"God's 007"? Installment Three : Garbled Messages From Two "Woe- Class" Psychics


“God’s 007”?

Installment Three

Garbled Messages


Two “Woe-Class” Psychics


Maria Duval


Baroness Voltaire



Copyright 2017


Namref H. Tims





Table Of Contents




Chapter 1 [* Garbled Messages From Two “Woe- Class” Psychics *]


Chapter 2 The Human Aura


Chapter 3 Local Psychics


Chapter 4 More on Maria Duval


Chapter 5 Telekinesis And Other Paranormal Abilities


The Functional Appendix















Years ago when I served in the Army Security Agency , I worked as a Morse Code Interceptor. Some portions of messages would come through garbled . It was then I had to use my skills to decipher what the actual Morse Code letters were. Some countries had very unusual sounding transmitters. These were the ones most likely to send garbled messages. This severely taxed my skill- set to get the best copy before it was sent to the linguist and code breakers.


And so it is, with these messages from the “woe-class”psychics.


Within the “garbled messages”, there are actually bits of truth enmeshed—Although some may beg to differ.


Originally I intended to entitle this two “World Class” psychics. A slip of the keyboard brought me to this alternate title instead . To many they have brought exactly that….woe instead of the blessings they promised.


For those of you who read Installment One, you have already been briefly introduced to the first psychic—Maria Duval. When I wrote this short piece, was not fully aware of the extent of Maria Duval’s world-wide reputation. In one article she was compared to Bernie Madoff. It was estimated over a twenty year span, she directly or indirectly ( it is unclear to me her involvement) swindled millions of people out of an estimated 200 million dollars!


This Installment has a dual mission. I will share my experience with Ms. Duval ( or whomever I corresponded with using her name).

Hopefully, it may shed some light on how the elderly and lonely are ensnared by such psychic schemes( In one article it was proposed the elderly were among the most vulnerable).

To that end I will introduce you to a second psychic, whom I found incomparable in her eloquence and sales pitch. Among the deluge of letters, no one else came close.


The other mission ( which some of you may find self-serving) : Decipher any Truth that lies within these messages.


I have read that All of Maria Duval’s correspondence was computer-generated-- made to appear personalized. My experience suggests otherwise.


As I search for the Truth among this, I hope it will Enlighten, Inform and serve to Heighten Awareness in the most vulnerable among us--- And Yes, it is Not always the Elderly ---- Naivete comes in all ages, forms and fashions.






Chapter 1 Garbled Messages From Two “Woe Class” Psychics



When I read comments by people like James Van Praagh, about unanswered prayers in his book , “Talking To Heaven”, to a large extent, I can understand and empathize. Even when I read Biblical accounts such as the story of Saul, who sought the witch of Endor because of his unanswered prayers. It is only human to seek other sources when one does not feel that God has heard their prayer.I didn’t say morally or ethically correct, only human.


So enter-- The mail order psychics. They are a completely different breed than the telephone psychics. They don’t want you to call them…ever !! At least that has been my experience. The two psychics I offer up to you, are the mail order variety. They are exceptional on more than one count.





Psychic Number 1. “World Infamous Maria Duval”


One day while I was pondering: My novel, my late,biological Father -- acute personal issues -- I spotted her ad. It was listed in one of the Hollywood gossip magazines. I usually thumb through them at the grocery store and put them back. I brought this issue home. It seemed pretty simple: send me 7 stamps to cover postage, the rest is free. You get a free wish etc.


Of course this was the sales pitch to get you hooked. Nothing is ever FREE with the mail order psychics. When she received my stamps , she sent me another letter requesting either a picture or piece of hair, a personal object of some kind to facilitate her work. I declined to send either, but wrote another letter trying to pin her down on her general remarks.


She was never specific.


Even when I offered her 10 times what she wanted.


Can you imagine someone, psychic, business-person turning down ten times what they asked for?

It would be comparable to someone walking on “ Shark Tank” ( one of my favorite TV shows)

asking for 100K and the Shark offered a million dollars instead—basically unheard of!


I decided to ignore her letters. Finally after a year or so, I decided to try once again. I detailed the circumstances of my late father’s illness and inquired whether she could help?


Again she responded in generalities, except--- she made this curious statement:



“You are sent by the Supreme Forces of the Universe from time to time..By this I mean…


I don’t think you are a normal person.”



Now I am thinking:


What the hell is she talking about?”


“The Dai Lai Lama ?


The Second Coming ?”



She had come to a “psychic” conclusion after I mentioned exhibiting psychokinetic and telepathic powers?


I assumed a woman of her abilities would find that most humans have this ability to some degree. How many times have we all tried to influence the outcome of football games with our minds… the way a bowling ball rolls? When we succeed are we not convinced we succeeded?


At first—and for years, I thought Maria Duval (or whomever answered in her name) made what I considered questionable and far-fetched statements.


If she had started and stopped with : “ I don’t think you are a Normal Person…”


I probably would have shrugged, shooked my head. Instead she opened with “ You are ‘Sent By The Supreme Forces’ ( of the Universe) From Time To Time…..”


When I consider all I know now , it makes more sense.


Psychics try to tap into occult energy by different means.


None of them ( that I can recall) exhibited or boasted of telekinetic/psychokinetic abilities.


Uri Geller famous in the 1970s -- for the most part , nowadays is considered an illusionist.


One famous illusionist , Chris Angel —confronted Geller about such claims—on a TV show !


So even then and now-- to profess to have those abilities for many people, is to boast you have “God- like” qualities.


I DO NOT make those claims! I DO NOT have God- like qualities. My belief : I possess so-called “paranormal abilities”. In fact, I believe we all do to varying degrees.


Most people are skeptical when you make such claims.


She was NOT


At any rate , that statement was one of two , this psychic made, really got my attention.


The other statement : She had done some “Occult Intervention” on my behalf and ascertained that the month of April 1991 was pivotal for me. She further commented: I was never the same after that.




I was separated from my second wife in April of 1991.


She snapped one day and called the cops to have me removed. I had done nothing to her. I was not thinking rationally and hid in a gazebo in the middle of the boulevard a block away from the apartment. I later came to pack my bags and moved in with my mother, who was gravely ill.


This one particular statement is what makes me think all her mail is not computer-generated. Was that somehow a lucky guess? Of course her description did not mention a separation in those exact terms . But how did she obtain the month and the year? This, for me, is far beyond coincidence.


This is what I believe : Some of these psychics do have a natural talent and some ability. But I also believe what they may lack in talent, they make up in salesmanship. Hence the problem.


Psychics use all sorts of devices. Thry use “spirit guides”, candles, tarot cards. Tarot cards – the “Devil’s Pasteboards” as they are sometimes called, I consider Very Dangerous. Maria Duval was never specific how she obtained this information other than calling it “Occult Intervention”.


