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Heart Throbs

Sometimes you find your dream in the last place you'd ever look. Twenty-nine-year-old Amanda Monroe is about to make her white picket fence fantasy come true. The New York actress vows to wrap her role on a hit sitcom, marry the non-actor of her dreams, and put down the roots she never had—all before she turns thirty. But first, she has a pressing engagement to endure: filming the show’s "special episode." Her egotistical co-star’s prima donna ways keep holding up production. And irresistible movie hunk Harry Ritter Johnson arrives for his guest appearance with more than just a large entourage. He also has a seductive proposition for Amanda. Meanwhile, Harry's sidekick Darrell Rawlings, Amanda’s best male bud and one-time housemate, hits town with wedding plans of his own. If only Amanda didn’t keep forgetting she had a fiancé at home. And if only her fiancé didn’t pay more attention to his vintage typewriter than he did to his future wife. Amanda would love to forget the past times when her friendship with Darrell crossed the line and became more. It should be easy since no one else knows about them. But when the old warmth returns and secrets come to light, Amanda finds herself torn between the life she says she’s always wanted and an even brighter future. First in the City Lights New York series of standalone romantic comedies.

  • Author: Karen Tomsovic
  • Published: 2018-09-23 04:40:06
  • Words: 54091
Heart Throbs Heart Throbs