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From Beyond Space and Time: The Lost Jurassic Island




From Beyond Space and Time:

The Lost Jurassic Island


V Bertolaccini




This edition published 2017 by CB

This is a Shakespir edition 2017


Copyright Victor Bertolaccini


ISBN: 978-1-3010-8042-7


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the copyright owner. Nor can it be circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without similar condition including this condition being imposed on a subsequent purchaser.


All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

Part I


The Discovery



Chapter 1


The Scientists


Shades of light, in animated motions, played over the Pacific Ocean, as the plane went high, and David Parker examined their strange alterations, with erratic characterizations, and then spotted the island, as it appeared on the horizon.

The island was not marked on the map, and at first appeared to be uncharted, and one of the legendry islands of the Pacific.

“This island is not on the map!” Brydon confirmed, in his tall, serious, technical way, from the doorway of the other compartment, where the scientists were at work.

Brydon glanced sideways, at the window – and at the island.

Parker was the owner and leading research scientist, and was responsible for organizing things, and all the screw-ups, and he did not accept that any island in the 21st century could be uncharted – even if it was undersized.

“We’ll just ignore it for now!” Parker firmly replied.

Carlton, a smaller, older, gray haired scientist, pushed passed Brydon, through the doorway.

“I’ll have someone contact the mapping company responsible,” Carlton continued. “When we are back!”

Parker nodded firmly in agreement, and they returned to where they were working in the other compartment.

The scientists aboard were testing their new version of the underground surveillance technology, developed by them, originally developed for the military – and now being used for underground scanning and mapping of the surface of the globe.

Only the two of the eight scientists aboard, Jeff Brydon and Robert Carlton, were from the original project – and associates of his – and he had unquestionably put them there

Parker, and the scientists, had become outstandingly famous when the original underground scan equipment had been released, and when it had uncovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur beneath a sea cliff in Cornwall.

He had visited Norway, where he had met up with Professor Robert Farrell, after receiving recommendations from members of the Exploration Association on Farrell’s expedition to uncover a legendry dinosaur, and he had expeditiously declared how he could help them, and he gave them an insight into his fantastic new technology, and how it could be used.

He had told them that the gravity surveying equipment could scan – without being influenced by any movements – more accurately, deeper, and faster, from planes and helicopters, than anything so far invented. The gravity detection components had once been highly confidential, and produced by leading establishments.

It was unbelievably accurate, and produced detailed mapping below the ground, at any depth, making it possible to observe objects with a perfect clarity with the dimensions of a dinosaur fossil – and from a plane.

Its potential had been rapidly acknowledged and bought by the military, whose investment into it had helped create it.

Though it had been confidential, it never lasted long! They had decided to use this technology with the regular military – to detect such things as underground bunkers and mines.

Parker had returned from an exciting project over in Greenland, searching the depths of ice there, where they had been targeting locations at the oldest regions of ice, recorded by scientists, at particular deep depths that the technology could handle, and had drilled at particular sites.

The continents had shifted considerably since the dinosaurs existed, and the right locations were rare. If they existed there!

They had notably considered going to the Antarctic, where the ice in regions had been proven to have been on the land there for millions of years. Perhaps amphibious or other prehistoric animals, which had been there, were buried there. Extinct species, and even some remaining dinosaurs, might have been roaming there, and could have been killed in avalanches or snowstorms, and frozen there.

They had used it to scan and map miles of rural Britain, and coast, expertly examining beneath beaches, cliffs, fields, forests, hills, and lakes in distinct detail. And while they had been examining the coastal region of Cornwall that had been in the central region of the co-ordinates that Professor Farrell had come up with for the location of his fossil, the scientists on the plane had caught sight of something, which had seemed little. But when they had it checked, they had found that they had to have found it.

Once again the underground scan equipment had been proven to have an accuracy beyond anything achieved, especially from a plane, and it had uncovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur beneath a sea cliff.

Other creatures had later been found buried away there.

The strange unknown prehistoric fossils had become famous worldwide, and so had Professor Farrell.

However, Professor Farrell had later vanished – and had been believed to have been killed in a warehouse explosion – but he had reappeared years later.


Chapter 2


The Second Occurrence


Although it was still evening, their work, and procedure, was weary from it being unexpectedly lengthened by the island, and the equipment showing strange reactions – possibly from damage to some of the parts or faults in it, starting to show up.

The eight scientists endeavored to inspect everything, and do what could be done in such a position – with plane flying low and over the island – over its west coast – which had a tropical beach of palm trees alone it – which was only broken at the center with an area of a mile with a large perpendicular cliff.

Parker worked away, at the edge of the action, near the window, studying readouts given to him by Carlton, making some conclusions, and giving his findings into a microphone, or to Brydon, while occasionally examining the island appearing below in glances.

The island was a bright, desolate, and roughly round tropical island, about thirty miles across all round it, and basically flat, covered by tropical trees, with dense jungle areas, and golden sand patches – except for a curious massive fifteen-mile round cavity – which was volcanic or meteoric, and about five miles inland from the area in front of them, on the west coast.

The cavity reached down more than a thousand feet all around it, with perpendicular cliffs, and after it, almost five miles inland, there was a single five-thousand-foot cone-shaped volcanic mountain – which was about five miles from the eastern coast.

Parker watched in amazement as all the instruments one by one began reacting furiously, and the scientists with them, and Brydon after checking everything rushed over to him.

“Tell us of the strange magnetic phenomenon that was encountered in Cornwall …!” he asked Parker urgently.

His firm, defined composure, and his mention of encounter made Parker jump to attention.

“By a phenomenon, which was never properly explained, accurate scientific compasses – wildly oscillated and spun when they encountered the Cornwall site.

“A form of powerful magnetic influence, or something of that nature, acted upon it, and the scanning done there.”

“Well, we seem to have found another encounter – and it’s tremendous! The more we move up the island the more powerful it is getting …!”

“Is it directly ahead of us!”

“Nope! It’s somewhere inland – up ahead!”

Parker received one of the readouts on it, and stared at it with amazement.

“What could create such power? It must be colossal!”

“Someone must be playing around with something out here! Are there any military or similar establishments out here?”

“I never heard of this island – or of anything out here. But why would it be built out here? Why would they be using anything or experimenting on something out there though?”

“Perhaps they are using or creating something too dangerous to be activated in an inhabited zone!”

“That would also explain it being an uncharted island!”

“And perhaps like the atomic explosions detonated in the Pacific …”

“What could create such a powerful magnetic disturbance?”

“It could be a natural phenomenon though.”

“Or more like someone wants to manipulate the Earth’s core or something!”

“What are your assumptions, Carlton?” Brydon called over.

“We can’t find any proper conclusions,” Carlton answered firmly.

“Whatever it is, we will need more reasonable clues,” Parker replied.

He thought through possibilities.

The major factor was that it had happened at Cornwall.

Had they found something else?

The adrenalin of the scientists was visibly rushing through their veins, overwhelming them.

“At any rate,” Brydon continued, “there are stories of occurrences about the globe. The Bermuda Triangle for one. It was supposed cause such a magnetic effect – just before ships and planes vanished!”

“If I remember rightly,” Parker Replied, “it was believed that at the Cornwall incident that there could be some sort of natural or artificial element around – such as a mass of magnetic iron. Perhaps the reactions created by even a tremendous meteorite!

“A mountain of magnetic iron ore in a purer state,” he stated, looking out at the immense fifteen-mile round cavity, inland, up ahead of them.

“Okay! It’s coming from where we are going …”

Many of the scientists started getting strange findings, and Parker and Brydon watched their startled faces, with curiosity.

All over the plane electronic equipment started flickering and giving out sparks, on the verge of breaking down.

The scanning equipment started to blank out, as if fluctuations of energy were overpowering it.

“Shut down everything before it is damaged!” Brydon called.

“We’ll have plenty of time to check everything later …” Parker gasped – as he realized the plane was diving lower and lower – and one of the pilots announced them crash-landing.

The plane’s electronics were also flickering on and off, and, consequently, began to stop working.

The scan equipment was very important and of value, and still almost top secret, and they tried to save it from being damaged – before they all started to prepare for the crash-landing.

The plane hurtled down, as all the scientists rushed around, almost in confusion, while still trying to collect any data, check everything, as they protected all of equipment from as much damage as they could.

The two pilots tested what they could perceive, and started to land the plane on the water near the tropical shore.

“We’ve lost all contact with base,” one of the pilots confirmed, as he helped them.

“Remarkable!” Parker remarked, preparing himself for the landing – and even possibly a swim to the shore.

The plane flew in low, at a regulated pace, which gave him some reassurance.

“There are some inflatable life rafts there!” the pilot announced, and pointed at the back, and some of the scientists went to them.

At the window, Parker saw an expanse of Pacific waves, shifting around with some velocity and energy, and he saw the island was too far from anywhere – and beyond civilization – to expect any help.

They all fastened themselves into their seats, and prepared themselves, as it plummeted, as perfectly as could be expected, and swept across the water, without damaging the plane, even with its deep shudders and thuds – and it halted, in silence – and they heard water rushing in – and it started to sink, while they escaped.


Chapter 3


The Fantastic Island


The patterns of tones of waves rushing across the golden tropical beach awakened Parker from his light slumber, and he restored his investigation of the mystifying episode of the previous day.

Brydon was now organizing the scientists, and inspecting the equipment in under the coverings that they had put it in, under the shelter of the trees, protecting it from the outdoor conditions.

When Brydon had finished, Parker called him over.

“What did they record in the scan of this place?” he asked enthusiastically.

“They detected something incredible …” the tall scientist replied slowly, ruggedly. He was lacking sleep, either from the conditions of the island or the events of the previous day.

“What do you mean incredible?”

“Well I have not seen anything myself, as we have not had any of the equipment on. We have no power source, and it may have been damaged.”

“Who saw it?”

Brydon marched over to a small scientist who was bending over some equipment, and cleaning sand from its plastic sheet cover, and he spoke to him, and they came over to Parker.

“Tell him what you saw!” Brydon demanded.

“Everything was barely in operation when the plane reached this position. But we saw images flashing on the screen, near this precise spot.”

“Images where?” Parker asked, in confusion, trying to work out what they were actually talking of.


“Under this beach?” he asked, observing the beach, and where the plane had come down over the Pacific.

“Not the beach! Further in – about five miles, and it went right out of its range …”

“It must have been massive!” Brydon continued.

“What was massive?” Parker asked, trying to contemplate what was so powerful that it could create such a powerful magnetic field, and cause such damage, and bring down such an advanced plane, designed to such a degree.

“Give us a better description of what you have seen!” Brydon demanded.

“We spotted an unusual formation, within a blur of flickers, of something artificial – but none of us could recognize what!”

“There is something artificial underground five miles inland – which stretches out further than ten miles.”

“What is the terrain like five miles inland?” Brydon asked, realizing that Parker had been the only person to look properly there – except perhaps for the pilots.

“There was a massive deep fifteen-mile round cavity five miles inland,” Parker replied, wondering what it was.

“Over the site where they saw the disturbance?”


“So someone has built something at the bottom of the cavity. What was in the cavity?”

“It was basically flat, covered over by tropical trees, with thick jungle areas, and golden sand areas …”

“So someone may have something in there – in the trees – and perhaps hidden away.”

“Correct!” Parker replied, shrugging.

They stared at each other, and left it there, and Brydon and the other scientist returned to what they were doing.

Parker recalled the events in Cornwall, and the first event when they had found something was there.

Yet there had been nothing there but the strange fossil.

Parker started to realize their situation on the island, around him, and the problems that they had, and he looked out at where the plane had gone down, and he realized that they had sunk a whole plane, beneath the waves.

It was under the blue water, slightly rocking with the currents.

He had not even heard of any plane crashes occurring for years. They had virtually conquered all the problems encountered in the past.

He felt the temperature in the hot air increasing, as the morning drew on.

He had a remembrance of coming ashore, the day before.

He viewed the beach, as he took some food from one of the pilots, who walked up to him with it – who looked as if they were not sure if they had been part of the cause of the crash, by taking the plane up without being properly checked, or something.

At the opposite direction from where the plane had flown in from, Parker saw palm trees overhang the shore, and spotted the perpendicular cliff, which he had seen on the plane, going along the beach.

He sat on a chunk of vegetation, and shaded his eyes, and examined the sight behind him. A jungle of variations of trees and plants went from the beach, inland.

The sun was now scorching, and the air hot.

He stretched out his tired limbs, feeling slightly dizzy, and he turned his blank expression to a smile. He had actually survived a plane crash – like many of the great explorers of the past – and was a castaway on an island.

The main task now was to preserve the food until they were rescued.

He could try fishing, as he had done at school – if there was a food problem.

Sounds of rummaging came from behind him, from some animal in the undergrowth, and Carlton, who was eating some bread, finished consulting with the pilots, and walked over.

“Would you believe it! They never radioed for help.”

“They never thought that it would happen …”

Parker gasped at the thought of having to stay there for a long time, and the people who had caused all the disturbances out there, and, perhaps, knowing of them being there, and them sitting out in the open on the beach.

Yet surely if they were concealing themselves from the outside world, they would not take the chance of being found – no matter what.

“The last location of the plane before it vanished from the radar will be recorded though,” Carlton announced. “And, perhaps, someone was monitoring it …!”

“That could very well save us!”

“The pilots brought a radio ashore too! It has some damage like the other stuff on the plane, but we may be able to repair it.”

“But what if it is affected by what happened to the plane?”

“It is not! We checked. There is no more interference from magnetic occurrence that did it. It has gone away, and we can be rescued without there being another crash.”

“The occurrence could have been triggered by the scanning …”

“It could very well have been that way.”

“Whatever it was generated by!”

“It must have been powerful!”

“Why is it out here?” he mumbled to himself.

“We could go over there and check it – there’s are gaps in the trees.”

“Alright! We’ll take Brydon with us.”

They cleaned themselves up, took food, and left through an area of empty trees, from the camp.

They looked for traces of any signs of humans everywhere, as they went along – and anything that would indicate humans had been there.

Even though it was soon hard to believe that humans had ever been on the island.

Scents of plants and trees blended in the hot air, while they walked fast but silently through it.

It was a long open area through the jungle, and at any moment Parker expected to see a tiger hiding in the tangle of vegetation.

Their pace stayed fast, but at a speed that they could see anything dangerous in in the front of their path, while staying hidden.

Just ahead of them, a shape of a building emerged in the vegetation, and they approached it in stages, examining bits of it through gaps, trying to figure out what it was – or even resembled.

In the distance shapes of shrieking monkeys hung on branches.

“What do you think it is?” Parker finally asked Brydon, breaking their silence, as they moved up to it.

“It could be some sort of observation construction …”

“How old could it be …?” Carlton asked, looking at its stone surface. “If we can establish that we may establish what it is.”

“And how long ago someone was here!”

They moved up close to it, and examined the ruins of the hidden building.

“It’s from the Second World War,” Brydon announced. “And surely built by the Japanese …”


Chapter 4


The Ruins


Clouds of dust sprayed down, through the humid air, and Parker cleaned it out from his wet eyes.

While he followed Brydon, down the stairs, under the ruins, he watched the floor below for anything.

Vague echoes came off its boulder brick walls in hollow surges.

When he reached the floor below, he saw that the chamber amazingly reached twenty feet high.

“Why does it have an underground chamber, must be the main question?” Brydon spoke, looking around.

“Either to hide in if they were attacked by troops or to keep weapons and ammunition in!” Carlton replied, with his voice making surreal echoes from the walls.

Parker, who was more curious than them, searched further in, and moved into its deepest fringes – searching along its square stones – while insects scurried away under his shoes.

Out in front, a black door came into his sight, from the darkness.

Thick webs and dirt obscured it, and he pushed himself in close to it.

An area of wall had thick webs, and a gap behind it, where a doorway had been – and had crumbled and collapsed across the ground.

They entered it in stages searching a thin tunnel going along, under the jungle above, with their shadows flickered along the damp soil, and their unblinking eyes watching the ground in the glimmer, searching for obstructions or loose boulders.

Cobwebs crawled over their faces, and they ignored them.

Its creepy mysterious darkness made Parker’s heart beat fast, and, at any second, he expected to find something deadly.

Out in front, he observed a dim gleam, from stone lit up from a mysterious source, near the end of the tunnel.

He saw a stream of light from behind inundating the tunnel, producing a magical effect upon his hazy sight.

Carlton’s loud breathing echoed in the silence along it, as they marched on, trying to avoid tripping.

Parker’s sight fixed on a magical glow – where the wall shone.

A small patch of stone glowed – as though it contained energy.

“What could that be?” Brydon muttered, leaning in close to it.

“It has no heat!” Carlton replied, placing his hand over it.

“Radioactive …?”

“We’ll have it analyzed – when we get off this island.”

Brydon copied him and removed a sample, and put it away in his pocket.


Chapter 5


The Rescue


The helicopter emerged out of a dot on the horizon, and swept in low across the island, and hovered above the scientists, blowing sand everywhere about them, before landing on an area of flattened sand – where they had flattened it, hours before.

Parker smiled for the first time since before the crash, and finished the remains of his breakfast, which he had left.

All the equipment was loaded aboard, and they all got aboard, and fastened themselves in, still considering there being some chance of danger from the disturbance that took the plane down.

Once above the beach, Parker spotted more helicopters racing towards the site, in the distance.

They would rescue the plane, and the equipment that they had been unable to remove.

Colors of nearly every feasible distinction shone with luminosity all over the beach, like a mind-bending animation.

Loud eerie sounds emerged in the distance, from animals, which he tried to identify. Then he listened intensely, with amazement – as he could not believe that the sounds could possibly reach that distance.

They were coming from over at the large cavity, where they had walked to, from the construction.

It had been a disappointment, as the trees about the spot were too dense to see anything through. However, the animals there, which he was sure he could now hear, had baffled them with their strange unknown sounds, and, in fact, they could not recall ever having heard anything like them.


Chapter 6


The Glowing Rock


Parker entered his California branch of his US research company, and acknowledged Brydon deeply engrossed at his work with three scientists in a laboratory, and he smelt a sweet tobacco aroma lingering in the air, and knew Carlton was about.

While going up the stairs, he vaguely observed a painting on the wall that he had placed there some months before, and he wished to change it now.

At the top of the stairs, he met Carlton, who had seen him from the top window, and was coming over to meet him.

“We’ve had all the equipment returned from the plane,” Carlton announced, “and some of it has been repaired.”

Parker stared into his bright eyes, and saw he had something for him.

“Did you get the images of the last scans?”

“I have what we have checked so far here. But there is nothing much in what we have so far recovered … This time!”

He handed over a photo.

“Why this time?”

And Parker observed a round massive blur, from the cavity area of the island – as if some mass of energy had blasted out, showing some detail of the area that they were created from. But the lines and configuration had little detail and could have been anything.

He handed over some more photos.

The picture was similar but very small, as if it was a miniature version, but showed a better view and that it had a round shape.

“All our enquires about it have given us no leads.”

“What about that glowing rock substance, anything there?”

“We have not properly checked it! But we have just found out from some confidential sources that this substance could have been present at the Cornwall site, where the first occurrence occurred – and there had been some concern there over the discovery.”

Parker removed a small container from his case, and as Carlton’s sight fell on it, he gave a shudder – either unintentionally and uncontrollably trying to control his emotions or to express some fact or concern over it.

Parker threw it out of its container into his hand to Carlton’s surprise.

As he held it in front of them, it started to glow brightly, and produced beams of light, which shone light over their faces, and then started dazzling their eyes.

“That’s strange!” Parker announced, as he had not checked it.

“It creates other incredible energy releases …”

“What does?”

“It is not the rock itself. There is a substance in it.”

“Of unknown origins?”

“In my opinion: definitely unknown!”

It was strange, and he could not recall seeing anything like it.

What sort of substance gave out such a powerful glow?

They briskly entered the laboratory, and entered a room.

They began telephoning different specialists making enquiries, and searching through information on all similar substances.

It soon dawned on Parker that there was no mention of it anywhere. Nothing even vaguely mentioned it – and he knew that they would have heard of it! He ordered the test of the substance to get a rough insight into what it was.

Carlton took a crumb of it with a scalpel, and he placed the remaining part in a container in a supply room – and Parker studied him – wondering why he looked so nervous – and wondered what he had learned – and why he had only taken a crumb of it.

He gave it to a laboratory scientist, including some instructions, and they went to the other side of the building, and watched the scientists cut a bit – the size of a match head, and quickly drop it into a glass tube, positioned over a flame.

The scientist left towards them, and went into a supply room near them, for some equipment.

Just as he went in, a blinding whiteness exploded out from the substance like a super nova, blinding their eyes with its radiance, and they rushed for cover outside a side door as it was proceeded by pieces of glass shooting out with a thunder blast of an explosion, going out beyond the doorway.

For an instance hell seemed to break into the world, and Parker considered diving on the floor, almost positive that the wall that they had sheltered behind would explode in from the force.

The floor under them vibrated with fury, and they looked through the doorway, as light exploded out, with an almost blinding intensity, but before they looked away, it dimmed and a miraculous force picked up objects all over the floor, like they were in some form of anti-gravity field, and they swiftly floated out, through the air, throwing them out to great distances, and crashing into walls and windows.

A sort of force field with magnetic properties lifted and projected objects at an incredible speed faster than any normal explosion into everything in the room.

It continued with a frightening force, and gradually subsided, leaving them astounded.

The silence, and withdrawal of the explosions of energy, left their senses frozen – drastically lowered to receive the high levels of input thrown at them

There was a vague distant door bang, followed by shuffling steps going up the stairs, and Brydon and the other scientists arrived at the top of the stairs, and walked slowly forward, with confused perception, of what had happened

They stood at the doorway, and attempted to see what had caused the explosions.

The laboratory floor was scattered with pieces of glass and debris, and smoke smoldered from the furniture, from the intense heat. Sheets of burning plastic and wallpaper hung and fell from the walls, and doors swung gently on their hinges.

A breeze blew through the remains of window frames, and gently helped clear away smoke.

They silently surveyed the damage, with mystification.

“Are you all right?” Brydon asked cautiously, wondering if someone had deliberately done something – not quite grasping how such an occurrence could take place.

Parker and Carlton entered the room further, examining the damage done to the laboratory for further.

With astonishment, Brydon examined the point of impact, and could do nothing but shrug.

At the point of impact Parker saw long deep scorch marks going over the floor, where the table had been, and he observed that it all came from a single point.

“What’s this?” Brydon called over, as he approached the point of impact.

Parker cleaned dirt from his clothes, while he wondered what the other scientists thought had taken place. Brydon acted as if they had had an accident making a bomb or something there, and he seemed to be searching about for evidence.

“What were you doing there?” Brydon asked, pointing at the spot.

They all crouched over it, and slowly examined it closely.

“What was …?” Brydon calmly asked Carlton, confused.

“It was that glowing rock – from the island …!”

The scientists began sweeping and cleaning up the debris around them, and Parker placed the rest of the glowing rock away in a safe place in the supply room.

“What’s your opinion of it?” Parker asked Carlton.

“It’s incredible!”

“But what is it?”

“I’ve never come across anything like it before!”

“It must be artificial! Nothing like that could natural occur.”

“The Japanese might have had it during the Second World War, and under that building.”

“Old military technology!”


Chapter 7


The Substance Investigation


Parker realized that his scientists never had the facilities to investigate the substance any further, and that it was being investigated for them.

“Have you found anything new about it?” Parker asked, entering the laboratory, and moving up to Carlton.

“We have given some to various groups – including military sources. If anyone can put some light on things it could be them.”

“It may be so secretive that military sources may not know it is even theirs or they may deny knowing it.”

“It could be or have been part of the space program. It has more potential for rocket propulsion.”

“Or, as we originally thought, due to the location it was discovered at – under that building – have been Japanese. They could have used or tested it on that island.

“It could have caused that fifteen-mile round cavity on the island. They could have been testing it out there. Out of the way!”

“As an explosive! Or some form of massive rocket propulsion!”

“Give me what you have on it so far then.”

“It could be the same substance found in Cornwall, and in that case a lot of research could have already been carried on it.”

“If it is military or Japanese what was it doing at Cornwall?” Parker silently asked himself, in confusion – as someone that normally evaluated and found answers to everything and was consequently being confronted by the unsolvable.

“It has incredible properties!” Carlton continued. “They have studied the energy force from it more than anything. Yet they are not yet able to figure out what it is … Or what reactions cause its existence … They have found many unknown elements within it, which are far more powerful than anything heard of! Yet they have been unable to detect any high radioactive emissions …”

“They believe it is unknown?”

“The substance is extremely powerful! The composition and properties of the substance are fascinating! They have observed elements in it that actually stop other elements in it reacting together – until ignited!

“An inconceivable amount of energy is produced – and it gives out more energy than they thought possible!”

“Perfect! So far we have not found any connection with it to this country, to that island, or anything. However, the Japanese having a connection to it has not been checked!”

“You have a point! They were on the island, and they must have found the substance – it was under their building. So we can take that line of investigation.”