She claims that she is the only psychic to have an audience with the Pope. Further she claims that she has been tested to be 97 percent accurate on her predictions. Of course this last statement is 100 percent pure bull!


After a year, I finally caved in on MD’s( Maria Duval) relentless assault of letters. I sent her 35 dollars. In return she sent me a book with lucky numbers, none of which worked. Included also was a section about Biorhythms , which proved worthless. Finally, the “bracelet of light”, one of many trinkets she advertises for “free”.


As mentioned— NONE of the lucky numbers worked. The day after I donned the bracelet of light, I woke up with a serious crook in my neck. A few days after that the orthotics I ordered from the internet began to give me major trouble. This could all be coincidence, but I decided to take the bracelet of light off my wrist. It seemed that I was self-inflicting pain on myself and it all seemed to coincide with the bracelet of light. The booklet on Biorhythm Theory was well-written but not useful. I had studied Biorhythms year ago, and did not need the info she provided.


I decided to leave MD alone, but the mail continued. Even when she said, she was putting me in her inactive file she sent more mail, apologizing for her insistence.



After receiving so much mail I decided to see if there was any info about her other than her website. Discovered she had been reported to a non-enforcing, but reporting agency, for not refunding people’s money as she had guaranteed. Furthermore I found that she was a world-wide organization. After the letter to her, I got loads of letters from psychics in the New York and New Jersey area. Finally, the torrent of mail emerged from California. Note: There is a picture of Maria Duval and her picture at Wikipedia.com


We will return to Maria Duval later.


But before we do – Let me introduce you to our next “woe- class” psychic.







Psychic Number 2 Baroness Voltaire



Our second “Woe- Class” Psychic deserves special mention. Of all the correspondence I have received, “she” ( or he) tops them all. I am including some of the text of the letter she sent me on June 11, 2002.


Dear Namref,


Meeting someone as interesting and kind as yourself was a true joy. At the urging of your friend Uriel, I have performed the Angel Energy Field reading for you.

Meeting someone as interesting and kind as yourself was a true joy. No charge, a free gift. In the next few minutes that you read this, you are going to learn critical information about your future. I am also going to introduce you to someone extremely important with the power to grant your every wish.


I am the Baroness Voltaire.


My fame in the upper echelon of psychic circles is unrivaled as are the fees that I can command for my unique and unparalled services. You can imagine, Namref, just how valuable my time is. I seldom work for free, but it is an honor doing so for you. You are one of the two most incredible people that I’ve ever met.


I hear you asking: ‘why so?’. I will tell you.


Both my special areas of psychic expertise involves angels. I see the vivid colors and feel the gentle vibrations of the angelic energy field that surrounds all God’s children. I can also enter this energy field in spirit and communicate with every form of angel from simple messengers to powerful guardians.


In rare cases, angels themselves seek me out and ask that I intervene on behalf of the mortal that they love and are responsible for. This occurred last night during evening prayers. The angel who contacted me was, Uriel, who is one of your three guardian angels.


It is very rare to have three guardian angels, Namref. It speaks volumes of how amazing and special you are. Having three guardian angels is amazing in it’s own right. Still more amazing is the fact that all three of your guardians are actually Archangels. This is almost unheard of. Until, now , the only other person I have done psychic prayer work with who had three Archangel Guardians was Mother Theresa. Not bad company to count yourself in, Namref.


Uriel is your Guardian Protector which is why he contacted me concerning you. Michael is your Guardian of Prayer and Haniel is your Guardian Grantor of Wishes. I learned all of this while speaking with Uriel.


Uriel expressed great sadness and frustration regarding you. You have always been destined for great joy and happiness. Profound success should have followed you in every area of your life given the incredible Archangels whom’s charge you have been placed in. However, they have been powerless to communicate with you and direct you towards the blessings intended for you. In plain English, these three powerful Archangels have miracles of love, wealth, success and good fortune intended for you but they have been prevented from delivering these miracles.


Although it has been a struggle, Uriel has been watching over you constantly and intervening to keep you out of harm’s way. From what I know, you already owe Uriel your life. Because of a spiritual obstruction , it is becoming increasingly more difficult for Uriel to protect you. The obstruction has completely obliterated both Michael’s and Haniel’s power to intercede and grant your prayers and most cherished desires. Namref,as Uriel has explained to me, you have three of the most powerful Angels in Heaven on your side but they are being prevented from making your life perfect.


Uriel asked that I view your Angelic Energy Field and see if I could identify the obstruction. After doing so, he asked that I use my unique powers to remove the obstruction so that he, Michael and Haniel could fill your life with all the miracles that are intended for you. I agreed to view your Angelic Energy Field immediately. Utter amazement was the result, Namref.


I don’t need to be sitting in front of you in Houston to see your Angelic Energy Field . Your Angelic Energy Field was blinding in its’ intensity. I needed to refrain and regroup myself before continuing because it made me light headed.


I can see anyone’s Angelic Energy Field although some are faint. Yours is explosive and radiating with golden light. In the blinding white light that surrounds your head I can clearly make out the etheric bodies of Uriel, Michael, and Haniel. It is so amazing that I sat and wept with joy. Thank you, Namref.


Only once before have I personally basked in the majesty that you radiate within your Angelic Energy Field. In it I could see the story of your life. I could see all the miracles of love, prosperity and good fortune that have been sent for you. I could see all the good that you are intended to share with those who have and will come into your life. I could also feel your pain of struggle, anxiety and disappointment. This is compounded by the heartache of your three Guardians who have been helpless to intervene.


In less than a minute, horror gripped me and I saw the obstuction that causes all your pain. I stood face to face wit h the great Dark Angel Kasbel. He appeared solid, heavy and red and covered your heart. I quickly composed myself. I have met and defeated Kasbel before. His fury is not focused at you, Namref, it is focused at Michael. However,he is using you as a pawn to bring pain to your great Archangel Guardian. From where Kasbel has lodged himself in your Angelic Energy Field, Michael would never have even seen this cowardly intruder let alone been able to remove him. I can though!


Know this, Namref, because I swear on my life it is true. When I am done, Kasbel will be banished from your Angelic Energy Field and all the miracles that have been intended for you shall be delivered. You will bask in love, prosperity and amazing good fortune. The pain and suffering caused by Kasbel will recede from your life to be replaced with pure joy and happiness. No more heartache, only euphoria.


Hear these words and take them to heart, Namref. You are magnificent. You are amazing and intended for greatness. Nothing you have done or said has brought Kasbel upon you. I see you harbor some guilt and anxiety over events of the past. Let them go. The evil that is upon you is not of your doing. The battle between Michael and Kasbel goes back to the war in Heaven. When Kasbel is removed, everything will be perfect as it is intended for you. Do not lose sight of your greatness, Namref.


