Get down or lay Down


Fatal Duty

Robert (Trouble) Johnson


Fatal Duty

Fatal Duty

After doing ten years in prison, Leo Sanders has vengeance on his mind. He is released back into the world, with a real chip on his shoulders. He recruits a loyal team of young killers. Leo becomes a sadistic maniac who reeks pure havoc on the city of Collegetown. His mentality is that of a psychopath and he will kill to have things his way. The woman flock to him, his team obeys his every command. The ballers hold their breaths, praying that they aren’t his next victim. Leo plays a real life game of monopoly, leaving murder and mayhem in his wake. The authorities are puzzled. Can Leo be stopped? Or will it become a Fatal Duty? Hold on to your seats Collegetown. Leo Sanders is coming!!!

Copyright @ 2011 by Robert “Trouble” Johnson

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All praise is forever due to the creator. I thank him for everything and pray that he always find me among his most grateful servants. I thank my mom’s Jean Lee. My father Robert Earl Pender, My big sister Shauneille Johnson, big brother Mike Wood, my twin Darryl Johnson, sisters Michelle Lee, Angela Lee and Angelique Lee. Last but not least my little brother Thurman Lee. All of my nieces and nephews. I would like to give a hometown shout out to Poughkeepsie, NY: power kingdom! Special shout outs to my aunts and uncles, the Wood family, the Lee family, the Atkins family, the Owens family and the Miller family. Rest in peace Raymond and Vincent Wood, Jewel Wood, Eddie Wood and my grandmother Mary.

I love you all. To those who on lockdown, keep it up!

Last but not least I would like to thank my wife Lashondra Melvin-Johnson. Love you!

This novel is dedicated

To me

And my struggle


Leo stepped off the Trailways bus and feeling of ecstasy filled him. Today was the day he had been waiting for. A day he had been counting down to for the last ten years. Freedom! As the bus pulled away from the curb, he looked around at his surroundings. Everything seems so small. Nothing like he remembered. There were new buildings everywhere and most of the old business owners were gone and replaced by new ones. Collegetown, New York was a busting city located forty- five minutes outside of Manhattan. Its’ population had recently topped the 300,000 mark. The suburbs were on the outskirts and away from things. Some of the homes there cost hundreds of thousands. There were also mansions that ran into the millions. Some were even in gated communities. But in the core of Collegetown was the ghetto. Here the streets reeked drugs, prostitution, gambling, muggings, rape and murder. There were rival gangs who killed and maimed one another over drug territories. The eight housing projects that were scattered throughout the city of Collegetown were the real hot spots. Many had lost their lives in the wars. Collegetown had gotten its name from the five colleges it housed. It was a prosperous city for the good and the bad. Also the in between. As Leo walked up Main Street his eyes scanned for a bank. Ha had a $1,500 check beside the $40 the state had given him. As he walked, his mind went back to the day he had caught his bid. He remembered the shootout like it had been yesterday. Too bad niggas didn’t keep it real. The beef had started over a game of cello. His victim had ass betted him for $400. What had started with the hands escalated to a gun battle. Time after time Leo had gotten pissed at himself for spending an entire decade behind bars for a bullshit $400. His victim had agreed to testify against him. In the end Leo copped out to a flat ten years. At the time Leo had been a slim seventeen year old. Now he was a buff twenty seven year old hardened man! During his bid he had lost his good time and therefore maxed out. Which meant that he didn’t owe the state shit! In fact, Leo honestly felt that the world owed him dearly and he meant dearly. For this he had a real chip on his shoulders. Leo was a dark chocolate, handsome man. He stood about six foot two and being that he had pumped iron his entire bid, he had the type of body that bodybuilders only dreamed of. He wore his hair in various corn roll hair styles. Leo spotted a bank and headed inside. Being that it was eighty-five degrees outside, he welcomed the cool air of the air conditioner. He spotted a short line and headed there. As he waited his turn he looked around at all the women around him. Ripples of lust vibrated throughout hi, as he realized that just yesterday at this exact time, he was caged like an animal in a hot ass cell surrounded by niggas! What a difference a day makes.

“ Can I help you?”, the teller asked.

“ Oh, I’m sorry.”

Leo replied being jarred from his thoughts. He stepped up to the counter and placed the check and temporary ID down. The teller looked at the ID card and then up at Leo.

“Just getting out, huh?”, she said.

“Something like that. You heard?”

The teller began counting out the bills. Leo was somewhat taken back by the transformation of currency. It looked almost fake.

“Thanks.”, Leo said as he picked up the bills.

He turned and quickly headed out the bank. Across the street he spotted a liquor store. Leo licked his lips anticipating the robust taste of Henny. Leo stepped into the liquor store and immediately took in the wide selection before him. But with years of having Henny on his mind, he chose a quart. As he thumbed through the wad of cash, he was once again mesmerized by the change in currency. He grabbed the bottle and his change and quickly left the store. He could already taste the Henny as he screwed off the top. After surveying his surroundings for the presence of police, he tipped the bottle dropping out a portion for the fellas on lockdown. He then poured out a bit more for the niggas who would never see the streets again. At last he took a deep drink from the bottle. Grimacing he replaced the cap and then headed up the block, now in search of a phone. He put in two quarters and dialed his sister Leona’s number. In fact Leona was his twin sister. It felt strange not hearing an automated .operator as the phone began to ring.


“LeLe! What up?”, Leo greeted his sister by her nickname.

“Oh shit! Leo! What up baby!”

“I can’t call it! You heard?”, Leo replied as the warmth of liquor began to flow through his system.

“Damn! I can’t believe you out! Where you at?!”, LeLe asked in excitement.

“I just got in town. I’m right on Main Street.”, Leo looked around. “ Damn this town done changed!”

“Where you at? I’m coming to get you!”

Leo looked around. “I’m right on the corner of Main and Parker. You know I got a bottle!”

“Nigga! You sick! We definitely gonna get fucked up!” LeLe giggled.

“So you gonna come get a nigga or what?”

“No doubt! Stay right there. Don’t move!”

Leo stood by the phone occasionally sipping at his bottle, admiring the females walking about, doing them. Some had even smiled at him in admiration. Some even seemed tempted to step to him, But being that he had just touched down, he wasn’t trying to holla at the first chick that caught his eye. Leo was the type who fell back and tested his waters. He knew that almost every woman got some type of fucked up history. A few were good. One had to weed out the snakes. The rest will fall into place. He knew LeLe would also put him up on who’s who and what’s what. For years, Leo had laid up in a cell just planning his future. Again, he felt that the world owed him. Slowly but surely he would get his piece out of the pie. After during ten years there was no way that he was coming out into this world working no nine to five! Hell no! He just stood there watching all the fly ass rides riding all around him. He knew from deep within that that he was gonna get his pockets right. Collegetown had it going on. Speaking about the drug trade. Millions went through the city. And as sure as the blue sky, Leo would get his.

He thought about the niggas that had shitted on him when he was down. Sure niggas had looked out for him the first couple of years. But going into the third years, niggas he had got on some out of sight out of mind shit. Even though the realization got him tight, he wouldn’t let his anger supersede his intelligence. He would play niggas like everything was everything. But on the low, when he was done with them they will all just be pawns in his game. In time he would be king! Leo was jarred from his thoughts by the erratic honking of a horn. He looked to find LeLe at the curb in her late model Acura RL. It’s jet black exterior stole the rays of the sun.

“Hey baby!”, LeLe beamed as she jumped from the car and ran to her only sibling.

LeLe shared Leo’s chocolate complexion and was very beautiful.

“I missed you so much!”, Leo said hugging his twin dearly.

“Oh! Stay right there! Let me get this picture!”, LeLe said steeping back, capturing Leo’s image on her camera phone. As she did so she wiped away tears of joy. After doing so, they hopped in the car and was out. Leo hadn’t driven in a car in so long that he was taken aback by the luxury of the vehicle. Everything was digital and the butter soft leather seats welcomed him in complete comfort.

“I’m feeling this ride.”, Leo said as he ran his hands across the wood grain dash board. “ This car looks nothing like it did in those flicks that you sent me.”

“Yeah, this is my baby.”

“Speaking of baby, where is Cutie?”, Leo asked of his four year of niece.

“She’s in school. You know I don’t plat that shit.”

LeLe then consulted the clock in the dash. It was just after 1 PM. “ I have to pick her up at 2:30.”

Leo turned down the volume on the stereo. “ Damn LeLe , I don’t know how I would have made it without ya’ll holdin me down all those years. Mom and Dad too. Ya’ll are the truth!”

When all of his so called homeys fell off from sending him shit, Leo had no one except his family to depend on. With them holding him down he hadn’t wanted for nothing. Even when his parents retired, sold their home in New York and bought them a beautiful home in sunny California, they still kept things coming. They had suggested that Leo call home anytime he felt like it. But being that he was the considerate type, he only called once or twice a week.

“Well, what did you expect? Even if Mommy and Daddy would of slacked up, I would have still did my part! Shit! They slack too!”

Leo took in his sister’s dress code. She had jewels and designer everything. “It looks like you doing alright for yourself.”

“I ain’t got no choice. You know I ain’t the type to be depending on no one. I mean, Born is a good man and all. He takes care of his. I’ve always been the type to do for self. I think you know that.”

“You know I know. Whats up with Born anyway?”

LeLe hunched her shoulders. “ he doing him. Me and him got us a haze spot in Clinton projects.

“Word? I been hearing bout that haze. Any money in that?”

“Put it like this, it’s enough money in it for me. We got our house, both of us have nice cars, and Cutie goes to a private school. We used to sell hard but they giving out too much time for that shit! Plus that would jeopardize all the shit we done built up.”

“What the fuck is hard?”, Leo asked puzzled.

LeLe giggled. “ They call crack hard and powder soft.”

Leo smiled. “ Oh! I feel you”

“Anyways.”, LeLe continued. “ We buy a couple pounds at a time. Then we sell it at $20 a gram. We got a worker who got her crib in Clinton. Shit poppin right now. Plus I do my nursing shit on the side.”

“How much a pound of that haze going for?”

“Shit! Four or five thousand.”


“So what’s up? You want me to stop at a store or something before we go to the house?”, LeLe asked as she braked for a light.

Leo smiled. “Yeah. Let’s stop by one of those supermarkets. I might want to cook me a little something!”

“Oh, you can cook now, huh?”

“Shit! I can burn my ass off!” Leo said.

As he twisted the cap off the Henny, he took a large gulp. “ That’s that shit!, Leo exclaimed with a grimace.

As LeLe pulled from the light she dug in her purse and pulled out a bag of haze. “This is what my bags look like”, she said tossing the bag to her brother. Leo caught the bag and cracked it open. He then took a whiff.

“Whew! Now this smells like something!”

“Roll up.”, LeLe said tossing Leo a purple haze blunt wrap.

“ Get the fuck outta here. Niggas don’t fuck wit the dutchies no more?”, Leo asked reading the label. He then tore the pack open.

“ You know niggas is always gonna fuck wit dutchies. I like the wraps better. You ain’t got to be goin through all that ritual shit. Just bust a bag and roll up!”

“Well you know niggas is always gonna go through they rituals and shit.”, Leo commented as he began breaking up the weed. “ so what’s going on here?”

LeLe let out an exhale. “Man. CT done changed. A lot has changed Leo. I’m telling you! Niggas is getting mad money and they doin what they gotta do to get theys. Motherfuckas is killin just to get rep. Just to let niggas know they protects they shit. Everybody and they momma got a gun. You remember how before niggas had they heat but didn’t bust it? How they use to be carrying they shit around just for show? Well, niggas is bustin they shit now! And damn near all these niggas out here on that coward gang shit! Oh? And don’t let me forget to tell you about snitching!” Once again LeLe exhaled and shook her head in frustration. “ niggas you would never think would snitch is snitching. And what makes it so stupid is they ass still goes to prison.”

As Leo puffed, the haze started its effect immediately. The haze combined with the Henny had him feelin real nice! He sat back in the seat just listening to his sister filing him in on the happenings in CT. Just as he knew she would.

“And these bitches out here on some shit too! They fuckin everybody, including each other.”

Leo laughed aloud. LeLe gave it to him raw and uncut!

“All these bitches do is look for a nigga to take care of them. When that nigga goes down they go for the next nigga.” LeLe continued voicing her opinion. “Some of these bitches be settin up they own baby daddies to get robbed. Just because the nigga don’t be wanting they tired asses no more.” LeLe looked at her brother with concern. “Leo I know you just got home from doin ten years! I know you gots to get your shit off. But please be careful!? Oh! And if I see you with one of these scandlin bitches! I’m gonna let you know! Fuck that! Ain’t none of these bitches getting my bro caught up in they bullshit.”

“Oh? You got my back, huh?”, Leo smiled as he handed his sister the blunt.

LeLe looked at Leo as if he were crazy as he took the blunt from his fingertips.

“Don’t play yourself, okay?”


At the Price Chopper supermarket, Leo pushed around a cart ad if any of them had admiring the pretty ladies as they shopped too. He wondered if any of them had a man that was doing time. He stopped at the produce section and began to select a few tomatoes. And did so until he noticed a female checking him out. He had on a pair of blue Sean John shorts, blue construction Timb’s and a wife beater which his muscles were bulging through.

The female smiled. “Shopping, huh?”

Leo returned the smile. “Yeah, I gots to get my burn on tonight, you heard?”

“Get outta here! A man cookin?” She then put her hands on her hips. “That’s unheard of these days!”

“Maybe you got yourself involved with the wrong man?” Leo said looking shorty over.

As he did so he realized that she was proper! “Maybe?” She replied, herself looking Leo over. Leo began placing tomatoes in a produce bag. So, you from around her?” He inquired.

“Yeah I’m from CT! I know you ain’t cause I ain’t never seen you around before.”

“I’m from CT. Born and raised. I just ain’t been around in a minute.”

Shortly now eyed Leo with a knowing glance. Paying special attention to his bulging muscles and now as she really looked at him, she realized that Leo had this certain glow about him.” You were in prison weren’t you?” She asked suspiciously.

“Damn! You goes right for the jugular, Huh?”

“Nah. I’m just saying!” she giggled.

“Saying what?” Leo smiled back.

