Go ahead

Go ahead

(make your dreams come true)

Bibi Love

Published by Bibi Love at Shakespir

Copyright 2015 Bibi Love

Table of contents

Chapter 1-The voice of inspiration

Chapter 2-Tuning into the creative power

Chapter 3-Expanding the light

Chapter 4-The gift of peace

Chapter 5-Allowing

Chapter 6-Experiencing greatness

Chapter 7-Creativity

The voice of inspiration

The universe is always waiting for your response to life, to your specific choosing of new material that will enrich your special vision. It is always growing and evolving. But you have to be open to life in order to flow and expand with it.

As simple as it sounds, the nature of life is growth and expansion, and if you are not in sync with it you will feel left behind. The treasure inside of you stays hidden and forgotten without being seen and multiplied by life experience. It is only when we share and are open to the sharing of others that we can move with the flow of life because that is where our position in life becomes vivid and clear to us. When we are willing to let life in and remind us of our purpose we can discover our true potential. Life has led us to this specific position in time space reality because we have become important for this specific place. Your own life perspective is so unique that entire universe is waiting on your response to new adventures life will call you to.

Think of life as a buffet of experiences that you are in position to choose whatever you want from. Now open your inner eyes to the wonders it has to offer. Don’t limit yourself. There are things out there you never knew existed. They are calling you. They are inviting you to a new fresh feeling of self that will give entire universe a firework of expansion.

Life is created for you. Only by giving it your true self and taking what you truly desire and experiencing it to the fullest will you ever be in the position of knowing the Source perspective on where you now are and who you have so far become.

Be the answer to life. Be the answer to the new you. Be the leader of your vision. Be one with the Source. Be the creator. You know that your thoughts are creative in nature and so are your emotions, but when you put these two together you get a specific vibration that has the greatest creative power. Vibration is everything. Entire physical universe is made out of vibrations. The nature of Source is vibrational. We can`t see it but we can feel it. If we could just see the true nature behind the walls of physical it would give us the greater perspective on life and our own creative power in it, the perspective that Source holds always, than our game of life would give us more joy and clarity. We could experience the Truth that is calling us from the bigger part of us that is the Source. We are never disconnected from the Source and the discord we feel sometimes is just a reminder that we are pulling ourselves away from the perspective of ourselves that Source so wonderfully and precisely holds and is.

In the place of connection with who we really are we feel and know our true power, vision and purpose. You know it when you are feeling grateful because you confirm the rightness of the experience you are having. You know it in the feeling of ecstasy because that’s when you are celebrating existence. You know it in the feeling of deliciousness that feeds your inner being with tastes it desires because that’s when you know life is here to please you. All the wonderful feelings you experience when you are connected to the Source are keeping you open to life. In that place you no longer wonder what life is for, you know that you are leading it to more new experiences of pure pleasure of being connected to the Source while expanding with It.

By staying focused and making that step forward you are showing your faith and attracting the power of the universe that supports you. Your determination is what makes you the powerful creator. The more you move through life consciously and intentionally the more you know your power. It`s the same power that everything that exists in the universe is created by. The infinite Source is in the center of it and is expanding by it. The more you know this, the more you are connected to its center and more able to use it in the best possible way. This way you expand and rejoice in the new vision that keeps on unfolding with you, trough you, for you, by you. You are not only the carrier of light, you are also the reason for its existence.

Your purpose is life. Dedicate yourself to mastering it and it will give you all you ever dreamed of. It flows through you toward your dreams and you must show your willingness to grow with it as it takes you there. However, you must do this intelligently by focusing on what you want while doing what you can and push your limits further each step of the way. Your time and energy should be devoted to your vision, so a good strategy in achieving your goals is of greatest importance. Your faith in life and your own power will grow as you make progress each step of the way and there will be less things that could scare or limit you on your path. Make that step. Move toward that goal. Every great path is made of steps you take. Think of it as building a wall. Instead of staying where you are because you think about how much there is to do and how much effort it will take to build it, focus on the one brick that is in front of you. Place it so carefully and intentionally and as perfect as you can in its place and know that you are doing your best. Do so with every new brick and the wall will rise in front of you showing you your vision manifested and your power glowing through it on the rest of the world. This is how all the walls and palaces of your life will be built.

You must never settle for less than you can be in life. Just think of all the beautiful things you can do, all the things you can give and share, everything that can shine through you onto the universe. Think what this would mean to you. Feel the importance of this. Know it. If you want to be giving your best you have to know why you are doing it in the first place. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Remember life is always growing and so will your vision. Be willing to let go of the past. Look at your vision now. Reinvent your life and yourself accordingly. Life is not an assignment. It is a flow toward a moving point in a vision of creative consciousness. You have to be able to look beyond the limitations of what is already created so far and transcend every belief that holds you in a place of doubt. You invented yourself and you reinvent yourself always. There is no end or limit to this. This is your game. It is supposed to be fun to you. Nothing will be more satisfying to you than the feeling of power that flows through you as you passionately create new horizons of life magnificence. Then you will be able to get a response from life that will satisfy you fully and completely. Your heart will sing in joyful gratitude and your creativity will be ready for a new greater place of expansion.

Life is here to satisfy and inspire you for more. Step into the place where your dreams give you joy and the joy you feel will pull you to all the things you need to manifest these dreams. You will be able to recognize these things because you will be in sync with them. You should always remind yourself that joy is the purpose and expansion is only the product of it. You are not here to control anything. You are not here to prove anything. You are not here to teach others. Life is enough. Joy is your indicator if you are on the right path. Only in the feeling of joy you are connected to the Source. It`s not possible to miss the purpose or stop growing this way. It`s quite the opposite. Whatever you do from the place of efforting will only keep you apart from what you want. Anything that you want is because you think in the having of it you will be happy. The point is you can`t have it unless you feel happy first. Make happiness your primary goal in whatever you do. Feel your way through this. Free yourself. The message you bring to the world is always a new place of perfect happiness. Your expansion and expansion of everything is based on that feeling place. This is how worlds are built. This is how universe was created and is still expanding. Your feeling and knowing of wellness of all that is is essential for this game we all so joyfully play.

Because you are a joy seeker, a life taster, a light expander, a playful child of the universe, a love feeler and creator you will always know where to go. You will know how to do it. You will know why. Just listen. The secret answer to your special importance in this moment lies in your heart. Let it sing to you what it wants. Your desires are the answer. Let your being feel them as fulfillment and excitement. Let life grow through you. Nobody else knows this secret but you. You are free. You are powerful. The secret of your heart is your destiny. That is why life is here for you. To let you live it to the fullest and expand it even further.

Let your senses seek freely and your inner being will find everything that makes you grow. You will become the receiver of it all once you understand what your inner being already knows and is. You will be one with it in experiencing fulfillment of your desire and purpose.

Let it come to you like a gift, warmth from your eternal Sun that feeds you life and happiness. It will give you all you need to feel the perfection of each moment. It will make you still but keep you moving. It will flow to you and through you. Divine inspiration will take you to your destination of knowing and feeling the Beauty. It will nourish you and excite you. It will show you your growing essence in the essence of all that is. It will shine the light on your path as you show willingness to take every new step. It will sing to you the glory of life. You will know the importance of each moment as you listen to the soft calling of the voice of inspiration. It will tell you the story of your greatness, the story of love that never ends. Keep the mind quiet so that you can hear this calling. Keep the heart open. Don`t be afraid. It`s just a game. Remember how you once played without thinking about the next moment. There is no one to stop you from playing now. No parents, no teachers to tell you to stop doing what you want because there is something more important for you. You are free to play in this moment for however long you feel good and inspired in it. All the tasks of life are less important than your soul. Be playful and the child inside you will come to life. This child knows the secret of life. This secret is joy.

So the answer to the question why you should move forward is hidden in the place where you are willing to become a deliberate creator of lasting and growing happiness and joy of becoming more, feeling more, sharing more. The joy of knowing that you are the one who is living life the way you want to. Your power as a creator grows together with your faith in your own potential and the only way to do it is to catch the time intelligently by focusing on what you want and evolving toward it. Your own progress in this path will be your fuel for achieving more. This is how lasting joy is created.

The place of infinite creativity is right inside you. It is your inner child that is also the greater part of you. It is your Source pretending to be the child. It holds the truth about your path. It evolves with you but shines through you only when you are allowing it by feeling connected to it.

Talk to your inner child. Ask it what the true desires that it holds are and what are the ways to get to their fulfillment. It will never mislead you. Have faith.

Life is a game and if we master it we become more capable of enjoying it. The feeling of power that we have when we know how to play is making us feel more alive and more creative. This is the state of knowledge and certainty, the state of being fully alive and playful.