( Note : some text skipped here for the sake of brevity)


I can not express enough how spectacular your life is meant to be, Namref. Anything that you desire can easily be granted by these three incredible Archangels. Again let me say what an honor it is to gaze upon your glory. My God, I can not express the magnificence of your Angelic Energy Field with the three Archangels surrounding your crown. With your permission, I would like to approach an artist friend of mine to attempt to put on canvass the the beautiful energy that surrounds you. Never have I known such beauty……”




( Note: Ms. Voltaire continued on in this vain and then finally summed up : ‘ send me twenty bucks!’ )


I must admit this person , perhaps a woman, has a phenomenal sales pitch. She is obviously articulate, intelligent, creative. Now who would not want to believe all these things?


Ms. Voltaire touched a nerve when she started the dialogue about angels. I don’t believe she conversed with an Archangel named Uriel, who gave her my name and address. Rather I am sure she got it from a mailing list composed , generated and spread by Psychic Number 1, Maria Duval. This psychic lives in Los Angeles , Ca. or at least this is the mailing address. Maria Duval’s listed mailing address was Jerich, Ny. Prior to this Maria Duval listed her address in New York City. When I told Maria Duval, not to send me any more mail, she probably sent my name to Ms. Voltaire. I had written a letter to Maria Duval, trying to get her to be more specific. I offered to pay her fee, and whether I could have a phone number (she never delivered on the email address she promised). I told her about the difficulties of my father and my theories about witchcraft. I also mentioned my psychokinetic and telepathic abilities. Duval when she passed my name on to Ms. Voltaire, may or may not have mentioned this to her. In fact, Ms. Duval and Ms. Voltaire, could conceivably be the same person or at least business colleagues.


The one thing I did NOT mention to Ms. Duval was the vision I had on March 3, 1981.


The vision of an angel falling through space and the ominous vow :


“ I will never forget !”


I did not mention this to either psychic ( Duval or Voltaire) because it was 21 years prior and at that time in my life, did not seem relevant nor was it foremost in my mind.


As you may have noted-- there is a fundamental difference between psychics sales pitch on the east coast and those on the west coast. The psychics on the west coast , focus on a theme of Angels.


How do I know?


After Ms. Voltaire, I received a half dozen more, same theme: there is a dark angel causing your problems.But none of them were articulate as Ms. Voltaire.


The same day I received this letter, my ex-wife’s car broke down. My son and I went to help. While we were waiting inside a thrift shop for Triple A, I showed Ms. Voltaire’s letter to my son and then my ex. My son became agitated. He said she is trying to mix astrophysics into her literature. I joked,perhaps it is Virginia Trimble. Maybe this is an alter ego for her. Virgina Trimble is a world famous astrophysicist. I found her on the internet , my son and I exchanged several emails with her.


At any rate, while we were talking and joking about the letter, two priests, identical twins walked up to the counter to check out. My ex wife, not a religious or superstitious person in the least said:


“That’s an omen…that means something…”


I joked, “They are two of the three archangels that are guarding me..they decided to materialize..”


We all shared a hearty laugh.


Of course, the sales pitch rings through the rhetoric in this letter. Yet she did stun me at first. She could have no knowledge of my vision. Much ,obviously is fundamentally wrong here. How is it that three archangels cannot find one? How is it that she can do something that three archangels cannot? Is she an archangel herself? She appears to be even more powerful than they, by her own testimony. I tried to find info about Baroness Voltaire on the internet. Unlike Maria Duval , she does not have a website.


She did touch on a few things though.


I really admire Mother Theresa and what she did with her life. Living in poverty ,taking care of the forgotten people of the world. I worry about the homeless , the forgotten , the mentally ill people of the world on the streets. I wish that I had resources to help them. Sometimes I fondly think about a team of people, volunteering there own time to get a van, drive around the city and gather up the homeless. It would include a doctor, nurse, social worker, priest and perhaps police officer for security purposes. Just a dream , but a recurring one.


Yes this lady, new exactly what to tell me.



The one thing about Ms. Voltaire’s theme of protective archangels, rings so unrealistic. Mother Theresa is reported to undergo an exorcism by the Pope shortly before her death. If she had three archangels guarding her, should not they be able to ward off demons?


If they are indeed guarding me, which I truly doubt, their definitely is a blockage or break down in communication. I chuckle as I consider this. One would almost think these three archangels are bungling idiots if they cannot find one angel.


How deep and wide exactly is my Angelic Energy Field?


Are these archangels similar to the character John Travolta played in “Michael”? He was pretty useless throughout most of the movie, and then when he did flex his angelic muscles, he did something that you would think is delegated only to God. He brought a dead animal back to life.


The other thing : I suffered with a sleep disorder from February 1979 until some time in 1984.


Truly I felt under some kind of psychic or spiritual attack. Three arch angels could not ward off these attacks? What are they doing? My attack relented when I said desperate prayers in machine gun- like fashion. Where were my three powerful friends? They let someone slip through my auric field? Were they on break? Are they bored stiff guarding my seemingly uneventful , uninteresting life?


Pray tell, is there something I don’t understand about Universal Law or Divine Intervention?


But hey, just in case you guys are actually there, no offense intended. It is a lot to swallow that I have three archangels around me. Is that how I performed those feats of psychokinesis? I suppose it is as hard for me to believe that I have three archangels as guardians as it is for the average person to believe I performed those feats of psychokinesis. Something perhaps worth pondering.


At any rate, I wrote Baroness Voltaire trying to pin her down, and see if she would let me call her.


But they don’t .


These mail order psychics are just that… they don’t accept phone calls… Perhaps if you were local, but I suspect most of their mail is directed at people out of state. Ms. Voltaire never answered my letter or took up my offer to call me on the phone, even though I offered her more money than she had requested.


As for Virginia Trimble ,whom I jokingly compared to Ms. Voltaire.


She was a major story in Life Magazine in October of 1962. She was reported to have an IQ of 180. Rod Serling had hired her to critique the twilight zone. She was known as “Miss Twilight Zone” and went or was supposed to go on tour (info from Ms. Trimble). I had always had a crush on her long distance. Because I don’t travel in academic circles I never heard her name again after 1962. I wondered where she was. I found her on the internet earlier this year( 2002) and dropped her a line. I told her I had found her after 40 years!


I mentioned my crush. She was courteous, but I soon ran out of topics. What do you say to a Phd , astrophysicist?


