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Giddy Up Little Horsey -- Arnold Rides For President

INITIAL RELEASE OF FIRST TWO CHAPTERS November 5th 2018 -- Tomorrow is Election Day GIDDY UP! LITTLE HORSEY! -- Arnold Rides For President (Long Beach, CA) -- What happens when hate wins the White House, by dividing the people, and make Americans yell and get mad? Movie stars know that the only way to win in America is to make people laugh. Three comedians convince a rich dork to fund an absurd presidential campaign, not with political posturing and party machines, but by riding horses into the sunset and running ridiculous nightly ads before the major networks' nightly national news shows. Arnold -- a former weightlifter-turned-movie-star-turned-politician -- makes fantastic things happen. Tom Funny Nice Man knows how to produce victory. That Jon Guy is just smart enough to give American voters the smile needed to flip the coin his way. But it takes a complete dork -- Larry van der Bix, who won $1.6 billion in the Mega-Million record-breaking jackpot -- who will fund the most absurd campaign Americans will ever see... and always remember. These opening chapters are the taste of Hollywood's "Three Caballeros" who stop yelling at each other just long enough to get on the little horseys and giddy up!

  • Author: Bill Orton
  • Published: 2018-11-06 04:20:10
  • Words: 1824
Giddy Up Little Horsey -- Arnold Rides For President Giddy Up Little Horsey -- Arnold Rides For President