Tuning into the creative power

The creative power that is within you is alive only when you acknowledge it and nurture it by practicing it in real life. You confirm this power whenever you act from the place of willingness to work in order to create. This doesn`t only mean physical work, but first and foremost the vibrational mental imaginational work that precedes the physical. Your vision keeps you alive in the physical reality because everything that you and all is expands through your capability to focus on the new place to which it all flows. The Source itself feels Its true nature in this new place where new worlds are created.

You are a magnificent co-creator of new worlds where infinite possibilities take shape of the new born ideas that carry creation to never ending expansion.

Creation is the main event that is always happening in the now. Once you practice tuning into the place of creation, you will create with effortless ease. Understand that you are not working for something that is out of your reach and that will maybe come in the future. Your job is always here and now. Your calling, your purpose, the gift you are here to give is the infinite energy that shines continuously in the now to fully delight and satisfy you. This may sound contradictory because the gift you are here to give is the gift that you yourself are receiving at the same time, but that is why you are a co-creator and a pure receiver. Your intention is creative and your joy drives it but it is your faith that keeps you in the flow and keeps you capable to experience the magic of the moment.

I have found this next technique to be very powerful. It is called scripting process and it is simple, yet does wonders in terms of efficient planning of the day. The process is simple. The minute you wake up, while your vibration is still intact and high, you start visualizing your perfect day that would satisfy you the most. You get in the state where you feel all the circumstances of your life as perfect. I like to start by visualizing the house I am in at that moment with every beautiful detail that gives me the feeling of comfort and relaxed abundant ease. From that place I create each detail for the upcoming day from the beautiful breakfast to all the activities until the bedtime. As each segment unfolds I keep myself in the state of knowing and trusting that it has all the ingredients for my perfect satisfaction. In the back of my mind I keep a vision of the places and things that support my visualized plan and so if something is missing in reality I support it with that kind of belief that it is in fact here for me vibrationally and what this does is it gives me the insight in the perfection of the moment where knowing and faith keep me connected to the stream of well-being and abundance.

In this game we all play, we have to remind ourselves to be less serious about everything and more trusting and relaxed. Relying only on our human side to keep us happy is a hard job that can never fully work. That is why remembering our true nature is of such importance in attaining a happy life. Remember the intent we all had when we decided to come into this life experience. It is to focus into a game where joy of self-realization and expansion comes in such a way that satisfies our very essence fully and completely. Whenever we are connected to the Source we know this. Then, in that place, there is no question in our mind why or where is this experience taking me, there is only a pure intent, a confirmation of I AM whatever I chose, however I want it and in a way that unites all in the feeling of love and joy. So, as we follow our bliss, life will give us all the miracles that will fulfill our dreams.

Your discipline of staying aware and staying on the path of your fulfillment is your task. Being fully aware of yourself is a beautiful thing. Accepting yourself with love and kindness is essential for discovering what your heart truly desires. This is your purpose.

In order to live it you have to acknowledge this greater part of you that is your Source. You can call it whatever you want to. Call it Creator, God, Love, Life.

There are many beautiful techniques that can make you more aware of Source. I feel that meditation is one that is the most simple and yet most effective. All you have to do is sit quietly for about ten minutes and gently stop the thought process by focusing on your breathing. By doing this you let your soul breathe more easily and you let go of all the things that cause doubt or resistance within you. You let the Light in. Your consciousness rises and so does your capacity to feel ease and flow of life as well as perfection of everything that makes you feel gratitude and love. These are all ways to wisdom and knowledge and they lead you to fulfillment.

Other techniques that I love include principles of positive thinking that is essentially positive self talk. Affirmations can do wonders for your mindset and that can improve the quality of your life immensely. Most of all if done properly, affirmations can make you more trusting of life and more open to it as well. The perfect technique is mirror work. You can do it by simply looking at yourself in the mirror and saying: Life loves me. This is a universal true but you just let go of doubt by reminding yourself of it.

Prayer is a beautiful way to connect to your Inner Being. Ask for directions and be open to them and they will come.

Following your bliss is the best way to know you are on the right way but only if you do this with intelligence. Chasing pleasures that give you short term ecstasy is not the way. Bliss is a state of knowing your blessings and multiplying them by investing yourself and your time into expanding joy on all. The talents you have will tell you what the fields in which you should expand are. Long term happiness and bliss is guaranteed to those who treat life with respect and grateful heart.

Once you start living fully and with open heart you will realize that since we are all one your expansion includes expansion of others. You will live the life of love and fulfillment.

Trust the process of life but take all the steps necessary to be at the peak state of your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual being. This way you will be able to have faith in yourself too. Becoming conscious co-creator takes practice. All your daily actions should be a picture of your knowledge of the purpose that you carry as a creator on this planet. All the actions have consequences. You should be aware of the result of all the actions you take daily. Always remind yourself why you are doing things. Have a strategy, a plan that will keep you on the right path. It is easy to get distracted.

Your plan is something that will keep you going.

Your energy and focus will be protected by your intentional actions. The vision you have created for your life will be bigger than anything else. Your fulfillment will become a product of your intentional creativity that you will cultivate with work. Working on making your ideas real will make you a creative master of your own destiny. The light of the Source can shine through you only when you are fully being all that you have become so far as a result of your life experience. The moment when a composer is creating new music newer heard before is moment when Source shines through him in a new glory and magnificence. Celebration of life on a new level is what we are here for. We have all the tools to do this better and better each moment.

Being fully dedicated to your dream is where you push the boundaries of what is possible. Every new record in field of sport was once an impossible dream until someone proved it is possible. Flying over the oceans to other continents was also an impossible dream. Electricity, internet, phones, all the modern devices that we use and maybe even take for granted were once only a dream that someone wanted to make true. It took a lot of energy, dedication, focus, work to make great inventions but the people who made them real lived for their vision. They did not give up after making a mistake or failing, it only made them more determined as they learned in the process and evolved as human beings. Everything worth doing is worth doing even badly. You cannot succeed unless you are willing to fail a few times first.

If, for instance, you want to be a public speaker but you have a stage fright, you will have to start by talking not so well in front of not such a great audience. You will practice. You will give all you have in every performance but each time you get out there your best will be greater than before. You will learn, you will evolve and you will have greater confidence.

If what you want to do is something that takes time, like writing a book, you will have to dedicate your time to this and do this each day. It must become your practice, your ritual, your habit. But first you must protect and dedicate your time to this. It has to be part of your plan. You must know your priorities and create your plan by putting them first and giving them most of your time, energy and effort.

Discipline is essential in making long term success. Once you have thought through what it is that you want to achieve and you have created your daily plan, you must find a way to keep doing what you planned each day. Keep your vision in mind all the time. Remember why you are doing this. People are rewarded in public for what they do every day in their private routine. All the best performers in any field have long hours of practice behind them.

Look at the violin player. His fingers are one with the instrument and the music is one with his soul. The brilliance of his performance touches hearts of the listeners. He creates something so special in that moment that he knows his existence is a blessing for many others as well as him. All the hours of practice are being rewarded by the excellence in which he sees himself as an evolving and great human being who is here on a mission. He knows the meaning of his existence without a doubt.

All the small pleasures that these great people have missed while achieving greatness are insignificant in comparison to a lasting fulfilling joy they have in the fulfillment of their vision and destiny.

You decide your limits by making standards for yourself. What is the life you are willing to put up with, or the life you are willing to dedicate yourself to fully? Every time you make any kind of choice you are answering this question. Every small thing you chose to do is building your destiny. By staying true to your vision you are staying in alignment with the Source that is always expanding through it. The only thing that you have to remember is that the Source is excellence in expression, joy, aliveness, love and expansion. All the things you do must not only go toward that but also come from that place. So whatever you do try to feel the enthusiasm first by capturing how it feels to have the result of your action. This way any kind of practice becomes fulfilling in itself.

Choosing the path of action is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is the most rewarding. You will discover that the strength you need to complete your daily tasks will come to you once you show your full determination not to give up. Greatness flows through and to those who work for it. It is not only the achievement you are after it is the excellence of performance and the sharpness of the focus that keeps your inner glow growing each moment. When you are productive you are showing your willingness to co-create and that is why the reward of manifestation is given to you in a way that keeps you growing in the knowing of who you really are and that is creator.

The way you tap into the creative power is by realizing the path of your growth. You are the only point of consciousness that can make decisions for you. You make decisions simply by feeling your way through life and finding what feels best to you specifically. You create vision for yourself and that is the point of asking questions in how to make it come true.

The knowledge is hidden in the place that has the creative power. This is why you can create fully only as a co-creator of this greater power. You have to put your faith into it in order to get to a state of certainty, clarity and knowing.

New questions will never stop coming and all you have to do is be aware of what they represent. Next step is in trusting that the answer is created the moment you asked the question. You have to tap into that place of certainty. From this place every question or task that life presents to you has a perfect purpose and you realize it when you see the full picture that the entirety of life has.

