Friendly Gentle E.T.I. Extra Terrestrial Intelligence encounters


Eric, Elise and ETI

Extra Terrestial Intelligence

we are not alone

by South Jersey Baba


The cosmos is ONE giant being, no duality, one without a second… there are many universes in this cosmos. This universe is in the process of remembering it’s oneness. In this process stars develop then planets and they sprout people through a process of evolution like an apple tree apples… a planet peoples. These people inevitably go through stages of developing civilizations, golden moments of unity, eventually spirialing in a surge of technological development synchronizing with a culiminating collective awakeing of a group unitive consciousness of the whole speices in symbiotic harmony with the planet. These planets reach stage 1, and develop the ability to transend spacetime in order to travel throughout the universe. These space beings called Extra Terrestrial Intelligence are gentle and peaceful, seeing thier oneness with the cosmos in a spiritual advenced way. These speices help protect, guide, and monitor developing planets in mysterious elusive ways so they can reach stage 1 in civilization. Earth is now undergoing three overlapping systems. First it is an interconnected web with no one or group in control just isness and happening and connection. Imagine the third picture below with no point of consciousness having more power then another. Another layer is the societal structure seen in the “illuminati” pyramid that operates in a capitalist system based in scarcity even though we have the heart potential and technology for a system that benefits all. At the highest levels of this pyramid ETI is known about as fact. In this pyramid wealth power and influence appear greater at the top and society functions as this were true. It is ultimately illusion. The third layer is the awakening of cosmic consciousness where we are each as souls on different levels of spiritual awareness. The more people that go up this pyramid the more change of the societal pyramid is inevitable and closer. Disclosure of ETI by those in the know has been going on slowly for decades and is inevitable. The ETI extra terrestrial intelligence serves as observers and protectors of this planet journey of awakening preventing nuclear war or other extinction events. The ETI can also communicate their wisdom to some that are ready along this process. One of those contacted was Eric and Elise.

My relationship with ETI

I’ve had 5 UFO ET encounters in which I saw mysterious ships some of these ecounters were with my spiritual partner who witnessed them as well.

Encounter 1

I had read UFO literature over the years, I had grown up with ET the steven speilberg movie but I wasn’t sure we were not alone and nothing prepared me for my first sighting. I was driving home from college on a lonely south jersey road. And a half disc shaped object appeared in the sky vivider then any shooting star or plane, far in the sky it hovered for a half a second then blasted across the sky above my head leaving a light streak for a moment. I didn’t pull over and freak out, but I wondered if any other cars on the road saw what I saw. Perhaps they might have not. When the european counquers landed in America, the indingenious people were reported to not have been able to see the ships that were in plain sight because they never saw anything like it before. Only the shaman could see them, and it didn’t register until they arrived. Even though UFOs have been seen throughout the decades by many witnensses, tracked on radar, and documented by the military intelligence around the world. Perhaps they have an ET in area 51 like that hollywood movie Paul.

After I saw the UFO, it took a while to fathom what Id seen and even share it with others.

Encounter 2

This encounter was in south jersey on a beach alone with my spiritual wife and partner Elise.

We were sitting on the beach past the midnight, and we were reflecting upon the teachings of Dr. Greer who is part of ETI disclosure who siad it is possible to have a Close Encounter of the fifth kind which means human intiated contact. We seriously wanted to give it a try and that night seems like the perfect time with a clear starry sky. We both began praying sincerely for contact with ETI in a friendly way that would convince us beyond a doubt that we were not alone. Five minutes passed by, and a glowing ship of light that looked like a small blip, flashed then beamed directly upward into space at the blink of an eye, as this occured Elise and I both felt our heart deeply opened to the cosmic consciousness, As 5 more of these ships appeared doing the same manuveur, we cried and repreated together at the same peak moment, “we are not alone, we are not alone” I felt that my understanding that ETI were gentle peaceful protectors of our bright evolutionary destiny was confirmed through telepathic messages. Then we held each other and cried more. What’s implied also is that we are deeply loved by these ETI who are one with cosmic love called Christ or Buddhna mind, etc. We felt very heightened in awareness as we walked back to a beach house we were staying at. I recall staying up listening to the power of love by huey lewis and feeling so grateful.

Encounter 3

I leave my parent’s house to go outside and lock thier woodshop. I lock the door and nonchantly look above at the stars not expecting anything out of the ordinary. 50 feet or so above the woodshop is a perfectly shaped glowing orb ship that is bright but yet somehow doesn’t brighten up the area below or around it. It glided above me then instantly transports out of this demension. Even with my previous two ecounters this was the closest and most incredible object I ever saw in the sky, and I felt intence shock about the whole experience. It took many months to fathom it and start to integrate it into my spiritual development.

Encounter 4

I was sitting with Elise outside in jersey, and I was fretting with fears about our relationship. I straight asked any ETI that were maybe listening if they would help with our relationship to grow prosper and last. Suddenly five minutes after this intense desperate prayrer, a distant light appeared in the sky and looped in a half circle as Elise was looking away. I urged her to look at this event, as she did it was speeding away like the flash of a shooting star except much more vivid.

Encounter five

Elise and I were sitting outside in the grass in jersey, we see in the distance a ship with multicolored flashing lights, beaming red green purple orange yellow. I wasn’t sure if it was ETI like the last times but I felt a beam of astral light in my imagination go from the ship to my body wiping clear my mind of thoughts and any emotions other then feeling completely loved and accepted by the universe. Even though Elise suggested I not try to take a video, I was tempted but the ship strangely enough though it was right there in the distance didnt register on the video. I intuited that this was because of the elusive nature of ETI and how they can mysterious not reveal themselves to humanity in mass for some cosmic timiing reason.


Don’t take this book’s word for it. Do you own research, seek out your own experiences, keep your mind open that you will when you are ready be contacted and most of all… it’s not true like the x files says that the truth is out there, because the truth about ETI is out there, but the truth of cosmic consciousness is within, in here, and only finding that will UFO and ETI experiences make any sense at all…

Friendly Gentle E.T.I. Extra Terrestrial Intelligence encounters

True stories of a couple and their mysterious encounters with ETI and UFOs, that perhaps can open your mind that we are not alone.

  • Author: South Jersey Baba
  • Published: 2017-04-27 08:50:14
  • Words: 1339
Friendly Gentle E.T.I. Extra Terrestrial Intelligence encounters Friendly Gentle E.T.I. Extra Terrestrial Intelligence encounters