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Funeral at a farewell

Funeral at a farewell

I= Jim, the main character and narrator

Chapter 1 farewell joy

Today is the day of dancing, singing, and playing, today is the day of joy as, all the boys have become men, all are around 24, today is the day of getting drunk and getting others drunk. Now speaking of the current time, the time for lunch and give our farewell to each other. All are stuffing up on delicious treats as josh retreats to the restroom. And then suddenly a sound of a gunshot, everyone freezes, the wind stops, everyone turns their attention from food to Kim, who has kneeled down crying (she slapped him, shook him, kicked him, even shouted, wake up and even punched him! but, finally kneeled down crying). And then Joy’s last words are heard, ”I am sorry Josh”. Then Josh was the next to cry as he returned, followed by everyone else at the hall(”at this time no one knew what to think, all thoughts had vanished from their minds as ants vanish during rainstorm!”) then rain started to fall, hiding everyone’s tears(“I think that’s because Joy used to say ”there’s nothing to be sad about.”) Then suddenly a slow voice whispered “he had said that- my grave will be where I die” it was Josh! everyone’s attention was suddenly turned to him thoughts, memories and flashbacks started coming back to their minds slowly like a turtle(“Funeral at a farewell? That was the saddest thought ever! it was impossible not to be sad about it.”) It was the saddest night for me, and everyone else at the hall.

Chapter 2 tears of a crocodile

He hated him, Josh hated him even though he was completely fine with everyone, the most cheerful student at the university, full of surprises and positive power. I remember our first day of college he tripped and fell over a shoe the seniors who have planned it started laughing hoping to make a fuss about him in front of all students. But it was Joy who had the last laugh because, he joined in on the laughter enjoying every second of it, that was the laugh that was caught by Kim she met his eyes with hers. And gave him a brief smile he returned the smile mirroring her actions they shook hands and moved in shocking everyone next he met Bill, Bill was one of a kind of a smoker and inventor! Why? You ask because he invented different kinds of cigarettes, end of story. He had a very charming influence on us and so it was hard for us to say our final goodbyes and somehow he was kind of a magical guy because music would start to play in our hearts at different situations and the songs, would be our own created by us at the moment. As of his appearance he loved to keep only the side beard and his back hear would always be cut, he used to wear square glasses he hated ties and coats but loved shirts and had a variety of colours in his clothes and him he was like cream and sugar, and would easily fit in any situation and with anyone. His favourite drink was cold cream coffee with strawberry chunks. Next, he met with Josh who just immediately eyed away from him as soon as he took a look at this guy. It was even hard to tell his parents but, somehow we gathered the courage to tell them. it was very dark for them but, they somehow managed to move on. But one thing is clear from all of this Josh’s tears were tears of a crocodile. Who knew? He might be the killer.

Chapter 3 I’ll wait for you to come home

Joy was from a middle class family, at an urban colony and the only soon of his parents, so it was very hard for them after hearing the news. I knocked the door and Joy’s father opened the door” ah Jim come in kid, how was the farewell” with a smile he welcomes me in. His mother is sitting on the couch (they are very old and simple people “sorry to say this but Joy is no more” I can barely say that he was not able to believe me he started asking what when how in extreme panic his mother fainted on hearing the news I told them the entire story of how he was murdered how were they able to bear this news their Pride was gone and yet they stayed strong till now. Presently they run an orphan house which was Joy’s dream spreading his motto ” positivity cancels all negativity” on hearing the news this song played in his father’s heart because he told me about it I know and I’ll share it with you guys because the lyrics are as positive as Joy himself.

All hopes rising

All smiles meeting

At one place waiting for you

All roses blooming

They make the air fresh again

Even though you are late

We know you will come back to us

So I will wait

Wait for you to come home

I will pray

Pray for you to come home

We will wait

Wait for our pride and joy to come back home

Come back home

All eyes filled with thirst

Thirst that only you can destroy

So please son please come back home soon

I will wait

Wait for you to come home

I will pray

Pray for you to come home

We will wait

Only till you come back home

So come back home.

I was shocked to hear it this song came from a father, who knew his son is gone to god! He told me “Joy used to tell us that there is always doors opened or closed but we can always go through the closed doors also by opening them” tears ran down my eyes on hearing this. Tears of joy and sadness! ”what about the locked ones?” I simply said, “there is always a key” his father replied and I left without another word.

Chapter 4 flying not falling

This guy was unbelievable, we were best friends and we always spent quality time together, one day I was with Kim in my apartment, we were just chatting at the window. Suddenly I got a glance at Joy, he was standing on a building roof and on the edge he gave us a wave and a smile when he looked at us. And then I had a sudden shock “he is about to jump off” I cried out in panic but Kim was enjoying the show! It looked like she did not care; instead she was standing there carefree, watching him “are you nuts? He is about to commit suicide do something!” I shouted again “he is not jumping off silly he is flying off, give it a break do you think that Joy would do something stupid like that” for one second I thought, she was right but Joy is not a bird, is he? I thought quizzically and then I saw something awkward he flew and reached the building at the other end where he was warmly greeted by his parents. He gave us another smile and wave, mirroring the first one. I dramatically fainted. During his flight this song played in my heart

Ready on a building

Ready on the top floor

Ready on the roof

Ready to jump

Ready to fly

Cause I am flying not falling

Flying not falling

Not falling flying




I am blissful


Of what will happen next?

