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By Andre’ Mwansa

Copyright 2017 Andre’ Mwansa

Shakespir edition


This eBook is rated 18+


This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.

‘’Trouble is inevitable, but misery is optional’’ Unknown

“Only those eager to know the truth shall know it” Andre’ Mwansa

‘’It’s boring to be normal’’ Andre’ Mwansa (Don’t care if that has been said before)

FEAR stands for: Fuck Everything And Run……..




Saturday, 5^th^ December 2014, 9A.M.

“Why in the hell did you kill your girlfriend?’’ the detective asked Aaron in the interrogation room.

‘’I have already told you,’’ Aaron said ‘’I killed no one’’

‘’She was with you when she was found dead,’’ the detective said ‘’you were the last person to see her alive right?’’

‘’Yeah, we’d gone to see a movie’’

‘’Then what happened?’’

‘’Nothing happened’’

‘’Aaron, she was found dead the next morning and from the looks of things, it appears it’s your car that had hit her’’

‘’Aright, something happened’’

‘’What something?”

‘’We had an argument of some sort” Aaron confessed.


‘’It wasn’t even serious, she accused me of looking at some girls ass’’

‘’Which you did’’ the detective added.

‘’Well….yeah….it’s not my fault she has a small one”

He continued. ‘’She didn’t even give me the chance to explain myself, not that I needed to, it’s in my….our nature to do what I did. She left the place rushing straight to the car, yelling at me to take her home’’

‘’Which you didn’t”

‘’Yeah, but only because I wanted to make things right with her, I loved her, she knew I did…..’’

The detective wrote down in his note book: Another motive, no longer loves her…

‘’……So I drove to somewhere quiet in hopes of calming her down. I drove to a nearby park’’

‘’And what time was it then?’’ the detective asked.

Aaron hesitated a little. ‘’It was err….err around 10p.m.’’

The detective wrote that down too.

‘’But she didn’t, couldn’t listen to me, instead she banged my car, called me a bitch and walked out of the car’’

‘’Then what happened?’’

‘’Then….then….the next thing I saw was my car speeding towards her’’

‘’Where you still in the car when it all happened?’’

‘’You mean it hitting her?’’ Aaron said ‘’yes I was’’

‘’So then,’’ the detective asked ‘’why was her clothes torn?’’

Surely Aaron had to scratch his head on this one. ‘’I don’t know, maybe the car did that to her’’

The detective felt like laughing. ‘’Her trousers was pulled off and undies torn’’

‘’I don’t know, I told you, maybe it’s a HAUNTED car of a sort’’

This time the detective did laugh. ‘’HAUNTED CAR? What nonsense, just find yourself a lawyer and a good one he must be’’


Thursday 12^th,^ October 2017, 5P.M.

“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the blah blah blah blah” the song played on the radio station of Michaels car as he was heading home after picking up his kids from school.

‘’Dad?’’ Angela the younger of his two kids, only five asked ‘’why are we singing jingle bell, it’s not yet even Christmas’’

‘’We’re preparing for it kid, you know how well I want you to sing in that choir’’

‘’But they never sing that song anymore’’ Angela said.

‘’They don’t?’’ Michael asked.

‘’That’s because you are never at church,’’ his wife (Alice) sitting in the front seat beside him said ‘’how can you know’’

‘’well maybe they might sing it this year,’’ Michael said ‘’so come on, sing along’’

‘’I don’t wanna sing along’’ Angela cried.

‘’Sing along’’


‘’Sing along’’

‘’Nooooooooo!’’ Angela yelled in a big grown man voice that made both of her parents to turn and look at her. Only she sat peacefully next to her big sis Rachel who was busy on her phone, probably texting some unknown boyfriend.

‘’That was weird’’ was what her mom could manage to say when_

‘’Mom!’’ Angela called ‘’there’s a man sitting next to you’’

‘’Nice joke little girl’’

‘’His fly is open,’’ Angela continued.

At this time Rachel stopped texting and whispered to Angela. ‘’what do you see?’’

‘’I see his penis”

‘’Quit it kids, such language is not allowed in my car’’ her dad said.

‘’Mom!’’ Angela called again ‘’its penis is now heading for your mouth’’

‘’What have you been watching kid?’’ Alice said.

‘’Shut up! Don’t open your mouth mom, it will choke you’’

Rachel whispered to her sis again. ‘’Is it big?’’


‘’How big?’’

