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by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing
Shakespir Edition

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As he sits in school, Robbie isn’t a straight A student… He’s a C to D student, everyone knows his name and he’s one of the nicest kids you ever met. He’ll go out of his way to hold the door for you or if he sees you struggling with something he’d be sure to help out.

His school work suffered and it showed, he seemed like he was a particular target for the teacher that day as Robbie who was a little too honest at times decided to tell the teacher that he didn’t get his math homework done that day so when it came time to do math, the teacher was one who would call on Robbie as first one, no matter who had there hand raised. After the first time when he said “I’m sorry I didn’t complete the assignment” the teacher would still call on him first for every math question. Not sure why this was happening but it certainly seemed like it would drag on for hours and hours at times it seemed like it was dragged on for almost four or five hours but it was just an hour or an hour and a half.

As math would come to a close it was lunch time and usually Robbie would gather at a few friends desks during lunch to chat about a list of random topics from sports to video games and almost everything in between, but today was different. Today Robbie just stayed seated in his own chair and he didn’t talk to anyone during lunch he just sat alone during this time slowly eating his sandwich and keeping to himself.

During the forty minute lunch he did have a few classmates ask him if he was “OK” since he wasn’t joining his usual group that almost became a traditional as everyone would join there own clique of friends. When the classmate asked, Robbie turned his head and looked at him and said “Yeah, I’m fine. Just wanted some time to myself right now” The classmate nodded and patted him on his back and ventured back to his desk.

As lunch would slowly come to an end Robbie would pick up his brown paper bag filled with the garbage he had from lunch and walk it over to the garbage and tossed it out. By that time the bell rang and it was recess.
Most of the boys would take off for the tennis court and end up playing foot hockey.. (Foot hockey was similar to soccer but played in a tennis court and with a tennis ball, the size of the area they used would be determined by how busy the tennis court was that day). So as everyone got out of class they all started to sprint down towards the tennis court to start up the usual recess activities.

However Robbie who normally would be running down to the tennis court to join in had different plans today, he instead just decided to walk the yard, knowing that the school year was coming to an end and he wouldn’t see this school anymore he wanted to just walk around the yard and take it all in one last time.

So his walk began, he started off walking past a group of portables which were located near a jungle gym that had a bunch of kids playing on it and yelling and screaming, the odd one would say “Hi” to Robbie as he would respond in kind and continue to walk by.. His next stop was the track, inside the track was two sets of goal posts for soccer and they were always busy with the younger crowd playing soccer he stopped and looked and decide to take a lap around the track while doing so the soccer ball came rolling over to him on more than one occasion and he gave it a kick back to keep the ball in play and the game going with the group yelling “Thanks” after he continued to make his way to one of two baseball diamonds they had, bunch of young kids running around playing tag or just sitting in the dugouts talking.

Robbie walked over and leaned on the fence since he knew this was his next stop after recess he knew that gym was next, with the nice weather being here he knew that they always tried to get outside for gym and the soccer half of things were over things were being switched up to baseball.

He would dodge a few kids and continue to walk around the yard, he walked up to the tennis court where most kids his age were playing foot hockey, he stood and watched like an outsider looking in. He wondered to himself “what is next year going to be like, the class won’t be together and we’ll have other kids our age mixed in with us”.. So he watched them play a bit then continued on his walk, he heard a few of the guys yell “Hey Robbie, you want to play ?” He politely declined the offer and continued on his walk, by this time he knew that the bell was going to ring to end recess so he proceeded towards the doors that the grade eights would line up at awaiting permission to enter. If your wondering if it makes you feel like cattle it certainly does. So they would get into a line as per requested and walk back into school and enter the respective classrooms to sit at the assigned desks. At this point in time it kinda felt pointless since the class knew that it was gym time.

The teacher chose two students to go and get the baseball gear and meet them down at the ball diamond, the rest of the kids he sent down to the track to do some stretching and a lap of the track before everyone would join at the ball diamond.

Robbie being a pudgy kid was always near the end of the lines when it came down to anything to do with running, but he made his way down to the track and started to stretch after a while everyone heard the teacher “alright give me a lap of track and meet up at the baseball diamond” So that started everyone filing onto the track to give the required lap, after they met up at the ball diamond they got split into teams. Each team had mostly boys but had a few girls sprinkled into the mix, but you couldn’t tell it was a close knit group no matter who was up everyone on the respective team would shout inspirational one liners.. Near the end of the line was Robbie, it took a while and at one point he was sitting on the bench just thinking he would forgo getting up to plate before he heard a few classmates yell “Robbie hasn’t been up yet” so he walked over grabbed his batting helmet and chose a bat and walked up to plate.

At that particular point in time he heard one of the classmates yelled “pretend it’s the vice principal” .. While Robbie was always the nice guy he would often joke around with a few of the teachers including the vice principal…

As the teacher tossed the ball towards home plate for Robbie, he swung and got a good chunk of it and drove a good hard line drive up the middle. With out a moments notice he seen the rest of his classmates panic and start running towards the teacher who was being the pitcher who appeared to be laying on the ground… Everyone was panicking and Robbie was still standing at home plate ready to hit the ball and would say “come on guys, lets play baseball”.. One of his classmates took off back towards the school to speak of what happened so they could call for an ambulance. The vice principal came out and jogged down towards the baseball diamond to check on everything, he then told everyone “alright head back to class everyone we got this under control” … Robbie tossed the bat to the ground as well as his helmet and walked back to class after spitting the comment “I thought we were going to play baseball”

To Be Continued.


  • ISBN: 9781370215737
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2017-05-01 16:35:09
  • Words: 1417
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