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Harmony Season 1

p(((())))={color:#000;}. Harmony

Season One

A Serial Thriller

Written By

C.O. Amal


Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

Published By C.O. Amal on August 2016

2nd Edition

All rights reserved


Shakespir Edition



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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.




To my father, mother and sister

Table of Contents

Episode 1 – Trapped


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


Episode 2 – The Desert



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


Episode 3 –The Mountains



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


Episode 4 – Encounter



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


Episode 5 – Getting Slaughtered



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10


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Episode 1




2026 June 20, Atlantic Ocean


The small fishing boat swayed in the water. A wind howled from a distance. On the deck two young man are trying very hard to haul the fishing net from the water. The head light of the boat is doing a great job keeping the night at bay.


“One, two, pull. Again pull.” A clean shaved man yelled.


The rope is leaving a red mark on their hands. No matter how hard they tried the net is not coming out of the water.


“Do you think the net is full of fishes?” The bearded man asked.


“Of course. The net will be teaming with fishes.” The clean shaved man said. “If the motor worked we wouldn’t have to haul the net by our hands.”


“Yeah, it totally sucks.” The bearded man said.


“Boys did you finished hauling the net?” An old man came out of the cabin and asked.


“Thomas we think the net is full of fishes but we need your help too.” Clean shaved man said.


“Okay.” Thomas went near a corner and held one end of a rope. “Okay boys, pull.”


They pulled the net with all their might. The net hardly moved.


“We should change the motor soon, Thomas.” Clean shaved man said.


“We will, in the next week, of course if we get enough money. Now haul the net.” Thomas said.


Three of them hauled the net. Finally about half an hour later the net came out of the water and safely landed on the boat.


“Yeah. Yeah. This is what I am talking about, baby.” Clean shaved man and bearded man yelled excitedly.


Thomas smiled and went near the net and he spread out the corners. To his surprise the net carried lots and lots of fishes.


“What did I told you about fishing in this area?” Clean shaved man asked.


“Credit of course belongs to you but this area is still off limits. We should be grateful that nothing bad happened.” Thomas said.


“I don’t see why they made this place off limits.” Clean shaved man said.


“Everything is for a reason Kevin.” Thomas said to the clean shaved man. “Okay Kevin, you and Tim put all the fishes in the freezer while I turn the boat around.”


“Okay.” Kevin said.


“Guys did you saw that.” Tim said pointing to the ocean water beyond in the misty region.


“Saw what?” Kevin asked.


“I think I saw some orange light out there.” Tim said.


“What orange light? I am not seeing anything.” Thomas said. “Do what I told you to do.” Thomas left the scene to the cabin.


Kevin looked at the ocean water for a moment then he went near the net and start to put the fishes in a small container for later throwing inside the freezer. Then he too saw an orange light in the corner of his eye.


Kevin stood up and stared at the ocean. Then he saw it. A ball of fire is rolling out through the water towards the boat. Tim already have frozen. The fireball is coming at high velocity. Kevin quickly grabbed Tim’s hand and he hauled Tim to the cabin. Kevin shut the cabin door behind him just in time when the fireball collided with the boat.


Boat swayed violently and a vibration passed through the boat’s walls. Boat then creaked.


“What the hell was that?” Thomas yelled.


Kevin and Tim froze sitting on the floor. Words aren’t forming inside their mouth.


Finally Kevin opened his mouth. “Big fireball, Mr Thomas! Fireball!”


Thomas seemed to have not believed in what Kevin had said. He went near the door and opened the door a little and peeked outside. He saw nothing, but he did saw that the corner of his boat’s back is bended a little and some cracks had formed on the steel body.


Thomas returned to the wheel and started the engines. He slowly put the boat in forward motion. Then he saw through the wind shield that a fireball is coming straight at the boat. Thomas tried to turn the boat but before that the fireball collided with the boat and Thomas got thrown away from his feet. Thomas somehow stood up and stared at the wind shield. There are cracks formed in the wind shield. Then he saw it.


There are about four fireballs coming towards the boat from different directions.


“Run for your lives lads.” Thomas said and ran out of the cabin.


Thomas then jumped into the water. Kevin and Tim froze for a moment then they too ran out of the cabin and jumped into the water. The fireballs collided with the boat and the boat became engulfed in fire. Within minutes the boat sank in to the abyss.


“What are we going to do now?” Kevin asked Thomas.


Thomas opened his mouth to say something but before any words could escape his mouth a big fireball rolled out through the water and it went straight through Thomas’ and Tim’s head. They instantly disappeared in to the abyss.


“No…” Kevin screamed.


Tears welled up in his eyes. A moment later rain starts to fell from the sky. Kevin tried his best to stay on top of the water. Then Kevin got hold of a wooden piece. Kevin held on to it tight.


A moment later the surrounding ocean water got lit by a blue light. Kevin looked at the origin of the blue light. It looks like it is coming from ocean depths. Suddenly Kevin began to flow towards the blue light. Something is attracting him towards the light. When he reached in the center of the light he just vanished in to somewhere. Rain continuously fell from the sky and no sign of Kevin. A moment later the blue light died out leaving the ocean to the night.

Chapter 1 – Allen

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


Ship Harmony slowly glided through the open ocean. In the night she moved like a firefly. There isn’t a place in Harmony which isn’t glowing.


Allen sat in the bar bored. He know no one to talk. Bar is full of people. People are dancing in the center and some of the people are chatting with others. Everyone is enjoying their time in the ship but not Allen.


“Give me a strong one.” Allen said to the blonde bartender.


Bartender poured a drink into a glass smiling at Allen. Allen smiled back. She slide the glass of drink towards Allen.


“Is this your first time in a ship?” Bartender asked.


“Yes. How did you know?” Allen asked.


“You see, I have this ability to read people’s mind.” Bartender looked at Allen seriously.


“Are you kidding me?” Allen asked shocked.


“Of course I am joking.” Bartender broke in to a laugh. “You should have seen your face. Any way you look like bored, aren’t you?”


“You could really read my mind.” Allen said.


Bartender laughed. “What’s your name?”


Allen swallowed his drink in a single gulp. “I will tell you after you pour one more.”


“Okay, okay.” Bartender pour drink to Allen’s glass. “So your name?”


“It’s Allen.” Allen said.


“Is it first or last?” Bartender asked.


“First of course.” Allen said.


“Well Allen, I am Mena and you’re always welcome to my bar as long as you don’t drink too much.” Bartender said.


“Mena is a nice name. Can I ask you for a dinner with me?” Allen asked.


“Well I have to say no because I have to work all night in here. You know, it’s my only job.” Mena said.


“Oh I get it.” Allen said.


Another customer came to the bar and Mena went to serve him. Allen shifted his gaze from Mena to the strippers who are doing all sort of gymnastic moves through the metal rod. People are dancing around the strippers. Some are saying comments to the strippers.


A moment later Mena came near Allen.


“Did you like the stripper dance?” Mena asked.


Allen shifted his gaze to Mena. “Well they don’t know a lot of moves.”


“Now are you an expert in stripper club?” Mena asked.


“Well you could say that. I am a computer programmer and all day what I see is codes doing a stripper dance around me.” Allen said.


“I think I get it. You must be a nerd.” Mena said.


“Well I kind of excel in my job.” Allen said.


“You must be making a whole lot of cash.” Mena said.


“You can guess the value of a good programmer.” Allen said.


Mena smiled. Allen finished his drink and placed the money on the counter.


“Thank you for the drink.” Allen said.


“Are you leaving already? You just got here.” Mena asked.


“Well it’s a little loud in here. I am going to the upper level. I have heard that the view is fantastic.” Allen said.


“Okay, stay safe and enjoy your time in the ship.” Mena said.


Allen waved his hands and he slowly walked towards the exit door. Allen exited the bar and entered in to a corridor. Quickly the sound of music disappeared behind the door. Allen slowly moved forward. There are lot of people coming in the opposite way, to the bar. Allen smiled at them and moved on.


Finally Allen reached the upper deck and he stood in a corner staring at the night sky. Sky is filled with stars. There aren’t lot of people in the upper deck and those who in are standing near the edges staring at the water below.


Ship is moving steadily and the sight of the ship cutting through the water is marvellous. Allen thought about Mena. She is very pretty for her age and she actually deserve a better job than just a bartender. Allen can’t think of a girl he had seen before who is prettier than Mena.


Allen stared at the everlasting sky and got lost in its beauty.

Chapter 2 – Johanna

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


Johanna stood on the top level of the ship enjoying the night wind. She stared at the sky looking for a constellations. Shooting stars glided through the sky in a distance.


Johanna straightened her long black hair and stared at the stars. There isn’t much people where Johanna is standing. Those who near Johanna are talking and enjoying their time in the ship.


Johanna took her phone in her hands and pressed the power button. There is no new notification on the status bar. Johanna cursed herself.


“Not even a Facebook notification.” Johanna said herself.


Johanna put back her phone in her coat’s pocket and continued looking at the stars. Stars have an amazing effect on Johanna in the cold night. When watching stars she felt not so lonely, since there are lot of stars looking at her.


“Isn’t the sky amazing?” A woman with long black hair came near Johanna.


Johanna turned towards the voice and looked at the woman.


“Sofia? Indeed the sky is marvellous.” Johanna said surprised.


Johanna tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “So what brings you in this ship? You’re not a fan of ships. Why didn’t you took a flight?”


“Well I took the ship for a change. Besides it’s been long since I travelled by sea.” Sofia said. “I am kind of alone. Can I join you?”


“What kind of question is that? Of course you can join. I am also sort of alone.” Johanna said. “So how did you became aware that I am aboard this ship?”


“Well, I saw you when I climb aboard the ship. And my room is near yours.” Sofia said.


“So why now?” Johanna asked.


“You know, my job requires a lot of brain work and I had a shit load of things to complete. So I was very busy in front of my laptop but now I completed everything.” Sofia said.


“I see. So how is kids? Is it two or three?” Johanna asked.


“Actually two. And they are doing just fine.” Sofia said.


“How old are they?” Johanna asked.


“Andy is five and Lucy is ten.” Sofia said.


“Nice names.” Johanna said smiling.


“Thanks. My husband named them.” Sofia said smiling.


“Are they going in the same school that we studied?” Johanna asked.


“Yes.” Sofia said.


“I guess they are with your husband.” Johanna said.


“Yes and no. Andy is with my grandma.” Sofia said.


“Oh, I see.” Johanna said.


“So do you have any kids?” Sofia asked.


“Nope. I am not married.” Johanna said.


“No shit way, but you were with that Jake guy. We all thought you guys would be together.” Sofia said.


“Well he turned out to be a jerk. So I dumped him. Now I am sort of in another relationship.” Johanna said.


“What’s his name?” Sofia asked.


“Billy.” Johanna said.


“Nice name. So do you like him?” Sofia asked.


“Yes of course I like him. I actually can’t think of a day away from him. I am waiting for his move.” Johanna said.


“So is he in this ship?” Sofia asked.


“No. He will come after two days.” Johanna said.


“No wonder why you’re standing here alone.” Sofia said.


In the sky clouds gathered for a storm. With each passing second wind got colder and colder. Johanna and Sofia wrapped their hands across their chest to get more heat.


“It’s very cold.” Johanna said biting the air.


“Come on inside. Your drinks are on me.” Sofia said.


“Then lead the way mam.” Johanna said smiling.


Sofia smiled and she led Johanna inside the ship’s roof. Quickly the air got a little warmer. They slowly paced towards the bar.

Chapter 3 – Aaron

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


Aaron sprinkled dusted salt into the soup he is making and mixed it well using a table spoon. He then took a spoon full of soup and put it in his mouth.


“Yummy.” Aaron said himself.


“Aaron, is it ready? I have so many people waiting for that soup. You need to hurry up.” A blonde waitress yelled from behind the counter.


“It’s coming right up.” Aaron poured the soup inside a bowl and he placed the bowl on the counter.


Blonde waitress took the bowl of soup in her hands. “I need six more of those Aaron.” Then she left to serve.


“Coming right up.” Aaron said himself and he took six bowls from a nearby table and he poured soup in all of them and placed them on the counter.


“Jenny, will you look at my place. I am feeling cold and I need to smoke.” Aaron said to a young cook who is very busy cooking meat.


“You’re feeling cold in the kitchen?” Jenny asked while her one hand stirred a red sauce and other hand shifted the face of the meat.


“Yeah. Will you look out for me?” Aaron asked.


“Well five minutes at tops. Is that enough for you to smoke?” Jenny asked irritated.


“You have got a deal. You’re a life saver girl. I will cook dinner for you.” Aaron said.


“Whatever. Just be quick.” Jenny reminded Aaron.


Aaron quickly went outside and paced toward the upper level through the stairs on the back of the kitchen while lighting his tobacco roll. Aaron sucked in the smoke with a deep breath and released it through his nose. He finally reached the upper level and he watched the open ocean. He has been a cook for almost ten years now. He love his job and the money is good besides he gets to travel around the world. He has been in Harmony for five years now. Harmony is a middle level cruise ship and she is well known for her speed.


A cold wind howled past Aaron. There aren’t much people in this upper level mainly because of the cold wind. Aaron shivered and he rubbed his hands together watching the sky. It looks like sky has turned for a rain because rain clouds have gathered there and there. Even though sky is filled with rain clouds Aaron could see the moon faintly glowing behind a cloud.


He have seen many beautiful scenery such as this before. This is the main reason he loves travelling in the ship.


Aaron inhaled the smoke from the tobacco and released it through his nose and mouth. He love smoking in this cold weather although he has been diagnosed with cancer due to over smoking.


It was last year that he was diagnosed with cancer. Last year he went to hospital with a chest pain, then it was found out that cancerous cells were growing in his lungs at an alarming rate. Doctors advised him not to smoke. After cutting out the cancerous cells he stayed in hospital for one month. Then as usual he began smoking.


The chest pain again came but he is now switched to herbal medicines. With the invention of new herbal medicines doctors are promising that mild cancers will be cured within two or three years. Herbal medicines are very costly but Aaron have put all his faith in it.


Aaron took out the tobacco roll from his mouth and he threw it in the water and then he glanced at his watch.


“Oh shit. Ten minutes passed.” Aaron said himself with worry.


Aaron sprinted through the corridor towards the kitchen. Fortunate for him nothing bad happened.


“Where were you, you dump ass? How can you expect me to serve your dish, your dish, to the clients along with serving my dish?” Jenny asked angrily.


“It’s only five minutes dear. I promise it will not happen again.” Aaron smiled at Jenny.


Jenny quickly cooled down blushed. Aaron’s smile have a special effect on women. Whenever he smiles women blush around him. All the women want to eat him wholly, but Aaron is not into any girls except Jenny.


Aaron ignited his stove and started to stir the soup. He dropped spices and special mystery ingredients to the soup and stirred fast.


“Amber, how many more do I have to serve?” Aaron asked to the blonde waitress.


“Now ten more.” Amber said while taking the dishes from the counter to serve.


“What the?” Aaron muttered.


It’s actually very hard being a cook but once you mastered the job there is nothing easy like this.


Aaron took bowls from the shelf and poured soup in to them and he placed them on the counter.


“Jenny…” Aaron started.


“Don’t ask me to look at your place again.” Jenny said enraged.


“…Can you give me some spices? I am out of spices.” Aaron said.


Jenny quickly threw a bottle of spice in Aaron’s direction. Aaron quickly caught the bottle somehow.


“Careful dear.” Aaron said.


“You be careful.” Jenny said.


“Whatever.” Aaron continued stirring his soup.


In the kitchen light flickered.

Chapter 4 – Allen

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


Allen stood on the upper level of the ship near the front looking at the splashing of water when the ship steadily moves. Even though it is middle of the night light from the ship illuminated the ship’s surroundings.


In the sky clouds gathered there and there for a storm. Cold wind howled from there and there. Allen could see the faintly glowing moon and some stars in the sky in between clouds.




A thunder bolt raced through the sky.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Thunder bolts start to hit ocean water there and there followed by the ear breaking thunder. Allen quickly ran under a small sheeted roof which is balanced on four metal rods. This kind of sheeted roof is present in four places on the top level. Allen watched the sky and to his surprise he saw thunder bolts crawling through the sky like a snake.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Thunder bolts continued to hit the water and water vapour rose from the spots where thunder bolts had hit.


A moment later rain drops starts to fall from the skies. First it was just a few drops showering. As time passes on, the rain got stronger and stronger. Most people on the upper level are under the small sheeted roof. It isn’t common cruise ships carrying this kind of small roofed structure, without walls, on the top deck. Harmony is in fact a special ship in every way.


“Hey man, is it usual this kind of thunder in this time of the year?” A young man with a blonde woman in his side asked.


“I guess so. It is the rainy season. So you can expect a big storm.” Allen said.


“This is our first time in a ship. We came aboard as soon as we finished our marriage ceremony.” The young man said.


“Congratulations. And by the way this my first time in a ship too.” Allen said.


“How was your time in the ship?” The blonde asked.


“Not bad until of course this thunder and thunder bolts. I was terrified when I saw the thunder bolts hitting the water. Is it normal that thunder bolts hitting the water? I have seen thunder bolts crawling through the sky, but never like this.” Allen asked.


“Oh I have seen this numerous times. My house is near a lake and I have seen violent thunder bolts hitting the water and ground. It was said that if you got hit by the lightning really badly you could instantly turn into dust. The power of lightning is that immense” The young man said.


“That’s an interesting fact. I will try to stay away from lightning then.” Allen smiled.


The couple also smiled.


“It was nice talking to you. We are going to the bar. You could join us if you want, your drinks are on me.” The young man said.


“No, thanks for the offer. I was just there the past hour. It’s really loud in there, so I decides to come here for a change.” Allen said smiling.


“Okay. See you.” The couple left the scene smiling.


In fact the couple ran through the rain in their race to the bar.


Allen became lonely again. He watched the thunder bolts crawling through the clouds in the brilliant pink and blue colour.


Allen shivered and he wrapped his hands across his chest. A wind blew past Allen showering rain water in his face. Allen wiped away the water drops from his face using his hand.


Allen watched the rain drops making a bang sound on the metallic sheeted roof. On the ocean there and there waves formed and they violently hit the ship but the big ship stood unaffected by the raging ocean.


Allen stood in his position watching the rain for some time.


Looks like the rain is not going to end any time soon. Allen yawned. Now he really needs a sleep. Allen looked around him for an exit door and he found it in a corner. Allen quickly sprinted towards the door. By the time he reached near the exit door he became fully drenched in rain water.


Allen opened the exit door and entered in to a narrow corridor. He slowly walked through the corridor towards the bottom deck, to his room. A moment later light began to flicker.

Chapter 5 – Johanna

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


“So, you literally dumped him?” Sofia asked after swallowing a mouth full of liquor.


“Yeah. What else should I do when I saw him naked in bed, with another woman?” Johanna asked.


“Well the Jake I know won’t do that.” Sofia said.


“People do all sort of shitty things when no one is looking at them.” Johanna said.


“You have got a point there.” Sofia said.


“Of course there is. So how is your job?” Johanna asked.


“Well it is going smooth as far as I am concerned. The thing is in this job you have to work your brain very hard.” Sofia said.


Johanna sipped in her drink and emptied the glass.


“One more please.” Johanna said to the bartender.


Bartender, a blonde woman, poured liquor to Johanna’s glass. Johanna took the glass of drink and slowly drank.


“So do you wish to marry any time soon? I mean do you even like the idea of marrying and having children?” Sofia asked.


“I love children but as I said before Billy is not into a relationship as far as I know. I hope he will make up his mind soon.” Johanna said.


“Did you ask him about this?” Sofia asked.


“Nope.” Johanna said.


“Why? You said you can’t part with him even for a day. Then why don’t you propose him?” Sofia asked.


“I am not going to propose him. They are the one who should make the first move.” Johanna said.


“Well there is no strict rule for that. May be he is afraid to say it. I think you should make the first move.” Sofia said.


“You think so?” Johanna asked.


“Yeah. I mean you guys are very close. So why not?” Sofia asked.


“Okay, I will think about it.” Johanna said.


“Do think.” Sofia said. “So do you often travel by sea?” Sofia asked.


“Yes. I love travelling by sea. Mainly because of the pleasant view. And you don’t have to fear about falling down or crashing.” Johanna said.


“Ships sink you know.” Sofia said.


“Only if the ship is too old I guess.” Johanna said.


“Didn’t you saw the film Titanic? Ship need only an iceberg to sink.” Sofia said smiling.


“Now you’re a fan of movie?” Johanna asked.


“Well I saw a couple of movies when I am bored even though I am not a fan of movies.” Sofia said.


“Well good for you.” Johanna said.


Sofia laughed. “You know what, I miss these kind of moment lot.


“What kind of?” Johanna asked.


“This kind of. Our little talk and a little laugh. I really don’t remember when I had laughed like this before. Now my mind is really happy.” Sofia said.


“Are you saying that you don’t have friends where you’re working?” Johanna asked.


“I do have one or two but they always will be working. We don’t get spare time to talk like we are doing now.” Sofia said.


“That really sucks.” Johanna said.


“Yeah.” Sofia said.


“Oh I forgot. Can you give me your phone number?” Johanna asked.


“Yes of course.” Sofia said.


Johanna took her phone from her coat’s pocket and she pressed the power button. The phone quickly came alive.


“It’s six, seven, eight, nine, one, four, five, nine, four, and four.” Sofia said.


Johanna quickly typed in the numbers and she saved it as one of her contacts.


“I will call you in the night when you’re free.” Johanna said.


“Okay. Do call me. I am already feeing lonely in my home.” Sofia said.


“But what about your husband and kids? They must be relieving you from pain.” Johanna said.


“Of course they does, but you know how friendship is. I want to talk to others like you. That’s how I want to be happy.” Sofia said.


Johanna smiled and then yawned.


“It’s very loud in here and also I am feeling sleepy. I am going to bed. Are you coming with me?” Johanna emptied her glass and stood up.


“No. You go ahead. I am staying here a little longer.” Sofia said.


“Okay. Thanks for the drink and the talk.” Johanna smiled and slowly paced towards the door.


“Stay safe.” Sofia said smiling.


Johanna smiled and waved her hands then she left the bar.

Chapter 6 – Allen

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


At the time Allen reached the third level, light again began to flicker.


“What the hell!” Allen said himself.


Allen moved through the corridor in the flickering light. Allen haven’t covered much distance when all of a sudden the light went out. Allen staggered in the darkness. He finally got a grip on the wall. He took his phone from his coat pocket and pressed the power button but nothing happened.


“What the fuck. Battery is dead already?” Allen said himself.


Allen traced his hand along the wall and moved forward. Suddenly he tripped over something. He fell face hitting the floor.


“Fuck! What the hell was that?” Allen muttered.


Allen somehow regained his footing and stood up. A pain shot up through his head. Allen quickly massaged his head where he hit the floor but the pain still coursed through his forehead and face. Moving in the darkness is very dangerous.


“How on Earth did the ship lost power. I am gonna kill that captain if he don’t have a generator.” Allen muttered.


Allen stood there for a long time waiting for the light to come back.


“How long should I have to wait?” Allen mumbled


A moment later Allen started to move forward with his hand tracing the wall.


Then he saw a light coming from the far corner. Allen waited there for a moment. After about a minute a ship staff came with candle light.


“Sir, are you okay?” Male staff asked when he saw Allen trying to move along the wall.


“Yes. I am fine. What the fuck happened to the lights?” Allen asked.


“We think the lightning storm fried our batteries.” The staff said.


“But you have some backup generator or something like that right?” Allen asked.


“I don’t know about the details of the ship much. Technicians are currently working on the power lines. You don’t have to worry. It will all come back to normal in a few minutes. Do you need a candle?” The staff asked.


“Yes, of course I need one.” Allen said.