She laughed aloud.”Well, you got me there! I don’t really know what I was saying.” Leo placed the tomatoes in the cart and then went over to the onions “Well, to be honest with you. I was on lockdown. In fact, I just touched down today. Not even an hour in the town, you heard?”



Leo eyed shorty in a serious manner, She was definitely proper. Chocolate, long hair and a banging body. “So, you got something against nigga’s that was on lockdown?” Leo questioned in a joking manner.

“Hell no! Shit! I got a brother on lockdown! I don’t know what you talkin bout! My brother is in Elmira and plus I got crazy cousins throughout the state.”

“I was in Elmira last year. What’s your brother’s name?” Then Leo smiled. When handled?”

She smiled “Clappa”.

“Well, I don’t know him like that. But I use to see him around and shit. He blood right?”

“Yeah. He in that gang shit. I wish that he would leave that shit alone. Why? You blood too?”

“Nah! Never that. I don’t knock what the next man do. I’ve always been on my dolo shit! A leader, you heard?”

“I’m feelin that!” She smiled.

“Damn! We standin here talkin and ain’t even introduce ourselves yet”. She burst with laughter.

“Oh shit! My name is Cherry!” Leo raised a brow.

“Cherry, huh?” He said giving her another look over.

“Yeah, Cherry! And I’m sweet too!” Leo felt an instant erection.

“Leo, you heard?”

“You here alone?”

“My sister around here someplace.”

“Sister? What is her name? I might know her.”

“LeLe she around here someplace”, Leo said looking around the store.

“LeLe?” Cherry asked in surprise. “LeLe that fucks wit Born?”

“Oh shit! You know my sister?”

“Hell yeah! LeLe my girl! Cherry then whispered. “She got it goin on wit the Haze right?”

“So I heard. What’s up? You got a man or what?” Leo inquired.

“Well, to keep it real with you. I got a friend. We ain’t together or no shit like that. When a sister be needin a little maintenance, we do us and that’s that.”

Just then LeLe pulled up alongside Leo’s cart.

“Oh shit! What up, Cherry?”

The two girls hugged in greeting.

“I see you met m brother, huh?”

“Yeah, tryin to anyways, you know?” Cherry revealed.

“Oh? You tryin to take this further?” Leo asked very interested.

“You think I ain’t?” Cherry replied once again looking Leo over. She definitely liked what she saw.

“Let’s just exchange numbers or something?” Leo implied.

“I’ll give you my cell number.”

Cherry said going into her purse for a pen and paper. After writing down her number she handed Leo the slip of paper that she had used.” And you can call me whenever. I already explained to you my situation.”

“Yeah, I’m feelin that. I’m definitely gonna holla at you tonight. But first, after doin ten years you know a nigga gotta chill wit the fam for a minute.”

“Ten years!” Cherry exclaimed with her hands going to her mouth in total shock!

“Yeah. I just did ten years. Ain’t no since in frontin. You already know what’s on my mind.” Even though Cherry was chocolate complexion she took on a flush tone.

“Just holla at me when you get done doin the family thing.”

“I heard.”

Cherry then turned her attention towards LeLe. “Let me get one of those thangs?”

She then turned back to Leo. “You puff?”

“Look at my eyes!” Leo smiled.

Cherry smiled lustly.

“They red as fuck!” She then said to LeLe. “In that case, LeLe let me get two.” After hitting LeLe off with $40 and getting her bags Cherry once again gave Leo her undivided attention.

“I’m gonna takes me a nice hot shower, blow one of these bags and then I’m gonna sit back and save this other bag for me and you.”

“Where you at anyway?” Leo inquired.

“She right there in Columbus projects.” LeLe cut in.

“Oh, word? You got kids or something?”

“A son. He’s six.”

“Shit! That’s cool.” Leo replied.

The trio shared final pleasantries and then went on their ways. After Cherry bounced Leo and LeLe just pushed their carts alongside one another grabbing items in the process.

“So what’s the 411 on Cherry?” Leo asked.

“She cool. If she wasn’t don’t you think I would of said something by now?” LeLe answered, smiling up to her brother in a devilish way.

“Who she fuck wit?”

“I don’t know. I really just mind my own business about shit unless it involves issues that may affect me and mines.”

“Who her baby daddy?”

“This nigga name Dan. He doin crazy time for a body.”


“Yeah. He killed this crip nigga who kept robbing his spots. I guess the nigga felt like Dan was a vic. Dan laid him down in front of mad niggas right in front of Kingston projects.”

Leo shook his head. “Niggas be doin stupid shit. They get mad and let they emotions control things. They lose they head, do some real bugged out shit! When a nigga gets mad he got to just fall back and just think about shit. Think about all the shit. Then you go do you, you heard?”

“You got that right!” LeLe proclaimed.

Leo looked at his sister real serious like “I bet he blew trial too, didn’t he?”

“Yup! The papers said he got 30 to life.”

Leo just shook his head in wonder. “Thirty damn years!”

“Well, I’m just glad you home. I’m not saying fuck the next nigga. I feel for him and the whole nine. But you my only brother and what happens to you concerns me.”

Leo stopped at the canned food section. He picked up four cans and dropped them into the cart.

“What the hell is that?” LeLe asked.


“Octopus?” LeLe exclaimed “You mean octopus, octopus? Those things wit all those arms?”

Leo chuckled. “Yeah, those things wit all those arms!”

“Ah! Who you think is eating them?” Me and my baby ain’t eating that shit!” LeLe said with conviction. “You must be cookin that shit for you and Born!”

“Yeah, you sayin that now but when you see how a nigga hooks it up! You gonna want some more!

“I highly doubt that!” LeLe smirked.

She then consulted the clock. “Oh, shit! It’s almost time for me to pick up Cutie from her school.” After selecting a few more items the two then left the store. Pulling up to the school LeLe saw Cutie amongst other children awaiting their parents. She honked the horn gaining Cutie’s attention. Cutie quickly headed for the car. Leo had seen his niece quite a few times, but she never looked as gorgeous as she looked now out in the world. Her nickname Cutie really fit her. Leo thought as he got out of the car to greet his niece.

“Hey, baby!”

Cutie realized that it was Leo and ran into his waiting arms “Hi, Uncle Leo!”

“Surprised you didn’t I?”

Cutie nodded her head vigorously, hugging her uncle dearly. “My mommy said you comin to our house!”

As Leo turned back towards the car LeLe took a few shots with her camera. Leo the opened the door and buckled his niece in.

“You alright?” he asked.

Again Cutie nodded, ponytails bouncing. After taking the groceries in from the car and putting them away. LeLe began to give Leo a tour of the house. The living room was done in black and white. The black butter soft sectional dominated the room. It sat on a wall to wall white shaggy carpet that had to be at least three inches thick. A 50 inch flat screened adorned a wall. The rest of the entertainment equipment was top notch; there were also all types of black and white art around the room. Next was the den, which was done up in pure white. Another 50 inch adorned the wall. Next was the master bedroom. Which of course was LeLe’s and Born’s after showing Leo Cutie’s room, which had a canopy bed and done in all shades of pink. They finally went to the guess room. Which would be Leo’s until he was on his feet.

“You forgot to show Uncle Leo the basement!” Cutie announced.

“You don’t miss a thing? Do you?” LeLe said.

Bending to her daughter and lovingly squeezing her cheeks. LeLe then led the way to the basement. The basement really took Leo by surprise. It had a home theater and all the works. Lounge chairs, pool table, entertainment center and wall to wall carpeting.

“Yeah I’m really feeling this!” Leo commented as he took a couple shots on the pool table.

“Come on. I’ll crack your ass later.” LeLe joked “I got something upstairs that mommy and daddy left for you.” She said leading the way. Leo put the stick down and as Cutie took his hand he followed his sister. LeLe was pouring herself a shot of Henny as Leo and Cutie entered the kitchen.

“Cutie, why don’t you go to your room and watch a movie while Mommy and Uncle Leo talk, okay?”

LeLe suggested.

“Can I play my PlayStation, Mommy?” Cutie inquired.

“You sure can, sweetie!” LeLe said good naturedly.

“Uncle, Leo, gonna come play with you later, Baby.”

Leo promised as Cutie ran towards her room.

“Want a drink?” LeLe asked holding up the half filled bottle of Henny.

“Hell Yeah!” Leo said already feeling a good buzz. “You really doin you, LeLe! I’m definitely feelin this crib, you heard?”

“Thanks.” LeLe said taking a seat across from her brother.

“What’s up wit Born? Where he at?”

“Probably at Central Park playing ball. Mad heads be there this time of the year.”

“Oh, the summer league?”

“Yeah. I use to go there to watch the games and get a little money. But like I was telling you before. CT done changed! Done got real crazy! Niggas shootin up the park and shit! I wouldn’t dare take me or Cutie to that damn park. Hells no!”

LeLe then looked at her brother very serious like. “Leo, I knows you like a book. So I know you coming home and getting yours. You one smart dude. There ain’t too much I gots to tell you. Just take your time and feel shit out before you make any major moves.” Leo sipped at his drink.

“You right. You do know me. So you know I’m gonna scope shit out before I jumps into anything.” Leo then seemed to be in thought.” What’s up with the crack game? Who pushing all the weight and shit?”

Well, there’s so many nigga’s out here ballin that it’s hard to tell who the real big man is. There’s so much money here that anyone who ain’t fucking wit the shit can get rich. But the narcs are everywhere. They probably taking niggas down as we speak. Niggas be getting mad money and don’t know how to act. Instead of building they shit up then getting out of the game. They riding around in big ass trucks and cars, flashing all this jewelry and shit making they ass hot!”

“Well, I am gonna do something. But like I said. I’m gonna peep shit.” Leo said.

LeLe nodded her understanding and then stood up from the table.“Hold up. I’ll be right back. I got a little something for you.” As his sister left the room once again Leo realized that yesterday at this exact time he had been at five points, laying in a cell, counting down hours instead of years and months and shit. During his last few years Leo had started putting together a plan in his head. He had sat back quite a few times listening to niggas’ share their war stories on the gate to anyone who was listening. He knew that many of the tales were a stretch of niggas’ imagination. But Leo always listened. Because he begin to realize the mistakes the nigga had made. Leo would always put the ordeal through his head, then think himself out of the situation. He came to a conclusion that to come up in the game one had to be in the limelight on the come up. Niggas had to use they minds! Not using their minds is how many niggas got so much decades behind bars. Many had also lost their lives. LeLe came bouncing back into the kitchen with a cell phone and two stacks of cash. “This is five g’s. It’s from Mommy and Daddy. And this is from me. It’s three g’s. I got you a celly. It’s prepaid. I put a hundred dollars on it. I only fucks with prepaid. I suggest you do the same. And this.” LeLe said, reaching into the waist of her jeans. “Is a forty caliber. Everybody is packing. I suggest you do the same too. Nobody is ever gonna have your back like your self. You can’t always count on the next nigga to pull the trigger for you. Especially when shit gets hot!” LeLe said as she took her seat back at the table. Leo looked down at the cash, celly and the gun before him. He picked up the weapon and then cocked it. Just holding heat again gave him an intense sense of power. “Damn, LeLe, I don’t even know how to thank you.” Leo said with conviction.

“I know you ain’t think I was gonna let you come home and be fucked up, did you?”

“Well, to keep it real wit you I kinda figure you was gonna set me out.” Leo smiled. He then stuck the gun into his waist. He felt whole! He looked back up to his sister. “What about letting me hold your whip tomorrow?”

“If you drop me off at work you can take it from there. I’ll get Born to pick me up on his way home from work.”

“Damn! Born works too?”

“Yeah. Daddy got him a job at UPS. You know Daddy had damn near twenty years there.”

“See that shits smart. Both yall got jobs and the hustle on the side.”

“Shit! Ain’t no since in buying this house and shit and have motherfucka’s come and take it.” LeLe giggled. “I works hard for the money!” She chorused. She then came out of pockets with a half ounce of haze and some blunt wraps. “I took off today because I knew that you were touching down. You know we gonna get fucked up!”

“I heard!”

LeLe then remembered something. “Oh, Shit! Your boy, Blu told me to have you holla at him ASAP!”

“Oh, word? That nigga left me for dead. What he getting into out here?”

“He doin him. Got him a Escalade and shit. I heard he be selling that soft. “Leo’s mind went back when Blu was his right hand man. They had done everything from running trains on bitches to robbing niggas. Blu was also one of the niggas that had flipped on him a few years into his bid. But Leo had to be rational with himself. Shit be moving so fast out in the world that a nigga in prison be the last thing on a nigga’s mind. Leo knew that he could obtain valuable info from Blu. He may even put Blu on his team when he got a certain stage on his plans.

“You got that nigga’s number?” He asked his sister LeLe handed her brother the blunt and the began scrolling through her cell phone for Blu’s number. After finding it. She pressed the send button.

“Hello?” Blu answered on the fourth ring.

“What up, nigga?”

“Who dis”

“Nigga, you don’t check you caller ID before you answer your phone?”

“Oh! This LeLe? What up, Homey?”

“What up is that I see you slipping!” LeLe laughed “But anyway, I got somebody who wants to holla at you.”

“Who?” Blu asked in wonder.

Leo took the phone from his sister. “What up, nigga?”

“Oh, Shit! I know this ain’t my nigga?” Blu said excitedly.

“Damn sure is. What’s good?”

“Son, you touched?”

“No doubt! What’s really good though? I heard you was doin you.” Leo inquired.

“Well, you know? A little something. Hey where you at my nigga? You know I gots to slide through and holla.”

“I’m chillin wit my sister. What’s up? You gonna slide through or something?”

“You at LeLe’s right now?”


“Stay right there! I’ll be there in a sec! What you drinkin?”

“Henny all day and all night, you heard?”

“Do I!” Blu chuckled. “Damn! Son. You came home in the summer time and on a Friday!”

“Well, hurry up and slide through. You know where a nigga is.”

“Don’t move! I’m on my way.” Leo ended the call and then slid the phone across the table to his sister.


Leo stepped down the steps real smooth like. Blu had phoned moments ago and told Leo that he was coming down the block now. He had also told Leo to grab a few bags of haze from LeLe. Leo had left the gun and all but $500 in his room. As he stood learning the celly. Blu pulled up in his money green Escalade. The system was bangin! “What up, Nigga?” Blue exclaimed as he jumped out of his truck and hugged his homey, Blu sported a iced out rolex and had ice on at lest four fingers. Blu had been on the slim side the last time Leo had saw him. But living the high life now gave him an almost chubby physique. “Damn! You done got chunky, nigga!” Leo laughed, hugging Blu in return.