The power that created everything is in the essence of every answer, because creation is its purpose and it was the first answer to the initial question. Question is always defining and expanding the essence of life. You can see this in the evolution of physical life on the planet Earth and especially in the evolution of humankind.

Expanding the light

The primary intention of existence is expansion. This is a never ending process that explains the nature of Source always in the new now and the new point of focus in it. The focus is new because the observer is new and so is the observed through that focus. Even if the nature of the observed is always the same at its core the new point of view at it keeps it alive and understanding of the self. Defining the true inner self that is the Source is the mission of every extension of it in any life form in any created realm, and the point of doing it is always now. Everything that was just happened in order to achieve this very now moment that contains the information for the life giving perspective that makes the difference in the perception inside the self of the Source of creation. In this sense creation is the creator of the Source in the eyes of its eternal quest for life giving explanation of the nature of it. This is the non duality point where the need for knowing oneself is the one that gives birth to the new points that can successfully explain it while becoming multiplied in all the different perspectives that glance at it from always new point of view. This is why all living matter is expander of the light of consciousness as well as existence and we do it in such a beautiful fresh unique way that Source inside of us feels like it is tasting life for the first and the last time. This space time reality is limited by the boundaries of time and space because it is supposed to explain limitlessness in both. The nature of life is such just because it can give this kind of perspective and understanding. All the non perfections are there because they can explain the perfection in a new felt experienced way. Contrast is there in order to create the possibility to chose and feel diversity as opposed to oneness that is whole and absolute. New waves of consciousness are the life givers to this absolute. The expansion itself happens in it just by pushing the boundaries of inner perception. If this is the point of all possibilities they should be tasted and played with in the inner eye of the Creator that gives it multiplied eyes of new points of seemingly independent consciousnesses. They are connected in the center of the Source but so far apart from each other that they can observe each other as if they were not connected in order to give the observer a distance that can see the nature of Creator as something solid independent special explainable cohesive stable and most importantly expensive. It is not really expensive other than that view it has of itself inside of itself and the observers that are plural are actually singular playing to be more. The word of God is creation and creation speaks of God. It is constantly created all over because it echoes the starting voice that Source could hear and feel as it was spoken by it. Speaking is creating. It is the knowledge transformed as it is observed and it transforms the observer into the new understanding. This is the primal need for sharing the good that abides in the perfect light love intelligence beauty holiness. By creating the players of the play and acting every role the game of life was spoken in the first ever word creation script spoken and written by the Source and it is here now in every single scene that continues to carry it onto the new and the unexplored that just says: “Let`s play and then let`s play some more.”

It is the game of intentional creation and perceiving of the new created as definition of realness of the self within the Source. It is the knowledge giving creativity that can never be stopped because the momentum of it is so strong like the very existence of the Absolute. It is the give and take game of the perceiver the creator and the perceived the creation. It is the abundant well of thought that expands to the unexpected. Expansion happens for the noticing of the beauty of the process of it.

The motion of life creates stability in the momentum of expansion. The motion comes from intentional perception. Life is the intention of the universe. Like keeping stability when riding a bicycle by keeping on moving, life needs your intentional motion forward. It needs you to want to experience more and to be willing to do whatever it takes. Universe recognizes determination. It is the essence of life. Opposite of it is stagnation and it feels like nonexistence. People who live purposefully are determined to live the life they are here to live fully and in the way that they feel is best for them. People who forget the purpose and go into stagnation let the life out of their hands and follow it like shadows always wondering what happened to them instead of asking themselves what was the thing that was their purpose in the first place. Moving forward with life in joyful expansion in all there is – is the purpose of all existence.

Purpose and magnificence are the two words that can ignite the fire of expansive determination that carries in it all the creativity of existence in every conscious creative mind. If you stop at a breathtaking site in order to absorb and admire and give thanks for it and make something of the experience of it, consider that to be one of the signs of your awakened creative consciousness and power. If you give meaning to the life that you are experiencing, it takes you to the level of the meaning that you are giving it and makes you move down the stream of new meaningful expansive moments that then make you into a whole new experiencer and creator. You can not stand in one place of existence without moving forward even if that is what you think that you have decided. Even those who believe that life is something that is out of their creative power are creating. They are just creating the thing that they have decided to experience, but that too becomes more. On the other side of that creative equation is the expanded version of them that went with the positive life stream into a new magnificence where their creative power is not in denial. That is why people who are living their life in a passive way pretending to be the victims of destiny can never truly be happy unless they shift into a new conscious paradigm where the knowledge of creative power and its acceptance is.

So, in order to experience the state of certainty, power, knowledge, creativity, pure happiness, fulfillment, and life we must be in sync with the place in the universe that our inner being holds steadily while shining the light on it letting us know which way to go. It is so easy to know whether or not we are where we are supposed to be. All we have to do is be aware of the way we feel.

Emotions are our signs of how connected to our inner being we really are. Expansion is inevitable, but our willingness to participate in it consciously is left to our freedom of choice. We get to chose how and what we create and the Source within us always agrees just doesn`t participate in anything that is less than what we have really so far become.

The essence of expansion is the feeling. Senses are given to us just for the purpose of the feeling they can create. Intelligence is given to us for the same reason. Time space reality is the platform for it. Once we remember this we must apply it to our conscious living by finding the feeling place of connection to who we really are in whatever we do and experience.

The process of physical growth from a baby to an adult is the greatest example of how expansion of entirety of life works. There are things that cause everything to change and grow and you just have to be wise in your choices of how this process will happen inside of you. What you choose to feed yourself is what your results will look like.

Tapping into your full potential takes practice and self discipline. All the information you need for the purpose of creating greatness are already stored in your essence. Once you have launched a rocket of new desire, the Source has already become it and is calling you toward it from within. The meaning of this process is the unique life code that unlocks secrets of existence. You are supposed to grow and become more all the time if you want to keep track of it and be it. This is your calling. You can and you must participate in this game voluntarily and willingly and show your determination to the universe who will answer your every effort in matching whatever you project in it. The secret beyond every secret is expansion.

Feed yourself all the vibrational input you need in order to resonate with it and produce it and then go for more. Whatever your choices and preferences in the center of your deepest soul desires are, you must find a way to match them vibrationally and willingly. This will take you to the leading edge of creation where manifestation into physical happens effortlessly, continuously and is not limited by any physical parameter.

Chose your path each day, each minute, and become the master of your destiny. Greatness is your purpose and shining the face of God onto the world.

Control and protect your time. Control and protect your vibration. Be a wise guard at the door of your mind because it is a doorway to your soul. Your soul is precious. Your essence is pure magnificence. Remember Who You Are. Be it. See through the eyes of Source and relax into your natural well being and all the action that you need to make will be fulfilling in its nature.

Your essence is expanding all the time and your personal growth must follow it. Like a child that has to grow in order to understand and participate in the world of adults, your growth as a human being has to match one of the Source inside of you. Why does Source expand if the absolute perfection needs no alteration? In order to stay conscious and alive. Life serves its sustainability. It`s the same as the expansion of the cosmos. It is endless and yet it expands. There is another dimension to it that gives the answer to all its questions but the logical mind is not supposed to perceive it in order to be willing to search for more in this dimension so that it can expand here like the version of another one just seen in the mirror. We are the mirror of God reality. God is our reflection.

It was such a limiting false premise that God makes decision and instructions that we should fallow in order to be more like it. God is reflecting on the perfection by observing the expansion that happens through us, the deliberate, free extensions of it, the rays of the infinite light that just want to play.

This is the game we play for the fun of it. There is nothing serious about it. It is easy and fulfilling.

We must never relinquish our power to the feeling of apathy. This is worse than frustration. The place of power is the place of knowing it. If you chose to perceive yourself as a slave of uncontrollable circumstances that is exactly what you will be getting more of. If, however, you decide to see your fulfillment in everything, life will be full of beautiful gifts made just to bring you complete excitement and joy.

Progress is a choice, and so is the expansion. One day, when you let go of all the resistance, your expansion will happen no matter what, but it is so much more satisfying to watch it unfold beautifully every moment of your life by choosing to be aware of it and doing willingly whatever is necessary to stay on that path.

Your thought processes, words you speak, actions you take build a momentum of the energy flow that sends the vibration of your life`s essence to the universe, who responds in creating more of it. Isn`t that a wonderful game?

You are doing this to keep yourself amused and inspired for more. Try playing with your thoughts a little. See how wonderful enlightened loving thoughts make you feel. Think about what feels best to you. Don`t be afraid to experiment. Get yourself there. Show your joyful thought creation to the universe and let it give you the response that will confirm it fully and completely.

There are so many wonderful thoughts you can choose to think and so many wonderful lives you can choose to live. Why not choose the best ones, those that make you feel like God that you are? How awesome would it be to stop pretending that you are this helpless body thrown here on this lonely planet and remember that you are the center of it all and this setting here is just something that serves you as an inspiration to play more and more and more? How incredibly amazing would it be to acknowledge your place in life as a creator of all?