Michael faced his kids and said. ‘’Hey, it’s not good to make fun of your mom like that, is that what they teach you at school, to disrespect your parents?’’

They both shook their heads.

‘’Good, because…..’’

‘’Michael there’s a car in front of us, you have gone in the wrong lane!’’ Alice screamed.

Michael turned back to the steering wheel which was now being held by Alice. ‘’Let superman handle this honey’’ He managed getting back to his lane safely.

‘’You could have gotten us killed you son of a……’’

‘’Bitch,’’ Rachel finished it up for her ‘’is that what you were going to say mom?’’

‘’What! No, I was going to say person, person, alright that’s it both of you are grounded’’

‘’Hey mom does it also mean we will not be going to school anymore?’’ Angela asked.


‘’Then how are we grounded?’’ Rachel said.

‘’Well, your phones are grounded?’’

‘’What mom! That’s not fair Angela has no phone’’

‘’Well no TV for her’’

‘’What about dad for almost getting us killed back there?’’ Rachel asked.

‘’No sex for him in a week’’ She was about to say a month but thought of herself too.

‘’Dad? What about mom for trying to call you a bitch?’’

‘’No shopping for her in one month’’ this he said to save his own bucks.

‘’That’s not fair, I did consider yours’’

‘’Your fault’’

They drove in silence for a couple of minutes when_

‘’Hey Angela,’’ Rachel whispered ‘’is it in her mouth now?’’


Friday 13^th^ October, 6A.M.

Alice woke up early in the morning to prepare the kids for school. When she had finished, she walked outside of the house to where their car was parked just along the road yelling for her husband to hurry up.

She had to stop in her tracks by what she saw. ‘’Honey!’’ she called ‘’you need to see this’’

Her husband came out running. ‘’What is it?’’

She pointed at the car.

‘’Holy crap,’’ he said ‘’who would dare do such a thing?’’

There was a big PISS OFF written on the cars wind screen with shit as ink.

‘’Do you think he used his hands?’’ Alice said ‘’I mean when he wrote all this’’

Michael looked at her, thinking how she could turn something as serious as this into a joke.

‘’Tell the kids to just walk their way to school, I promise to fetch them, this needs to be cleaned’’

Alice walked inside the house, coming back with Rachel and Angela, holding their hands as they walked to school.


‘’It goes down in the DM…..’’ the song played on the radio station.

Alice changed to a gospel station.

‘’It goes down in the DM…..’’ it changed itself back.

She changed again and it changed back.

She changed and it changed back.

She changed again when: ‘’Quit it bitch!’’ A voice said.

‘’Did you hear that?’’ She told her husband.

‘’Hear what?’’

‘’The car just called me a bitch’’ she whispered for the kids not to hear.

‘’I thought that was in the DM song’’

‘’Trust me I know the lyrics of this song’’

‘’You do?’’

‘’Did I say that?’’


Saturday 14^th^ October, 11:53A.M.

‘’Michael!’’ Alice screamed ‘’help!’’

Michael came out from the house running ‘’what is it?’’

‘’It’s Angela’’ she said through tears ‘’she’s in the car and the doors won’t budge’’

Michael tried to open the doors with his man strength but still the doors wouldn’t budge. He tried again but this time the door did give in hitting him on the forehead causing him to pass out immediately.

Angela climbed out and run to Alice who embraced her in a hug.


Sunday 15^th^ October, 9:30P.M.

Michael thanked God for the car not playing up today. He’d thought it being Sunday the resting place, it had to take a rest as well.

Ecclesiastes 3:3 a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up. The Pastor had said when they were at church.

‘’Dad, are we allowed to kill from what the pastor had said?’’ Angela asked.

‘’Err….err….err’’ he scratched his head ‘’you know, something’s can only be explained by special people, like the pastor himself’’

‘’But I thought everyone was special’’

‘’Yeah, yeah,’’ Michael said ‘’I’m special, mom is special, you’re special, even crazy people are special’’


Monday 16^th^ October, 6:27A.M.

Alice woke up early, she always does so to prepare the kids for school. She walked in the garage where the car was parked, Michael had parked it there in hopes of no one writing anything in shit on the wind screen.

She opened the door to the passenger’s seat. ‘’Michael!’’ she called.

‘’Yeah’’ he joined her in the garage ‘’what is it?’’

She pointed at the seat.

‘’That’s not mine’’ he said.

