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20 growth hacks for 2017

Everyone wants their product to go viral, acquire millions of users, but don’t really know how to go about and make it happen. That’s

where Growth Hacking comes in to the picture. It focuses on rapid

growth of your business or product in the most effective ways,

using different kinds of techniques that show amazing results.

This is a comprehensive guide featuring twenty growth hacks that

will help you grow your business in the coming year. Each hack is

a standalone guide in itself and comes with tools that will help you achieve the growth.


A special thanks to the entire team of PromptCloud  for encouraging me to write this book and special thanks to Freepik

and Flaticon for helping me design this book effectively.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Free Growth Hacking tools

Few tools that you might like

Let’s start with some free tools that you can try. There are many

tools out there and it’s easy to get lost trying to use all of them at once. The key is to find the tool that will help you easily achieve your end goal or help you solve a problem. Here are some free

and simple, yet very effective tools that will help you accelerate your startup growth.

• Mailchimp

• Buffer

• Nuzzel

• SEOQuake (chrome plugin)

• Insightly

• Zapier

• Mozbar (chrome plugin)

• SurveyMonkey

• BuzzSumo

• Canva

• SEMRush

• Add this (chrome plugin) Growth Hacks for 2017


Distribution Channel

Distribution hacking is a way to grow your customer base through

different distribution channels. There are many channels that have shown excellent results. Each distribution channel, old or new, has its own set of target audience. It’s important to identify the right source through which you can put a new product in front of target audience and then convert them to become valuable users of the product.

Let’s consider the popular case of Airbnb. They leveraged Craigslist, a channel with millions of users looking for accommodations, to increase their user base substantially. They gave each user, who were listing their bedrooms on Airbnb an option to also post the same listing to Craigslist, creating an inbound link for the user and Airbnb.

They didn’t have an easy solution for doing this. Craigslist didn’t have any public API through which people could easily post their listings directly. Airbnb had to reverse engineer how Craigslist’s forms work, and then make their product compatible, without ever having access to the Craigslist codebase.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Distribution Channel

This case study highlights four major points. First, Airbnb did something out of the box, which wasn’t possible via traditional marketing tactics.

Second, they realized that the distribution mechanism that they needed to hijack was Craigslist. Third, they used heavy technology base to back their growth strategy. Fourth, they took advantage of a temporary

opportunity that helped them to build a user base to grow and drive themselves forward.

Similarly, there are other cases

where the right distribution channel

has allowed startups to grow their

user base exponentially. You must

define your target audience very

carefully. Once you know your target

audience well, you can then go about

choosing the right channel through

which you can grow your user base.

AppSumo  is a distribution channel with





features the most innovative and

creative products and services.

Growth Hacks for 2017



Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors of your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. It allows

you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

[_ 70% of website visitors who are retargeted _]

_with display ads are likely to convert on your _

_website. _

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter allow you to improve your remarketing ads further by giving an option to customize your target audience. You can choose audience based on their interests, age, life events, job titles etc. Such remarketing ads with highly targeted audience list is bound to give you better results. Growth hackers from around the world are using more remarketing ads compared to traditional ads on Google and social media channels.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Beta List

If you are coming up with a new product or service, it is crucial to advertise your startup to early adopters who are ready to provide

feedback. This valuable feedback can help you improve your final

product and allow you to experiment new possibilities.

When you submit your startup to a beta list, you get 3 main things out of it. First, you get early adopters. Second, you get early marketing among your niche audience. Third, you might get investors for your product. They keep a constant eye on such lists and invest in some of the interesting ideas.

Some of Beta lists sites to look for:

1. BetaList

2. ErliBird

3. HackerNews

Similarly, there are other websites which might help you get the early feedback. We will go into detail about these later in this book, but it’s recommended you use websites which only focus on beta tests.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Not only it can help you reach new audience, a trusted influencer can also lend credibility to your brand and make it easier for you to build trust with his or her followers.

[_ Over 80% of Marketers find Influencer _]

[_Marketing campaigns effective. That’s _]

_because the relationship began with trust in _

[*“ *] _the influencer. _

The rapid growth of social media has brought in a new breed of

communication that has the ability to connect with consumers in a

more natural way – all the more important as people become

increasingly turned off by pushy forms of advertising.