“Shit! Look at you!” Blu beamed. “Your shit is right! You had to be liftin the whole yard!”

“Tryin to anyway, you heard?”

“You got those bags?” Leo gave Blu the bags.

“What you getting into tonight?”

“Come on, man! You know I’m with you tonight! Blu said as he took a wad of cash from his pocket and peeled off a few twenties for the smoke. Blu was on the chubby side and somewhat handsome. He was caramel complexion and wore his hair in shoulder length dreads. The two jumped in the truck and sped away. “I know you tight at me.” Blu said as he drove. “Yeah. I was. But I’m not the type who harbors feelings. I was doin a bid. What could I really expect?” Blu looked at Leo very serious like. “I ain’t even gonna front, Homey. You was gone a long ass time. I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t forget all about you. Because I did.”

“I figured that much.” Leo said turning down the volume on the stereo. “So what’s good out here? I heard there’s mad loot in CT.”

Blu weaved through traffi as he spoke. “You know there’s always been money in CT. But these streets is hot! A lot of niggas been goin down. All I fucks wit is the soft. I gots me three spots goin right now.” Blu then reached in the back seat and got the bottle of Henny. “Here, crack this! My nigga.” Leo took the bottle and then let down the window a bit. He then poured out a few drops for the fellas on lockdown. He then guzzled. “That’s right! Get fucked up!” Blu exclaimed slapping Leo on a shoulder. “We gonna get us some bitches and go to the Oasis tonight!”

“That’s the hot sport or something?”

“Is it? Man, everybody and they momma be up in that bitch! You gonna see mad heads, believe me!”

“Son, you know this chick named Cherry?”

“You mean, Cherry wit the fat ass?”

“I guess so. I just met her today. She looks proper. What’s up with her?”

“Put it like this. I don’t be hearing her name out there like a lot of these other bitches. Her man just blew trial. They gave him the business!” Blu said seriously. He tried to imagine what the nigga must be going through.

“Yeah, I heard.”

Blu dug into a pocket and came out with a wad of hundreds. “Here, nigga. This is five g’s. Get in where you fit in.” The Oasis was definitely jumping. Leo felt like he was in heaven as the loud bass filled his body. He bumped into mad niggas. It seemed like money had been growing on trees since he’d been away. Even the niggas who had been wimps seemed to have their weight up. Leo noticed a nigga but couldn’t seem to put a name to the face. He approached the dude and tapped him on a shoulder. “Hey, don’t I know you?” Leo questioned. The dude wrinkled his brow tring to figure where he knew Leo from. He knew that he knew him. Then it hit him! “Oh, shit! Leo?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, yeah. What’s good?” Leo replied, still trying to put a name to the face. “What they call you again?”

“Boss, nigga! You been gone so long that you forgot who a nigga is?” Now Leo was definitely shocked.

“Boss? Man get the fuck outta here!” Leo exclaimed embracing him.

“You motherfuckin right! The Boss! You ain’t heard?” Boss quipped as he returned Leo’s hug. “Damn, son. When you touched?”

“Today, my dude. Today, you heard?” Leo said with pride.

“Man, You was gone for a good minute. How much you do?”

“A dime, man. Ten years!”

“And you just touched today? Man I knows you back the fuck up!” Boss balled with laughter. “Man, you suppose to be up in some pussy! Look at all this pussy just walkin around in here!” Boss said gesturing a hand around the room.

Leo sipped at his bottle of Henny, watching the females dancing all freaky out on the dance floor. “You know how I do. I already done lined me something up.” Leo then really turned his attention on Boss. He too was platinum down. But Boss’s shit seemed to be a lot chunkier than everyone else’s. Leo figured that he had to be one of the big time ballers.

“So, what’s up wit you?”

Boss leaned in closer and whispered into Leo’s ear.

“Man, I gots the dope game on lock!”

“Dope?” Leo whispered back, puzzled.

“Dope, man. Dope. Heroin.”

“Oh. I feel you. That’s where it’s at, huh?”

Boss waved his hand at all the ballers all posted up on a far wall, drinks in hand, two stepping. “Man, these niggas aint getting no real money. That crack money is funny money. Dope is where it’s at! I gots two projects on lock and four or five money blocks.” Boss boasted.

“Word?” Leo replied, soaking up the info. Boss sipped at his bottle of Moe.

“Yeah, these niggas don’t know nothing about hustling.”

Leo staggered to the restroom. He headed for the nearest toilet and up came the contents of his stomach. After dry heaving a bit he staggered over to a sink and began throwing water on his face. As he checked himself out in a mirror he realized there were two of him. Cracking up with laughter he held himself up by holding onto the sink before him. Staggering back and forth he had problem taking his celly from his waist. After getting it together as far as that he then dug through his pockets in search of Cherry’s number. In doin so he dropped a few hundred on the floor. Blurry eyed he bent over and attempted to pick up the dough and stuff it into his pockets. Most of it fell back to the floor. Just then. Blu came into the restroom and upon noticing the disoriented Leo. He burst with laughter. “Nigga, look at you! You fucked up!” Blu said, falling against the nearest wall in laughter. Again Leo attempted to get his money back in his pockets, only to have most of the bills fall right back to the floor.

“Son, get me outta here!” Leo mumbled drunkenly.

Again Blu fell backwards with laughter. He then took his camera phone from his waist and began recording Leo. After a minute or so he returned it to his waist and then proceeded to help his homey. First he stuffed Leo’s dough back into his pockets. He put one of Leo’s arm’s over a shoulder and then the two headed out of the restroom. As Blu helped Leo through the club. Niggas laughed they asses off at the sight. Blu bidded nigga’s farewell for the both of them and then they was out.


“Leo? Leo?” LeLe whispered into the semi darkened room. The sun was just rising, the hints of the soon to come day crept through the curtains at the window. “Leo?” LeLe whispered a bit louder.

Leo began to stir a bit. He then awoke from his drunken sleep. “Yo?” He replied in a hoarse voice.

“You still want the car today?”

With an effort Leo was able to lean up on an elbow just a bit. “What time is it?” He inquired. His head was spinning.

“It’s six. You gonna be okay?”

“Damn, LeLe! I’m fucked up. How did I get home anyway?”

LeLe laughed. “Blu brought you home like two. You was twisted!”

“Shit! I still am twisted!”

“Mommy and daddy called. They want you to call them today.”

“Yeah, yeah. I meant to call them yesterday. But you see how that ended.”

LeLe giggled. “Tell you what. I’m gonna leave my car here for you and take Born’s car. His people can take him to work.”

“Where is Born? I ain’t even seen him yet.”

“Nigga, Born was tryin to holla at you last night when Blu brought you in. You was out of it!” LeLe giggled again at the memory. “Born’s sleep. He’ll be up in awhile because he has to go to work soon. I’m going to take Cutie to school and then carry my ass to work.”

“Okay, because I ain’t gonna be in no condition for nothing for at least a couple more hours.”

“Well, I’m gonna leave the car keys right on the kitchen table.”

“Okay, baby.”

“I love you bro and welcome home.”

“I love you too, baby.” Leo then fell back in a very deep sleep.

Leo sat up in the bed with the quickness. As he took in his surroundings he realized that he was no longer in one of the cells he’s occupied for the last ten years. He was home! As he threw his legs off the bed and to the floor he still felt a bit tipsy. He tried to remember what went down at the club last night. But the only thing that he could remember was throwing up in the restroom. He also realized that he’d slept in his clothes. He dug into his pockets and took out the wads of cash that was in them. After putting all the money together he began counting it. Leo saw that he had about $8000. So many niggas had given him dough at the club that he forgot who gave him what. But he did remember the $5000 that Blu had given him. He began to calculate all the cash he had. He came up with a total of $17,800. He was set now he thought as he got up from the bed and threw the cash in the drawer where he’d kept the other cash. As he turned on the TV he remembered that he was suppose to holla at Cherry last night. He picked up the phone and seeing that it was just after ten in the morning, he found Cherry’s number then dialed it. As he waited to see if she would pick up, Leo took a seat back on the bed. “Hello?” Cherry answered.

“What up”

“Who dis?”

“Never mind who dis. Who dis?”

“Wait a damn minute! You callin my phone, questioning me?” Cherry said in an angry manner!

“I’m just fuckin wit you. I’m surprise you don’t recognize a nigga’s voice.”

“Oh, shit! Leo? What the fuck happened to you last night? I thought you was suppose to be coming through?”

Leo laid back against a pillow. “I got so twisted last night that I wasn’t myself, you heard? I woke up in my bed not knowing how I had gotten there.”

“Well, after doin ten damn years you deserved to get your head right. But what’s up wit today? You gonna come holla at a bitch or what?”

“We can hook up. What’s up?”

“Shit! You can come through right now! My son is in summer camp and I’m here all by myself.”

“I hear that. But you know a nigga gotta run a few errands and shit. I guess I’ll head on over to one of these malls or something so I can pick me up some gear. A nigga can’t be walking around all busted and shit, you heard?”

“I can come get you and take you. I know where all the fly shit is.”

“What you pushin?”

“I got me a Honda Accord.”

“You don’t work?”

“Hell yeah I works! Shit, I gots a son and bills.”

“What you do?”

“I’m a dentist assistant.”


“Word. It’s good money too. So, what’s up? You want me to come get you or what?”

Leo wasn’t fond at all about letting people know where he rested his head.

“I’ll come get you.”

“Alright. I’m gonna get ready. You know where I’m at don’t you?”

“Yeah, Columbus. I’ll hit you up when I’m outside, you heard?”

Leo ended the call and tossed the phone to the bed, realizing he has an instant erection as he anticipated sexing Cherry. He headed to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and took a quick shower. He threw his boxers in the hamper and after lotioning up, throwing on some cologne and then putting back on his shorts from last night. He headed to the kitchen to get the car keys from where LeLe had said she would leave them. In doing so he found a note from his sister in which she left her cell number. After guzzling a glass of orange juice and then rolling up the blunt his sister had left for him, he headed out to the car. As he got into the ride Leo realized that he hadn’t driven a car in a decade. “Just like riding a bike!” Leo said as he lit up the blunt and then turned the ignition. He turned up the tunes and then headed out of the driveway. LeLe was smart Leo thought as he drove. She lived in the suburbs miles away from the city and she had everything laced. As Leo drove he made a mental note to get his driver’s license as soon as possible. He knew that it was dangerous to be riding around dirty without a license. The police would then have the right to search the vehicle. So until he was able to get his shit right. He would stay clean. As Leo pulled in front of the Columbus projects he noticed all types of niggas out and about. It was June twenty fifth, which meant school was out and kids were running around in full blast! But the niggas didn’t care. They still did them not giving a fuck about nothing but that drug money! Leo parked and then dialed Cherry’s number. She answered telling him that she would be right down. As Leo waited he looked the projects over. Columbus projects consisted of four buildings. Thirty floors each. He knew there had to be mad money here. As he watched the hustlers selling their product he wondered if they were all going for self. He also wondered what they were selling. Leo’s mind went back to the conversation that he’d had with Boss at the club last night. If nothing else stuck in his head from last night’s ordeal. The conversation he had with Boss did. Boss said all the real money was in the dope game. But Leo knew nothing about the dope game. He knew Boss had to know what he was talking about because he sure looked caked up at the club last night. Sure Leo had dipped and dabbed in the crack game when he had been on the street. But that was ten years ago. He knew shit had changed drastically since then. He figured that since his plan involved getting in the game. He might as well come hard. So if Boss said all the money was in the dope game. Then that’s the game that Leo would be playing. Even though he knew nothing about the dope game, he knew all he had to do was talk to people who knew. And who knew more about the dope game than a dope fiend? Leo looked to see Cherry headed towards the parking lot, She seemed to be looking around for him. Leo beeped the horn to gain her attention. Cherry smiled, then headed his way. Leo had to admit. She looked tasty! Cherry got into the car and the perfume that she was wearing smelled good as fuck and had Leo fucked up in the head. During his years in prison he thought about being in the presence of females again. He use to rehearse conversations in his head and formulate pick up lines. Cherry had a nigga stuck on stupid. Once again he had the wicked erection! “You had a bitch up all night waiting for you to come through!” Cherry said, letting down her window.

As Leo drove through the projects parking lot he peeped niggas checking him out. The majority of them were mean mugging a nigga.

“What up wit these niggas out here?” Leo questioned.

“Ah. Don’t worry bout them. They ain’t nobody!”

“What they sellin? Crack?”

“I guess so. I don’t know! I don’t be paying them no attention.”

“Why you raising your son in this shit?”

Cherry sighed. “Well, to be truthful. The rent is cheap. I plan on getting me a house in a minute.” Cherry then began rolling a blunt. “I was savin this for us last night.” Cherry said as she licked the blunt into perfection.

“Where we headed?” Leo asked.

“Let’s go to the CT mall. They got all that hot shit!”

Leo thought about all the gear he use to be checking out in all the rap magazines the whole time he’d been down. Out of all the top designers he liked Coogi, Sean John, Rocawear and of course Gucci. “Damn you smell good!” Leo commented. Cherry smiled, handing Leo the blunt.

“I told you I was sweet!”

“I’m gonna see how sweet you really is as soon as we get back from the mall.” Leo promised.


At the mall Leo bought five pairs of pants, five tops, five pairs of various types of kicks, boxers, a fly ass watch and some belts and shit. He and Cherry then ate at a Chinese restaurant. On the way back to Cherry’s crib he stopped at a corner liquor store for a quart of Henny and then to a bodega to cop some blunt wraps and of course condoms. As he drove through the parking lot of Cherry’s projects he saw that there were way more niggas out than had been out earlier. As Leo passed all eyes were glued to the black Acura. Right now Leo felt very vulnerable out here like this without any type of heat. But he couldn’t take any chances. He wasn’t going back to prison for no bullshit ass gun charge. After parking the car he and Cherry got out and headed to her building. Mad niggas was posted up on the walls and shit. As he and Cherry approached. All became quiet. Everyone knew who Cherry was. But their thoughts were who the fuck the nigga with Cherry was?