Chapter 8


The Scroll of the Island


Parker did not believe that it would take long for military scientists to realize the substance’s incredible properties. So when he received a call, announcing a meeting, with its discussion, he knew that it was something.

However, it was only at the arranged conference, with stage lectures, with his introduction of the substance for investigation, attended mainly by leading scientists, that Parker fully realized that he had something. Their queries, querying, replies, with detailed findings, and costly investigations of the substance, from people that he knew were above repute, especially in their fields, were staggering.

He had expected not to be given normal attention, and then ignored. But he had to answer questions, giving detailed reports, and even needed the help of Brydon, and then Carlton, and other scientists, on the substance, for well over an hour, and they still were not satisfied.

Another surprise was that it was in newspapers, and appearing in science publications. With it, and the amount of publicity, he was not surprised to receive a call from Hawaii, from a group claiming to have information of the building on the island.

Their description of the location of the building was far too detailed and accurate to be wrong, and he immediately jumped on a plane to Hawaii, to meet them, with Brydon and Carlton.

What they actually wanted from the meeting was left open by them, and it had them wondering. They had gone to lengths not to give any real explanations.

After their arrival and rest in a Honolulu hotel, Parker arranged a meeting with them in his hotel restaurant, on the phone.

The restaurant was empty, and they filled in the empty time before the meeting with a large overdue meal.

Their arrival was swift, and he almost never recognized them.

Even though the three of them there were clearly of partially Japanese origin, as suspected, he never thought they had any military connections.

They were silent, and held him in suspense.

The tallest, introduced himself as Gorman, and their apparent leader, or boss, and he seated himself directly opposite Parker, with a blank firm stare on Parker mainly. While the other two sat at ease at his sides.

One seemed to be Gorman’s son, while the other seemed to be employed or working with him, perhaps as part of some organization.

“You said on the phone you had information on the build that we discussed?” Parker asked directly, getting to the point.

“We do!” Gorman replied.

“When was it built?”

“Around 1940.”

“Used by the Japanese military.”

“It was one of a few small bases used on the island.”

“What were they experimenting on there?”

“There were no experiments – that I have heard of. What experiments? Why do you believe experiments took place?”

“Were there any atomic experiments or explosions carried out there?”

“I never heard of any.”

“Were they using any secret technology on the island or in that area?”

“No! I’ve not heard of anything.”

“Why did you contact us?”

“We want to find this island, for someone …”

Parker was surprised, and confused – especially with the realization that they never knew where it was located – which surprised him a great deal more the more he thought it over.

Why did they not remember where it was?

Why did they not know it?

“I thought you had been to this island?” Brydon asked, with a glint of amusement on his face, as he moved his head close, and peered at them.

“We never. It was an ancestor of ours that was there.”

“I see what you mean now!” Parker answered.

“He was a soldier there. There was a round cavity next to this base?”


He observed all the people sitting around the room in the center of the room, and he anxiously took out an old scroll, with a typed label on it, by his fingertips. Then he partially unrolled it, clearly covering something on it, as he showed it, with a glint of prudence in his eyes, followed by a quantity of dejection, as he rolled it up and put away in his pocket.

Parker and Brydon stared at each other in confusion.

There were signs of deterioration, and by the colors of it, it clearly was old, and of the stated time – and connected to the base.

“We just want to find it!” Gorman’s son announced, annoyed.

“We are also historians and wish to investigate it – for part of a book that we are having done,” Gorman explained blankly.

Gorman signaled a waiter, and he ordered them all drinks.

Neither Carlton nor Brydon believed them, but they never knew what they wanted, and they knew they would not tell them.


Chapter 9


The Discussion After


Parker placed his head hard against his hands, tightly pressing his elbows into the table, at the window of his hotel room, and then relived his stress, by ignoring the mounting amounts of irresolvable problems, and viewing a miraculous beach out of the window.

Brydon had displayed signs of strain, and the stress was evidently all the events of the past day. The first meeting with the Japanese had confused things further. What they wanted was not entirely coherent! Was it the substance that they wanted, and the fact that they never knew precisely what it was.

They had the look of being connected to the Japanese military scientists or intelligence agents, but there was something not right. The way they reacted, and the way they were more orientated in business and money. Did it have a great value to someone? They may believe that they could remake it – which was logical – especially if they had not seen or had the stuff examined. It was clear to them and all the scientists that they could not reproduce it. However, ideas, by experiences in the past, would surely emerge that would come up with ways to reproduce other substances, mimicking the effects.

Their hunger for the location of the island was clear and perhaps the major factor that they wanted. Why they never gave it, or any suggestion of it was just them being defensive, and protective in not allowing things to occur that could have disastrous effects. This material was dangerous, and the fact that they would not be able to reproduce it made it a concern. The amounts available would do little! But if this stuff were available in vast amounts the situation would be very different.

How had they known so much of the island, concerned them. It was as though it had been in someone’s files, as an unsolved mystery, and that they had just found a way to solve it. Or was it just the fact that they had investigated the news stories, and found some facts in their files.

But, again, they never knew what they were up to or connected to.

They could even be just responding to the events, after all the publicity, and had information on the island from someone such as the pilots, and wished to get involved, or find the full location of it – as it was uncharted.

The island had been mysteriously uncharted, and nobody knew why! Why did they not buy the island and make it private property, and just carry out what they were doing there, and get it over with.

Nonetheless, he took it that everyone was running out of proper ideas – with increasing problems – and the grim reality of the situation.

A firm knock announced Brydon had arrived, and he opened the door, and Brydon and Carlton entered the situation.

They seemed more silent, and used short bursts of mutters, only about the meeting, with their discussions noticeably avoiding talking in any depth of the situation.

Carlton occasionally fought to rectify a smile, which kept emerging at the side of his mouth, while Brydon kept pulling his chair near to him.

“Do you know someone broke into the laboratory?” Brydon spoke, shuffling a napkin around, and folding it.

“What did they get then?”

“Nothing as far as anyone has found!”

“It sounds as though they were searching for something in particular!”

“That rules out kids breaking in!”

“Kids! They could never have entered a secured building, with security guards roaming about …”

“You are right they were professionals!”

“Great! Perhaps they had a connection to them at that meeting!”

“They never found any real evidence!”

“They’re doing their best!”

“They’re carrying out their investigations,” Carlton continued.

“I didn’t know that!” Parker replied, almost yawning.

His watch told him that it was later than he had imagined.

It would not be very long before they would be back on a plane going back to the laboratory.

He was still thought Carlton and Brydon were planning to stay up late, and have a night on the town.

“Where are those guys at the meeting from?” Brydon asked, trying to find some more information.

“They never gave an exact location,” Parker replied, but I have their number.

“Well, perhaps we should have them investigated. They have more reasons than anyone else to be behind the laboratory break in, and they look like they have something planned.”

“We do not have their names, or, in fact, even their country …”

“Their number may be enough! We phone them and arrange a meeting – and have them followed.”

“Good idea!”

“We’ll have to have something to talk with them about there?”

“Well it will have to be about the island!”

“We could claim we are going to return to the island!”

“And we could also try and get more information about it,” Carlton continued.

“Likes of where they found that chart,” Brydon continued. “And why they have such an interest in it.”

“And even why someone kept it for so many years …!”


Chapter 10


Unwelcome Visitors


At the door to his hotel room, Parker instantly turned silent, startled, for an instant, but holding his composure, as he entered.

He proceeded in, creeping, not making any sound, and Brydon and Carlton followed him in.

Everything was shifted around, and his case forced shut, after clearly being rummaged through.

He stuck his hand into the case and pulled it opened, and promptly shoved it shut.

Brydon, in one movement, shifted in front of him.

“They are the people that entered the laboratory!” Brydon confirmed, moving into a seat, slightly surprised that there was no damage anywhere.

“Did you move the furniture over there?”


“Are we still going to meet them – as you arranged with them on the phone?”

Parker nodded in agreement.

Parker saw by their tenseness that they were starting to worry over the situation. The men had broken in to the room and his case, and had not even tried to hide what they had done, and they were going to meet them.

“They may now be dangerous – especially if they don’t get what they want!” Brydon announced.

“Have you considered the fact that they may force us into giving them what they want!” Carlton continued.

“You do have a point there!” Parker replied. “We had better be prepared for such confrontations.”

He looked about, with a worried glare.

“Do you have the coordinates of the island?” Brydon asked.


“So do I!” Carlton echoed.

“Yet we have arranged for them to be followed,” Brydon replied, “and we will meet them in the public bar – which will not be empty.”

“I could contact the police if you want. But we do not have anything on them.”



Chapter 11




There were buried rudiments in the whole affair, and, in fact, in all the events since this island appeared out of the horizon that made normal logic not exist, and they just could not grasp anything, or even know how to approach things.

Brydon opened his hotel room, and in rushed six large Japanese gunmen, with combined looks, in various degrees, of mobsters and soldiers.

Then in marched the three Japanese men that they had the meeting with.

“Move over there!” Gorman called out, swiftly and viciously removing a handgun, and waving it about him, occasionally pointing it at Parker, Brydon, or Carlton.

They moved over to the other side of the room, and he relaxed his grip on the gun.

“Well, now what!” Gorman’s son asked Gorman.

“Now we are going to get this affair settled!”

“What do you want?” Carlton asked, confused.

“We are going on a trip – so pack up your things – and get ready to leave.”

They shrugged at each other and Parker started packing his stuff away, and their six assistants started throwing things for him in his case, and they left the room, going to the other rooms for Brydon and Carlton’s stuff.

They were then rushed out the building, with hidden guns on them, and forced into cars.

They arrived at a small airport, on private ground, and were forced on a plane – and they left Hawaii.

From the start to the finish not one word was given to them about what was occurring, or what the possible outcome would be.

Their only way to survive, especially once on the plane, was to give them what they wanted – as there was no way out of the situation, and attempting anything was almost impossible.

They were all ordered out of doing anything, and the gunmen ignored all forms of persuasion.


Chapter 12


Back on the Island


The plane flew in low, and landed next to the island, on the sea, almost at the precise spot the other airplane had sunk.

Parker had given all the details of where the island was, and had chosen the landing site.

Their attitude visibly altered once they had confirmed it was the island. They grew more confident of achieving their goal.

There were clues all over the beach that indicated they had been on the island, and Parker told them where various things that they had left there were, and they searched and found them, hidden away. And there was also the remains of the team that had lifted the sunken plane out of the water, and shipped it out.

The plane was away being fixed, and the remaining equipment that was left aboard was being repaired back at the laboratory.

The island was still fantastic, and Parker felt more relaxed. This time they at least never had all the problems of being stuck there, and they had enough food, supplies, clothes, camping gear, and all the other needs that they wanted. And there was even a suggestion that they may be able clear up some of the mysterious events, and find the answer to all the unsolved riddles that had accumulated.

It was late in the even, and getting dark – and they camped at the same site.

What Parker, Brydon, or Carlton never got was why they had so much equipment and supplies. Most of it was not even needed. And there were no clues to what they intended to do.

Their only hope was to question them, or just wait.


Chapter 13


The Beach


The pictorial wild panorama spectacle of the beach, with its rugged golden sand shoreline, was outstanding from the upper level of the beach, behind the palm trees. The coast was as if it had been frozen in time since prehistoric times, and he recalled why he had wanted to be paleontologist and archeologist. It conjured up visions of an original primitive world, with its astounding untouched magnitude.

Parker continued to view it, from the edge of the beach, beneath the light blue sky, while resting against a palm tree.

Waves splashed against the plane, resting on the ocean, as it reflected beams of sunlight, and weird aromas blew in from the depths of the interior of the island. They had a scent that reminded him of volcanic sulfur, as though it had come from some vents coming out of the mountain.

Carlton shifted along over to him, while swatting away some insects that pestered him, and he stopped in front of him, and Parker felt the cool morning gust blow against his face.

A fresh salty seaweed scent fragranced the air.

“These guys just will not answer any queries!”

“It could be because they normally use another language from us,” Parker replied, annoyed.

“Or they have a custom not to …”

“Well, what have they got hidden then. Perhaps that will give us something to go on …”

“I have seen something!”

“What?” he asked instantly, feeling there may be something, from his tone.

“They have long ropes with them.”

“Ropes! What could they be for – I wonder?”

“I’ll leave it open – for you to figure out.”

“It is all these events, and these guys going to such limits to achieve some goal!”

“There has to money behind it. Brydon thinks so too!”

“Perhaps someone wants something, and is willing to pay for it.”

“Even so why all the men?” Carlton said, examining the gunmen, further up the beach. “They are hardly there just to force us into giving them what they want, or to visit old war ruins on an island …”

“I was thinking they could be also an illegal gang – with competitors – and, perhaps, just playing safe or something!”


Chapter 14


Back to the Ruins


The intense colors of the sun blazing down, and the jungle about Parker, turned the world about him into a tropical wonderland.

He examined Gorman and his soldiers, all in jungle warfare soldier gear, cutting their way through the jungle, with large machetes, and realized that the agreement between them and him would last.

They made mistakes, and even if he decided not to try to escape for the moment, he thought that they could make some form of mistake, which could be of danger to all of them. But what they might do wrong he was not quite sure of at the moment.

Their vicious use of machetes, and forced way, instead of going through empty regions of jungle was confusing – as he had gone through the empty regions of the jungle the first time without even hardly thinking the matter over. However, perhaps, there was a hidden reason, and that whatever their goal was it was better for them to explore these regions than avoid them.

He had suggested that they should go around them, and they had ignored it.

All the words that they had said echoed through his mind, as the ruins of the structure emerged between the trees. And on the approach to the structure, the hot sun appeared through the above branches, and the depth of the undergrowth, and thickness of the surrounding trees decreased, causing them to relax.

They were soon able to get a proper look at it before they reached it, and Gorman stopped them, and considered it, with his men.

It was an ancient World War Two small concrete Japanese army building, hidden away in the island jungle.

Then their rhythmically crunching on through layers of undergrowth began again, until they arrived at it.

The door to it was still shut, as Brydon had left it, and they shoved it – and its heavy, solid, wooden frame firmly slid open – and once in they shut it behind them.

It was empty but for rotting vegetation, and, at the side there were small heavy stone steps descending below.

“Parker let’s check this underground chamber then,” Gorman confirmed, not waiting any longer, moving to the steps. “The rest of you stay here!”

Parker swiftly followed.

They marched down, and then through the tunnel. And at the glowing rock, Parker stopped to watch Gorman examine it.

And as he confirmed that it was what he wanted, and took a sample, Parker gasped thinking of its power, and what affect it would have if it ignited in the tunnel. It would be equivalent to being blasted out of a massive gun.

However, Gorman’s attitude started to grab his attention more and more, and confused him. It was clearly not what they were really there for!


Chapter 15


The Journey into the Island


The abominable journey went on and on, and it caused Parker to grit his jaws, and regularly wipe his brow, from the intense heat built up in the jungle region.

Though the direction that he was being taken in was only towards the cavity, they were being taken to another region further out than the direct course that they had gone to.

They had a rough map, drawn by one of the gunmen on the plane – which they had decided to go to already on the plane.

When the edge of the cavity emerged along the end of the trees, he lay his startled glare anxiously on it, and to a region that they were marching to – and as they moved up close, they raced more.

From the edge of the cavity cliff, which went down for more than a thousand feet, he stopped to rest, with the others, and examined the immense cavity with interest, and as a scientist and archeologist.

The other view that they had seen further along had not had a proper view, and this one was startling, and he even was glad that he had come, and endured the hideous trek.

Brydon and Carlton moved in, and sat at his sides, examining it all about it, at different angles.

“Well will I say it first,” Brydon spoke, first. “Just for the history books! If this happens to go that far …”

It was clear to Parker, and he nodded in agreement.

“This is not a normal crater! This is not a volcanic crater …”

“This is one of those immense meteorite craters!” Carlton replied.

“Yes! Great!”

Parker smiled at Carlton’s joke.

“What are we going to call it then?” Parker asked firmly.

“What about Brydon Point?” Carlton joked.

Brydon coughed, with embarrassment, and quickly replied: “We better leave that for the moment. This island may not be as uncharted as you consider it …”

Brydon pointed over at Gorman holding out and examining the scroll, which he had shown them at the hotel restaurant, which had the island clearly mapped on it.

“This crater is strange!” Parker finally stated, as he examined it in more and more detail.


Chapter 16


Into the Crater


Parker looked straight down the perpendicular cliff, as he descended, into a cloud of radiance, amidst the abyss under him, and he kicked his foot into a small ledge of rock.

He glanced up at Gorman, Brydon and Carlton just above him, and the others above them, at the top of the cliff, and Parker continued to unleash the rope away.

Faint sounds of heavy breathing could be heard from Brydon above, as he gasped for air.

What were they doing here? Why had these guys forced them down the cliff?

He climbed endlessly downwards, dangling over an obscurity, at the bottom, with expectations of plunging down.

Glances of the shadowy shapes of the men appeared above, against changing shades of the sky, as they vigorously shifted further and further down the foundations, of the ancient structure.

The structure captivated him though, as he examined it more. It was tremendous! He had no idea that a meteorite could have such power! The force must have been more powerful than a tremendous amount of atomic bombs!

The sheer cut in the rock was staggering, and he had a hard time accepting it was real. Surely this was caused by the collapsing in of the original outer shell!

In fact, he could not remember any going down to such a depth!

Perhaps the length of the meteorite upwards had been vast, and had been made of entirely of heavy solid iron.

However, he was starting to think that it could have been made of some unknown substance.

Perhaps even a miniature sun – with a density beyond anything found.

By earlier frantic reactions, of Gorman, he sensed that they believed that something was actually beneath him. Although by the way that they had described something there made it too unacceptable to him to believe fully. In vivid detail they had also detailed something of extraordinary value somewhere out there.

His mind conjured up vague visions of ancient lost ancient treasure, buried away.

Debris showered him from overhead, as someone dramatically moved.

He speculated over why he was forced down first. He had not climbed much. Yet he sensed that they had checked him out, and had taken from somewhere that he had mountain climbed. Perhaps taken from a magazine review that he had once done where he had exaggerated his abilities in it.

He sensed and knew that Brydon and Carlton had done some, but they copied and followed him down, anyway.

At the bottom, the rope started to jerk wildly, and oscillate above, and he moved fast down until he landed.

A surge of blackness engulfed him as turned around to face the cliff, at the side of him.

A small cave was there, and he watched a spot of light in it, reflected there.

A surge of water splashed down further away, to his side, from a small waterfall pouring down from an above stream. Its turmoil went out into the jungle.

The jungle covered the entire area at his front, further out from the cliff.

He felt himself fall sideways, and balanced himself upright again, while releasing the rope from him.

After resting, he cleaned away dirt from his face, and grabbed his bag, fixed at his side; then fumbled through his pocket, and removed some food.

A cloud of dust sprayed down, through the warm air, as Brydon rushed down to the ground, and Parker moved away from it, from his eyes.

While he walked away, his hand rhythmically caressed the edges of the cliff, as he wondered what had caused it to be so firmly cut – as though by shear force.

Vague sounds came through the stone in hollow surges.

Voices made surreal echoes, from above, as they mingled with each other.

With some amusement he watched the figures of Gorman and his men up above, dangling back and forth, and he realized that he could escape.

However, since they had actually given just about everything that they wanted, they had not been that concerned about them escaping. They had got the location of the island, and they had the location that they were looking for.

Not only that there was the problem of them being marooned there, and nobody knowing where they were.

He moved out into the outer fringes of the jungle, considering the problem. If they actually left them on the island, when they finished, it would be a serious mistake. They could be trapped in the cavity perpetually. Its walls were immense and perpendicular!

If they intended to leave them there – then there would not be anything that they could do, anyway – they were trapped.

However, there was a possibility that they needed them for something else. However, on the other hand, there was also the possibility that they may kill them at the end of this episode. They may find whatever it was that they wanted, and just to be safe dispose of them then!

He was confused, and he realized Brydon was the same.

Dampness across the stone at his front had large strange insects scurrying about on it, feeling their heavy movements, and he studied them – in amazement. They were strange, and he had never seen anything like them before.

They surely were designed and adapted to another environment.

They even looked to him as if they had trouble breathing air, and that they had problems with their weight. As though they were now far heavier, and trying to adapt.


Part II


The Crater



Chapter 17


The Crater


At the front of him, the cliff went along until it went out of sight, and a dim rectangle shape came into his sight, as he walked along.

His fingertips were blindly caressing the rough stone, through thick webs and dirt, and he shoved his hands away, in the dim light there, and crumbling bits of gray rot fell about to the ground.

His mind gradually grasping its hideous outline, and he moved away, as he jerked his hand further away – conclusively knowing what he was fumbling through. It was an open-mouth skeleton with a rusted knife embedded its chest.

It was incredible to him that such a thing could have been there, and left there for such a length of time, without it being taken away. The place must be the most desolate place on the planet!

“It’s clearly of another era!” Carlton stated, moving in behind him, with Brydon behind him.

“But was it a savage that roamed this place?” Parker asked.

“Perhaps even a cannibal – and original habitant!”

“Yet why has it got an early 20th century knife stuck in it?” Brydon asked.

“So it has!” Carlton replied, realizing that he had missed it.

“It also looks the same age as that guy’s scroll map of this place,” Parker continued.

While the others descended down the cliff, they examined it and their newly found surroundings.

Once Gorman had made it down, he came over to them, and they showed it to them.

Parker argued with himself over how much they should go along with them. Should he take the philosophy and procedure of the more that they helped them the better it would be for them, and quicker that they found what they were looking for the more better it would be.

Gorman looked at the skeleton with disgust, and then as if they had put it there – which amused Carlton – perhaps wondering if he thought that they had carried it there, hidden in their stuff.

He snorted loudly out his nose and was going to march away, back to where he had been.

“I thought you were searching for something and wanted us to help you?” Parker asked.

“We do!”

“Well surely this must be a clue or something. There could hardly been anyone else down here … It proves there is something of value here anyway. People don’t get killed over nothing!”

“You have a point. And we are surely on the right trail.”

A sudden hostile shriek of something strange appeared for a moment in the distance, but it was too vague for any proper identification.

They stared at each other for a moment, and Parker noticed that Gorman and his men looked worried about it.


Chapter 18


Tropical Wonderland


In the ground below the skeleton Parker spotted a rusted piece of metal and rummaged through pieces of twigs and muck, and yanked it out of the ground.

He cleared the muck off it, and then saw that it was an old rusted metal tag, with a piece of chain on it.

It clearly was Japanese, and had belonged to a soldier. Perhaps during the war in the Pacific, in the previous century, from what he could make out.

He thought of calling Gorman over but he realized that would be a mistake.

Then he started to watch Brydon, standing away from them, observing Gorman and his men, with a worried glare.

Parker’s first wondered why were they all so heavily armed!

They captivated him, as he stood amid the shades of the trees. Even though their figures were distant, their antics gave away their decisiveness to do something.

They polished and played with their weapons, and mentally prepared themselves.

The colors from the sun had been blazing near the skyline, and the bright celestial objects had radiated in the dark blue sky, and his surroundings resembled a tropical wonderland.

A distant sound pulled him back to reality, and the situation.

Were they better off making their escape? But they would be trapped here – on this island – and perhaps in this crater.

However, this time, the full situation shocked him.

The men were shifting about aggressively – obviously from the danger from something – from a hidden enemy, getting at them.

A deep blast, from a gun, came as one fired at something just ahead of them, and they all started to get ready to be attacked.

When nothing appeared they signaled Parker, and they marched on, behind them, wondering what they were up against. Fantasy or fact? Death or glory? Would they have a deadly encounter or would they just watch a glorious success – and be eventually released?

All of the small animals about them, which were rare, and hidden away in hiding places, seemed far more scared of them – or something else. It was as though they had recently encountered something else!

The insects seemed to react differently than at the upper island. All the insects at the top of the cliff had either ignored or had attacked them as a food source. But here something had seriously scared them into reacting to everything around them.


Chapter 19


First Encounter


Once they had climbed through into the density region of the jungle, their swift pace decreased, and they had to work on making their way through it.

Their heads scurried about, searching for traces of any signs of dangers, and even anything that would indicate humans.

The landscape was now unlike an island, to Parker.

He regularly considered if there were intelligent animals hiding in the vegetation.

As he mathematically considered things, from all the facts, traces of something appeared in the soil at his feet, where something heavy had been dragged along by something.

What had been there? Its size had to be great! It must have been immense by the size of what it had dragged!

His mind, and clearly the minds of one or two of the others, went through all the animals that were native to these islands. And the thought of it being something undiscovered was consistently thought of and dismissed by him.

Could some large predator such as a tiger be there? Trapped in this lower world – hidden away from the outside world.

The marks seemed fairly fresh, and they were shifted around, almost identical throughout. But there was not any sign of any prints from it.

At times he considered if it or anything else could be actually watching them, from further out. The trees and undergrowth were too immense, and its consistently altering detail was too detailed, and varied.

He tried to see if he could smell anything. Animals, especially large ones, carried a lot of smell – and could be smelt.

