" God's 007"? Installment Two : Open Letter To Angelina Jolie


God’s 007”?

Installment Two

Open Letter To Angelina Julie

Copyright 2017


Namref H.Tims

Table Of Contents



Chapter 1 Prelude To Dream Encounter

Chapter 2 Dream Encounter



For those of you have not read Installment One, let me offer this brief recap. I was having personal problems, decided to correspond with a world infamous psychic. When I mentioned I had experimented with paranormal abilities,” She” unexpectedly replied :

“You are sent by the ‘Supreme Forces Of The Universe’ from time to time….. by this I mean : “ I don’t think you are a Normal Person….”

Although I found this statement unexpected and alarming-- I also found this equally appalling : Simple acts of kindness and maturity were beheld as “off the chart” by well-educated and principled people.

I had not planned for this to be Installment Number Two. Instead I had planned to submit it as an Essay or New Age category. However , an Inner Voice gently convinced me this is Installment Two.

We will explore to some extent those “paranormal abilities” that prompted the psychic to consider me an “abnormal person”.

The first installment was published as a free download at “Shakespir.com”. I decided to publish via “Shakespir Premium catalogue” in an attempt to reach more people. This necessitates I charge a nominal fee of 99 cents.

I believe your 99 cents will be well-spent. If it were up to me, I would give a money back guarantee. However, I am finding out this is not easily done in the publishing world.

But don’t fret , your 99 cents will be most likely donated to the homeless and disenfranchised people of the world. I see them on almost a daily basis.

Chapter 1 Prelude To Dream Encounter

[* Dear Angelina -- *]

I wrote a letter to your ‘Twitter Account’— you never responded. Actually, I never expected you would. The first reason: You have thousands, maybe millions of followers on Twitter. The second reason: It seems nowadays you will NOT stand out unless you are Outrageously Rude. Witness our current President as a benefactor. I also saw the same phenomenon with the Oprah Winfrey Show. It seems Oprah gave preference to people that openly, severely bashed her. “ Sixty Minutes” is a slightly different story. They have shown letters with both positive and negative feedback. However, it still seems, the Outrageously Rude garner their unfair share of attention.

It is NOT my personality or purpose to be Outrageously Rude for attention.

But I am Puzzled why you appeared in my Dream about 5 days before you announced your upcoming divorce from Brad Pitt. It was September 19, 2016 last year on a Monday following the Emmys. The journalist on “Inside Edition” speculated you wanted to wait until after the award show to avoid some kind of media storm, controversy or conflict.

But before you dismiss me as a lunatic , con artist, internet scam artist—let me give you a little bit of my history.

I am a writer. My pen name is Namref H. Tims. However, this letter to you is no publicity stunt. It is a genuine attempt to understand why our paths crossed in “Dream Land”, where incidentally, everyone is [EQUAL !

Before we return to our “Dream Encounter”, I would like to share some other prophetic dreams with you.

The first concerns the late-great Muhammad Ali. Actually, this was NOT a dream but a Vision.This occurred in October 1980 three to four hours before the ‘’Ali – Homes fight”. I was standing at my locker preparing to leave work . Within my mind for a split second , I saw a newspaper headline. It read “ Eleventh Round TKO”. Problem with this : I only saw that portion of the headline. I did not see the winner.

At the same instant I saw this headline, I got a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. Literally, and metaphorically, my “gut feeling” was that Ali had lost. You see , I was an Ali fan. I was very much concerned about Ali in this fight. I read that he suffered from myxedema and was taking a drug to help him lose weight. Why would Ali, suffering from serious medical condition , climb back in the ring? Reputedly , some states would not sanction the fight with Holmes. Not only did Ali have a serious medical condition—At age 38 , Ali was old. Ali was not penniless , but apparently felt he needed the money.

But why Holmes, a great fighter and very dangerous opponent for him, albeit an ex-sparring partner of many years prior?

I felt a “connection” with Ali. I had met him four years earlier, when he was in Houston filming the movie , “The Greatest”. I was an extra at ringside and got briefly acquainted with Ali.

Of course, the next day the newspaper read: “Holmes Defeats Ali By Ali in Eleventh Round TKO”. Ali sat on his seat at the end of the tenth round when Angelo Dundee threw the towel in the ring before the start of the eleventh round. Ali dehydrated from the drug , lost badly.