What could possibly limit you from having everything you want? All you wanted in the first place is the joyful game and inspiration for more. Nothing can stop you from feeling the complete joy of fulfillment this instant once you remember that that is your only true intent behind everything else.

Let`s talk about this joy factor a little more since it is the essence of the desire that makes expansion possible. Joy is produced from the inside out not from the outside. The objects, circumstances, events don`t have the power over you. Joy is created by the expansive thought of the new and what it represents in the new you. It is the reaching out for the new that excites you not possessing it.

The ride toward it is the ride of your life. Uncovering of the new and then asking for more gives drive to it.

Joy is the expansion and expression of Source and the central reason for the creation that unfolds unendingly.

The gift of peace

Experiencing peace is the starting point of creating the atmosphere of alignment with the all-knowing Source. The trust that is born from within shines on to all the aspects of life. Everything happens with more ease and in sync with the natural flow of life. The feeling of being at the right place at the right time and experiencing the perfect thing for that very moment is confirmation of inner peace and trust we have in life. Knowing that all is well and that everything is working out for you perfectly is the state of peace.

Harmony with your inner being is a blessing you give yourself. You feel it flowing through you like the secret knowledge of creation and it gives you fulfillment and direction.

Peace is something that you own only when you are not afraid. Not afraid of death or dying or of your own lack of direction or significance or of powerlessness over life.

You must believe in eternal existence if you want to attain peace. You must communicate with the nonphysical with absolute faith and trust in order to transcend the limits and lack of everything that is presented in the physical. This physical world is a metaphor that in short limited way explains existence over and over again and you are a witness that carries the torch of light to acknowledge its magnificence and search for even more of it. This light is your awareness. Your consciousness of the nonphysical essence in the physical form is your path of uncovering the amazing path of life that gets you home every step of the way in giving you incredible gifts to unwrap by your physical senses that are the doorway to your heart through the wonderful system of emotional responses.

Your emotions are rooted in the heart. They flow from it onto your reality and shine your unique reflection on existence. Life grows through your eyes. That is a wonderful reason to feel the grateful and full of love place of perfect peace in being blessed by the miracle of it.

You open your heart when you are in a state of a loving trust. You smile as your soul breathes freely by remembering the truth of its eternal beautiful nature. When you believe in eternal existence you give greater importance to every detail of your life and it becomes series of miracles and blessings. Your every step becomes the fulfillment of your destiny. You start noticing beauty of everything and it makes your soul sing with gratitude.

The inner glow is a miraculous light giving place of connection with our essence. The pathway of exploration is our meditation on this light. Our consciousness is at the center of it. The place of peace is the place of knowing this profound truth.

Everything is actualizing around you for the single purpose of your recognition of your light reflecting your essence upon it and giving you the new insights of the nature of your place of peace, place of who you are. You have to become new in each glance at existence that is why the change is happening just so that you can become more in your own core.

The state of peace is the highest vibration in the universe. It leads you to completeness in every fulfilling step of the way of luxurious life that grows smoothly and effortlessly giving you love and comfort as well as excitement and ecstasy in the process. Such gratefulness overflows the heart when you see this truth. You praise the life and the Creator all the way into eternity. Peace keeps the heart open and unharmed and fully present and alive. Experiencing life through an open heart is a greatest blessing you can give yourself. Love flows through you like a miraculous symphony of joyous Source expression that shines onto all there is. You begin to see this music in every soul and every dream it creates. All the soul expressions speak of this. You can see it in the majestic architecture or masterpieces of art or science just as well as the smile of a child or the beauty of an animal or a flower. Creation becomes the explanation of love when an open heart reflects upon it.

The secret of a moment becomes a miraculous revelation of fulfillment when you are there for life. This is a dreamlike state where the dreamer can never be harmed. Lucid dreaming is conscious approach to it. Being aware of the dream nature of it gives you feeling of peace.

Every event in life gets a new meaning from this perspective. You observe it from the position of eternity and essential stability rooted in the nature of who you are. Life experience is so miraculous when seen from this point of view. You are freed from limits of and capable to embrace it as a gift that it really is.

You know your perfection and invincibility as well as perfection of all there is and the power that is same in all of you. You are the children of God and God makes no mistakes. God is perfect and so is this dream he dreams as you.

Knowing God and communicating with God gives you peace and power and unconditional love and compassion because you start seeing through the real eyes, His eyes the perfection of all there is. There are many definitions of God or Source but the only right one is the one that is meaningful to you. The basis of your life experience is freedom and from it comes the decision making process which gives you perspective and meaning as well as position in the existence. You are so free that you get to chose whether or not God is real for you.

Stick to who you are and let life come to you. Know the wellness of it. Trust it. Look for internal guidance. Seek God inside of yourself and everyone and everything else. Seek it in the perfection of everything. Find meaning in the perfect timing of encountering the right people or events or discovering something new and wonderful. Find meaning in everything. See the Source perspective in everything. You will witness the miracles in the making.

Be ahead of the time and know your timelessness. Be ahead of all the circumstances and know your vision. Breathe the breath of life into it by giving your full faith in its existence. It has to be real for you because you are living the life experience in order to bring it to life for you and the Source that is constantly inside you. Your consciousness is the Source and so is your creativity. Both of them are united in the vibration of peace that transcends limits of time-space reality.

Step out of all the boundaries including the sense of self and become one with this peace that is in the essence of life. Remember that you are unlimited. You are love and you are loved. You are the most beautiful creation of pure positive energy and perfect love intent. You are the child of the abundant universe that is calling you to play with it in its luxurious gardens. Such beauty and abundance are given to you as gifts from life that one lifetime can only begin to show you parts of it but if your consciousness grows you are more capable to see greatness of it.

You run freely through the fields of existence as you know how unstoppable and magnificent your powerful intent to create from within is. You fly over the experiences that enrich your soul for eternity. Nothing is ever forgotten if it made you more and everything whether good or bad is making you more. Even the experiences you would describe as bad because they made you feel bad and know more what you don`t want are the experiences that made you more aware of who you are becoming as you chose more precisely what it is that you do want. Know your power even in the situations and periods that cause you to feel bad until it can help you transcend it by making you capable to be the solution instead of a problem. Question is not the same as the answer. Usually it is quite the opposite. In order to become the answer you must vibrationally start matching it. You must become the one who is certain of the power and the wisdom that is inside of you and trust universe to guide you through your intuition. You must delegate certain things onto the universe and have perfect faith in it.

Let the universe surprise you. Let the life delight you.

Your intention field is free of resistance when you are focused in way that gives you feelings of trust and peace. Being free of expectations makes you unlimited. When you learn to play the game of life like a video game where you know with certainty that only good must come your way, life gives you abundant proofs of this. Then you feel like a loving child of the universe and everything that happens to you is actually happening for you. Placing your intent in this field of new paradigm system is easier than ever before, because whenever you make a statement that starts with: May.., you unlock the field of all possibilities and feel unlimited and free of any assignment, making you a master of the game of life filled with joy and amazing new discoveries. Life becomes so fresh and new and exciting and you see it with the eyes of the newborn being that is here only to admire it in all its wonders and beauty.

You are not supposed to get anything done or finished or complete. You are supposed to play and enjoy the game. You are supposed to bless and accept the blessings. Your intent can be anything you can imagine while you are doing whatever it is that is next in your daily plan. For instance, when you are making lunch, you can make a statement like: May my every move in creating this lunch bring new joy and love to every living being, or: May this lunch be a blessing to me and my body and soul and may it nourish me inside out; or more globally: May every being get everything they desire to feed their soul and body for the best of all.

You transcend the feeling of lack of anything when you get to this field of intention. You are being more peaceful and satisfied because you know that you are doing something with your energy that is rooted in your thoughts and emotions as a vibration, something so big and important that your life gets a greater meaning and you feel yourself more as a conscious creator.

Nice way to start your intentional creative thought is to say: May I feel love and happiness today and may all my wishes come true in a perfect way and at the perfect time, Or: May I feel fulfillment in everything. The greater way to connect to the inner peace in this way is to bless entire existence and all beings, because this rids us of shortsightedness of the ego and connects us to the Source in a more powerful way.

Peace is the new paradigm. Desire is only the begging of the way to the peace. Faith is the step tree in creation and knowing is the step four. Desire, creation, faith, knowing. This is the cycle of creative life process.

Every day is a new field of intention as is every segment of the day. Bless every segment with complete knowing that it brings you exactly what is perfect for you and it will be so. Even when contrasting experiences happen and they must because it is the process of life, you will be equipped with the greatest tool for moving forward with ease and grace, and that is your inner peace.


