God's Plan For Surviving the Money Crisis

Come Find God’s Plan for Surviving the Money Crisis You Can Make It . You can Adjust to the Changes Life throws at you ! Your Life is Not over , It is Just beginning ! Adapt , Grow , Stretch , Try , Discover What you are Good At !! Find out Just How Creative You Really Are ! You Just Need A Source of Supply that Never Fails .You Need A New Plan ! You can Learn so much in the stormy sea that you would never get the chance to Discover if all your seas were calm. You learn about yourself and your partner. You find out who your real friends Are . I have found the hard times are when I learn the Most about God as well . How Faithful He Has Been all my life. I have lived all over the United States , I went to 27 schools as a kid in 14 states , slept on picnic tables and watched radiation leak from a Nuclear Test in Vegas . I have been without a home on major holidays and I have been very successful in business. Through All the Storms I am Thankful I found God , or God Found me :)

  • ISBN: 9780463359006
  • Author: Len Parsons
  • Published: 2018-07-24 03:20:05
  • Words: 4553
God's Plan For Surviving the Money Crisis God's Plan For Surviving the Money Crisis