However, there was virtually no wind, to blow it over to them, so he left it there.

Fresh scents of plants and trees mingled in the hot air, while they carefully placed their feet, treading quietly over the ground, so as not to be heard.

The place was shrouded with mystery! At times it seemed that this region had been cut off from the rest of the world. It astonished him that anywhere on the planet could be missed out from exploration. His interest in the prehistoric world and in paleontology kept him fascinated. He wondered what the members of the Exploration Association would think of it. The association was made up of famous and unknown scientists, who treasured new and unknown scientific and findings – and just about anything unknown needing explored.

It was at one of their conferences that Professor Farrell had vividly given his findings, in a breathtaking lecture, of his Cornwall discovery.

The jungle was mind-boggling and mysterious, and would interest them greatly.

It had an intense atmosphere! At any moment, he expected to see something unusual hiding in the tangle of vegetation.

Their pace stayed slow, so that they could see anything dangerous in their path, while staying concealed.

There was no sign of what these guys were leading to. Where were they going? What were they doing here?

Just ahead of them, an area of the trees opened out and revealed a pallid form, embedded in multicolored foliage, and they moved towards it with caution, searching everywhere about them – and as the thing came more clearer, and distinctions emerged, out of obscure shapes, he saw a large egg-shaped life form.


Chapter 20


The Creature


They all hid away in the vegetation around it, fascinated by actually finding something.

Brydon and Carlton looked as if they were racing through their minds in a competition to class the thing first.

Parker never, as deep down he already knew that it was of unknown origins. His beliefs were that the world at one time had many such unknown creatures, and that the rarity of many individual species had stopped any remains of their existence ever being found.

He had always considered there being hidden prehistoric animals, and he himself had dreamt of actually finding the remains of something completely new. And there they were standing in front of such an animal.

Up close, they all had spotted its thick slimy legs, and that it looked as though it could move fast if it wanted to – and that it was probably dangerous.

At an earlier point he had even thought of it as a form of unknown plant. But it had to be a creature – even if it had a white leathery skin like one. And its body pulsated slowly, which he watched, waiting for any signs of reaction, to their presence.

One time it shuddered, as if it sensed them nearby, and the men with guns aimed them towards it. And he sat confused, realizing their scientific discovery may be soon lost.

The creature’s body vibrated and split up the middle, and thousands of tentacles slithered out, feeling about them, and its eyes became visible beneath them, studying them.

It reminded him of some form of creature that lived in water.

But if it did why was it not near it. There surely would be water around – or it would be dead. Perhaps it was the female of the species, and had laid its eggs close by, away from the water.

Suddenly the creature leaped forward, charged straight at them, and two of the guns shot it to the ground.

The next thing that surprised Parker was the reaction the surrounding jungle gave to it. Every noise within hearing distance went to complete silence.

The gunmen forced Brydon and then him on, and they left it.

Someday they might be able to return to find its remains.

Yet he started sensing that there were more.

Their next problem, going by the reactions of the gunmen, was camping the night there. The things, if there were more, could easily crush the tents, and swiftly overwhelm anyone on guard if they were not caught, and they also never realized what it had intended to do if it had attacked them.

Did it have vicious jaws or a form of venom? Or did it intend to ram them, and just force them away from it?


Chapter 21


The Night Attack


The night was cool, and he stayed awake until late, to enjoy the coolness, and think of what had happened and what to do in the morning, but he was swiftly brought out of his contemplation, by a shriek from one of the men on guard, followed by gun explosions, and he dived across the tent and located a torch in the blinding dense darkness.

He at once deduced that something had attacked the camp.

Once outside the tent, a sudden horrendous roar struck him, from something deep in the jungle. Something hidden out there, concealed by the night had given out the most vicious roar that he had ever heard. No elephant or lion could ever equal it! And he could only stare out into the blackness, looking for some form prehistoric animal. Even if the entire globe was so resolutely explored and documented.

Even captivated with such deadliness he still could not feel some excitement at such a beast still roaming the world.

What would Professor Farrell or the Exploration Association think of it? If this thing remained here, and he got back alive, he could get an expedition and capture this thing.

“What the hell was that?” Brydon whispered, from behind him.

“Sounds interesting,” he answered backwards.

“Interesting!” Brydon replied – gasping.

“What do you think of it?”

“I do not have a clue! It’s nothing normal, anyway.”

He was surprised by his reply to it. Even under such circumstances! He thought he would have either not answered or identified it as something plausible.

“Where is it?” Gorman shouted, from somewhere out in the trees, at their front, at the location it came from.

They moved forward to see what was happening, and Parker’s eyes began adapt to the darkness there.

He saw a distant broken branch, which would have needed to have been done by something of great weight.

“Parker get over here!” Gorman’s son called out, in an authoritative voice.

Parker rushed over and found one of the gunmen on the ground, covered in blood.

“Help him.”

He was severely wounded, and in great pain, with his ankle missing – collapsed over sand. And the first problem was that there was blood pouring out – and that he would not survive if they never stopped it.

In one swift movement he called Carlton over, as he was the best to handle this problem.

The mission of the men, whatever it was, seemed to be overshadowed – and the event seized all of their attention.

While Carlton gripped and wrapped up the wounded man’s leg, who cursed over and over, in pain, Parker and the others searched the distance, hidden away, while Gorman marched about waving and aiming a gun in the direction.

The scene had left them transfixed! What were they now up against? It was strange! They had powerful army explosives, handguns, rifles, and machine-guns and they considered they might not work – for some reason.

It had shattered the silence of the tropical paradise. And they crouched at trees, peering through tropical plants, almost blinded at what it was.

What had already happened looked little in comparison to the destruction the mysterious concealed thing might be able to produce against them.

However, the wounded man had managed to scare the thing away with the explosion of his gun.

Parker had to wait until it was morning, as he fully intended to investigate it properly.

And he tried to rest and avoid doing any great physical exertion, and as soon as possible return to sleep, so that he would not be tired in the morning.

From the guy who had lost his foot, he could tell that the thing was massive, and yet he had not fully seen it – as he had been half a sleep at the time.

At one point, one of the men who thought he saw something fired a few rounds around in the trees, away into the distance, and after nothing else happened, and they eventually all went back to where they had been, and to sleep.


Chapter 22


The Morning After


In the morning Parker awoke to machine gun fire, and stayed where he was, motionless, stunned, not knowing what to do.

He listened to them rushing around, and moving to concealed positions. And he realized that he was starting to learn more about the identity of the men. At the start he had barely known anything about them, and they never did anything.

He jerked, to the gunfire, as it grew near him, and randomly fired in another direction, when they spotted something.

For a moment, he stayed motionless, not knowing what to think, and considered what the situation would be now with those things knowing where they were.

The gunmen would never abandon their mission!

At the entrance of his tent, he looked out and watched some of the men endeavoring to clamber about getting bullets.

He snatched his watch, and scurried amongst the undergrowth beside them.

An abominable thud from a large chunk of a branch crashing down near them made him jump, turn, and he rolled sideways – making the dirt and pebbles stick to his trousers and shirt.

The chunk of vegetation was strewn over the sand, and had fallen from an overhanging tree.

He shaded his eyes, and scrambled upwards, distressed by the fascinating shouts of men further away.

The unusual environment and surroundings teased his senses.

The strange sound variations going through the jungle seemed to emerge in countless directions, while mainly being bordering on being audible and not clear.

It could have been a perfect holiday location, if it had been somewhere else.

He rushed over to Brydon, who was sitting with Carlton at a tree, away in front of his last position.

“Are they getting through!” he asked, in a low voice.

He followed their sight over to somewhere over at a hill.

Gorman emerged in the trees with two of his men, and the rest all followed him into the campsite.

“Did you kill that creature?” Carlton asked.

“We never caught or shot any of them,” Gorman replied.

“Did you get a look at them?”

“Nobody got a proper look at it.”

“What did it resemble?” Parker asked.

“Ask him then!” Gorman replied, pointing at the man who had lost his leg.

The man stood on one leg, with the leg that he had lost dressed in bandages, and he supported himself on a thick stick carved into a crutch.

“Tell the scientists what you saw!”

“A dinosaur …” he answered, giving them all a surprise, including Gorman – who stood with his mouth wide open.


Chapter 23


The Monster


Absolute horror struck Parker, preventing him from reacting (even though he never entirely comprehended what he thought he had seen existed).

Something had shot out – out of the blue – straight through the back of the group, just behind him, out of the range of the guns – as all the main gunmen had been at the front, expecting an attack there – with one person, one of the gunman, behind him.

The creature had grabbed the gunman, in its massive thick jaws, and rushed away with him, screaming, into the jungle.

All of them, even after the enormous cat-like creature had vanished, out of view, had been preoccupied by searching in key directions given to them.

The attack made them more defensive and aware that these creatures were cunning and intelligent, and it had probably had watched them for a long time, and had seen the flaw in their defense.

Parker rushed on through the trees with the others – ignoring any deep cuts and bruises – with the man with the lost leg in front of him, leaving a trail of blood – as they desperately yearned to move deep inland, out of the thick region of jungle, into proper visibility, and escape death.

The sun was blazing above the canopy of treetops, and the air was roasting. Golden sand under their boots glowed brightly, and in patches through the trees. Dark shapes emerged, resembling their evil figures, but altered to parts of the vegetation – as his sight constantly adjusted.

Something rummaged around, near him once, and he ignored it, as it was too petrified, and by its light and free tones was a small animal.

Finally, when they stopped to rest, he stretched out his painful limbs, feeling slightly dizzy, and rushed over to join Brydon and Carlton on a small mound.

“Did you see that thing that thing shoot out of the trees?” Carlton asked.

“Not properly …” he replied, calmly.

“I saw it!” Brydon replied.

“What was it like?” Carlton asked.

“It was new! I am unsure if I have seen anything like it before.”

“Was it one of the prehistoric species?”

Parker listened, absolutely captivated.

“If it was! I’ve never seen or heard of it!”

Carlton sat, confused, playing with a twig, against the ground.

“Well it must be something?” Parker asked firmly, trying to force him into giving him something.

“I don’t like it! Or this place. It’s a hellhole!”

“What did it resemble then?”

“A monster! A monster cat-like creature.”


Chapter 24


Lost World


For most of the evening loud explosions sent up flocks of tropical birds flying into the sky. The increase of the creatures and their pursuing them had reached boiling point, and they now marched around shooting explosive charges everywhere, to either kill or scare them away.

It was effective and the creatures now looked upon them as a danger, and not prey!

Parker for one was glad of it! Even though they occasionally killed one, of which value was unthinkable to him, he now felt as if he had a good chance of surviving.

Squawks blared through the colossal hideous jungle, as if a beast were on the rampage through it, and vibrated in his ears.

He still expected unrecognizable things to leap out at them from unseen places.

The island radiated like a phenomenal mind-bending cartoon, with vibrant colors of every variant, as they rushed on, through it.

The sweltering heat and exhaustion frequently had his imagination conjuring up strange illusions – like shimmering lights fantastically shifting and alternating about his front.

The lowering of the gunfire brought out interesting tones, which captured his attention, and to his surprise were from creatures all around them. Their tones even gave away their amusement of them, and their strange ways, and appearance.

With similarities to an extra sixth sense, he sensed something important was occurring or going to occur. Indications seemed to edge into his dazzled mind, of colossal interest.

Why was this place hidden away here, with all this here?

It must be about the most desolate region in the world, and that he had gone to! What possible circumstances could create such phenomena? They could not be normal animals of this place, unless there was somewhere with an alternative environment somewhere around. This possibility was the only alternative that he could perceive, and yet he could not even imagine anything here that could support this claim – and allow a feasible environment that produced them.

The gunmen took part in their mission like professional soldiers, which they probably were. And he drew comfort in hearing their distinct sounds.

The deadliness of the monsters in this place had no holds, and resembled an abyss – with no real furthest reaches. He could not even imagine fighting them on his own, even with a gun. His best option ought to be to rush on, out of reach.

If they survived and threw off the pursuers, would they go? Or would they with determination wait for them like vultures?

By Brydon’s reactions, away in front of him, he saw that he had spotted something ahead.

The ground rhythmically crunched under his boots, from stones being crushed, and he looked out and saw a building, embedded within undergrowth, vines, thick web, and winding trees.

A type of black structure was there, and the gunmen guarded it – like soldiers that had been fighting battles a great length of time.

It struck him how odd this was. What kind of people had lived or been here? They would have to have had a small army to have been able to build it, and remain.


Chapter 25


The Tower


He fully saw what it was when they were at a short distance away.

It was a black tower that had the shape of a small lighthouse, stretching up to forty feet between the trees.

Parker and Carlton approached it slowly together, examining its featureless surface, trying to figure out what it resembled. While away in the distance, the shapes of shrieking creatures circled the region between branches.

“What do you think it is?” Carlton asked Brydon, seeing his confidence, as Parker and Carlton moved into a clearing, about its base, where Brydon and some of the gunmen stood, in the shade, resting.

“It could be some sort of observation station …!”

“If it was – these trees could not have been around …”

“How old could it be …?” Parker uttered, looking at its shiny brown surface. “

“It’s made of a material like metal,” he muttered back, “which seems to have avoided corrosion …”

Parker felt its surface, and was surprised. It felt nothing like metal, and yet it was really old, and the majority of it went underground.

There were no dents and scratches, and they wandered around its base, until they arrived back where they had been. It was thirty feet straight across all around it.

Parker studied it with confusion, and moved over to Gorman.

“What is this thing?”

“We don’t know,” he replied, while eating some food out of his hand.

“Where is it we are going then?” he replied, disappointed that they might not have reached their goal.


“What we came all this way – after all that to this …”


“Why?” Brydon swiftly asked, using the opportunity, to investigate things further.

Gorman stopped his son replying, by putting up his hand, to silence him.

“I’ll tell him – now that we’re here! We need their help.”

Parker felt exhilaration now that they were finally going to explain things.


Chapter 26


The Lost Treasure


Parker ignored his annoyances, and felt his tense leg muscles, and that they were sore and weak.

At least they had accomplished their mission.

He wondered if they would go back the way that they had come here from.

Gorman sat on a boulder opposite Parker and Brydon, and considered his thoughts, and turned towards them.

“This place was found by soldiers in the Second World War, when they were taking control of this island. The military base that we visited up there was built by them. They found that substance under the ground while building it, and found its incredible properties – which they intended to give to Japan, when they came into contact with the outside world. Yet they had trouble realizing just what its properties were – even after them carrying out careful experimentation on it.

“The next problem they had was that there was so little of it.

“They searched, and dug, but they never found more of it. They had only found it by luck!

“They explored the island, as they had little to do here, and they looked for anything like it, and they found this place – then this tower at the center.”

Gorman reached into his pocket and removed the old scroll map, and carefully unrolled it, and passed it over to Parker.

“This was a map of the island that one of them made on their explorations.

“They were at last remembered and taken off the island – well after the war – but they were ignored, and their discovery was not wanted or recognized …

“They never pursued their goal, as they never found much of the substance, and it would have only been an interest to science.”

He then considered the thought.

“Well, they may have finally reproduced it or something – but I believe that they would never have been had able recognize it.”

“How did you get to hear of it?” Parker asked.

“My great grandfather knew one of them, when he was in the army, and the guy told him what he had discovered – and swore to its existence. I believe that it was another attempt to return, and he thought that he might have been able to help him. But he never had the means to fulfill what he wanted!

“The problem was he refused to give the location of the island. He managed to get the scroll long after his death, and uselessly attempt, as well as we did, to find where they had been stationed.

“It was the discovery of that substance, which led us to you!”

Brydon and Carlton looked surprised.

Parker believed most of it, but thought it was an altered version.

They had to have taken it from the real guy, who had the scroll.

Brydon waved the scroll about in his hand.

“This does not explain why you wanted to come here. The substance was already found and in our possession …”

“Correct! When they found this tower down here, marked at the center of that map. See it! Right.

“Well they found treasure down here!”

“Treasure here!”

“What were their opinions of these creatures down here?” Brydon suddenly asked.

“I never said that they mentioned them!”

“But did they?”

“No! Why?”

“Just one point – which has been missed …!”

“What’s that?”

“None of the creatures down here, even though many climb, have made it above – which they would have done. Explain why?”


Chapter 27


The Creature Emergency


All of the men around him turned and stared at Brydon, as if they were finally going to get some answers to things.

“Where were they before if they emerged here?” Gorman’s son asked loudly.

“I do not know that!” Brydon replied.

“I’m a paleontologist and archeologist as well as a scientist,” Parker continued, “and I also believe that there would be some or some versions of them up there …”

“I am willing to state that I believe that it is correct,” Carlton added. “There would be the remains or at least signs of their presence – if they had been here for an extensive amount of time.”

“That only confuses things …” Gorman muttered.

“I have a question to ask you,” Carlton stated.

“What’s that?” Gorman asked, curiously.

“Why did the men that were here, who drew the map, not get the treasure when they were here. They must have had the means to get it …”

“I do not have the answer to that. I only heard that they needed the military to help them.”

“The military! Strange! It could mean that it wasn’t actually treasure …”

“No! There is treasure here!”

“Who built this tower then?”

“They found it here.”

“It must have been built along time ago!” he replied, staring at the underground part, beneath it.


“But how did any natives of these islands manage to build that thing like that?”

“You are correct,” Parker replied first, wondering once again what the hell they were dealing with – and what they would have to deal with in the future.


Chapter 28


The Tower Exploration


The details of the treasure, supposedly buried away there, and occurrences in relation to it, were by far too indistinct, too few, and muddled up. All the key facts were missing, which they would have been able to grasp things with.

Brydon was now the main center of attention, and the person with the most answers, and Parker decided to leave it that way, for the present.

He consistently enquired on things, and was surprised that he had a good knowledge of things, and came to the correct answers, with basically the right angle on things.

The gunmen still occasionally let out gunfire, while they rested and checked the surrounding landscape.

Parker stood with Brydon and Carlton, and occasionally after shots were fired, at shapes of creatures in the trees, wondered why they had been so heavily armed, anyway. They had claimed that they never knew of any of the creatures!

“What was that skeleton doing there?” Parker asked Gorman, as he moved near him.

“Some of the soldiers must have started fighting each other,” Brydon replied first.

“Correct!” Gorman replied. “Especially after what they found up there – in that tower!”

Parker gulped, and wondered what he meant.

“And that material that the tower is made of is far more advanced than anything that I’ve heard of,” Brydon stated.

Gorman’s son signaled Gorman, by waving his hand, and Gorman gathered some of his men, at the bottom of the tower.

Then they started climbing up one of the trees that went up the side of the tower, and Brydon and then Parker copied them.

“So we’re finally going to see this treasure,” Parker mumbled to himself, as he went up last.

The only sounds that he heard were branches creaking above with the weight on them.

Parker carefully fitted his bag securely onto his jacket, so that it would not fall off.

He spotted the place that they were going to. They were going up to the roof of it, and they would have to do some awkward climbing to reach in.

Carlton stood below, as Parker pulled himself up the branches, lightly gripping them, using his legs against its branches.

It was easier than he had thought as the branches acted like a strange ladder, evenly spaced, at a few feet apart.

Scents like pine mingled with the hot air, and the view captivated him, encouraging him to keep going up.

Were they wasting their time? What was up there?

Brydon rested over a branch, occasionally testing its safety, and spotted the entrance place, and moved on.

Parker considered if he had primal instincts for tree climbing – considering humans had such close genetic links with monkeys, and had been in them for some considerable time – and were built for it.

It was relaxing and interesting! What would it be like staying there though – in a tree house?

At the top, he climbed over to the roof, and instantly saw two small pillars, and that one of them was an entrance.

Once at it, Gorman entered first, with a torch, and handgun. And the rest followed, shifting inwards, and Parker watched Brydon enter, and moved close to the entrance for a close look.

There was no door or cover, and edges of it showed that it was a surprisingly heavy, solid material.

It struck him how odd such a construction was. It was far from being badly constructed, and he doubted very much if anything like it had been constructed by natives in the Pacific, or anywhere.

Its interior was dark and gloomy, and looked empty, and he climbed down a descending floor, and over to where all the men were standing.

Parker stood with them around another entrance going down, with a tunnel, and floor descending below.

“I will proceed …” Gorman spoke, and walked in, shining his torch down the descending floor – spiraling around the tower – going downwards to the base.

Parker looked at the floor, with its slightly leaning black shape, and started to follow them, into the darkness.

The only sounds, except from the others exhaling, that he heard were the clangs of the floor, echoing downwards, as though they were clambering through an oil pipe.

The hot air drifted in from behind him, and sometimes he believed that he saw someone climbing back towards him.

The temperature had to be reaching its maximum limit, and he plodded on, while the natural light from overhead grew fainter.

The tower a few times swayed, and he wondered what caused it.

In a blur in the torchlight below, a vague illumination emerged in it, and he vigorously moved around the slope of the descending floor towards it.

At it, he saw it was another entrance, where faint beams of blue light flashed, from somewhere in its surroundings.

At the entrance, he saw Brydon standing, in the blueness of the flashes, next to something, at the center of a room, covering the rest of the tower, and he went near him, and saw him examining a large black box shape, where a mysterious blue flash was being generated.

The entire black box had lines, curves, and many strange objects on it, and there was massive diamonds and jewels embedded in it, and, going by the others, they were on other various box shapes visible about him, at different positions about the floor, and as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw the immense value that they had.


Chapter 29


The Trip Home


Deep blasts, from guns, echoed around the jungle, and they swiftly marched on, towards the cliff, and to leave.

Parker realized again that he now had a firm and complete agreement with Gorman and his men. They would receive a share of the treasure – of all those diamonds – if he returned with them to the tower, and brought in equipment capable of removing the diamonds – and they managed to get the diamonds free from there.

They surprised him! Firstly, he was surprised that they trusted him, and he never reported them for kidnapping him. There were witnesses and film from street cameras that could prove it. Secondly, why did they not just return with something and remove them themselves?

He occasionally observed them, from the edge of his eyes, trying not to look at them too much. He watched them to see what he was missing.

He now was a partner, and they treated him as it.

He loved adventures and explorations, and the second expedition there would be really exciting – and he could not turn it down.

It was strange that they never thought the animals were worth anything.

However, the diamonds could be worth an immense amount.

What was strange was the way that Gorman knew things before they had happened, and always seemed to know what he was doing. He had kidnapped him, and took such risks and still never thought he would make a mistake.

Gorman was positive that he needed him so much that he was going to give him a share.

They had spent hours in that tower trying to remove the diamonds – firmly embedded in the tower.

They had singled one out, and had done everything to remove it – including shooting it.

Nothing seemed to even make it budge, vibrate, or loosen …

Yet why did he not just come back and remove them with explosives or something?

The shape of a creature in a tree brought him out of his thoughts. What was this place? And what possible motivations could have instigated the construction of that tower? There were no suggestions of anything! Why had they embedded diamonds there anyway? Yet by the fact that it was a tower could suggest it was to defend the builders. They could well have been strange and superstitious – especially down here – in this place.

A sanctuary from invaders! Why else would it have been so deeply hidden? It might well have been the remains of a large civilization that had lived there hundreds of years ago, and perhaps these creatures had once been their property.


Chapter 30


Back at the Beach


The plane caught the rays of the descending sun, as it made a perfect landing on the water, over reflections of a vague crimson glow from the sky over the horizon, and Parker walked along the beach, and smirked and vibrantly recollected his enjoyment at reaching the top of the cliff alive.

The magnificent coastal scenery about him captured his attention, with its aged, ancient, rugged appearance.

He stopped and focused on the end of the beach, at a perpendicular cliff, on a hill, curving into the ocean.

Why had that tower been there, buried away in the depths of an island jungle? He was a good archeologist, and he was interested in having the ground there dug up and searched, and given a complete investigation.

They would have to remove all those creatures down there!

Firstly, they were too deadly. Secondly, they could not have them spreading out across the globe, anyway.

He recalled being in the tower again, and when he had touched the diamonds and surroundings.

It was strange, as though they had been made of extraordinarily cold ice, and he had felt horrific shivers through his hands and even in the muscles of his arms – as though some form of energy had been blasted across it, and had caused it.

Brydon and Carlton had ignored it, overcome by the great value of the treasure and atmosphere there, and they had dismissed it as static electrical surges – whatever that was supposed to mean.

He had kept touching his fingers on its surface, and his fingers had felt numb, as though an energy source had been running through it. And once he had taken his hand away, it had felt as if the feeling had not been there.

He tried to work out the age of the tower. There were signs that it was old. Its walls were made of a material that nobody had recognized. Perhaps it was from an unknown and rare element found down there. The place was a unique site and discovery, and a real winner – and he had waited the majority of his life for such a find to emerge, and now he was going to grasp it!


Chapter 31


Back Home


The streets outside of Parker’s office, at his laboratory, were glowing in morning sunlight, and pale shades of darkness were being swept away.

Distant vehicles and voices mingled in the early emptiness.

Parker sat thinking over what to do.