Letting go is a wonderful art of allowing. It is a process of blissful knowing of the perfection of the timing of all that is happening in life. It is transcendence of human limitations in that you don`t feel the need to control anything that is happening because you know it is happening for you in the perfect divine timing whenever you are in sync with all that you have become. You are awesome. That may not sound too deep but try to feel these words. Feel the resonance with them. Oh, how divine you are, you majestic carrier of light that works on the leading edge of all that is. How amazingly powerful and wonderful your spirit is. This truth lives forever. Remember who we are! We are fearless. We create with light, by light, from light, to light. Our masterpiece is this creation we are all living here on the leading edge. It never stops. Doesn`t that amuse you and make you remember how free you are to totally express yourself. To taste life to the fullest, what is more delicious than that?

The pragmatic serious mind part of you may be wondering how this is applicable to the life sustainability and progress. The truth is your only pathway to living your potential to the fullest is in fact to experience it firsthand by allowing it to grow in the process of experiencing life. Nothing can replace the sense of excitement and fulfillment that freshness of life brings. This is your destiny and your achievement. This is your calling. Hear it and allow it.

You know exactly what to do. You are guided. You are loved. You are so loved. You are wonderful. Smile and let the love from your heart shine through your beautiful face. Show the world who you are and who everyone is. Talk to that part of them and that part of them will talk to you. Most of all talk to your own loving heart the words of love and blessings. Bless yourself and get into alignment with your soul and the love that it is made of.

Oh how amazing you are. You are joyfully pretending to be limited in order to expend the unlimited in you. How creative, selfless and brave that is. You are the adventurers of the existence. You jump into pretense uncertainty in order to clarify and explain certainty that is your true nature. Remember that!

Look at all the signs along the way that are showing you the perfection of it all and reminding you that it is all working out for you and that you`ve got this, and that you are loved and not alone. You are supported. You are one with perfection. You are it. The science of life is simple because it works on the principles of expansion of perfection. You can never screw it up because it all is perfect already and the expansion is calling you to feel the new level of perception of the perfection. You are not expanding the world but your own perception of it. The world is growing inside of your awaken allowing soul to lead you to the new places of experiencing joy and love.

Being grateful reminds you of this. It lets you know consciously that you can adore this life experience for what it is and trust it with an open heart. When you know life is a gift you communicate with the life giver part of you and it opens your eyes for the Source perspective. You can always chose what level of experience to allow but your soul will never lie to you and your feelings will communicate exactly how your soul feels about this perspective you are choosing.

If your soul has evolved to a new exciting perspective and your mind or your beliefs or the lifestyle you have are not at that level of understanding you will feel pain or discomfort. You will experience darkness because light is knocking at the doors of your mind or closed heart and is calling you to move up. You will have to communicate with your soul. You will have to know your soul. You will have to live and respect it. It is more important than anything else in existence. You meter.

Ask your soul to guide you and then trust it. Feel your feelings. Feel yourself. Don`t try to fill yourself from the outside. Find yourself by allowing yourself to react freely to life. Feel your emotions. Let them out. Let them show you where you are in relationship to your soul.

When you were a baby you cried whenever you experienced discomfort but then you were thought not to express yourself because it disturbs someone else. It is natural to scream when you are hurt. It is natural to want what you want. There is nothing more natural in this world. It is your destiny.

Oh, I see you reading these words of my soul and smiling inside because you just remembered them to be true. Admit it, this is something you have always known deep down inside of your being. You are supposed to feel good and when you don`t something is off. Now the only thing to know is that this thing that is off is not something that is outside of you that you have to expect to change or someone to change it for you like you waited for your parents to feed you when you were unable to do it yourself and by this I do mean feed you food and attention. Just remember that it is your perspective that has to shift. The thing that is off is just the fact that your soul went and you didn`t follow and now if you want to feel good again you have to let it lead you to this place of all treasures, the place of all fulfillment, the place of allowing your true always new you to feel and express itself fully and completely.

Reality is only what is true. The heart of truth lies in the heart of all hearts. There is no pain or suffering or any kind of conflict in this eternal powerful knowing that is the truth of who you are. The magic of you is never-ending love story that is so peaceful in nature that the harmony of the story it tells creates perfection over and over again and for one sole purpose of experiencing joy while discovering self. Love of Self is love of creation. It is the secret and sacred knowledge that is hidden in every heart. You have to seek within to acknowledge it. Once it starts whispering the words of love and inspiration to you, your path will be blessed as it is meant to be. You will speak the language of gods for the truth will shine from your eyes and into them.

Feel the truth of your heart. Listen to it carefully. Give it all the time it needs to lead you forward to the new you that is out there in the knowing of your true essence that your inner being has so far become only thanks to your life experience. Your God-Self is the fulfillment of all your thirst for life. Everything you ever wanted is there. You were born to realize this truth and let it set you free to experience the fullness of it.

It is only a feeling place that you are seeking. It is a confirmation that all is well. It is an answer that only your heart can ask for and receive. You are a miracle.

Allow yourself to be one with life. It will take you as soon as it feels your heart is open. You will transcend limitations of mind and ego and realize that you are the experience of life wherever you want to focus it. You will feel loving, complete, secure, guided. You will understand all the ways in which you are blessed. Nothing will be so serious anymore and you will just want to dance with life and play. Your wonderful true nature will shine again and your inner child will be healed and allowed to grow up into you. You will understand that you have never in fact grown up and uncover all the hurt that masked your true free self and that pain will now be allowed to go away and make space for who you truly are. You will allow yourself to be. You will accept all parts of you because when perfect love shines on them they all become part of perfection no meter how acceptable they are by others and what they taught you. It will be so easy to love yourself once you are not in a judging mode anymore. All the people that responded to that mode and created even more conflict and hate in your experience will magically disappear from your world. New people who respect and love themselves and others will be attracted to you. You will start exchanging more meaningful deep experiences with people as well as every other form of life. One deep appreciation of a flower can be more meaningful to your soul than a thousand words. You will start noticing and appreciating life in everything more. Behind every eyes you will feel a soul and this will bring new meaning to the interaction with the being in front of you. You will have respect and adoration for all sentient beings.

When you are allowing, everything is fulfillment. When you are being fully present and perceiving and experiencing life through the eyes of Source you allow everything you are here to experience to come to you in the greatest abundance without limitations. Allowing is the most powerful tool to enlightenment. When you have no resistance your heart is open. You have to feel your way there. Your beautiful body is equipped with emotional system that interconnects it with your soul. Your soul speaks the language of eternal truth, the language of love. Life is a contrasting garden of experiences where this love seeks recognition and expansion. When you are not going with it, your soul still wants to go and you feel like you are not in the right place at the right time and start feeling through the sense of lack and fear. Your soul is calling you this way. Emotions that feel bad are good too because they are your signs on your pathway of joyful expansion. Use them to get more in tune with who you really are and to allow it to shine fully through you, through your every inspired action, thought, word, expression, creation, interaction. Allow it to live. Let the true you shine and grow. Play life. Be you. Feel.

You are the leading edge creator and everything that is in your past is only a jumping point for the new you that is being born each second. Past is over. Present is reality. Allow it. Feel it with your senses. Be awake. Know it. Accept it with open arms. Shout out to the universe- I am here, I am alive, thank you. Bless each moment with your precious presence. The word present represents both a gift and the now reality. Your now reality is a gift to you from you. Observe it and give thanks for it. Your soul will smile.

Set your intention at the beginning of the day as well as every segment of it to allow the greatest abundance into your experience. Bless your day with your full consciousness and greatness. Intend to experience everything that your soul seeks in the way that gives you greatest fulfillment and joy. Say: May every wish of my soul be fulfilled and given to me in the perfect way in the perfect time and place and may I know and enjoy each one with my presence and love. May the entire existence be blessed by my fulfillment. May I fulfill my destiny and know that I am doing it in the perfect way that brings me joy.

Every segment of the day is a part of intentional allowing of the well-being. At the beginning of a new segment in your day you should bless it with such intentions that create at the greatest level of existence. Your every activity will become an act of self love and acceptance of who you are. You will know God and feel perfection. You will taste greatness.

Your heart will rule the world and your mind will praise it. Everything will serve you. You will serve the Source. You will celebrate Source. You will hug the Source inside out. The secret will be known to you for you will understand the language of divinity that only your heart can translate to your consciousness in a way that transcend logic and mind. Limits of death will diminish as you will know the truth of eternity. You will live forever.

Most of all, you will know that you are the loved child of the universe and you will choose to give thanks to it and honor it by living in perfect harmony with life that flows through it. By becoming consciously influenced without resistance you will become the one who influences the field of all possibilities as life flows through you freely. You will be able to choose perfection each step of the way because you know the essence of what you are seeking. Connection to the Source will be your only objective and it will never disappoint you. It will feed and nourish you and inspire you for more. Every new segment will be a revelation of enchanting life treasures that are there to excite and fulfill you completely. What does being fulfilled feel like? It feels like the new you that is perfectly complete in the new moment. It feels like confirmation of perfection and love that shines from it to your heart as an eternal gift of self-discovering and self-creating. It feels like communication with God. It is a gratitude for the gift of life perfection in each and every detail of it. It is giving life to everything that your consciousness touches and experiencing it through the eyes of Source. It tastes like life and it is delicious.