“Yo, Cherry! What up?” A kid said.

“Hey, Bandit.” Cherry replied.

“Who dat you wit?”

“What up?” Leo inquired.

“What you mean what up? Nigga!” Bandit said.

“Bandit come on now! Dis my friend. He cool.” Cherry said.

“Yeah! You sayin he cool!” Bandit shot back! “You know how we feel bout niggas comin up in our shit! You know how we feel bout outsiders!”

“Look, man! I don’t want no problems, okay?” Leo said, while looking Bandit seriously in his eyes.

“You just make sure you keep it like that!” Bandit replied, while giving Leo an equal stare.

“Come on, Leo.” Cherry implied as she took Leo’s arm and then led the way into the hallway of her building. “Don’t pay them niggas no mind!” she whispered as they headed to the elevators. Leo was tight! He just stood at the elevator starting straight ahead. He knew there was nothing that he could do. He was on their turf, which meant he was out numbered. Out of the twenty or so niggas that were posted outside the building, more than half of them were probably strapped. When the elevator finally did come. He and Cherry rode it up to the fourth floor in silence. Once there Cherry led the way to her apartment 4C. “Well, this is my place!” Cherry said as they stepped into the apartment.

At once a flowery scent fill Leo’s nostrils. As he looked the place over. He really liked what he saw. Cherry’s living room was done up jet black and chrome, jet black carpenting, jet black sofa and loveseat, jet black ottoman, then all the tables and lamps were chrome and glass. The entertainment had to run her a pretty penny. On top of all of this Leo realized that Cherry took pride in her domain. All was spotless. “Nice!” Leo said, stepping into the living room. “Now let me see your taste in music.” He then began looking over Cherry’s vast collection. Her shit was in alphabetical order and everything. When Leo came to Kem’s Kemistry CD. His heart skipped a beat. “Oh! Shit! This my shit!” He exclaimed.

“Well, put it in, relax, roll up!” Cherry said, heading towards the rear of the apartment. Leo put in the CD and scanned to his favorite track. Put the shit on repeat and then sat back on the butter soft sofa. As his mind began to go back to when he use to be laying back in his cell, headphones on, singing his ass off! He knew niggas use to get tight. But fuck that! If he was in his zone he ain’t giving a fuck!” I can’t stop lovin you girl’ came on and Leo got a natural high! He just had to get up and turn the volume up a bit more. He cracked the Henny, found the kitchen sink, where he poured something for the boys and then he took a healthy guzzle straight from the bottle! At once a burning sensation filled him. Leo sat the bottle on the coffee table and he broke up haze as he sand along with Kem! He lit up, sing to his hearts content. Just loving life! Leo had his eyes closed hitting a high note when a swift breeze caught his attention. The blunt fell from his lips as looked at the sight before him. Cherry stood in the middle of the living room in a lime thong, with matching bra. Leo quickly picked the blunt up from the floor. “Let me get that.” Cherry said, taking the blunt from Leo’s shaking hand. She stood puffing, with a hand on her luscious curves. She smiled devilishly, watching Leo, watching her. After giving Leo back the blunt. Cherry spun around on some lime green heels, giving Leo a full view of what she was workin with. Cherry had a well shaped ass with all the fixings. As she turned the stereo up a bit more, the weed had started to take on it’s intense effects. Now being controlled by the haze, Cherry turned her attention back to Leo and began to sway seductively to the music. She then began removing her bra, real sexy like. As the bra slipped to the floor. Cherry stood, looking just as sweet as she proclaimed. Leo just sat back, puffing, his manhood on fire! Cherry then began to wiggle out of the simple thong, bending to pluck it from her toes. One foot and then the other. Leo had a full view of her velvety tunnel of love. Now she was approaching Leo, small steps at a time. When she came within inches, she slithered to her knees, never losing eye contact. Cherry searched out for Leo’s zipper. Upon finding it, she unzipped, slowly. When she saw that Leo didn’t have on any boxers, she winked at him and then hungrily took his manhood into the silky warmth of her mouth. Still never breaking eye contact, now she began to suck and suck, vigorously. Leo’s head fell back against the leather of the sofa, his moans blending in perfectly with the music. Cherry then removed Leo from her mouth and began to lick in places that Leo thought were forbidden. As she did so, she pumped his manhood with a tight fist. Leo’s head rolled from side to side in total ectasy! Cherry must of felt the eruption coming, because just as she took him into her mouth, he came! Leo watched through heavily lidded eyes as Cherry swallowed every drop he had to offer. Leo laid back, breathing heavily, trying to gain his composure. As he did so Cherry went into the pocket of the jeans and removed a condom. After tearing it open, she began to lick and suck Leo back to life. He was back almost instantly! After rolling the condom down the length of steel. Cherry laid down onto the carpet, pulling Leo down with her. There they did the dance that lovers do……..As Leo showered, Cherry had went down to the car and got him a whole new change of gear. Right as he was lotioning up and putting on cologne, Cherry was back. Leo had taken out his braids and after he dressed, Cherry had him sit in the living room so she could lace him. As Leo sat on the floor, between Cherry’s legs, smoking his third blunt of the day. He was feelin right! Cherry glanced at her watch as she braided. “I gotta do this quick, because my son will be home from camp in about a half. I keeps my company away from him. Outta sight outta mind!”

Leo then became serious. “Listen. While we on a subject like this. I would like to make something clear to you. As you already know. A nigga just comin out. I ain’t tryin to get into no relationship type shit, you heard? Really I ain’t tryin to make no type of commitments. I mean we can do us whenever. If it’s gonna be anything. I’ll like to keep it on that level. You heard?”

Cherry spoke as she braided. “I’m not one of those bitches that don’t take care of hers. We can do whatever. I ain’t looking for no commitment shit either. Believe me! I likes my freedom. Just holla at me and if it’s on, it’s on!” Cherry giggled. “A bitch be needin a little maintenance. After that a nigga can step!”

“So what’s up wit these projects?” Those niggas be workin for the next nigga or for self?”

Again Cherry laughed. “Didn’t you ask me this same question before? I told you I don’t be getting into all of that shit. Once I comes in my house and close my door I gives less than a fuck what goes down on the other side.” Leo liked Cherry. She was bout it!


As Leo stepped out of Cherry’s building he saw the same set of niggas posted up. Including Bandit. He acknowledged Bandit with a nod and then kept it moving. Bandit just gave back a blank stare, following Leo with his eyes.

Leo just flung his duffle bag over his shoulder and headed to the car. As he walked he saw niggas making sales, shooting celo, smoking blunts and drinking all the types of forties and liquors. Many of them watched Leo, wondering who he was. Making it to the car safely Leo jumped in the ride and drove slowly through the parking lot. He looked at the dash and saw that it was 2:48pm. He headed to the crib. As he drove he thought about the dope game. And again the fact he knew nothing about dope bugged him. Shit! He didn’t even know the price a bag. Leo thought about Blu. Maybe Blu knew something and could school him? He took his cell from his waist and dialed Blu’s number.

Blu answered his phone with breathless laughter. “Nigga, you was fucked up last night!”

“Fucked up ain’t the word!”

Leo laughed with an equal amount of glee as Blu. “Son I saw your ass go in the bathroom and shit! When you ain’t come out in a minute, I was like. Let me go check on my nigga.”

“So what’s good? What you getting in tonight?”

“Well, right now I’m taking care of some things. Shit! We can do the Oasis again. Today’s Saturday. Everybody gonna be up in that piece!”

“I got some shit I want to holla at you bout. Let’s hook up bout ten or so, you heard?”

“Alright, alright! Where you at? LeLe’s?”

“On my way.”

“Tell LeLe to hook me up a half of that!”

“I got you. You heard?” After dropping his bags off in his room. Leo headed to the kitchen where he heard LeLe and Born. “What up!” Leo said, giving Born dap. Born hugged Leo.

“Man you really did it last night, didn’t you?” Born was Hispanic with a caramel complexion. He had jet black, shoulder length, curly hair and stood about 6’2’‘. Born was two years older than LeLe. The two had now been together seven wonderful years.

“Yeah I did do me. I’m bout to do me again, tonight.” Leo said, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

LeLe and Born had about a pound spreaded out on a newspaper on a kitchen table. They both had digital scales and were bagging up twenty sacks.

“Did you speak to mommy and daddy yet?” LeLe asked her brother.

“I just got off the phone wit them a minute ago.” Leo said as he went into his pocket and brought out LeLe’s $40 from Blu. “This from Blu. He want a half.” He said tossing the two twenties on the table.

“Okay, I got him.” LeLe replied.

“How much a half of that shit go for?” Leo inquired.

“Well, usually. A half goes for $250 but I be hookin niggas up for $200.”

“What you trying to do?” Born asked.

Leo leaned far back in his seat. “I been hearing bout dope. What up wit that?”

Born eyed Leo with a smile. “That’s some deep shit there. You really got to know what you doing.”

“You ever fuck wit it?”

“Not personally. See I’m from the Bronx. A few of my brothers and cousins use to get dope money. Out of my two brothers. One started using and ended up going to prison for sales. My other brother had it going on strong, with a crew and the whole nine. The feds took them all down. He now had life in the feds. Now my cousins? All of them either dead or in prison over that shit.”

“Sounds like it’s not a game to play with. But you know there always a way to do shit correctly.”

“Don’t get me wrong now. It’s been done but by very few.” Born explained. “It really depends on the individual.”

“Far as I know. That shit. That shit mad money, but it’s mad time too if you get caught slippin.” LeLe said.

“Well, I ain’t gonna jump in the shit until I had the opportunity to investigate shit at every angle, you heard?” Leo commented.

“You really thinking bout fucking wit that shit foreal?” LeLe questioned.

“The way I done heard it was money in the dope game. I’m not coming out here playin any games. If dope is where the money is that’s where I want to be, you heard?”

“Well, like you said. Your gonna investigate shit. Please do that.” LeLe asked earnestly.

“You got to make sure you investigate that shit thoroughly before you invest any money into that shit.” Born spoke up. “You gots to make sure you ain’t buying garbage. You definitely gonna need a good connect.”

“You still got peoples in the Bronx?” Leo asked Born.

Born rubbed at his chin. “Let me make a few calls and then get back to you on that.”

Later on that night Blu had spun over to LeLe’s. After copping the half he and Leo were now headed to the Oasis.

“So what’s on your mind that you wanted to holla at be bout?” Blu asked Leo as they cruised through the ghetto action of CT.

“Man, I’m tryin to get in this dope game.”

“Dope? You mean, boy? Heroin?” Blu asked in surprise.

“Why you sayin it like that?” Leo wondered aloud. He wanted to hear everyone’s input on the topic.

“Ah, man! I lost crazy money fucking with that shit! It’s too much problems!” Blu exclaimed. “First you got to make sure a motherfucka don’t sell your ass no fuckin garbage! Then when you do get some good shit, you got to get rid of the shit before it goes bad.” Blu said, eyeing Leo very seriously.

“I ain’t putting all my in one basket, I plan on starting out with a ounce or something.”

“A ounce? Do you know how much a ounce of heroin costs?”

“Well, I figured it costs a little more than an ounce of coke.” Leo implied.

“A little?” Blu laughed. “Man, an ounce of some good dope gonna run you some g’s. You don’t know nothing bout dope, Leo. A nigga will sell you some garbage in a second! Motherfuckas be knowing when a nigga don’t know what the fuck he’s buying. See, with crack and coke, ain’t really no frontin on that. Every nigga in the hood know bout coke.”

“But I ain’t tryin to do what everybody else is doing, you heard?” Leo explained.

Blu just shook his head. “Who you gonna sell it to? Let me explain something to you, homey. A dope fiend don’t be buying the dope off just anybody! It ain’t like crack, where a nigga can walk up and buy they shit as long as the count is right. Dope fiends are particular who they buy they dope from. They ain’t wit taking chances and shit.”

Leo rubbed at his chin. Right now he was a sponge, soaking up all the info that flowed. “So what you sayin, is whoever gots the best dope gets all the money?”

“You damn right!”

this was all Leo really needed to hear……………………

The Oasis was definitely jumping! The crowd was even larger than the previous night. The ladies were full of blast! All the ballers were posted up, jeweled out, big bottles in hand just stuntin! Leo didn’t plan on getting twisted tonight. He figured that he would just sip Moet’s and blow a couple of blunts. After paying for a $100 bottle Leo found him a spot up on the wall and sipped as he watched the ladies out on the dance floor. Being that he had on crispy white wife beater, his muscles were bulging. Quite a few of the ladies were giving him that look. As Leo sipped from his bottle, two stepping to a 50 cent tune. A chick just stepped before him and then started dancing. As she spun and gave Leo her back. Leo was all up on her. Shorty spun around, giving that sex look, moving her body seductively.

Leo leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “What up? He asked with a serious expression on his face.

“What up?” She mouth back. She then turned, giving Leo her back again. But this time she was rubbing her ass up against him.

Leo got an instant hard on, which enticed the shorty to grind back. Leo guzzled from his bottle, grinding all up on the chick. Yeah. He knew where this was going. Leo then really started checking shorty out. She was a pretty light skinned thang!

And she smelled good as fuck! As the DJ changed the tune, Leo took the female by her arm and led their way back to the bar. Luckily there were two empty seats. Side by side.

“Damn, daddy! I ain’t never seen you up in here!” the female said, wiggling upon a stool.

Leo found him a seat right close up on shorty. He put his bottle up on the bar. “What’s your name? You mad proper.”

“Kia!” She smiled.

“Now I guess this is the part where you tells me you ain’t got a man?”

“Where you from? I ain’t never seen you around?”

“That’s cause I ain’t been around, you heard?”

“Well, your right bout the man part, because I definitely don’t got no man.” As she spoke, her eyes roamed Leo’s muscular chest and arms. “When you gonna tell me your name?” She smiled.

“Right after I buy you a drink. What you drinking?” Leo asked as he removed a wad of cash from a pocket.

Kia giggled. “Sex on the beach!”

Leo eyed Kia with devilish eyes. “You tryin to tell me something?”

“Damn! You ain’t even tell me your name yet and you already going for the panties!” Kia laughed. She then signaled for the bartender. “Can I have a sex on the beach?” She asked, taking her own money from her skin tight jeans.