There was something with the hunting of lost things when he could not establish anything that he detested. There were too many suggested things with no clues and ways to resolve anything – and even suggestions that they even could be. His mind kept running over all the details, and they were not good enough – and his mind could only turn anything into anything – and he was either ignoring facts or finding false facts.

What the hell were these things doing on the island, in a fifteen-mile round cavity crater?

Were they types of unknown prehistoric animals – as they had originally thought? All the explanations, details, and theories from Brydon and Carlton were far removed from their normal output, and perhaps for the first time that he could recall bordering on the absurd. In fact so was his!

He kept thinking it all over and over, repeatedly trying to realize some unnoticed clue. Then he wondered how dangerous it would be returning there. However, even though there could be many more unforeseen dangers there, and the fact that they might have missed them, he was sure that their return would be more of a success the next time.

He heard Brydon in the laboratory and decided to go and pay a visit.

Carlton was packing away all the things that they might need at the site, and Brydon was helping him.

“It took the military long to realize the incredible properties of that substance …”

“Why what are they up to?”

“They were on the phone, and they arranged a meeting with us. They want it. Badly!”

“So they have not heard of it …”

“Perhaps!” Carlton answered. “Yet it could even have belonged to them, and could be from some really highly secretive project.”

“But what were they doing with it out there?”

Carlton shrugged.

“I think it is not theirs,” Brydon replied.

“Lets put the positive facts together,” Parker answered. “We can safely say that it is artificial, and that someone with a new highly advanced technology and very large budget produced it.”

“Correct!” Brydon confirmed, and Carlton nodded and positively agreed.

“It must have taken a great deal more than that to put it together,” Brydon announced. “This stuff would take years to put together, and scientists are going to be studying this stuff for decades.”

“So it is actually safe to say that the military does not know what it is either?”

“We believe so!”

“What do they want to do now then?”

“They are going to return to the island with us! We will need as much help and protection as we can get there.”

“Yes! You’re correct. We probably will.”


Chapter 32


The Dinosaur Hunters


Parker gasped recalling some of the creatures on the island, and what they would be like in a movie – as they were taking cameras there with them, to document them. They needed to record it for science – especially if they ended up killing them all – or at least the most dangerous.

It was vital that the project remained secretive. Besides it severely damaging their reputation – with both the military and Gorman, and now numerous others involved, they had signed contracts and agreements giving their word to keep the whole affair confidential.

Besides they were also going to capture as many as they could.

Special animal handlers and cages were being brought in for the animals! They had new specially designed tranquillizers to capture them! And even large dinosaurs! And some of them were so powerful that there was a real danger of them killing some if they did not do things the right way – and they could easily make their species extinct.

The animal handlers that they had originally come up with had surprised all of them – when they had mentioned the precautions that would have to be taken, and the shooting of the animals, and how far they would have to go to survive, they only showed that they clearly had not been wholly updated on what they were dealing with – and they had only reacted by thinking of them as amateurs, trying handle a job that they were untrained in. They had attempted to warn them, but they had only accepted that they were large unknown animals.

They could not fully explain them all anyway – as they had not seen most of them.

It would be interesting watching them capturing animals, and trying to recognize the species of them!

They had eventually brought in ones that worked with the most deadly ones known, and they had given them the assignment of handling the last members of their species in existence, which had remained unchanged since the dinosaurs.


Chapter 33


The Exploration Association Members


Parker met up with three leading members of the Exploration Association in an espresso bar, which they had designated, as a meeting place to discuss an intended expedition, in collaboration with Parker and his scientists.

All three had astonishment written everywhere – over their faces, tones, physical reactions, words, emotions, and tones. The fact that he and the discovery and investigation were connected with Professor Farrell and the Cornwall occurrence overwhelmed them. It was surprising that Professor Farrell himself was not there. But for some reason he never wanted to have anything to do with the media or occurrences.

Even though according to sources he had reacted to many members of the Exploration Association being so unconvinced of the occurrences, and the fact that many openly had criticized him, and the lack of proof.

Though many mainly remained in doubt at how exaggerated the findings had been. Surely he had to have intensified things to revive the lifelessness of the Exploration Association, and the drop in membership – and the fact that they were renowned for elaborating scientific discoveries.

Even though most of the critics of the Farrell Project to Cornwall had gained places on the fifteen-member team that had been chosen to go there – and had witnessed the fossils removal, transportation, and arrival at its final destination in the museum.

Parker had known Professor Lynam, Professor Thomas, and Dr Davidson, who sat opposite him, at a table, eagerly listening to everything that he said word by word.

It was these three scientists who had introduced him to the Exploration Association, and had later made him a high-ranking member – with great privileges.

They loved everything to do with new exploration and science, and they consistently showed their gratitude for being brought along, and encouraged him to describe the landscape of the island, the fifteen-mile round cavity crater, the creatures, and findings so far uncovered – at the desolate rural Pacific region.

The fact that the island had been uncharted, lost out in the Pacific, with no sign of humans visible anywhere grabbed their imagination, and Dr Davidson started writing down details that he was given.

Professor Lynam asked for lengthy descriptions for a lecture at their next meeting – to introduce the findings, and planned expedition to the island, and fifteen-mile round cavity crater that he personally demonstrated great interest in.

“Have you any photos?” Davidson finally muttered, unable to constrain himself, and wait.

“No,” Parker answered, after some consideration. “But there must be something recorded of this island somewhere. I’ve had people searching everywhere – without any results at all. Perhaps you or someone in the Exploration Association can help?”

“Is there nothing anywhere?”

“So far! But we are only starting.”

“We better wait,” Thomas continued, “before we can comment any further.”

“There has to be something,” Lynam continued. “Something hidden away within the depths of some out-of-way place. Massive unread manuscripts and achieves exist throughout the world …”

“What were the findings from all your data that was recorded by scans of the island?” Davidson asked firmly, as he read through his notes. “Your plane crash-landed there, and the data was still intact …!”

“Correct!” Parker stated, recalling what had happened.

He vaguely captured their awareness, and recalled their view of the Cornwall incidence.

“By some phenomenon – of which we have not properly explained, the instruments, going by scan records, showed some form of powerful magnetic influence – or something of that nature – was acting upon it.”

“What could create such power? It had to be tremendous!”

“It could have been someone playing around with something out there – like we believed occurred in Cornwall?”

“Why would they be experimenting on something there though? It is a desolate and uncharted island, anyway.”

“That is another aspect we are waiting to have fully clarified. And if any of you can help us with it – we would be grateful.”

“You suggested someone could be experimenting on something out there?”

“Perhaps they were creating some sort of weather influencing process – to help combat global warming – by influencing the world’s magnetic field. Perhaps it is just one of a few random locations with a naturally occurring form of manipulation on the Earth’s core.”

“My opinion, which many others have, is that there are many unseen things – even about us – which could very well be beyond our comprehension, and ability to check – or currently check! We may have only barely scratched the surface of things …”

“We are making enquires in an attempt to find out if someone has something like it.”

“Are you going to rescan the island?” Lynam asked, studying him.

“We are taking some of the scanning equipment there to check what we come up with first. When we flew up to the crash site, before the equipment stopped functioning, strange, almost incomprehensible, images of objects – which looked artificial – flashed over the screens.”


Chapter 34


The Second Expedition


The bright sun flashed through the trees, while the helicopter landed, in the center of the massive fifteen-mile round cavity, on a patch of hard golden sand.

Parker stretched his legs, and shuddered at the thought of all the things that were going to happen, in the near future, which he had little by little been persuaded into being a part of. He had already had a plane crash there, been marooned, almost blown up by the substance that they had found there, kidnapped and forced back at gunpoint, and attacked by massive beasts from the depths of hell itself. And now he was back for the ultimate encounter, and perhaps the jackpot deadliest venture.

He wondered what the outcome of it all would be, as he climbed out the helicopter, and watched the sun rise over the trees, of the surrounding jungle.

Lynam, Thomas, and Davidson walked over to him, from one of the other helicopters, while the other members of fifteen-member team of the Exploration Association started unpacking their baggage.

Ten hunter gunmen accompanying them, to defend them and help catch any interesting specimens, stood around the helicopters, surveying the area, for any of the animals.

Lynam composedly played with a silver pendant, wrapped around his hand, and he analyzed it as if it were an electronic device, while moving around, edging it near the sun.

He studied the instrument with some interest.

“There does not seem to any influence on it,” he finally admitted.

He knew something, and he never said anything more.

His brisk and defined composure drew Parker’s attention.

But every shadow about the region could hold one of the creatures.

“What are your assumptions?” Davidson uttered.

“We need to carry out some experiments, when we have time,” Lynam swiftly replied.

“Did you find out anything else about this island?” Parker asked, while they were on the subject.

“We attempted to find out if someone had anything around here,” Davidson said loudly, looking about at the landscape. “But nobody knew of anything. There is nothing mentioned of anything capable of producing it.”

Lynam looked over at their equipment being unpacked.

Some strange thought ran through his mind as he figured through possibilities. He also occasionally had the look of a person who somehow sensed an oncoming consequence, and was checking ways to tackle it.

Adrenalin was still visibly rushing through the veins of many of them, and many of the other scientists showed mild curiosity, and genuine surprise. Still not knowing what to think! While silently observing things.


Chapter 35


The Night Monster


A deafening roar out of the depths of the night made Parker leap out of a pleasant dream, and into deadly reality, with new danger.

He was swiftly dressed and out the tent, and ready for action.

The picturesque wild prehistoric-like scenery of the campsite that they had chosen, in a clearing, which had everything, from running water to a place with a good place for the hunters to observe and capture anything before it made it near them. But the problem now was that they currently had no proper way to handle a night attack.

The monster sounds and roar came from some unseen monster animal hidden in the dark. It had to be hunting meat, as its roar was to dreadful, and it would not be running about at night either.

The hunters gathered, and Parker joined them, just for the reassurance of being safe, and to get a look at what they were now up against.

The place conjured up visions of the early world, with its volcanic look.

Weird scents lingered in the atmosphere about them from something artificial that had been thrown into the campfire, and it reminded him of a volcanic sulfur smell, from the island’s volcano.

The ground about them shuddered like an earthquake, and piles of gray mud shot up into the air in front of them, at the edge of the jungle. And when the pile reached the size of a two-story-house, a large monster of an animal pushed itself out. The true size of it was tremendous, and, in the dark, it looked like a dinosaur crossed with some form of small creature that lived underground.

How the animal had even buried its way through soil with its size was incredible, and explained later – as the soil was mainly made of the gold sand, and very light, loose, at the location that it had buried through, into the camp.

The earlier roar had been when it had forced its head out of the ground.

Its head vibrated in the air, and it looked for food, and it was then that the guns of the hunters started shooting at it, from an area at its side.

While the bullets wounded it, the thing launched itself at its attackers, in a bid to save its life, and it was lucky that they had the wisdom of having the trees behind them, and not the campsite, as it would have smashed it into the ground, and any of the people still in the tents.

The hunters drew it away to the trees with rapid gunfire, and it started to feel the damage that it had received from the shells, and realize that it could not catch the attackers, and rushed away into the jungle, knocking over trees, as it escaped – smelling a route along the ground, away from them.


Chapter 36


The Morning Calamity


The powerful morning sun cast long lines over the tent canvas, and Parker started to get up.

He heard scientists talking over the events of the day ahead.

It was far from a luxurious expensive tent, and he wished that he had brought his own, and he looked for food in his bag.

Low sounds of paraphernalia and voices came from outside.

Unhappy tones from some of the scientists and explanations and apologizes from the some of the hunters emerged, and Parker realized that something had suffered from the night attack.

He soon found out – once outside the tent.

“We’ve lost all the scan equipment!” Carlton warned, as he shook his tiredness away.

“Great! And that thing is still out there as well …”

“Well, they think they may have the answer to that.”

“What’s that then?”

“A large high powered electrical fence.”

“It will need to have high power, and go up to those trees.”

“What that thing was a dinosaur?”

“It was the same size. But what it was is not in my field of knowledge. It looked like a mutation – but it was dark!”

“Do you think animal mutations have occurred here?” Davidson asked, as he overheard him, and walked over.

“It is the only available answer to what we only know!”

“Perhaps someone has been creating or created mutations here?” Thomas continued.


Chapter 37


The First Deaths


Parker had just finished his tea, when he heard deep deathly screams, all about the other side of the site, and he turned, ready for action.

He saw a massive shape shift and dart through the undergrowth, in the jungle, and go straight through the group of hunters, at the side of him, out of the range of the guns of the men on guard.

They had not expected such a swift hidden assault, and the deadliest of its assault overwhelmed them.

The monster creature had grabbed and ripped out the throats of five gunmen, in its massive thick jaws, and rushed about in hidden places of undergrowth, at the edge of the jungle.

While it moved some of the bodies – dragging them into the jungle – where it looked as if it was hiding their remains – all the scientists and hunters formed into a group, in the central region, of the site, with the hunters with their guns at the edges, ready to shoot, once it showed itself.

Parker stood with Brydon and Carlton, with their mouths open.

“There he is!” Brydon called, pointing at a head moving along swiftly behind thick bushes and plants.

“Its our friend the cat-like creature,” Carlton replied to the other scientists, examining it. “That thing got Gorman’s gunman at the back of our group – when he we visited here.”

All of them watched its strange enormous cat-like head shift, and move out of view.

Everyone realized its cunning and intelligence, and that it had probably watched them for a long time, and had seen flaws in their security arrangements.

Some of he hunters rushed near to it, ready to fire, as it approached their area. They fired shots all about it, in a burst of explosions.

The creature vanished into the jungle, and through the trees – ignoring the impact of the bullets hitting trees – and Parker wondered if it underestimated them or if they underestimated it. Did it have a proper defense that would keep working? It was swift, and had so far avoided being hit!

He was sure that it could avoid being hit by bullets fired directly in front of it, and kill the attackers.


Chapter 38


The Others


Dark shapes shifted and emerged, and Parker saw that the creature, who had now been away for three hours, had returned, and had a flaw, and hunger to kill them all – it could not leave them, and needed to confront them more directly now.

All the hunters and scientists had weapons and guns, and were hidden in an embankment, ready to kill it.

All of the remains of the dead, which it had left at the camp, were over at the other side of the camp, under blankets. Their throats were ripped out, and the bodies mutilated – which it had done in seconds.

Brydon and Carlton sat next to him with the guns from two of the dead gunmen.

“It’s a pity we could not dart the thing!” Davidson whispered. “It would be worth a great deal to science!”

“The tranquiller guns and cages are still to arrive!” Carlton replied.

“We could wound it, and keep it tied up until they arrive!”

Carlton and the other scientists listening gasped – at the thought of capturing it – and even having to go near such a monster.

Nobody had seen it close up. It had to be the biggest and most deadly carnivore on the planet.

Parker kept himself studying every movement on the landscape.

He occasionally saw bits of it sneaking around – either waiting to attack or hiding what it was doing.

Its black shape resembled an evil monster spectral figure, whose shape altered through parts of the vegetation – as his sight intermittently adjusted.

Something rummaged behind them, and they saw something that made them jump even more than before – and realize again how deathly these things actually were – and grab at their guns.

There was another one, shifting around at the opposite side of the other – trying to sneak in, behind them, where their defenses were down.

“Do think there are a lot more?” Carlton asked, and pointed at where he had last seen it, behind them.

Parker increasingly realized why it had been so secretive and sneaking around. There had been more than one, and they had been playing with them, and pretending to be the same creature.


Chapter 39


Deadly Peril


Parker stopped writing down notes, and he stretched out his weary limbs, feeling vaguely dizzy, and rushed over to join Davidson and Carlton at a small mound.

“Did you see that thing shoot out of the trees over there?” Carlton asked.

“Yes,” he replied, calmly.

“I saw it too!” Davidson replied.

“Did you see anything different about it?” Carlton asked.

“It was a different version than the others!” Davidson replied. “I am unsure if I have seen anything like any of them before.”

“It also looked like their leader or something? It could be controlling them!”

Parker listened, absolutely captivated.

“If it was,” Carlton continued, “perhaps we should shoot and kill the thing?”

Parker sat, confused, playing with his gun, next to the ground.

“Well we must do something?” Parker replied firmly, trying to force things onwards. “We are going to kill them anyway – so I say kill it.”

Davidson and Carlton nodded in agreement, and considered what could happen.

“These things would have killed us by now if they could have. Their main defense is sneaking and darting about.”

“We still have not killed any yet though!” Davidson replied. “And we have not properly seen them.”

“I don’t like it!” Carlton continued. “Or this place. I think we should find a better way of killing the things.”

“They are monsters!”

A gun blast came from one of the hunters at their side, and they looked over at the place where he had shot, and they saw something move, and Parker recognized the leader creature.

“There it is there!” Carlton explained, and started trying to shoot it.

“Why did they not take more bullets with them here?” Parker warned, making them realize the different situation that they were in now, with fewer bullets, and more creatures.

They now could not do what they had originally done when they had arrived at the tower, and Gorman’s men had shot constantly with bursts of gunfire – and scared them away.

“We will have to kill these things before it gets dark!” Parker warned the hunters – gasping at the future scenario that they could end up in.


Chapter 40


Time for Action


The loud explosions from their guns sent birds flying into the sky, as they fought the hidden creatures.

They had realized the true situation, and that they had to fight for survival. They no longer could sit and hide, and ignore them, or wait for them to make a mistake. They had to hunt them down, like they hunted them. The increase in the creatures and their pursuing them had reached boiling point, and they now marched around shooting explosive charges everywhere, to either kill or scare them away.

A few unarmed scientists were ambushed and killed, but they still had not killed anyone armed, and ready with a gun.

They were also getting more effective at guessing their movements, and tactics, and the creatures now looked upon them as dangerous, and not just as prey!

Parker for one was glad, and glad that they had started wounding them.

So he was ecstatic when the word came that they had killed one of them.

The amazing thing was that the creatures would not let them near the body of the dead creature, and tried to move it away from them. Thus they tried to see it and realize their weaknesses!

The battle turned on the area where the body was, and they even managed to kill more, as the creatures attempted to move it.

The scientists managed to radio for help, and a large military convoy started heading towards the island.


Part III


The Voyager



Chapter 41


The Jewels


Drills pumped up plumes of dust, from the floor of the tower, with their sounds of screeching going out, and away into the distance.

Parker watched the drillers at work trying to remove the diamonds from the tower. There was no traces of their work noticeable even scratching anything.

The bang and the clang of tools increased, as over to the side of the drills, they also worked with tools on them.

Gorman had thanked him and had been mildly surprised at how sophisticated the equipment he had brought in had been.

Parker examined the powerful lighting, which he had brought in, which was perhaps lighting up the lower tower room for the first time since had been built.

A slight stale scent mingled with chemicals that had been used.

He moved to another position to get a better look at other things that they had brought, and he recognized a few of the things, especially a really powerful laser, which he had recommended himself.

One of the technicians lifted it up with a lifting machine, and another technician directed him over to a destination.

They carefully maneuvered it across the ground, and quickly moved over to a position in front of a block that they were working on, where the diamonds that they were working on where, and it was raised up to the height of it, and positioned at a specific distance in front of one diamond.

A technician took the wire from it towards the power supply.

A scientist activated the machine, and its beam exploded into the base of the jewel, sending up wisps of smoke – but only from dirt there.

The air soon became scented with burnt odor, and the scientist carefully placed on a pair of heavy polarized glasses, handed to him by an assistant.

He observed it, and monitored its progress.

“Have I missed anything?” Brydon asked curiously, from behind him, as he arrived from above.

Parker nodded his head from side to side in disagreement.

The whiteness of the intense beam partially blinded him.

“Move it in closer!” Brydon ordered, annoyed.

The technician moved it slightly into the base, at where the jewel was joined to it, and more smoke poured out from dirt there, which instantly turned molten, and dripped away.

After half an hour at it, they stopped and carefully examined it, in confusion.

Parker placed his hand near and then on where the laser had just been fired, and was surprised to find that it was cold.


Chapter 42


Another Attempt


A bright spot under a diamond made the diamond glow intensely for a full minute, from an increased laser blast, but with no apparent reactions, and Brydon quickly put his finger on the spot, and stood back astounded.

The scientists from fifteen-member team of the Exploration Association stared at each other nervously, and examined it, and removed things to try to remove it themselves. They scrapped and banged about at it, and Parker’s scientist emerged with things such as small chemical drums and gas tanks, which they carefully placed about the ground.

One scientist climbed in close, and proceeded to the jewels, where he was carefully handed containers from the different chemical drums.

They were types of powerful acids and chemicals that the scientist had come up with. Some of their chemical reactions produced smoke, and gave off hot blinding flames, only disintegrating bits of rubbish about it.

One blasted a powerful gas flame against it, trying to melt it out, but after a full thirty minutes, he gave up, and moved it away.

“It repelled the heat!” Carlton said out loud, feeling it had a cold feeling instead of having any heat.

With great interest, Parker watched them put away their things, remove other things, and try them out on it, and he noticed Carlton was more happy about finding something so unusual and beyond his comprehension, and normal science.

They had materials that never conducted heat, at incredible temperatures, but not like it, and to the temperatures that they had now reached.

Parker still had not lost all hope in the scientists carrying out their task.

The deafening whirling sounds thickened, as powerful drill heads touched it, and machines jerked, drilling against it.

For thirty minutes, which it remained on it, everyone silently waited, to see the signs of a hole.

“Increase it to its full capacity!” Brydon shouted.

The tower shook furiously, with the drill blasting into it, wildly turning and vibrating, and wisps of smoke came from it, and a technician with the goggles switched off the power.

Parker saw straight away the worn out drill on it, and the unmarked base of the diamond.

“This one’s also unmarked!” Brydon announced, irritated, after seeing one of the scientists carrying out his instructions, and experiment, which he was positive would work.


Chapter 43


The Military Arrival


Once the military had fully made their presence, in the center of the massive fifteen-mile round cavity crater, everyone began to feel that they might survive.

They built a runway, close to the tower, and brought in their plains, heavy equipment, and vehicles.

The soldiers barely believed what they told them, when they began their hunting down of the cat-like beasts that had attacked them. It was only after one of them attacked an unarmed soldier at the side of their base camp that they seriously considered it real.

It never took much persuasion for them to talk the army into helping them out with an assault on the tower – in a last attempt at removing the jewels.

They knew them, and had done them many favors in the past, and they were fascinated with the substance that had been found there, and them getting it for them, that they were only happy to help them out.

A high-powered artillery gun, rocket launchers, and most powerful explosives available were brought in, and they soon got to work.

They carefully started with the high-powered artillery shells, by firing them against the base of the tower, to either blow a hole in it or destroy it, and they would get what they wanted out of the rubble. But the explosions, from their most powerful missiles, never destroyed it, or even marked the tower.

Parker and all the other scientists there were fascinated, one morning, to watch a military plane land, and soldiers removing and carrying boxes, packed full of the most powerful explosives, over to the tower, where they packed it into the tower, and buried it around the base of it – in a last attempt to destroy or knock it over.

The soldiers ran passed the scientists, who all stood around the site, about the tower, watching, and the scientists followed them over to a carefully constructed shelter.

Parker examined what they had done, from the shelter, while fitting on special ear covers, to stop any damage being done to his ears, and he saw the tower completely covered in high-power explosives, packed firmly into and about it – and he wondered what would happen.

They all ducked, as a soldier shrugged, and activated it.

The ground beneath them shuddered violently from the shear magnitude of the blast, and Parker realized that he could not work out what would happen to the tower.

When he climbed out, and strolled over with the others, he was surprised that it had destroyed everything in the region, about the tower, leaving a massive crater, and that the tower was intact, and had not even fallen over.

After that the army itself took more and more interest in the tower and the material that it was made of.

Many of their scientists were brought in, from all over the globe, and they started investigating it.


Chapter 44


The Hunters


Squawks blared through the colossal hideous jungle, revealing the existence of another large beast on the rampage, and Parker listened, and wondered what it was.

All of the animal hunters had arrived, with their specially designed cages and powerful tranquiller guns, and they were hunting all the creatures. They had a helicopter, with gunmen with tranquiller guns, with and ground crews exploring the jungle, chasing and capturing any of the new species that they found.

The members of the Exploration Association were with them, with their cameras, and notebooks. They were fascinated in the discoveries! Especially now that they had protection, and the animals could not attack them.

Professor Lynam, Professor Thomas, and Dr Davidson were exhilarated, and stayed with Parker, Brydon, and Carlton, as they followed the hunters – and the others followed them. It was the only safe way to explore the place!

They were fascinated that such a place, lost world, in a fifteen-mile round cavity, could exist. The place was like a forgotten world of prehistoric creatures. They consistently sent out messages and photos of all the findings that they came across. Most were the first findings, and probably the first proper discoveries like it found in centuries.

Parker still occasionally expected unrecognizable things to leap out at them from unseen places.

The jungle radiated like a phenomenal mind-bending cartoon, with vibrant colors of every variant, as he moved on, into it.