Experiencing greatness

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, there is only one thing you ever want to experience and that is the greatness of who you are. Ask yourself how you want to experience this. Be as specific as you want. Let the details of your dream take over your conscious mind and every little hidden secret that only your subconscious inner self holds inside, let it out freely and don`t be afraid of it. Your life is your fantasy and only you know how it can make you feel and precisely what makes you feel great. When you are connected to all parts of yourself and are feeling the flow of well-being that is the right time to let your imagination go wild. We all know what sexual fantasies can do for our sexual pleasure and it`s the same with everything else in life. The joy of an experience is as great as your ability to add your greatest version of it mentally to what you are actually experiencing. You know exactly how to make a cherry that you are eating even sweeter and more satisfying to you as you use something beyond all senses to enhance the experience that you are having while consciously milking all aspects of it. Every little detail can be experienced this way and should be. When you able to see beyond the physical and to understand the position of the experience in your purpose that is eternal joy in self-realization then you can use your intention to bless each activity to give you the greatest experience that fits your purpose in the best way for you and everyone. Simply talking on the phone with someone you talk very often can become a sacred act of joyful love that uplifts both your souls and helps you experience ecstatic joyful expansion through the conversation that confirms the greatness in each of you and enhances it. A simple look into someone`s eyes can become a blessing for eternity and the satisfaction it can bring you is as great as you intend it to be. You are here for the experience and only you know what it is that you want. Just like only you know what sexual fantasy can turn you on the most and give you the greatest satisfaction, in the same way, only you hold the secret knowledge of what your life fantasy is and how it can transform you into a being of such greatness that the experience of it can confirm what you have so far become.

Chose wisely and with passion all the wonderful ways to express yourself through the magic of the life. Play with this idea for a while. Let it sink in and set you free. You are the creator. You own this game. You don`t owe anybody anything. The only person you should be thinking of is just you. This sounds so selfish and egotistical but it is in fact soul liberating. Just letting yourself be, what a wonderful feeling. What an exciting experience. All these choices here just for you. Don`t wait for things to change, change them right away by the power of imagination and pure intention.

Pay attention to details. This is where the magic of creative process begins. You don`t have to wait for Christmas to make your list of wishes. Universe is your secret Santa every day. Tell it exactly what you want.

Be specific about the things you want to experience. Talk to your inner-self about them. This is your game of greatness. Let`s name this game: ask and it is given. How awesome is that. Everything, every specific detail that you want is a given. It must be a part of your experience because it is already a part of You. All you have to do is find that part of You that is the manifestation of the answer to your request and become aware of it and one with it. In other words, it doesn`t have to be raining outside in order for you to experience the soothing feeling of the sound that rain makes that brings you comfort and joyful playfulness indoors. All you have to do is figure out how to give this feeling to yourself right now. Be resourceful. Feed yourself with what you need. If it`s rain, than create the feeling of it by playing the rain sounds and putting the drapes down and just relaxing in your bed and see what that feels like. Than feel further. What is the activity that will enhance the feeling of joy? Is it anything that is on your creative to do list for today? If creating excites you, you will reach for something to express yourself through, like painting or writing. Maybe you will just want to feed yourself some wonderful new beauty through art that others created. Anything that your feeling of joy will lead you to will become an of living. Even if it is just a simple activity like making a snack or rearranging your furniture or clothes it will be art that will only make your experience richer in joy and fulfillment. Anytime you are playful this way, God is playing with you.

Chose your next game. Make every segment of your day a playful adventure. Let it flow through you. Be present and enjoy. Know why you are doing this and then allow it to happen and fill you with excitement of discovering mysterious ways of life bringing you satisfaction and knowledge of who you are. You get to chose. It`s all here for you.

The magic of you is the power that makes miracles happen. Everything is possible. All you have to do is believe that. Your power to manifest something is as strong as your faith in it. Life is here to give you all the options of all the things you can wish for in every exciting little detail that makes your soul sing. Go that way. Walk that path fearlessly. You are meant to have it all.

Your imagination is your creative tool for happiness. Let it bring you resources first and life will give you manifestations that will enhance the feeling it gave you. The resources of imagination are magnified by the willingness to explore them and the passion and hunger for the discovery of the new. Just let yourself want. Let yourself be. Let yourself desire. Dance, sing, play, shine and color the life with you.

If you could choose a perfect movie to watch in order to feel really satisfied and happy, what are the things you would want this movie to have in it. What is the atmosphere? Who are the characters? Think about this. What is the thing you want to experience? You choose all the secret ingredients of your life movie and even all the characters, situations, places, adventures, everything in it. But you must be willing to take the time and see it in your mind`s eye first.

Make a script of your perfect life. You are the main character. Will you experience the excitement of love and sharing yourself with someone who is so delicious to you that your heart will just dance in the presence of this person as a confirmation of the greatness that you both are? Will you add beautiful scenery of a mountain lake that reflects the perfect picture of sky and heavens above? Will you dance? Will you go to explore the new places? Will you go for a ride in a convertible car? Will you let yourself go wild and run into the ocean? Will you laugh? Will you put the colors of happiness on you and express your beauty creatively by the things you wear. Will you eat something that feeds all your senses as well as your body? Will you express yourself?

You are entering the field of all possibilities whenever you intend to create your conscious experience of life. You are a magnificent creator and you are here to have it all. You know this in your heart. Listen to it singing you the songs of heaven. Yes, heaven is a place on earth. It is your own heaven now and here and forever more.

Whenever you consciously decide to create you tune into the place inside you that is the well of infinite possibilities and that has the potential to expand your own experience in the most satisfying way. This is your purpose and you are aware of this whenever you listen to your heart. The greatness that is inside you wants to be recognized through life and you create experiences in such a way that gets you to the feeling place that satisfies this need to be felt as the one who knows the essence of the self and to play with it and expand it. Perfection is indefinable because it has no structure that shows diversity in flaws, so contrast in life is also your own creation just so that you can actually experience the perfection in always the new way, in such a way that shows you how limitless it is by giving it definition. You love to define yourself. You love to feel yourself. You love to know yourself and always meet yourself over and over again in endless scripts that give you the illusion of your role in existence. But the truth is that the only role is to experience plurality in what is actually singularity. And if it is a field of all possibilities why not play this game in such a rich way that can give you, the self, the experience of the game that is rich in emotion and contrast and even conflicts and such differences and diversities that really make you believe the uniqueness you carry is the definition that can satisfy you in your search for knowing the truth of who you really are. This is supposed to be fun for you and it is a game that you play only as much as you really want. There are no rules in this game. Everything is good. There is no mistake in this game. The thing that humans fear or they think they fear is the nonexistence after dying physically in physical reality and it is an illusion because when the body dies your spirit still continues to experience the self and the life in whatever way you choose. It`s always that way. You are not limited by the physicality of you. This is your choice. This is your expression and this is your adventure and a game that never ends. You know this and this is why you mask your knowledge by giving yourself the illusion that this life is all you have and that you are not a part of a bigger picture and that everyone is disconnected from each other and that we are all different and that we should fight for our own thing, that there is something outside of us that is against us. This is the thing we put in all our definitions of functioning in this life, in religions in all social structures just so that we can make this game more believable and more important and more fun. it wouldn`t be that fun if we were aware all the time that it is just an illusion. It wouldn`t be that intense. It wouldn`t have that much importance. It wouldn`t make love grow. It wouldn`t create the sense of growth in knowledge and creativity in such an expansive, fast way. This is where passion is created. That`s what life is here for. Every step you take with the knowledge of importance of your life experience is the passion creating step and in it you experience your purpose. Emotions are your guide in this so always listen to them and be aware that your intentions are what makes your life experience. So whatever you intend to experience make sure that you believe that you will experience and know that that experience is here for you to play with it in order to just express who you really are and to enrich that feeling by giving it all you got. There is greatness inside you. You know this. You own this. Pretending that you are just helpless little creature that is thrown on this Earth by chance struggling to survive each and every second is just your twisted little game that has the potential to make you grow in such a way that has the greatest importance in the center of all that is. So whatever you`re experiencing know that your purpose is expressed through this in a perfect way and feel your place in it as a perfect creator who knows exactly the significance of you. Your interactions are always matching your intentions and so whatever you`re emanating consciously, vibrationally, you are attracting from others who are on the same vibrational wave length. In order to be master of your life you must put yourself into that position where you vibrationally match what you want and intend to experience with the fullness of your being and believe it without a doubt and then you will find yourself surrounded by people of the same structure, knowledge and consciousness and you will share the magic of co-creating. You will create together with those like you. This applies to everything. even if you are creating in the field of lower vibrations like in the field of misery, depression, fear, frustration, anger, or any bad feeling emotion, you are attracting those who emanate that too and you are co-creating with them and enhancing that part of contrasting picture that is clarifying who you really are and that is not bad in itself. The role of these negative emotions and experiences is just to show you the opposite of them which is the thing that you really want to experience once you consciously realize the clear picture of it, and it is always the greatness, the joy of discovering how wonderful and loving and capable and creative and whole you really are. so, whenever you are experiencing something that feels bad just remember the opposite of that is what you should be reaching for in this moment because that`s where your conscious intention in your soul goes right in the minute the contrast is experienced as the lack of joy inside of you. There is a great deal of importance in contrast in life because it defines your choices and your special experience. So, be open to life and don`t fear contrast. Nothing can really harm you. That`s the real truth. Even death is not your enemy. No pain, no fear can harm that part of you that is here to play and as you know consciously that that`s the truth you can reach more intentionally for the place your inner being creates when facing contrast. This is a really really fun game to play.