Invite influencers to try your service or product. Feature them on your website. Tools like Followermonk  by Moz makes it easy to find relevant influencers by topic and location on Twitter. This is a great way to build a list of potential influencers to target.

Growth Hacks for 2017


A/B Tests

Google once ran an A/B test for 50 variations of color blue on their call-to-action button, just to find the highest converting shade. Similarly, you need to run series of A/B tests to find out what your audience likes the most. You can run A/B tests for different channels, like your landing pages, email campaigns, product trials, etc.

Image source: vwo

You can use 2-3 different subject lines for your email campaign and see which one had better open rate and click through rate. Accordingly, you can try different variations of landing pages and see which one gained most clicks on the call-to-action buttons you placed. Tools like

Optimizely  and Google Optimize do a fantastic job at running A/B tests and provide great analysis.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Double Loop Referral

Most business leaders intuitively believe that referrals are the best possible leads. Referral marketing, sometimes also called word-of-mouth marketing, is just people purchasing products based on someone else’s opinion or influence. It’s a powerful marketing channel because people trust the opinions of other people in their lives and people they respect, whether that be family, friends, social media influencers or big stars.

[_ 69% of businesses running referral _]

_marketing said they have experienced _

_faster time to close, _

[*“ *] [_ 59% reported higher lifetime value and _]

[_ 71% have seen higher conversion rates _]

Referral marketing campaigns give amazing results with minimum

investment of your efforts. It benefits all 3 of you, your clients, the new referral and you, so it’s a win-win for everyone. To understand how referral marketing actually works, have a look at this simple infographic

by ReferralCandy.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Viral Signups

Everyone wants their content to go viral, but there’s no guarantee that it ever will. Viral marketing is a strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for

exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence. Virality depends on two main things:

1. Having great content

2. Getting people to share that content

To encourage people to share your content, you need to incentivize it and make it easier for them to share. You should consider using

something like “Click to Tweet” . A better way to do this is by motivating users to tweet your content by using phrases like “Pay with a Tweet” .

This is known to improve the engagement significantly.

Kickofflabs  allows you to make dynamic landing pages with an easy drag and drop builder. These pages are specially designed for viral campaigns and are easy to use, make and share. Using such tools and services will help you get the viral signups needed for your business.

Growth Hacks for 2017


SEO Hacks

Earlier this year, google updated Penguin’s core search algorithm, which now runs in real time. With this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be highly visible. They also made it more granular, as it now devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than giving a hit to the ranking of the whole site.

These changes make SEO one of the most important areas to focus for your 2017 growth plan. It’s important to choose the right keywords and optimize your content around it. Also, your website landing pages

should be optimized for mobile view, as nearly 60% of Google searches are done using a mobile device now.

Keyword research is quite possibly the most important part of SEO. You cannot begin to plan for a campaign unless you know which phrases you are targeting. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush  and

Keywordtool.io  can help you easily accomplish this task.

Some of the basic things are SEO friendly URLs, h1 tags for your titles, broken link removal, relevant meta tags and description, image

optimization, schema.org  markup etc.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Using FullContact API

The FullContact Person API lets you add public social profile information to an email address, Twitter handle, phone number, or Facebook ID. It finds







demographics and social influence when queried by email address,

Twitter username or phone number. They also cover many types of

social networking sites like about.me, academia, behance and more, apart from the major ones.

This kind of information helps in understanding your contacts more effectively. You can also find their topics of interests, the languages they speak, their connections, location etc. These details will help you create highly personalized marketing campaigns for your contacts. You can send dynamic content depending on a person’s topic of interest and behavior or plan your campaigns depending on the contact’s time zone.

You could also customize your activities depending on the contacts’


Businesses that personalize web experiences see an average of 19%

increase in sales. Personalized marketing emails receive 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Data Capture Forms

Data capture forms are a great way to build your mailing list. The most crucial element of any landing page is the data capture or lead

generation form. Based on the data they fill in the form, you can

segregate the contacts in different lists. Later, these lists can be targeted using personalized marketing campaigns, as discussed earlier.