“I got that!” Leo said, laying a twenty on the bar. As the bartender went for the drink, Leo turned his attention back to Kia. “My name is Leo you heard?”

Kia batted her eyelashes. “Leo huh?”

“Yeah Leo.”

The drink came. Kia took it and as she sucked through the straw, she looked up to Leo with lust filled eyes.

“Why you staring at me like that?”

Kia put her elbow on the bar. “Where you from, Leo?”

“Right her CT!”

“Wait a minute! Now are you Leo the lion? Or Leo the liar?” Leo burst with laughter. “I’m the lion baby!” He growled.

“Well, if you from CT, why I ain’t seen you?”

“To keep it real with you. I been away. But this ain’t bout me. I ask the questiojns here!” Leo joked.

“Oh, you do, huh?” Kia asked, folding her arms over her perky breast looking up at Leo with bedroom eyes.

“Where you be at in CT?” Leo questioned.

“Parker Avenue projects.”



“And you ain’t got no man waiting for you to get back?”


Leo studied Kia’s eye for sincerity. “That’s hard to believe.”

“And why is that?” Kia asked, sucking on her straw again.

“Shit! Look at you!”

Leo only smiled, sending signals with his eyes. Just then Boss caught his attention. “Stay right here. Don’t move!” Leo said and then ran to catch Boss. He squeezed through the crowded club, finally catching up with Boss at the rear of the club. “Boss, what’s good?”

Boss spun around, a bottle of expensive liquor in each hand. His jewels seem to catch every light in the club “Leo, what up nigga?”

“I wanna holla at you for a minute.”

Boss eyed Leo with concern, thinking he was probably fucked up on cash. “What? You need a little something?”

“Nah. It ain’t nothing like that. I just want to get some more insight bout what you put in my ear last night.”

“What’s that?” Boss inquired as he put one bottle down on a table and drank from the other one. “I’m trying to get into this dope game you was telling me about.”

Boss’s head fell back in laughter. “Man, you ain’t ready for this man! Dope is the big league! You can’t come right outta prison and jump into this shit! You need a team you need customers, you need to establish a good connect! And you need a turf! Man, you need all types of shit!” Again Leo was absorbing info. Storing it all to memory. “Tell you what?” Boss continued. “I gots a couple ounce of top grade coke. It’s just laying around. I ain’t gonna be needing it. I’ll give that shit to you. I feel your pain my nigga. You just came home and you fucked up. I understand. I wasn’t telling you bout the dope game so you can get in it. I was just talking, you know?” Leo realized that Boss was trying to deter his thought about getting in the dope game. He also realized that Boss wished that he hadn’t mention anything about the dope game to Leo. He made a mental note not to mention anything about the dope game to Boss again. Yeah. Boss had let the cat out the bag and Leo would do all he had to do to catch the cat by the tail! “Holla at me tomorrow and I’ll throw those thangs at you.” Boss was saying.

After storing Boss’s number in his phone, Leo sought out Blu, telling him that he was bouncing with a shorty. After he and Blu made plans to meet up tomorrow afternoon, Leo made his way back over to Kia. “Come on. You want to get out of here?” Leo suggested.

“Who’s car we taking?” Kia smiled.

“Yours.” Leo said, taking Kia’s hand and heading for the exit.


Outside in the club’s parking lot Kia released Leo’s hand and dug into her purse. She used a remote starter and brought her gray late model Lexus 400SC to life.

“Oh? You pushin a Lex?” Leo asked in envy.

“If you didn’t know, now you do!” Kia said, sliding into the car.

Leo followed suit. “It looks like your doing big thangs?” He said, buckling in.

Kia smiled and then headed out of the lot.

“I didn’t get this how you think I got it.”

“How you know what a nigga thinking?”

“All yall think the damn same! Yall think that a bitch got a nigga buyin her shit!”

“Wait! Hold up, hold up!” Leo said throwing his hands in the air in protest. “I specifically said that you look like you doin big thangs and that’s what I mean.”

“So just what do you think I’m doing?” Kia questioned with a raised brow.

“I plead the fifth!”

“Well I do too!” Kia giggled.

They drove a while in silence. Kia taking lustful peeks at Leo as she drove. Finally she was pulling into the parking lot of the Parker Avenue housing projects. The projects consisted of five, thirty story buildings. Each floor housed ten families. Being that it was after two in the a.m. there weren’t too many niggas out. But there were a few who were selling their product on the graveyard shift. Kia led the way to the elevators, which her and Leo took to the twentieth floor. Kia stuck her key in the lock on apartment 20d. As her and Leo entered. She whispered.

“Try to keep it down. My nosy ass sister is here. Please let’s not wake her up!” Leo smiled as Kia led the way through the dark living room.

“This is my room.” Kia said, letting Leo in and then turning on some lights. “You can take a seat right on my bed.” She suggested with a flirty smile.

When Leo sat back and laid down on the bed. He realized that he was on a waterbed. “Ooh like this!” He said, moving a bit.

“I like it too!” Kia said from her dresser, where she was removing her jewelry. She then kicked off her shoes and slithered out of her jeans. The hot pink laced bra and panties looked real expensive. Leo looked around and could immediately tell that Kia was a woman of good taste and it looked like she was having it. She had a smooth and sensual style that was attractive. Kia came over to the bed and sat before Leo. She then reached for a half a blunt that she had put down earlier and lit it up. “You puff?” She asked, lighting up.

“Do I!” Leo exclaimed as he sat up, holding his crotch. Kia noticed Leo’s hard-on through his pants and smiled. She took a hold of it, massaging through his jeans. She then pulled on his zipper, dug in and set him free! Her eyes sparkled at the sight before her. Licking her lips, she eyed Leo with slitted and seductive eyes. Leo took the blunt from Kia’s hand, putting it in a nearby ashtray. Just then Kia really began working him over with her mouth. Within minutes he was releasing she was swallowing every drop. Kia smiled more deeply as she came out of her bra and then slithered out of her panties. Leo had never ate pussy in his life. During his bid he always wondered what it was like. There was no longer a need to wonder……..


Stretching, Leo awoke from a very peaceful sleep. As he looked the room over, memories of last night begin forming in his head, playing themselves over. Once again he admired Kia’s tasteful room. It was real nice and cozy, with a real ladies touch. He saw that Kia had folded up his garments he’s discarded in their bliss. Shorty had his jeans, shirt and even sox folded up real nice! She even washed a nigga’s boxers and sox. Yeah. Shorty got real class. Leo thought as he threw back the blankets and came out of the bed. He found a towel and wrapped it around his waist. Looking at the clock on the nightstand. Leo saw that it was going on 11am. Today was Sunday. He had only been home two days. But it somehow seemed like he’d been home a minute. He picked up Kia’s remote and aimed it towards the 42 inch flat screen. There was a gospel program on BET. He left it there. The divine smell of breakfast filled the air. The smell of sausage filled his nostrils, then worked its way down to his stomach. Leo quickly snatched up his boxers, wrapped the towel tighter and then left the room. When he came in the dining room area. The sight before him shocked the shit out of him! Kia sat at the dining room table and before her was what looked like three or more ounces of coke. Kia had been packaging it when Leo entered the room. “Good morning!” Kia greeted with a smile.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to intrude.”

Kia hunched her shoulders as she continued weighing out amounts and then wrapping them up. “I guess you got questions, huh?”



“What you do is none of my business.” Leo said, while leaning against the frame of the doorway of the dining room.

Kia smiled. “Shit. I like you already.” Leo returned the smile. “Where’s your shower?” Kia pointed out the direction and Leo headed that way. As he showered a thought came to mind. Boss was gonna hit him off with some coke today. He really didn’t have a way to get rid of it off hand. Maybe he can holla at Kia and get something goin with her? From the amount of coke she’d been bagging she had to be getting rid of it quickly. It looked like she had it goin on! Shit! The bitch was pushin a $60,000 car. As he left the shower and began drying off. Kia entered with a fresh toothbrush. “Your phone keeps ringing.” Kia said, handing over the toothbrush.

“Did you answer it?”

“Hell no! Why would I do such a thang?” Leo smiled and then faced the mirror, where he brushed his teeth. “I made you some breakfast.”

“Now that sounds good!”

Moments later Leo was fully dressed and sitting before a healthy plate of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, home fries, buttered toast and a tall frosty glass of orange juice. After serving Leo his meal Kia went back to her task. Leo just watched as he wolfed down the food.

“Are you really from CT?” Kia asked.

“What makes you think I’m not?”

“CT is big but not that damn big! I would of seen you before.”

Leo pushed the empty plate away and then gulped the entire glass of orange juice. “I just came home from doin a bid.” He revealed.

“Word!” Kia replied in surprise.


“How much you do?”


“Ten what?”

“Ten years, ma. Ten long ass years!”

“Damn!” Kia exclaimed at just the thought.

“Where are you originally from? I hear an accent.”


“Word?” Leo replied in envy. He looked to the coke on the table. “What you doin up here doin that?” Kia continued bagging as she spoke. “My sister’s man got killed up here last year. I came up here to help her get her head together, you know? Help her get through that shit. Mad heads kept knockin on the door, the rest is history.”

“Damn! You sellin right out of here?”

“Hell no! Never that. Me and my sister got us a spot in this building though.”

“Oh yall got workers and shit?” Leo smiled.

“Something like that.”

“I got some more of that?” Leo gestured at the coke with his head.


“So?” Leo laughed. “Help me get rid of the shit!”

“Hell no I don’t think so!” Kia stated bluntly.

Again Leo laughed. “I like you, you heard?”

“I heard.” Kia smiled.

“Let me ask you a serious question?”


Leo leaned back in his seat, then folded his arms. “You know anything bout dope? Heroin.”

“Not at all! Don’t get me to lying.” Kia giggled. “Why? That’s what you do?”

Leo hunched his shoulders. “That’s what I’m gonna do.”


“Word.” Leo looked around the apartment. It was nicely furnished. “Where’s your sister?”


“Oh? You don’t do the church thing?”

“Nah. I use to but I don’t think there’s anything in that for me right now.”

“Do you plan on us hooking up like this again?”

Kia was quiet for a moment. “We can be friends? I am not ready for no man right now either!”

“We definitely on the same page.”

Leo’s cell rang. Seeing that it was LeLe he answered. “Hello?”

“Leo, what’s up? Everything, everything?”

“Everything’s everything.”

“You know I had to check up on you and shit. I looked into your room and you wasn’t there.” LeLe said with concern.

“Well, I’m good. What you getting in today?”

LeLe exhale. “Sunday? Shit! Nothing, why?”

“I need a ride.”

“You need me to come and pick you up?”

“Now that sounds like a plan.”

“Who you wit? Cherry?” LeLe chuckled.

“Nah. I’m in Parker Avenue.”

“The projects?”

“Yeah. Why you sayin it like that?”

“That place is off the hook, Leo. That’s the worst projects in CT!”

“I ain’t sweatin that. When you gonna slide on through?”

“Give me like a half.” Leo ended the call, returning the phone to his waist. “I’m bout to be out.” He said to Kia. Kia looked at Leo with a knowing look. “Oh? That was wifey, huh?” She smiled devilishly.

“Nah. That was my sis.”

Kia laughed aloud. “I don’t care! We just friends nigga!”

“Word up! That was my sister!” Leo said, joining in with laughter. “So when we gonna hook up again?”


“Let me get your number.” Leo said, taking the phone from his waist again.


Sunday was a day of rest. After LeLe had picked Leo up. He dropped her off and then he met up with Boss. The few ounces turned out to be five ounces o some top grade coke. Leo spent a minute with Blu and then headed to the crib. He’d spoken to Cherry and Kia that night and made plans to hook up later in the week or so. For the remainder of the night. He smoked bud, ate and watched movies in LeLe’s home theater. Born had given him a person to contact in the Bronx who was supposed to have it going on with the dope. When Leo woke up early Monday morning, he headed to the motor vehicle building. He’d aced the permit test and with the help of Blu, Leo was able to acquire a rental. He was now on his way to the Bronx. Leo had called the connect and told him he would be touching down in the Bronx about 3:00pm. Armed with the 40 caliber and $7000 he parked across the street from Forest projects. After phoning the connect to let him know that he’d touched. Leo sat back and waited. Moments later an Hispanic man approached the Ford Focus. “You must be Chico?” Leo said, getting out of the car. Chico was a very light complexion Dominican man, who looked to be in his early thirties. He was short, curly hair and average height. “Yes. I’m Chico. Come with me.” Leo positioned the 40 in his waist and followed. As he walked he checked his surroundings. It was summertime and people were out in full blast. Leo had to admit it. The Spanish mommies were looking right! He followed Chico to a building where they rode the elevator to the ninth floor. Once there, Chico led the way to his apartment. As they entered the Devine scents of some fine cuisine filled the atmosphere. Chico took Leo to a back room and offered him a chair. “What up, papi?” Chico asked.

“I want to get some good dope. Not no bullshit!”

“Born, tells me you know nothing about heroin?” Chico said in his accent. “You come to the right place. Born my amigo so that makes you my amigo too.”

“Amigo? What the fuck is that?”

Chico laughed. “Amigo? Friend, friend!”

“Well, I sure don’t speak Spanish. Can we do this in English?”

“Sure, papi, sure.”

“First. Tell me bout the dope. I want the best that money can buy.” Chico was quiet awhile in thought. When he finally spoke. He looked Leo in his eyes “I tell you now. Heroin nothing like the crack. Nothing like the coke. People want crack and coke. People need the dope! You got the best? You get all the money.”

“How much a ounce of the best gonna run me?”

“China white the best! You make all the money! You get rich!”

“How much is the china white? And don’t bullshit me! If you give me something proper, me and you gonna do a lot of business.” Chico looked at Leo very seriously.

“You want me show you how to get all the money?”

“That’s why I’m here.”

Again Chico eyed Leo seriously. “You make a mixture. Morphine and china white. I tell you now? You not keep the fiend away! They come all day all night all day all night!”

“That’s what I want!” Leo said getting a bit hyped.

“You need a chemist.” Chico warned. “You need someone that knows what they doing.”

“How do you suggest I get a damn chemist?” Leo said in frustration. He realized that there was so much to this dope game. Every time he turned around he needed something else or there was something he really needed to know. “You have find someone you can trust. The best chemist is an ole fiend.” Leo figured that he should be able to accomplish this. All he had to do was drive through some of the hoods. “How much for the ounce of china white and that morphine shit?”