Carlton waved his hand, and cleared away a piece golden slime, with wings, which Parker saw was a new form of flying insect.

And, once again, he wondered what strange creatures were hidden away the vegetation.

Every time he made a guess at what new animal they would find next, he was surprised with something else.

Some had mind-bending organs they had never seen before, and the members of the Exploration Association would gather around the life forms, and carefully examine, investigate, and share information about them – and consequently have the hunters cage them, to have it transported back with them.

Parker, and the others, believed that they had abilities not seen by mankind. Most of them put it down to the types of animals having been made extinct over millions of years.

A large snake-like animal, with sucker organs, under it, was lifted by the hunters to a cage, and they all stood fascinated, as they examined its underside – where the skin under it was transparent, with strange interior organs vibrating about wildly – and a strange orange blood substance was being pumped around its clear veins to organs.

A pool of red slime with veins vibrated, clinging to a giant plant, and they all stood around it, watching it shifting and shuddering, wondering if it was a danger, and what it was. Its veins ran through it taking blood through its slimy shape, as it slithered around, and down to the ground.

Its organs suddenly vibrated loud screeches, as an eye organ caught sight of them.

The next extraordinary thing that they all noticed was the way the birds, visiting the island, reacted to the creatures. Many treated them with amusement, but most with deep fear of them – and their strange ways, and appearances.

Parker at times felt as if he had a comparison to an extra sense, perceiving something was occurring or even going to occur.

Indications dazzled his mind – with colossal warnings!

Why was the place hidden away – with all this here?

He ran over all his thoughts on the subject trying to notice anything peculiar.

It had to be about the most out of the way region that he had explored!

They looked adapted to alternative environments.

There were not many possibilities of alternatives that he could perceive, and yet he could not even imagine anything here that could support the assertion.

At present, as far as he was concerned, the deadliness of what these monsters could achieve had no limits.

A sudden lowering of the gunfire brought out interesting animals, which captured their attention, and, to their surprises, strange sounds from hidden creatures all around them.

Their tones gave away small details of them, and their features, and they were fascinating.

The most astonishing of all was the reactions of all the normal animals and birds to the creatures, and that they reacted like Parker and the others, and they thought of them as unknown. Yet it could have been due to the normal birds and animals having recently arrived there – down in the cavity – but Parker was sure they had been there already, and that the other creatures that they were finding were in fact new there – from somewhere.

Many seemed to be actually unfamiliar with their surroundings – and meeting normal animals for the first time!


Chapter 45


The Archaeologists


Members of the Exploration Association brought in archaeologists to excavate beneath the tower, within the massive explosion hole.

Parker was drawn to them, to see what they came up with below the tower, and he was also attracted to it due to his interest in archeology and paleontology.

If these animals had existed there before, there would be remains of them in the ground!

Even though he had surveyed the ground in all the regions that he had been, he had not seen anything – so far.

Archaeologists and scientists were still removing equipment from vehicles, and fixing up tents, at a base, in front of the tower – but most of the archaeologists were at work under the tower.

Parker realized by their attitude that they were having a hard time finding anything – with the mysterious tower going down and down through the ground – with no apparent end.

At least the region, which they were in, was now being patrolled by the military, and they were safe.

The campsite at the tower, in a clearing at the front, had three large tents, used for eating in, cooking in, and for the storage of all the supplies. And the equipment being used to dig was left outside, under covers at their side, or being used.

Parker grasped, after examining the massive hole, that they were drilling down to reach the bottom of the tower, and that they could somehow remove the whole tower. Yet would Gorman be interested in it! The weight and costs of shipping it out would be tremendous, if possible, and might not be even worth doing.

And there was obviously the fact that it might not be worth anything, with the diamonds fixed to it, and unusable.

His glare followed the tower down the hole, with in magnificent lines and curves, and he stared at it wondering what it was. The depth was tremendous, and he could not see why anyone would go to such a level. Yet perhaps the region was or had been once subjected to earthquakes, and they needed to stabilize it.

His eyes fixed on the island’s old volcano mountain through the jungle, and wondered what the actual purpose of the tower had been. It must have been of value, for someone to go to such lengths to build it – and make sure it was not damaged.

The technology and material used to make it was entirely unknown, as far as they knew. And the military had a great interest in it!

There was nothing in the ground, but he searched it anyway, looking for anything that would have been used to construct it – like old wooden beams, rotted away.

The ground under him was scattered with many fragments off some of the things that they had brought there and from the explosion.

Carlton and Brydon strolled over, and seemed to realize what he was doing, and copied him.

“Well there has to be a bottom to it somewhere!” Carlton moaned, searching the lowest level of the hole.


“What do you reckon is in the tower from the ground level down?”

“Well, the lowest point we reached inside is at ground level, so it either is solid or there is something there.”

“Perhaps a lower chamber!”

“What for?” he asked, wondering what he meant, and why they would build a lower chamber.

“Their supplies. A storage place.”

“What use do you think the tower had?”

“It could have been built for defense! Either from all the creatures here or from any human enemies on this island – or more likely a nearby island.”

“A miniature castle, made of some substance that they found, and used …”

“I don’t think they were natives!” Brydon replied. “This is built by someone far more advanced. Look at the skill and accuracy of it. Someone has not only gone to a great degree to create it …”

“You are positive of that?”

“Yes! They needed a great deal of highly advanced equipment to produce it. And inside it has technology far more advanced than any of the scientists, who visited here, have heard of.”

“Whatever it is doing here – it had a use for something!”


Chapter 46


The Second Discovery


The archeological work had gone on for days, and they had dug on and on, going down at a front region of seventy feet.

Parker’s eyes strained to see down into the hole, going down the side of the tower, and no distinct features caught his attention, as he attempted to make out the bottom.

Brydon and Carlton arrived with Gorman, and his men, and stood at his side, at the edge of the hole.

“You’ve lived up to your end of the agreement,” Gorman stated, searching the hole. “But we will have to leave it. I think!”

“We could remove the whole tower completely out,” Carlton replied.

“That would be pointless! There is nothing to remove the diamonds – so we would not profit from it.”

“What now?” Parker asked, curiously.

“We were examining the scroll map, of here, and we spotted something that may be of further interest. We never saw it before as we had not been here, and we had not known the layout of this place. We had not been able to realize a mark on the scroll, which looked as though it had been marked as a landmark – perhaps as something to help discover this tower. But, we are now sure, it is something else of interest – which they found here, and had marked it, as they had marked the tower.”

“Another treasure?” Parker asked.

“Perhaps! But we do think it could be of value.”

Parker watched Gorman hold out his scroll, and unwrap it.

It looked far more faded in the intense sunlight, and he searched it with interest, looking for anything unusual.

“There it is there!” Gorman said, pointing at a large curve mark on it, which looked as if it were only a mound, to help identify where things on the map were.

“Why do you believe it is something else?” Parker asked, examining a faded scribble near it.

“That faded writing mark you are looking at, suggests it – in Japanese, of course.”

Parker wondered how much of him was Japanese. They all looked only part Japanese, but by the way he spoke English he could tell that he had far more European ancestors, and that Gorman for one had lived or worked in America.

“Have you looked for it?”

“Not accurately!”

“Why not?”

“We could not find it!”


“It is not at the location, marked on the map, for some reason!”


Chapter 47


The Island Mountain


The blazing sun was edging over to the horizon, and Parker examined the top of the mountain above him, as the helicopter landed, just below it, on a flat ledge to its left side, from the crater.

It was a single five-thousand-foot cone-shaped volcanic mountain – five miles from the crater – and five miles from the eastern coast, and he had the helicopter land them on the ledge to get a proper look at the island, and allow them at least half an hour of steady examination of the cavity, its interior, and to examine it from a different angle, perspective, and in far more detail than the plane or helicopter had given.

Brydon and Carlton sat beside Parker at the edge of the mountain ledge, and examined the clear view of the cavity.

The two other scientists with them removed a large and very powerful telescope, and started fitting it together, as the helicopter was turned off, and the pilot rested, and waited for their return.

Brydon removed three binoculars that they had brought, and handed one to Parker and the other to Carlton, and they sat carefully examining the cavity, in great detail.

Parker lurched forward, and placed his legs upon loose rocks, balanced near the edge of the mountain.

A cold breeze gently blew at his face, and the rustle of dry dirt came from behind him.

They studied the contours of the jungle. In parts of it gold sand stretched out over large areas. The sea, in the background of the island, was misty, at where it was at the sky.

“Well, it looks as if we have some work to do!” Parker said silently, calmly scanning the shapes of the land in minute detail.

“Gorman’s other location must be near the region it was on his map!” Carlton stated.

“We could land down there?” Brydon replied, sounding slightly disappointed, in the view, from not providing what he wanted.

Carlton followed his binoculars to the place.

“At the edge of the crater rim,” Brydon replied. “We may find something from there!”

“Is it possible to land there?”


Parker glanced at him, and he proceeded move his binoculars to the location, near some high boulders, and as he moved forward, he saw a sparkle of light, in front of an area, but he ignored it, as he believed that it was only a hidden stream.

He could tell by Carlton’s relaxed attitude that he was enjoying himself. He was getting to like this strange place!

Brydon suddenly became ridged, holding the binoculars more firmly, and adjusted the focus, and Parker knew that he had spotted something.


Chapter 48


The Crater Edge


The journey from the top of the mountain to the crater edge had been fast, and the pilot had accurately placed them at the location that they wanted.

The edge of the crater was at the eastern side, opposite the side that they had originally entered the crater, on their first trip there, and it had a far greater view, and of the tower.

The binoculars were great, and telescope’s value to them was soon realized, as they started seeing things around the crater of great interest.

The scientists filmed the crater, and photographed it, and drew rough maps of it, for them to use.

Parker was only slightly frustrated in not seeing in depth detail of what they were sure was the second location on the map. The object was surrounded in dense jungle and vegetation.

He examined it through the telescope and was soon to realize that he could only see another structure, with no distinction, of presumably the same material as the tower.

“If it is just another tower,” Brydon warned, “it may only have the same irremovable diamonds!”

“But it has a different shape structure,” Parker mumbled. “And therefore may be something else.”

The sun now hung over the landscape, beaming out its powerful rays, tinting the jungle across the crater.

Light gray rock planes mostly filled up the landscape below to their sides, and Parker examined them with interest. They had the same shear edge as the cliff on the opposite side!

“It will be interesting to see what is hidden down there though!” Parker continued, moving his binoculars along the jungle.

There was a hissing animal sound, from somewhere, and he realized how far away it had come from. The sound had traveled from a distant place, and though there were no other sounds, he knew it must have been powerful to reach him.

Away in the distance, he saw the sun illuminate trees, and strangely cast an immense peculiar monster shape, through the jungle, as if some immense beast were hiding there, as it roamed about, searching for something.


Chapter 49


The Second Treasure Hunt


They carefully studied the jungle, and landscape, as they went along, down a slope of shingle, going to the second structure.

A river came from an area hidden out of view, down into the crater, from the mountain.

Their rush through the gravel took them along where Parker had seen the shape of beast, from the crater edge, and their heads darted about, looking for traces in the landscape of any signs of life – and anything that would indicate the presence of anything that they would encounter. It was now hard to perceive that there were any possibilities of it!

Parker examined Gorman and his men, with the soldiers that had come with them, and he realized that they had to have military or similar background.

“This structure is close now,” Carlton told them, as he rested against a tree.

Parker kept wondering if the beast that he had seen there was there. And if there could be an animal such as what he thought he had seen hiding away somewhere.

Traces of an unusual small creature’s footprints appeared in the soil at their feet, and they ignored them. They had become so common that they only briefly examined them. Yet the soldiers then searched them further, not being as use to the creatures, and with them searching for dangers.

Their opinion strangely changed, after they could not come to a conclusion of what they were from, and they kept wondering if they were making a mistake.

A pathway appeared through short vegetation, directly in front of them, leading to where they were going.

After an hour, Brydon’s reactions changed, and Parker knew that he had spotted something ahead.

A type of black structure like the other emerged in the trees, and they marched to it.

Their quick and gently placed treading took them quietly along soil, to an area of jungle where the structure had been seen.

It struck Parker, as its vast size became clear, from being hidden away in the trees and vegetation, of how odd it was. What type of inhabitants had lived or visited there? They could not have been able to build it. It was far too advanced. It had to have been more recently constructed – within decades.


Chapter 50


The Second Structure


“He seems to have found something …!” Carlton spoke silently, keeping himself uninvolved.

“There could be a good explanation for it being here,” Brydon replied, as he pushed his way out of bushes, from the concealed structure.

A full view of the structure started to appear, as they all followed him back to the structure.

“What is it then …?” Carlton replied, pointing to the structure, marching over to it.

“Is that structure made of the same material as the tower?” Gorman asked, reaching over and touching it.

“Yes – it is!” Brydon replied.

Parker studied the small forest of vegetation surrounding the almost square structure.

A hill there ascended more than Parker had noticed, and he examined it, in detail.

They stood at its edge, and Brydon and Carlton went around the edge of the structure, and away to see what was on the other side.

Parker eventually tiredly strolled after them, and the others followed, and they saw that the ground about it had slightly sunk down at one side, and they were resting at an angle to it.

He could not imagine them scaling it, by climbing the trees, as they were not close enough, as a gap went right around it, and it was too high, and it loomed above like a giant black box, with a its perfectly smooth surface.

While Parker went around a corner, he saw that Brydon and Carlton were in a hole, discussing how they should dig there.

They quickly agreed on something, and then they showed him and the others what they had discovered.

At the side of the structure, where they were, Parker saw faint lines, which was obviously a closed entrance. And he knew, by their attitude, that it was the only way that they could enter.

Carlton dug at the soil with a piece of metal he had, and started to make distinguishable progress.

The trees hanging overhead allowed the sun through.

Brydon suddenly shoved at the entrance, and the entrance opened.

Its interior was remarkably clean, but slightly dark and gloomy.

There was little sign of water or dirt anywhere. The structure had to be airtight!

As they moved into it, the sun’s beams radiated over them, and as their eyesight adjusted to its dimness, a large interior became visible.

“What’s that there?” Carlton asked Brydon, at the front of them.

“Careful! There could be artifacts here – which could be of value …!”

“What kind of artifacts would be in here?”

Brydon shrugged, and they moved on.

Parker followed them into the dark room.

“There it is!” Carlton replied, standing at something.

Parker saw Carlton standing gripping something, in the large black-walled room, but when he went near him, he saw him examining what looked like a machine, which resembled a completely black jukebox.

Various objects, like machines, became visible all about him, at different positions about the floor, as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he entered further.

They had the same black material as the structure, which he was starting to believe was one of the few materials to survive.

“If this is a computer, it may speak to us …!” Brydon explained.

What did Brydon actually want to know? He had intensely investigated everything he had come across! He was sure that Carlton was going to activate something on it.

Then a high-pitched whistle screeched out startling them!

All around them things burst into life, making hair-raising sounds, which at times had similarities to cat purrs, and creature tones – while vivid red flashes in bright illuminations flashed everywhere, with their shadows lighting the room.

“Is this thing dangerous?” Carlton asked.

Gorman and the others watched on, ready to be confronted by something deadly.

“It may be better to just leave it for the moment!” Brydon replied, gasping.

“At least until we can check this place out and examine things!” Parker quickly added.

“It could be anything!” Brydon replied.

“Of course, you are right!” Carlton answered, leaving, and backing away from where he had been.

“Do know what’s strange?” Brydon announced, looking about.


“The flashes of light and sounds have no source. They have no solid source! The lights are appearing in front of the points that they illuminate!”


Chapter 51


The Black Disc


Once the lights and sounds stopped appearing, and black box deactivated, they started to discuss what their possible use was.

Parker noticed Brydon avoided saying anything further, and he knew that he was thinking over something in great detail.

Carlton and the others had little on it, and Parker was also at a loss. There had been nothing to show that anything had been taking place, and the lights had only flashed – and had revealed little to them.

They examined everything, and left, and as they got near the entrance, Parker realized that Gorman and his men, who were in front of him, and visible in the bright light there, were disappointed, and he knew that they now thought they would not get the treasure.

Then while he was climbing out of the entrance, a giant black shadow became visible, and he observed an immense one-hundred-foot black disc soaring above the structure.

After initial surprise of its appearance, his thoughts soon went to studying it.

“Where did that thing come from?” one of the soldiers asked, marching over, over to the furthest point that he could go, without being blinded by the trees, and examining it, with his hand over his eyes, to shield his eyes form the blinding sunlight.

The others joined him, and observed different regions of it.

“It could be to transmit information to someone?” another soldier continued, while considering it.

“It could be to receive or transmit with!” Brydon answered.

“Receive or transmit what?” Carlton asked, confused.

“This place gets more and more stranger …” Gorman continued.

“It has a very unusual shape though!” Brydon finally stated. “It is flat and straight. It could be a radar or similar …”

“Maybe it belongs to the soldiers that drew that scroll map?” Carlton asked.

Gorman looked startled for a moment, and nodded sideways in disagreement.

“They never had anything like it!”

“But it could have been a military secret, and they may have given their word not to mention it to anyone. They never gave away the location of the island!”

“I disagree.”

“They may have only wanted to come back for the diamonds, and they might have known what was needed to remove them, which they may never have found, and they never returned.”


Chapter 52


The Underground Discovery


Davidson rushed over to them first, on their arrival back, and immediately revealed how they had received more powerful digging drills and generators to dig under the tower, and he eagerly took them over to the camp at the tower.

On their arrival there, Parker started to realize that something had happened, but he soon found out that it was the archaeologists that had found something, buried in the ground.

The archaeologists and members of the Exploration Association rushed around them, and started dragging him over to the hole under the tower, where they had uncovered something.

The size and power of the drills fascinated them, and they had notably progressed swiftly, after clambering away there.

At the bottom of the hole, Parker saw that the tower was part of something that went under them – and flat tower material was below – where the archeologists had dug the ground away.

The hole was expanded, and the bottom area was also expanded out, and revealed the flat area of the tower material.

Parker examined it with interest, considering what it could be.

It looked to him as though the tower had a massive underground region stretching out all around them.

Yet there were no entrances or anything that revealed what it could be, and he considered if they had missed an interior entrance down to it.

The second structure that they had returned from had been advanced, and had controls, which had put up the massive black disc above the structure.

“There has to be a way to enter that region of the tower,” Brydon spoke first, showing him that his thoughts were on the same track.

Parker watched how excited all the archeologists were, and that they barely had even listened to them about their discovery, of the second structure, and black disc. Yet the soldiers had told the military, and they were very interested in it – and they believed that there was something there to do with the substance, or to solve the riddle of where it had come from. Thus a large group of soldiers and military scientists were being gathered to go there!


Chapter 53


The Control


The sun was still over the horizon, and Parker listened to the sounds of the archaeologists still at work, with the numbing vibrations and sounds of the high-powered drills, outside the tower, as the sounds came down from above.

Brydon and Carlton started by examine the diamonds, as Parker and Davidson watched on.

The chamber was empty, except for them, and it was well illuminated, from the lighting fitted in there.

“These have to be here for a reason?” Brydon finally confirmed his thoughts.

“What activated the controls in the other structure?” Davidson enquired.

“That was me that did it,” Carlton answered, turning around from what he was doing.

“But what did you do?”

“It was dark! But I am sure that I touched an object that was a control.”

“It was dark! But what was this object like.”

“I never saw it in the darkness, but it felt like …”

“Like what?”

“Like this diamond I’m touching!”

Suddenly they all looked sideways, and saw a large hole, over to their side, and stared at it.

“Where did that come from?” Brydon asked Carlton.

“I never saw it appear!” Davidson replied. “Did anyone see it appear?”

Parker was not surprised that none of them had seen it appear there, where there was nothing but the flat floor. There had been no lines, gaps, or distinctions of it from the rest of the floor.

“How did you activate it?” Brydon asked, staring at Carlton’s hand, still resting on a diamond.

“I don’t fully know! It never moved, and I remember the second structure control never moved either – but I think that it was me mentally thinking of it activating!”


Chapter 54


Underground Exploration


Parker stood with them at the entrance, with a tunnel and floor descending below, as it did on the roof.

“Are we going down …?” Brydon spoke, and walked in, shining his light over the descending floor.

Parker examined the floor, with its slightly leaning black shape, and started to follow him down, into the darkness.

The only sounds that could be heard were the clangs of the floor, echoing downwards, as though he were walking through some form of oil pipe.

The hot air drifted in, down from behind them, replacing colder staler air, and he sometimes imagined someone climbing up to meet them.

The temperature had to have reached its maximum limit outside, and he plodded on, while the light from above grew faint, and vanished.

They now were well underground, and about where the archaeologists outside had uncovered the tower going outwards under the ground, when in a blur of the torchlight further down, as the tunnel turned around the tower, out of view, a vague illumination emerged into it, and they vigorously moved down the slope of the descending floor towards it.

At it, they soon saw that it was an opened entrance, and they entered, into an immense chamber, which went out all around them, in every direction, where faint distant beams of blue light shone, from places deep in its surroundings, sparkling like blue stars, emerging in darkness.

Parker stared out, at the lights like he was floating in space, as a vast giant being, viewing the stars for the first time.

Their shapes resembled spectral shapes floating about him, but his vague visions altered to normal, and he moved, allowing him to see Brydon standing behind him with the torch, studying his new surroundings.

For a moment he considered if he visualized or hallucinated, as it was powerful, and he smelt the air, for gases that could cause such an effect, but he never smelt anything, or saw any of the others react.

“So what do we do now …?” Davidson murmured, moving his torch light over to him, almost still with a smile, at being part of such a find.

“We could split into groups,” Brydon replied. “Or we could just wander out, until we reach the outer rim, and follow it around.”

“I agree.”

“How far could it go out?” Carlton asked. “I guess we could follow it as far as possible.”

“This place is remarkable,” Davidson spoke, looking out at the blue lights, as Parker had done.

“Wait until you see that other structure …!” Carlton continued.

“What are those lights?” Parker finally asked, curiously wondering what their thoughts were.

Brydon and Davidson considered it for a few seconds, and never replied.

“Controls!” Carlton finally replied, staring out at them, dazed.

“The same as at the second structure …”


Brydon reluctantly dragged them on, from where they had time to rest.

The dimness seemed to get thicker as they marched out, in a straight line, and at the edge of Parker’s sight, where the torch was not shining, it was an abyss.

Its interior was remarkably clean, but incredibly dark and gloomy. There were no signs of water or dirt anywhere! The structure had to be airtight, which suggested a lack of air – but the entrance was open, and air was coming through.

“Are you alright?” Brydon asked Carlton, who looked pale.

“I am fine!”

As they moved further into it, their eyesight adjusted to its dimness – and large interior.

“What’s that there?” Brydon asked, at the front of Parker.

“It looks like another entrance,” Carlton replied, from the side of Parker.

It obviously was a wall across their front, and another entrance, which they soon found that they could not open, and which did not seem to have anything to open it.


Chapter 55


The Next Day


The pattern of voices, and their intensity, brought Parker over to Carlton, who was standing with the leading military commanders, next to the tower.

“What’s up?” Parker immediately asked Carlton.

“They’ve found more of the substance over at the northern region of the cavity.”

“What were they doing over there?”

The commander of all the military in the region, Chief Commander Worthington, standing at the center of the group of commanders, stepped forward.

“Our helicopters flew around the crater rim looking for abnormities, and they believe that they found large amounts of your substance along the northern cliff face.”

“Did they spot it from the helicopters?”

“No! It was just found! It was on the photos and film that they took over that region.”

“What now?”

“We are still to investigate it, and they’re going over there now. We want you to come over and properly identify it!”

“Alright! I’ll take Brydon and Carlton.”

The military commanders left, and some soldiers arrived and took them over to the helicopters.

While the helicopter was moving away, above the trees, Parker watched all the archeologists moving into the tower, and down into the bottom region of the tower that they had discovered.

It was incredible! They reacted much more differently to the tower now. It seemed to interest then greatly.

Parker still could not realize what it was doing there, and why they were now so interested in the tower itself. They had been searching the ground there for any remains of the creatures and builders of the tower, which had been believed to very old. But now they knew that its technology was far newer, there could not be anything historical there.

The military investigation of the second structure, even though it was at an early stage, had revealed little. But they had been very interested in Carlton’s discovery of the control in the tower being mentally activated, which was another unknown discovery.

While the helicopter flew in, Parker in one second spotted that it was the substance.

Brydon saw his reactions and followed his gaze towards the site where they were flying to.

“It’s the substance!” Parker replied.

“How can you tell?” Carlton asked, gazing at it, bewildered.

“It’s glow!”

“You’re right. It has the same intense glow.”

When the helicopter landed they rushed out, amazed at the vast amounts of the substance that there was. The whole cliff for miles had it through its rock, and they could only stare at it, and occasionally gasp, at the power it must have if ignited.


Chapter 56


The Caged Monsters


When the helicopter arrived back, and took them over to where the hunter’s camp was, Parker’s face was still pale, and he hardly even looked out of the window as it landed.