One with the Source

You choose everything about this life experience and so it is only your decision whether or not you will experience life as if Source is a part of it or not. The Source of everything is always present in everything even if you choose not to see it. This knowledge liberates you from any kind of limitations. If the Source of everything is here and now in you and everything around you, in your every thought, feeling, experience, then you should feel free to ask for anything, absolutely anything that feels best to you. In fact your Source is doing it for you, you just have to tune into it. The Source is in this game with you. You must win all the time. Everything is here for you. Acknowledge it. Feel the truth of it.

All the wonderful things life has to offer will be yours. You will be limitless. You will experience ecstasy of existence. You will fly on the wings of never-ending inspiration and see beauty everywhere you go. You will constantly move and you will not be afraid. You will love everything as your own self because everything is one in Source. You will experience openness and gratitude. You will trust the Source as you openly receive gifts of life from it. You will be constantly blessed. You will play.

Every moment will be your favorite. Every taste of life will be out of this world. Every touch will be sacred. You will be a loving child of God and you will accept it once and for all. Your heart will open and you will let life in.

Source is a playful child inside of you that is always calling you to play. Endless inspiration and creativity is at your disposal when you are playing with the Source. You are a life wizard. Everything is working out for you. Your fascination with the wonders of life never ends in this game. Your heart merrily dances with enthusiasm and you feel the need to be in the now and yet to move to the new in the exactly right moment. Life gives itself to you in ways never experienced before and you feel free to fully experience all the delicious details of it that fill your heart with exquisite joy. Nothing is out of your reach. Everything just is. And so you joyfully play.

Your only mantra becomes: Thank You! You feel it in your mind, body and soul. Even though your intellect can`t seem to grasp the greatness of this miraculous feeling, your heart just keeps on flowing it inward and outward as it breathes life together with the Source. You feel the Source in every precious moment of this life experience and you just know that you are never alone and that you are always safe. This warm feeling of togetherness makes you realize that you are always home and that you always will be because you are The One.

You are the chosen one for life celebration, for gifts of heavenly beauty and fulfillment of a great destiny that is limitless in all dimensions. You are the beloved child and the loving parent in one. You are it. You are miraculous. You are wondrous. You know You. You love You. You get You. You dream of this life and you never end it because it feels so good. Everything is here to satisfy you. You just have to reach out for it with your vibrational structure of mind united with spirit. The fulfillment is yours. You love gifts. You love surprises. This life is your own marvelous surprise gift to yourself.

Life is your magic trick that you love to play. You do know how it is done but the result always looks unbelievably magical. You love to surprise yourself all over again.

Oh, the wonderful surprises that await you in the story of life that only you know how to tell. You are the writer and the reader of your fairy-tale. You incorporate this element of surprise in it because that is the excitement that keeps you expanding in the knowledge of you. Your heart dances forever with the universe and tells it the secret of you that is never finished and always so miraculously new. You are never alone and you are always free.

All the limitations of time-space reality that you call life experience are there for you to make you be more specific in defining yourself. The magic of you shines best here. It is the same in the non-physical, but it is so dense, so powerful, so tangible, so clear in the physical. This is your arena for the game that you love most. You are a creator of worlds hidden in the mask of a player of a destiny. You are the child of You. Right here, right now you are One with the Creator. In the moment of presence you are fulfilled and you see the game for what it is. It is just a gift from You to you and vice versa.

Let it flow through you. Let it come to you. Let it surprise you. It will expand you. It will thrill you. It will satisfy you. Dance with the Source to the melody of life. Express willingness and gratitude for participating in it. You are not here for anybody else. You chose this and you keep on choosing. Choose the new excitement, the new colors, the completely new magic. Wave your magic wand and create boldly and with passion something so special and spectacular that it will thrill you and give you perfect sense of peace at the same time. Feel the Source work through you as your wishes start to manifest right in front of you. Feel the presence of greatness in all the moments of being alive. You are alive! Celebrate it! Breathe deeply and with excitement and gratitude. The future is now. Whatever your thoughts can grasp in the now is your future in the now that is coming moment by moment unveiling the magical steps that get you to the place of fulfillment of all your dreams and plans and desires.

Sweet child, never be afraid. Stand tall. This is your playground and it is all yours. You are a gift and so life is a gift to you. Hug the Source in everything. Seek it and find it in all the things that make you feel appreciated, alive, loved, secure, comfortable, adventurous, ecstatic, wise, clear-minded, loving, at home.

Every place is your home. Every moment is your life. Every thought is your destiny. Every smile is your purpose.

You do know what it feels like to be one with the Source. It feels like eternity is giving you a gift of the moment that is in perfect synchronicity with all the wonders that are being presented to the Existence. Your consciousness is alive in your mind and heart and is singing praise and gratitude to Love that you find everywhere. You feel that all is well. Everything is shining. You see it from the perspective of eternal love and peace and harmony and it gives you a loving embrace of pure happiness.

Being one with the Source is the natural knowing of the life flow and all the segments that it is made of. Every moment is now and eternity is now. You are now and Source is. The day you are born, every day of your life, the day that you day, every segment of every day is now. It is unfolding in the frame of time but it is always now. It is nothing to be afraid of but everything to be inspired by. Life is so funny pretending to be so serious. Eternity shows you the smallness of life and greatness of moment. It is the only moment that the entire Source and eternity can fit in and must, the now moment. The lucky one who is experiencing it is you. It has always been you. It will always be you. Own this truth and guard it with your heart. Be you.

Awakening for the Presence is a moment to moment game. Your capacity to be fully awake and present can be enhanced by your own guided focus. Developing trust in your intuition is an inside process and you can practice it by staying sharply aware of your own emotional stream of energy flow that indicates how connected to the place of pure intuition you really are. Feeling your way to the fullness of who you are and what reality is to you by you and from you is your pathway to your authenticity. You must let go of all the masks drawn on the purity of your heart by the systems of society and rid yourself of caring what anyone else thinks or feels about who you are if it doesn`t resonate with the truth. The truth is always love. It speaks clearly about the meaning of beauty and purity. It is compassionate in a way that knows the essence of all and admires it in a divine celebration dance with all that is. It appreciates. It prays for everyone to see it. Only the absence of it masks the signs on the pathways of eternity that are in the now. It is the word of God whispering pure adoration to all that is by you and to you by all that is. It is a two way flow. It circulates abundantly and freely if you don`t mask it by separating tools of the ego. Ego is formless once you understand the form of love. You take of the glasses of fear and reconnect to the flow of God. Everything is alive in It.

The state of Knowing is living from your Core and letting your soul flow willingly to the Love that always wants Connection and acknowledgment of It. You are searching for the Heaven on Earth only when you involve the Creator into the creation consciously and from the open heart. Clean your heart from separateness and fearful beliefs that come from it. You don`t need anything to guard or protect you from you or your life. Love is the way to Oneness. Love is the structure of Knowing. You are wonderful. All is well. The perfection of Reality is astonishing in the eyes of Love.

See through the eyes of God. Trust God. Don`t define God in mind, feel It in heart. Breathe God in and out as love and knowing which is intuition and acceptance and adoration and celebrating which is gratitude.

Seeing beyond death will unveil the meaning of every single encounter and the light in every soul that shows you all the special ways of defining Beauty and you will Know you are free to love this moment, this soul, this being from the fullness of your heart endlessly and eternally.

Your reflection will become visible in the eyes of another as Love and Greatness. You will understand that this other everyone is here to show you that. You will understand that you created them and all the circumstances and events. You will understand that this is your game of uncovering this truth about who you are. You will see life as your creation that you lovingly give yourself as a gift, a unique sequence of joy that is a toy that you play with like your imaginary friend. It will flow but you will be still in it`s magical rivers. It will wash over you the special joy of understanding the essence of existence.