“You need cut too.” Chico announced.

“Cut? Damn! What the fuck else I need?” Chico smiled.

“Bags, scale, strainer and? A stamp! You’s got to have your own stamp! Leo went into a pocket took out the $7000 and threw it on the bed. “How much is this?” Chico asked picking up the money. “Seven g’s!” Chico scratched his head “Okay. $5000 for the china white, $800 for the morphine and $90 for the quinine. The cut don’t worry. I hook you up” Chico promised.

“Come with me.” They left the room and went into the dining room. Chico went into the kitchen for a moment and then cam back to Leo. “My wife fix some food. Eat. I be back soon.”

One of the scariest moments in Leo’s life was the drive back from the Bronx to CT. He’d been carrying the gun and enough drugs to land him back in prison for at least another decade. He promised himself that he would do shit differently next time. Chico had hooked him up with everything except the stamp. He told Leo that he would have to obtain that one on his own. Chico had told Leo that he could start out without the stamp. But once things picked up he would definitely need one to distinguish his bags from everyone else’s. Parking in LeLe’s driveway, Leo breathe a sigh of relief. After getting things out of the trunk he headed inside the crib. He realized that no one was home. He went directly to his room. Tossing the bag on his bed, he picked up the remote and turned on the TV. As he cruised the channels he thought about his next move. He hadn’t been to any of the real hoods of CT in ten years. But everyone knew that the drug activities in the hood never changed. The players, but not the game! Leo dug the ounce of heroin out of the bag and looked it over.

To him it seemed so small. Not like an ounce at all. But he did see Chico weigh it out right in front of him. He also realized that Chico did seem very sincere. But Leo still wondered if what he had was as good as Chico claimed? Chico said that the china white could take a four cut. But Leo wanted his shit to be the best in town. He then removed the morphine from the bag. He was told that the morphine would hype up the heroin quite a bit. Leo rubbed at his chin, paying little attention to the girls shaking their asses on the videos. He took a razor and cut a small piece off the heroin. He also took out an small amount of the cut into another bag. After tucking the 40 caliber under his mattress, he got back in the car and drove to Morris Avenue. A known hot spot for watching as the fiends and dealers negotiated in plain sight. His phone rang. Looking at the caller ID he saw it was Cherry. “What’s good?” He answered still watching the block.

“You!” Cherry replied in a seductive tone.

“What you getting into tonight?” Leo laughed.

“I was hoping I’ll be getting into you?”

“It’s right here for you whenever you want it.”

“Right now I’m kinda busy. Maybe we can hook later tonight?”

“Alright. Just holla back!” Leo ended the call just as he saw a fiend walking past his car. He honked the horn to get the fiend’s attention.

“Hey! What up? Man!” the fiend said approaching the passenger’s side window.

“You fuck wit dope?” Leo asked.

“Boy?” the fiend replied, wiping his nose.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“What’s the name of it?”

Now Leo realized what Chico was telling him about the stamp. Fiends did not like taking chances. Blu had told him the same thing.

“I got some raw.” Leo answered. The fiend looked skeptical. No one sold raw. “Let me see.”

“Get in.” Leo implied. The fiend quickly got into the car. At once a foul odor filled the car. Leo hit the air conditioner. Braving the stench he dug into his pocket and removed the three packets.

“Look. I ain’t cut this shit yet. You know something bout this?” the fiend rubbed his hands together, wiping at his nose. “There ain’t nothing I don’t know bout no dope. Shit! You kidding me?” the fiend said, smiling and showing off yellowed teeth. Then Leo had an idea. “You live around here?”

“Yeah! Me and my ole lady gots us a place right up yonder!” the fiend said pointing up the block.

“What you say bout me and you goin there to hook this up?”

“Yeah! Yeah! Alright!” he said rubbing his hands together rapidly.

“Where we going?”

“Just go straight! I’ll show you!” Leo drove following directions. Soon they were pulling in front of a rundown apartment building. On the way up the steps the fiend stopped and faced Leo. “You got a taste for my ole lady?” Leo stopped on a step.

“What’s your handle man?”

“Slick, Youngblood. What’s yours?”

Leo thought for a moment. There was no way he was giving out his handle like that, “I’m Youngblood. Now listen, Slick I want you to help me fix this up. Don’t worry. I gots you, you heard?”

Leo then followed Slick through a piss smelling hallway. As they stepped into the small apartment Leo was taken back by the filth. Dirty clothes were everywhere. The dilapidate couch was leaking cotton from at least ten holes. The carpet looked as if it hadn’t seen a broom in years. Roaches climbed the wall without a care in the world. And the stench, the smell was almost suffocating. Slick led the way to a filthy table, then used an arm to knock the contents of table to the floor.

“Slick! Is that you?” A voice yelled from the back. Just then a scrawny looking woman, clothed in a dirty house coat entered the room. “Oh? You gots company?” she said attempting to pat her nappy, graying hair into place.

“This is Youngblood. He’s gonna give us a taste.”

“You got my seventeen dollars?” she asked her man.

Slick took crumbled bills from a pocket and then slammed them on the table.

“Go on get outta here, Terry! Let us men take care of this!”

“You got me a taste?” Terry begged.

Slick didn’t say a word. He eyed his woman with a glare that was so dangerous. It sent Terry back the way she’d come. But of course she was cursing under her breath.

“Damn, woman!” Slick said taking a seat. Leo wiped off a chair and reluctantly sat down on it. He removed the bags from a pocket and laid them before Slick.

“This is dope, morphine and some cut.”

“Morphine?” Slick exclaimed in excitement. “Where you get that?”

“Don’t worry bout all that. You know how to mix this shit?”

“Hell yeah I do! I done tole you, Youngblood! I done it all!”

“Well, let me see what you can do.” Leo then eyed Slick with the same dangerous eyes that Slick had eyed his woman with moments ago. “I’m telling you now! I ain’t no sucka! Don’t try to play me! You help me and I’ll help you.” Leo implied leaning back in the dirty chair.

Slick nodded and then ran into the kitchen. He returned with a plate, strainer and some dope bags. He dumped the dope into the strainer and strained it until it was very fine powder. He did the same with the morphine and cut.

Next he mixed all three and began to strain them together. When he was done a small pile sat before them. Slick smiled, rubbing his hands together as he looked at his handy work.

“There you go! I tole you! I knows how to hook me up some dope!”

Leo took a digital scale from his pocket laid it on the table. “Weigh that shit up. See what we workin wit.”

Slick took his time putting the powder on the scale. “You got 3.2 grams there, Youngblood!”

“How much a bag of this shit go for in CT?”

“Twenty dollars! And I knows you gots some good shit there!”

“How much you think you can bag up outta this?”

Slick rubbed at his chin. He took off his dingy baseball cap and begin scratching his balding gray hair. “Shit! You talking bout damn there a hundred bags!”

Leo leaned back further in his seat and began to calculate the net worth in his head. He realized that he was looking at $2000.

But he wondered if it would be as good as it was suppose to be. “Call your lady friend in here so yall can test this out.”

Slick quickly left the table and seconds later he was back with his lady, “Youngblood! This is my wife, Terry.” He said with pride.

“How you doin, baby?” Terry said, smiling and at the same time showing off equal yellowed teeth as her mates.

“I got a taste for you.” Leo said returning the smile.

Slick seemed a bit uncomfortable. “We want to do our thang in the back?”

Leo realized they were maybe shooters and didn’t want to do their thing in front of him. “Alright. Go ahead.” Slick got a spoon and scooped a small pile onto it. “Come on, Terry! This some good shit here!” he said leading the way towards the back of the apartment.

As they left the room Leo got up and went over to the fucked up television and was shocked to see that it got videos. He resumed his seat and waited for the results. About ten minutes had passed when Slick came sliding back into the room. At once Leo noticed the change in his personality. Slick seem mad laxed, like he was floating or something. He dropped his chair and smiled dreamily at Leo.

“Youngblood……that…that…some good shit!” he then nodded out.

Slick shook out of his dreamy state. “Youngblood. That’s some good shit!”

Leo looked at him. “What should I call it?”

“Huh? Huh? What? What?” Slick said nodding again.

“The stamp! What should I call it?” Slick rubbed and scratched as he nodded. “Shit if I’s you! I’ll call it Coma! Yeah call it coma.”

“Coma it is then. Bag it up!”

For the next hour Leo sat patiently as Slick packaged the heroin. He seemed to know the exact amount to put in each bag without measuring. After he had everything bagged and bundled he looked up to Leo. “There you go, Youngblood! I ain’t gonna cheat you! Hell! Nah! I knows you gonna look out for me and my ole lady!”

Leo saw that there were 94 bags which meant nine bundles and four bags. Which was $1800. He looked at Slick in a serious manner. “How you like to make some money?”

Slick’s eyes widened! “Sure, Youngblood, sure!”

“If I left this here with you. Do you think you can get rid of it?”

“Youngblood let me explain something to you. That thing you got right there is a bad motherfucka! Ain’t a soul in CT can touch that! How much is mines and how much is yours is all you gots to tell me!”

“Okay. I want $1500. The rest is yours.” Leo then tore a piece of paper and looked around for something to write with.

“Here! Write with this, Youngblood!” Slick said handing Leo a broken pencil.

“Call me as soon as you done!” Leo said writing down his cell number.


After stepping out of Slick’s apartment Leo had an eerie feeling that roaches were crawling on him and he could swear that the terrible smell that penetrated the apartment had work its way into his pores. As he drove through the hoods of CT his mind was on hooking up with as much fiends as possible. But everywhere he looked mad young niggas was posted up like they was running shit. His mind went back to what Boss had said. A nigga needed a team. As Leo thought this over more he realized there was no sense having a team if they didn’t have firepower. Which meant guns and other types of weaponry. This would cost money. Leo figured he would stack as much loot as possible. He would then find a gun connect. He would find him a loyal team and then piece by piece! He would take CT over…………….

Stepping into the kitchen Leo saw LeLe, Born and Cutie having dinner. As he looked over the fried chicken, brown rice and greens. His stomach growled in hunger.

“Damn! Yall doin the damn thing in here, huh?” Leo exclaimed.

“Shit! Join us?” Born suggested.

Leo grabbed a plate from a cabinet, went to the stove and began filling the plate with food.

“Uncle Leo! Can you sit by me?” Cutie yelled from the table.

Leo took a seat by Cutie and dug in. “This is bangin!”

“Yeah and I cooked it!” LeLe announced.

“Yeah. You turned the burner on.” Born laughed. “She ain’t got nothing to do with this chicken but eating it.”

“I cooked the rice!” LeLe countered in laughter.

“Uncle Leo! You coming to our cookout?” Cutie asked.

“I sure am!” Leo replied with a full mouth.

Born looked at Leo. “How things go with Chico?”

Leo gave him a wink. Just then his cell phone rang. Even though it was an unknown number he still answered. “Holla?”


“Who dis? Slick?”

“Yeah this me! You gots to get over here, Youngblood! That thang done ran out and they’s knockin likes they crazy!”

“So everything, everything?” Leo asked suspiciously.

“Youngblood listen! I done tole you that you ain’t gots to worry bout me! Just get over here! I just tole you they knockin my damn door down!”

“I heard.”

Leo hurried into his room. He quickly got out the scale. He cut five grams off the rock of dope and the same amount of the cut and morphine. He realized that it had taken Slick eight hours to sell out. He figured the fifteen grams he was about to hit Slick off with should last him a minute. 15 grams would come out to 45 bundles, which was $9000. As Leo calculated such a total he wondered if he should trust Slick so much. Also? He had to watch out for stick up kids. Leo dug under his mattress and took out the 40 caliber. After sticking it into his waist. He grabbed up the empty dope bags and headed out to the rental. As he drove his mind was at work. Why don’t he turn Slick’s place into a spot? But he realized that he would have to find some niggas to put up in there for security purposes. But who would want to be sitting up in that stinking ass house? Maybe he could get the place cleaned up? Leo was so deep in thought he realized that he’d been speeding. He slowed some and as he drove different schemes ran through his mind. When he pulled up in front of Slick’s place. Slick himself was holding back at least ten fiends who were awaiting Leo’s arrival in total desperation.

The way that Leo saw how the fiends were crowding Slick like he was some type of superstar. There was no way he was leaving him in possessions of $9000 worth of work. Especially when there wasn’t no security. Leo knew it was only a matter of time before the word about Slick having the bomb would spread through the city like a wildfire. Slick would then be a sitting duck! Leo left the car with a new plan. He would just piece Slick off with $3000. He would put the rest aside for the re-up. When Slick saw that Leo had finally arrived he ran towards the car with large stacks of cash in his hands. “See I tole you! Youngblood! I tole you!” Slick said, waving the money in Leo’s face. “Man! What the fuck is wrong wit you!” Leo screamed on him. “Everybody don’t need to be knowing our business! You got any sense?” Slick ducked his head in shame. “I’s sorry, Youngblood. I’s just happy, you know?”

“Let’s take this in the house.” Leo implied leading the way.

Before Slick followed he turned and spoke to the waiting fiends “Yall just calm down! And don’t be knockin on my damn door! When I’m ready yall know!” he said as he looked the group over in a manner of authority. When he felt that he got his point across, he followed Leo inside.

Leo let himself into the apartment and went straight to the table. Terry was sitting there. Leo saw that she had traded her filthy housecoat in for a filthier pair of jeans and a tee shirt. “How you doing? Terry, right?”

Terry smiled a toothless, yellowed tooth smile. “I’m doin good baby! I made sure Slick ain’t short none of your money.”

Leo smiled as he sat the box of dope bags on the table next to the package of drugs. “Come on, Slick. You ready?”

“Hell yeah I’s ready! Don’t you see all that money waiting for you out there?” he then threw the cash on the table. “Count it! It’s all there!”

While Slick busied himself mixing the dope Leo counted the money. Satisfied he stuffed it into his pocket and sat back watching Slick at work. As Slick worked another idea came to Leo’s mind. He remembered Kia telling him that she had a coke spot right in her building. He wondered if he could push Kia some of the coke he had and entice her to let him put some dope up in her spot? As he thought more on the subject it really began to appeal to him. He took his cell phone from his waist and dialed her number.

