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Harambe's Last Stand

Harambe’s Last Stand

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Tawret

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Lauren “Aussie” Rakoff

Chapter Five

I gave a slow and steady pump of my twelve gauge, readying myself

fully for any and all as made our way tightly in formation toward the

main entrance doors of arena; which rather surprisingly for a campaign

rally remained completely unguarded as we silently flooded in one by

one and began steadily making our way down the alley and up the

inclined ramp to the upper floors. “Dee main showroom is just down dis

hallway dere.” Karmen pointed down the corridor to the left. “Let’s go

give our good o’l boy dere his very last dance with dee devil.” “Fuckin-

A.” Donna answered, cocking her MP7 quickly from behind. “Time to

properly dispose of the hella molded government cheese.” After Taniel

discreetly took care of a few guards here and there with her ever so

silent and deadly garrote, she whispered quietly along with the usual

hand signal for “move up” and we immediately did just precisely that all

the way around the bend of the corner as Frost silently pushed and held

open the A-8 upper deck row of reclining theater style seats, beginning

to steadily take up shop with her new polar bear role of overwatch; for

which she was more than appropriately nicknamed. “Shit.” She

grumbled, staring vigilantly down the scope of her silenced M14EBR. “I

got a bead on our good old ape boy, but there’s more than shit ton of

heat surrounding him on all fours as usual. Be ready to cover all asses

the very instant I release that hydrashock.” “Roger that, big bear.”

Donna responded, flashing a quick cheetah fanged grin. We all readied

our own weapons in response and Flint promptly gave the signal we’d

all been more than longing that entire time of arrival to blatantly here.

“Ice him.” Frost wasted absolutely no time giving a rapid, but gentle

squeeze of the trigger on her rifle as we both watched in pure and utter

satisfaction of a job well done as the big ugly simian dropped like a

bloody sack of potatoes to the floor of the main stage far below. Right

on cue, his majesty’s secret service whipped around at the threat of the

disaster, searching rather blind and dumbly around them for the source

as Jenni and Jewel started up the next fireworks show with a storm of

bullets from her AK74U, putting a good more than half of them on the

floor; leaking out from their vindictive grizzly ursa brains as we turned

quickly for the exit behind us and got the fuck up out of dodge just as

quick as we all could, scrambling back down the ramp through the main

lobby and pilling rapidly into our little mystery machine sized black

camper van at the end corner of the street before speeding off at the

damn near speed of light, with Donna at the wheel, into the misty,

moonlit night.

Harambe's Last Stand

  • ISBN: 9781370197781
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-24 09:20:06
  • Words: 557
Harambe's Last Stand Harambe's Last Stand