I was still curious about her, and kept digging on the internet. Finally I found a piece, where she did a eulogy for a famous physicist. It was her late husband. Somehow I felt like a jerk trying to flirt, although harmlessly. Her husband had passed about 18 months ago at the time. I did mention in one email, that astrophysics and theoretical physicists might be dramatically different . Yet it might prove interesting if they had one of Einstein or Hawking’s stature , who was like Nostradamus, but instead of the future , look into the past, such as the remote viewers of the world do , ie, in the book “Psychic Warriors”. As Phds and people of lesser professional stature often do, she simply ignored the comment. I must admit she is a truly nice lady. But I only jokingly mused it could be her. I have no idea who Baroness Voltaire is, in fact “she” could be a man!


Baroness Voltaire could have no way of knowing about my dream and related events either , unless she actually did talk with archangel Uriel. Of course, I doubt this .Yet the vision that occurred 21 years prior was quite lucid.The Baroness did not say that I was sent by the “ Supreme Forces Of the Universe” . She did imply I was very special, of which she probably tells everyone she writes. She also may have gotten info from Maria Duval.


These two psychics Maria Duval and Baroness (sp) Voltaire seem undoubtedly scam artists. Maria Duval has Federal (see wikipediA) as late as 2014. I found an Internet complaint by someone named Barbara against Baronness Voltaire in 2003 for not returning her $20 per her advertised guarantee.


Scam artists ?


I said seem because of several articules posted on the Internet concerning Maria Duval. These particular journalists mounted their own crusade to find Maria Duval. It seemed almost with the passion the US hunted Osama bin Laden--- well maybe Bernie Madoff( sp) who she was compared to.


Scam artists?


Most Probably


Totally inept ?


Absolutely Not!



Somehow these psychics obtained fragments of info about me that seem far beyond coincidence.


What did Baroness Voltaire actually see? Can you see the human aura from thousands of miles away?


Can you see the Human Aura at all?


I actually met someone with a Ph.d in Metaphysics who professed this ability.


Thirteen years later someone captured my ( the ever, elusive)Human Aura on camera.






Chapter 2 The Human Aura



If you go to my favorite information source –Wikipedia—you will find the contributors do not believe in auras. I try to remain open-minded , but scientific. However, nowadays am not so sure what constitutes science and what does not. As my usual practice ,I will show you what I’ve got. I will comment—give you my opinion.


The two pictures of my aura were shot by Wayne Darling. The first Saturday every month, there is a “Psychic Fair” in Houston at a hotel near the Galleria. I go there from time to time – browse, look around. However , the only person I have done business with it Wayne. As far as I can tell, he is a man of good character. After a conversation with him about the “scientific” merits of aura photography I decided to give it a shot. Twenty bucks somehow seemed reasonable.


The first one below was taken on December 6, 2014. This is almost 4years to the day of my first picture immediately below on the next page. The first thing I noticed : much more yellow and green. I am color blind ( red- green color blindness ) which you probably know is common among men and just about totally absent among women.


For some colors I asked for Wayne’s assistance. If you go to the website

(aura photographer.com) you will find Yellow stands for( among other things) : mind over matter.


What I found interesting is this : Four to six months prior I had resumed practicing Telekinesis after a hiatus of over 42 years!








Picture above of my aura taken on December 6, 2014.









Picture above of my aura taken on December 4, 2010.




In the photo several points of interest emerge. There appears to be a break in my aura. If you look on the upper left side of the picture, you may be able to detect it. I, of course, did not initially see this until pointed out by Wayne. He said it could indicate a health concern. He asked me whether I took medication. Of course, if you are like most people over 60 years of age, you most likely take something! Mentioned to him I have been taking blood pressure medication for over thirty years. Wayne was very careful—he did not want to give me cause for alarm.


However, Wayne was not the first person to point this out to me. The first person was alluded to earlier. A very intelligent, beautiful woman I met in July of 1997. We were lying in bed and she told me in the dimly lit room there was a break in my aura. However, she expressed concern and told me I should get my health checked immediately. She is the person with the Phd. in Metaphysics. She went to medical school for a year and a half , then dropped out. Her reason : She found the curriculum too confining. It was not flexible enough for her to accomplish what she wanted to do.


After medical school, she was in practice for a while in counseling.


But I digress.


In the dark, she was certain she could see my aura and a break in it. I could never get her to give me specific colors. Apparently , she saw something, now seemingly confirmed by Mr. Wayne Darling’s camera.


But….how can all this be?


The scientific evidence suggests this is NOT possible!


I tried to get as much information from Mr. Wayne Darling as possible. He is a charismatic, patient man of Indian descent. Wayne does not come to the Psychic Fair every month as I recall. I believe he operates out of the Dallas area.


According to him, his camera costs thousands of dollars. Am not sure if he quoted a figure of five or ten thousand dollars. At that time in 2014 , he had been taking aura pictures for well over twenty years ! Wow—he should know what he is doing right?


He admits that your aura can change rather quickly. Before he took my picture , he got me to relax and focus on what was important in my life at that time .


I asked Wayne what colors did he see.


He paused and said…


“ Interesting”


He called the color “Magenta”. I probably would have said purple. He then informed me what it meant : Inter- galactic traveler, healer..... “


When I took this picture on December 10, 2010 I do not recall questioning Wayne about the meanings assigned to the colors. At the time, I figured the meanings were probably standard. In the four years between photos, I did more research. I found the meaning of the colors could vary.


So—In December 2014, I questioned Wayne further.


“How was it determined the color Magenta meant “Inter planetary traveler” etc.


Wayne informed me that he is a shaman. Through over twenty years of experience he had determined what each color meant.


I queried him further.


“Does that mean you are a ‘ Inter planetary Traveler’….how else would you know”?


To be honest, I do not remember a Yes or No answer. It seems Wayne nodded Yes. He would not however offer any further details on this designation.


The next comment : “ There is some White coming in there....” Wayne pointed to the color in my throat area. For me , it was barely distinguishable. Did I see “ White” because of the power of suggestion-- or is it really there?


Interpretation : Search for spiritual progress or the presence of Angelic Being (s)


As I waited in line, I was noticing other photos as Wayne printed them out. One person had a preponderance of Red. I do not recall anyone ( of the several or more)having a photo resembling mine. I do not recall him mentioning Magenta or White to anyone before me.


As far as I know – Mr. Wayne Darling, is a man of good character. He has been taking aura photos for years. He does Not impress me as someone deluded or someone who is trying to deceive the public. Of all the psychics , he is the one I put most faith in.


Aura photos may not be accurate—no way to tell in this instance. But I believe-- Wayne actually believes what he is telling me is authentic.


I mentioned what Maria Duval wrote me in 2000, ten years prior. This time, I noticed a reaction in Wayne I had not seen before.