Thousands of cages of every size covered the landscape about him, and most were fitted with creatures or monsters that fitted them. The place was full of hundreds of hunters and animal experts of ever category, and most studied the animals in the cages, everywhere.

Parker hardly even thought of the monsters in the cages as a danger, and stood still considering the vast amount of the substance at the cliff, and if it could even blow them up from the distance away that it was, and if there was more near them, which could be ignited by some means. Perhaps a vast chain reaction of many spots with the substance could blow the whole place up.

He had vague recollections of his first arrival at the crater, and his thoughts about the creatures there.

They wandered around the camp examining the things in their cages with great interest – with their strange sounds, behavior, organs, and other features – and Parker eventually stopped thinking of the cliff.

He then wondered what would happen if the things escaped and bred, and the world was filled once again with massive carnivores, and with them the size of large buildings.

They followed a group of scientists being shown about, in a tour of the site, by eager hunters, and they showed them their magnificent beauty, and their resemblances to prehistoric animals, and their remains in museums.

On the middle of a platform, there was a cage with an animal with dinosaur features (size and shape), and a technician activated an intense red spotlight on it, and the monster lit, as if it turned red hot. And Parker, Brydon, Carlton, and the others inspected it, with occasional horrified glares, in varied degrees of mystification.

“This is a momentous species …!” their tour guide stated, with his fingers at his mouth, occasionally considering it for real – with there being no cage there – and having only seen the beast on the previous day.

“We gathered details of it at the site of its capture, giving us an insight into its particular habits.

“A variety of clues to their original inhabitants, such as the sort of landscape and food it had, have been found, and checked, and there will be much more investigations in the near future.

“This one was found to have had a hot climate and an aquatic environment nearby.

“A great deal can be learned from the features of these specimens …”

Parker wondered where the beast would end up! In a zoo, animal park, or a place of science.

In the distance he watched the animals being taken away in plains and helicopters, and he realized how famous he was about to become!

Chapter 57


The First Breakthrough


A helicopter landed nearby, and Chief Commander Worthington rushed out and over to them, looking excited.

Worthington’s face was pale, and he hardly even looked at them, and had to think over what he was going to say.

“David Parker – we need you again!”

He knew something, which he did not want to say, and Parker watched the soldiers piloting the helicopter for any signs of it.

“What for?” he composedly replied.

“We’ve found something.”

“Alright tell us what!” Carlton added.

“Get on the helicopter and I’ll tell you there,” Chief Commander Worthington replied, ignoring Carlton and Brydon.

“Alright!” Parker replied.

“Come on!”

They all rushed over to the helicopter, and it immediately lifted off.

“What’s up?” Parker without delay asked Chief Commander Worthington, as the helicopter was above the trees.

“They’ve found the source!” he replied, looking firmly out of the window.

“Source of the substance?” Carlton replied, gasping.

“No! Not the source of the substance! The source of where these animals are coming from!”

“What do you mean source of where the animals are coming from? I never knew that there was a source!”

“Well we’ve found one! And some keep appearing from it!”

“What is it? What is it like?”

“I’ll leave that until we arrive. I want your opinion of it.”

Parker sat confused, considering what they thought was a source.

“Where and how was it found?” Brydon continued.

“One of our satellites first detected it, and helicopters flying around the northern region, searching for abnormities, found it.”

“What did they spot from the helicopters?”

“They took photos, and filmed it.”

“What now?”

“We are going over to investigate it, and we want you to help us by clarify what is there!”


Chapter 58


The Source


The helicopter went high, just before the site became visible, and they looked down at what must have been the most densely packed region on the island. There was barely a gap in the thick jumble of trees and vegetation.

Parker watched an area that Chief Commander Worthington pointed at, and saw only a thinner, circled, lowering in a flat covering of the jungle. Yet as they moved in close he started to see what looked like a volcanic cavity covered in jungle growth.

He was surprised that the pilot had actually found an area to land, close by.

Once it had landed, they immediately left the pilot, sitting in the helicopter, in the small clearing, waiting for their return, and preceded to the site.

Occasionally their heads darted about, looking for traces of any signs of life, and anything that would indicate the presence of anything deadly.

It was hard to believe that that Chief Commander Worthington could take them through such an unexplored and deadly region, especially after all the monsters had been found there.

He kept realizing he was a soldier, and a commander that liked to be part of the action. Yet what did he want with this visit, and why had he not taken a small unit of soldiers?

If it was the source of the animals, then it would be an even greater danger, and Parker believed there had to be a good reason for the expedition.

The pace slowed as they approached it, to at a proper speed that they could see anything dangerous in their path, while staying hidden.

There were no signs of anything unusual anywhere.

Just ahead of them, a shape emerged in the multicolored vegetation, and they approached it cautiously, searching everywhere that they could.

When it was in front of them, they approached it more slowly, examining bits of its hundred-foot structure.

“What do you think it is?” Carlton asked, as they moved up to it, and the trees cleared out of their view, and they saw it properly.

“It is not actually a structure,” Brydon spoke, examining its surface, and that it was the same material as the other structures. “It is a hundred-foot entrance – as you have predicted Chief Commander Worthington.”

“We will call it the third structure, for the moment,” Worthington replied.

Parker nodded in agreement, and they wandered around its base, until they came back to the massive entrance front, which looked as though it had been recently opened.

“So it is basically a massive entrance, and part of something below the ground!” Carlton confirmed.

“Look there!” Brydon stated, and pointed at a muddy region at their side. “There’s your proof Chief Commander Worthington!”

In a shallow pool of black mud, at his side, there were many animal footprints and trails, which were from creatures that they had been capturing. Most were faint impressions, but none of them could deny what they were.

After examine them, they entered the immense entrance, in stages, examining bits of it, for marks, and more evidence, and Parker tried to figure out what it resembled.

In the distance he heard shrieking creatures in the jungle.

A long slope went down into darkness, and they marched behind Worthington’s torchlight.

“This gets more confusing every day!” Carlton finally exclaimed, exasperated, wishing someone would explain what the animals were doing there.

“It could be some sort of storage …!” Brydon replied.

“Storage! A storage site in the middle of a dense jungle, on an uncharted island.”

“Perhaps it was someone like the Japanese that built it, decades ago?” Brydon asked Worthington. “They might have carried out secret experiments here – genetically altering animals, or building them themselves?”

“Clever!” Worthington replied. “But for what use?”

“Warfare! They could have tried to make the most deadliest monsters possible – which would attack their enemies!”

“Incredible! That is pretty amazing stuff!”

Worthington stared – slightly dazed.

“But why were they left here?”

“You have a point. They would have kept samples of the best of them, and destroyed the ones on the island!”

“Something might have gone wrong though,” Carlton answered, still trying solve the mystery of the island. “They could have been killed by them …”

“How old could this place be …?” Worthington uttered, looking at its black surface. “If we could establish that – we may be able to establish who was here!”

They were now deep underground, and in the torchlight further down, the descending tunnel, just in their field of view, a vague illumination emerged, and they vigorously moved down the slope towards it.

At it, they soon saw that it was another opened entrance, and they entered into an immense chamber, which went out all around them, in every direction, as it had done below the tower structure, and Parker saw the faint distant beams of blue lights again – from places deep in its surroundings, sparkling like blue stars.

Shapes close by resembled spectral shapes floating in the air, and they studied them in the dim light there, and they moved towards them, studying everything visible in their surroundings.

“This place is remarkable,” Worthington announced, looking out at the blue lights, as Parker had done.

“What are those lights, anyway?” Brydon asked, curiously wondering what their thoughts were.

“Controls!” Carlton replied, staring out at them, dazed.

The dimness seemed to get thicker as they marched out, but in the abyss of the blackness, shapes of the creatures began to become visible, and they started seeing places where the other creatures had been, before they had left, and reached the outside world, for the first time.

Smells of the animals were in the air, yet there were no noises from them, and they approached their shapes, seeing their features frozen.

Worthington stopped, dazed, far ahead of them, where he had suddenly rushed to, as they approached one of the creatures.

The torch oscillated irregularly in his hand, resting on his palm, and its light swayed over the stone features of the monster.

The feeble glow from it grew as Parker approached, and he properly saw the illuminated features of the creature.

When he arrived at it, he observed Worthington’s bright colorful eyes with traces of moisture in them, and he had a strange expression on his mouth – and that he could not fully understand what it was.

They all stood staring in disbelief at its lifelike features, and Carlton actually checked that it had not moved since he had last seen it.

In the hollow silence, in immense room, they breathed gently together, glaring at its giant head. With light glowing from its fierce dark eyes.

In its mouth organ a strange dark red color shined, as though it were wet blood.

“Is this prehistoric?” Carlton asked, confused and astonished. “This cannot be prehistoric?”

“It looks like one of the fossils found in Cornwall by the Exploration Association!” Brydon replied.

“You are right it could be one of them!”

Worthington put out his hand and touched the creature with his fingers, and suddenly looked as though he had discovered something.

Parker touched his fingers on its surface, and his fingers felt numb, as though it had an energy current running through it, and when he took his hand away it felt as if the feeling had not been there. It was a vastly more powerful surge of energy than he had felt at the tower!

He wondered if it was the same as the Cornwall discovery – from what he had heard and remembered!

“What is this thing,” Carlton asked – after he had felt it.

“Someone placed these creatures in suspended animation,” Brydon replied, as he felt the energy surge himself. “And they have been awakening from it!”

“Why? Why would the Japanese have created these things and placed them in suspended animation?”

“I don’t think it was the Japanese. Was it Chief Commander Worthington?”

“Correct! It took you long enough to realize the truth!”

“What truth?” Parker asked first, astonished that he had missed something, somewhere along the line.

“It is aliens Parker! These are aliens! And this voyager collected them, through intense explorations, and landed here.”

“This is an alien being?” Carlton replied, gasping further.

“We examined your substance, and it was confirmed as being of extraterrestrial origins.

“Yes! All your creatures, captured above, are extraterrestrial!

“In fact we are still examining the structures that you uncovered.”

“Why were we not told about it?”

“We considered telling you, as you have worked on past confidential projects, but we decided to leave it. And I decided to tell you now, as you will soon find it out.

“I wished to see this for myself, and, of course, never brought any soldiers in case the classified information should be revealed.

“I wish to remind and warn you – that all of you are under the terms of the signed confidentiality agreements that you made with us, on past confidential projects – and you are not to divulge this information with anyone.

“Do you understand?”

All three nodded and agreed, and even gladly – as they knew that they were conclusively going to get to the bottom of things, and explain all the mysteries.


Part IV


From Beyond Reality



Chapter 59


World-Famous Discovery


Media from across the globe had arrived in extensive amounts from plains and helicopters, and had filled the hunter site – where the animals were being captured and released to the world.

Parker had realized immediately, when they had started arriving, that the creatures had been circulated around the globe, and were appearing all over the media – in newspapers, magazines, television, and in about every media source.

The media from about every source in America, and across the globe, were crowded together around a platform – after they had finished filming at the animals in their cages – for a media update.

Helicopters and plains flew about in the distance, and around the site, searching the area.

The military had control of the whole region, making sure none of the other creatures still roaming there could enter the region and attack the site.

Professor Lynam, Professor Thomas, and Dr Davidson began media announcement by telling them of fifteen-member team of the Exploration Association and their expedition there, and their findings.

They stood frigid, ecstatically answering the media’s questions, as they recorded their captivating knowledge.

On a table, at their side, they showed the media, across the entire front, an example of an entirely new form of life form, concealed in a thick glass casing, over a machine, and the magnificent beauty of the translucence slime life form, as it rested across the bottom.

At the edge of the platform, a technician activated a switch, and activated the machine below the glass casing, and life form, and the life form turned to a yellow gas form, which floated about.

They inspected it, with subdued glares, at varied angles.

Cameras clicked and voices called out, throughout the crowd, packed solidly at the front of the platform. Reporters from all over the globe crowded together, and stood frigid and waving, asking questions, for captivating knowledge.

“Professor Lynam!” a reporter shouted. “What preserved these prehistoric animals in the states they are in?”

“We haven’t found the answer to that one, so far!” he replied, while adjusting his glasses.

“What’s your theory?”

Davidson at his side reacted, and moved over, and replaced him at the microphone.

“We are only starting to investigate them,” Davidson answered, looking at the reporter. “It may be a long time before we get the results and full details, but we will give them to you as soon as they have been received. We have enough scientists globally investigating it – and that includes many fully equipped research establishments!”

“I want to thank David Parker for helping us, and allowing us to take part in this discovery.

“He originally took part in the fossil discovery at Cornwall.

“David Parker is not only a leading scientist, he and his company created and developed a proper underground scanning and mapping technology, which was being used in this region, and over this uncharted island – and, to cut a long story short, it discovered this crater that we are in.

“He is a great paleontologist and archaeologist! He is a distinguished fossil hunter and collector. And his collection of Jurassic fossils is priceless.

“You may be or may not be familiar with the types of technology used by archaeologists, as well as by geologist, mineralogists, and oil surveyors. Modern techniques such as geophysical prospecting and seismic reflection methods …

“Well his technology is a scientific breakthrough, and it would have been a real shame if it had not been used for science.

“Has anyone any queries?”

A man sitting alone, at the edge the audience, lifted his hand for him to acknowledge him.

“I have read your detailed information document, and cannot work out what the animals are! What are the most accurate details of what they are, and how did they get here? You claimed that the life form in front of you was an unknown life form!”

“I’ll tell you a theory put forward, and that it is believed that it’s either one of the earliest forms of life or just one that has never been many of, and left no remains behind, and has survived here.”

“Tell us of the strange magnetic phenomenon you found here!”

His defined composure drew their attention to him.

“Some form of powerful magnetic influence, or something of that nature, acted upon the scanning equipment used over here.”

“What could have created it?”

“Whatever it is – it has extraordinary power!”

“There are other mentions of such occurrences all over the globe. For instance – the Bermuda Triangle! It was reputed to cause such an effect – just before ships and planes vanished!”

“Though mystifying, there could perhaps be a great deal of magnetic iron – and reactions created by …!”

“Something like a tremendous meteorite! In fact, this crater could have been made by one!”

Many of the media showed mild curiosity, and others genuine surprise, but the majority did not fully know what to think – while observing it. It was as if it were approaching the boundaries of what could be explained!


Chapter 60


The Scanning Equipment


All of Parker’s scientists checked the underground surveillance equipment, developed by them, originally developed for the military – as they were going use it there this time, after it was set up and tested, to do an underground scan and map of under the surface of the crater.

All of the original eight scientists were there, who were aboard the plane, when it crashed there, at the island, when they had made the first scan of the island, and Brydon was organizing the project.

Parker, and his scientists, were becoming vastly more outstandingly famous now that the reports of the underground scan equipment had been released by the media – and the entire globe now seemed to know of its existence. And Parker was now determined to prove its capabilities.

Parker joined Brydon and Carlton, at the tower, where they were going to carry out tests on the equipment.

“I was just thinking!” Carlton stated. “It could have been the substance that caused the energy surge that hit the scanning equipment. Before we never knew of the vast amounts there were of it! The scanner might have somehow activated it!”

“That substance has many incredible properties,” Brydon replied, “but that is a very unlikely.”

“It could also be that there is a different version of it here that is capable of reacting to being scanned – with sending out an energy surge, to destroy what is causing it.”

“I will believe that it is the substance if I see that it exists! It would be an incredible military innovation if it does!”

“Did everything arrive?” Parker asked, surveying all the crates.

“Yes,” Carlton replied.

“What happens if this scan is successful?” Brydon asked Parker, curiously, while watching him. “If it shows this voyager, whatever that means, and it exists, we will be violating the confidentiality agreement that we made with the military!”

“Not if we do not release it to the media.”

“How can they keep it a secret with the whole island and this crater being at the center of the world news?”

“According to them the media attention will burn out, and then they will have the place to themselves.”

“Alright! It is not observable – and it should subside.”

“If the scan does show it, what will we show the media?” Carlton continued, seeking the answer. “You said earlier that you wanted to show something to back up the claims on the capability of it!”

“Correct,” Brydon replied first. “We can find somewhere and something else, where the voyager is not, and the scan is good, and demonstrate its capabilities there to them. How does that sound then?”

“That will do perfectly!” Parker replied, satisfied.

Carlton now seemed more interested in what the scan at this site showed, and what this mysterious voyager was.

“Do you think Worthington was telling the truth?” Carlton asked Brydon, trying to show his point of view.

“I do not know! What else could it be though?”

“It could be what we originally thought when we found the substance!” Carlton replied. “It could be part of a military secret project – which they are going to go any lengths to cover.”

“Or even the Japanese military,” Parker continued, “as we also originally thought it was – and they want to keep it secret, and the fact that they know of it.”

“But why was this place abandoned?” Brydon asked, baffled, watching them. “The military does not abandon such confidential secrets, and leave them for anyone to find. With no security or surveillance!”

“It could have been done by the early Japanese military,” Parker replied. “Remember how Gorman got the scroll map!”

“Why would the Japanese military abandon such a site?”

“I do not know! Something might have happened here, and all the scientists were killed.”

“And those creatures,” Carlton continued, “which they put in suspended animation, could have been the cause. What if they created a research base here, and these structures are the remains of it, and all the main people that knew of it were killed, and it was so secretive nobody outside of it knew of it, and those Japanese soldiers that had the scroll either worked near here, not knowing fully what it was, or they arrived later.”

“It could also have been an American project, and the Japanese found its remains!”

Brydon stared with confusion, and slight embarrassment, at them, and ignored something.

“Or the substance could have blown the place up,” Carlton continued, “and this is the remains of it. All the structures made of this material remained intact, and those creatures in suspended animation, survived.

“This place could have been an immense and highly advanced underground research site, hidden away from the rest of the world, and this crater could have been created by the colossal explosion!”


Chapter 61


The Crater Scan


The scientists finished inspecting everything, and prepared to use the scanning equipment.

Parker worked away, at the edge of the action, near the tower, studying readouts given to him by Carlton – and making some conclusions, and giving his findings into a microphone, or to Brydon, while occasionally examining all the equipment.

The place was bright, and it was desolate as all the archeologists were exploring the lower structure.

They had found a way to open the entrance, which they had found, in the chamber below, and they had found another chamber, and they were exploring it.

It must be half a mile all round it in size, and he was sure that it would be empty, and that they would find another entrance that they would have to open, as they had done.

Their only problem was from members of the media that were roaming around, who could come over to check the experiments.

They and other groups were arriving even by boats, and they were all about the about the thirty mile island, and were exploring it. Many were believed to have heard of the treasure buried away there, which one of the newspapers had found out about, and had published a front-page story about.

Parker suddenly spotted some visitors or media, and watched their reckless wandering around.

Did they fully realize how dangerous this place was? The place was full of those monsters!

He had not seen any of the publications or seen or heard any broadcasts, and had only what he had been told.

They would have a hard time exploring rest of the island above the crater as most of it was covered by tropical trees, in dense jungle regions – and, of course, by trying to climb down into the massive fifteen-mile round cavity, which reached down more than a thousand feet all around it, with its perpendicular cliffs, and there was the single five-thousand-foot cone-shaped volcanic mountain – which was about five miles from the eastern coast.

Parker watched in amazement as all the equipment began reacting frantically all about him, and he realized that the scientists had just activated it.

The scientists all started reacting with it, and Brydon after checking everything rushed over.

“It is an energy surge again!” he announced urgently.

His and their firm, defined composure, and mention of the encounter made Parker jump, and move over to it.

“It has to be some form of powerful magnetic influence,” Carlton announced. “Something very powerful is here!”

“Where is it from? Can you get an exact location?”

“We will check everything!” Carlton rushed around, checking instruments, and readouts, and had the other scientists working rapidly to locate it.

“Is anything coming from over at the cliff where the substance was found? Remember your theory about it being generated by it?”

“Well – we seem to have a tremendous influence!” Carlton replied, now not fully believing his theory, and that it could create such a power surge.

“It seems to be developing more concentrated at, or emerging at, a location near here!” Carlton announced, checking a screen, in more detail.

Brydon rushed over, looking desperate, and ready for action.

“We better now turn everything off? It will soon damage the equipment,” Brydon announced, waiting for reply.

“Turn it off!”

Brydon hurried away, and started issuing commands – to turn it all off.

“Quickly have you the exact location?” Parker asked Carlton.

“Yes! Yes! It is directly ahead of us!” he replied, examining the location.

Carlton pointed in the direction that they were facing, while examining a screen.

“I have it! It is coming from over at the second structure!”


Chapter 62


The Scan Influence Source


Parker stood outside the second structure looking up at the giant black disc, as the sun moved behind it, and he turned towards Chief Commander Worthington, and his men, at its entrance.

“You claim the center of the influence came from here!” Worthington stated, looking at the structure, with interest.

“Yes. We believe the above disc created it, or helped create it,” Parker replied.

“It damaged some of our equipment! However, it is very valuable to us – for our defense department – and for influencing any enemy’s equipment, taking their plains and missiles down, and a whole list of uses.”

“Thus if anyone else got hold of it, it could do a great deal of damage – and even help lose or win a war!”

“Correct! This place is full of wonders! Since you activated it, as well as it influencing our satellites, we have picked up a vast amount of those creatures being released over at the third structure – where we they were coming from.”

Parker received one of the readouts, from military satellites, on it, and stared at it with amazement.

“What could create such power? It is colossal!”

“It is a great weapon Parker, and we would pay dearly for it. If you could get us it! We would normally spend billions creating such technology. I could be remembered in the history books!”

“Perhaps it is using or creating something too dangerous to be normally activated!”

“That would also explain it being an uncharted island!”

“Perhaps like the atomic explosions detonated in …”

“Would that create such a powerful magnetic disturbance or energy surge?”

“Carlton seemed to think that the substance caused it! And that it created a massive energy surge.”

“That would be interesting. I’ll have that checked anyway! If it is not – it may do something similar.”

“What are your assumptions, Carlton?” Parker called over.

“We can’t find any proper conclusions,” Carlton answered firmly.

“Whatever it is, we will need more reasonable clues,” Parker replied.

He thought through possibilities, and could not realize a way of checking the structure that they were standing at – as they could not even dent the material that it was made of.

However, they might find a way to enter its machine interior, like they were finding ways to open the entrances, below the tower structure.

“We want you to activate your scan equipment once more here, to check what happened in more detail.”


“We will be prepared to shut it down before anything is damaged – from being at such a close distance from the source!” Brydon called over.

“We’ll have plenty of time to work everything out later …” Parker replied.

The members of the military started to leave, and Chief Commander Worthington started to join them.

“Tell us when you are ready! We may want to see it,” Worthington announced, and followed the others leaving.

The scientists rushed around, almost in confusion, while still trying to collect any data on the structure, check everything, as they started to think of ways to protect all of equipment from as much damage as they could.

They would have to protect and test what they could perceive, and stay ready for any surprises.

The scan equipment was very important and of value, and their new version of it almost top secret, and they would try to save it from being damaged.

It was unbelievably accurate, and produced detailed mapping below the ground, at any depth, making it possible to observe objects with a perfect clarity, with dimensions, and Parker thought it would be a blunder if they could not use it to check the place.

If they could only survey inside the structure, and could see what technology it had, Chief Commander Worthington would be unbelievably delighted, and if they could only get hold of the technology used to create the energy surge Parker would profit greatly, as he knew Worthington was not exaggerating what they would pay for it.

Parker gasped, as he realized how powerful the energy surge had been. It had taken the plane down, and had immense power, but was it a danger to humans?


Chapter 63


The Military Scientists


The structure looked completely something else now, with the black disc shining with bright sunshine with equipment all over it, from military scientists, which Chief Commander Worthington had put there.

They had put their research equipment, monitoring equipment, all over and around the structure, for the carefully planned project.

Soldiers were still cutting down trees and hacking up the undergrowth – and clearing the area around it.

All the equipment had been brought in fast, after negotiations between the military leaders and their scientists.

Parker was unable to guess if they were right, and if they would in fact detect anything. Or if he had missed something! And if they were being secretive about something – and had just left them out of it. He wondered how many people had been told the military’s secret about the voyager.

The ground was covered in sawdust, twigs, broken branches, and general debris, and faint tread marks from lifting machines, and from scaffolding dragged across the ground, brought in to add the equipment to the roof, and black disc itself.

He wondered if the equipment would be damaged by the energy surge. He was sure that they had equipment that would record their findings and shut down before any damage could be done.

“Someone seems to have a interest in you!” Brydon muttered, at the structure, glancing sideways at some reporters nearby, with a camera crew, edging their way into the scene, wondering what the structure and all the fuss was all about.

Parker watched some soldiers spot the media, and move over to them, and start moving them out of the area.

Parker wondered who owned the island, as he still had not heard any information on it, or why it was curiously uncharted.

A military scientist examined some equipment near Parker, and carefully placed it further away from the structure.

“What are those temperature gauges for?” Parker asked, for something to say, and to see if he could find out anything, which he did not already know.

The military scientists were more silent than normal.

“There may be a drop in temperature – during the occurrences.”

