligible for me”.

Heena ‘why, I have to go through Halala. You go but no, you cannot, not a single woman will sleep with you”.

Salman “It is Islamic law, Woman has to go. It happens everywhere in this world”.

Heena’s Abba comes in middle and says “no, it does not happen in every Muslim country”.

Salman “no, it happens in every Muslim country”.

Abba says “Halala is banned in many countries, like UAE, Iraq, Iran and including our neighbour Muslim countries, Pakistan and Bangladesh and many other countries too”.

Salman “no, that’s not true”. Salman looks the Wasim Khan. He nods on yes. “how can it be possible? Muslims are Muslims, all are equal, there should be equal law”.

Abba “it is possible. It is possible in more than 17 countries”.

Heena “now, tell me, are not they following Islam? Are not they real Muslim?”.

Salman “But, it is not banned in India, but why”.

Abba “because people are still scare of Islamic scholars. They issueFatwa against them. They are fool and gutless. They still believe in 1400 years old custom. Time has changed but we have not”.

Salman looks towards the Wasim khan and Wasim says “it depends on the woman. If she believes in this custom, she can go through this. It depends on her faith. She has or not”.

Heena “I have faith in Allah. Why should I have faith in this shit?”.

Salman again looks to Wasim and says “say” and he says “many women go through this. Because they believe in this custom. It is all about faith. If they have faith, then it is right, otherwise they are sinner”.

Heena “so, you want to say, if I go to do suicide. It is legal. But according to Indian panel law, it is crime. If, someone wants to kill somebody, because he has faith in that, it is not crime, then murder will become legal, isn’t. or people kill each other in riots in the name of God, all those murders are legal, isn’t? because they all have faith in their crime”.

Salman again looks the Wasim and says “say”.

Wasim “I can only say that, if you marry through different way than the Islamic law, then it will be against Islam”.

Heena “how much percent he was going to get through the deal?”.

Salman “5000 rupees”.

Heena “for sending me in a room with otherrr…”. Salman stops her “stop it, again and again, same thing, sleeping with other guy, sleeping with other guy. It hurts, ok, it is hurting. You don’t have to say anymore. I did not know all this stuff, banning and other things. But I pray five times in a day. I am good Muslim. I follow all Islamic practice. Now, I am confused, what to do. One side is my Islam and other side is this new truth”.

Heena “oh confused, then send three or four men tonight for sleeping with me, ok. Then I will become a good wife”.

Salman shouts “shut upppppppp, shut upppppppppp, haaaaaa, I cannot listen anything against the Islam”.

Heena “then, take this bangles and wear some on your wrist and hang few between your legs and now do some clapping and dance too, common”.

Salman shouts “heyyyyyyy, someone shuts her mouthhhhhhhh”.

Heena “hmm, otherwise, his manhood will wake up, and he will give me Talak again and I will become sinner or maybe I will die, hmm”.

Salman “hey you Wasim, you go now, I will catch you latter”.

Wasim “man, one thing I want to say. Even after listening her, I don’t want to be agent of Halala. It looks like, I am pimp, I am going now. I cannot say God bless you. I think, God has already blessed you. Marry her again, it is my advice”.

Salman “last Sunday, I was drinking with Kamran, Kamran had brought him. He told me to bring back my wife through Halala. I have talked with many people. Everybody have said this only, that Halala is the only way to get married again with you.

But, now like this is banned in many Islamic countries, I have to think about this. I have to think about the Allah too. What if it is against the Islam. Will we get the Hell?”.

Heena “you will pay…”. Salman stops her “don’t try anything, which hurts me. I am just asking”.

Heena “you are going to pay 50000 to 1ac rupees to some person. Ask your any friend, anybody can be ready to sleep with me”.

Salman softly “I knew, something like this, was coming, I knew it”.

Heena “I am serious. You have many Muslim friends. And in Islam, they can marry second time. It is not illegal. Ask anybody, to marry me and give me Talak after a minute”.

Salman “I have a respect in their eyes. And according to ritual, you have to sleep with your new husband, then only you can become pure”.

Heena “hah, otherwise, I will remain sinner. And one day, when you are sleeping, I will become ghost and cut your neck and kill you, hmm?”.

Salman “what have you given your daughter in the breakfast?”.

Heena “blood”.

Salman “By the way, one thing, she has said right. If she is sin to me, will she kill me? No, I don’t think so. Someone had made the law 1400 years back. He had the different mindset. But, I cannot understand, how can a woman become pure, chaste, holy or sacred, by sleeping with different man? This is bullshit.

If I had not given you the Talak, and you would be my wife and caught you sleeping with other man. that would not be purity. That would be called sin.

Heena, my love, my baby, my sweetheart, you are my hero. You have opened my eyes. Forget the marriage, forget the Talak too. By sending the message, writing on it three times Talak “it is not called Talak”. Forget it, let’s go back to home. Hey, baby, my love, cook the food nice, ok, my love come, bring that little Farhan, Goodbye…. Heena’s mother and good bye to you, Old man too, Good bye, sleep well”.

The end

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It is a beautiful story of a Muslim woman, Heena, Who has been trapped in the 1400 years old Islamic law, Halala. The story revolves around this law.

  • ISBN: 9781370603695
  • Author: Chanchal
  • Published: 2017-09-27 05:35:07
  • Words: 3112
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