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Haunted by the horror

Published by Global Web Publishing

Copyright© by Kenneth RR Elroy

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Haunted on the grandfather’s farm


Chapter 1


“Mom I don’t like this house. It gives me the creeps,” Lisa said.


“All new homes feel a bit strange at the beginning but I wouldn’t say it’s creepy,” Anna said.


“I don’t know but there is something about this house…,” Lisa said when Anna cut her off.


“Too many horror movies! You see the creepy in everything,” Anna said.


Anna inherited Morning Star dairy farm from her grandfather. She was a city slicker and country life was not what she was used to. Making a new start as a single mother was not easy. But after being retrenched by the company she worked for, she couldn’t find work as a fashion editor again. She was forty something and though very experienced, the fashion industry is constantly changing, out with the old in with the young.


Her daughter Lisa, who was on school holiday, was not impressed with moving. But Anna’s savings was not going to last for a lifetime, so she decided it would be best to move to the countryside and try to make her grandfather’s farm work.


“Oh look mom… I can see the Gucci cow crap patties in the field,” Lisa said.


“Sarcasm is going to get you nowhere,” Anna said.


“It’s been a week since we’ve been here and so far nothing interesting happened,” Lisa said.


“This is farm land. Interesting things don’t happen here. If you are bored why don’t you go down to Zack and ask him to teach you how to milk a cow. This is a dairy farm you know,” Anna said.


Zack was a typical farmer. His skin was sunburned and hands were rough. A Robert Redford look alike. He knew everything there was to know about farming. Morning Star was mostly machine operated. High tech for such an old establishment. There weren’t a lot of workers because the machines basically did everything.


“The machines milk the cows,” Lisa said.


“Lisa! I wish you would stop whining and try to see something positive about this place,” Anna said.


“OK! No need to blow a fuse. I will go see what the Zackman is up to,” Lisa said.


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