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We live in complicated times all that we are and what we do is connected with everything that surrounds us, any action will cause a reaction and no matter how hard you try not to interfere in other people’s lives it is totally impossible to do so. This book is about consequences about a person who may or may not be fragile in the mind, how every action will push our subject to the extremes, opening deep wounds and manipulating his paranoid ways. It shows how a simple smile can push a person gently through the day without hindrance from the usual problems that we all face, yet on the other hand just a misplaced word could cast our subject into a whirlpool of despair that will make the next twenty hours hell. There is a chain reaction in every second that we breathe, a knock on effect that like a domino run will continue rippling into the future colliding with unsuspecting victims, this is the GEO in our lives as we are all anchored to this earth and we are all interacting lost souls. The poet continues to explore the dark regions of our lives bringing the cockroaches into the open but for all the bad news in-between the chaotic verses there will always be a little hidden silver lining waiting to be found.

  • ISBN: 9780463637265
  • Author: Darren Hobson
  • Published: 2018-09-25 13:40:06
  • Words: 8138
Geo Geo