Something else significant happened that night: On the way home from work, I threw a rod in my car engine. Yep. I had foreseen Ali’s lost. I had not foreseen my own misfortune. In a sense my car was also dehydrated. I had rigged something to hold my coolant in place. It felt apart. I lost fluid from the radiator. The car over-heated and threw an engine rod.

So one might say : “ What kind of prophetic talent is this….of what use is it?”

Fair questions.

If I had been a “betting person”, probably could have made a decent amount betting on my hunch – betting against Ali-- calling the exact round ala Muhammad Ali-style. This was something I did not want to do.

Even if I knew Ali as a close friend, would I have been able to persuade him not to fight?

Most likely not.

When my mind on these occasions jump forward in what quantum physicists call “the arrow of time”, it is sporadic and unplanned.

It appears that Emotion is a key or perhaps the KEY ingredient in these mini quantum leaps in time.

This talent or ability proved fruitless in this instance.

On another occasion I had a prophetic dream. This was a full-fledged affair, rather than a split second vision that flashed acrossed the screen of my mind.

The dream concerned a married couple that were close friends of my long time, long distance girlfriend. Notice, I did NOT say they were my friends. They were Rachel’s ( pseudonym) friends.

The couple were both Asian Americans. The husband’s father was Irish and his mother Japanese. Rob ( pseudonym) did not talk about his father much. He did say mention he was a Army veteran. An alcoholic, who was sometimes abusive to his mother—hence , the estranged relationship.

The wife, Ruth ( pseudonym) parents were the reverse. The mother was Irish and the father was Japanese. Ruth did not seem to have any issues with her parents. At least nonething she commented about.

I got along with Rob fairly well but I sensed conflict with Ruth. Ruth was subtle. On one occasion we were invited over for dinner. When Ruth served me she immediately tore a Bounty wipe. It was so swift, it was as if she slapped me with it. When she served Rachel, she did not go through the same motion. Subtly, it was if she was saying to me :

“Here take this Bounty wipe….don’t mess up my table you slob….”

I also noticed what appeared to be some underlying tension between Rob and Ruth. When we were admiring their furniture, in particular their futon. Bob made a crack to me ….

“ Go ahead…. enjoy it…. sleep on it… whatever you like… I’m not getting any use out of it….”

I just sort of chuckled but I did not think he was joking. Rob was a witty guy. Rachel took this little verbal jab as another one of his witticisms.

Rob and Ruth had bought a home in Houston. Ruth and Rachel both worked for a company that required them to re-locate periodically.

Also prominent was a “to do list” for Rob pinned on the refrigerator door.

Maybe it is a “guy thing”. I sensed that all was not well in Camelot. Rachel , however, thought I was over-analyzing.

Eventually Ruth’s issues with me surfaced when Rachel re-located to Tulsa. She invited Rob and Ruth down for Thanksgiving. My oldest was not too far away at Oklahoma Univ. at Norman , Oklahoma. We invited he and his girlfriend down also.

The six of us, were sitting around at Thanksgiving dinner. Somehow the subject of academics came up. I related to them that thirty years ago I had taken the SAT for a close friend. The friend had scored 670 the first time(1600 was the maximum score at that time) and was afraid of being drafted in the military. I was home on military leave. I took the test for him and his score almost doubled. I was speaking about it in a light hearted fashion when Ruth erupted.

“You are a Cheater…… there I said it….. I think you are a Cheater….”

Rob and I exchanged glances.

“Say anything you want to her…” Deadpanned Rob.

Finally, Ruth’s feelings had come to the surface and met me head on.

Instead of taking offense to Ruth calling me a Cheater in front of my son and his girl friend – I tried to reason with her.

“It was my intention to keep my friend from being drafted…not to cheat..”I offered.

Ruth countered : “ Why didn’t you tutor him “?

I cannot recall much of the conversation after this.

Bottom Line : Cheater or not, my friend got drafted after his grades dropped.


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" God's 007"? Installment Two : Open Letter To Angelina Jolie

Over the years I have prophetic dreams and visions. This ONE was a Total Surprise. Angelina Jolie decided to join me in Dream Hyper Space.

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