The staff gave Allen a candle and Allen lighted the candle using the staff’s candle.


“Thanks.” Allen said.


“With pleasure sir. Just doing my job. Anyway sorry for your inconvenience.” The staff said and he walked away in the direction Allen have just came.


Allen slowly moved forward in the candle light. The corridor he is walking is very empty. Allen looked at his watch but sadly the watch needles aren’t moving and it had stopped at 11:30.


“What the hell happened to you?” Allen said himself knocking on the watch using his finger nail.


Allen moved on to the second level through the stairs and at the far corner of this level Allen could see few people discussing about the power outage.


“Hey man, where did you get a candle?” One of the men asked Allen.


“One of the staff gave me.” Allen said.


“Do you have any idea what happened to electricity?” One of the men asked.


“I don’t have a clue. The staff said lightning fried all the batteries.” Allen said.


“Oh shit.” Allen heard someone say.


“Is the storm that bad?” One of the men asked.


“I saw the storm from the upper level. It’s pretty bad. Thunder bolts are hitting the water frequently.” Allen said.


“Man, how about we go and watch it ourselves?” One of the men asked his companion.


The group of men nodded.


“Okay. Lightning is very bad. Don’t tell anybody I didn’t warn you.” Allen said.


The group of men laughed. They looked pissed off.


Allen smiled and slowly walked past the group of people and finally he reached his room on the bottom floor. Allen turned the knob and entered inside the room.


He fixed the candle on the table and he immediately took off his wet dress. He then wiped away all the water in his body using a towel and then he wore a new set of cloths and went straight for the bed.


“Ship usually won’t lose power like this. What the hell is happening?” Allen said himself. “May be ship doesn’t have any backup generators, it’s been too long since the light went out. Or did all the electric wirings had fried in the lightning?”


Allen blew out the candle light and closed his eyes. Sleep quickly took over him.

Chapter 7 – Johanna

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


The power went out at the time Johanna reached her room. She stumbled in the darkness and somehow she mustered balance and stood up leaning along a wall. It looks like the entire ship had lost electricity.


Johanna could hear people’s scream for light. A moment later she heard someone opening a door near Johanna’s room.


“Hello, is there anyone there?” Johanna called out.


“Yes. I am here.” A female voice echoed.


“Do you know what the hell happened to the light?” Johanna asked.


“If I knew I wouldn’t be outside.” The female voice said. “And also my phone is dead. I was chatting with my friend on Facebook. I swear it had full charge, but it just went dead as soon as the light went out.”


That’s when Johanna thought about her phone. She took the phone from her coat’s pocket and pressed the power button but the screen remained blank.


“I think my phone is also dead.” Johanna said.


“What the hell!” Johanna heard the woman say.


“Hey do you guys know what the fuck just happened to the electricity?” A male voice echoed.


Johanna shifted her head towards the origin of the male voice but saw no one due to the darkness.


“We don’t know.” Johanna said. “Is your phone working?”


“My phone just died. So is my watch and laptop.” The man said.


“What the fuck. Did all the electronic equipment just died?” Johanna asked.


“Looks that way.” The man said.


Suddenly a yellow light came from a corner. The light pushed back the darkness a bit. Johanna looked at the light with hope. A moment later a man came into view. He is wearing a black coat just like the ship’s staffs do. He must be a staff. In his hand is a lighted candle.


“Hello, do you guys need a candle?” The staff asked.


“Yes we need.” Johanna and her neighbours said in unison.


The staff came near Johanna. The candle light illuminated the whole corridor. Now Johanna could see the woman and the man clearly. The staff gave candles to Johanna and her neighbours. Johanna and the other two lighted their candle using the staff’s candle.


“Thanks man. Do you know what happened to the electricity?” Johanna’s male neighbour asked the staff.


“We don’t know much. We think the lightning fried everything.” The staff’ said. “I need to distribute this candle. So if you don’t mind I just have to leave.” The staff left the scene.


“Okay…” Johanna waved her hands and then she got inside her room.


Johanna closed the door behind her and suddenly all the noise people making just disappeared. She walked near the bed and she fixed the candle on the table and she yawned. She is really feeling sleepy now.


Sound of thunder shifted her gaze to the small round window. Johanna climbed on top of the bed and looked out through the window. It’s very dark outside but she can see lightning hitting the water outside. The purple and blue coloured lightning bolts are moving through the air at high velocity like a rain of fire.


Johanna shifted her gaze to her room. The small room had completely lit by the small candle light. She dropped to the bed and she allowed her head to rest on the pillow.


Then she blew out the candle and put on the blanket over her body. With the thoughts about Billy she closed her eyes.

Chapter 8 – Aaron

2026 June 29, Atlantic Ocean, Ship Harmony


“How are we supposed to cook in the dark?” Aaron asked.


“Don’t worry. Light will be back soon.” Jenny said.


Aaron and other cooks stood in the darkness waiting for the light to come back. They can hear the scream of customers. Customers are really pissed off. Most of them were in the middle of the eating when the light went out. It seems that whole of the ship had lost power. Outside rain fell heavily. Aaron could see the lightning, hitting the water, through the small windows on the walls.


A moment later Amber came inside the kitchen with handful of candles. She lighted the candles and fixed them all across the kitchen. Another staff fixed candles across the dining room.


“Come on hurry up with the dishes. We have to feed only a few more.” Amber said.


Aaron, Jenny and other cooks quickly got back to what they are cooking. Aaron started to pour soup in bowls. Amber quickly took the prepared dishes from the counter and served them across the dining room.


Aaron looked at his watch and it looks like his watch had stopped working at 11:30.


“Shit.” Aaron said himself. “Jenny, what time is it?”


Jenny looked at her watch but sadly her watch is also dead. “Mine is dead at 11:30.”


“What? Mine also died at 11:30. Does the lightning affect watches too?” Aaron asked.


“Not that I know of.” Jenny said.


Aaron and Jenny put their cooked meal on plates and bowls for about half an hour. The candles have done a great job in keeping the darkness at bay.


“Okay guys. We are finished for tonight. You can all return back to your rooms.” A tall man came inside the kitchen and announced.


“Thank god. Finally.” Aaron said himself.


Aaron quickly cleaned his station and after that he went outside the kitchen. He took a candle from the kitchen and he slowly paced towards his room in the candle light. On the way he saw Jenny starting to enter her room.


“Hey Jenny, do you need a mate to sleep with you tonight?” Aaron asked smiling.


“You wish, dump ass.” Jenny muttered and went inside her room and she closed the door with a loud thud.


“There goes the friendly talk Aaron. Nice try.” Aaron said himself.


His room is near the kitchen so he quickly reached his room. Aaron turned the knob on the door and got inside his room. He fixed the candle on the table and immediately took off his cloths and took a towel from the shelf.


Aaron entered inside the shower room and took a quick shower. After that he wiped away the water using the towel and paced towards the bedroom. He put on a nice pair of sweat pant and shirt.


Aaron spotted his phone on the table and he took it and pressed its power button but no response.


“Forgot to charge I guess.” Aaron said himself.


Aaron felt really tired. He took his daily pill from the drawer and tossed one on to the back of his throat and he drank water from a bottle swallowing the pill. Every night he have to take his medication. It’s these pills that is now extending his life or he would had died already. He placed the phone on the table and blew out the candle light. He then lie down on the bed. With the thoughts about Jenny he closed his eyes. Aaron is onto Jenny for a while now but Jenny is not really onto him.

Chapter 9 – Allen

2026 June 30, Ship Harmony


Allen woke up with the sound of the ship hitting somewhere. The whole ship vibrated and the walls creaked. Allen sat up in the bed and looked around. Books on the shelf had fallen down and the table is misplaced and everything in his room seemed to be out of place. It is still night time, may be early in the morning. Looks like electricity is still out but everything inside the room is faintly visible because of the fluorescent material lining the wall.


Allen stood up and walked toward the silhouette of the door. Allen traced his hand along the door for the knob and he found it in the middle portion of the door. Allen turned the knob and peeked outside. The hallway is empty and unusually quiet.


Allen closed the door and went beside the small window. Outside darkness is still roaming. He saw nothing unusual through the window but the storm looks like had faded away. No sound of thunder and no lightning bolts. Everything is eerily quiet.


Did the ship actually hit land? Or did it hit some rocky area? But based on the sound he heard and the force he experienced it looked like the ship had fallen somewhere but the question is how is that even possible?


Allen immediately took off his cloths and put on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Then he took the candle from the table in his hands. He don’t have a match box to light it but there will be people with match box in this ship. Allen opened the door and went outside. He almost stumbled in the darkness but he got a grip on the wall.


Allen stood on the narrow hallway and thought which way lead to the second floor. He then decides to move in the path on the right side. Allen slowly moved forward with his one hand tracing through the wall. It seems that everyone is sleeping and no one seemed to have heard or experienced what Allen did when the ship hit somewhere.


At the time he reached the second level Allen saw a light coming from the dining room. Allen quickly followed the light and reached the dining room. He looked inside through the glass window on the dining room wall. It looks like there is someone inside who had lighted a candle. And Allen could see that this person inside the dining room is sitting in a chair, may be waiting for someone to show up.


Allen opened the door and got inside the dining room. The person looked in Allen’s direction and the person turned out to be a woman. Allen slowly walked toward the woman.


“Hello, did you happened to hear any sound such as the ship hitting somewhere?” Allen asked.


“In fact I was awaken by that sound. I strongly believe that the ship had hit somewhere. The whole ship vibrated at that instant.” The woman said.


“But based on what I have experienced the ship looks like had fallen somewhere.” Allen said.


“I was thinking the same but how is that even possible? We are in the middle of the ocean floating. How could the ship be fallen somewhere?” The woman asked.


“So what are you doing here? Are you waiting for someone?” Allen asked.


“No. I am alone. I did had a friend sleeping in a nearby room but her room turned out to be empty when I woke up. In fact the entire portion where I slept was empty. No people in the rooms. I decides to come here for a match box or a lighter to light my candle and thought that someone will be here. Then you came.” The woman said.


“What’s your name?” Allen asked.


“Johanna.” She said.


“I am Allen” Allen said.

Chapter 10 – Aaron

2026 June 30, Ship Harmony


Aaron was in the middle of the sleep when the ship hit somewhere. The whole ship vibrated and walls creaked. Aaron almost got thrown away from his bed. He immediately stood up and opened the room’s door and he peeked outside. The hallway is completely empty and quietness greeted him.


It’s still night time and everything is covered in darkness but Aaron could make out the form of things in his room faintly. He spotted the lighter on the table and with that he lighted the candle. The whole room immediately got illuminated by the light.


Aaron quickly changed his cloths and after that with the candle in his hand he went outside. On the way he checked his watch. That’s when he remembered that his watch had died long ago.


“Damn it.” Aaron muttered.


Aaron slowly opened the door and stepped in to the corridor. He then slowly paced in the direction of the kitchen. At the time he reached near the dining room he saw light coming from the dining room. He quickly reached there and opened the dining room door and he stepped inside. Aaron immediately saw two persons discussing on the far corner in the candle light. When he closed the door they looked at Aaron.


“Hey, do you guys know what the hell happened to the ship? I heard sounds of ship hitting somewhere.” Aaron slowly paced towards the two people.


“We don’t know what had happened. In fact we are here seeking answers.” The man said.


“What is your name?” Aaron asked.


“I am Allen and this is Johanna.” The man said.


“I am Aaron. Come on, we should go to the upper level and maybe we could go to captain’s room and ask him about this personally.” Aaron said.


“Okay.” Allen said.


The three of them slowly walked outside the dining room and they paced towards the upper level.


Finally they reached the upper level and are welcomed by people who were standing on the upper level in the candle light.


There are more than twenty people in this level. All are whispering each other. Aaron can’t make out what they are whispering but based on the sound most of them are in panic.


“Hello. Do you know what the hell happened?” Aaron asked a nearby man.


“Well the ship had stopped moving and we thinks that there is no water where the ship now stays.” The man said.


“What? How is that possible? Did we hit land?” Aaron asked.


Johanna and Allen looked at the man for answer.


“We think the ship hit the land. Come on I will show you.” The man led them to the edge of the ship with a candle. “Look closely.” The man dropped the lighted candle outside the ship.


Aaron, Johanna and Allen carefully looked. The candle hit the ground instead of water. A cold wind howled past them. Aaron looked at the land before him. They are supposedly on a beach.


“Did you ask the captain about this?” Aaron asked.


“For that captain is not home. In fact many people are missing. We checked most of the rooms but they all are empty and so is captain’s room.


People stared outside the ship. They could tell where they are only when the sun rises. Aaron looked at the starry sky and thought about what shit went wrong.


2026 June 30, Ship Harmony


The sun slowly rose from the horizon illuminating the land and the sky.


People on the top level of ship Harmony couldn’t believe what they are seeing. They are surrounded by desert, or is it under the water only that all the water had flowed away in to some unknown place? Or did continental drift happened in the middle of the night and water had flowed away sinking another part of land but it looks like sand is very dry because the wind whipped up sand in a distance. So it definitely is a desert but the question is how did they arrived here.


People couldn’t say what is true. They can see snow covered mountains miles away.


Aaron looked at the sky and he couldn’t just believe what he is seeing. Sky is pinkish and he can see stars.


People stood there staring at the desert land with questions and panic.


To be continued…


Episode 2

The Desert




The cruise ship Harmony started its journey to Haiti in the night on June 28 2026 from New York harbour. Ship was in its middle of the journey when a storm started in the night on June 29. Storm was very intense and supposedly the lightning in the middle of the night fried all the electronic equipment on board.


Allen a computer programmer, Johanna a chartered accountant and Aaron a cook woke up next day with the sound of ship hitting somewhere. On the top deck they saw fellow travellers sitting on the floor whispering each other. At that time ship’s surroundings was still in the hands of the night.


When the sun finally came up travellers found themselves stranded in the middle of a desert along with the ship.


2026 June 21, Unknown Location


Kevin woke up with the taste of sand in his mouth. He slowly opened his eyes and with the help of his hands he sat up. He looked at his lap and massaged the back of the head trying to process where he is. Then he looked around. To his surprise he found himself in the middle of a desert.


“What the hell! Where did all the water have gone to?” He asked himself.


His cloths are drenched in water but he couldn’t believe that he is in a desert. Did all the ocean water flowed away leaving this sandy land? Last thing he remember is that he was on water in the middle of the ocean at night. He remembered Tim and Thomas getting crushed by a fireball and he do remember the boat which sank in an instant after those fireballs collided with it but the real question is how did he ended up in this desert from the middle of the ocean?


This is surely a desert because whole sand is pretty dry. Then he remembered the blue light which attracted him. It is the blue light that caused him to end up here.


Kevin looked at the scorching sun. Again to his surprise, the sky is pink! Where on earth is he and where did the body of Tim and Thomas have gone to? Thinking about Tim and Thomas made his eye water. Tim was his only brother and Thomas was his uncle. Kevin suddenly had an urge to see his mother and father. They are all alone home.


“God, where am I?” Kevin asked.


Kevin looked around and found snowy mountain ranges about a mile away. If he stayed in the open for too long the sun will suck out all his juice. He need to find a human settlement and call his mother and father. He need to find civilization. The mountains are in front of him and his back side is filled with desert as far as his eye could see. His best bet to staying alive and finding a human settlement is toward the mountains.


Kevin thought for the possibilities of what might he would find in the mountains but if there are humans around here, they must be in a region around the mountains.


Finally Kevin made up his mind and started toward the mountains. He crested and climbed down sand dunes after sand dunes. He didn’t reached farther, may have passed about one or two kilometres, that’s when he heard a growl from his back side. Kevin stopped moving and looked back. Suddenly his legs shivered due to fear. About two or three dogs, or dog things, because these things are lot bigger than a regular dog, are running towards Kevin. Dogs are running with their mouth open showing sharp teeth. Kevin didn’t wait to think. He sprinted away from the dogs.


The dogs are so determined to capture him. Based on their looks they are not looking for a friend. They want to rip apart Kevin and eat him up. In a distance Kevin saw what looks like the wreckage of a small ship. Kevin ran at full speed towards the ship and he reached there just in time when the dogs almost caught him.


Kevin saw a man sized small hole in the ship and without thinking he crawled through the hole. He finally reached inside the ship. The ship is a wreck. No doubt about that.


Kevin could hear the desperate howl of the dog things outside. They are trying to claw at the ship’s wall but the steel wall stood intact. Kevin slowly walked through the wreck. It is very dark inside the ship but in the faint daylight Kevin paced towards the upper level of the ship.


What the hell is this ship doing in the middle of the desert? Kevin can’t think of a possible reason. His entire existence in this desert is questionable. All the cabins he had passed on his way to the top level is a wreck. Tables are upside down, framed pictures had fallen on the floor long time ago, totally a wreck.


In the nearby wall he saw a small window. He looked out through the window. The dogs are still there howling and growling. They really want to taste Kevin. A moment later the dog things ran away into the distance. That’s when Kevin breathed a sigh of relief.


Kevin looked at the sandy desert and thought where the fuck he is.

Chapter 1 – Allen

2026 June 30, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


“Aaron, Johanna, we should search captain’s cabin. There may be clues about where we are. They note down movement of ship frequently right?” Allen said.


“That’s a great idea. Besides these people don’t have any idea what to do.” Johanna said looking at the desperate expression of the people around her.


Nobody in fact have any idea what to do. They all are in the shock that somehow they teleported here in this scorching desert.


Aaron, Johanna, and Allen climbed the stairs to captain’s cabin and after they reached there Allen slowly opened the door and the three of them stepped inside the cabin. Cabin is very spacious and everything is in neat condition. Johanna and Aaron immediately begun their search. Allen walked around the room looking for anything good.


“Allen, look at this. A map on which they marked the progress of our journey.” Johanna said pointing to a map on the table.


Allen and Aaron immediately went near the map and started to look at the trail they had passed.


“They marked most of the places we had passed yesterday. We would have reached Haiti in one or two days.” Aaron said.


“What does this big circle indicates to?” Johanna asked pointing to a big red circle on the map.


“Is that what I think it is?” Aaron asked.


Allen tried to process all the information he had just seen. A little fear starts to crawl through his leg. “I guess so.”


“Guys, I don’t understand what you are thinking.” Johanna complained.


Allen cleared his throat. “According to this markings, yesterday we passed through the Bermuda triangle.”


“What?” Johanna asked.


“Look, there is a note captain wrote near the red circle.” Allen looked carefully at the map. “It says they lost power and all electronic equipment had knocked out just after entering the red circle. It is right in the middle of the Bermuda triangle.”


“What is this Bermuda triangle exactly?” Johanna asked.


“You haven’t heard about it?” Allen asked.


Johanna shook her head.


“Well it is a region in the Atlantic ocean where a number of ships and even aeroplanes had disappeared. Nobody heard from those disappeared ships and aeroplanes ever again. Some call it Devil’s triangle.” Allen said.


“What is the real reason for the disappearances?” Johanna asked.


“Well the government says there is a strong ocean current circulating through that region but the fact is according to government there is no Bermuda triangle. Some say there is alien activity while some other says that there is a strong magnetic field. Actually nobody knows the real reason. If you search it on the internet you will get thousands of results. It’s very mysterious.” Allen said.


“Well if it’s that big why government denies the existence of the triangle?” Johanna asked.


“That’s because a number of ship’s safely passed through that region.” Aaron said.


“Then why on Earth did we ended up in this place?” Johanna almost screamed.


Allen gulped a mouthful of saliva. “I personally think that there is a portal to another dimension in Bermuda triangle and it may be active occasionally.”


“Are you saying that we are on another world or may be on another planet?” Johanna asked.


This time Aaron stared at Allen for his answer.


“Well didn’t you saw the sky here? It’s pink and those snowy mountains are near this scorching desert. Both of these sightings are not seen on Earth.” Allen said. “So I think we are on another planet.”


“Oh, I want to go home.” Johanna began to cry like a child.


“Oh for god’s sake cut it out Johanna. You gain nothing by crying. Besides you’re not alone. There are forty people in this ship.” Allen said.


Aaron chuckled.


“Did you forgot? About sixty people had vanished in to thin air.” Johanna said in between hiccups. “Do you have any theories for that?”


Allen thought for a moment. “Actually I do have some theories for that.”


“And what would that might be?” Johanna asked.


“Firstly I think that all of those who are missing might be outside their rooms. The portal must have thrown them outside the ship or it might have teleported them somewhere else.” Allen said.


“I think my friend Sofia was in her room when she disappeared because I saw unfinished notes there.” Johanna said.


“Well that’s where my second theory comes. I think that this portal might had behaved differently to those who were sleeping and those who weren’t.” Allen said.


“Oh for god’s sake that’s the best thing you could come up with? It’s a bullshit.” Johanna said.


Aaron nodded.


“Well it’s just a theory. I am open to other suggestions.” Allen said.


Aaron went to a corner to analyse the room. Johanna stood there thinking for a best theory for the disappearances. Allen also stood there thinking.


“Guys you need to see this.” Aaron said pointing at a glass table on the far corner.


Allen and Johanna went near the table and looked. On top of the table is a compass and what peculiar about it is that its needle is rotating without pointing in any direction.


“What the fuck!” Allen said.

Chapter 2 – Aaron

2026 June 30, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


Aaron, Johanna and Allen exited the captain’s room and stood before the remaining passengers of ship Harmony. Most of the people are walking to and fro without knowing what to do. Some of the people stared at the long desert for some life form.


“People, may I have your attention please?” Aaron asked the people.


Everyone immediately shifted their gaze to Aaron, Johanna and Allen.


Aaron continued. “We have found clues about where we are.”


Everyone all at once said “Where are we?”


“We were searching captain’s room to find out where we are and we found this map there, on which captain marked all the places we had passed.” Aaron showed the map to everyone.


“And based on the markings yesterday at night we entered into…” Allen said pausing.


“Entered into where?” One of the men asked.


“Well we entered into the Bermuda triangle!” Johanna said.


“Are we on some island inside Bermuda triangle?” A woman’s voice echoed.


“Not like that. We think that Bermuda triangle is a portal to another dimension.” Allen said.


Everyone’s mouth dropped with fear and surprise.


“What do you mean by that? Are you saying that we are not on Earth?” One of the men asked.


“Well didn’t you watched the sky? Earth doesn’t have this kind of sky and what in the hell is that snow mountains doing near this scorching desert. Do you think this is present on Earth?” Aaron asked. “We are possibly in another dimension, or in another world.”


“What about the people who had disappeared?” A woman asked.


“We currently have no better suited theory for that but in the coming days we may have a theory for that. May be they had teleported to some place outside the ship and they may come back to this ship at some point.” Aaron said.


“Do you think our Government will send rescue?” One of the men asked.


“We will wait one week for that. Then we need to move from here. We can’t stay in this desert forever. There may be a portal in this world which can take us back to Earth.” Aaron said.


“Where do you propose we should go after one week?” One of the woman asked.


“We will go in the direction of the mountains. If there are any life forms down here, it will be in that direction.” Aaron said.


Everyone nodded. Everyone have taken this seriously now. People stopped worrying and began to search the ship for other survivors, if any left.


Aaron is the only cook left in the ship and others have vanished to somewhere. Aaron lighted a tobacco roll and started to smoke. Aaron smoke especially when he is afraid. He searched all the surrounding of kitchen and found no surviving fellow cooks. Aaron thought about Jenny. He was waiting to propose her. Aaron walked out of the kitchen to the upper level and from there he stared at the distant snow mountains. He hopes government would send rescue and they would end up here.

Chapter 3 – Johanna

2026 June 30, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


Johanna never felt panic like this before. If it isn’t for her job she never would have climbed aboard Harmony. She loves her job as chartered accountant and the money is good too.


