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Did you know that you can legally and ethically make $125 recurrent income online working just 1-2 hours per day?

No… Then listen up. I’ll explain exactly how to do it and why this is now possible. When you hear what I’m about to tell you… you’ll be as amazed as I was, and I’m willing to bet you’ll hop over to the website before you finish reading this PDF (You won’t be able to help yourself). I’m going to go through the whole process step-by-step and include some resources along the way so you can get started fast. Make sure to read this guide a few times so you are clear on everything.

While the method is fresh in your mind you’ll need to apply what you have learned. Don’t over think or analyze things, just get moving!

What Nobody Will Tell You…

I write this from my own point of view, but as I do I can imagine many of you reading will feel exactly the same.

So let me ask you; do you find it easy to make money online? I bet the answer is no… the fact is while there are lots of ways to make money online most of the time applying those methods requires time and money.

And if you’re anything like me you’ve probably tried this and tried that with little to no success… am I right? OK, so we usually only get to hear about the obvious stuff that everyone talks about… and the fact that everyone does it means… well it simply means it’s been done to death. And in most cases that equates to wasted time and wasted money.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way…

Why it’s not working…

Most of you that are trying to make some money online get into affiliate marketing, mainly because there is no barrier to entry, anyone can do it. So you become an affiliate for a few offers and begin to promote it with free traffics, solo ads, social media or pay per click. And at the same time, with your promotions you are building a mailing list (or you should be) hoping that you can sell your list more affiliate products down the road to your subscribers.

How is it going for you? …

If you have been at this for a while you should know that at the end of the day with all the time and money you have invested there is little if any profit.

See the desk is stacked against you, how many $10 e-books do you have to sell to make any sort of decent money? And the KEY thing to remember is that even if you manage to make a profit with these tiny one time commissions, you have to do it again next month and the next to keep afloat.

If you are going on this way you need to stop now. Because all you are creating for yourself is a low paying job that takes all your time.

Remember, we all got in this business to make money BUT for most of us it’s the complete internet lifestyle we are after; to have time, money and location freedom.

I have been in this business full time for over 17 years and it’s critical that you not only hear what I’m saying but really feel it.

I want you to change up a few things that you are doing now which I will show you in a few moments. And if you do so and implement what I will demonstrate, you CAN have that time, location and money freedom that we all want. With some minor changes to your approach you can literally retire and set yourself up for years to come. And I’m not saying this lightly, this powerful method can get you there quickly.

Enough of bad news…

If you paid enough attention, you will notice that I bolded the phrase, one time commissions above and that is at the heart of why you can’t get ahead and make any money.

When you go out there and promote an offer and make $10 bucks, it’s just that $10 bucks. It’s a one-off sale and like I said you will need to keep the volume up month after month to make any sort of inroads.

The product creators and the people with big lists have all the advantage with these tiny commission products. They do not have to worry about the small one off sales as they can do enormous volume anytime they like.

But there is a definitive way, the little buy can compete and still make a great passive income, which snowballs month after months.

I’m going to go over the numbers in my case study but let’s first look at this method in detail with a real world example as you’ll quickly see WHY you need to change things.

You are 125 away from retiring…

Ok so let’s say that you go out there and promote an affiliate product and make 50 sales at $10, you made $500 gross. And I’m sure you know it’s hard to sell 50 units.

To keep this up you would need to do it again next month and to increase your revenue you would need to amplify your efforts (more time and more money).

But what if you took that SAME effort you are doing with affiliate marketing and applied it to giving away a free trial, (one with recurring income) to a hot product, one that everyone in your market could use.

If you gave away 50 free trials and after the trial period ends 25 of those people stayed on. These are really conservative numbers by the way.

Your cut being $49.95 for the 25 which equals $1,248.75

Now the crazy part is, you get this $1,248.75 each and every month! No matter what you are doing, spending time with family, friends or enjoying your hobbies, you get this money month in and month out.

And you must know that it is WAY easier to give away a free trial than it is to sell something, even for $10 bucks.

See when you try to sell an affiliate offer, even a low priced ones, people are sceptical. Most people are on 15 to 20 marketing lists and are bombarded with shady offers everyday. In this case it’s is hard to get people to get out their wallets consistently and make a purchase especially if you are not a known name or have any sort of reputation.

BUT with the free trials, people get to have the product in their hands to see how it works and how it will benefit them first before they buy.

Then and only then if they wish to continue will they have to pay. If they don’t continue then they got to see the product for free and did not have to spend a penny, truly a free look at the product.

The ones we are going to promote are of such quality and the marketing behind it is so professional that the conversions from the free trial to paid are very high (along with the retention rate)

So it’s very easy to give away free trials to quality products and you can sleep well knowing you are promoting something that will help people in their business. BTW when I say free trials I don’t mean those to seedy CPA offers.

Back to the numbers. When you start doing this it really stacks up fast, imagine putting in the effort for a few months and getting 125 sign ups.

That’s $6,243.75 that you get to keep each month. And if you stopped there, that’s more than enough for you to retire. Remember money comes in each month, regardless of what you are doing. Think of it this way, you are only 125 sign ups away from retirement.