“Hello?” Kia answered with a music filled background.

“Hey, ma? What’s good?”

“Ooh! Hey, daddy!”

“What up wit the music? You having a party or something?”

“I’m in my car. Me and my sister tryin to find us some smoke.”

“You keep telling me bout your sister. What’s her name?”


“She look as good as you?” Leo joked.

“I just told you. I’m lookin for some smoke.” Kia said, ignoring Leo’s reply.


“Of coarse weed! Nigga are you crazy?”

Leo laughed. “I’m fuckin wit you! I can probably get that smoke for you. What you lookin for?”

“If you thinking bout getting me some smoke. It better be haze or something. I don’t fuck wit no lame smoke or no lame ass niggas!”

“Well. I’m far from a lame.”

“That’s what your mouth says!” Kia giggled.

“Yeah, okay. Let me see you talking like that when I bend that ass up tonight!”

“Ooh! I like that!”

Leo bellowed with laughter.

“Nah but really. I’m lookin for a half of that haze.”

“I can get that”

“When your ass coming?”

“I’ll holla in a minute.”

Leo ended the call and looked to find Slick and his lady bagging together. Slick would put the dope in the bag and then Terry would tape it and put it in a pile.

Everytime there was ten bags in the pile, she would bind the ten bags with a small ass rubber band and set it aside. Once again Leo began to look the place over. Maybe he could get Slick to hire a couple of fiends to clean the place up and paint it? And all they had to do was tear up the old carpet and buy a new one? The place already had cable. He knew there would be no problem copping a new TV from one of the fiends for a few bags at the most. Leo’s attention went on the door. He realized, one swift kick and the bandits would be in. He figured that he could buy one of those steel doors.

He could put a hole in the door to serve the customers. He turned his attention back to the table. Slick and his lady were still doin them, packaging as if this was a real 9-5. Leo looked the couple over. They honestly looked as if they hadn’t bathed in years. He wondered how a person could give up everything including their soul for a drug. Leo figured if he planned on cleaning up the place he might as well clean up the owners too. Once things started going good he would have the boosters get the couple some gear. But once things did start popping there was no way he would leave the two here alone. In fact, in the next couple of days Leo himself would go out and look for a nigga or two to throw up in here. Slick was scrapping up an amount when Leo stopped him. It was only enough for a few more bags.

“Save that for yall” Leo implied.

They both looked at Leo.

“Take some bundles out there and get rid of those people.” Leo said to Slick.

As Slick snatched up five bundles Leo began counting the rest. Counting the ones Slick had taken. Things came out to 43 bundles. He calculated the amount of cash the 43 bundles would bring. $8600! Leo realized that he would have back the cash he had invested, plus some over. He also had 22 grams left. Damn! He would make a killing.

No wonder Boss was so caked up. Boss was right the real money was in the dope game. Leo laid his head back in thought. He guess he would leave Slick with $3600 worth and take the rest with him. Maybe he really could put something in Kia’s building? There was only one way to find out.


Leo had made a pit stop at LeLe’s. After putting away all but 10 bundles, he weighed out an ounce of the coke and put that aside. Next he took $300 out of the money he’d made from Slick and put the rest away. He copped a half off LeLe and put a hundred in his pocket. Leo stuck the pistol in his waist, stuffed the drugs in his pockets and then he was out. As he parked in Kia’s parking lot he saw mad niggas were out doing them. He sat awhile studying the drug activity. Again he wondered what the hustlers were selling. Leo let out a sigh and then took the gun from his waist and cocked it and put it back in his waist. After stepping out the car, locking it he headed towards Kia’s building. As he neared it he noticed niggas posted up there too. And they was checking Leo out.

“What up?” One of them spoke.

Leo thought how it always got to be the smallest nigga to say something. “What up?” he replied, still walking towards the building. He told himself that niggas would definitely have problems if they tried him today.

“You lookin for something?” another spoke up.

“Nah. I’m good. Just checking a friend, you heard?”

“Who you checkin?” still another asked.

Leo stopped his hand inches from his 40.

“Does it matter?”

“Wait! Wait! Hold up!” shorty said coming before Leo. “We asked you a simple question and you coming out your mouth all sideways and shit!”

Leo looked the crowd over. There were twelve of them at least, and he only had nine bullets. He figured that the smart thing to do was to play the humble role. “I come see my cousin Kia.”

“Oh, Kia?” One of the nigga’s spoke up. “Why ain’t you just say that?”

Leo breathed a sigh of relief.

“Go head! You good!” shorty spoke again.

As Leo slid in the hall he realized Kia had some type of pull in the piece. He took the elevator to the twentieth floor and headed to Kia’s apartment. He tapped on the door, then stepped back.

“I thought you were going to call first?” Kia said, opening the door and letting Leo in.

“I came at a bad time or something?” Leo asked as he eyed Kia in her sexy negligee.

“Nah, you good.”

Kia said as she led their way to the living room.

Leo stepped in and noticed a female who resembled Kia. She was proper too! “You must be Maiya?” he said taking a seat on the loveseat.

“And you must be, Leo?” Maiya replied from the sofa.

Maiya was a shade darker than her sister. She seemed a few years younger too. Leo figured her to be around twenty two or twenty three.

“Why you got so much questions?” Kia said, taking a seat beside Leo on the loveseat.

“Yeah! Who sent you?” Maiya laughed, sipping her drink.

“Yall teaming up on a nigga, huh?” Leo joked.

“So come on. You got that smoke?” Kia asked, rubbing her hands in anticipation.

Leo went into a pocket, came out with the trees. He winked at Kia then tossed the baggie into her lap.

Kia opened the baggie and took a whiff. “Mmm! This smells nice!”

“Nothing but the best!” Leo boasted.

“How much you gonna charge us?” Kia asked.

Leo figured that he’ll give it to her what he paid for it, “Two hundred.”

As Kia got up from her seat and headed toward the back, Leo followed her with his eyes. When she was out of sight he turned his attention back toward Maiya. “I see yall got some type of status in these projects.” Leo commented.

“Why you say that?”

“I met your welcoming committee on the way up.”

“Well, you know how that goes.”

Kia came back into the room and threw some cash on Leo’s lap. She then sat down and started breaking down a dutchie. Leo picked u the cash and stuffed it into a pocket. “You ain’t gonna count it?” Kia questioned.

Leo gave her a smile then reached over and began massaging a shoulder. “I trust you.”

“I always count mine.” Kia said. “That’s part of business. In fact, that is the business. “Word!” Maiya added.

“Well, since we on the subject of business. Let me put something in your ear?” Leo implied.

“Go ahead, holla.” Kia said, sparking up.

Leo went into his pocket and removed the two packets.

“As I told you before, Kia. I gots that top grade coke.”

“And I already told you I wasn’t interested!” Kia protested.

“Wait. Let me finish.” Leo implied. Once he saw that he had the attention he continued. “I’m gonna give you this ounce if you put these ten bundles in your place for me?”

“But we don’t sell dope outta there.” Maiya said.

“Just put it in there and put it in the air?” Leo explained.

“What if it don’t go?” Kia asked, somewhat interested.

“Then it will be my lost.” Leo promised.

“Before I make a decision let me see that coke.” Kia said.

“If they don’t sell we still keep the ounce, right?” Maiya asked, feeling that this sounded like a scheme.

“You keep the ounce. I take all the lost right now and only now.” Leo said.

“I said let me see the coke!” Kia ordered.

Leo tossed Kia the coke and sat back as she checked it out.

“This does look proper.” Kia said, tossing the bag to Maiya.

“Let me see those bundles.” Maiya implied. She took a bundle out of the bag Leo had tossed her. She then looked it over.

“Where’s the stamp? Niggas ain’t gonna buy this shit if it ain’t got no stamp! Motherfuckas is funny bout they money!”

“Tell you what?” Leo reasoned. “Give out the first ten bags for free. Those are testers, you heard?”

“So you only looking for the money for the nine bundles. Am I right so far?” Kia asked.

“Exactly what I’m sayin, you heard?”

The sisters looked at each other for confirmation. “You got yourself a deal!” Kia said with a sexy smile.

Leo pinched Kia’s thigh a bit then whispered. “Let a nigga holla at you in the room?”


Leo had sexed Kia so good that she now asleep. He picked his cell up from the nightstand and checked the time. It was 10:43pm. As he got out of the bed and began dressing. He wondered how things were going with Slick. He figured if he didn’t hear from Slick before the night was over he would just slide through that way in the morning. After tucking his 40 in his waist he slid out of Kia’s room and then out the door. As he walked he realized all the niggas in all the damn projects did the same thing. Just as he fired up the ford focus. His cell rang. He looked at his caller ID and saw that it was Cherry.

“Cheeeerryy!” Leo sang into the phoe.

“Llllleeeoooo!” Cherry sang back. “What up?”


“Well. If I’m really what’s up! Why ain’t you slidin over here?”

Even though Leo had just sexed Kia, Cherry had him ready for another round.

“I can slide through there in a minute. I got a thing or two that needs my attention you heard?”

“That’s cool. Hey! You gonna see LeLe before you slide?”

“I can if you want me to?”

“Yeah I do. Pick me up two of those thangs, I got you when you get here.”

Leo hung up with Cherry then dialed Blu.

“What up, my nigga?” Blu answered.

“I need to holla at you.”

“When? Tonight?”

“If you can swing it.”

“I ain’t doin nothing but crackin these niggas in pool!!” Blu bragged.

“Where you at?”

“Pool hall on Cooper.”

“In a minute.”

As Leo parked on Cooper he saw there was mad niggas out. He contemplated leaving the 40 in the whip. He then thought how he would rather not get caught without it but he figured he’d take the bullet out the chamber. After placing the bullet in the clip Leo headed towards the pool hall. When he entered he acknowledged a few niggas he knew with nods and a few punds. Leo noticed Blu at a table in the back. That’s where he went. Blu was taking a shot so Leo just folded his arms and watched.

Blu cleared the table with swift shots and then smiled in victory as he collected his winnings. He then stepped to Leo. “What up?” Blu said, organizing his dough.

“Blu, I know you know mad niggas out here. I need a few niggas to throw up in this spot.”

“You got something goin already?” Blu asked in surprise.

“A little something, you heard?”

“Hard?” Blu asked.




“How you do that?”

Leo hunched his shoulders. “To keep it real wit you I’m taking a chance.”

Blu shook his head in doubt. “You takin a big chance, homey. Let’s say I did find some niggas? You gonna be able to pay them? Whether your piece is poppin or not. Niggas still gonna want they money for sittin there.”

“That goes without sayin.”

Blu seem to ponder. “I think I might know the right niggas. Tell you what. Let me get back to you on this in a day or two?”

“I heard.”

Blu nodded his head towards the pool table. “You want to win some of this easy money? All you got to do is bet on the kid.” Blu said tapping his chest.

“Nah. Bout to holla at this shorty, you heard?” Leo replied, looking at his watch. Blu gave him a knowing smile. “Alright my nigga. I’ll holla wit you on that.”

Leo gave Blu dap then headed for the exit. Cherry was waitin……

“Ooooh yes! Yes! Daddy!” Cherry moaned.

Her and Leo was going at it for the second time of the night when they were interrupted by Leo’s cell. He looked at Cherry’s clock and saw that it was 2:36am. It had to be about money, Leo thought, pulling out of Cherry and grabbing the phone on the third ring.

“Hey! What you doin?” Cherry asked in a pleading voice. “Shit! Fuck that phone!”

Leo ignored her. “Hello?”

“Youngblood? That you. Youngblood?” Slick asked in desperation.

“Yeah this me. What up?”

“I’s need to see you, Youngblood!”

“Everything right?”

“Man! Everythang right! Can you please hurry up, man?”

“I’ll slide through in a minute.” Leo ended the call and turned back to Cherry. “Sorry bout that, ma. I gots to bounce!” Cherry sucked her teeth.

“So you just gonna leave a bitch hangin?”

“This is money! You know how that goes.”

“You mean you gonna get off this good ass pussy for a damn crack head?” She shook her head in disbelief.

“I ain’t got no other choice.” Leo said as he got out of bed and began dressing. He had to admit. Cherry looked good as fuck laying there naked. He was thinking about having second thoughts. “Let me make this run I’ll be right back.” Leo reasoned.

Cherry jumped from the bed. “I’m comin wit you!”

Leo looked at her like she was crazy. “What about your son?”

“He’s sleep. We comin right back, ain’t we?”

“Nah, nah! I ain’t wit that leavin the kid in the house by they self shit! That home alone is some bird shit.”

“Nah. I got somebody that will sit here with him for a minute.” Cherry said, picking up the cordless from the nightstand. After speaking to someone she hung up and began dressing.

“Oh, you on the dick like that?” Leo laughed.

“Just finish what you started! You heard? That leavin wit the dick is some bird shit!”

As Leo drove towards LeLe’s he thought about the fact that Cherry was with him. He was totally against letting niggas know his resting place. He figured he would settle this matter by parking a block or so from the crib and then walking to LeLe’s. Cherry would just have to wait her ass in the car. He figured he could also use Cherry to hold the package on the way to Slick’s. Shit. He might as well make good use of her. Right now she was holding the 40 down like a champ! And on the way to Slick’s she’ll be carrying the bag too. Leo pulled over to the curb by Belmont, which was two blocks from LeLe’s. He told Cherry to hold tight for fifteen minutes. He jogged up the block and made a left. He quietly slid into the hous and went directly to his room. He snatched up the remaining $3000 worth of work and then slid out of the house as quickly as he’d come.

Cherry was talking her head off to someone on her cell when Leo entered the car. He tossed the work into her lap.

“Hold that down.” Leo said, pulling off. As he drove he thought about the stamp. Chico had told him he could get one from an office supply store. He wondered if could use Cherry. “I need you to do me a solid.”

“And what’s that?”

“I need a stamp for my bags, you heard?”

“Oh? Your bags of dope?”

“Something like that.”

“I got you. What you gonna call your shit?”

Leo smiled “coma”.

Cherry laughed aloud, pushing Leo’s shoulder a bit. “Coma. huh?”

As Leo turned into Slick’s block he turned his attention back to Cherry. “I don’t think you’ll want to come in this house.”

“Why you say that?”