Ready to jump

Ready to fly

Cause I am flying never falling

Flying never falling

I am flying

High above the sky

Above everything

Cause I am not falling I am flying

Never falling

High above the stars

Take me to the storm

Let me face the air

The air cut through me

Let me fly like a tornado

Cause I am not falling today I am flying as far as I can go

I am flying

Lucky or not, this episode with Joy taught me that “if we have decided to do something we are unstoppable”

Chapter 5 a surprise

Joy used to tell me my beard is weird, and like that he gave Kim a surprise by way of dance! Yep dance he made her spin to hypnotizing and mesmerising music till she was out. She woke up in a well lit and decorated room with all her friends and family there singing happy birthday. At the end of the song, Joy walks through them straight to her, kneels down, and proposes her (he produced a ring which was made of sapphire , diamond, ruby and emerald, he had been saving up for 2 years for it, Kim jumped up and down because of it and finally hugged and kissed him), and she said yes. They both went to their homes and cried the whole night. I don’t know why? But they did. The next day at college, Joy asks Kim out for coffee. “But I will order” she says excitedly. “Your wish is my command lady, but I am paying” Joy replies. She orders two cold cream coffees with strawberry chunks. “How do you know?” Joy asks impatiently. “Just a wild guess but I am glad that you like it” she replies with a giggle. ”Like it? I love it! The blend of bitter coffee with sweet strawberries it’s like you and me, I am like the bitter coffee and, you are like the sweet strawberries” he says with enthusiasm and love she cuts him by saying that he is like the milk. “Am I?” he replies with a smirk. Things were going perfect between them until he died at the present Kim is at her house sobbing everyday mourning his death! And worse is we cannot even burry him until the investigation is over. I kick the table in frustration. Then suddenly out of nowhere, decide to confront Josh as to know why he hated Joy so much?

Chapter 6 I never….

But I decide to go home, and refresh first to my surprise Josh is already there “how are you? I came to apologize” he says jolting upright from his seat as he sees me. “How can you show up after doing such an awful thing” I ask with frustration and anger “look it took a lot of courage to come here and apologize, please listen to me” he says stuttering “sure, before I never see your fucking face again, please let me know why you hated Joy?” I said jeering him “I never hated him” he says with a confused and tired expression also little scared “it never looked like it” I again reproach him this was getting interesting but also this guy was on my nerve, and I wanted him out of my site as soon as possible so, I told him to go ahead. He says with regret ”back then when I eyed away from him, I wanted to be friends, but I can’t help it he reminded of my worst enemy, the one who took over my business, and destroyed my life! His name was Mathew, and he was a big cheat. He and my father were business partners, but he stabbed him on the back, brutally murdered my father.” he was becoming more frustrated, sad and angry as this conversation advanced. ”He took everything away from me and left me in the gutter, I had to pull myself up on my own strength for 20 fucking years” he started crying hard at the end of this conversation he was barely audible ”I left a sorry note and a friendship request note for him and then everything turned out good “hey do I remind you of someone, If yes I won’t bother you much” Joy said it in such a calm voice I automatically moved to hug him we even had coffee afterwards but still his face was a problem so we used to chat in notes which looked like I hated him” at that time the song “I hate everything about you why do I love you” by “three days grace” played in my heart” “I am also sorry for what I did to you, it wasn’t on purpose though it was all because of frustration, and a gun that Mathew pointed at me, hope you can forgive me” his voice is a bit calmer and he has cooled down “it’s okay” I said regretting myself but he was not here to listen to it.

Chapter 7 the past

I was remembering first year, and that led me to remember how Josh was, a kind of a thug, he would always start fights, fights that were so brutal they turned into war! He never talked to anyone, and framed each student to cover his true intention, but I never thought he would stoop so low, as to do something like that, one day he came to me he looked calm and said hi to me and invited me to a football game, ironically I won! But now that I think about it he might have let me won! And in time he slowly but surely counted me into his league. I thought maybe he was not that bad, but that was my biggest mistake, so once we were at a party and Josh gave me drinks. And the next thing I remember was that I woke up next to Jully, Jully was the hottest girl in the university, and my crush. The next day he blackmailed me with some pictures of me and Jully naked and together and that, surely did 2 things one broke me from within, 2 she never ever talked to me again, I don’t know why I said it’s okay, it’s not okay at all. Luckily I am a powerful person, so I saved myself from being rusticated. But also powerful with a good heart so I also saved his career, from being destroyed, and I still miss Jully, and whenever her memories come back to me, I would fill baskets with my tears! From that I remembered let’s check how Kim is doing. So I paid her a visit. But before that I killed Josh, I went to his home with my men and started breaking his windows (this method usually pits someone to stay at the corner, scared shitless) then we barged in and found that corner an fired 36000 bullets at him (we had supplies, mags and, lots of drums around 4000) then I jolted out, and burned all evidence, including him (good riddance).