She couldn’t think of a day away from Billy. He will not stop looking for Johanna no matter what. Billy worked hard on his transfer to Haiti so that he could see Johanna every day. Billy is a web designer for a respected company which have branches all over the world. In short Billy and Johanna made lot of money for their future use.


Billy would have proposed Johanna if this crap didn’t had happened or like Sofia said Johanna would have proposed him but now she got trapped in Bermuda triangle and she had teleported to another world with other thirty nine passengers.


What might had happened to other sixty people is a mystery. There is not even a slight sign that indicate their presence. Captain also is missing. If captain is here he would have known what to do in a situation like this.


Johanna slowly walked toward her room in the ship. On the way she got inside Sofia’s room. Sofia and Johanna were childhood friends. They grew up together in New York. Sofia was always the smartest and she won numerous prizes in sports, literature and on more other subjects. Of course Johanna wasn’t the not so smartest person. She also won numerous prizes in sports but Sofia was first in everything like an all-around cricket player.


Johanna stared at Sofia’s cloths which are all placed on the bed in a disorder. Johanna sat in Sofia’s bed and took one of Sofia’s dress in her hands. She suddenly felt envious. Sofia was always the smartest in picking beautiful dresses and most dresses were perfect fit for her. Johanna put back the dress on the bed and stood up. Sofia was in the middle of some work when she disappeared because there are unfinished notes on the note pad and the candle melted away since there were no one to blow out the candle light.


Johanna looked everywhere in the room for any sign that indicate that Sofia is alive somewhere but she found none. Johanna left Sofia’s room and paced to her room. After she reached her room she began to pack her essential things in a small back pack. You never know when you have to leave this place.


Once she finished packing Johanna left the room with her back pack and she slowly paced towards the upper deck. At the time she reached the upper level most people were discussing about their future plans and the debate on whether government would send rescue went on in another place.


By now everyone on Earth must have realized that the ship Harmony disappeared from the waters. They must be looking for Harmony but the question is would the search party get caught by the triangle and end up here?


Johanna hopes at least some people will end up here with a better plan to save Johanna and the rest of the survivors of Harmony.


Johanna tried to think this is all a dream but the truth is what she sees now is the very truth. Finally she told her mind that it’s very real. What will be waiting for the survivors in the land beyond the desert is still a mystery.


In the horizon sun slowly starts to disappear behind the mountains and darkness crept forward. Johanna hope they have enough candles to ride out the night.

Chapter 4 – Matthew

2026 July 1, Unknown Desert


Matthew woke up in the morning with a plan. He walked towards the kitchen where Aaron is making coffee for everyone. At the time he reached the dining room most people were finished their breakfast and they were all going to the top level to enjoy the desert scenery.


Matthew slowly walked inside the kitchen and spotted Aaron in a corner smoking.


“Aaron, I have something to say to everyone.” Matthew said.


Aaron looked in Matthew’s direction thinking something.


“What’s your name again?” Aaron asked.


“It’s Matthew.” Matthew said.


“And you said you have something to tell?” Aaron asked.


“Yes. I think it’s time for some of us to check out the mountains.” Matthew said.


“But we are waiting for the rescuers to arrive.” Aaron said.


“We are lucky if they got trapped in the triangle. We can’t wait for long. As you have said before there may be a portal back to Earth somewhere here. I am not telling you to go out there. I will go but I need a few companions. Will you tell this to everyone?” Matthew asked.


“Okay come on. And did you drink your coffee?” Aaron asked when starting to exit the kitchen.


“I can drink coffee later. First things first.” Matthew said.


“Are you sure you want to hurry?” Aaron asked.


“Yeah.” Matthew said.



“Then come on.” Aaron led Matthew outside the kitchen.


Matthew and Aaron slowly walked towards the upper level where everyone will be watching the desert scenery. Matthew didn’t try to speak on the way. They climbed a staircase and finally reached the upper deck.


The ship is actually leaning into a sand dune and most people are sitting on the inclined surface. People didn’t felt any strangeness even though they are sleeping and walking in an inclined surface.


After reaching the upper deck Aaron stood in an elevated platform and attracted everyone’s attention.


“Everyone, may I have your attention please?” Aaron asked.


Everyone looked in Aaron’s and Matthew’s direction.


“Matthew a fellow traveller here thinks that some us may want to check out the mountains. And he is ready to go out there any time from now on, but he need some companions. So is anybody ready to go with him?” Aaron asked.


Immediately two hands raised from the crowd.


“I will go.” Two of them said in unison.


“Okay what will be your names?” Aaron asked.


“I am James.” The first one said.


“I am John.” The second one said.


“Okay. So Matthew, are you satisfied with your new companions?” Aaron asked Matthew.


“Yes.” Matthew said.


“Do you have anything to say?” Aaron asked looking at Matthew.


Matthew first hesitated for a moment then he stood before the crowd.


“We will go today. We don’t know when we will reach the mountains but I am guessing we will reach there in the night. I am thinking about just searching some places in the mountains. Then we will come back here so that we could all prepare for the journey ahead. One way or the other we need to go out there.” Matthew said.


Everyone nodded.


“So John and James, pack essential things quickly. Also take food for one day.” Matthew said.


Aaron took Matthew’s hand in his and shook. “Good luck friend.”


“Well, I don’t believe in luck.” Matthew said.


“Then in that case, all the best. May the god look out for you guys.” Aaron said.


Matthew smiled. About half an hour later Matthew, John and James stood at the edge of the top level ready to go to the mountains.


Matthew turned back and looked at the fellow survivors. Everyone nodded at Matthew and his team. Matthew nodded back and he turned towards the desert.


Matthew and team slowly climbed down the ship through the metal rungs attached outside the ship like a ladder. A moment later their boots touched the soft sand and Matthew looked up and met rest of the survivor’s eyes.


“Be careful Matthew. And all the best.” Allen said.


Matthew and team waved their hands at the fellow survivors and then they started towards the mountains.


Mountains may be one or two miles away but Matthew can clearly see it as snow covered peaks. Below the mountains Matthew could make out the form of a snow covered valley. They don’t know how come the mountain came to support snow near this scorching desert but soon they will find out.


Matthew and team crested sand dunes after sand dunes. Still no sign of life. The sun’s rays are very hot almost burning the humans’ skins. Matthew and team covered their faces with additional clothing to save their head from dehydration. In a desert one always must fear is dehydration. Water will excessively loose from the body as sweat so one must always hydrate themselves or fatality will be the outcome.


Matthew, John and James took five bottles of water bottles each from the ship and they drank water frequently to prevent dehydration. So far none of them spoke.


Finally James opened his mouth. “Do you think there is a portal back to Earth?”


“I don’t know but I hope there will be one.” Matthew said.


They all crested another Sand dune and from the top of the sand dune they saw the remains of an aeroplane in the distance. Matthew and team walked towards the aeroplane.


Suddenly a screech came from their right direction. Matthew and team froze. They looked at their right. It looks like some kind of dogs are running at them.


A moment later dogs’ shapes became clearly visible. They are lot bigger than regular dogs and their mouths are opened wide showing teeth. There is a bunch of them. It is clear that what they want is human flesh.


Without thinking twice Matthew and team sprinted towards the aeroplane. When they reached near the aeroplane the three of them climbed inside the wreckage through a small hole on the bottom of the plane and they looked at their pursuers.


Dogs collide with the metal and stopped. They growled making the humans to close their ears using their hands.


Dogs tried to claw their way through the metal but the rusted metal stood intact. Matthew and team panted. Then the dogs made an ear breaking screech and ran away in to the distance.


“What the hell are they?” James asked.


“I don’t know but one thing is certain, they want to eat us!” Matthew said. “We will wait until noon. Then we will continue towards the mountains.”


James and John nodded.


Matthew looked at the mountains through a tiny hole in the wreckage. They have to reach the mountains before night fall and should find shelter or those dogs will return for their meal.

Chapter 5 – Allen

2026 July 1, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


“Everyone we need to talk about the food.” Allen said to everyone.


Everyone shifted their gaze to Allen and Aaron.


“I am the only cook remaining in this ship. And I can’t cook for everyone. The refrigerators are all down. So the food that are not preserved will go waste. We need to talk about this situation.” Aaron said.


“Well we can come in the kitchen and help you cook.” One of the men said.


“That’s really good of you but the thing we really want to talk about is the way we eat the food.” Allen said.


“Are you saying that we should change the way we eat food like replacing the fork by hand.” One of the men said laughing.


Allen chuckled.


These idiots don’t have clue about how to survive.


“Well not like that. We need to think about conserving the food. Remember, we don’t have an unlimited supply of food. So we need to eat food that should be cooked and the food that isn’t preserved, first. There aren’t lot of canned goods but they may last up to three weeks if we conserved very good. Also canned goods have a long shelf life. In order to stop wasting food no one should eat canned goods until a notice came.” Allen said.


“But I want to eat the food I love.” A young man said.


Most of the people nodded.


These are complete morons.


“Well the thing is you’re still not believing that we are trapped in this place and nobody is going to come to help us…” Aaron forced to cut short.


“Well what if the people searching for us get caught in that portal. They might help us, right?” One of the men asked.


“You idiots, even if they come they will become trapped in here. There may be a portal back to Earth somewhere but we need to find it and it won’t be easy.” Allen said.


“What our point is if you want to survive, you need to preserve food like you have never done before. We can eat canned goods after the food that should be cooked are expended because they may get bad over time since the refrigerators are down.” Aaron said.


“We guess you understood we talked about?” Allen asked.


Everyone nodded in agreement.


“And the next thing we need to talk about is the coming days.” Allen said. “We need to be prepared to move because it may happen very unexpectedly. Everyone pack their necessary things and some canned goods on a small back pack. We will give canned goods from the freezer. If it is packed already we can all move towards the mountains very fast.”


“What if there are predators out there. We don’t know anything about this place. I don’t want to die down here.” A young kid said.


At least someone is making sense.


“In that case we need to be armed and ready. We can take knifes from the kitchen.” Allen said.


“How many kids we have here? Is it three or four?” Aaron asked.


“Five.” A kid said.


“Okay I want all the kids with adults. Kids are not allowed to wander away from us under no circumstances.” Aaron said.


“Oh please!” A kid mumbled.


It looks like all the kids lack their parents and the interesting thing is that they are happy for it. Only god can tell what will happen in the coming days.


“And that’s all. Enjoy your time.” Allen said.


Allen and Aaron went near Johanna who was watching them very closely from a corner.


“That was an excellent speech.” Johanna said.


“These people actually don’t have a clue about survival. May be we are the only ones that know a little about it. We need to keep everyone together and we should watch them closely. They could easily get lost here.” Allen said.


“I love to play super girl.” Johanna said laughing.


“Johanna, this is serious. For all we know we might have to save ourselves. Nobody is going to come here to help us.” Allen said.


Aaron nodded.


“I am just joking. What is it that you want me to do?” Johanna asked.


“I will tell you tomorrow after we develop a plan.” Allen said looking at Aaron. “Also we need to wait for Matthew and his team to get back here.”


“I think the three of us should plan this together.” Johanna said.


Aaron nodded.


“Okay, we will plan this together tonight.” Allen said.

Chapter 6 – Matthew

2026 July 1, Unknown Desert


Matthew and team waited hours in that aeroplane wreckage for the sun to move. Finally sun moved to its highest position indicating it is noon.


“I think we need to arm ourselves.” John said. “Those dogs may return.”


“Okay. Look for anything useful.” Matthew said and he began to search for a weapon in the pile of crap metal.


Finally the three of them got hold of long metal rods.


“This might be enough.” Matthew said.


John and James nodded.


They slowly exited the wreckage and again got back to the desert. Sun is super-hot almost burning the humans’ skin. A moment later they started towards the mountains which can be seen more clearly now.


Moving in the loose sand is very difficult. Don’t have to say the temperature of the sand.


On the way they stopped several times to drink water. Then they moved on. They were about half a kilometre away from the snow line when they heard the growl. It was very sharp almost piercing their ears. Matthew and team stopped and turned back. To their surprise there are about ten dog things all running towards them.


Matthew and team bolted into a run. Dogs are howling all the way. The evening sun reduced its rays’ intensity a little.


Suddenly a dog jumped on top of John. John fell down with the dog on his back. The dog bit on to John’s back pack and it shook its head and it threw John to a distance. Matthew and James stopped running and rushed towards John with their metal rods putting forward like a spear.


James helped John regain his footing. John finally stood up putting forward his metal rod at the dogs. All dogs stopped running and they slowly approached Matthew and team growling all the way. Matthew, James and John slowly moved backward.


Dogs screeched and one of the dog jumped at Matthew, but he blocked the dog’s attack using his metal rod. The enormous thing almost threw Matthew backward. Matthew quickly somehow regained his footing.


Matthew and team slowly walked backward and a moment later they passed the snowline. Dogs opened their mouth wide showing all the sharp teeth and they made an unholy growl. Matthew and team moved farther into the snow lands. And it looks like dogs had stopped moving. They are standing still outside the snowline in the desert land.


Matthew and team stopped moving and stared at the dogs. They thought they were imagining that dogs had stopped but then reality struck. Actually dogs had stopped moving. Dogs howled sharply. Based on their scream dogs didn’t like even a bit in the humans entering inside the snow lands.


“I think they don’t like the snow.” Matthew said.


“Yeah, it looks that way.” John said.


“Thank god.” James said.


Dogs made a sharp howl and then they all retreated back to the desert. Matthew, James and John sighed deeply. It is now that they are breathing clearly.


In the distance, from the mountain tops, darkness crept forward. Sun is slowly disappearing behind the mountains. It seems that sky in this areas is fully covered with snow clouds. May be that’s why the mountains came to support snow even though they are near the scorching desert.


“We need to find a shelter.” Matthew said.


“Look at that rocky area. There may be a way for us to spend the night there.” James said.


“Let’s check it out.” Matthew said.


They slowly moved to a rocky place which is in the corner of a hill. These areas are filled with big rocks. There are some snow covered trees there and there. Ground is wholly covered in snow.


Matthew and team stood at the entrance of a rocky cliff and stared at the narrow passage which leads to another part of the mountains. The cliff is right in between two mountains. Matthew, James and John slowly entered inside the cliff. Then they spotted a small cave on the right side of the cliff.


The cave is formed by three rocks. One rock on top of two other rocks. The centre roof rock is almost planar.


“This will be enough for us to spend the night.” Matthew said.


“Yeah. I will look for some dry wood to burn, you guys make the place more comfortable.” John said.


“Okay.” Matthew and James entered inside the cave and started their job of clearing the snow from the floor.


John walked towards the trees to collect dry wood. A moment later John returned back to the cave with a bunch of dry wood. He made two more trips and both times he came back with more dry wood.


Darkness slowly conquered the land. Matthew made a fire in the entrance of the cave with the match box they had taken from the ship. They cooked slices of meat in the fire and filled their stomach. After that they lie down on the floor beside the fire. Sleep slowly took over them.

Chapter 7 – Johanna

2026 July 2, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


Johanna sat down on a chair near a table. In front of her on the table there is fried chicken in a red plate. Allen and Aaron are sitting around the table in front of their own fried chicken.


Allen is eating the chicken like he hadn’t ate anything for days. Allen took a chicken leg in his hand and he bit on the meaty part. His teeth ripped the cooked meat from the bones. Unlike Allen, Aaron is eating very slowly with a fork and knife. Johanna looked at Allen and Aaron and she start to eat her own fried chicken like Aaron is eating.


A moment later suddenly the table in front of them disappeared and so is the plateful of chicken. Johanna, Aaron and Allen looked at each other’s faces confused. Three of them are struck by panic. They stood up and examined the room around them for how the table disappeared. Nobody spoke a single word.


A moment later the walls of the rooms became replaced with darkness – a dark misty wall. Johanna went near a wall and touched the wall but her hands went straight through the wall like there is no wall. Darkness surrounded her hand. She looked at Aaron and Allen. Suddenly a dark form appeared behind Allen and Aaron. The dark form slowly approached them. Johanna saw the dark form clearly.


Johanna screamed to warn Allen and Aaron but no sounds escaped her mouth. Before she could ran near Allen and Aaron, the dark form caught Allen and Aaron in their head. And the dark thing dragged Allen and Aaron through the floor and it moved behind the wall. Aaron and Allen are not doing anything to stop the dark thing. It’s like they had been paralysed.


Fear shook Johanna in her core. No matter how hard she scream, no words are coming out of her mouth. Johanna touched her lips for finding out why the words aren’t escaping her mouth. There is nothing wrong with her lips, they are completely normal.


A moment later the floor she is standing disappeared. She fell through the darkness at high velocity. It took her a long time to reach the ground. She fell hard. Pain shot up through her chest. When she opened her eyes and stood up she found herself in a place surrounded by darkness. Nothing is visible apart from her body. Her body is clearly illuminated by some light, but she is surrounded by a thick dark mist. Johanna moved through the darkness with fear but she reached nowhere. A moment later a dark thing appeared out of the darkness and it opened its mouth showing dark teeth.


Johanna screamed at the top of her lungs and then she woke up in her bed panting.


“Stupid nightmare!” Johanna said herself.




Johanna took a quick bath and after putting on a white shirt and blue jeans she went to the dining hall for breakfast. At the time she reached the dining room she found the room completely empty. She went inside the kitchen and found Aaron sitting in a chair drinking coffee.


“Aaron, where is everybody? Am I late for the breakfast?” Johanna asked.


“No you’re not late for anything. Nobody is feeling well. I think they are all on the top deck watching the desert.” Aaron said.


“What happened? Why is it everyone not feeling well?” Johanna asked.


“Dreams! Nightmares!” Aaron said.


“What?” Johanna asked confused.


“Believe it or not, everyone is claiming that they all saw the same nightmare! And the thing is, they are losing their mind to this nightmare as soon as they close their eyes.” Aaron said.


“Did you saw the same nightmare?” Johanna asked.


“I did not saw anything. My slumber was peaceful.” Aaron said.


“What is it peculiar about this nightmare?” Johanna asked.


“Why? Did you saw any nightmare?” Aaron asked.


“Yeah. I did had a crap nightmare about being trapped in a place surrounded by thick dark mist.” Johanna said.


“That’s it. That’s the nightmare everyone is talking about. Did you felt anything weird if you close your eyes? Are you feeling tired?” Aaron asked.


“Nope. I am feeling extremely well apart from the sleepiness due to lack of coffee.” Johanna said.


“That’s good to hear.” Aaron said.


“Is Allen okay?” Johanna asked while pouring some coffee into a glass from a jug.


“He is okay. Like me he did not saw any dreams or nightmares.” Aaron said.


“Where is he?” Johanna asked after gulping a little coffee.


“He is in the upper deck I guess.” Aaron said.


“So do you have anything for me that can be used to fill my stomach?” Johanna asked.


“I have made soup. It is the one thing I am good at.” Aaron said. “You can find it in that big pot. Do you want me to get some?”


“No, I will get it.” Johanna said.


After the soup and coffee, Johanna and Aaron went to the upper deck. At the time they reached there most of the people were discussing about the nightmare. Some are staring at the sky and the distant desert.


Johanna and Aaron found Allen who was also watching the pink sky for any sign of escape route from this place.


Johanna and Aaron went near Allen smiling. Allen smiled back at them.


“I guess you didn’t had any nightmares.” Allen said to Johanna.


“I did saw a similar nightmare but I am feeling well.” Johanna said.


“What questions me is that why everyone had the same nightmare and why me and Aaron didn’t saw it?” Allen asked.


“I guess it is this shitty place. It’s trying to play tricks on us.” Johanna said.


“I guess you’re right.” Allen said.


The tree of them stared at the distant desert thinking about Matthew and team.

Chapter 8 – Allen

2026 July 2, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


Sun moved to its highest position in the sky.


“It’s time for us to check on Matthew and his team. They must have reached the mountains yesterday.” Allen said to Johanna and Aaron.


“Okay, I will announce this with everyone.” Aaron said.


Aaron and Johanna moved together to the elevated platform in the upper deck. They all have been in upper deck for like an eternity now. They all are waiting for someone to get trapped in the triangle and arrive here.


“Everyone, may I have your attention please?” Aaron asked.


Everyone all at once turned towards Aaron.


“As you know, Matthew haven’t returned yet. And we may need to search the surrounding of our ship for any living being.” Aaron said.


“We need to search very quickly too. You can’t stay under the sun for too long.” Johanna said.


Everyone nodded. Some of the people came forward for the new mission.


“Where do you want to search first?” One of the men asked.


“It will be lot easier if we split into groups and search around.” Aaron said. “Allen will lead you.”


“Okay.” The men said in unison.


A moment later Allen and ten of the men climbed down to the desert through the metal rungs attached outside the ship. Hot sand welcomed their leather boots. They immediately split into three groups and moved in three direction. Aaron and Johanna and rest of the survivors stayed in the ship watching Allen’s and his teams’ movements. Aaron is looking through a binocular that he took from Captain’s room.


Allen and four of the men moved forward in the direction of mountains. They haven’t gone much that’s when Aaron and Johanna screamed from the ship. Allen and team turned back and stared at the ship.


“What are they screaming at?” Allen asked.


“Come back…” Aaron yelled from the ship and Allen heard it clearly.


“Something is wrong. We need to return to the ship.” Allen said.


That’s when they heard a howl. Allen turned towards the mountains and the sight stirred the bile inside his stomach. There are dogs or dog things running at them at full speed. These things are lot bigger than a regular dog. Dogs have already set their goal on the humans on the ground.


“Run.” Allen yelled.


Allen and team sprinted towards the ship. Running in the loose sand is very difficult. At the time they reached near the ship the group that went in the ship’s east direction had returned. They are hurrying to climb the metal rungs. Allen climbed aboard the ship just in time when a scream broke out from behind him.


Allen looked below. There are ten dog things and they have surrounded the two men who went in ship’s west direction. Allen quickly took empty metal cans of cola from a corner and threw at the dogs hoping they would let the men go. Upon the metal can hitting the dogs, dogs screeched sharply.


One dog jumped on top of the tall man and it bit him in the head. His body wriggled then he ceased moving. The remaining man screamed at high pitch sound. But dogs showed no mercy. Another dog leapt on top of him pinning him to the ground. Then the dog bit him in the neck. Fresh blood sprayed out of his neck.


Aaron and rest of the survivors made lot of noise to scare the dogs away but the dogs stood straight. A moment later all the dogs ripped apart the men’s body and took a fair share with them. Some of the women on board the ship cried out loud.


Most women and men covered their mouth using their hand in horror. A moment later the dogs ran away into the distance with their share of flesh leaving the blood drenched sand behind.


Allen, Johanna and Aaron stared at the retreating dogs in horror.

Chapter 9 – Matthew

2026 July 2, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


Matthew, James and John spend half a day searching the mountains for anything good. In the extreme cold their faces reddened and bruises start to form. Then the noon came.


“Okay guys. It’s time for us to return to the ship.” Matthew said.


John and James nodded. They retraced their steps and entered into the scorching desert. Before moving on Matthew stared at the mountains for some time. Then a moment later they are back on track.


The noon sun is extremely hot and they had to drink water frequently to stop dehydration.


They walked most of the time and rested a little. Fortunate for Matthew and team there was no sign of the dog things. They tightened their grip on their metal rods.


The evening came and they still isn’t anywhere near Harmony. In the distant horizon darkness crept through the land.


The night air was much colder and they moved faster in the night. There is no moon for light but the desert land can be seen faintly. Sky is filled with stars of different colour.


“I swear we reached mountains pretty much faster yesterday. Why am I feeling we are nowhere near our ship even after evening?” John asked.


“I think it is this place. It is trying to trick us.” Matthew said.


Then they saw the ship. Matthew took a deep sigh.


Candle light can be seen in the upper deck where possibly survivors are gathering. Matthew and team ran rest of the way to the ship. Moments later they reached near the ship and they all panted heavily. Matthew led the way to the ship. They slowly climbed up through the metal rungs.