Leo just shook his head. “This place is twisted! Smells like animals live in that bitch!”

“I guess your right. I’ll definitely wait in the car.” Cherry said.

When Leo walked up the steps of Slick’s building he tried to brave himself for the stench. There was no defense! The terrible smell grabbed him and invaded his nostrils like a poisonous gas. Even before Leo knocked on the door Slick snatched the door open. Slick opened the door money in hand.

“See I tole you, Youngblood! That there thang is the bomb!” Slick said, opening the door wider for Leo’s entrance. “I’s got me a pocket full of money and I’s got you a pocket full of money!”

Leo stepped to the table and threw the $3000 worth of work on it. He took the money from Slick then sat down to count it.

“Can I get a taste, Youngblood?” Terry asked.

“It comes out yours.” Leo advised. Slick pulled his pants up his frame.

“Now I done tole you, woman! When us men are doin business! You shut the fuck up!”

“He said I can have a taste! Now get it to me!”

Slick took a bag from a bundle and tossed it to his lady. “Now get outta here so us men can do our business!”

Leo stuck the cash in his pocket, then looked at Slick.

“How bout cleaning this place up?”

“We ain’t gots to clean shit! I makes my ole lady clean!” Slick bragged.

“Listen old timer. This place stink! It’s filthy! I want you to get some people together to clean this bitch up! Tomorrow I want you to get all this shit outta here!” Leo said, with a gesture of a hand across the room. “I want you to take one of those bundles, use it to get this place spotless!”

“What you mean, Youngblood?” Slick whined. “I’s got me a lotta valuables in here.”

“Slick listen! If you do shit like I want it be done, your gonna make a lotta money. I’m bout to buy all new shit for this piece. We bout to make us some money, you heard? I’m bout to get security up in here and all! I want this shit painted, sprayed for those fuckin roaches and a steel door for the bandits. Just do as I say, you heard?”

“Well, since you put it that way. I may not mind getting rid of some things. But you know I’s got a few sentimental, you know?”

“No I don’t know shit! Everything in this bitch goes! I told you! We getting all new shit.”

Slick sighed. “Alright, Youngblood. You the boss.” Slick said as he looked around his place at his prized possessions.

Leo stood, “After this pack I’m gonna start paying you by the week. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you and your lady got a few bags a day you heard?”

Leo then went to the next door in exit. “When I come back tomorrow I want this place clean! Get rid of everything except this table and two chairs, you heard?”


Leo jumped out of the shower, then darted throught the house to catch his cell. Cherry had left earlier to go take care of things as far as the stamp. He and Cherry had went in on the sex tip, which was why Leo was waking up at 12:38pm.



“What up?”

“Look!” Maiya said. “I don’t know what you gave us. But you got these fiends over here going crazy!”


“Word! Look. We need to talk business.” Maiya implied. “That shit you gave us is gone! You got this whole projects asking for your shit! Just slide through and we’ll holla then.”

Leo realized he didn’t have anymore work bagged up. “Oh shit, Maiya.”

“What? And don’t tell me no bullshit. Me and my sister want in on this.”

“I’m gonna holla, ma. I gots to bag the shit up, you heard?”

“I hope it don’t take you too long. These motherfuckas want that shit! They turning other motherfuckas shit down!”

Leo wondered if he was stepping on someone else’s toes. “I know yall ain’t put my name in the air, right?” He wasn’t shook or nothing. There was no sense in unnecessary beef.

“Please! You ain’t dealing wit no airheads. You better recognize real when you see it!” Maiya said with conviction.

“In a minute, you heard?”

“Oh! What up that butta soft?”

“What up?”

“Bring some of that too!”

Just as Leo was leaving Cherry’s crib, she was right outside the door.

“Oh shit! You scared the fuck outta me!” Cherry exclaimed, her hands going to her breast.

“You got that?” Leo questioned with urgency.

“Calm down. I got you!” Cherry said, brushing past Leo and going to the dining room table.

Once there she laid a stamp and a ink pad on the table.

Leo snatched them up and began looking them over. He looked back to Cherry. “You the truth, you heard?”

“You comin back?” she asked Leo affectionately.

“I can’t give you a definite. I got mad shit to do.”

“At least call me!” She yelled at Leo’s back as he raced away.

Leo jumped in his ride and sped through the streets headed to LeLe’s.

The shit Maiya just told him had him hyped! He might have the opportunity to lock Parker down. Leaving the car running he ran inside and grabbed the 22 grams, the morphine and everything else. Leo figured he would leave all the shit with Slick. He already knew the net worth. He would also make some kind of deal with Kia and Maiya with the four ounces of coke. Leo jumped back in the whip and at a moderate speed he headed to Slick’s. When he pulled up to Slick’s crib he saw that Slick was supervising a group of friends he’d hired.

Slick noticed Leo and approached. “See, Youngblood? we cleaning it just like you says!”

“Come on. We got a lot of work to do.”

Leo had taken the coke out of the bag and left it in the car.

He now held the dope. Once in the house Slick took out the money he’d made. “I done made $1700 so far, Youngblood!” Slick then scratched at his head. “Youngblood. You ain’t tole me how much of this is mine?”

Leo ignored him and began looking the place over. Slick had done a good job. The entire place had been cleared except the table and a few chairs. “I want you to use the rest you make to get this whole place painted. But before that I want you to get this shit sprayed. Kill all these motherfuckin roaches! Use all that shit if you have to. I’ll look into the door myself.” Leo peeled of $700 and handed it to Slick. “Go buy you and your girl some clothes and shit. Get you a prepaid too. When you get it call me and give me the number.”

Slick smiled in envy. “I likes you, Youngblood, you know that?”

Leo tossed the bag he’d been carrying onto the table. “That’s twenty grams.”

“God damn!” Slick exclaimed.

“That’s the morphine and everything. I’m gonna trust you, Slick.” Leo then took the 40 from his waist. “Please don’t ever give me a reason to use this.”

Slick was gripped with fear! “Youngblood I’s straight! You ain’t gotta worry bout me!”

Leo took the stamp and the pad from the bag. “Bag it! Stamp it!”

Leo took 50 of the bundles from Slick and headed over to Parker Ave. The girls had been blowing his phone up! As he parked in the lot Leo saw quite a crowd in front of the girls’ building. He had the notion that they were waiting on him. He stuffed the drugs into a pocket then adjusted the 40 in his waist. Finally he got out the car and headed to the building. There were many eyes on him. Most were wondering if Leo was in fact the nigga with the bomb ass dope. He paid no one attention and just headed to the elevator. Just as the doors to the elevator opened. He had the girls on the phone.

“You can’t answer your phone? Kia asked with traces of anger.

“Open you door. I’m right on the other side.”

Kia swung the door open with the phone still to her ear. Her anger was now replaced by a joyous smile.” You know how to get on my last nerve don’t you?”

Leo stepped inside then held her waist. “I like it when you angry! You look sexy”, he said kissing her neck. He picked Kia up and just before he carried her into the living room. He pushed the door closed with his foot. As the two stepped into the room Leo saw that Maiya was there watching videos, poppin her fingers to the music. “Maiya what up?” he greeted.

He then sat Kia and himself on the loveseat.

“You playing games! That’s what up” Maiya replied.

Leo took out 50 bundles then tossed them to Maiya. “Now you still think I’m playin wit it?” Maiya ignored Leo and picked up the phone to call their worker. She spoke in hush tones then hung up.

“Where’s the soft?”

“Damn! I left that shit in the car!”

“See! You slipping!” Kia giggled.

“Why yall be gangin up on a nigga!” Leo laughed. He then planted wet kisses along Kia’s neck, earlobes and then playfully bit her lip. “You wanna get that from under the driver’s seat?” he asked within the kiss.

“What’s in it for me?”

Leo grabbed onto her titties and toyed with her nipples.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Maiya went to answer it.

“What type of business yall talking bout?” Leo asked.

Kia became serious. “We want to get down with you on that dope. I see mad money!”

“I think we can accomodate each other. Yall got some type of sttus over here and I got the best dope in town! Here’s my offer. I just gave yall 50 bundles. And! I’m gonna hit yall off with four ounces of soft. Yall got to bring me back $15,000. We will cop a good portion wit that. We’ll split everything down the middle. 50/50”

“Why it gotta be 50/50?” Kia asked, biting Leo’s lower lip.

“I’m putting all the money up, plus I’m doing all the dirty work, you heard?” Leo bit back.

“I guess your right.” Kia admitted. “Here’s your $1800” Kia said, while going into a pocket of her skintight jeans. She dropped 18 crisp hundreds in Leo’s lap.

“Go get that outta the car.” Then Leo smiled earnestly. “Partna!”


When Leo pulled up to Slick’s crib, he had to do a double take! Slick had gotten a complete makeover. Slick wore a wine tone Phat Farm velour and white uptowns. He’d even
gotten a haircut and a shave. He even had the nerve to have a toothpick stuck in the corner of his lip. Upon noticing Leo, he donned a pair of shades then slid to the car.

Slick’s whole demeanor had changed.

“Thangs is going smooth, Youngblood. They done put that there steel door up and I’s done painted and carpeted the whole place” Slick announced with pride.” Done got some mighty nice furnishings too.” He added as he rock to and fro on heels of his new kicks.

“You bag and stamp everything?” Leo asked as he and Slick went inside.

“Everything is bagged and counted fo! Remember you done took 50 now?

When Leo came into the apartment he was very impressed. It looked nor smelled like it did, only a few days ago. “How much you come up wit?”

Leo asked taking a seat at the dining room table.

Slick took a brand new pad from his pocket and consulted it. “I gets you 198 bundles, Youngblood. That’s $39,600! Minus the thang you done took outta here.”

“That other entire thing gone?”-

“I’m on the last of that. I’s used $2000 for the place likes you tole me to!” .

“Good, good. “ Leo looked at Slick wit real eye contact.” You ready to make some real money?”

“Shit! I done been ready, Youngblood! “Slick replied with conviction.” I’s been ready!”

Pulling in Central Avenue Leo spotted Blu surrounded by at least ten thugged out looking niggas. Blu had phoned Leo moments ago sayin he had some niggas that was thirsty to get money. . _

‘‘What up?” Leo said, giving Blu dap. Leo than began looking the group of dangerous looking teens over. He liked what he saw. He turned his full attention on the group who were silently appraising him . Leo spoke to the group. “I’m the man to see if niggas want to get some
serious money. I’m bout to make some major moves here in CT. I’m looking for loyal niggas who ain’t afraid to bust they gun. Right now I ain’t got but one spot pumping so I’m only gonna take two of yall. As shit builds I’m gonna use all you niggas listen! If we form a team! There ain’t no stopping us!”

“Damn! You try to start an army?” Blu chuckled.

Leo eyed Blu with stone eyes.” Exactly!”

Blu looked at Leo uneasy.” I don’t want nothing to do with this.”
“Blu all I need you to do is hook me up with a gun connect.”

Blu shook his head.” Leo I love you like a brother. But I can see this shit comin! I ain’t getting involved. I be getting money nice and slow. You bout to bring mad attention to yourself You just came home, homey!”

“How I’m gonna make money if I can’t protect mine?”

‘‘What you tryin to do?”“ Take over the whole damn CT?” Blu laughed.

But Leo was serious.” Niggas owe me! That means CT owes me! The whole fuckin world owes me!” Leo faced the group again.” Whoever havin seconds thoughts can step right now.”

Blu raised his hands in surrender.” I ain’t fuckin wit it.”
“You don’t want to be my lieutenant?” Leo implied.

“I can’t man, I can’t.” Leo hunched his shoulders as Blu headed to his truck. He looked back at the group.” Anybody else wanna bounce?”

Not a soul moved.

“Yall are now officially, Youngbloodz! We ain’t no bloods or crips. Were a team. Tomorrow we meet here at noon. We make plans then, you heard?”

Leo sat in LeLe’s home theater. He was watching Scarface for the second time of the night. He’d already watched Paid In Full, King of New York, New Jack City, and Bout It. His cell had been ringing off the hook. He’d ignored it and then finally turned it off. His mind was on the movies. He took pointers from each one. The good ones as well as the bad.

Leo played close attention to all of their downfalls. Everything of value was etched into his brain. All of the movies were going through Leo’s head. He realized that CT was a money pit. Especially since it housed eight housing projects. One by one Leo put the projects through his mind. If he could eventually take over every project. He would rule CT! What made this all possible was the fact that he had a team. Again Leo realized his team would need weapons for power. How could one have power without weapons?

Armed with the right shit, his team could spring surprise attacks on one project at a time. But he didn’t have the drugs to supply the projects if he did take them over. Leo began to calculate his total net worth in his head. $15,000 was a nice piece of change. But it wasn’t enough to take over nothing. Plus the weapons issue. Maybe he could get someone to supply him with the drugs? That thought was quickly brushed aside. No outsiders involved. This was his shit. Leo reasoned with himself. He couldn’t move too fast. He had to make sure his was ready before he made any major moves. So right now he had no choice except sitting back and letting the dope money pile up. He had to be patient. Ten years in prison had taught him this.


Having told the rest of the Youngblood to fall back till further notice. Leo took Busta and ]azz with him and headed to Morris Ave. He would put the two at Slick’s for security purposes and to make sure shit ran smoothly. Leo had chosen Busta and]azz, because they were the only two to have guns on them. Leo tapped on the steel door moments later, heard Slick sliding back the locks. The steel door opened.

Leo entered followed by his newfound henchmen

“Youngblood! I’s see you got some damn security likes you said!” Slick greeted. He was already coming out of his pockets with money.

“I’s done made $3000 since morning!” Slick said handing the dough over to Leo. After counting the money, Leo suggested they sit for a meeting. He sat at the dining room table. Terry came in from the back and Leo saw that she too had gotten a complete makeover. Terry came in and took a seat too. She wore a flimsy sundress, sandals and even had the nerve to have her hair permed.

Once everyone was seated in the living room Leo addressed the group .


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Get down or lay Down

After ten years in prison Leo Sanders has vengence on his mind he plays a real life game of monopoly leaving mayheim in his wake the women flock to him the authorities are puzzled can leo be stopped?

  • Author: Robert Trouble Johnson
  • Published: 2016-11-27 04:50:15
  • Words: 94183
Get down or lay Down Get down or lay Down