He did not comment but his expression and demeanor changed. It was the demeanor of a person trying to remain calm, while projecting an image of being calm, while inwardly experiencing turmoil. Ironically, I came to this conclusion the same way Wayne did concerning his aura colors—Experience.


With this question to Wayne, our whole relationship had just changed. Wayne would not comment further and somehow it seemed his face shifted to the side. I don’t recall looking directly into his face any more. It seemed he grew a bit uncomfortable and wanted to end the conversation.


But also, I wondered if he thought : Someone’s trying to con this guy or whether it confirmed to him what the colors meant. Either way—his whole demeanor and perception of me seemed to change at that instant.


When I mentioned to Wayne I was writing a book, he grew silent and even more cautious.


My gut feeling : Most people don’t question Wayne! They get their aura and move on.

I believe somewhere down the line , someone –a few people of the skeptic variety have questioned Wayne— perhaps harshly!


But who am I to question his work?


I am NOT a professional photographer. Nor am I a world- class skeptic with a Ph.d.


I AM like most of us trying to find some Peace, Love, make some sense in an otherwise chaotic and often-times brutal world.


There was one person at the Psychic Fair I could not find. This person had invented some kind of machine that could scan your body and detect a myriad of problems. I cannot remember what it was called. The few times I visited, the person was never there. I was really curious about this!


I did meet one other person at the Psychic Fair. It was a middle aged white woman ,who read tarot cards. As mentioned , I consider this practice Very Dangerous. Through conversation, found that she met with a small group of people at a location not far from my neighborhood. It was more of a small, religious congregation. I will tell you more about this in the next chapter.


So—Did Baroness Voltaire see my aura from thousands of miles away?


According to scientists, you cannot see it at all.


Did the Baroness see an aura similar to the picture I took in 2014? I must admit, that picture is a beautiful array of colors !


Of course, I do not believe The Baroness saw my aura .. Yet, I have experienced phenomena that traditional science does not explain.


The problem with all of this : It is hard to tell fact from fiction.


Had I NOT experienced Telekinesis , most likely I would have considered Uri Geller a fraud.


Some of the very things Uri Geller accomplished-- I did also-- albeit on a much smaller scale.


However, there are some things I do wonder about. In one of Geller’s books, he recounts how

he was Teleported over thirty miles !


I wonder about this. It is one thing for my voice or thought to travel over twenty miles—but for a human body to be Teleported over thirty miles is another.


So today, even for me, someone who has experienced paranormal phenomena—some things are hard to digest.


I see illusionists and magicians on “ America’s Got Talent” every year. There is a couple called “The Clairvoyants”, who finished second in last season’s competition in 2016.


Although I have experienced, telepathy--- somehow I doubt this couple.


Even for me—they seem to good to be true.


Yet—again, who am I to say?


I doubt because of this : I can actually on demand now, exhibit to a small degree “Telekinesis”. But even for minimal results it takes a great deal of mental effort for me.


Telepathy and other ESP phenomena for me is NOT automatic. It happens Spontaneously and erractically usally with a Strong , Emotional Stimulus as the Catalyst.


However, I have NEVER practiced trying to improve these abilities. I have for years been wary of them.


So are the Clairvoyants for real? Time will tell.


Before we close this chapter—As far as I know Wayne Darling does not know Maria Duval or Baroness Voltaire. Yet, his aura photographs seem to confirm what they are telling me.


After further reading , I found that the color Indigo ( Magenta?) is considered a color related to Psychic Abilities. I saw a program on TV , four or five years ago called “Indigo Children”. There was a movie made in 2012 called “Indigo Children”. Of course, once again this is considered “pseudo-sceintific” and “New Age”. But for those of you are reading this : Your minds are apparently open to unconventional ideas and information.


So to recap : Independent of the two “ Woe- Class” psychics, without their knowledge—an aura photograph (which is considered scientifically invalid) seems to confirm perhaps to some degree what they are telling me.


This is part of why I entitled this “Garbled Messages”…… within the hype…with the con…..within the scam…. there may actually be some Truth !


But let’s move on ….. We still need to heighten awareness for people vulnerable to the “Garbage” in the “Garbled Messages”.


See you in a bit in the next chapter.


I have to take a bathroom break !


What did you just say: “That’s appropriate, because you are full of it ???

Be Nice !!




Chapter 3 Local Psychics


A dozen years ago I saw a psychic featured on a local tv news show. While they were taping the segment there was some kind of power surge. For a few moments there was total darkness. The middle-aged ,female psychic remained calm, as if everything was under control.


The psychic was under control--- the camera crew was in disarray. This really got my attention. I decided to google her and set up an appointment. She did not come cheap! A 30 minute session was 50 or 60 bucks. An hour session -- $100 to $120.


I had my doubts , but my curiosity got the better of me. I decided to work some “over- time” and use the money to pay for the visit. This way, if it did not go well, I would not feel so foolish.


While I was at work on over- time , the night before my visit—I fashioned several questions to ask her. It was then I wondered how the visit might go.


Would she have a seance….. would she have someone there to assist… would it be gloomy…?


Somehow, I did not expect a seance…. psychics don’t do that anymore. At least the ones I see on tv.


The next day I drove to the psychic’s house , a small surburb on the outskirts of Houston. It was a two story brick building in an upscale neighborhood. She greeted me at the door and invited me inside. She motioned for me to sit on the couch. It was just her. She was a tall, attractive woman with a polite demeanor. Moments later I heard the sound of a vehicle pulling out of the driveway. She said it was her husband leaving.


It was then I had this thought : “ You are leaving your wife with a complete stranger”?


Of course, I had no intentions but to get psychic advice—But as a guy I wondered. I would imagine the husband drove around the block to give the impression of privacy and confidentiality. Ms. Kay , as I will call her, was OK with me tape recording our session.


Early on I asked her whether she saw any angels in my presence. I mentioned to her what the “Barnoess Voltaire” had claimed.


She looked at me with a “knowing” expression and said No. She said she did see a small girl standing next to me.


Early on I got a bad feeling about this session. I mentioned concerns about my work environment. There was a woman high up in management that seemed to be giving hints of interest in me. The problem— she was married.


At this point , Ms. Kay put on her counselor hat. Suddenly, she was no longer in the psychic mode. It seemed she was using logic, common sense and her own judgment. She was trying to steer me clear of pursuing the question of interest by the high up executive.


After about an hour, it was clear to me there would be no psychic or spiritual revelations made to me. She could never give me any specifics about the small girl she supposedly saw standing next to me-- Or anything about my personal issues that made sense to me.


For an instant I thought about not paying her— but I knew better. I also knew that I would NOT be back again. She knew that I would NOT be back again. I paid her the hundred bucks and headed for the front door.