“It could be a neat way of detecting if there is something happening!” Brydon replied. “You should theoretically feel it change when it happens!”

Parker looked about him, and wondered if it was useless.

However, they had to check everything, and would be carrying out tests and experiments with the equipment to test its capabilities.

They would be checking for virtually all known forms of energy and disturbances (perhaps, if it was possible, fluctuations in time). Presumably if it could alter all the things that it had done, it may affect air currents, gravity, magnetic fields, radioactivity, scent, sound waves, static, and the light spectrum. Most of the equipment was there to check everything in a degree that had not been done before!

“Why have you so many cameras along there?”

“We’re trying to capture the best recordings, at a distance from the structure, of the black disc.”

Parker moved over to a line of different devices. “Is this to detect all the different types of energy?”

“Of course, and we’ve machines here that we’ll use to check the types of frequencies, to show us exactly what is occurring, and what we are unable to detect elsewhere. This information will be vital! We may be able to acquire some type of insight into what is happening here, with the right information.”

“Have you any of your equipment under the structure itself, where they have just found another underground chamber?”

The scientist strangely glared at him. “Why would you want to put anything down there?”

“To find out if there is anything there! And if there are any findings, if they are more powerful or less powerful than here. It may help to locate the exact position that it is all emerging from.”

“That may be a good idea,” Carlton replied. “But do you think that it could be occurring there …?”

“I’ve ideas – which I would like to check.”

Mortimer moaned: “We will put some equipment there to check it then – and help detect the source.”


Chapter 64


The Second Scan


They all looked on in amazement, when they all started the experiment, and the equipment began reacting even more frantically than before, everywhere, and Parker realized that they had activated something else in the second structure.

All the military scientists rushed around monitoring everything that they possibly could, but it was too swift, and powerful, and their equipment could not function properly.

Something was deliberately trying to stop and destroy it, and Parker realized that it actually could not achieve its goal, and it never had enough power. It was as if it normally had more power, and was not supposed to have so little power, and it could not properly achieve its goal.

The energy surge kept attacking and attacking, on the brink of subsiding, and there was an immense energy surge that destroyed the scan equipment – as though it had found the energy from somewhere else, which it did not want to use.

During it, at the point that it had been at its weakest, Parker had seen strange images flashing on a screen, below the ground, deep beneath him.

In them he had spotted an unusual formation, in the blur of flickers – which he currently could not recognize.

All the scientists were frantically reacting and talking when it stopped, and Brydon went around checking everything, and rushed over to Parker.

“We nearly got the better of that energy surge that time!” he muttered urgently. “But it has damaged the equipment, and it will all need to be repaired!”

His and the other’s firm, defined composure, and mention of the encounter, made Parker alert.

“I think it was worth it, just to get to know that we may be able to beat it!” Parker eventually replied.

“But can we beat it! The equipment was at its maximum performance.”

“It has to be a powerful magnetic influence,” Carlton muttered. “Something very powerful is here!”

At that moment, they heard a distant scream.

“What the hell was that from?” one of the military scientists said first, looking in the direction that it had come from.

“It came from over in the direction of the tower structure,” Brydon replied.

“What from?” he replied.

“That sounded like one of the woman archaeologists, over at the tower,” Carlton added.

“We will have to check it!”


Chapter 65


The Attack


When Parker, and the other scientists reached and entered the underground chamber under the tower, through the entrance, they stopped, and stood in confusion, as a wall of creature, monster, and life form sounds hit them from everywhere.

The dimness and further away darkness had the creatures, monsters, and life forms of almost every conceivable type, size, and state going wild, in the chamber – attacking, scaring, eating, escaping – as they all tried to handle the blackness, and deadly encounters with each other.

According to the archeologists, who had been working in a new chamber that they had opened, they had found them in a frozen state – in suspended animation – like ones under the third structure – and while they had been rushing around examining their newly found discoveries – filming, documenting, examining, trying to classify, and naming them – they all had come to life, from their suspended animation states.

They reported them as being thawed out – with the chamber being opened up!

Many of the archaeologists had been lucky and had escaped, and they had met with them, when they had approached the tower, but most were still out in the other newly found chamber – either trapped and trying to survive or dead.

Parker thought that it had been bad when they had been attacked by single or small groups in the night, but now they had come across a worse problem – there were hundreds, perhaps even going into the thousands, of them roaming around in the darkness.

They all knew that they could not enter further – without being killed – with no proper vision or means to survive.

At that exact moment he moved his torch and loud screams and screeches came from all around them, showing them that they all had been watching their lights, in the intense blackness, waiting for a way to attack.

Carlton suddenly appeared from behind him, and rushed over.

“The military are getting armed, and will soon be here!” he stated, resting, at his side.

“One of the archeologists must have activated something in the chamber to revive them!” Brydon announced.

“Yet it was incredible that it should happen at the same time as we used the scan!” Parker replied.

Parker thought it over, and wondered about it.

“You are probably correct!” Brydon answered – and he almost jumped as something close by growled, out in the blackness – just outside the range of their torches.

Noises of something strange near it mingled with it.

While he attempted to identify it, other strange sounds appeared all about them, and they seemed move.

He could not recall hearing anything like it – anywhere!

As he stood listening to an amusing gurgle from something nearby, the voices of the soldiers appeared, down from above.

It was as though the surrounding creatures realized something was about to happen, and that it was their last chance, and Parker and the others started escaping, and getting ready to be attacked.

The attacking animals all seemed to help each other, as a group, in an attempt to survive, and they rushed over at them.

The scientists hurried over into the entrance, and ran up to the top of the tower, hoping that none of them would get them before they reached the top, or the soldiers made it down, with their weapons.

Once they reached the entrance, at the outside ground level, they calmed down, as the lights there allowed them to see their surroundings enough to be able to use the handgun that they had taken to defend them – but it only had a few bullets.

Although most of the creatures had not followed, they heard at least one, swiftly rushing up after them, from deep below, and they continued on, without resting there.

Parker observed a dark shadow in utter bewilderment, with his mouth and eyes wide open, as they rushed swiftly around a bend, going up the swirled passage, to the top of the tower.

He could not believe what he was looking at when he saw more of it, and he wondered what the hell it was. The thing surely must be the one of the deadliest of them all – and it was the only one or first one to follow them up.

From somewhere behind them, in the underground chamber, there came a horrifying howl, which made them shudder, and run as fast as they could to the top.


Chapter 66


Deadly Encounter


A giant shadow stretched across the floor, and something grabbed Parker from behind, lifting him into air.

A monster opened up its massive jaws, and its deafening squeal numbed his hearing, and it sprayed a clear slime over him.

Just as it was about to kill him, the ferocious beast fell over, and he rolled sideways to escape from its clutches, and realized it was dead. In all the turmoil, in the clutches of death, he had not heard gun explosions, and seen its body collapse across the floor from it all.

Brydon seemed to attempt to communicate with him, and apologize for it.

The jaws under the monster’s eyes wavered, and gave a little gurgle, and foamed slime dripped from its mouth, as if it were still alive – and it formed into a pool under it, across the floor, and creating a stench of rotting meat, heavily scenting the air.

Thunderous thumps exploded below, as another creature came into view, from below, and saw it across the floor, and turned and smashed another creature across the floor, in its way, and away from it, as it, and then the others behind it, escaped below.

Splutters of green slime poured out of the monster on the floor, where the bullets had smashed into it, and the military stood around it – examining what they had killed.

“Are there any more people down there?” the leader of the group asked.

“I think they will all be dead,” Brydon replied.

“Who were they?”

“They were all archaeologists, who were working down there.”

“How many of those things are there down there?”

“There are hundreds – perhaps more!”

“We will have to leave them for the moment, but we can stop them escaping …”


Chapter 67


The Scan Images


Parker sat in a seat, in front of the second structure, in the bright sunshine, thinking of how he nearly got it, and of the thing itself, and realized that he now believed that it was from another world.

Nothing could create such a monstrosity on this world, and he looked on in amazement at his scientists and the military scientists examining the findings – and with most of them trying to discover why nothing was generated from the black disc itself.

He was sure that it was for some other use anyway!

He was sure they could repair the equipment, but he was sure that they could not do anything else. It was pointless doing it over again, for nothing – it would be damaged again, with the probability it could be permanently damaged.

Parker realized that they had activated something else under the second structure.

All the military scientists rushed around monitoring everything that they possibly could – still bewildered at what they were up against, what the results were from, and how they were supposed to discover what the military wanted.

Something had deliberately tried to stop and destroy the equipment, from down below, and it never had enough power to do it completely.

Parker watched a technician appear, and rush over to some of the military scientists, and hand over a pile of photographs.

All of the scientists gathered around them, and started passing the photos around, in amazement.

Brydon called over to Parker to join them, and he sensed it was a breakthrough somewhere, and he rushed over to see what they had found.

“We had them clean up the images that appeared on the scan screen,” Carlton announced. “From the results …!”

Parker examined the prints amazed, as they had cleared them up far better than he had imagined they could.

They were from during the point that the energy surge had been at its weakest, and of the strange images that had been flashing on the screen, below the ground, deep beneath them.

Suddenly the scientists got to the last photo and gasped, and stood around staring at it, and not saying anything further – and Parker and Brydon glanced at each other – and they waited until they could see it.


Chapter 68


The Voyager


All the scientists frantically talked and studied the photo, and finally passed it over to Brydon and Parker, and they examined it in amazement – astounded at the size of the object that they were standing over, and Carlton rushed over to them.

“This thing is colossal!” Brydon declared, gasping, realizing the enormity of what they were investigating. “Whatever it is it clearly covers the entire crater – right to the rim!”

“They must have had the most advanced research laboratories ever,” Carlton joked, positive in what he now knew it really was.

“Does the military realize the scale of this?” Parker muttered, mainly to himself.

“If they don’t, they will do,” Brydon answered.

He pointed over to one of the military scientists, using a mobile, talking to Chief Commander Worthington.

The phone conversation soon ended with Worthington leaving to come over to see it.

Parker stood wondering what would happen, and if they could still keep it a secret! He did not know what to do himself, and he probably knew more about things than anyone else. If they released the story, of it being of alien origins, would it be a beneficial idea.

Though they would be giving the world and science one of the greatest finds ever, would it be a good idea informing the world that such vastly more advanced technology and aliens existed, and that the world could be at risk of outside interference.

How would it alter the world? However, could they in reality profit from it?

Parker was not sure, and never had enough proper evidence, and wondered why the military made it so confidential.

However, it had to be the technology there that they never wanted known more than anything else.

“Surely we could adapt the scan to give us small pieces of information,” Brydon spoke, while considering the problem.

“What do you mean?” Carlton asked first, studying Brydon’s face, wondering what he had planned.

“Every time we used the scan, there was a delay before there was a reply. If we made swift scans, of small regions, of whatever we want, we could avoid getting it damaged.”

“Good idea!” Carlton replied.

“If the equipment can be repaired enough to use it?” Parker replied.

“Yes,” Brydon answered. “We can, and we can test it out when we need it.”

His firm, defined composure made Parker alert.

“I think it was worth it, even just to get to know that we may be able to beat it!” Carlton eventually replied.

“We will have to check it!”

Carlton rushed away, to check instruments, and readouts, and had the other scientists working rapidly to get some proper information on the new discovery.

“What is that substance though?” Parker asked, wondering what Brydon now thought of it. “That last theory about it is illogical!”

“Well, it might have been used for propulsion, or part of its propulsion system. It might have needed far more than it to work.”

“If vast amounts were used, which would explain why the cliffs over there are covered in it.”

“It is vastly many times more powerful than any other explosive – and atomic explosions! It could be the best and most powerful form of propulsion that exists for all we know – and we know little of it. Only small amounts of the substance have been detonated, and it could be used like atomic spacecrafts use atomic energy – in different methods.”

“It must have been tremendous!”

“The force of it must have smashed through this island – while it blasted down and formed those cliffs,” Brydon continued, realizing his thoughts.

“It could have been one of the biggest explosions this world’s has been hit with!”

“Unquestionably the fastest. Even with its weight it could not have smashed its way through the rock without such speed, and forces behind it.”

“It was concentrated and emerging directly beneath us!” Carlton announced, as he finished checking an instrument screen, in more detail.

Brydon rushed over, looking desperate, and ready for action.

“This place must be the center of it,” Brydon continued, “and is more than likely where things are centered.”


Chapter 69


Military Investigation


Parker still found the enormity hard to grasp! It was incredible that this place all along had been a colossal voyager impact crater – and cavity smashed into the island – and those creatures were what it had picked up on its travels through the depths of space.

It must have been traveling endlessly through the cosmos, examining worlds and life forms.

“There is one question bugging me,” Parker remarked. “Is this a colossal probe – sent through the depths of space on an expedition of exploration – searching and collecting everything of interest that it came across, or was it an occupied alien vessel carrying out a mission?”

“The miles and miles of this thing will have to be meticulously investigated,” Chief Commander Worthington stated, predicting the future, as he stopped examining the second structure, and finished giving commands – and his commanders had all the soldiers and scientists carrying them out.

“We have brought and are bringing in more and more people to investigate this! This will be surely the world’s biggest discovery! They will be investigating it for many years to come, and we will no doubt be greatly mentioned with the discovery.”

Worthington gave a satisfied expression, and admired the find, and what would make him famous, and remembered.

“I am glad that you are retrying your scan,” Worthington announced. “Perhaps you can come up with a more detailed plan of the voyager – and pinpoint where the energy surge originated!”

Parker nodded in agreement, and examined the site about him, and how fast it had been transformed from a buried away area of jungle, and he wondered what the whole crater would end up like, in the years to come.

“You were correct,” Worthington continued, “in mentioning this place as the key point! We are centering our investigations here, and have brought in the best people, from around the globe, to investigate the controls here. We have been working our way through the chambers below – but we have not found what you mention was detected below. But we found more controls, and they look important, and they will be vigorously investigated.”


Chapter 70


The Transference


The morning sun cast shadows across Parker’s tent, as he rested, realizing what he was camping over.

The biggest ever scientific find was resting below him, and there was no sign it was even there.

He wondered how much unknown and unexplained phenomena existed, and what existed out there in the depths of space and time – as well as being unseen about him – which could be beyond his comprehension.

With his eyes shut, he heard scientists talking over the events of the day ahead.

Then, for a moment, he felt as if he were floating outside of the universe, in the depths of eternity – far from any stars – out beyond reality.

In an instance he opened his eyes, thinking he was falling asleep again, and a sudden powerful gust of air caught and shook the tent, throwing it about, and about him.

Low sounds of paraphernalia and voices came from outside, and he heard Carlton rush over, and he left the tent to meet him.

Parker examined the second structure further down, for any changes, and saw none.

“Come over here a minute,” Carlton said, as he pointed to something away in the distance, and Parker walked over, wondering what was there, as he never saw anything.

“What?” he replied, noticing Brydon had become alert, and was moving his way, proving something had occurred.

“Don’t you see it?” Carlton asked, curiously.

Parker stared, still adjusting his eyes to the bright light – outside of the tent – and saw nothing.

“The cliff that is over there has vanished!”

Parker looked over in surprise, and searched the distant horizon, through gaps in the surrounding jungle.

“Vanished!” Parker replied, studying it. “It has entirely changed!”

“And the jungle over there is now visible, with the coast!”


Chapter 71


The Shift


The sun flickered through the trees, as the helicopter took off and flew over to where the cliffs had been, and Parker stared out at it.

“The entire voyager has lifted up!” Brydon muttered, searching about, looking out the windows, one by one. “How did that happen?”

“There is no longer a crater,” Carlton pointed out. “It has lifted up to the height of the cliffs.

“Firstly, it must have another means of moving itself. Secondly, it must be instantaneous! And thirdly, it must be powerful, to have shifted it …”

“For a moment back there I had a feeling as if I were floating outside of space and time,” Parker recalled, from the sensation that he had felt in the tent – when he was certain the event had taken place.

For a few minutes Brydon and Carlton recalled what they had been doing, and just agreed with him.

“So it can shift from one point to another instantaneously,” Brydon continued.

“The next question is why though!” Carlton replied. “Why did it shift to the top of the cliffs?”

They considered it, and remained silent, and the helicopter landed, in the center of an empty region of the jungle, at where the top of the cliff had once been, and they strode over to the voyager, which was resting a clear ten feet above the top of the cliff now, and its surface was revealed to world.

The massive fifteen-mile round voyager went out all around them, at about twenty feet from the where the cliff edge was.

Parker stretched his legs, and shuddered at the thought of all the things that were going to happen in the near future, which he had little by little been persuaded into being a part of.

He had already had a plane crash, had been marooned, almost blown up by the substance that they had found there, kidnapped and forced back at gunpoint, and attacked by massive beasts out of the depths of hell itself. And now things were building up to the ultimate encounter!

He wondered what the outcome of it all would be, as he stared down the gap between the edge of the cliff and the voyager – where he could not see the bottom because of the blackness there.

Two other helicopters landed nearby and Lynam, Thomas, and Davidson, and some of the media got out, and walked over to where he was, and from the other helicopter Chief Commander Worthington and some soldiers marched over, staggered at what had happened.

“This thing keeps getting more interesting,” Worthington stated, examining it. “What do you suppose the cause of the shift was?”

Carlton shrugged, and Brydon thought it over and replied: “It could have awakened – whatever that could mean! The possibilities are endless … It could be consequently reacting to our tampering and probing!”

“Almost correct! We were working on the newly found controls below the second structure – and they seemed to have made it shift.”

“Through time and space?” Parker asked.

“Why time and space?”

“It was done instantaneously!”

“You are correct about it being instantaneous, but we do not fully know how it did it.”

“What do you think is below it?” Carlton asked, looking down the gap, between the cliff and voyager.


“Well we have not seen the bottom of it! There could be something interesting down there!”

Worthington looked down the gap into the darkness at the bottom, and considered it.

“You are right! I will have them check there.”

“We did get that energy surge from directly below the second structure,” Brydon continued, reminding them of it. “And you have actually searched below, have you not?”

“We did, and nothing was found. It was believed that it might be hidden in the walls – which are made of that material – and which we have been unable to penetrate.”

“It could be below then!” Parker stated, wondering what they thought could be there.


Chapter 72


The Alien Artifact


Media arrived in extensive amounts from planes and helicopters, and began filming along the voyager’s edge at the cliffs, and they began reporting it as a fifteen-mile alien artifact.

Parker had realized immediately, when they had started arriving, that the military had come clean and told them that it was an alien artifact, and the story had been circulated all over the globe, appearing in every form of media.

The world now knew of the discover – and the first contact with an alien voyager.

Helicopters and planes flew about in the distance, and around the site, searching the voyager, stretching out across the island, like an immense black flying saucer, with a jungle across its top.

The military arrived in immense amounts, all about the island, and took control of the whole region, while trying to make sure the alien creatures roaming the voyager could not enter the rest of the island, or escape, or attack anyone.

Professor Lynam, Professor Thomas, and Dr Davidson began media announcements staggered at it being of alien origins, and that it was far bigger than they could have guessed, and they altered their stories of their fifteen-member team of the Exploration Association and their expedition there – and their findings to show that they had not been altogether erroneous.

The new life form that they had originally shown the media, concealed in a thick glass casing, which turned to a yellow gas life form, which floated about, was shown to be alien to this world, and that they perhaps could have realized it if more details had been available at the time.

Professor Lynam made some apologies to the scientific world for classify them as prehistoric animals.

Davidson reacted less, and was surprised at the immensity of it.

He informed them that it was only the start of the investigation of it, and that it would be a long time before the full the results and details would be released.

The magnetic phenomenon and crater created by it were the most astounding of all. They had not even accepted that the Bermuda Triangle theory could be possible! And something like a tremendous meteorite creating the crater had only been accepted theoretically!

Most of the media showed genuine surprise at the sight of the voyager, but the majority did not fully know what to think. It was passed the boundaries of what they could accept as true!


Chapter 73


The Lost Jewels


Parker and his scientists were becoming celebrity scientists now that it was revealed the part the underground scan equipment had with the discovery, and of the discovery of the uncharted island.

Parker was determined more than ever to prove its capabilities, customers wanting it were drastically increasing, and people were using it to search for things all over the world.

Gorman surprised him with his sudden departure, and he wondered what he was up to. He insisted he was going to find treasure of some sort somewhere, or not leave.

However, he found out why that evening when he was over at the tower, and the archeologists told him all of the diamonds had vanished from it, and he knew it was him. He checked it and came to the only conclusion that he could have, and that they had somehow mentally commanded the diamond controls to be released, which if true was staggering, as the diamond controls had to be at other places about the voyager. Though most would be needed, and if anyone, or Gorman returned for them, they may have some more problems.

Parker joined Brydon and Carlton, at the second structure, where they were going to carry out tests on the newly repaired equipment.

“They’ve started putting electric fences around the cliff,” Carlton stated. “So that the alien creatures cannot get out, and cover the island.”

“Some have already!” Brydon replied, walking over to him and Parker. “They have started killing them! All the creatures found outside the perimeter of the voyager are to be killed.”

“They probably need to!” Parker continued. “There must be hundreds of thousands of them, and if they are released, they will probably be in trouble. They had to kill all the creatures in the compartments at the tower structure – as they would kill them.”

Parker removed a map of the voyager, which he just received from the military, to help him.

He showed it to Brydon and Carlton, and showed them how many compartments the military and others had explored and mapped.

“There looks as if there are things missing from it,” Carlton stated, examining disappointedly.

“What like?” Parker asked, looking at the plan of it, from different angles.

“Well there is nothing to control it. There should be far more down there than controls buried away in walls.”

“What happens if this scan is successful?” Brydon asked, curiously, hinting about something to them. “If it shows what is down there – and perhaps in the walls too – we may find out soon what is there!”

“And below the compartments …”

“If the scan does show it, what will we show the media?” Brydon continued, seeking the answer.

“Anyway,” Parker replied first, “if the scan is good, and demonstrates its capabilities we can consequently show it to the media!”

“That will do perfectly!” Brydon answered, satisfied.

Carlton now seemed more interested in investigating what was at the bottom of the voyager than in the scan at the site showed.

“What would the Japanese military have thought of this,” Parker asked. “It would have be incredible if they had found something that had given it away, and they had kept it secret because of it.”

“They could have,” Brydon replied. “That substance could have influenced them into searching for answers!”

Parker watched Brydon and Carlton, at the equipment, where they were going to carry out tests on the newly repaired equipment, and he saw they looked nervous, as they realized that it was working, and that they would soon be using it again – and he started wondering why.

Had they found something out while he had not been there!

The abnormal antics of the military scientists captivated him – mystifying him with the depth of their nervousness, and fear of something! They repetitively studied everything – preparing themselves!


Chapter 74


Back to the Cliff


The helicopter landed, in the center of a large empty region of the jungle, beside twenty other army helicopters, at where the top of the cliff was, at the northern side, and Parker and Brydon jumped out, and went over to a group of at least two thousand military personnel, all working away, preparing for action, with an immense amount equipment and tents.

The massive fifteen-mile round voyager went out all around them, at about twenty feet out from where the cliff edge was.

Parker stretched his legs, and shuddered at the thought of all the things that was going to do, which he had little by little been persuaded into by Worthington.

The voyager’s side surface shone with sunshine, resting a clear thirty feet above the top of the cliff.

He wondered what they wanted him for, as he glared down the gap between the edge of the cliff and the voyager – into the blackness there.

Two other helicopters landed nearby and Davidson, and some of the media got out, and walked over to where he was, and Chief Commander Worthington and some soldiers marched over.

“As I said before this thing keeps getting more and more interesting,” Worthington stated, examining it. “We are now going down there! We chose you Parker, Brydon, Davidson to go down first, and I will be with you.”

“Why us?” Brydon asked, curiously.

“I thought you wanted it! It is your discovery! And I would not miss it for anything.”

“So nobody has been down there yet?” Davidson asked.

“Correct! We have sent some cameras down, on cables, and we have checked everything works!”

“Once down there – then what? Will it be a lengthy exploration?”

“We will start the exploration below, and then a large group will join us. It is basically to get things going, and allow us to search there first – like the first men on the moon sort of thing.”


Chapter 75


Into the Void


Parker’s eyes searched the abyss below, as he was being lowered down, while he held the rope away from him, listening to Brydon below, and Davidson and Worthington moving down the cliff face from above.

A deep thud echoed down, from above somewhere, and he wondered why they were being slowly lowered down when they could easily have lowered them down fast with the equipment that they had up there.

It was Worthington’s fantasy expedition – and he wished it to be done in stages, and as one of his adventure expeditions.

The ebbing radiance of their small torches clearly was not enough to allow more than four to go safely down.

He scarcely grasped the concept of what was below. They had been just about to carry out the scan of below when Worthington had contacted him, and sent over a helicopter, for him and Brydon, on urgent business. The scan was swiftly cancelled until further notice until Brydon returned there.

Why and how this thing lifted totally mystified him. The actual depth by far exceeded all their comprehension. There was not just one compartment level below, it went down and down, into the depths of the ground.