Services like Signupto  allow you to embed forms on your website and capture the relevant data. The subscriber data will be put straight into the chosen list that you have selected. SumoMe  contact forms is one of the most popular choice for capturing data from websites.

The formatting and design of your form has a direct impact on

conversion rates. Hence, these forms should be used wisely. It should be positioned in a section where users can directly view and fill details.

The form should only contain necessary data fields and the length of form should not be too long. Mention the privacy policy openly to the user, let them know how and when their contact details shall be used.

Finally, the submission button text can be edited according to the situation. Studies show that landing pages with buttons labeled

“Submit” actually have lower conversion rates than those that use other wording.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Create a PR List

Every new startup, product or even a new feature addition comes out with a press release. A press release, sometimes also know as news release, is an official announcement that a company issues to the news media. Creating a good press release is one task in itself and distributing the press releases to the right media channels is another.

One of the main reasons to use press release websites to send out your news releases is that they have a database of media that they distribute to, usually several hundred or thousand, which ensures the news has the widest reach possible.

Hey.press  allows you to find journalists relevant to your niche, and also helps in

gathering contact information. You can

also see the type of articles they write.

This gives you an upper edge while you

get in touch with them. Similarly, you can

use MuckRack,  which also helps you in finding and contacting top journalists with






Growth Hacks for 2017


Product Hunt

I am sure by now, almost everyone is aware of this website called

ProductHunt,  if not, you should start using this website soon.

ProductHunt allows you to share and discover new products that are entering the market. This is a community where people up vote the

products they like and based on that, the website ranks new top

products every day.

Products that rank well can expect

thousands of visitors to their site, if not

tens of thousands on the day that they are

featured, and a huge boost in the traffic

the following day if they make it to the

“Top 10” email the next morning.

This place becomes an important part of

your product growth plan. Featuring your

product on ProductHunt will help you to

get your product in front of the large









enthusiasts. There are many guides out there which can help you

understand the process of featuring the product on ProductHunt.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Online Competitions

Running contests and sweepstakes have

been a part of every brand’s marketing

strategy, but with the active social media

users increasing daily, these contests have

now more exposure to large audience and

have higher chances of getting better


Contests are a good way to build your fan

base. They have been proven to increase

the number of fans liking your page, in a

matter of short time. It also helps you interact with your target

audience in an effective way. Your audience can engage with your brand on a personal level. It’s also a good source of untapped data, as the participants don’t hesitate to share information with you to enter the contest.

Moreover, contests are amplified by the participants themselves, as participants will be inclined to share them through their social timeline, asking friends and family to support their entry. Websites like Gleam.io,

Wizehive  & Raffelcopter  help in running contests and giveaways. They help you create a competition, capture emails, redeem rewards and

maintain a smooth process for the participants.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Automated Email Workflow

Setting up automated email workflow is a key element of lead nurturing process (turning valuable leads to customers). When automated, a

series of automated emails will be sent based on a person’s behavior or contact information. You can trigger actions based on the information you have gathered and send the most appropriate mails to increase the chances of conversion.

This also saves a lot of your time and effort, as you don’t have to monitor each lead constantly and manually send emails. There are

many services that offer email marketing automation. Two of the best ones are HubSpot and MailChimp. Both the services provide a

comprehensive automated email workflow setup with great design

options. They allow you to integrate with different apps and web

services that you use every day, along with extensive reporting.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Brand Mentions

Keep a constant eye on all the updates about

your brand from the web and social media.

Monitoring this kind of data will help you

generate great insights about your brand,

product and your competitors.

Services like Mention  provide real time monitoring of all the brand mentions from

multiple channels like Google, Facebook,

Instagram & many more.

Similarly, you can use such kind of services to monitor sentiment

towards your brand or how your newly launched campaign or product is performing. You can use it for monitoring competitors strategy and learn how they are performing. It also helps in discovering influencers in your niche or people talking about your product.

It saves a lot of your time and quickly gives you insights about what people are saying about your brand and how your product is

performing. It also helps in improving the engagement with the


Growth Hacks for 2017


Video Series

Video is a powerful way to convey your brand message, promote your product, boost engagement and increase the overall engagement.

YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat are some of the most popular social media channels for video content with millions of views every day.

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions up to 80%. Also, 88% of visitors will stay longer on a site that has a relevant video displayed on the page. The use of video content in email marketing has proven to be very effective, leading to a 50% increase in CTR, and a 35%

increase in customer loyalty.

Live videos are in trend and will remain in

trend for 2017. People tuning to live streams

are increasing day by day. Periscope  offers live broadcasting service; many brands use it to

create video content like sneak peek, short

tweet embeds and live coverage of events or

press conferences.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Build Partnership

Setting up an affiliate marketing program is fairly easy, the returns can be amazing too. But if you want exponential growth for your products and services in the longer run, you should build long term relationships with multiple channels. You could partner up with others in the industry who talk about similar technologies or products.

Not only this encourages customers to try your services or products, but also gives a sense of superior brand image. Look for the companies, associations or community groups that have pre-existing relationships built with the clients you are trying to get to.

For example, if your business is decorative landscaping, contact

potential partners such as interior decorators or home builders. If a consumer is spending money building a new house or decorating inside, he or she will likely be interested in landscaping as well.

Obviously, it should be win-win situation for both the parties, so create a plan in such a way that even your partners are motivated to help you promote your product and service.

Growth Hacks for 2017


Exit Surveys

Taking criticism is hard, but it can be one of the most effective ways to improve your product. Getting to know why your customer or target

audience cancels out on you is very important. Exit survey is the best means to accomplish this task. The data collected in these surveys are one of the mot valuable data your business will ever need for growth.

You can simply take the surveys via emails, however many automated services for this purpose have come up in recent times. SurveyMonkey

offers solution to easily build and share surveys. They also have good reporting features that will help you to derive great insights.

You can A/B test your surveys and

finalize an optimized survey with the

right questions that will get you the

maximum amount of insightful data.

With this kind of data at your disposal,

you can improve your product and

provide a better customer experience

and achieve huge success for your


Growth Hacks for 2017


Guest Blog

Yes, we all know about this one. It has been there since medieval age and trust me, it will be there till eternity. This is one of the powerful aspects of growing your business. With the right kind of content and the right website or blog, your post can do wonders for you and your


Research thoroughly about where your target audience go to read

content. Look for the best blogs in your niche that have high authority.

Create an equally amazing content which is rich in information and at the same time interesting for your readers. Reach out to the blogs and pitch your content idea and tell them how their readers will benefit from it.

The technique of guest blogging gives

great exposure to your name and your

business. It gives you highly targeted

visitors to your website, which are

potential leads too. It also counts as a

high authority backlink for your website,

which improves your organic search


Growth Hacks for 2017



As Sean once said, product without growth has no impact on the problem that its founders initially set out to solve. It’s not until an effective product has rapid growth that the business actually makes a dent in the problem.

You need to focus on the hacks that will help you drive growth for your business. There is no fixed strategy through which you will achieve the rapid growth, you have to experiment with different types of hacks available or create one of your own.

This is a comprehensive book of 20 such hacks, feel free to explore more hacks and let me know if you find something interesting.

Raj Bhatt








experimenting with new ideas as and when they

flash through his mind. He has extensive hands on

experience in all things marketing and has been in

the industry for long enough to know how things

work. You can find Raj on Twitter (@rajbtw) or


Growth Hacks for 2017



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Growth Hacks for 2017


Growth Hacks for 2017

Everyone wants their product to go viral, acquire millions of users, but don’t really know how to go about and make it happen. That’s where Growth Hacking comes in to the picture. It focuses on rapid growth of your business or product in the most effective ways, using different kinds of techniques that show amazing results. This is a comprehensive guide featuring twenty growth hacks that will help you grow your business in the coming year. Each hack is a standalone guide in itself and comes with tools that will help you achieve the growth.

  • ISBN: 9781370683109
  • Author: Raj Bhatt
  • Published: 2017-05-05 11:50:14
  • Words: 3793
Growth Hacks for 2017 Growth Hacks for 2017