So I hope you can see the difference from promoting $10 e-books for one off sales compared to products that will pay you month after month. This is working smarter, not harder. When you know that money is coming in month after month it makes this business a lot more profitable and fun.

So here’s what we will be doing

The product we promoted as an affiliate to get the recurring income is called “ClickFunnels”, this is our favourite and I’ll tell you why.

Now many of you would have heard of them before. For those of you that have not, it’s an all-in-one hosting, auto responder and page making solution.

See the majority of people that are struggling to make any sort of money online get hung up on one main point. They get bogged down with all the technical aspects of the business and waste so much time trying to figure it out.

This leads to more people quitting than anything else. I know this first hand as we have tens of thousands of customers. ClickFunnels solves that issue so people can just go out there and start earning. If you can copy and paste you can use ClickFunnels. It enables the little guy to compete and look just as professional as anyone out there.

You do not need any sort of technical experience to use it so you can walk right in from day one and have squeeze pages, sales pages and funnels that look top notch.

Plus, it handles everything for you in one spot, hosting, auto responder etc., so it’s very cost effective. And as such it’s very desirable product that’s in high demand.

The internet has changed and to compete you will need to have professional looking pages, the 90’s are gone

On the flip side of this is, it’s a VERY lucrative product to promote. As I mentioned just changing up your marketing by giving away free trials to ClickFunnels, you can set yourself up with a very nice recurring income.

Remember, all it takes is 125 (even less) and you can retire!

In addition, once you set someone up with a free trial at ClickFunnels they have a “professional marketing machine” behind them which closes the sales and upgrades for you.

So, the first thing you will need to do is to get a ClickFunnels account so you can sell it. Go here to get your account.

Although it is our personal preference to use ClickFunnels as the vehicle to get you that sweet recurring income, you don’t have to as we have 10 other ones you can use just the same.

Now that we have got the “what to sell out of the equation”, we have to get into the “how”.

You are going to need some process for capturing leads, a squeeze page and download page. You can click on the link to check out the pages I use which you can use as templates. You should model these but not copy them exactly as thousands of people will be reading this PDF and many will copy them word for word.

Of course I used ClickFunnels to make these pages. You can get set up and take it for a test drive if you haven’t.

If you do not want to use ClickFunnels you can make them on your own “if you know how” as these pages are really simple. If you do not possess these skills, then it’s not in your best interest to learn how to do it when you can have someone else make them for a few bucks.

Don’t get caught up learning the technical side of things when you don’t have to, this is what slows people down. Simply, get them made and start earning.

Our technical support is on standby and ready to help you implement everything. This is the fastest way to get started. Contact Darey at [email protected]

In addition, to give you more options I have included a link to a bunch of free squeeze page templates and download pages plus a free software generator that will do it for you.

For the squeeze/download page templates Click here.

For the squeeze/download page software generator click here

For those of you that want to hit the ground running, we have put together a special package that we are ONLY going to circulate on a limited basis so that the first people that get in make the most money.

Today you can get an exclusive copy of our proven passive income funnel. It includes 4 of our top converting squeeze pages, access to our selection of proven landing pages and powerful marketing material which we use to convert these free trial sign ups into cash daily. This is exactly what we use day in and day out. We have never sold or given these pages away before.

Everything is there so you can start today, no guesswork or trial and error, you can walk in start earning right away. Simply copy what we have done.

Again, we are going to restrict how many of these we hand out so they will remain fresh and high converting. I’m sure you can appreciate the value that a package like this brings.

Next you will need to set up your auto responder. You will need to set up your autoresponder so you can start collecting leads and begin following up with your prospects. Remember you won’t make any money until people are opening your emails – so this is really important.

If you have done this before, it’s a piece of cake. But if not then I have a tutorial below and a link to a DFY option.

For the Aweber set up and tutorial click here.

To have Aweber set up for you then contact Darey at [email protected]

Remember your only job in promoting these types of offers is to get people to the free trial sign up pages. Most of them have such great marketing behind them, they do all the “selling”. You are just a conduit between the subscriber and the product provider.

OK, so here’s a quick recap. This is really a simple system so don’t complicate it!

p<>{color:#000;}. Sign up to ClickFunnels. Go Here.

p<>{color:#000;}. Get your squeeze page and download page set up. You can model my examples as shown in this link. If you want to make them yourself, you can use the resources on this page.

p<>{color:#000;}. Get your autoresponder set up. And make sure to set up at least one follow up message.

p<>{color:#000;}. Refer to the traffic PDF which shows you all the free and paid traffic sources I use on a daily basis. Go Here.

p<>{color:#000;}. You can get a complete copy of our high converting income funnel which has everything you’ll need if you want to get started the fastest. Contact Emma at [email protected]

p<>{color:#000;}. If you get stuck don’t mess around, get in touch with our technical contact who can sort out any of your issues quickly. Contact

Emma at [email protected]

So, that’s it, make sure to take a few notes along the way but most importantly take action. I know that’s cliché but nothing is going to happen if you don’t implement…

This method works very well, it’s passive income and you can scale as big as you like. So please get started and be sure to let us know how you are doing!


Darey Emmanuel


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