Sounds took strange tones, and he strained his eyes more, trying to see further down, beyond Brydon, but there were no features of anything. Its long tunnel shape kept vanishing into darkness!

As cliff rocks moved sharply by, he held himself backwards, and more upright. The cliff drop was perpendicular!

He heard distant movements, and their growing surges, from Brydon, and then stopped, and Brydon’s torch oscillated irregularly. Its light swayed over the voyager surface, shining there.

Brydon looked staggered for an instance, as he observed its surface, and went back to normal.

When Parker reached the point where Brydon had shone the torch, he was surprised that all of the mud and debris covering its surface was not there, and it even looked new, and polished.

From there downwards it continued with a clean surface, and he examined it trying to see why.

He and Brydon occasionally shuddered as they studied its clean surface and perfect shape, with no blemishes or openings.


Chapter 76


The Void Ends


A swift explosion of light exploded out – like laser light in the blackness – silencing them.

Something had triggered it to appear, from the voyager, and Parker examined the surface not seeing where the light came from, and recalled the lights in the second structure, and them appearing in front of objects, and not from an object.

All about them the darkness had been lighted, going straight down below.

The abnormal antics of the others captivated him – mystifying him with what they thought! They repetitively studied everything – preparing themselves for something!

Was something going to happen? Could something go wrong?

Below he saw the bottom of the voyager, and he heard Worthington, above, in a conversation, with someone above, and he realized he was ordering them to lower them faster, now that they had light to see with, and avoid any accidents.

The speed of the descent increased swiftly, and they were soon near the bottom of the voyager, and started Parker realizing how much he had underestimated how deep it was, and that it was at least a mile in width.

He kept wondering what was down at the bottom, and what had turned on the lights, and what Worthington knew.

As he went passed the bottom of the voyager, clouds of gray dust mingled through beams of torchlight, edging over his face and lungs, from the cliff, and he groaned to himself, and dangled about on the rope, glimpsing parts of the immense voyager, going out across the side of his sight.

He wondered if it was his final confrontation with the discovery – and end of his life.

Worthington communicated with above again, and their descent increased faster, and the ground below became clearer and clearer, and they soon started to land.

The bottom, below the voyager, was only slightly lighted, and he saw that it was around a mile below it, where it had been resting, in the depths of the island.

Suddenly a swift explosion of light exploded out everywhere, lighting everything – silencing them, with the immensity.

The thing was colossal, and he felt as though he had never seen anything so big!

The voyager stretched across to the end of his sight, where it met the opposite cliff, and he stared, staggered.

It was golden in areas, and lights on it were like golden stars, sparkling in the depths of some immense strange galaxy – and tightly packed together in areas.

Parker sensed something mysterious existed there, and especially from the central region, where he noticed a structure.

Debris covered the world under it, about him – where it clearly had rested for an immense amount of time.

It was far beyond his comprehension how it managed to exist!

The ground was flattened below him, by the immense weight, and was a fifteen-mile cavity, with the cliffs going around it.

He released the rope from him, and walked on the ground.

A thick layer of dry dirt occasionally gave off a cloud of dust, as he moved his feet.

Sounds sounded hollow and strange, as though magnified.

A silent whistle came from a wind blowing against something.

The four of them gathered into a group, and Parker soon started to believe that the small party, put together by Worthington, had been put together for a possible first contact meeting.

“How long will it be before they search that?” Davidson asked, dazzled by the massive shape of it covering their sky.

“It may be impossible to search the whole thing,” Brydon replied. “There must be things hidden away in its walls everywhere.”

“If it wants us to, we may be able to do it someday!” Parker replied, searching its vastness, like the depths of space, from outer space.

Strange objects about his sides, vaguely captured his attention, but they were only ancient rubbish.

Yet an object, partly buried away in dust, that he had seen, and had ignored, started to interest him, and he crouched down at the side of it, to see it better, and realized that it had been something that had been killed there when it had crashed there, and that it had been fossilized.


Chapter 77




Something in the voyager lifted them up, and took them to the central region, with nothing visible holding them, and Parker realized slowly that it could have killed them, and could kill them.

From the brightness of the vast cavity they were taken into the voyager, at the central structure, and left them in darkness, waiting to be taken into its hideous reaches.

How had he been talked into this! He had been chasing a quest for the lower structure scan, and now he was here.

He listened to Worthington theorizing about it, as he reported everything to the military above. Its technology grabbed him more than anything, and the thought of them getting it. It could take warfare to a new level – and hit its supreme and concluding level!

The compartment they were left in was the smallest they had seen there, and the size of a twenty-foot room.

“We may be safe now,” Brydon stated, glad that he had both feet on the ground. “But I think we may have another problem on our hands, if it does not help us further!”

“What?” Worthington asked firmly.

“There is no way out, and how can we be rescued here?”

“I will inform them above, and if we are still here in an hour, for them to start work on getting us out of here.”

They started exploring it, going around the walls, feeling them for anything that never showed up in the dim torchlight, but the place was completely sealed, and even Worthington started to react, as the air supply started to run out.


Chapter 78


The Central Voyager


When Parker opened his eyes, after resting and sleeping against a wall, he first saw light illuminating the room, and felt satisfaction. Then when he breathed deeply, he realized it was fresh air, and he looked around for the source.

“There still is no way out!” Brydon replied, watching him, from over to his side. Yet as he finished saying it, a wall vibrated, and an entrance opened in it, and they all got to their feet, and moved towards it.

“We are on the move again!” Worthington explained, into his phone, in a continuation of a previous conversation. “It is a tunnel, about five feet high and wide, and I cannot see the end of it.”

As they moved into it, Parker listened for anything unusual, and any presence, but only heard the sounds coming loudly from the floor as they moved fast along it.

At the end of it they came to a wall, with a closed entrance.

“It has controls here!” Brydon announced, and started examining them.

“What do we do now?” Parker asked, not knowing if he should be happy, or depressed, as he was sure they could easily get it.

Worthington stopped a discussion with someone else, who was one of the leading people used by them to work out the use of the controls, and he proceeded over to it.

“Has anyone any idea what we are dealing with?” Parker asked, trying to get something, which he might have missed. “What are the theories on what is helping us, and what it wants?”

“Is it an enemy or does it want to meet us?” Brydon continued.

“What are your theories?” Worthington asked Davidson. “Nobody above really knows that!”

“I do not know either,” Davidson replied. “After seeing all this, and the occurrences over the last week, I think it could be just about anything now!”

The corridor light grew dim, and the entrance swiftly opened, and they stood with their mouths open, looking into a large circular control room, hundreds feet long, wide, and high, and Parker strolled into it – not fully knowing what he was letting himself into – knowing that they had consequently found something, and it was the control center of the whole voyager.


Chapter 79


The Control Center


A blue radiance shone so dimly down that he knew that he could not properly see what was there.

Their emotions were running amok, seeing the spectacular views of space, in the darkness, floating over regions of controls. There was an eerie sensation gripping them. Something was not right! Parker sensed a presence of something, but he could not recognize it.

Was this place associated with the mysterious things that had happened? Why had the voyager not left the island?

It was as though it were still traveling through the stars!

A desolate voyager left out in the depths of space, endlessly trapped.

Worthington gripped and pulled a dim shape, until something opened, revealing a small interior, full of beaming blue controls.

Parker felt strangely shaped things about his front, as he attempted identify them.

A musty synthetic smell scented the air, and he examined all the dark shapes and weird lights everywhere, and he identified an empty front region, and form of screen at its front.

A circular wall, with types of instrument shapes, went all around the room.

He speculated on where it had come from, and had been traveling to.

Worthington seemed to take a gamble, and touched a control, and speckles of light emerged in front of them, in empty front region, in front of the form of screen, floated around in darkness there, and Parker moved further in, and realized that he was glaring at an energy bubble full of stars.

Shimmering lights and freakish sounds emerged and whirled the stars about like an immense vortex.

A swift flash of light exploded out, and a miniature black object appeared, and lights flickered and blasted into the sphere.

“Is that some form of recording of a black hole?” Worthington asked them. “It looks so real – like it’s suspending a miniature black hole!”

“It could be both!” Davidson replied. “But it looks more like a recording.”

Worthington made a phone call to the outside to announce the news, and got information of what to do next.

“They want us to try using telepathic contact,” Worthington declared. “We can try random mental attempts at controls or attempt to contact what is here – as there is a good chance that it is mentally contactable!”


Chapter 80


Voyage into Space and Time


After debating what to do, they decided that only one person – Davidson, who had a greater knowledge on telepathy, should contact it, and give them its replies.

Worthington got advice from above on what to do.

The speed that it occurred in surprised them, and they realized that it had been listening to them.

Davidson at first never knew what he was dealing with, but as he communicated telepathically, as they stood staring at the empty front region, in front of the screen, and he grew more and more confident.

“Why did this voyager end up here?” Davidson asked it, while telephonically communicating with it, and they watched as the front region across their front started to show results.

“I believe it is now going show us!” he announced.

Parker jumped, as his entire sight vanished, and he saw nothing but deep space, and he saw a sphere of light floating through the darkness, and he realized it was telepathically transmitting it – covering his entire sight with vivid visions.

There was no sign of the others, or even his own body, but he heard a silent roar, and a blur of light swirled in the blackness.

The strange sounds and lights sent sensations through his body.

From somewhere he started picking up knowledge of what was occurring, but he was unable realize some things – it, the voyager, had voyaged into the Milky Way, and he watched infinitely streaking stars, of solar systems, flickering by.

What he saw vanished, and he saw it orbit a world, and come to a standstill in space.

It plunged down through its atmosphere, and its immense dark shape went over a mind-bending landscape, and he realized it was on another habitable world, and he watched swirling currents of an unidentified living gas cloud engulfing it, and realized that it was studying it.

It lunged over the extraordinary life form and collected it, and hurtled upwards towards the stars.

He watched it, with its mind-boggling technology and powers, and an accuracy and capacity inconceivable, explore this galaxy – while voyaging across all the different star quadrants, and through the central stars – exploring vast billions of unexplored stars throughout its expanse of space.

Then, even with its abilities, while it was exiting the galaxy, a black sphere appeared in front of it, and he realized it was called a black force, and was unknown in space and time, and was only able to exist there due to being so powerful, which allowed it not to fall out of space and time, and was the only thing capable of destroying the voyager, but it only severely damaged it, but after almost colliding with a star, it crashed into the Earth.

When the surroundings of the voyager emerged, Parker stood gazed, and looking at the startled faces of Brydon, and he heard Worthington excitedly describing it on his phone to the others above.

“This thing replying is more like a computer?” Worthington asked Davidson. “I mean it basically responds to you. Correct?”

“Correct!” Davidson answered. “But do not underestimate it – it has artificial intelligence, and can reply and figure out solutions, and we know so little about it …”

Worthington continued his report, and thanked him.

“Do you think this is a probe – collecting specimens and exploring space and time?”

“I do not know! I will have to question it further. But if it is not, it must be similar.”

“Question it further!”

“Why did this voyager end up here?” he asked, while telephonically communicating it.

“Here we go …!”

Parker jumped again, even though he had got used to it the last time, and he saw nothing but a vision of blackness.

It then hurtled through the outer limits of space and time – racing into this universe, and Parker watched, staggered, realizing that it had come from beyond the universe!

He saw the voyager forming itself, into a voyager, from energy.

The dim voyager interior appeared about him, but far stranger, and unlike anything he had seen before, and he watched a dark blue light dully shining, and dark and dim radiances from energy surges intermittently illuminating and playing with a hideous slithering blood red devilish shape.

As it progressed, he examined it wondering if it was it, in an earlier form, when it had emerged from beyond reality – with blood red devil features, and a giant demon shape, glowing, altering, whirling, within hideous energy surges – while it consistently stopped itself vanishing – out of space and time – and back into its original energy states.

Then he realized from the voyager, and perhaps Davidson’s questioning, that it was not the voyager – it was the entity/transcendent – and it had created the voyager.

On and on it hurtled into space and time – chasing another entity/transcendent – with a determination and vengeance almost inconceivable.

Unlike the first entity/transcendent it had taken the form of an enormous monstrous devil-like creature, with its giant demon shape glowing in flickers against its circular wall, while it shifted like a distorted grotesque wild killer lion, ready for the kill.

Parts of its composition frequently altered into its original entity/transcendent state, and it also altered to other things, and its appearance almost altered into things it had killed.

Its claws pounded controls, and it mentally activated them when it occasionally transformed back to an entity form.

Its voyager, unlike the first entity/transcendent’s voyager, was enormous, and powered by vast unstable energy explosions, across space and time, which were so powerful that they ripped at the fabric of space and time, and made it unbalanced, temporary warped, and almost crack – across light years of space – with only its protective energy shield and voyager stability holding it from the effects, which many nearby worlds orbiting stars were subjected to in its field – in the form of time jumps, warps, decelerations, accelerations, and leaps through space – and whole worlds being thrown out of space and time entirely.

Star formations flashed by, as it continued its pursuit, and expedition of exploration, through the vast depths of the universe, with the massive sphere of light from its propulsion system floating across the blackness like a ghost.

Through mind-boggling accuracy and use of its vast powers it explored the unexplored stars of the universe – searching for the other entity/transcendent – voyaging through the central galaxies – exploring vast billions of galaxies throughout the expanse of space and time – while transforming its voyager and existence further from their original pure energy states, to normal space and time states that it encountered.

Nevertheless, its perception of the other entity/transcendent diminished, and it was unable to locate it or where it was going.

Space and time turned relatively unknown and mysterious to it, and it had no full understanding of it, and it needed a solution – to establish where the other entity/transcendent was – even if it meant it or anything else would be destroyed.

Parker watched it create a miniature white hole and it magically floating, inertly in mid-air, in front of it, at the front of the voyager, within a field of energy, in its own reality, while energy beams dragged its radius apart.

It had worked and experimented on it for a long time, altering and reinventing it for its purpose.

It resembled a star in space, as it fired energy discharges at regions of it to spin it wildly about itself, and it simultaneously increased the light behind it to whiteness. The speed of its rotation increased and increased, and the power of it could be felt in vibrations and whirling sounds.

With a vociferous explosion, and gleams of light exploding out, it imploded, until it almost vanished, and turned black, and the entity/transcendent stretched it apart until it resembled a miniature black hole, with fuzzy multidimensional forms rotating around it, clearly from time shifts – clustering in clustered layers.

At times it took the form of a black bubble of pure energy – buzzing wildly and dangerously about – ready to discharge.

Sparks of energy rotated it, edging into its fringes, creating spectacular effects, making it distort in twisted forms.

The entity/transcendent concentrated its mind more and more, and consequently the object exploded out across the entire area in front of it, revealing its interior of zillions of miniature clouds of gas floating partially spaced apart, in an energy bubble of blackness, and it stopped its progression.

It had clearly just created and invented a miniature universe – with a miniature copy of the big bang that created this universe.

The entity/transcendent, after almost applauded its creation, created a time field around it, and its time rate swiftly accelerated at a rate of millions and then billions of years per second, with its clouds of gases altering to zillions of zillions of lights floating partially spaced apart.

It was a miniature universe identical to this one, and it now was the same age, and state.

The entity/transcendent stopped its progression at a calculated point, and carried out a series of basic experiments, and it decreased its own size and form, into a new form of entity, and partially entered it.

Its reality magically spun around it, in patterns of light.

It floated in the depths of its own universe, and it continued decreasing its size, and entering it!

Space shrank, all about it, and the stars appeared from clusters.

Spectacular white beams exploded out, and stars shot about it.

In its depths, it saw a region, situated within the center of space, and it surrounded it with diagrams and symbols, and it put a line stretching through the galaxies from it – which reached away out to the Milky Way.

It was the course that the other entity/transcendent had taken!

It had used telepathic recordings that it was now able recreate.

It studied the entire surroundings, and grasped how feeble it was.

Galaxies, everywhere, altered, shrank, and deformed into nothing – the whole universe was disposed of – and many zillions of galaxies destroyed – a glittering immense jewel, embedded in a black velvet background, vanishing into a zero point.

It shuddered at its findings, and fully realized what it wanted.

For weeks, while it voyaged to the Milky Way, it planned its encounter with the other entity/transcendent.

Infinitely streaking stars, of solar systems, flickered by, on a screen, at the front of the circular chamber wall.

Infrequently it would react to sounds and reaccelerate, and orbit worlds, or come to a standstill in space at unknown objects.

Its entry of this galaxy might have been the second entry of it, millions years ago – with its unique acceleration letting it travel across the immense depths of galactic and intergalactic space.

The entity/transcendent’s glowing shape would hold out objects, while strange ghostly shapes of life forms from extraordinary worlds flashed about it.

Its voyager would plunge down through their atmospheres, and its immense dark shape would hover over mind-bending landscapes – with such phenomena as swirling currents of unidentified living gas clouds engulfing it.

On many desolate worlds, with silence and motionlessness, it would lunge over extraordinary entities and life forms and collect them, and hurtle upwards towards the stars.

With its mind-boggling technology and powers, and an accuracy and capacity inconceivable, it explored this galaxy – while voyaging across all the different star quadrants, and through the central stars – exploring vast billions of unexplored stars throughout its expanse of space.

The voyager’s present state had been formed by it from encounters and the findings from spacecrafts, technology, entire civilizations from throughout the universe, and the specimens it had were from all over the universe.

After the collision with the black force, exactly as the other entity/transcendent had done, the entity/transcendent and voyager and were damaged, and were almost destroyed, and, exactly as the other entity/transcendent had done, used protection shields to avoid destruction – but at a cost, due to the protection shield being a time field, which froze time and space – which the voyager was unable to fully use its functions in, with the consequences of almost colliding with a star, exactly as the other entity/transcendent had done, and it also crashed into the surface of the Earth – leaving it buried away for millions of years, as the voyager was unable to release it, as it had damaged itself too much, and it would need to leave the universe to stop the entity/transcendent dieing – which it was unable to do, as it needed a controller like entity/transcendent to help it perform it – and the entity/transcendent inside was left in its protection field – in suspended animation – waiting to be revived.


Chapter 81


Voyage Beyond Reality


The entity/transcendent’s monstrous devilish figure shape lit up in blood red shades, from lights around its compartment, as it was opened out, by the voyager, from a nearby wall, to show them.

“Well we cannot allow that thing to be revived on this world!” Worthington stated. “We can only handle so much …”

“You are perfectly correct!” Davidson continued. “It is far too deadly – powerful – to awaken!”

Parker felt excitement exploding across his mind, which he had even enjoyed when a hole had formed in the structure of a wall, and the voyager had moved it out.

The darkness about them grew apparent, and horror gripped them.

“Where do you think the other entity/transcendent is?” Worthington asked.

“It was in the Cornwall discovery!” Davidson confessed. “I heard something about it from Professor Farrell, but he hardly told me anything of its nature, and, of course, made me give my word not to reveal that such a discovery had been found.”

“Incredible! Another one of these was found over there, and it was not revealed!”

“It was not awakened – and is no longer in this universe. It left space and time! And that can be the only answer to what to do with this one.”

“We can make a deal with it!” Worthington replied. “We want rid of it, but we want as much of its technology as we can get!”

“Good idea!” Davidson replied, and started to telepathically communicate with it.

After five minutes, he stopped and looked startled, preparing himself.

“This is not going to be easy – and that may be an understatement!”

Parker, knowing Davidson, knew they could be in big trouble, especially if anything went wrong.

“I have to help it, and command it. The voyager is programmed to only carry out major things with the commands of a controller, and it could not do anything, and it is going to give me the commands, to complete its mission.”

All of the controls burst into life all about them, and Davidson went into a strange state, as he became the controller, and everything began functioning all about them.

The screen at the front flickered on, and showed symbols all over it, and he heard sounds from it, which indicated that the voyager was about to be activated.

“Get ready!” Davidson announced. “We are leaving space and time!”

Parker felt horror, and shuddered, and wondered if he would survive.

Brydon and Worthington looked confused, and they continued monitoring everything.

Parker remained where he was, ready to observe everything.

“Give us information!” Worthington anxiously ordered.

“I have detected we are now leaving the universe!”

“So there really is an outer universe!” Brydon spoke, looking over at the screen, as the screen had changed, with a bright whiteness, of reality, dissolving into blackness, and Parker felt something leaving him, as if the cells in his body were losing their essence of life.

Darkness surrounded the voyager, and in explosions of movements, the universe formed into a globe of light, and shrank.

Parker for some reason felt more alone than he had ever felt!

His mind was not able to function in different ways, and he felt energy draining out of him.

His life force was dwindling away from his body!

Everything about them turned transparent, and he saw the darkness outside. The voyager about him was disappearing, and turning into its original energy state, and he watched his body fade into the blackness.

They were going beyond reality to what? It was as though he were dreaming in an altered state of existence.

There were lights floating about in blackness.

They were surrounded in complete blackness, with a slight translucence shape of the voyager still about them.

Parker heard telepathic communications between Davidson and the voyager, and heard a comment about a white tint emerging in the blackness, and he studied it, wondering how he would die, if he did.

He realized then, when he heard Davidson mention it, that the voyager was keeping them existing, and allowing them to exist in its own space and time, which it created, and which he thanked it and Davidson for.

However, Parker then saw his next worst problem, which at first he thought had to be an illusion, but it was there, and it was the entity/transcendent in a partial original energy state, which it had awakened from suspended animation to – still with some hideous features – as it studied them – as if on the brink of mentally doing something.

He sensed its power, and it was more than anything that he had ever felt from anything, and he wondered what the hell it was, and why it had taken the form of such a hideous monster.

Light from it shone over them, and their entities formed into large bright globes, and they re-entered the universe, and their features altered until they had the appearance of ghosts, and the voyager returned them to the world.


Chapter 82


The World


The blazing sun hung in the bright sky directly overhead, with its white rays casting cliff shadows across the new crater terrain.

They were returned to the empty crater, where the jungle rested over it, where the voyager once rested for millions of years, waiting to be revived.

Parker sat in the sun, on a boulder, looking up the sides of the mile high cliffs, like an immense mountain, and then at the figures of the military, looking down, over the edge, and Parker listened to Worthington on the phone.

While he put away his phone, Parker heard a distant helicopter, and saw it coming down to get them.

“Where have those alien creatures gone?” Brydon asked, searching about, through the land and jungle that had once been over the voyager, which was now resting jumbled about, with many trees either fallen or hanging over.

“The voyager must have taken them with it!” Davidson replied.

“What happened to the exchange?” Parker asked, swiftly. “We were to get details on its technology in exchange for helping it!”

Worthington looked over at Davidson, as he recalled it, and Davidson put his hand in his pocket and removed a small device, and showed it to them.

“It put the details on this! I think you will be able to remove the information!”

They all sat staring at it, wondering if it was what they wanted, and if it was, how it would alter the world.




The Last Findings


Even after years of extensive investigations, and colossal amounts invested, conducted by vast amounts of leading researchers, all across the globe, making mind-blowing breakthroughs, no proof was ever found that fully revealed why it had chased the first entity/transcendent into the universe or where it had come from.

They knew that the voyager had hurtled through the outer limits of space and time, chasing the first and original entity/transcendent in its voyager into this universe, with a determination and vengeance almost inconceivable – and it had mind-boggling powers that it had used to explore the vast billions of galaxies throughout the expanse of space and time – while it transformed its voyager and existence further from their original pure energy states to normal space and time states that it encountered – but it is thought that nobody will ever discover precisely what it had been or what it had come from!

The device gave them most of the information pledged, which they deciphered, and it gave the details of the energy surge, and magnetic influence, used on the scanning equipment, and how to create the substance, used for immense speeds, in space and time, and reproduce the material the voyager had made itself of, which had withstood everything that they had thrown at it, and the energy uses, used for uses such as it shifting itself, and lifting them into the voyager, but they would probably never entirely be able to recreate it all – but with it they could probably destroy the galaxy!

From Beyond Space and Time: The Lost Jurassic Island

Scientists, military, archeologists, hunters, and treasure explorers uncover a fifteen-mile celestial flying saucer after it has been buried away for millions of years beneath a colossal crater in the center of a desolate uncharted Pacific island, with a monstrous extraterrestrial inside, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy! A new military aerial detection system is being tested for the first time on a plane in the Pacific and an uncharted island appears and it detects something of unknown origins at the island just before the plane stops working and crashes. They discover a lost world of Jurassic monsters and what they start to believe are unknown early or last dinosaur species, with other strange life forms, believed to be mutants or early forms of dinosaurs, trapped in the immense crater, surrounded by immense cliffs, at the center of the island. After they leave the island, they soon return to the island with hunters and start capturing them, and they explore the cavity trying to determine what it is, and start to uncover the colossal fifteen-mile flying saucer buried under the ground, with the monstrous extraterrestrial entity inside, waiting to be revived, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy.

  • ISBN: 9781370266388
  • Author: CosmicBlueCB
  • Published: 2017-07-27 18:50:27
  • Words: 45263
From Beyond Space and Time: The Lost Jurassic Island From Beyond Space and Time: The Lost Jurassic Island