Chapter 8 the partners of joy and suffering

I rush to visit Kim, because I am out of my mind, I just killed a guy and now I am comforting a girl, one at a time. I knock on the door but it is already open. And wind is cutting in, Kim is sitting by the window with her arms over her knees, she sees me and gives me a short hug and a smile, “what’s with the blood?” she asks coolly “I killed Josh, he is dead” I reply with a frustrating sense of humour. She gasps in awe and fear and quickly steps back, breaking a flower vase given to her by Joy, she recalls her memory of it. “This vase was a gift he gave to me after engagement, it was the dearest thing to me, it has lots of memories of him, one day we were at a coffee shop, usually he used to be happy, but that day something was bothering him, he was deep in thought, so I asked him what’s wrong and he said that we can’t be together, cause I am rich and he is almost poor, so I calmly replied what’s the problem in that, I love you, you love me and that’s all I need, and then he said for the first time he was crying, I won’t be able to give you everything and there will be more suffering then Joy, and then I concluded the argument shouting, we will be the partners of joy and suffering forever and that’s it he left that day and I had lunch alone, next day he returned with the vase, apologizing, he hugged me, everything was going great and he had to die like that.””I remember one more thing about him, he was the one that told me to dress hot and loosen up feel like a college girl, that was, something I would never forget. He changed my life forever.” I thought that she was deep in thought this song was playing in her heart

A bed of roses


All cheers


All the romance gone

Now I want you back

Not everything

But you back

Cause you are my world

My world to me

I pat her shoulder to bring her to reality, she snaps back, and I see another girl, but only the eyes she is wearing an Arabian veil. But I see right through her that she is Jully, she eyes away from me, then comes running back to me, she hugs me crying “I know everything, I am sorry” “it’s okay marry me Jully” I gather all my strength to say that even after all that happened she is a very strong women, luckily we never made love, it was a misunderstanding “yes” she says with a sobbing laugh. Kim what is she doing in your house “she is my sister” she calmly replied “I am sorry I disturbed you at a time like this and proposed to your sister, but she is the girl of my dreams and, I had to do it. “I understand” she replies calmly I leave happily with Jully remembering joy saying ”time heals everything” boy he was right. Kim runs out into the balcony peeling off her mask, they are twin sisters. And joy knew that. Why because he told me, so it was true love, he saw right, through her. But I never believed him. The more I think about it, the more I will become crazy, so we drive away as Kim sends a flying kiss to us, time really heals everything. But cannot bring back true love, Kim committed a successful suicide afterwards.

Chapter 9 double investigation

The investigation related to our friend’s murder was underway, and we were all raging, what for? To kill him or her, when we get the chance. Detective Clarn was a very highly skilled one, and at the top of his class, in under10 minutes he was able to tell, that our friend was sniped. Which means it was a planned murder. Also he concluded that Kim was , murdered as well, the fingerprints, clues and all other evidence led to only one person, Mathew! I followed the great detective to Mathew’s house where he was quickly surrounded and I was all ears, listening to their conversation “Clarn, you are not framing me again, are you” Mathew jeered him “nope this time we got clear evidence against you” Clarn stands tall. And with a grin, Mathew makes a cunning escape through the window of the first floor, getting into his car, where his men were waiting for him, they drive away. I and Clarn follow him in our respective cars starting at a speed of 50 km/hr to racing the streets, at a blazing 150km/hr, taking sharp turns just near the turns. Left, right, left, left, left. And then Mathew did the unthinkable, he drifted through the divider, at the bridge jumping into the river, (that was the most fiery chase of my life the detective was angry at me for following him but he eventually calmed down, knowing I was not the enemy, also they were performing drive byes which, added to the thrill), the killer was never caught. But we were permitted to bury our friend and said our final goodbyes. But after 2 years Clarn showed me a snap, of the killer, I was only able to see the eyes, but it was Bill I could never forget his eyes, no way, Joy punched him in the face once, for being a suicide smoker! (Because he got cigarettes for breakfast, lunch and dinner) but that is no reason to kill someone right? Well who knew? Anything can happen, its human nature. But things were settled between them immediately. Which means there is something else, something completely different?

Chapter 10 alternate ending

After the funeral, he heads home, a big penthouse, where he was saluted by guards inside they were more guards. He enters the master’s bedroom and takes off his fake beard, Jim is Joy, then he takes off a wig, it’s Kim, and then joy’s father wakes Joy up for the farewell, it was a dream! Then wakes up in panic, Joy is nowhere to be seen it was his dream! He wakes up his wife who wakes him up, it was her dream, then there is a knock on their door. He shakily opens the door, its Kim and Joy, holding hands together. They hug both kids for they have experienced the nightmare. They are soon to be wedded.

Funeral at a farewell

  • ISBN: 9781370820467
  • Author: Parth Mehta
  • Published: 2017-08-08 07:05:12
  • Words: 3560
Funeral at a farewell Funeral at a farewell