People on the upper deck immediately saw Matthew, James and John.


“Matthew?” A man asked.


“Yeah. We are back.” Matthew said.


A moment later the word spread through the ship like a wild fire.


“So how did you survived those dogs?” Allen asked Matthew.


“They don’t like snow. They didn’t dare touch us.” John said.


“So how was the mountains? Did you saw any humans?” Allen asked.


“Well as a matter of fact we did not see any living being. The only living being we saw was that hellish dogs on our way to the mountains. The real bad news is that the mountain weather is pretty much colder. We may need to take extra cloths if we are going out there.” Matthew said. The mountains are filled with snow and there are lot of fire wood.”


“Okay. We will decide about going there after one week. We have to wait, may be someone searching for us may end up here.” Aaron said.


“Okay then. We are really hungry.” Matthew said.


“There is fried chicken on the kitchen.” Aaron said.


“Okay, then we are going to the kitchen.” Matthew led James and John to the kitchen.


The ship fell in silence.

Chapter 10 – Aaron

2026 July 14, Unknown Desert, Ship Harmony


Aaron woke up in the early morning and made sure his back pack has all the necessary things he need. Earlier everyone decided to move to the mountains after one week but they all then rethought and decided to go after another week.


Most days were similar. Nothing bad happened but the dreams got shittier. Some people start to see nightmares as soon as they close their eyes – a form of hallucination. It is this place, it is trying to do all sort of nasty things to the survivors for an unknown purpose.


Aaron threw on the back pack on his shoulders and slowly paced towards the upper level where everyone is waiting. On the way Johanna joined him.


“So did you take all the necessary things like food and water?” Johanna asked.


“Yes. I have also took two extra cloths and a blanket. Matthew said the cold in the mountains is pretty worse.” Aaron said.


“Oh, I did took a blanket but it’s a little small.” Johanna said.


“Did you took any weapons?” Aaron asked.


“Yeah, a kitchen knife.” Johanna said smiling.


“I heard there are one end sharpened metal rods in the storage room on the upper deck. I am thinking about getting one.” Aaron said.


After about an hour or so later the survivors of ship Harmony stood in the upper level in line armed with metal rods and knifes.


A moment later one by one, the thirty eight survivors climbed down from the ship and landed on the sand. They all looked in the direction of mountains and they started walking.


2026 July 14, Unknown Desert


Survivors of ship harmony walked in a straight line towards the mountains. They crested and climbed down sand dunes one after another. Then they saw it.


A sand storm is approaching them from their east direction at full speed.


“Everyone cover your face using an extra cloth.” Allen yelled the command.


Everyone quickly obeyed Allen and they covered their face with a cloth piece. They slowly moved forward.


A moment later the sand storm hit them hard almost knocking them down. Survivors quickly regained their footing and they all slowly moved forward through the sand storm. Wind howled from there and there. Sand crystals brushed past the survivors at high speed.


Hours passed and the sand storm slowly moved away from them. Survivors are almost at the mountains.


Suddenly a group of howls came from their left and right direction. Dog things, lots of them! The dogs are running towards the survivors at full speed.


Without thinking survivors bolted into a run towards the mountains.


To be continued…


Episode 3

The Mountains




On June 30 2026, forty people of ship Harmony woke up in a new world. Survivors found out that they were trapped in another dimension where they arrived through the Bermuda triangle.


On July 1 2026 Matthew, a survivor and two other survivors went to the mountains for checking it out. On the way they encountered some type of dogs. Dogs tried to attack them but they somehow escaped from the dogs. Then they found out that the hellish dogs for some reason fear cold.


On July 2 2026 Allen and team went to the desert searching for any living beings and they encountered the hellish dogs. The dogs killed two people and they dragged the bodies with them.


On July 14 2026 survivors decides to abandon their ship and go to the mountains. Survivors where almost at the mountains when a pack of dog things ran at the survivors.


2026 June 22, Unknown Mountains


Kevin started walking towards the mountains first thing in the morning. Night inside the wreckage was not so good, he didn’t get a good night’s sleep.


After about an hour of walking through the scorching desert Kevin finally entered inside the snow line. A fresh wave of cold wind blew in Kevin’s direction. Kevin immediately began to shiver. His cloths are all dry after walking under the scorching sun but there is dampness left in his underwear. He began to scratch between his legs due to itching.


Kevin passed many snow covered trees on the way. The part of the mountain he is now walking is very rocky and the interesting thing is there is a narrow path in front of him which must had formed due to travelling of people or animals for a very long time.


Kevin stuck to the path in front of him and he slowly moved forward. He frequently rubbed his hands together to get warm. He know no way to make a fire without a match box or a lighter. He has no survival skills. All he know is that if he stick to the path he may eventually reach a human settlement.


A moment later snow started to fall from the sky. Sky is filled with clouds. After the long walk he saw that the path in front of him is winding along a small hill. Kevin moved forward without a second thought. He finally passed the hill and now reached a cliff. Now the path is along the edges of a cliff.


The coldness began to increase with each passing minute. Based on the position of the sun it is about noon. Sun of course can be seen dimly through the clouds. Then suddenly the path in front of him ended in the middle of the cliff. Kevin wrapped his hands around his chest and looked around. The path actually ended without a warning. Kevin then looked down.


To his relief he saw a small narrow staircase which leads down the cliff. Kevin slowly carefully climbed down. After the long descent he finally reached the ground. The ground here is of course filled with snow but it is more planar like it is created artificially.


Kevin moved forward. The path now leads through a tree filled area. Kevin entered inside the small tree land and walked forward. It is then he noticed his hands and legs, skin on them had reddened and there is bruises all over his skin but he is not feeling any tiredness. So he moved on.


A moment later he exited the tree land and to his surprise he saw tents all over the place in front of him.


“Thank god. Finally.” Kevin said himself.


Kevin rushed forward but sadly he saw no one. In fact there is no sign indicating human life. The tents must be built by humans but as he had seen, this place is a dead end. Kevin’s stomach began to growl as he is running on empty for one and a half a day now. In this state he survived the desert, that’s actually a miracle.


Thirst and hunger kicked in. Kevin searched all the tents. There are dozens of tents here alone and there are more on the farther side but his search ended in vain. Kevin decides to move forward. Before moving on he put on another pair of cloths that he found in a tent on top of his cloth to get more heat.


Kevin began to think that there must be someone watching him from the heavens because the path didn’t ended. It leads to another place. Kevin moved on.


A moment later he saw a melted glacier flowing in front of him. He immediately went near the glacier and put his hands inside the cold water. His hands seemed to have become numb but he didn’t care and he drank a handful of water. The cold water leaved a cold trail on his digestive tract as it entered inside his stomach. He felt refreshed.


Kevin slowly started to move forward. The path now is through a rocky surface under which the glacier is flowing. It is a miracle that his body is still in good shape after the long walk through the harsh weather.


Then he saw it. A big tower. It is about a few metres away. Kevin increased his speed. Now a little hope kindled in his mind. The tower is encircled with a small brick wall and the tower is also made up of bricks. Kevin entered inside the yard of the tower. And he saw just what he wanted. In a distance there are two men near a fire. They are cooking something.


“Hay, help!” Kevin called out.


It is actually a miracle that he can talk even though his tongue is a little numb.


The men turned towards Kevin and they stood up.


“What help do you need?” The tallest man asked laughing.


Kevin didn’t minded about why they are laughing. “I haven’t eaten anything for one day. And I need to go back to my home.”


“Oh…Poor kid. He want to go home.” The men start to laugh.


Now Kevin felt something weird. “Can you help me?” Kevin now felt a little tired.


Kevin’s skin had turned redder.


“Of course I will help you. Come here.” The tallest man approached Kevin.


The tall man wrapped his hands around Kevin and he hugged him. Then the man looked Kevin in the eye.


“I will help you.” The man said and he opened his mouth showing a set of sharp teeth.


The tall man held Kevin firm in his shoulders and he moved his mouth to Kevin’s neck.


“What are you doing?” Kevin demanded.


Suddenly the tall man dropped to the ground. Kevin almost screamed. Kevin looked at the dropped man. There is an arrow protruding from his mouth. Someone had shot the tall man in his mouth. The arrow went straight though his skull. Due to extreme coldness Kevin can’t process anything.


Kevin shifted his gaze from the limb body of the tall man to the short man standing by the fire. The short man opened his mouth showing sharp white teeth and screeched.


“What the hell?” Kevin asked himself.


Suddenly the shorter man also dropped to the ground. An arrow hit him in ear and it went straight through his skull.


Kevin heard a sound of footsteps approaching him. Kevin turned towards the origin of the sound and found a girl with a bow and arrows standing near the brick wall.


Kevin stared at the girl.


“Welcome to Gamorphia!” The girl said smiling.

Chapter 1 – Allen

2026 July 14, Unknown Mountains


“Run!” Allen yelled.


The thirty eight survivors ran at full speed towards the mountains. The hellish dogs are also running at full force for only one purpose – to kill and eat the surviving humans.


“Matthew, you better be right about the cold.” Allen clenched his jaw.


Matthew didn’t respond. They run with all their might through the loose sand.


“Ahh….” Someone screamed.


Allen glanced at his back and found one dog thing leapt on top of a man.


“Ahh…” Another scream.


Another dog leapt on top of another man.


Two down, thirty six to go.


Allen counted.


Survivors ran and ran and finally the snow line appeared in eyesight distance. Survivors increased their pace and within another moment they reached the snow line and the snow land. Dogs began to howl sharply.


Survivors gathered under a tree and panted. They watched the approaching beasts with tired eyes.


“Matthew you better be right.” Allen clenched his jaw.


“Oh I am right.” Matthew said.


Suddenly the dogs stopped outside the snowline. They are not pursuing the survivors anymore. Allen sighed deeply.


“See.” Matthew said.


The dogs growled from the desert and then with a sharp howl they retreated. On the way they ripped apart the fallen men’s body and they dragged the body along with them. Allen and the survivors said nothing. They stared at the retreating dogs with fear.


A wind howled and blew snow at the survivors. Survivors shifted their gaze to the sky and found clouds all over the sky. The evening sun had set in the horizon.


“Okay everyone. We will stay here in that rocky cliff, where Matthew stayed before, for tonight.” Allen said.


Everyone nodded.


“Also gather fire wood from those trees. We need lot of wood for the night. The night must be very colder.” Allen said.


Everyone nodded and started doing their job. People gathered dry sticks from around the trees and they carried the wood to the cliff on the far side of the mountain.


Hours later the survivors set up a fire near the cave and they gathered around the fire. They actually set up fire in three different locations. Darkness slowly crept through the land and within minutes the whole place other than that near the fire plunged in darkness.


People began to talk about their past lives and other incredible stories. Allen, Johanna, Aaron, Matthew, John and James cuddled in the ground near a fire.


“So you checked all this area?” Allen asked Matthew.


“We checked most of the places around this caves. There are lot of caves throughout this cliff on both sides but we didn’t wander too much since our time was very limited. We wanted to get back to the ship as fast as possible because of those dogs.” Matthew said.


“Then we need to search all around this place thoroughly for any sign of life. Our canned goods will last about one week. Then we need to find alternate sources of food fast.” Allen said.


“I am sure we will find something good at that time.” Allen said.


“I hope that too.” Allen said.


“Are you planning to go back to ship for checking out whether someone ended up here?” James asked.


“No. We are not going to go back. We will search around this place and if we find a good place we will stay there for a week or two, then we need to move again if we didn’t find a way back home.” Allen said.


“I don’t know about a portal back to Earth, but what if there is none?” John asked.


“Then we need to find a secure place and find a way to live here for the rest of our lives or we can jump from the top of those mountains hoping that it’s all a dream.” Allen said.


“Are you serious?” Johanna asked.


“I am dead serious Johanna. If we don’t find a portal back to Earth we will be stuck here forever. I can’t even think about it.” Allen said.


“Don’t worry Allen. There will be a portal back to Earth. There must be, right?” Matthew said.


Allen stared at the dark sky and thought about all the possibilities.


“I am going to lie down.” Allen said.


“Okay. Sleep tight.” Aaron said.


Aaron and Matthew continued their little conversation. Thinking about the days ahead Allen closed his eyes.

Chapter 2 – Johanna

2026 July 15, Unknown Mountains


Johanna woke up early and she starts to wander around the caves for something good. The fires are almost out. Most people are in the middle of their slumber and some had woke up and are cuddled around the fire.


A moment later Aaron also woke up and he joined Johanna.


“Come on we should search along the pathway.” Aaron said pointing at the long path that leads to deep inside the mountains.


“Okay, then lead the way.” Johanna said.


Johanna and Aaron slowly started towards the deep mountains.


“Look at this path. Someone must had went through here for a very long time.” Johanna said.


“Yeah but there are nobody living around here.” Aaron said.


“People of this place must have went through this path in this week or last week otherwise the path would have been covered in snow. Also this path is clearly visible.” Johanna said.


“You may be right. Let’s go deep into the mountains. May be we will find something good.” Aaron said.


Johanna and Aaron went deeper. A moment later snow began to fall from the sky. And a cold wind whipping up snow in its way blew in Johanna’s direction. Johanna and Aaron wrapped their hands around their chest shivering.


The path in front of them is winding along a hill. Johanna and Aaron followed the path. After passing the hill they reached a cliff. And they found the path along the cliff’s edges.


“Are we continuing this trek?” Johanna asked.


“Come on. It’s not even noon. Let’s find out where it leads to.” Aaron said.


“Okay.” Johanna said.


Johanna and Aaron moved through the edges of the cliff. After some time the path in front of them ended and the path now is through a stair which leads down the cliff.


“Are you sure it is safe to go down?” Johanna asked.


“I am pretty sure. Come on, we don’t want to waste time here.” Aaron said.


They slowly climbed down the stairs. The bottom of the cliff is pretty much planar and the path leads through a tree land. Trees are fully covered in snow. They walked forward. Then they saw it in the farther side after the tree land. Tents. Lots of them.


Aaron and Johanna rushed forward. Within the next minute they reached near the tents.


“Do you think it is human made?” Johanna asked.


“I am pretty sure they are human made alright. Let’s check it out.” Aaron said.


Aaron and Johanna searched all the tents for any human presence but they found none.


“It’s eerily quiet here.” Johanna said.


“You’re right. Humans or other living beings who stayed here had left this place long time ago.” Aaron said.


Johanna traced her hand through the cloth wall of a tent.


“These are high quality cloths.” Johanna said.


“Come on let’s get back to others. They need to see this. May be we can shift our camp to here.” Aaron said.


They slowly started their return journey. A moment later Johanna and Aaron increased their pace. By the time they reached near other survivors sun moved to its highest position though the sun’s rays wasn’t that warm. Johanna spotted Allen and Matthew discussing something. Johanna and Aaron rushed towards Allen.


“Allen you wouldn’t believe what we had found.” Johanna said.


“What did you found?” Allen asked.


Matthew looked at Johanna and Aaron.


“We found abandoned tents. Lots of tents.” Johanna said.


“Do you really think they are abandoned?” Allen asked with surprise.


Matthew also stared at Johanna with surprise.


“Yes. We can shift our camp to there. And there are lot of trees from which we can collect dry sticks for the fire.” Johanna said.


Allen immediately called everyone. “People, we are now going to move away from this place. Gather your things quick.”


People immediately started gathering their bags and weapons. A moment later they all paced through the narrow path. From a distant a wolf howled. Survivors moved forward.


After about an hour of walk they reached near the cliff. They all slowly climbed down and found the tents. People immediately began searching the tent. Sun slowly moved downward casting shadows all around the tents.

Chapter 3 – Aaron

2026 July 15, Unknown Mountains


“So, what do you think about the tents.” Aaron asked Allen.


“I don’t know…It must be human made.” Allen said.


Evening sun dimly glowed in the horizon. A cold wind howled from a distance.


“Come on let’s search around here for any sign about where the inhabitants had went to.” Aaron said.


Allen nodded. Allen and Aaron went a little deep into the mountains. Johanna and Matthew went in another way.


“This place is marvellous.” Aaron said.


“Yeah.” Allen said.


They walked towards a hill and from the top of the hill they looked down. They can see almost everywhere. Below there is a tree land and through the tree land a river is flowing at a moderate speed.


“There will not be any problem for water.” Aaron said.


“Yes. We can check it out tomorrow.” Allen said.


“Are you sure the food we took will last us one week?” Allen asked.


“Yes. I am pretty sure. After that we need to find other sources fast.” Aaron said.


“There must be some kind of animals here.” Allen said.


“Did you heard the howl of a wolf when we were coming to the tents?” Aaron asked.


“Yes.” Allen said.


“Wolf means, there must be a prey for them, right?” Aaron asked.


“We are prey for them in a manner of speaking.” Allen said.


“Well there must be some kind of other animal here. May be a deer. Will deer come in snowy places?” Aaron asked.


“I don’t know man. I hope they will come because I don’t want to be hungry after this week.” Allen said.


“Come on. Let’s get back to the tent.” Aaron said.


They walked back to the tent in silence. At the time they reached there Matthew and others had set up fire in three different places. In the horizon sun disappeared and the whole place plunged in darkness.


People already claimed most of the tents. All the five kids are staying inside one tent. Tents’ interior are all clean and warm even though they had been here for a very long time. Aaron showed everyone how to open a can and eat food but most people were already knew that.


Aaron, Allen, Johanna and Matthew cuddled around a fire and began telling stories. After some time, Aaron went to an empty tent near the fire and got inside. Tent’s floor is covered with cloths and there is a pillow and a blanket in a corner in clean condition.


Aaron lie down on the floor and he spread the blanket on top of him. That’s when Johanna came inside his tent.


“Aaron, can I sleep with you? I fear I will see nightmare if I am alone. I will lie down in a corner and I promise I will not disturb you.” Johanna said.


Aaron thought for a moment. His face suddenly became blushed.


“Okay. Suit yourself.” Aaron said.


“Thank you.” Johanna quickly placed her back pack in a corner and took the blanket from her bag.


She slowly lie down in a corner. Aaron slowly closed his eyes. A moment later Johanna too closed her eyes.

Chapter 4 – Allen

2026 July 16, Unknown Mountains


“Allen, wake up.” Johanna called out in the early morning.


It may be around seven O clock.


“What is it?” Allen asked still not completely awoken.


“You wouldn’t believe what the boys had found.” Johanna dragged Allen out of the tent and led him away from the camp.


It seems that Allen was the last one to wake up. Everybody had gone somewhere.


“I thought you were with us when we are leaving. And I realized after a long time that you’re still in the tent. I looked all over the tents for the right one. When did you went to sleep?” Johanna asked.


“I was a little late when going to sleep. And at the time I slept everyone was already in the middle of the slumber. You’re still not telling me what is going on. We are pretty much far away from our camp and this is a little deeper into the mountains.” Allen said.


“Just wait for some time at least till we are there?” Johanna said.


Johanna led Allen deeper into the mountains in to an area filled with trees.


“Till we are there? Where are you taking me?” Allen demanded.


“Just be patient Allen. Don’t be a jack ass. We are almost there.” Johanna said.


They entered into the forest and moved through the small trees.


“It’s about a kilometre away from our camp site.” Johanna said.


They finally exited the small forest and then they climbed a small hill. Then they saw it. It was marvellous. Allen’s jaw dropped almost instantly. In front of them lay rows and rows of houses.


“They are completely empty. No sign of the inhabitants.” Johanna said.


Survivors of Harmony are searching through the houses for any good news. But as far as Allen can see there is no good news. Allen saw Aaron and Matthew discussing something. Allen moved towards them.


“Allen, I see you’re awake.” Aaron said smiling.


“What are you guys discussing?” Allen asked.


“We are thinking about shifting our camp to here.” Aaron said.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea guys.” John came panting and said.


“Why?” Allen asked.


“There are blood marks all over some of the houses. And I just saw…” John paused thinking whether it’s a good idea to tell what he saw.


“You saw what?” Allen asked.


“A dead body. It is still decomposing. But it’s not smelling anything bad.” John said.


“Where did you saw?” Allen asked.


“Come on. I will show you.” John led them towards a house on the farther row.


There must be about a dozen houses here. John led them inside the house. At the time they were at the spot Johanna and the kids were there examining the body.


“Did you find anything good?” Allen asked Johanna.


“Well I can’t tell how he is dead, but there are two wide holes in his neck which is still visible.” Johanna crouched down near the body and pointed at the neck with her index finger. “See. It may be the reason he is dead. And the interesting thing is there is no blood mark on the floor though he must had lost a lot of blood.”


“And did you saw any dead bodies near the houses where blood marks had seen?” Allen asked.


“No. There are none.” Johanna said.


Allen started moving inside the house searching for anything good. Tables are neatly arranged and the kitchen is filled with bottled goods but they must had expired long ago. Allen didn’t bother touching anything.


“Our best bet to finding inhabitants is staying on that narrow path. They must have been using that path occasionally. And so far we haven’t seen any path that leads to here. So this place must be abandoned for a very long time and the body we just saw may be stopped decomposing fully due to the snow and his cold weather.” Allen said.


“You’re right. Let’s get back to our tents. It may be safer for us to stay there. Boys, don’t try to come here again okay.” Johanna said.


Boys nodded.


“Come on, it’s time for us to return. We can stay here in the mountains for some days. If any chance the inhabitants returned our best bet to seeing them is in that place near that pathway.” Allen said.


“Boys tell everyone to return to the camp site.” Johanna said.


Boys immediately ran out of the house to tell the news to everyone. After some time everyone started leaving the ghost village. They don’t know how or why this place had abandoned but it can’t be anything good.

Chapter 5 – Matthew

2026 July 25, Unknown Mountains


It is the 26th day since the ship Harmony got trapped in the Bermuda triangle. Matthew woke up early and starts to wander around the snow covered lands in search for something. The canned food lasted them much longer than they initially thought of.


Matthew collected small rocks from the ground and piled them near a tent and waited for something.


“Is it time?” Johanna came outside her tent and stood behind Matthew.


“Yes. They will come in any moment.” Matthew said.


Matthew and Johanna stared at a tree and waited. The tree they are staring at is appeared to be a nut tree. A moment later a pleasant screech came from the nearby trees. Matthew took a rock in his hands and stood firm ready to throw the rock at whatever thing that is making the sound.


A moment later the creature who is making the pleasant sound came in to view. It was squirrels, a pack of them.


“They are lot bigger than that we saw yesterday.” Matthew said.


“That means more meat.” Johanna said. “Yummy. I love it.”


A moment later Allen, Aaron and other few survivors came beside Matthew with rocks.


“Let’s find out who will catch more.” Aaron said.


“Guys, it’s not a competition and we don’t want to catch more than ten. These are lot bigger than that we caught yesterday.” Matthew said.


A squirrel came into view and it start to eat a nut sitting atop a branch. Matthew took aim and threw his stone. The rock glided through the air and hit the squirrel. A direct hit! The squirrel fell down from the tree and stayed limp.


A moment later stones showered on the nut tree and the motionless bodies of Squirrels fell down.


“That will be enough guys.” Matthew said.


Aaron, Allen and few other survivors ran near the nut tree and began collecting the dead squirrels. After the canned foods expended wholly, survivors began to eat the squirrels and they ate only one meal per day since the sources of food are very few.


Survivors after collecting the squirrels went near a big fire. Aaron starts to remove the skin of the squirrels. He is the only one who know how to remove the skin quickly. After cleaning the squirrels Aaron gave the finished product to Allen who attach the meat with a stick for later cooking. Other survivors do the cooking.


It will be around noon when everything will be finished. Then survivors will begin their feasting. It’s the only food they eat in the day. Water is plenty since they are near the melted glacier. Snow may fall during the day or night. The wind is very cold and survivors are in fact forced to wear more than two cloths one after other at the same time.