Desires will come to amuse you and absorb you in the creation of the new. You can never do it wrong because it never ends. Desires keep you occupied. They are the essence of the idea that everything is made of. Idea is who you explain yourself to be in comparison with who you are not. That is why duality exists in this game in order to be transcended with the truth. You are this truth forever and you will keep on realizing it forever in this fun joyful game of uncovering and celebration of being.


Your position as a powerful creator in life is on the leading edge where vibrations create new, completely new worlds, so it is your job to live more in your own head and less in the world that is just a stepping stone to what you create. You observe and choose and want and enjoy. You create. You are destined to succeed because all the forces of the universe work through you.

It is important to always remind yourself that you do create your reality and that you influence it by intentionally observing it through your own desired filter. You should live in the fantasy world that is the only world that can ever satisfy you because you can never get it all done. Don`t face reality because it is only here by the creative thought of those before you and those around you and you are not them. You are completely free and new and independent of their world. Your world is based on what this one has to offer but not defined by what is tangible in it by your senses only. Your world is the color you give it and sound you place in it, and most of all the thought you put it in. It is your vibration. It is You. Your experience is your creative center working through you for the purpose of satisfying your soul and expanding the definition of Who You Are.

In order to jump into the flight of manifesting your dreams you must be completely certain that you in fact can fly and control the flight as well as enjoy it. This is the knowing you had at the point when you have decided to come into the physical experience. It was entirely your decision. The reason for it was experiencing the adventure and something new. This is the reason behind all reasons. This is the core of every desire and creativity. Experiencing adventure and something new. Seeing the new colors of the excitement that is You for the first time. Being the newborn being that is experiencing self in the adventure that gives such perspective that inspires new flight of the spirit that defines the new in uncovering the dimensions of it. The aspects of the Being are always completely defined in the center of it but the perspectives of experiencing it must always be new because that is the nature of the beautiful playful Idea that It holds on the subject of Existence. I must play. I must shine. I must perceive. I must receive. I must create. I must become. I must re-become. I must feel. I need to love. I need to share. I need to play. I need to show. I need something to choose from. I need diversity. I need contrast. I need choices. I need the inspiration to fly from and to me. I need diversity. I need to uncover and discover. I need to remember Who I Am. Let`s play a game.

Creating the atmosphere of You is your expression. The feelings of You are majestic. Love, excitement, peace, adventure, joy, pleasure, happiness, to name only a few, are what the true atmosphere of you that is always expanding is all about. Expansion is happening in finding more ways to create the new point of expressing it.

The entirety of existence is summoned up for the next step that you will use it for. Your creative decision is dependent only on your free will. You get to choose this next step by focusing on whatever it is that you desire to focus on. Your emotions are here to show you how to use your energy and focus in order to create the desired experience. Use your mind wisely. It gives you the creative power of the Source that is behind every idea of everything created, even you. Source wants you to take the lead. Source wants you to understand that you are made by It and are It expanded into this field of choices that are your magical playground. You are the leading edge creator and everything that you put your mind into can be created. The idea that inspires you is your fuel and limitations are the pushing force that gives you the reason to put your energy into progressing toward this idea. The pain of not having it is as stimulating as the vision of it coming to you. This way you have the push and pull effect in creative process and action becomes the tool you use to improve yourself and to progress constantly as your visions come more alive and you see the evidences of your creative power. It is necessary to experience pain in order to move toward more pleasure. These contrasting scales of emotional charge are a part of you because you acknowledge that you are the creator by choosing to deliberately create what feels best to you in a calculated intelligent way. Your energy and focus must be trained to work for you in a way that utilizes all your capabilities and expands them to new levels where what you are reaching for can be created and your beliefs can shift into knowledge of your unlimited power. Your mind needs proofs of the results your actions create so you must feed it positive feeling story of the real progress you achieve on daily bases. Find a way to link pleasure to the achievement because then you will become more focused and active. The story you tell yourself is the life that you live. The greatness that is waiting to be experienced by you is immeasurable. The expansion happens through your growth. You must become what you want to be in order to be able to create and experience the life you want to live. Be specific in your creativity and requests that you demand of life as well as yourself. Know what you want to create and dedicate yourself completely to it. This means cleaning out your focus and time from anything that doesn’t fit into your vision. You are here to live your vision first and foremost. This is your destiny. Use your time wisely. Use your mind and energy in this incredible field of all possibilities in such a way that will create exactly what you envision as the most satisfying version of living. Creativity is action of the mind that comes not only before the physical action but also in every step of the manifestation process because it is your vision that you firmly hold in your mind that will keep you moving forward. Your creativity must be invested in your life through an intelligent action plan that will make it productive. You must always know the reason for every action you make. Invest your potential into your life completely and life will reward you with the experience of greatness that comes as a result of it. Seek the ways to be more effective in applying your creative potential into your everyday actions. Ask for more of yourself. You must grow with life. You must experience progress each step of the way. You must use your creativity to become more resourceful in obtaining the results you desire. You must step up your game and get out of the comfort zone. You must create.

The creative process is your way of living intentionally. You give meaning and dimension to every moment and segment of the day. Segment intending is part of the day intending and day intending is part of the vision of you that you hold. Be specific in defining every aspect of your life. It must be satisfying to the Goddess within. Stick to your vision and keep following the good feeling place inside you. Ask it for the elements that bring joy to your inner being and develop them in your mind and in reality. Reality is your experience. Keep that in mind. You are it. This is it. It is all in the now. You create this now with the power of your intention. Intend your life and each day and each segment of the day. Take it easy. Give yourself time to take it all in and taste the satisfying essence of it all that is matching the place where your soul is fulfilled. Meet the creator in the beauty and you will acknowledge that you are one with it. You must have key inspiration elements in the process of creation. The things that give you the greatest inspiration must be the center of your vibration in order for life to present to you the new fruits of your heart. Your self-expression will be a magical component of this process and you will shine continuously and freely. The feeling in your heart will be one of infinite gratitude that will fulfill your entire existence. You will know how to see the results in the now by staying focused on the key inspiration elements that will lead your vision. Choose the things that are easy and fun to focus on and keep on adding the details to them. You could choose to focus on a place that would fulfill all your needs and desires and visualize yourself there as you are adding the creative activities that you plan for the day in advance. Write down those inspiring details and see yourself there. Experience excitement in every thought of upcoming segments of the day that is coming. It`s best to do this before sleep. Your morning will be colored by your vision and your heart will greet you with song of joy. You will look forward to every step of the way because you will know that they are here to bring you satisfaction. The creative process is placing yourself inside your vision and making it work for you. Everything must be working for you. Life is full of miracles and now you will know which ones to choose for your soul to experience. Every shape, color, scent, taste, sound, touch, encounter will have the meaning of bringing you fulfillment. You will feed yourself the miracles of life selectively and freely and you will be in a constant flow of it. Life will flow through you easily. Life will be here for you. Life will satisfy you in every step of the way.

You will see how blessed you are in all the details of life. They will come naturally as the gentle flow of life and easily fill in all the desired aspects of the grids you created by your non resistant state and positive focus. You will be the vibrational match to all that you desire to create and creativity will become your game.

Creativity is the feeling place and a process of going ahead of the circumstances by using the power of imagination. In order to see it you must feel it, but first you must create the picture of it in your mind. All the ingredients are given to you in this time-space reality and it is up to you to choose what you create out of them. Your soul will always search for more ways to experience the new excitement of creation. This is the impulse that created life and all its forms. The thirst for creativity is the thirst for life. Expressing life through the unique creative perspective is the calling for expansion that is always moving forward and never ends. Creativity is the resourcefulness at the essence of intelligent living that brings satisfaction and expansion to the unique extension of the Source that is your soul.

Life is not something that is accidentally happening to you. Life is here for you to choose the material out of which you will mold the clay of your experience in the way that satisfies you most. Life is always your creative choice. Life is your creative game.

Go ahead and taste all the wonders it has to offer and decide what feels best to you and then create some more of that and expand it further. Ask with faith that it will be given to you and search for more. Visualize. Create. Immerse yourself into the experience. Be one with it. Color it with you. That is the true creativity. It is not so much about expression as much as it is a meter of experiencing it with open and excited heart that is alive and filled with joy and positive expectation for more.

Be ready to create on a whole new level. Make it better and more alive each new time. Look at life as a field of infinite creative possibilities. It is here to serve you and inspire you for more. Your creativity is your key to creation. Choose wisely and select with precision all the ingredients that will help you create such an experience that will make you the one who spreads the light and serves as an inspiration for the entire expansion of life in existence. You must become the one who celebrates life in order to be celebrated by it. This is your destiny. Go ahead. Make it an adventure.

Go ahead

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