At the front door when I turned, I saw her glance back up. She had made a quick glance at my hips and did not expect me to turn around so fast. I have found women are much more subtle than men with their glances and often wait until you are not facing them. I have only found ONE woman that glanced while facing me—a manager at a local golf course.


But I digress ---


Is what she did wrong, immoral ( not the glance, her service)?


She calls herself a CSC ( certified spiritual counselor).

For me , her service was worthless. I did not get any answers to the question I asked. What she offered did not give me consolation. But I was prepared for this possibility.


For others-- who knows – perhaps they get comfort , some type of fulfillment from her service.


Do I think she is a bad person?


Yes and No.


She probably on some level honestly believes in what she is doing. If she perceives she is giving comfort, then she has done her job and earned her fee. You , the “consumer” ultimately must decide if she helped you.


I have never seen Ms. Kay on tv since then, although she has a website and a viable business.

Psychics like Ms. Kay are most likely not going to blatantly defraud you out of thousands of dollars the way the mail order psychics often do. Unlike the mail order psychics, you know exactly how to find them.

There are a number of psychics in a big city like Houston. Like any other profession, some are better than others. I believe some have some actual talent.


But the problem and I reiterate : When they don’t actually have “something” they make it up. That is my observation and opinion.


Mentioned a female psychic I met at the Psychic Fair. I went to one of her group’s meeting. It was a small motley group. One guy was a professor, another lady worked as a licensed social worker /counselor. Another guy drove a truck.


The psychic who I will call “Ramtha” was the group leader. She used some old divination tricks such as the pendulum method to get Yes and No answers to questions. They met two days a week. On one day “ Ramtha” channeled a spirit guide, which is why I am using this name for her.


Sadly, for me, once again I was disappointed. The “spirit” she supposedly channeled had nothing to offer that was beyond pure common sense. I, however, went along with the small group and accepted what she did as authentic when she came out of her self-imposed trance.


But who am I to judge? This was their church , their congregation. When I finally got into a “one on one “ conversation with “Ramtha” , she told me of several of her members who had been cured of cancer and other ailments.


Is this much different than going to a traditional church?


I remember giving a small donation of three or five bucks.


Again—is what “Ramtha” doing immoral?


Most likely , she is not going to become rich—not on this scale. She seems to be giving people in her group comfort.


But again—Not for me.


I suppose there always exceptions to the rule. I included a link where a woman psychic (not the mail order variety) defrauded people of thousands. She was later found and arrested.


People are trying to cope. Someone was once quoted as saying people with certain psychiatric conditions are just as likely to be healed by a shaman as a medical doctor.


Over a 40 year period , I have probably spent somewhere between 400 and 500 dollars on the services of various psychics – including world infamous , “woe-class” psychic Maria Duval.


This of course , is not extreme. It is a far cry from the reputed thousands of dollars others have spent on such services.


To be completely honest, I have been conned out of thousands by plumbers—the subject of perhaps another book.


But let’s return to Maria Duval once more—I found one of the letters she wrote me that caught my attention.










Chapter 4 More On Maria Duval


I have dozens of letters using Maria Duval’s name from 2000 to the year 2004. I found a printed bank statement ,with a check to her $35. As far as I can recall, that is all I sent her.


Yesterday , while preparing to do further writing, I found a receipt for a certified letter I sent to “Maria Duval”. I was almost as determined as the journalists from Cnn ( see links I have enclosed. A journalist team set out to find Maria Duval in 2016). It was in response to this certified letter that “Maria Duval” sent me a letter with her signature letter head —but with the very personal response :


“You are sent by the Supreme Forces Of the Universe From Time To Time…”


I cannot recall where I may have put this letter. I remember wanting to take it to work to show my co- workers. I have misplaced items before , only to find them sometimes years later. I got an autograph from Muhammad Ali in 1976. I misplaced it and put it on top of a book case. I found it years later. This letter may turn up yet !


I also just found the letter in which Maria Duval said she did Occult Intervention. She actually sent a number over that four year period. However, this letter she sent dated September 9, 2002 was the only one that had the semblance of any kind of specific details. The details were wrong , but the year and month were “spot on” ( as my youngest son would say).

The only thing that saved me from being conned by Maria Duval ( or whoever wrote in her name) I kept asking for specific information. Only in these two instances did this person respond with something that seemed relevant.


Is this the hook?


Once they fish and find something relevant--- is this the hook they use to reel in the bait?


I am actually a fairly naive person. I look for the good in people not the bad. I have been conned a number of times in my life time. Most of the cons, of the face to face variety. I escaped the mail order scams ( even though I offered ten times what they asked) because I insisted on Specific Information! Without an actual person in my face, it was easier to sift through the sham. While Maria Duval was sending dozens of letters over this three and a half year period, I was also receiving letters from other psychics such as the “incomparable” Baroness Voltaire.


The difference between Maria Duval and the others—Persistence! The other psychics, including the eloquent Barnoess Voltaire, were basically “one-shot wonders”. “MD” sent me dozens of letters. Her reward $35 over a 3 or 4 year period.


“MD” was obviously doing much better with the other fish in her psychic sea.


I am enclosing excerpts of the letter by Maria Duval to Heighten Awareness of the techniques these con artists use.


The date of the letter is September 9, 2002—I received it September 25, 2002.



Dear Namref


When the happiness of someone close to me is at stake, I never hold back from doing all that I can, even if that means taking some . And that’s what I‘ve done for you Namref!

…. Believe me Namref, I really had to do it, there was no other way out….I performed this highly complex and very dangerous Occult Ceremony for you because I could clearly sense that something “particular” could be about to occur in your life.


This Occult Ceremony enabled me to mentally travel both into your past life and into your future. It allowed me to discover certain hidden, unknown aspects of your personality. As I did this several images appeared to me, and these have enabled me to find the Answers to the questions that were troubling me, and which no doubt trouble you, concerning your life and your future….The danger posed by this type of ceremony is that, not only does it require great concentration and an enormous expenditure of energy, but more importantly, I could have remained “stuck” in your past life or in your future, so that I would have been unable to return to the present. That’s why this technique is used only very rarely and in only truly deserving cases.


I really want to talk about your past, because it was then that a CRUCIAL event took place. It is very important for us to drive this event and its’ effects out of your life immediately.

This event took place in April 1991.


I don’t know whether you remember, but it was a fine day. You were with a group of people,apparently friends. One of them was jealous of you and behaved in an extremely nefative way towards you, which hurt you deeply. At the time you didn’t pay much attention; indeed you have forgotten all about it. But this hurt has stayed with you in your subconscious and it is, as I can tell you now , one of the main causes of your problems:


In fact, since that day in April 1991 your personality has changed. Today you are a very different person from the one you were “before” this incident. You, who were always so cheerful, have become consumed with anxiety! You have become over-emotional and hypersensitive and , as a result, people who are aware of your weaknesses are able to play on them and EXPLOIT THEM .