“Today’s meat have a little more taste.” Matthew said to Allen.


“Yeah. That’s because we were running empty yesterday.” Allen said smiling.


“Do you think we will get squirrels the whole week?” Matthew asked.


“I don’t know. Why?” Allen asked.


“I think we need to keep moving. It’s been two weeks since we are here in the mountains. We need to find out what lies beyond this mountains.” Matthew said.


“You’re right. We need to move. Some of us are saying that they have that horrible nightmare they saw when we were on the ship in that desert.” Allen said.


“Also it’s been two days since James and John left to check out that tower. We need to go there.” Matthew said.


“Yeah, but that place is full of wolves. We will check it out when we are going away from this place. James and John may had gone farther and who knows what they may have found. They may have ran in to the inhabitants.” Allen said.


“What if they are being held captive by the inhabitants? Did you remember the body we found in that ghostly village? Someone killed him. And what if the killers are still roaming here? We need to be careful.” Matthew said.


“Okay, then we will go to that tower today. Just you, me and Aaron.” Allen said.


“I am ready to go.” Aaron said.


“Then let’s go.” Matthew stood up.


Allen and Aaron hurriedly finished their meat. A moment later the three of them slowly started to pace through the snow covered path toward a mysterious tower which said be laying near the narrow path.

Chapter 6 – Aaron

2026 July 25, Unknown Mountains


Snow heavily fell from the sky like a rain. Cold wind howled from there and there. Aaron, Allen and Matthew slowly moved forward through the narrow path. No matter how strong the snow fall is, the narrow path is clearly visible like someone had cleared the snow from the path. It is actually mysterious.


Aaron looked at his hands and legs where bruises started to form. His face had reddened. Matthew’s ex-military build kept his skin strong. Aaron wondered how Matthew is keeping his pace through this harsh snow weather where Aaron and Allen almost crumbled due to tiredness and fatigue.


The three survivors finally climbed down a steep hill and reached the glacier. Then they saw it. Someone is lying near the glacier with his legs on the water. Aaron rushed forward toward the man. Aaron couldn’t believe what he is seeing. The man lying on the ground is John.


“What happened to him?” Matthew asked.


“He drank lot of water. Look at his belly.” Aaron said.


John’s belly had swollen like a pregnant woman’s and there is no pulse left in him. His skin had become pale.


“Look. There is wound in his neck.” Aaron said.


Allen and Matthew looked closely. There are in fact two small holes in his neck.


“He must had lost lot of blood. May be that’s why his skin is all pale.” Allen said.


“Should we bury him?” Aaron asked.


“With what? We don’t even have a shovel.” Matthew said.


“Within one or two days he will be covered in snow. So no need to worry about burying.” Allen said.


“Where is James have gone to?” Aaron asked.


“I told them numerous times not to go alone. They didn’t listen to me and look what happened. James must be dead too.” Allen said.


“Guys, the wound! The body we saw in that village also carried this kind of wound. Is it possible that someone killed John?” Aaron asked.


Allen and Matthew looked face to face. Their face is now covered with fear.


“You gain nothing by panicking. Let’s go to that tower and check it out.” Aaron said.


Allen and Matthew nodded. The three of them slowly walked forward through the path. The path is now through a rock through which the glacier had tunnelled.


“What I don’t understand is that, why wolves aren’t feasting on John’s body?” Aaron said.


“I had heard that some animals only eat what they had killed. The wolves in this place must be like that.” Allen said.


They climbed a hill and found the tower. Tower is very big and is in ruins. Then they saw it. There is a pack of wolves circling the tower. All wolves are howling and growling.


“It looks bad. Come on, let’s go back.” Aaron said.


“Right. We will go back, but sooner or later we have to go through this path.” Allen said.


“We will.” Matthew said.


The three of them quickened their return journey.


“Guys, keep the John’s death to yourselves. We don’t want to spread panic.” Aaron said.


Allen and Matthew nodded.


At the time they reached the camp, sun had set in the horizon and darkness slowly conquered the land.

Chapter 7 – Johanna

2026 July 26, Unknown Mountains


Johanna slowly opened her eyes. To her surprise she found herself in a grass land. The grass land is huge and it lays as far as her eyes could see.


In a distance deer grazed through the grass. Rabbits peeked out from their burrows. Birds chirped from the branches of the trees. There is in fact many kinds of birds on the trees with varying colours.


The grass land wholly is colourful.


“Where am I?” Johanna asked herself.


“Where is Allen and Aaron and other survivors?” She asked herself.


Johanna slowly walked forward. There is grass land on all her sides. She looked at the sun. Sun is in its highest position, so it is noon. And the sky is still in pink colour, so she is still at that horrific world.


Far away she saw a tower like the leaning tower of Pisa. It must be human made. Some part of the tower glistered in the sunlight, so the tower must have glass windows. Johanna moved towards the tower. If there are any humans in this place her best bet to finding them is toward that tower. And there must be humans.


No matter how hard she think, there is not a single thing in her mind about how she got here. Then it hit her.


“Is this a dream?”


Anyway Johanna continued her journey to the tower. On the way she saw a narrow stream flowing through the grassland. It’s actually marvellous and this must be a dream because this kind of place is only present in dreams. How can a place like this exist in this horrific world?


She hadn’t covered much distance when her stomach began to growl.


“Oh hell. I feel hungry.”


She looked around for something to eat. Then she found just what she want. A berry tree!


“Thank god.”


It is very big and its branches are all over the place creating a big shade. Johanna plucked berries from the branches and she put them straight in her mouth.




The blue berries tasted fantastic. After she extinguished her hunger she put some berries in her shirt and pants pockets. Then she continued her journey. The tower is clearly visible now. It is on the other side of a forest and she can see the windows of the tower clearly now.


Finally she entered inside the forest and she slowly moved forward. A moment later the foot of the tower came into view. She quickly exited the forest and to her surprise she saw people all around the tower. Everyone stared at Johanna.


“Please help.” She said.


“Oh I will help you dear.” A tall man said and he walked toward her.


When he reached near her he held her in her neck firmly. Then he slowly moved his mouth to her neck.


He breathed in her scent from her neck. Then he bit her in the neck. Pain coursed through her body. He then sucked blood from her neck. He sipped blood with all his might. Johanna felt her life trying to fly from her body. Then he stared at her showing the bloody teeth to her.


Johanna woke up in her tent panting.




Everybody except Johanna saw the shitty dream about some dark entity dragging them to a darker place. They began to see the dream immediately after they close their eyes even in the middle of the day like a hallucination. Everybody talked about their nightmare but Johanna kept her mouth shut.


As usual Matthew and some other boys caught squirrels and all the survivors feast on the squirrel meat at noon. Matthew, Allen and Aaron supplied drinking water from the glacier. Johanna told them many times to take her with them but they insisted that she should stay in the camp site.


Everybody is tired now, mostly due to the nightmare. They all stared at the sky and wished they were back on Earth.

Chapter 8 – Allen

2026 July 26, Unknown Mountains


In the evening Allen called everyone for a meeting. All survivors stood before Allen and Matthew.


From a distance darkness crept through the land. The sky is still filled with clouds.


“Dear survivors, as you know our dreams are getting shittier, most probably because of this place.” Allen said.


Everyone nodded.


“So it’s time for us to move on. We have spent about two weeks in this mountains.” Allen continued. “Our sources of food are dwindling. If you want to survive here you need to find alternate food sources fast. And so, we need to move.”


“Where will we go?” One of the men asked.


“I don’t know. We go where this path leads to. There must be a better place somewhere in this world. Also we need to find a portal that leads back to Earth.” Allen said.


Suddenly snow began to fall from the heavens.


“Look at the snow, people. We can’t stay here in this cold climate.” Allen said.


Everyone nodded.


“What if there is no portal back to Earth?” A woman Allen recognised as Clare asked.


“Well in that case as we have said before, we need to find a place to stay and we need to live there for the rest of our lives.” Allen said.


Everyone made a disappointed noise.


“People, this is our life now. So try to take part in the small things that we do. We will leave tomorrow first thing in the morning. There are wolves circling this region so we need to move fast. You all should take your weapons and fill your water bottles when we are near the glacier.” Allen said.


Everyone nodded.


“What about James and John? They are missing for the last two days.” One of the men asked.


Allen looked at the ground. Then he shifted his gaze toward the survivors. “They have made their decision two days ago and now their fate rests with them. They may have reached somewhere near a human settlement, or something might have happened to them. At this stage I can’t say anything. We are not going to wait for them. The sooner we leave this place the better it will be.”


“Okay, then prepare for leaving gentlemen.” Aaron said.


The crowd quickly thinned out leaving Aaron and Allen alone.

Chapter 9 – Jimmy

2026 July 26, Unknown Mountains


Jimmy slowly walked toward his tent after Allen’s speech about everyone leaving tomorrow. At the time he reached his tent all other kids were already inside. All kids had slept together throughout their time in this mountains. Their tent is a little big. Jimmy is the eldest kid and it’s his duty to watch over the other kids.


At the time Jimmy entered inside other kids were reading a book that they had read hundreds of times since they had trapped in this place.


“Guys, didn’t you have something else to read?” Jimmy asked.


“Actually we do have something else to read.” The only girl among the survivors, Audrey said.


“What is it?” Jimmy asked.


Audrey looked at the other boys’ face.


“Don’t look at us. You told him you have that book. And now show it to him. Jimmy, I told her not to take that book but she didn’t listen to me.” A young boy Jimmy knows as Charley said.


Jimmy looked at Audrey’s face.


“Okay…” Audrey took out a leather bound book that she hid in her waist band of her skirt.


“Is that what I think it is?” Jimmy asked.


“Well, I don’t know what you’re thinking.” Audrey said.


“Well is that the book we saw on that dead village?” Jimmy asked.


“Yes.” Audrey reluctantly said.


“There must be ghosts attached to it.” Jimmy said frightened.


“Ha, ha…Are you afraid big guy?” Audrey said laughing.


Other kids also laughed.


“I am not afraid.” Jimmy said mustering courage. “Why did you take that book Audrey?”


“Because we don’t have anything to read and I wanted to read it.” Audrey said.


“Then did you read any of it?” Jimmy asked.


“No. I thought it would be a great idea, all of us reading it together.” Audrey said.


“Well then read it already.” Jimmy said.


“Yeah read it Audrey.” Charley said.


“Okay.” Audrey lie down on the floor and she placed the book on the floor so that everybody can see it clearly.


All boys gathered around Audrey. Audrey slowly opened the book.


“It’s a journal written by one Mister Jacobson.” Audrey said.


“What’s a journal, Jimmy?” Charley asked.


“Well it’s more like a diary, Charley.” Jimmy said.


First page is where the author had written his name and address. Audrey read it aloud.


J.C. Jacobson


9th House

3456 78423


“Wolforia?” Jimmy asked.


“It must be what his place is called.” Audrey said.


Audrey slowly flipped through the pages. Next page was filled with a big map named Gamorphia.


“Gamorphia?” Jimmy asked.


“It must be what this whole world is called like we are calling our world as Earth.” Audrey said.


Audrey flipped that page and reached the empty place where the first entry should be present. She flipped through the pages. But everything was empty until she reached the date 2004 March 8.


She read it aloud.


2004 March 8 Monday


If you’re reading this, that means I am dead. I began this journal as soon as the invasion began. I included everything that had happened to our sweet little world Gamorphia.


I don’t know when they came to our world but they came to Wolforia today. I watched innocent people getting slaughtered. I watched those things killing children and woman alike. I call them the aliens because that’s what they are. They are tall and they have elongated head. Their ears are very big and pointy and they tower over their head. And most importantly they don’t wear cloths.


I watched them from inside my house. They didn’t try to get inside houses at first.


It all began when I was drinking my evening tea. I was alone in my home. All of a sudden I heard screams of people all around me. I immediately went near the window and looked outside. What I saw was unexplainable.


“We should show it to Miss Johanna.” Jimmy said.


“I don’t want to. If we give this to her we will not have any material to read. We can give it to her once we finish it.” Audrey said.


“Then go on.” Jimmy said.


Audrey continued reading.


As far as I saw they were everywhere. They are kind of sucking out blood from my fellow neighbours. They bite in the neck and they are holding the victim in that position for more time. So they must be sucking out blood. Also the victims’ body turned pale that only happen if you lost too much blood.


Within minutes my neighbours’ scream ceased and the neighbourhood fell in silence. Immediately I heard the sound of someone breaking inside houses. Quickly I hid under the bed. Thanks to god no one break inside my house. When the night fell, I came out of the protection of the bed and looked out through my window. In the faint candle powered street lights I saw blood splashed throughout the street. How that happened is a mystery.


The neighbourhood is extremely quiet. So the massacre for the day ended. They may be hiding behind trees or houses. So I kept silence and I hid under the bed and spend the night there. I slept less.


That day’s entry ended and Audrey flipped the page. But the candle have almost fully melted away.


“We will read the rest tomorrow. We don’t want to waste candles, we may need them in the future.” Jimmy said.


“Okay.” Audrey closed the journal and she tuck it in her waist band of her skirt.


Jimmy blew out the candle and the tent plunged in darkness. Jimmy peeked outside and found adults around the fire. He then closed the entry way and lie down. Other kids did the same. They all slowly closed their eyes.

Chapter 10 – Matthew

2026 July 27, Unknown Mountains


Matthew waited for the sun to break in the horizon and when it happened everyone gathered around him.


“Okay gentlemen, let’s move out.” Matthew said.


Kids walked just behind Matthew and Allen. Other survivors followed behind the kids. At the time they reached near the glacier snowing started. Most of them wrapped their arms around their chest to get warm.


John’s body was still there. People started to go near the body to check who it is, but Allen and Aaron insisted them to continue the journey and leave the dead body. Survivors reluctantly turned back from the dead body and kept moving forward.


Fortunate for the survivors no wolves came to bother them. After they passed the glacier they crested a hill and then they climbed down into a tree land. In a distance they can see a tower surrounded by trees. They slowly walked forward through the narrow path which is still visible even in the harsh snow fall.


They finally reached near the tower. The tower is entirely made of burned bricks and there is a small wall made of bricks encircling the tower. The path they are walking is directly through the yard of the tower.


“Everyone, wait here while me, Aaron and Allen look inside the tower.” Matthew said.


Everyone nodded.


Matthew, Aaron and Allen immediately climbed the small stairs and reached the ground floor. There is a narrow corridor running through the front entrance transversely. Aaron went in the left direction and Matthew and Allen went in the right direction. The tower have many rooms on the first level and none of the rooms have a door.


There are also small door less windows everywhere. On the far corner on both end of the corridor there are stairs to the First floor. Matthew and Allen climbed to first floor through the stairs on one end while Aaron climbed to first floor from other end. First floor is also similar to the ground floor but the rooms in this level is one or two less than that on the ground floor. The tower is in fact in the form of a cone whose pointy end had cut out.


Matthew, Allen and Aaron climbed through the stairs one floor after another and finally they reached twentieth floor. All floors are almost same but this floor only have one room. Matthew, Allen and Aaron slowly entered inside the room. Then they saw it. A man is lying in the corner. Matthew immediately recognised him.


“James, James.” Matthew shook James.


James suddenly started to wriggle violently.


“James, buddy, are you okay?” Allen asked.


Then they saw it. James’ eyes are opened wide but they are dark as night and James seemed to be trying to say something but no words escaped his mouth. His limbs looks like had paralysed.


Allen and Matthew quickly stepped back.


“We should get out of here.” Matthew insisted.


“What about him? He is alive man.” Aaron asked pointing at James.


“Look at him man. He is a dead weight. He is dead man in a manner of speaking.” Allen said.


“Well keep this to ourselves. Okay. We don’t want to spread panic.” Matthew said.


Without wasting any time Allen, Matthew and Aaron exited the tower. Aaron’s face is filled with worry and sadness.


A moment later survivors began their journey through the narrow path. Survivors asked about the tower but Matthew said the tower was empty.


In the sky sun moved to its highest position but because of the ever present clouds sun hardly warmed the survivors.


Sometime later survivors saw the first bird. Survivors jumped with joy. They must be near some better place. Then they saw it. Grassland as far as their eyes could see! Survivors ran towards the grass land with full of joy.


2026 July 27, Unknown Grassland


Survivors moved forward through the grass land. Then they saw it in the distance. A tower. It must be made by humans. It glistered in the sunlight.


“We will go in that direction.” Allen said pointing at the tower.


Everyone except Johanna nodded.


Allen looked at Johanna who had stopped moving. She is in a shock and her face is filled with panic.


“Are you coming?” Allen asked Johanna.


Aaron and Matthew also have stopped and looked at Johanna. Johanna stayed silent.


“Johanna?” Allen called.


Johanna slowly turned her eyes from ground to Allen.


“Are you coming?” Allen asked.


“I…I am not coming.” Johanna said.


“What?” Allen asked confused. “Why? We all are going in that direction.”


“Well yesterday I have a vision about this place. This exact place. Can you imagine that?” Johanna said. “And whatever thing waiting for us in that tower isn’t friendly.”


“How do you know there is someone waiting for us in that tower? We weren’t in this place before.” Allen asked.


“I said I have a vision about this place. And I saw this exact place and that tower in my dream. When I approached the tower someone grabbed me and bit me in my neck. I also saw humans in that place but they were not friendly.” Johanna said.


“Come on. It was just a stupid dream.” Allen said.


Survivors began to whisper


“Not a dream. A vision. I saw this place in…” Johanna was forced to cut short.


“You said it already. Where will you go?” Allen asked.


“I am going in that direction.” Johanna said pointing to the direction opposite to that of the tower.


“Well I am going toward the tower. You’re welcome to join me.” Allen said and he moved forward toward the tower.


Survivors followed Allen. Tears oozed down from Johanna’s eyes. Johanna stood there for some time. Then she turned back and slowly walked toward her own way.


A moment later Aaron and Matthew stopped moving with Allen and they turned back towards Johanna. They saw Johanna moving in her own way. They immediately ran towards Johanna and they walked with her side by side.


Allen glanced at Aaron and Matthew but he didn’t tried to stop them.




“Ahh…” Allen’s and fellow survivors scream cut through the air.


Johanna, Aaron and Matthew stopped moving and they walked back a little so that they can see Allen’s and the fellow survivors’ movement. It seems that Allen’s group had split up and they all are running in different direction.


“Run!” Johanna said.


Aaron, Matthew and Johanna bolted into a run in the direction they were walking.


To be continued…


Episode 4





Survivors finally reached the mountains. They found out that the hellish dogs don’t like cold. The cold storm was beyond bearable. They moved through the snowy land in search for a sanctuary. On the way they found premade tents lying abandoned. Survivors camped in the tent.


On their search for a way out they found a dead village right inside the mountains. The village was dead silent and there was a dead body in one of the houses. Also several houses carried blood marks. Survivors left the village for good and spent almost two weeks in their tents. They ate squirrel meat and drank water from a melted glacier.


During their last days in the mountains John and James set out on a journey to a tower in search for any good news and they went missing. On July 25 Allen, Matthew and Aaron went to search the tower. On the way near the glacier they found John’s dead body. Because of the presence of wolves they couldn’t get near to the tower.


On July 27 early in the morning survivors left the safety of the tents. On the way Allen, Aaron and Matthew searched the tower and on the top level of the tower they found paralysed body of James. His eyes were black as night and he was lying on the floor. Since he was a dead weight Matthew decided to leave James.


Finally survivors found a grass land. From there Johanna, Aaron and Matthew left the group and went in a different way and Allen and the rest of the survivors went in the direction of a tower they saw in the distance.


On the way Johanna and team heard the scream of Allen’s group. When they looked they saw Allen’s group running in different directions. Johanna and team bolted into a run.


2026 June 22, Unknown Mountains


The young woman led Kevin deep inside the mountains. Kevin followed her like a puppet.


“I am really hungry.” Kevin said.


“Here eat this.” The woman took a small package from her back pack and threw it towards Kevin.


Kevin caught the package and unwrapped the paper wrapping. He found sandwiches inside the small package and he ate it hungrily.


“I am Kevin.” Kevin put forward his hand.


But the woman didn’t accept his hand. She just looked at Kevin from head to toe and then she continued her walking.


“Well, I didn’t get your name.” Kevin said.


“Look Mister Kevin, we don’t have time to talk around. More of them will come at any moment.” The woman said angrily.


“Well how do you know they were bad people?” Kevin asked.


“What kind of question is that? You almost got yourself killed. They were going to suck out your blood. Thanks to me you still breathes.” The woman said. “Now shut your mouth and keep following me or get yourself killed.”


Kevin said nothing. He just followed her. They walked towards a thick forest covered by snow. Within moments they reached inside the forest. A wind howled past Kevin. Kevin shivered and he wrapped his hands around his chest.


“Where are you taking me?” Kevin asked.


“Somewhere safe.” She said lowering her voice.


“Well the men near that tower…Who were they?” Kevin asked.


“They are aliens. Very dangerous. You’re fortunate that only two of them were there. Usually a whole pack of them will be around that tower.” The woman said reluctantly.


“So where did that ocean go?” Kevin asked.


“What ocean?” The woman asked.


“Well the last thing I remember is I was in the ocean in a boat.” Kevin said.


“Oh that ocean. That ocean is in your world. In this world you have to travel many days to reach the ocean.” The girl said.


“Are you saying that I am not on Earth?” Kevin asked.


“You’re in planet Gamorphia. And you must have come through the Bermuda triangle.” The woman said.


“Holy shit…So Bermuda triangle does exist?” Kevin asked.


“Yes, but sadly the aliens destroyed the end of the Bermuda triangle in this planet. So now once you’re trapped in here you’re not going back. I heard that the aliens have their own portals to Earth but getting inside one is very difficult. They probably kill you on sight.” The woman said.


“Fuck…” Kevin mumbled. “So where exactly is this planet Gamorphia? Is this on another galaxy?” Kevin asked.


“As far as I know, this planet is in our solar system. And I heard the elders saying that planet Gamorphia is on planet Earth’s orbit.” The woman said.


“Holy cow. How is that even possible?” Kevin asked.


“I don’t know. I didn’t went to school, so my knowledge about such things is limited. Those alien scum bags destroyed our world, destroyed our future.” The woman said.


They moved deep inside the forest. Then she went in another direction where tall trees are growing. Here snow fall is unusually stronger. She suddenly crouched down under a tree and looked around. Kevin did the same.


“What are we looking for again?” Kevin asked.


“Just making sure those things aren’t following us.” Then she wiped away the snow under the tree using her hand.


A moment later her hand touched a metal surface. She then knocked on the metal surface in a special rhythm. Suddenly a crackling came from deep inside the ground. Kevin curiously stared at the white coloured metal surface. A moment later the metal surface parted away and a man’s head came out of the big manhole.


“Lucy? I thought you said you will be back in the evening. And who is this prick?” The man asked looking at Kevin.


“He is from Earth. Come on make way, I killed two of them. They may be following our trail.” Lucy said.


“Okay climb down.” The man climbed down through the ladder.


“After you.” Lucy said looking at Kevin.


“Okay.” Kevin slowly got inside the manhole and he climbed down.


Lucy immediately followed Kevin. As soon as she is inside the man hole, she closed the metal door and she dead bolted it. Quickly the whole tunnel plunged in darkness.


“Gary light please.” Lucy called out.


A moment later the man, Gary came with a candle lamp. Kevin looked around and found about three tunnels leading from his position.


“Where are we?” Kevin asked.


“You’re in the entry way to the last human city, Tunoria.” Lucy said. “Come on, I will show you.”


Lucy led Kevin through the central tunnel. Gary followed them behind. A moment later they stopped near a small elevated ground. Then he saw it below. It is a big cavern and there are houses made up of wood inside the cavern. There is in fact many houses. Children are playing in a distance. They all look happy.


“Welcome to Tunoria, the city under the ground.” Lucy said smiling.