‘’Can’t believe it,’’ she complained ‘’it has only been two days without sex and you’re already wanking yourself’’

‘’I told you that’s not mine’’

‘’Isn’t that your magazine on the dashboard?’’

‘’Only that I don’t swear, but I swear! That’s not mine’’

‘’So, what are you trying to say? That the car is haunted?’’

Michael had to think this through. ‘’That’s it, I’m calling the supernatural department’’


Both Michael and his wife were sitting on the couch watching the news about a woman who just burned her husband to death because she was caught in the act and didn’t want anyone, especially of her family to know the embarrassing truth, when they heard a knock on the door.

‘’I’ll get it’’ he told his wife.

‘’Supernatural department’’ the man and the woman had said at the door, Michael welcomed them in.

‘’There’s a strong spirit in here’’ the man said as they sat on the couch.

‘’It’s not in here, it’s the car’’ Michael corrected.

‘’Right, right, so it seems’’ the man said.

He continued. ‘’Sorry, I’m Freier Verde, this is my wife Belleza Verde’’

‘’I understand you’re from Germany?’’ Michael asked.

‘’Yeah, I am but my wife is from Spain,’’ Freier said ‘’at your service sir’’

‘’Shall we start?’’ Michael asked.

‘’Have you ever heard of James Deans case?’’ Freier started ‘’he crashed and died in his Porche Spyder. George Barris, a car customizer, bought the wreck for $2500. When they were bringing it in, it slipped and fell on a mechanic, breaking both his legs. After parting out the vehicle, two physicians were in a race, both their cars having parts from James Dean’s car. One died when the engine failed and careened into a tree. The other physician’s car supposedly suddenly locked up and flipped, giving him serious injuries. Later, a kid tried to steal the steering wheel and slipped and cut his arm. Two tires…..’’

‘’This is not James Dean’s story,’’ Michael said ‘’this is my story, so shall we start?’’

No coffee offered. ‘’Sure’’ Freier agreed.

Michael and his wife led them in the garage.

‘’Nice car to start with’’ Freier commented.

Like I care Michael thought. ‘’Can you get rid of it? The ghost I mean’’

‘’We could try’’ Belleza replied.

Belleza had them all gathered and holding hands, ‘’Gott wir honor und anruf auf zu dein macht!’’ she said as the lights started to go off and on, off and on.

‘’I think it’s working’’ Michael said.

His wife turned over her shoulder to look at the garage door, only to find Angela standing on the entrance playing with the switch. ‘’Quit playing with the lights Angela’’ Angela went running to her bedroom.

Repeat after me ‘’Geist mostrar dish’’ Belleza said.

‘’Geist mostrar dish’’ they repeated.

‘’Geist mostrar dish’’ they said again and the lights went off, but this time it wasn’t Angela.

‘’Its dark in here’’ Alice said.

‘’Shh’’ Belleza said ‘’I see him, I see the ghost’’

‘’Is it saying anything?’’ Alice asked.

‘’He was raped and killed in this very car by two girls he had found in the street, just along the road waving for a taxi when he decided to help them. Now his spirit is angry and seeks revenge’’

‘’We’re not the ones who killed him’’ Alice complained.

‘’It doesn’t matter’’

‘’Hey, can you rid of it or what?’’ Michael said.

They hold each other’s hands again. ‘’Ir fuera ruhe alma’’ Belleza said.

‘’Ir fuera ruhe alma’’ Freier repeated.

‘’Whoa!’’ Belleza said.

‘’What is it?’’ Alice asked.

Belleza stood up and ran to the door. ‘’There’s really an angry bicho (dick) in there, sorry it’s not time yet for me to get pregnant’’

Freier followed her to the door as they left the house in a hurry.

‘’You too Freier?’’ Michael called.

‘’Don’t want to get pregnant!’’ Freier said.

Now it was only Alice and Michael in the room. The lights were on now and she was facing him. ‘’You didn’t tell me where you got this car Michael’’

‘’I bought it’’


‘’Well…’’ He scratched his head ‘’it was tempting alright, the ad was saying car for sell at only less a hundred dollar, negotiations allowed, I did what I did and ended up buying it at a free price from a guy named Aaron’’

He continued. ‘’Sorry babe’’

His wife eyed him dubiously. ‘’What do we do now?’’



Tuesday 17th October, 9A.M.

Car for sell at less than a hundred dollar, negotiations allowed the poster said outside Michael’s house.



  • ISBN: 9781370464616
  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-04-04 05:50:10
  • Words: 2339
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