There are several more pages of this letter but I think you get the gist. I do NOT know who wrote this letter. It does NOT seem computer-generated. According to Wikipedia.com, Maria Duval owned a company called “Astro Force”. She sold this company to “Health Tips Ltd.” in 1997. “Health Tips Ltd.” used mail order marketing schemes under the name of “Maria Duval”.


So there is no way for sure to tell who wrote this letter.


This is what I believe : I may have “spooked” someone when I sent a certified letter to the mailing address supposedly Maria Duval. The fact I sent correspondence via certified mail for one. The fact I claimed of paranormal abilities.


The second alternative : Someone just tried to play me the best way they know how and was making it up as we went along…..


But : I believe something was done in the way of an occult practice. Of course, it was not life-threatening. It may have been a Tarot Card reading. It could have been the “I Ching”. Whatever was done may have given them the day and month of my separation from my second wife. Maybe – Maybe Not.


However, it was the First and Only thing I can recall that was Very Specific. The person who wrote the letter tried to hedge, to give some leeway.


I told this person (MD or whoever) as little as possible. I wanted to see if they had genuine talent.


This particular letter is the Only One that suggested there might be some actual psychic ability involved.


I was VERY LUCKY they only got 35 bucks out of me….Very Lucky indeed !

So was it really Maria Duval that swindled or responsible for swindling people out of millions of dollars?


According to an article ( link included) she is not. Her son proclaims her innocence. At any rate, she, along with seven other people have been indicted by the Justice Department as of 2016 ( link included).






Chapter 5 Telekinesis And Other Paranormal Abilities



Some of you, I feel an explanation is due.


I talked a bit about my experience with paranormal abilities in Installment Two. It seems most people don’t have trouble accepting the possibility of telepathy. If you mention Psychokinesis, it seems people think you are just that—Psycho with Kinesis.Sorry but I could not resist the play on words.


It is my belief, contrary to scientific opinion, we all possess this and other paranormal abilities to varying degrees. In fact, I did not know these abilities were lying latent within me until 1972. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot . As part of my daily ritual, I read the “Wishing Well”. It was a column in the Houston Chronicle. This particular day it gave me an unusual message :”You will receive a gift”. I mentally shrugged and proceeded to my first class today on college campus.


I was sitting in Accounting class bored. I spotted a co-ed across the room I knew from high school. She was a former cheer leader for the football team –she had beautiful legs!


I had been reading about Uri Geller. He bent spoons with the power of his mind. What is that saying : An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop. Somehow the proposition emerged in my brain: Could I get her to open her legs with solely the power of my mind from twenty five feet away?


I began to project a thought :


“Open your legs!”


This went on for maybe five minutes.



The intense concentration became more than what I had expected to bargain with. I was quickly learning it is NOT easy to focus and keep just ONE thought in your mind.


I decided to try a different approach. Instead of projecting a thought, I would use Brute Force. I would simply over power her mind by sheer will power. Surely my mind was stronger than hers 0r so I thought --- Yes I suppose then I was the Ultimate Male Chauvinist Pig—I felt Superior to her!


A couple or so minutes later , the co-ed’s legs flew open in a jerk lie fashion as if someone had struck them with a rubber hammer ( the way doctors used to do to test nerve function).


Immediately she looked up and towards me.


I ducked my head into my Accounting book trying to hide my surprise.


I had done it! Succeeded at Psycho or Telekinesis! Uri Geller was no fake !


I never tried this experiment again on anyone. It simply took too much energy to receive dubious results.


Dubious? Who would believe me? Of what use could I put this to?


The co-ed never approached me or nor did I approach her. As far as I know my experiment in no way harmed her.


The co-ed was single – I was married. I knew it was borderline immoral to continue with this type of mental exercise. I never revealed this experience to anyone for almost forty years.


Even though I had decided to abandon the “psychic rape” experiment with the co-ed—I was still puzzled. Was this the “gift” the “Wishing Well” spoke of? What was I supposed to do now?


I was intrigued about the mechanics of what I had done. Was it the thought that finally reached the co-ed. Or rather was it the brute mind over matter approach?


The next opportunity came about impromptu. I was visiting my mother-in-law over the weekend. She had a habit of sometimes faking illness to get our sympathy. This time I decided to put my new “gift” to use.


She was lying in bed with her eyes closed when she called to me. I went to her bedside and I projected this thought :


“If you are not sick open your eyes”.


I saw my mother-in- law visibly struggle not to open her eyes. But 30 seconds or so later she lost the struggle and opened her eyes with a surprised expression on her face.


We talked briefly. She gave me her request to shop for groceries and proceeded to close her eyes once again.


Wow! What do you say guys? Tempting huh?


Rest easy. As with the co-ed , I never tried this experiment again with my mother-in-law. I was still not sure of my power source and the mechanism I had employed.


A week or so later my brother- in- law and I decided to play “putt putt” golf at a nearby mini golf course. Unexpectedly, the urge to test my “gift” surfaced again. While my brother-in-law Larry, stepped away for refreshments I decided to focus on moving the golf ball mentally.


From 8 to 10 feet away ( my height and distance from the ball) it would not budge. When Larry returned I tried a different approach. When I stroked my putt, I mentally tried to guide its’ path to the hole.


The roll of the golf ball was noticeably affected. Instead of rolling smoothly , it rolled in a sort of “zig zag” fashion. Noticeable to me, but I was not sure whether it was to Larry.


Now Larry ( died of a heart attack over twenty years ago) was a pretty smart guy. Academically he finished fourth in his graduating class at a very competitive high school. He was also a star football player. He understood sports.


After several holes of play I observed a quizzical look on Larry’s face.


“ I wonder what’s making the ball roll like that…”


Innocently, I offered,


“ Man I don’t have a clue…”


I did not reveal to Larry what happened that day until over three years later.


Although I succeeded again with my new gift, I grew uneasy.


There were still some questions?


Somehow this time while I was concentrating , I got an odd feeling I was accessing something primordial for lack of a better word. Something lying latent , dormant in the brain that might be better left alone. But also I wondered : Was it possible the source of my new “power” was actually coming from somewhere external to me?


Questions. Questions. Questions.


I decided to stop practicing for a while.


However, the gift was not easy to let go. One sunny day I was walking in downtown Houston. Again my brain went into hyper drive.


I remembered reading about a group called “Master Mind”. They would get together and focus on positive thoughts to impact the world and make it a better place. (Years later I heard about other variations of the concept. I once went to a “drumming party”. People literally played drums while meditating on positive thoughts to enrich the world.Best-selling author Lynn Mc Taggart wrote a book called “The Intention Experiment” with basically the same premise.)