Chapter 1 – Allen

2026 July 27, Unknown Grassland


Allen and team walked forward towards the tower. The sun is highest in the sky and the pink sky is filled with clouds of varying shapes. Deer grazed through the land and birds chirped from the trees. In a distance they saw a small stream running through the land. They ran towards the stream to taste the glassy water a bit.


Then they saw them. A group of people, humans, are by the stream drinking water. Allen could make out women and a kid among them. Allen and team walked forward. Jimmy and the fellow kids stayed in the back.


“Hello. Can you help us?” Allen asked to the men by the stream.


Allen could clearly saw them now. There is ten of them including the women and a boy. Allen’s group are in total joy. It’s been too long since they had seen a fellow human.


“I will help you dear.” A woman came forward with a crooked grin.


She stood beside Allen and she held Allen in his neck tightly.


“Is this how you welcome new people?” Allen asked with joy.


“Sort of.” The woman said.


Then it happened. The woman bit Allen in the neck. Allen immediately shook her away and held his hand on his wounded neck. Blood immediately pour out from his neck.


Suddenly all the people standing near the stream screeched at high pitch sound.


“What the hell?” Allen said.


Allen’s group did not wait for Allen’s orders they screamed and ran in different direction. Allen also did the same. The human things standing by the stream ran after them. That’s when Allen thought about the wound on John’s neck and on the dead body they had found in that dead village. These things are the one who killed them. They must had killed that entire village.


The pain coursed through Allen’s neck towards downward and upward. He felt his world thinning out. He staggered and fell down. His eyes blinked uncontrollably. He saw that the things have caught several of his friends and those things looks like are sucking blood from them. He felt his fingers going numb. A moment later he couldn’t feel his hands and legs.


The scream of fellow survivors filled the air. He should have listen to Johanna after all she was the first friend he got after Harmony got trapped in this hell. Allen had thought about the presence of a sanctuary here, but now all he see is hell. A burning sensation cursed through his head. Those things’ teeth must have a venom perhaps a neurotoxin.


He slowly opened his eyes wide. He saw Jimmy and other kids running into a forest. Some people run to the mountains from where they had come from. The human things restrained some survivors. His eyes again blinked and then closed. His world went blank.


A moment later Allen opened his eyes and felt someone lifting him. He couldn’t say who it is but someone did lifted him. He saw that the grasslands are moving backward, so definitely someone is carrying him to somewhere.


Allen can hear shouts and some foul language, but couldn’t make out who is making the sound. His world again went blank.




“Allen, wake up.” Someone called Allen.


Allen slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a white room and in front of him crouched on the floor is Johanna.


“I thought I lost you.” Johanna said.


“Where am I?” Allen asked.


“You’re in a safe place buddy.” Johanna said.


“I should have listen to you. Those things killed many of us.” Allen began to cry.


“Don’t be a little boy. You did what you thought right. No need to worry about it anymore. You’re safe now.” Johanna said.


“Where are others?” Allen asked.


“They are all safe, Allen. Stop worrying.” Johanna said.


“Ahh…” A pain cursed through Allen from his neck.


Allen touched the wounded part and when he looked at his hand he found it drenched in blood.


“That’s bad…” Allen’s world become blank again.


“Allen stay with me.” Allen felt Johanna’s hand patting his cheek.


Allen forced open his eyes. He found his world a blurry.


“Don’t sleep Allen. Stay with me.” Johanna’s voice reverberated through his ear.


“I feel numb.” Allen managed to say.


Allen again closed his eyes.


“Allen? Allen?” Allen felt Johanna’s fingers around his cheek.


Allen slowly opened his eyes. His eyes slowly adjusted and he found himself in a cage and most of his fellow survivors are around him. The person talked to him earlier was Lena, the youngest woman in their group.

Chapter 2 – Johanna

2026 July 27, Unknown Grassland


Johanna, Aaron and Matthew ran at full speed.


After a while they stopped running and panted. Johanna walked back a little and looked towards the tower. Johanna and team are in an elevated ground and they found themselves climbing a steep hill. Below they saw people fighting. They couldn’t make out the details because they are far away.


“What was that all about?” Finally Aaron asked.


“My guess is vampires.” Johanna said.


“Vampires? Then I am guessing werewolves.” Matthew said.


“Guys, I am being serious here. Yesterday I had a vision and in that vision I saw a man by that tower biting my neck possibly to drink blood. Also do you remember the dead body we saw on that village?” Johanna asked.


“Yes.” Aaron said.


“It has two holes in its neck. My best guess is that these vampires are behind it.” Johanna said.


“Holy shit. John’s body also carried this mark.” Matthew said.


“What? John is dead?” Johanna asked confused.


“Yeah. It was his body that you saw near that glacier.” Aaron said.


“Holy cow. What about James?” Johanna asked.


“We found him in that tower in the mountains on the top floor. He is also sort of dead.” Aaron said.


“Sort of?” Johanna asked.


“His body looked like have paralysed. His eyes were black as night. He is in short was a dead weight. So we left him.” Aaron said.


Johanna stared at Aaron.


“Don’t look at me. It was his idea.” Aaron said pointing at Matthew.


“Well you guys could have at least informed us about it. That way we all would have prepared. We would have a chance against them.” Tears prickled from Johanna’s eyes. “If you would have told us, I would have informed you about my vision so we could have escaped.”


“Well we did what we thought right. We can’t change the past, can we? Well at least we both believed in your vision.” Aaron said.


“Yeah. You saved us.” Matthew said soothing Johanna.


“Okay. We will move forward.” Johanna said.


“Lead the way mam.” Aaron said.


Johanna chuckled, wiping tears from her eyes using her hand.


They slowly moved forward. The land before them is full of grass and in the distance they could make out the form of a forest.


“At least you saw a good dream when we saw a load of shitty dreams.” Matthew said.


“Yeah, I totally agree.” Aaron said.


Sun slowly moved downward indicating the beginning of the evening. They slowly climbed down the hill and walked toward the forest. Their left side is filled with rocky hills and their right side is filled with the snowy mountains. So the only way is toward the forest or toward that hellish tower.


Sun slowly began to set in the horizon casting long shadows on the grassland. And they are still not near any sanctuary. It was night when they reached near the forest.


“What should we do?” Aaron asked.


“We will move forward until we see a promising place.” Johanna said.


Johanna took a candle from her back pack and she lighted it using a match box. In the candle light they moved inside the forest. The forest is filled with the sound of night. As far as they went they didn’t encountered any beasts but that doesn’t mean they are not present here. There must be creatures lurking in the dark. The very thought send a chill through Johanna’s spine.


Then they saw it in the faint light. There are buildings possibly houses right inside the forest. This is early night and they didn’t saw any lights. So it also must be a dead village.


“We will stay inside one of the houses.” Johanna said.


“Which one?” Matthew asked.


“The first one of course. We don’t want to stroll in the dark.” Johanna said.


They got inside the first house they saw through the broken door. Johanna fixed the candle on top of a table and examined the room.


The room is filled with dust and small vines had grown through the ceiling. They quickly took away cloths and other things from the floor and they cuddled on the now cleaned floor. They took blankets from their bag and they spread it on top of them.


“See you in the morning.” Johanna said and she lie down on the floor.


Johanna slowly closed her eyes. Aaron and Matthew did the same. The candle continued to light up the room.

Chapter 3 – Jimmy

2026 July 27, Unknown Grassland


Jimmy ran through the now darkness covered Grass land. Behind him Audrey and Charley followed. They stopped running when they couldn’t see no more. Audrey and Charley panted heavily.


“What should we do?” Audrey asked.


“I don’t know. I think there is a small forest in front of us. We could hide in there.” Jimmy said.


“Okay.” Charley said.


The three of them slowly moved forward. And some time later they reached inside a forest canopy. There is no sources of light here. Stars glistered in the sky and the sound of night surrounded them. Jimmy traced his hands around a tree trunk and slowly moved inside the forest. Audrey and Charley held the hem of Jimmy’s shirt and they followed Jimmy.


“I thing we are inside a jungle shrub. We can hide here.” Jimmy said.


They quickly cuddled behind the shrub and looked at the land far beyond. Of course nothing is visible but they looked anyway.


“I have candles and a match box inside my back pack. Should I lit one?” Audrey asked.


“No! We will stay in the dark. If we lit the candle they will find us quickly.” Jimmy said.


“I want to see my mom.” Charley began to cry.


“Hush Charley, they may hear.” Jimmy whispered.


“Who are they?” Audrey asked.


“My guess is they are the aliens about which we red last night.” Jimmy said.


“But according to the journal, aliens don’t wear cloths.” Audrey said.


“But they bit our friends’ neck like the aliens do. They must be sucking blood.” Jimmy said.


“For the first time I wish my parents were here. They would know what to do in a situation like this.” Audrey said.


“You’re wrong. Even your parents can’t do anything against them. Didn’t you saw how the adults ran when those things screeched? They didn’t even get a chance use their weapons.” Jimmy said.


“Guys be quite. I think I saw a light outside the forest.” Charley said wiping away the tears.


They stared at the grassland. Then they saw it. Someone is waking through the grassland in a candle light.


“Oh my god. It is definitely an alien.” Audrey began to cry.


“Stay quiet. I think they are not nocturnal.” Jimmy said.


They stayed quiet. The person walking in the candle light moved farther away from forest. Jimmy and team sighed deeply.


“Do you thing Ben and Lee are okay?” Audrey asked.


“I don’t know. Last time I saw them, they were running inside the mountains with a few adults.” Jimmy said.


“We should have listen to Miss Johanna.” Audrey said.


“Yeah.” Jimmy said.


“I want to sleep.” Charley whispered.


“You two go ahead and lie down. I am not sleeping and I will stay on guard.” Jimmy said.


“Thanks.” Charley said. He immediately lie down on the jungle grass. Audrey did the same.


Jimmy looked up at the sky and stared at a cluster of stars. It is very hard being courageous. Now Jimmy has to watch over these two little kids with his life.

Chapter 4 – Allen

2026 July 28, Unknown Grassland, the Tower


Allen slowly opened his eyes and found Lena and others sitting around him. Allen noticed that the cage is made up of metal rods and the cage is inside a white room.


“How long was I out?” Allen asked Lena.


“Half of the day I guess.” Lena said.


“Where are we?” Allen asked.


“We are inside that tower we saw from the grassland.” Lena said. “Your neck was pretty bad. You lost too much blood. It is actually a miracle that you still breathes.”


“Thanks for letting me know. So can we escape from here?” Allen asked.


“We are working on that. There are many human things out there.” Lena said.


“Human things?” Allen asked.


“Well, what else do we call them? They are definitely not humans.” Lena said.


“How about fucking vampires?” Allen asked.


“That suits well, but these pricks are not vampires even though they drink blood. As far as I have seen these things can’t see in the dark. They are using candle lights to move around in the night. Also I don’t think they can smell us because one of them almost untied me thinking that I am one of them. The only advantage they have got is speed and sharp teeth.” Lena said.


“That means we can escape from here easily.” Allen said.


“But I have said from my experience with one of them. Others may be clever.” Lena said.


“So, I see that there is only fifteen of us including me. Where are the rest of us?” Allen asked.


“They killed ten of us and others may have escaped. They killed woman and children alike.” Lena said.


Allen slowly stood up and looked outside. The room they are in lacks door and Allen could make out human forms strolling outside.


“Are they all vampires?” Allen asked.


“Yes.” Lena said.


Then Allen saw it. A creature walking upright with elongated head and long pointy ears.


“What the hell is that thing?” Allen asked pointing outside.


Lena looked outside and saw the creature. “I don’t know. I have never seen that thing before.”


“This is getting better and better.” Allen muttered.


“Did they gave us anything to eat?” Allen asked.


“No but we all are hungry. All we ate was that squirrel meat on yesterday morning.” Lena said.


“That means they are not thinking about keeping us alive. We need to escape from here.” Allen said. “I should have listen to Johanna.” Allen muttered.


Allen start to think of a way out of this mess alive. Then the brightest idea came to his mind.


“I have a plan.” Allen said.


Suddenly two human things came inside the room. They does look like humans. One of the thing opened the cage and caught a woman sitting on the floor by her hair. He dragged her out of the cage. She screamed at high pitch sound.


“Let her go you fucker.” Allen stormed at the human thing who is dragging the woman.


But then the human thing outside walked inside the cage and caught Allen in his neck and it lifted him in the air.


“I will tell you when your time comes prick.” The man holding Allen said.


Then the human thing threw Allen towards the people sitting in the floor. After a short flight Allen’s back hit the wall of the cage and he fell down.


“Ahh…” Allen bit his lips to control the coursing pain.


The human things closed the cage’s door and they dragged the woman to the yard of the tower.


“Please let me go. Please…I don’t want to die.” Allen heard the woman pleading for her life.


Then it happened. The man holding the woman threw her away and suddenly another man came out of nowhere and lifted her from the ground. The newcomer held the woman tightly in her neck and he sunk his teeth deeper in her neck. Within moments the woman’s scream ceased. And the man dropped the now paled woman.


“Fuckers.” Allen smashed his fist on the metal wall of the cage.

Chapter 5 – Matthew

2026 July 28, Unknown Forest Village


Matthew woke up early in the morning. Sunlight swept in through the windows. Birds chirped from the trees. The whole forest seemed to have awoken.


“Johanna? Aaron?” Matthew shook Johanna and Aaron.


Johanna and Aaron slowly opened their eyes.


“Finally morning.” Johanna said.


Matthew began to pace around the house. The house is a total wreck. In kitchen there is a broken table and most of the plates and cups are broken. Floors are filled with a thick layer of dust and there are vines there and there on the ceiling.


They finally exited the house they are in and they looked around. The view in front of them is much like that of the dead village they saw in the mountains.


“How old do you think this is?” Johanna asked Matthew.


“I can’t say. May be more than ten or twenty years.” Matthew said.


There are ten houses in this village and each are neatly arranged in the form of a matrix. Yard is filled with grass and other small jungle flora. And to the mysterious side of these lands there is a narrow muddy path going through the forest from the village.


“We will follow this path.” Johanna said.


Matthew and Aaron nodded.


They slowly started their journey to nowhere in particular. They don’t know where this path leads to. They don’t know the destination would be a promising one. One thing they do know is that this path leads to a place and that place probably was a human settlement. Then Matthew thought again.


“What if there are no humans in this place?” Matthew asked.


“That is not possible. Where do you find an apocalyptic tale that doesn’t include a survivor?” Johanna asked.


“What’s your point?” Matthew asked.


“Well Earth have billions of human population. So this place must had about millions. And there must be at least hundreds of survivors from all corners of the world, may be more.” Johanna said.


“And also what if these vampires are present only in a region? Tigers and deer live in a forest and tigers won’t kill all the deer at once. So what if there are humans in another part of this place living away from the vampires? Also if vampires killed all the humans how can they live here without human population?” Aaron said.


“That’s correct. So there must be human settlement here. All we have to do is find them.” Johanna said.


“But how are we supposed to distinguish them from normal humans?” Matthew asked.


“I don’t know. Only time can tell the answer. And most importantly our target is not humans.” Johanna reminded.


“Of course, it is the portal that leads to Earth.” Aaron said.


“Exactly.” Johanna said.


“I can’t wait to get back to my home.” Matthew said.


Johanna and Aaron smiled.


They slowly walked through the muddy path. A cold breeze flowed through the forest without making a sound. They moved deeper into the forest. Suddenly a monkey appeared on a tree. Then Johanna saw it.


“Fruits.” Johanna jumped with excitement.


Aaron and Matthew looked at the trees. Trees are seemed to be apple trees. Apples fell from the trees in the breeze. The three of them collected freshly fallen apples in their bags.


“It taste amazing.” Johanna said biting an apple.


“Yeah, it is better than the squirrel meat.” Matthew said.


They quickly filled their stomach with a few apples. After the feasting they sighed deeply.


After a while they continued their little journey. They saw apple trees occasionally. And most of the trees had monkeys in them. Monkeys are very silent and there aren’t any considerable difference from the monkeys seen on Earth. After all there is in fact a sanctuary in this world.

Chapter 6 – Johanna

2026 July 28, Unknown Town


Johanna, Matthew and Aaron walked through the path for what felt like an eternity. In the horizon sun slowly moved down. Evening is almost upon the land. They are still nowhere near a promising human settlement.


A moment later they exited the forest and reached on top of a big hill. Below they saw a large array of buildings, big ones. Each building must be twenty or thirty story high. They climbed down the hill and walked towards the town.


After some time they reached near the dark road that leads to the town. There is no board indicating the street name or the name of the town. This place seemed to be ancient. They slowly walked forward.


In the horizon sun is about to set. Johanna and team increased their pace. A moment later they reached near the first building. The building is very big and the glass windows are all broken.


“Should we spend the night in here?” Matthew asked.


“No. We will keep moving until the night is upon us.” Johanna said.


Aaron and Matthew nodded. They continued to move forward. It seems that there is no streets between buildings and all the buildings are on both sides of the street like a long array. There is not even a flex board anywhere. And also there are no vehicles. So these people may not have invented vehicles.


The night starts to creep through the land when they were in the middle of the town.


“We will stay in that one.” Johanna said pointing at a small building on the left side of the road.


Aaron and Matthew nodded. The door was unlocked so they easily got inside. Inside there are papers all over the floor. Johanna crouched down and took one paper and red.


“It seems that this is a small business building.” Johanna said.


“We can sleep on the top level.” Matthew said.


“Okay.” Johanna said.


They slowly moved up through the stairway. There seemed to be no electric bulbs so these people haven’t invented electricity, yet they have built magnificent buildings. The building is three story high and Johanna and team quickly reached the top level. There is a long corridor from the staircase and there are rooms on both sides.


Johanna picked a nearest room and they all got inside it. The window is broken and they can see that the night is upon them. In the sky stars aligned in different shapes. Johanna lit a candle and she fixed it on top of a table. The room is big enough for them to sleep and there is only a table and a chair inside the room.


“Are you sure those things won’t see the light?” Matthew asked.


“This window is in the back of the building. So no one on the road will see this light.” Johanna said.


“Then we can sleep now right? I am really tired.” Aaron asked.


“Yeah. I am going to lie down.” Johanna set her back pack in a corner and she lie down on the floor and spread her blanket on top of her.


Others did the same. Within minutes sleep took over them.




Johanna felt some kind of weight on top of her. And there is a wet sensation on her neck. She slowly opened her eyes and found someone licking her neck. She tried to move her hands but they were pinned down by the person’s hands.


Suddenly the person on top of her looked Johanna in the face. Then he opened his mouth showing white teeth. In the fading candle light Johanna could clearly see it. Johanna screamed at the top of her lungs. The man on top of her moved his mouth towards her neck to bite.




Someone smashed the chair on the man’s head. The man thing fell down a few feet away from Johanna’s feet. Then he stood up and screeched showing the sharp teeth.


“What the hell!” Aaron said.


It was Aaron who swung the chair at the man thing. Matthew quickly woke up and stood up blocking the door way. The man thing rushed at Matthew screeching all the way. Before he could reach near Matthew Aaron swung the chair at the man thing. Chair collided with the man thing’s head the he fell down.


Johanna quickly took her knife from her back pack and she threw it to Matthew. Matthew caught it firmly between his hands. The man thing is trying to regain his feet. Matthew without wasting any time rushed at the man thing and held the man thing’s head by its hair using his left hand and he drove the knife inside the man thing’s neck using his right hand. The man thing wriggled and dropped dead on the floor. Blood pour out of the thing’s neck uncontrollably.


“You okay.” Matthew asked Johanna.


“Yeah. He was licking my neck in preparation to suck out blood.” Johanna said.


“That’s creepy.” Aaron said.


They looked at the dead body of the vampire. His mouth is still open showing the white teeth.


In the horizon sunlight started to seep in to all corners of the land.


“Come on, let’s move out.” Johanna said.


Matthew and Aaron nodded. They put the blankets in their bags and ate an apple then they exited the building. In bright orange pink colour sun rose from the horizon. Johanna and team slowly moved through the dark road towards nowhere in particular.

Chapter 7 – Jimmy

2026 July 28, Unknown Forest


Jimmy, Audrey and Charley spent most of the day running through the forest. They ate apples that they got from the trees whole day. In the forest apple trees are abundant. In the evening they reached near the end of the forest and in front of them lay a wall of brown coloured mountains.


The forest they were walking is actually on the left side of the grassland.


“What do we do now?” Audrey asked.


“We will walk along this boulders and who knows, we may find a way out.” Jimmy said.


“Night is almost upon us. We need to reach a safe place fast.” Charley said.


“We will.” Jimmy reassured.


They walked along the forest line in search for a way out. When they got hungry they eat apples that they collected in their back packs.


The night is almost upon them and darkness crept through the forest. Then they saw it. A cave! It was right inside the mountain wall.


They got inside the cave and examined it.


“We will stay here for tonight.” Jimmy said.


“Okay. Can I light a candle now?” Audrey asked.


“Yes. Go ahead.” Jimmy said.


Within moments darkness covered the entire forest and the cave. Audrey finally found match box and candle inside her back pack and she lit one candle. She fixed the candle on top of a rock deep inside the cave. Cave quickly got lighten up by the candle light


Jimmy, Audrey and Charley sat around the candle light. Suddenly a rain started outside. Thunderbolts hit the forest several times closely followed by the ear breaking thunder. A wind howled past the cave splashing rain water inside the cave.


When the cold got stronger they took out their blankets from their back pack and they wrapped it around them.


“I have never seen thunder bolts like this before.” Charley said.


“Oh, I have seen this kind of storm several times.” Jimmy said.


“So any plan for tomorrow?” Audrey asked.


“I don’t have any plans. We aren’t even anywhere to plan things. We are fortunate if we ran into some humans tomorrow. And I hope those aliens won’t come anywhere near us.” Jimmy said.


“Oh, I am sure they are friendly.” A voice came from the entrance of the cave.


Jimmy, Audrey and Charley shivered with panic. They turned towards the entrance of the cave and saw a tall man in rain coat standing there. His face is hairy and his beard covered his entire neck.


“Don’t worry kids. I am just a wandering man looking for fresh blood.” The man smiled showing sharp stained teeth.


Jimmy and team backed away from the man with fear.


“Please don’t harm us.” Jimmy pleaded.


“Oh, I only need a little blood to extinguish my hunger.” The man said. “I have been wandering in this forest for two days now. Those nasty inhabitants are hiding under some rock. So who want to give the old man some blood?” The man again smiled.


“Please Mister.” Audrey began to cry.


“Mom…” Charley too began to cry.


“Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.” The man slowly approached the kids.


Suddenly the man dropped to the floor. An arrow protruded from his skull.


Audrey screamed at high pitch sound.


“Relax kids.” A woman’s voice echoed.


Audrey stopped screaming and looked at the entrance of the cave with fear. Jimmy and Charley also looked at the entrance with fear.


A woman came through the cave entrance. She too is in rain coat and in her hand is a large Bow.


The woman tuck away her hood. “Name is Lucy.” The woman said smiling.

Chapter 8 – Allen

2026 July 29, Unknown Grassland, the Tower


Allen woke up early in the morning with hunger. In fact everyone in the cage is hungry. It’s been two days since they had eaten anything. They haven’t even tasted water. Everyone is really tired. If the human things wanted hot blood they would have gave them food.


Then a human thing came with just that. He placed a bucket of water and a steel glass outside the cage.


“Drink humans. You need to be healthy, so that I can taste your healthy blood.” The human thing smiled showing the white sharp teeth and then he left.


Allen took a glass full of water through the gap between the metal rods and he drank. He sighed deeply and gave the glass to Lena. Within moments the survivors emptied the bucket.


“I have a plan guys.” Allen said.


“What is it?” Lena asked.


“I will tell you in the evening. We are going to escape in the night.” Allen assured.


Everyone nodded. They can’t wait to get out of here.

Chapter 9 – Aaron

2026 July 29, Unknown Town


“Yesterday’s rain was very strong.” Aaron said.


“Yeah.” Johanna said.


Matthew nodded.


It’s been hours since they have started walking from that small business building. There are puddles of rain water formed on the road there and there in the last night’s rain. Now the pink sky looks clearer and the sun can be seen at its highest position.


Aaron and team passed buildings after buildings. All buildings are eerily empty and the ancient place is dead silent. There are small jungle flora growing on the sides of the road and in front of the buildings since there were nobody to clean the town for many years.


Aaron took an apple from his back pack and started to eat. Johanna and Matthew did the same. After hours of journey they finally exited the town. Far away they could make out the form of a forest.


Then they saw a big river flowing through the right side of the road they are walking. The glassy water is a stunning scenery. Aaron and team walked towards the sandy bank. After reaching the bank, within minutes they filled their stomach with water. A moment later they continued their journey through the river bank.


If there are humans around here the best chance of seeing them is along the river bank because human civilizations are born around river banks.


Then all of a sudden Aaron saw it in the sky.


“Guys look at the sky.” Aaron said surprised.


Johanna and Matthew looked at the sky and they couldn’t believe what they are seeing. There is a big flying saucer moving through the sky in low altitude. It’s a little far from Aaron and team but they can clearly see it.


“A UFO?” Johanna asked.


“Looks like it. This place is keep getting better and better.” Matthew said.


“Look, it’s coming in our direction. Let’s hide in that forest.” Aaron said.


They quickly ran to the forest they saw in front of them. At the time they reached the forest the UFO flew low and searched the river using a blue light stream.


“Are they searching for us?” Johanna asked.


“How did they managed to saw us from that distance?” Aaron asked.


Suddenly the flying saucer landed on the river bank. Aaron and team could clearly see it now. The UFO is perfectly circular and it looks bigger. Then a door opened from the lower side of the UFO and two creatures with elongated head and pointy ears came out of it. Aaron and team stared at the creatures. Panic began to stir inside them.


“They must be aliens.” Aaron said.


“Aliens and vampires. This place surely is creepy.” Johanna said.


A moment later the aliens went near the road and they examined the surrounding. Then they returned to their ship. A moment later the space ship rose above the ground and with swoosh it flew away in to the distance.


“Are they from here or from another planet?” Aaron asked.


“Definitely not from around here.” Johanna said. “May be from one of the Spielberg films.”


“Now we need to be alerted. They could be anywhere.” Matthew said.


Aaron and Johanna nodded. They slowly continued their walk. There is a narrow path visible on the ground which leads through the forest. Aaron and team followed that path. They saw birds chirping and chimpanzees running through the trees. They also found apple trees here. Johanna and Matthew again filled their back pack with apples.


In the horizon sun began to set.


“We need to find a place to stay for the night.” Johanna said.


“Yeah. We will stick to that end of the forest.” Aaron said pointing towards a rocky place. “There may be a small cave.”


“Okay.” Johanna and Matthew said in unison.


They quickly walked towards the side of the forest where big boulders are piled up. Then they found just what they want, a small cave formed by three boulders.


Johanna quickly climbed into the cave and tested a sitting position.


“It’s perfect.” Johanna said.


A moment later darkness began to creep through the land. Aaron and Matthew quickly got inside the cave and they cuddled on the floor.


Johanna quickly start to light a candle.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Aaron said to Johanna. “Those things may see us easily.”


“Okay.” Johanna put back the candle on her back pack. “Sleep tight.” Johanna closed her eyes.


The entire forest and the small cave quickly plunged into darkness and sleep quickly took over the three survivors.

Chapter 10 – Allen

2026 July 29, Unknown Grassland, the Tower


The tower and its surrounding except near the cage got plunged in darkness. There are candles lightened on the yard.


“Guys, do just as I told you.” Allen whispered.


Everyone nodded at Allen.


“Okay here goes nothing.” Allen mumbled.


“Hello guard, guard.” Allen called the guard sitting right outside the tower.


No response came from the guard.


“I need to piss.” Allen shouted. “Do you want me to piss in here? I am sure your superiors won’t like it.”


The human things usually force them to piss in the morning. Allen just tested his fortune.


“I am coming you human prick.” The guard finally came near the cage. “Who want to pee?”


“That would be me.” Allen said.


Guard quickly put the key in the keyhole and he opened the door. “Slowly step outside.”


So his fortunes are bright after all.


Allen slowly stepped outside the cage and stood behind the guard. When guard got busy in closing the door, Allen quickly caught the guard off guard and in a fluent movement he twisted the guard’s head. He made sure he put enough force to twist the neck because one wrong move will end everything.


Without a sound the guard’s mutilated body fell on the floor. Allen quickly opened the cage’s door for others to get out. Everyone followed Allen. Allen quickly led them outside the room and they all stepped into a hallway. The hallway is empty and they saw the exit door in front of them.


Allen went near the exit door and peeked outside. Outside on the yard there are two small platforms built by brick. And in the centre of each platform there is a glassy circular shaped thing erected from the brick floor. And what peculiar about these glassy things is that in one platform human things are walking into the glassy thing and they are disappearing into thin air. There is a picture of Earth glowing in blue colour on a small wooden board near that platform.


And there is lot of blue light escaping the glassy thing. Other glassy thing is also similar and there is also light coming out of it but there is no one near that glass thing. So Allen surmised that the glassy thing in which human things are entering must be a portal to Earth.


They had found what they were looking for but how can they enter into that portal. The human things are crowded near the portal.


“Guys, I think I found a portal to Earth but chances for getting inside one is slim.” Allen whispered to his friends.


“Can we at least get out of here? I don’t want to die.” Lena said.


Allen nodded and he looked at the forest on the side of the tower. Human things are not there and the only human things present in this tower are seemed to be near the portal. Suddenly footsteps came from the upper level of the tower. Survivors began to panic.


“Everyone quickly follow me.” Allen whispered.


Allen quickly sprinted out of the tower and he ran towards the forest. Lena and other survivors followed Allen. Within minutes they reached inside the forest.


Suddenly shouts came from the lower level of the tower. Human things must have discovered that the survivors are escaping.


“Run.” Allen managed to say.


2026 July 29, Unknown Grassland


The fifteen human survivors led by Allen ran through the forest in the dark. Forms of trees are faintly visible in the dim light. A moment later they exited the forest and entered in to the grasslands.


Grassland is faintly visible. Shouts of human things can be heard in the background but the shouts are slowly ceasing.


Allen and team didn’t stop anywhere. They just ran and ran. Suddenly screeches came from their back and scream of some poor soul can also be heard but survivors didn’t tried to look back or slow down for a moment. Their lives are hanging on a small thread now.


A moment later the screeches ceased. But survivors didn’t stopped running.


In the faint light they can make out the silhouette of a forest in the distance. Allen can’t say how many are following him but he is sure that he lost at least one life.


Allen and team ran under the starry sky towards the forest at full speed.


To be continued…


Episode 5

Getting Slaughtered




Finally Allen and team reached a grassland. Johanna, Aaron and Matthew split from the main group and they went in their own way. Allen and rest of the survivors moved towards a tower that they saw from the grassland.


On the way to the tower, Allen and team were attacked by vampire humans. And those things bit Allen in his neck. Fortunately nothing bad happened to Allen but Allen’s group were captured by the vampire humans and they held Allen’s group as prisoners.


Meanwhile Johanna and team reached an ancient town from where they were attacked by a human vampire, but Aaron and Matthew managed to kill him.


Jimmy, Audrey and Charley ran in another direction and they found a cave inside a forest. They were also attacked by a human vampire but a mysterious lady named Lucy saved them.


Now Allen and team have escaped from the prison and they are on the run to a sanctuary.


2026 July 29, Tunoria


Jimmy, Audrey and Charley spend the night in the cave with Lucy. Lucy stayed awake all night guarding the cave.


A few hours later the sun rose in the horizon illuminating the whole forest. Lucy quickly led Jimmy and team out of the cave into the deeper forest. At the time they exited the forest sun was in its highest position. And in front of them lay a grassland.


The four of them ate apples to extinguish their hunger and after that they continued their journey.


“Miss Lucy, where are you taking us?” Audrey asked.


Jimmy and Charley was waiting for that answer.


“To a safe place.” Lucy said.


“Are there more of these alien things out there?” Jimmy asked.


Lucy thought for a moment. “In fact most of these places are filled with them.”


“Are there more like you out there?” Charley asked.


“More like me?” Lucy asked.


“Yeah, humans?” Charley asked.


“In my home there are five hundred of us. As far as I know, we are the last humans alive in this place.” Lucy said.


“Can you take us back to our home?” Jimmy asked.


“I don’t know. We don’t have a portal that takes you back to Earth.” Lucy said with sadness. “But I heard that those alien things have a portal.”


“That means we are stuck here.” Audrey said.


“Well, I don’t want to scare you but the truth is those vampire things might be going to Earth in large number. So it doesn’t matter whether you return back to earth or you stayed here.” Lucy said.


“Can’t we kill them all?” Audrey asked.


“Killing them won’t be easy. They are usually fast.” Lucy said.


“We have walked longer than we thought. Where exactly is your home.” Jimmy asked.


“Oh, you will see it soon.” Lucy said.


Lucy led them through the grassland and a moment later they reached a rocky place. Lucy led Jimmy and team through the rocks and they finally reached a big cave. They slowly walked inside the cave and Lucy stopped in front of a metal door.


The colour of the metal door is same as that of the cave. And the door is in between some rocks. So those aliens won’t easily find it.


“Those Aliens don’t come to places like these because of the hotness. So you will be safe here.” Lucy knocked on the metal door in a special tune.


Suddenly the door opened from inside and a man stood in the doorway pointing a crossbow at Lucy.


Then he lowered the crossbow. “Lucy? Who are they?”


“They are from Earth like Kevin.” Lucy led Jimmy, Audrey and Charley inside the cavern. After peeking outside, the man closed the door and he dead bolted it.


They then slowly walked through the tunnel.


“Where are we?” Jimmy asked Lucy.


“You’re inside the city of Tunoria.” Lucy said.


They slowly walked deeper into the tunnel.

Chapter 1 – Allen

2026 July 30, Unknown Grassland


Allen and team ran all night. They spent a little time in the forest for the sun the rise again in the horizon. In the morning they walked back in to the grass land a little to look at their present situation.


What they saw before them was fearful. There is a whole battalion of vampires on the grassland walking towards the forest in which Allen and team spent the night. They are searching all around the grassland.


“What should we do?” Lena asked.


“We have to run through the forest.” Allen said. “And we have to outrun them.”


Everyone nodded.


“But we are really hungry.” Lena said.


Everyone again nodded.


“There must be something inside the forest that we can eat, perhaps some fruits.” Allen said.


Lena nodded.


Before long they reached a dead village. They found ten houses in the village but all were a wreck. They slowly moved through the village and found no sign of human life.


“Those vampires must be the reason this village is in destruction.” Allen said.


A moment later the village ended and forest started.


Then they started running into the forest and they ran at full speed. There are birds chirping on the trees and monkeys running through the branches. Whole forest is happy but the humans aren’t. Then they saw an apple tree. A moment later they saw a whole bunch of apple trees. Lena and a few other survivors jumped with excitement.


After the survivors filled their stomach with apples they collected a few more apples in their pockets. Allen wished for his back pack. The vampires took all he and the survivors had.


Allen and team lost two survivors last night. There is only thirteen of them now. Thirteen against an army of vampires! Can they win against those monsters?


“Now where do we find a portal to Earth?” Allen asked.


“Don’t worry. I am sure we will come up with a plan.” Lena said.


“Those things must be going to Earth. There may be thousands of them on Earth too and our government have no idea about them.” Allen said.


“I am sure our government will soon find out.” Lena said.


“How? They are stronger and faster and may be good at cleaning all their trails.” Allen said.


“Ahh…” Suddenly a scream came from their back.


Allen and survivors looked back. One of the survivors is wrestling with a black panther.


“Help me…” The survivor cried.


The Black Panther is doing all it can to bit the victim but the victim kept the panther’s mouth at bay using his hand.


Allen quickly took a piece of fallen dry wood and rushed at the panther. Then he swung the wood at the panther’s head. A direct hit! Panther stumbled to a side and its grip on the victim loosened. Allen swung again and again until the panther stopped moving. Blood and brain matter splashed all over Allen’s shirt.


After he made sure the panther will not rise again he helped the panther victim to his feet.


“Are you okay?” Allen asked.


“Yeah, thanks.” The man said.


“Okay everyone, keep moving forward and be alerted.” Allen said.


Suddenly footsteps came from the forest entrance.


“Run.” Allen shouted.


Everyone bolted into a run. They ran through the forest bushes, through the narrow path.


“Everyone, break away from the path.” Allen shouted.


Survivors did what Allen had told them to do. They broke away from the muddy path into the jungle flora. Then they moved forward. They ran until they ran out of the oxygen in their lungs. A moment later everyone stopped at once and took deep breathes. Suddenly their pursuers’ footsteps got nearer. Everyone quickly hid behind jungle bushes and stared at the muddy path.


Then they saw it. There is five of those human things running through the narrow path. They aren’t even stopping to take breathe. They almost are like robots. Fortunately the decision Allen took to deviate from their path ended well.


“Where do we go now?” Lena whispered.


“We will go in that direction.” Allen said pointing at the left side of the narrow path.


Everyone nodded.


They slowly walked deeper into the forest away from the narrow path. After some time, they reached the edges of the forest. The edge they are walking into is marked by brown coloured rocky terrain. Then they moved along the edges going forward. Before long they exited the forest and saw a grassland.


“Where do we find a human settlement here?” Lena asked.


“We will find it somewhere here but our real goal is a portal to Earth. And there may be more of those portal throughout this planet.” Allen said.


“But the question is how are we going to claim one such portal? For all we know, humans in this place must be extinct. We may be the only humans alive.” Lena said.


“You may be right. We need to find Johanna and Aaron.” Allen said.


“They must had took the narrow path.” Lena said.


“Then we need to go towards it.” Allen said.


“But those things have gone in that way.” Lena said.


“Then we need to arm ourselves and prepare for a war.” Allen said.


“Are you insane? I am grateful that you helped us escape from that prison. And you saved us again by taking the decision to move away from that path but I am not into any war. I want to live.” Lena said.


Allen chuckled. “You really think you can live a normal life here. We need to fight our way if we want to live peacefully. Now who will be with me to make weapons to defend ourselves?”


Everyone nodded.

Chapter 2 – Johanna

2026 July 30, Unknown forest


Johanna, Aaron and Matthew started their walk early in the morning. Forest is very thick and most of the times they had to crawl through the vine covered areas. Before long they found the narrow path in the middle of the forest.


Who made this narrow muddy path throughout this planet is a mystery. The path they had seen on the snow mountains stood against numerous snow falls and yet it didn’t got covered by snow. Surely this path must have a very large history to say but Johanna is afraid that no one would be alive to say about it.


A moment later they exited the forest and again in front of them lay a grassland but something is eerily wrong here. It’s pretty quiet and the place seemed to have dead!


Then they found the reason for it. Not far from they are standing there is a big building. The building seems to be entirely made out of metal because the whole walls shined in the sunlight. Then they saw the aliens!


They surely are aliens because only aliens have elongated head and pointy ears. And who else walk around without cloths. They seemed to be right out of a Spielberg film. They are in fact similar to the creatures Johanna and team saw when they encountered the UFO. Fortunately the aliens haven’t set their eyes on Johanna and team.


Johanna quickly took out a binocular from her back pack.


“Where did you get that?” Aaron asked Johanna.


“It was our captain’s. Thought he wouldn’t need it anymore.” Johanna said.


Aaron smiled.


Johanna looked through the scope. It seems that there is another two small buildings nearby the big building. And suddenly her eyes caught something else. Johanna changed the scope towards the small building on the right side of the big building. In front of that small building there are two glassy things erected from the ground.


What peculiar about these glassy things is that they are round in shape and there are lot of blue light coming out of it. Then she saw it. In one glass thing a long line of humans or human things are coming out of it. It’s like they appeared out of nowhere. Then it struck her. It must be a portal connecting another dimension!


She looked closely. The long line of humans or human things are in chain. And in the other portal aliens are walking into it with guns! They must be going into another dimension. What if they are going to Earth?


“Guys, I think I found our portal.” Johanna said.


Johanna handed the binocular to Matthew who after looking gave the binocular to Aaron.


“That must be our way home.” Matthew said.


“And what if those things on the chain are humans from Earth?” Aaron asked.


Johanna thought for a moment.


“We need to find if there is any relation with those aliens and vampires.” Johanna said.


“I think, I found the relation.” Aaron said looking through the binocular.


Aaron handed over the binocular to Johanna. Johanna accepted and looked at where Aaron had looked earlier. In front of her eyes, there is an alien who looks like biting a human’s or human thing’s neck. It must be sucking blood.


“So those who are in chain must be humans from Earth.” Johanna said.


“And the aliens might be our vampires.” Aaron said.


“But how did they get meat suits?” Matthew asked.


“I don’t know. May be they have some technology. I bet that building is built by them and there must be loads of them inside.” Johanna said.


“Time to hide I guess.” Aaron said.


“Hide or no hide, we need to free those humans.” Johanna said.


“But how?” Aaron asked.


“We will wait until it is night. Then we will come up with a plan.” Johanna said.


Matthew and Aaron nodded.


“Then meanwhile, let’s hide in that forest.” Johanna said.


“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Matthew said.


They went back to the forest and they stayed away from the path. Inside some bushes they hid.


A moment later sound of footsteps came from deep inside the forest. Johanna and team tuned their ears for more sound. Then they saw them. There are five of them and they are in a hurry and they looks definitely human vampires. Johanna and team mustered courage. They in fact are tired of panicking.


The vampires stopped just outside the forest and they looked around.


“They haven’t come this way.” One of them said.


“Then where on hell did they have gone to?” Another one said.


“Let’s get back. May be others had found them.” Another one said.


All the vampires nodded. Then they returned to the forest and ran away.


“Who do you think they have just talked about?” Aaron asked.


“I am guessing they talked about our friends.” Johanna said.


“Do you think they are alive?” Matthew’s face glistered with joy.


“They may be. And they may be on the run.” Johanna said.


“We really need to save those humans we saw and we need to kill all those monsters.” Aaron said.


“But first we need to get back to Earth.” Johanna said.


“Do you think there is Earth? What if they had conquered Earth?” Aaron asked.


“Still we need weapons. Guns will be great.” Johanna said smiling.


“Yeah. That surely is a good idea, lead on.” Aaron said.


The three of them waited inside the bushes for the sun to go down.

Chapter 3 – Kevin

2026 July 30, Tunoria


Kevin paced through a tunnel.


“Kevin, I am coming too.” A voice said from behind Kevin.


Kevin looked back.


“Raj? Didn’t you have something to do with Lucy?” Kevin asked.


A young man with about same age as Kevin stepped into the light.


“She left early before I woke up. I can help you.” Raj said.


“Alright. Let’s move out. If we reach there fast we can get back faster.” Kevin said.


“Okay.” Raj said.


They slowly moved forward. There is a small back pack on Raj’s shoulders. After a moment they reached an intersection connecting three tunnels. There is a number board on the wall of each tunnel. Centre tunnel have number 207, Left most tunnel have number 206 and the right most tunnel have number 208.


Raj and Kevin went through the tunnel 208. Before long they reached a big room like place in the tunnel. There are bows and arrows placed on the wall. Kevin took one bow and several arrows. Raj did the same.


“Do you know how to use one of these?” Kevin asked.


“Yeah. Lucy had gave me some lessons.” Raj said.


“Okay.” Kevin said.


They then slowly paced through the tunnel.


“So how’s Lisa?” Kevin asked.


“She will live, but she faints a lot. And there is inflammation near the bite wound on her neck.” Raj said.


“It’s a miracle Lucy went that way and saw Lisa. Or else that fucker must have made her dry.” Kevin said.


“Yeah. It is a miracle. Lisa is my only family, I can’t think of a world without her.” Raj said.


“Don’t worry, she will heal.” Kevin said. “And by the way we all are part of a big family. Don’t forget it.” Kevin said.


A moment later they exited the tunnel and in front of them stood a big metallic door. Kevin removed the chain link and opened the door and he peeked outside. It seems that the doorway leads to a cave and outside the cave there is a big grassland. Everything seems quiet.


“We need to return fast and we need to be alerted.” Kevin said.


Raj nodded.


They both slowly stepped inside the cave and Kevin slowly shut the door behind him. Then they walked out of the cave and stood before the grassland. Birds chirped from the trees and a herd of deer grazed through the grass.


Kevin stared at a deer.


“Come on lets catch the bigger one.” Kevin said.


They stood on the grassland and took aim at a big deer with the bow and arrow. Kevin hauled the thread of the bow back and he released it. The arrow propelled forward cutting through the air.


The arrow hit the deer in its neck. Quickly the deer dropped to the ground. Kevin and Raj rushed forward. After they reached near the fallen deer they made sure it is dead. Then they both lifted the deer from ground and moved towards the cave. They took about half an hour to reach the cave since the deer was very heavy.


Kevin opened the metal door and they both hauled the deer inside the tunnel. Then they stepped into the cave again.


“Come on. Let’s check if there are any apples.” Kevin said.


Raj nodded. They both ran through the grassland towards the forest. There are many apple trees near the forest edges and Kevin and Raj filled Raj’s back pack with apples.


Suddenly sound of footsteps came from deep inside the forest. Kevin and Raj tuned their ears. Then they saw them. There are at least ten of them. They looks like humans but in one sight Kevin recognised them.


“Aliens! Run.” Kevin shouted.


Kevin and Raj ran through the grassland to the cave. When Kevin made sure he and Raj had put more distance from the forest he glanced back. The sight horrified him. All the aliens had seen them and they are now after Kevin and Raj.


Finally Kevin and Raj reached the cave. Kevin immediately opened the metal door and they both got inside and Kevin closed the door and dead bolted it.


“Do you think they have seen us getting inside the tunnel?” Raj asked.


“I don’t know. If they did, it will be a matter of time before they get inside Tunoria. If that happens everything we all worked for will be in vain.” Kevin said.


Suddenly violent knocks came from the other side of the metal door.


“They have found us.” Raj said.


“God, help us.” Kevin said.


Outside darkness starts to conquer everything.

Chapter 4 – Allen

2026 July 31, Unknown Grasslands


Allen and team spent the night on the grassland. Only a few of them slept. In the early morning Allen and team started cutting down long thick branches of the trees. They used sharp stones for that. Of course cutting down branches using sharp stone wasn’t that easy. They spend about one hour in cutting down a branch. After they cut all the branches they need they sharpened one end of each branch by using stones.


After the noon all the men had a sharpened spear in their hands. Then they started their walk towards the narrow path. Within moments they retraced their path and got back into the muddy path then they paced through the narrow path surmising Johanna and team took this path.


A moment later they exited the forest and in front of them, below the hill, lay a big town with large mega story buildings.


The thirteen survivors climbed down the hill and paced towards the dead city. The city once prospered is now in ruin. All the windows are broken and doors are a wreck.


Then they saw it. A flying saucer. It is flying through the sky away from the city. Allen and team sighed deeply.


Everything about this place is odd. First the vampires, now the flying saucer?


“Do you think those alien thing we saw back on the tower is working with the vampires?” Allen asked Lena.


“May be. I am sure the flying saucer belongs to the aliens.” Lena said.


“Now we have to watch out for these two monsters.” Allen said.


They slowly moved through the dark road. Everyone is on extra alert now. Suddenly sound of footsteps came from their front. Everyone quickly hid behind a building in the alley and peeked at the road. Then they saw them – those five vampires who Allen’s team saw on the forest near the grassland.