At any rate the thought arrived : “Could I use my gift to decrease the amount of EVIL, ie, Negative Energy in the world?


So that day , at that instant I endeavored to be a “Master Mind” party of One.


As I walked downtown looking to the clouds I focused on that thought for 15 , 20 minutes or more.


A day or so later, I had the closest thing I experienced in my life to a Nervous Break Down. The correct term is probably Nervous Exhaustion. It may NOT have been my practice of Psycho/Telekinesis. I was in a bad marriage. I worked forty hour weeks , while attending college taking 9 to 12 semester hours. I sometimes worked over time on the job for extra much needed income. I had learned self –hypnosis. I would go into a trance at work to relax and alleviate some of the fatigue.


Sometimes after coming out of hynosis I noticed a drop in energy. It reminded me of the let down I would get when taking GNC vitamins before they came up with the time-released versions.


I was not sure what caused the near collapse. But as a precautionary measure, I decided to abandon my practice of paranormal abilities for many years.

Three or more years later I confessed to my brother-in- law Larry what happened while we were playing “putt putt” golf. We were sitting at the kitchen table at my home playing cards. When I told him what happened, he grew quiet. He got up and went to use the restroom. When he returned , he sat down and acted as if he never heard what I said. Was he in shock? Did he have to go pee?


Most people do not react like this. However, if Disbelief was my Larry’s predominant emotion, then he was consistent.


I reveal this to YOU the reader to give you insight for some of my beliefs.


Had I not experienced those phenomena, I probably would have been skeptical of Uri Geller.

Of course, this does NOT prove Uri Geller is genuine.


I DO know what I experienced is NOT fake. I am sure the world-class skeptic would ask: (1) How can you verify this? (2) Was it a co-incidence? (3) Did she have a neurological condition?


If you could have accessed the thoughts of the co-ed with beautiful legs – you would have found she suspected me!


If you talked to her today over 45 years later, she would probably not recall this.


In short—it is my word you must rely on.


My results are not as impressive as Uri Geller’s—But in some regard they stack up pretty well.


I was able to affect a human being over twenty five feet away!


I was able to affect an inanimate object 8 to 10 feet away once it achieved kinetic energy.


To be able to affect something that far away is a dangerous power. In fact, I read that Uri Geller was once approached to see if he could stop the heart of a pig from a distance. They wanted to train Geller to assassinate a major political figure from a distance.


Years later, when I sporadically tried to move objects, I failed. I wondered whether what I experienced was a fluke. I never tried projecting thoughts again to a human. What if I missed my target and hit the heart? Would I cause a heart attack? Just too risky to risk experimenting on a human being.


Besides Uri Geller, there is at least one other person I believe was genuine.

Her name was Nina Kulagina. Kulagina caught a lot of flack and was often accused of cheating. It was noted she took several or more hours to prepare. During her demonstrations it is reported her heart rate would exceed 200 beats per minute. She lost several or more pounds. Her blood sugar was high. In short--- she sounded like someone experiencing the “Fight or Flight” syndrome.


I , personally, never experienced those metabolic changes. I do not recall Uri Geller going through those metabolic changes either. However, supposedly, it is not uncommon among other psychics or “sensitives”.


So what is the “mechanism” involved in this phenomena?


This is my un-scientific guess : There is a zone that can be reached on a physical or mental plane well beyond what is ordinarily accessible. We see this when humans exhibit what they call “Hysterical Strength”. We read about a woman ( not a power lifter) raising a car off her son for several minutes while neighbors rushed to find jacks to place under the car.


Those stories used to be anecdotal. Today they are more and more commonplace. The usual conventional wisdom chalks it up to adrenaline. Yet, the numbers don’t seem to quite add up for me. Either the science is wrong or the numbers are exaggerated. I believe the science is wrong concerning the estimates of what a human is capable of doing.


Just as a human can access extreme physical strength—I believe a human can access extreme mental strength. In each case Emotion seems to be the key—the catalyst.


You heard me mention Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Installment Two. It may be that this Energy plays a very significant role in this.




That is my take on Paranormal Abilities. Choose what you want to believe. Choose wisely!








The Functional Appendix


Links : (1) Two Journalists search for Maria Duval (2) The Justice Department Shuts Down Maria Duval and Seven Others she is affiliated with. (3) The Aura Photographer (4) Psychic Fair in Houston. (5) Woman posing as psychic arrested for fraud.(6) Link for Nina Kulagina, the “sensitive” mentioned in Chapter 5. (7) Kim Kardashian consults a psychic for comfort after being robbed at gun point in Paris, France.


[+ http://money.cnn.com/2016/03/16/news/maria-duval-psychics/index.html+]



[+ https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-permanently-shuts-down-international-psychic-mail-fraud-scheme+]









[+ http://ktla.com/2017/01/16/woodland-hills-psychic-arrested-accused-of-defrauding-thousands-of-dollars/+]




Link below about Nina Kulagina




[+ http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz-tv/hot-tv/565372/kim-kardashian-paris-robbery-gun-point-psychic-therapy-help-attack-loose-women+]

Jenniffer Weigel “Psychics, Mediums, Healers”, according to the advertising the author put psychics, mediums and healers through objective testing.








I am not a warlock. I don’t practice black magic. So give me a review—or drop me an email. I will not harm you.I won’t cyber attack your computer.


But seriously : I am writing this series “God’s 007”? with the intent to help and/or enlighten people. I would like to hear from you either via email or a review. Tell me what you like or don’t like. What was helpful….what was self-serving and/or egotistical. Let it all hang out! I am NOT Donald Trump—I will not pout over what you say!


Also—I plan to write one more Installment—possibly two. That will be it—unless I am brought back by Popular Demand.

As for “Maleficent” you can contact me at any time it will be our little secret.


Seriously though—since writing Installment Two , I found a piece on the Internet of accusing Angelina of consorting with Satan and the Illuminati. I went to the website but the link was no longer available. It is not clear whether Angelina had something there as a joke or whatever.


So does Angelina have more in common with the fictional character “Malificent” than meets the eye?


I did find something interesting things among the Numbers. When you reduce my date of birth to a single digit you arrive at the number 7. When you reduce Johnny Depp’s date of birth you also arrive at the number 7. Johnny Depp supposedly, is the guy Angela has a perennial crush on.


When you reduce Angelina’s birth date to a single digit you arrive at 5. Over the years I have noticed that the people I have the lasting relationships or either 5 or another number 7 such as myself.






So Angelina, if we ever meet, we would probably get along—as long as you don’t reach for my thigh….my prostate did not appreciate that in our Dream Encounter.




Until Next Time…..


Tha….. Tha…. Tha…. That’s All Folks !

The End



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