Then a clap came from the end of the alley. Fear shook Allen and team. They looked at the end of the alley and saw a man standing there. He is staring at Allen’s team and he continued to clap his hands.


“I am impressed. Your running is about to end here.” The man said.


The man rushed at Allen screeching all the way. Allen without thinking in a fluent movement stabbed the attacker’s stomach with his wooden spear. The spear went straight through the man’s stomach.


“Ahh…” The man screamed at high pitch sound.


Suddenly the owners of the footsteps stopped on the road in front of the alley. Quickly survivors stood firm with their spears in attack mode. All the five vampires standing on the road screeched at high pitch sound.


Allen retrieved his spear from the fallen man thing’s stomach. The man thing wriggled on the ground in the narrow alley. Allen walked near the fallen man thing and with a fluent movement he crushed the man thing’s face using his boot. Quickly all movement of the man thing ceased. Then Allen walked towards the front line of the survivors.


Allen wiped away sweat from his brow and braced for the attack by the vampires. Suddenly all the five vampires rushed towards the survivors. Allen manoeuvred his spear inside the leading vampire’s stomach. The vampire screeched and dropped dead.


Then a scream of a survivor came from Allen’s left. A vampire had sunk its teeth inside a man’s neck. Allen rushed towards the vampire and with a sudden rage he stabbed the vampire’s back. The spear went straight inside the back of the vampire and it then went through the flesh of the man lying below the vampire. Vampire’s and the poor man’s head fell to the side for never to rise again.


Allen looked at his fellow survivors. The remaining three vampires are attacking them and two of the survivors had dropped dead. Quickly all the survivors surrounded the three vampires and everyone stabbed them all at once. Vampires quickly fell under the might of the humans. Allen stood with joy. Suddenly a blue light ray came out of nowhere and hit a survivors in his head. The man fainted. Looks like the ray was some sort of stun ray. And the stun ray had come from a flying saucer which is hovering in the air above the dark road.


A moment later a series of stun rays came from the flying saucer.


“Run!” Allen shouted.


Survivors ran in different directions dodging from the blue light rays. Allen and Lena run through the road. A moment later the flying saucer followed all the survivors and it shot down everyone. Fortunately it didn’t saw Allen and Lena. Allen and Lena hid behind a building and watched the aliens coming out of the flying saucer. Aliens hauled the paralysed survivors into the flying saucer. Then the flying saucer with a swoosh flew away into the horizon.


“What the hell just happened?” Lena asked.


“Well they caught our friends. It looks like they don’t like to waste any ounce of blood.” Allen said.


“What should we do? Can we survive this world alone?” Lena asked.


“Let’s find out.” Allen said.


They slowly started to walk through the road surmising Johanna must had went this way. Before long the town ended and a forest came into view.


“Are we going into that forest?” Lena asked.


“Yes. And those things who went looking for us are dead. So there will be no pursuers.” Allen said.


“Then lead the way.” Lena said.


A moment later they both got inside the forest and they moved through the narrow muddy path.

Chapter 5 – Jimmy

2026 July 31, Tunoria


Jimmy, Charley and Audrey quickly became friends with other kids in the city of Tunoria. In the morning Jimmy, Charley and Audrey after breakfast went to play with other kids. At the time they reached a small underground playground most kids were already there.


Tunoria is a really beautiful city and the whole city is underground. There is even vegetables growing inside the city in several places. They say that this big cave system is built by gods during the great battle that took place long, long ago. When Jimmy asked about the Great Battle he didn’t get a response. They don’t know much about the battle.


Jimmy and team slowly went near other kids.


“Hay Ben, why are you so sad?” Audrey asked a boy.


“My father says that the aliens had found our hideout. It’s just a matter of time before they broke in.” Ben said.


“What? Now what should we do? We don’t have a place to go.” Another boy said.


“That sucks.” Jimmy said. “I guess we need to be armed.”


“But elders won’t allow us to carry weapons.” A boy said.


“That too sucks. So what are we going to do? Are we playing today?” Charley asked who is so much eager to play.


They usually play hide and seek at this time of hour.


“Play? How can we play when we are on the verge of death?” Jimmy said.


“I am not going to sit here wait for the things to settle. I am going to read that journal. Are you guys coming?” Audrey asked Jimmy and Charley.


“Yes, I am coming.” Jimmy and Charley said in unison.


“Wait, you know how to read?” A boy asked Audrey in surprise.


“Yeah, didn’t you?” Audrey asked.


“No one here knows how to read things. Remember there is no school here. Of course elders know but we don’t have any reading material. Can you read for us?” A boy said.


Other boys looked at Audrey with expectation.


“Okay, I will read for you too.” Audrey said. “Everyone sit around me.”


Everyone quickly sat on the ground around Audrey. Audrey lifted the hem of her shirt and took out the journal from her waist band.


“This journal is written by one Mister Jacobson of Wolforia.” Audrey said.


Everyone nodded.


Audrey flipped through the pages and stopped in the page whose date is 2004 March 9. Audrey read aloud the journal entry.


2004 March 9 Tuesday


It’s the second day after the aliens arrived at Wolforia. Today I went outside my house and looked around. The neighbourhood is in ruin. I saw the body of Mister Lucas in his home. His neck has two holes where the aliens had sunk their teeth. His body is pale due to excessive loss of blood.


I looked around the neighbourhood for a long time but found no other bodies. I am sure that I saw lot of bodies in the night but now they all had gone. May be the aliens took them. The candles of night lamp are still burning since there is no one to blow them out.


It took me hours to search all the house. Finally I got inside Mister Samson’s house. That house is also in ruin. In the past I normally saw them with their infants but now they are all gone. Aliens even took the infants.


Then in the night I saw a flying saucer. I had heard about flying saucers from my childhood and I am sure what I saw was a flying saucer. It was big and circular in shape like all the other flying saucers. First I thought it will land but after hovering above Wolforia for some time it flew away into the horizon.


I saw the flying saucer through the roof of Mister Martin’s house. Like all other houses, Martin’s house was also empty but in this house there is blood marks everywhere. There is also signs of some struggle. Tables are upside down and the living room is a mess.


I exited Martin’s house and went into the mountains for any sign of survivors but I found none. In the evening, after searching all the known places I returned to my house. In the night I heard a scream of a girl. When I looked out through the window I saw a flying saucer. There was lot of blue light coming out of the flying saucer and in that light I saw a young girl screaming for her mommy. I stayed in my house because there was nothing I could do. The place was surrounded by the aliens.


From where the girl came is a mystery. I had searched the entire village during the day and I didn’t saw her but the aliens found her. Her fate had decided. After some time the flying saucer and the aliens went away plunging the whole place in darkness.


“That day’s entry is over.” Audrey said.


“Read the next entry.” Charley said.


“If we read all at once we will not have anything to read tomorrow.” Audrey closed the journal and she tuck it in her waist band.


“Oh! We wanted to hear all the story.” A boy said.


“We will read it tomorrow.” Audrey said.


“What if the aliens broke in? Then there will be no tomorrow.” A boy said.


“I am not changing my mind. Come on Jimmy let’s head back to our room.” Audrey said.


Audrey, Jimmy and Charley went away from the playground. Other kids sighed deeply and they all went in their own way.


“I am scared Audrey. What if they broke in?” Jimmy asked.


“Then those men in this city will kill them all. Don’t worry about a thing.” Audrey said.


After they got inside their room in a wooden house, Jimmy closed the door behind him.

Chapter 6 – Aaron

2026 July 31, Unknown forest


Aaron, Johanna and Matthew waited the whole night for the aliens to go to sleep but sadly aliens didn’t even moved from their position. Aaron and team didn’t even slept. With tired eyes they just sat in the bushes for some time.


Morning sun came and went and now the sun is in its highest position.


“Guys, it’s time to go.” Aaron said.


“Yeah, we stayed here too long. We will come up with another plan.” Johanna said.


“Okay. Where will we go?” Matthew asked.


“We will go around the building through the forest. Then we will devise a plan.” Johanna said.


“It’s decided then. Let’s go.” Aaron said.


They slowly started their walk. They moved wholly through the forest and they went around the building. Within minutes they reached in the forest at the back of the building. Suddenly sound of footsteps came from their left direction. Aaron and team quickly sprinted deep into the forest.


It seems that the footsteps are following them. There is only a pair of footsteps coming. So Aaron and team hid behind a tree and drew out the knifes in their hand. A moment later the owner of the footsteps went through their front. Aaron and team kept silence and waited for the person to move away. Suddenly the person stopped moving and he turned towards Aaron and Johanna.


Aaron showed his knife to the man or man thing.


“I saw you yesterday. I thought you were one of them.” The man said.


“Is this some trick?” Aaron asked Johanna.


“Are you a human?” Matthew asked.


“Yes. Of course I am. Can’t you tell from my shape?” The man asked.


“Show me your teeth.” Johanna said.


“Come on. I am really a human.” The man said.


“Then show them to me.” Johanna said.


“Alright.” The man opened his mouth showing his teeth. “Satisfied?”


“How do you know he is not one of them by looking at his teeth?” Aaron asked Johanna.


“Well those things’ teeth are sharp.” Johanna said.


The man came near Aaron and team.


“I thought I was alone in this world. Where are you all coming from?” The man asked.


“We are from Earth.” Aaron said.


“Earth?” The man asked.


“Yeah. It’s another planet?” Aaron said.


“Do you know if the aliens will go away at some point from that building?” Johanna asked.


“Yeah. They will go to lunch soon.” The man said.


“And how long will be the lunch?” Johanna asked.


“About thirty minutes. Why?” The man asked.


“We are going to free the prisoners.” Aaron said.


“That’s a bad idea. They will tear down everything if they have to.” The man said.


“We are escaping to our world. There is a portal to Earth.” Johanna said.


“They will kill you on sight.” The man said.


“Look Mister…What’s your name again?” Johanna asked.


“Oh, I am Danny.” The man said.


“Well Danny, there are weapons of mass destruction in our world and we can kill them all if we get back to our world. So are you in this?” Johanna asked.


“How about, we will devise a plan from my hideout and then kill them tomorrow?” Danny asked.


“That’s a great idea. Where is your hideout?” Aaron asked.


“It’s around here.” Danny said.


“Then lead the way.” Johanna said.


Danny quickly led them deeper inside the forest. After some time they reached near a small house in the middle of the forest.


“I am impressed they didn’t found you here.” Aaron said.


“Well they know about this house. And my hideout is in the underground room in this house.” Danny said. “Come on, I will show you.”


Danny led them inside the house. Then Danny led them to the kitchen where he opened a door under the carpet. The small metal door led to an underground room. The room is lot bigger than Johanna and Aaron anticipated.


“How long were you living in here?” Matthew asked.


“About fifteen damn years.” Danny said.


“Wow. Do you know anything about the aliens and the vampires?” Aaron asked.


“Oh, I know a lot of things about them. Which is the thing you want to know?” Danny asked.


“First, what the fuck are they two doing here? Are they in some sort of symbiotic relation?” Aaron asked.


“Well, the interesting thing is those aliens and vampires are one species. First it was just the aliens drinking blood. Then they found out a way to create human meat suits.” Danny said.


“I was afraid you’re gonna say that.” Johanna said.


“First there were many human survivors. With the invention of human meat suits, aliens started to infiltrate most of the surviving human colonies. Now I am afraid that I am the only human left here, apart from you guys of course.” Danny said.


Outside darkness started to conquer everything.


Danny went near the door on the ceiling near the staircase and he made sure it is dead bolted.


“I don’t have anything to show you some light. So we need to discuss everything in the dark.” Danny said. “Usually I go to sleep at this time of hour.”


“I have a candle!” Johanna searched her back pack and produced two candles.


Johanna lighted a candle using the match box and she fixed it on top of the table. The light quickly conquered the room.


Johanna gave an apple to Danny and she too ate one. Aaron and Matthew did the same. After the four of them filled their stomach with the apples, they gathered around the table.


“So what’s the plan?” Danny asked.


“Tomorrow we are going to rescue those humans and we will escape into our world. From there we will find a gun store and then we can kill all those bitches.” Johanna said.


“But how are we going to remove the chain in the humans’ hands. They are tied to it.” Aaron asked.


“If you have a hairpin, I can unlock the chain.” Matthew said.


“Take my hairpin.” Johanna removed the hairpin from her hair.


Suddenly all her hair fell to the side showing the long hair. She gave the hairpin to Matthew.


“Wow. I didn’t knew you have that much hair.” Aaron said shocked.


Johanna smiled. “You don’t know a lot of things about me.”


Aaron chuckled. “But I will find all.”


They all laughed.

Chapter 7 – Kevin

2026 August 1, Tunoria




Bang! Bang! Bang!


Kevin woke up in the morning panting. The whole room vibrated due to the aftershock of some blast. Kevin quickly got outside his wooden house and stood on the ground in the core part of the city of Tunoria.


Walls are vibrating violently. The whole cave shook like an earthquake. Everyone had come outside their houses and all are looking at the tunnels before them with panic.


“Kevin, what the hell was that?” Lucy came near Kevin and asked.


“I don’t know, but I suppose it’s them. They must have broken in through the blast door in tunnel 208 where I saw them last time.” Kevin said. “Lucy, if it’s them you need to lead everyone out of here.”


Boom! Boom!


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Explosions occurred and smoke and dust came out of tunnel 203 engulfing the whole city. So much for the great city under the ground.


“Oh it’s them alright. I can feel it.” Lucy said.


“Then you know what to do.” Kevin said.


“Everyone, exit through tunnel three zero four fast.” Lucy ran through the crowd and announced.


Quickly everyone starts to exit the cave through the tunnel 304 which is in the north part of the city. People’s scream can be heard but much of the visibility is reduced due to the dust cloud expanding through the tunnels.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


More explosions came and this time it was from tunnel 204. The whole town ran through the tunnel 304. It was through 304 Kevin entered into the city of Tunoria for the first time.


More people came out of the houses. Most of them have children in their hands. Kevin entered the cave as last man. Quickly Lucy closed the blast door which isolates the tunnel 304 with the city.


“Lead everyone to the mountains and go for the bunker under the village Wolforia.” An elder said to Lucy.


Lucy quickly began her job without any further thought. In situation like this if you hesitate lives will be lost.


“Ahh…My baby is still in her bed. I thought she came with me but it turns out to be another girl.” A woman began to cry.


“Hey calm down. Which one is your house?” Kevin asked.


“It’s the house on the far left corner of the city. Number is forty five.” The woman said.


“Okay, I will get her.” Kevin said.


“Kevin, use the escape tunnels. Okay.” An elder said.


“Okay.” Kevin said. “You go ahead with others. I will catch up with you.” Kevin said to the woman.


The woman reluctantly wiped her tears and went away with Lucy. Kevin quickly went to the far corner of the tunnel and removed the carpet on the floor. Under the carpet lies a secret door. Kevin opened the door and entered into a whole new tunnel system. This tunnel system was built by the people for times like these as a precaution. And it turns out to be a good decision. Kevin slowly moved through the tunnel.


There are lot of turnings and each turn is marked by a number painted in a fluorescent colour. Where did the survivors came to possess large quantity of fluorescent paint is still a mystery. It is very cold in these tunnels and through some of the walls water slowly oozed down.


Kevin finally found the tunnel that leads to house 45. He entered the tunnel 45 and slowly moved forward. Before long he found the exit door. Kevin opened the exit door and entered into the kitchen of the house. He slowly moved through the house to the bedroom. And he found just what he wanted. On the bed lies a beautiful young girl. She is still sleeping without knowing what the world had become.


Kevin took her in his arms and moved to kitchen. Suddenly a scream and screech came from outside. Kevin went near the window and peeked outside. Outside the dust had subsided and there stood an army of alien vampires. They are breaking inside houses and some of them have human prisoners in their hands but it looks like they are not going to keep any human prisoners. They sucked out blood from most of the prisoners.


Suddenly someone saw Kevin through the glass window.


“There. Bring that house down.” An alien shouted the command pointing at the house Kevin is in.


“Oh crap.” Kevin said himself.


Kevin without further thinking jumped to the tunnel from the kitchen and he instantly closed the door on top of him and he dead bolted it. The little girl held on to his shoulders tightly, still in sleep.


As soon as he is out of the tunnel 45 he pulled a thread in red colour which was hanging from the ceiling.




Tunnel 45 collapsed. Kevin ran through the tunnel toward from where he got inside this tunnel system in the first place. Before long he found the exit and as soon as he is outside he pulled another thick thread.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Multiple explosions occurred and the secret escape tunnel system collapsed. Kevin quickly ran through the tunnel towards the exit. The whole tunnel tastes dust.


Kevin quickly found the exit. The exit door was kept open. Kevin climbed out through the ladder and panted heavily as soon as he is outside.


In front of him lay the snow lands. Snow uncontrollably fell from the skies.

Chapter 8 – Allen

2026 August 1, Unknown Forest


Allen and Lena spend the night in the forest. They slept inside some thick bushes. In the morning they continued their journey. They found some apples from deep inside the forest and they extinguished their hunger with them.


Like other forests this forest also contained monkeys and birds, lots and lots of birds. Fortunately no panthers crossed their path.


They were almost out of the forest when Lena screamed. Behind Allen a vampire had jumped on top of Lena. Lena kept the man thing’s mouth at bay using her hands but soon he will bite her.


“Allen, help.” Lena screamed.


Allen rushed forward with his spear. Suddenly the man thing shifted his gaze at Allen. He jumped on top of Allen and wrestled with him. Allen extended his hands to reach the dropped spear but it was far away.


Lena quickly stood up and took the spear from the ground but before she could swing the spear the man thing hit at Allen’s stomach with its fist and rushed at Lena. On the way he swung his fist and smashed her face. Lena fell down a few feet away after a short flight.


Allen somehow got up and rushed at the man thing. He jumped on top of the man thing from his back and he started to pound at the man thing’s head hard using his fist. The man thing rolled away and kicked at Allen’s stomach.


“Ahh…” Allen screamed out loud.


“Ahh…” The man thing began to scream.


Lena had swung the spear at the man thing and it hit him in the head.


“Throw the spear to me.” Allen commanded.


Lena without thinking threw the spear towards Allen. Allen quickly caught the spear firmly in his hands. Without further thought Allen swung the spear at the man thing.




Bang! Bang!


Allen swung again and again until the man thing’s head reduced to a pulp. Then Allen drove the spear deep inside the man thing’s stomach.


“Ahh…” Man thing screamed for the last time and his head fell to the side never to rise again.


“That was something.” A familiar voice came from Allen’s back.


“Johanna?” Allen looked back panting.


In front of him stood Johanna, Aaron, Matthew and an unfamiliar face.

Chapter 9 – Johanna

2026 August 1, Unknown Forest


“I thought you were dead.” Johanna said.


“Well here I am.” Allen said.


“Lena, it’s good to see you.” Johanna said.


“It’s good to see you too.” Lena said.


“So what are you doing here?” Allen asked.


“We are going back to Earth.” Johanna said.


“What? How?” Allen asked surprised.


“See that building over there?” Johann asked pointing at the building outside the forest below the hill.


Allen went near the edge of the hill and looked below.


“Yeah. I see now.” Allen said.


Lena came near Allen and looked at the building.


“There are lot of aliens down there.” Lena said.


“Well, according to Danny here, those aliens will take a lunch break soon. At that time we are going to go through that portal over there to Earth.” Johanna said pointing at the portal. “Also, there are human prisoners who want freedom. We are going to save them too.”


“Where did the humans came from?” Allen asked.


“They are from Earth. And Allen, we think that much of Earth is under the control of those aliens. They have built portals to and fro between Earth and this place.” Johanna said.


A moment later Aliens began to thin out from near the buildings.


“It’s time. Are you in this?” Johanna asked.


“Yeah. I want to kick them out of here when I get my hands on a new gun.” Allen said.


Everyone laughed.


“Then let’s escape first and then we are gonna kick some alien butt.” Johanna said.


They started their mission by climbing down the hill silently.

Chapter 10 – Matthew

2026 August 1, Unknown forest, Alien building


Within minutes they reached near the portal. Matthew spotted the human prisoners near the building and he quickly began his work.


Within minutes he unlocked all the prisoners. There was twenty human prisoners.


“Freedom is yours for the taking. And if you want to go back to Earth, follow us.” Matthew said.


Suddenly an alarm ring from inside the metal building. Aliens start to pour out of the building.


“Everyone, run this way.” Johanna showed the way by entering the portal which they surmised will get them back to Earth.


Matthew and the new survivors joined Johanna.


A moment later they all felt the portal’s walls. Light is everywhere. They had to shut their eyes to protect them. The portal wall was very thick and it was like a water layer having high viscosity.


A moment later light disappeared and they all found themselves in the middle of a road. There are buildings throughout the sides of road. Most buildings are on fire. Then they saw it. There are many flying saucers flying all the way through the sky. And also there are human made fighter jets rushing through the sky.


Sound of gun fire filled the atmosphere. A moment later a flying saucer crashed into a nearby building throwing glass shards all around.


A moment later a screech came from behind a building.


“Run!” Matthew shouted.


At some point all hell break loose!


Survivors ran in different directions under the blue sky.


2026 August 1, Earth, Washington D.C., White House


“Mister President, what you just saw is a video taken from planet Gamorphia by Jack Green using our omega satellite. And the aliens who are destroying our homes are the same. We need to pulverise them.” A military officer said.


President thought for a moment.


“I authorise air attack and ground attack. Take everything from our arsenal. Nuke them if it is necessary. I want them extinct.” President said.


The military officer took a phone from his pocket. “Is it secured?” He asked to a man in black suit.


“Yes sir, go ahead.” The man in black suit said.


“This is General. All attacks are a go. We are in code red mode.” The military officer said.


An alarm ringed from the other end of the phone.


To be continued…




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This story continues in the book Harmony Season Two.


Author’s Note

On June 29 2026 the ship Harmony went missing near Bermuda triangle. People searched whole ocean floor for the ship but found nothing. Meanwhile the passengers of ship Harmony woke up in a new world where surviving is very difficult.


At the time survivors found a way back to Earth much of Earth was lost. In the new post-apocalyptic Earth survivors need all the guts to survive the alien vampire horde. Season two will pick up from the surviving humans of planet Gamorphia and watch how people survives the vampire race.


There is two prelude stories to this series and they are Into the Triangle and Gamorphia.


In Into the Triangle, an enthusiastic explorer named Jack Green set out on an epic journey to Bermuda triangle to find its secrets. He did found many things and in this story see the world of Gamorphia a little more.


In Gamorphia, you can see a man named Luc who is trying hard to survive. This story take place in the year 2004 and this is the whole history of the alien vampire race on planet Gamorphia.




About the Author

C.O. Amal lives in a small house in Wayanad district of Kerala state of the country India with his father, mother and sister. He loves to read science fiction apocalyptic books. He writes a lot. His imaginations are all about extra-terrestrial life and colonizing across the galaxy. He believes human kind will soon reach its glory in space travel and soon everyone can travel to the deep space.


He love scientists like Stephen Hawking a lot. He can be often found watching Discovery channel. He is living in harmony with nature. His best friends are the cows in his home.


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The ship Harmony disappeared near Bermuda triangle on June 29 2026. Government sweep searched the entire ocean for weeks for the whereabouts of the ship but they found none. Meanwhile some of the people who travelled in the ship Harmony awoke in the morning and found themselves in a new world. Survivors of ship Harmony found that they are trapped in another dimension and they embark an epic journey through the desert, mountains and many other danger lurking places in search for a portal that could save them. At the end they did find a portal back to Earth but the new facts they have uncovered is horrific and they found that Earth is not so different from this place.

  • Author: C.O. Amal
  • Published: 2016-11-04 05:50:24
  • Words: 41258
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