Four points for prophets to ponder

4 Principles for Prophets to Ponder

by Danny Lirette



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The most terrifying aspect about prophesying is prophesying! To have the fearful responsibility to prophesy to others is something many people want… because it’s something they don’t truly understand! False prophets are the norm; they’re seen in large conferences prophesying prosperity, health, money, big ministries, etc.. .and so people have the idea that “that” is what a prophet does but that is “not” what a prophet does! Yes, God will often speak blessings and such things as these to His People yet He also speaks judgment (Acts 5:1-11) and warnings (Revelation 2) through His servants. If these two aspects are not present in a so-called prophet’s ministry, you’re listening to a “false” prophet!

A true prophet of God will be terrified when God calls him or her to speak a word of warning or of judgment; they will not have within them anything that “wants to” and will at times run from it (just as Jonah did!). A false prophet will glory in his “words” and will rarely, if ever, speak anything that can be considered “negative”. Why? Because “negative words” aren’t for the “Day of Grace” of which we’re all now in (according to them).

For those who desire to prophesy… you desire a beautiful thing! in 1 Corinthians 14 we’re told that “all” may prophesy.. but this is “not” the same as walking as a prophet (the office). Those called into the office of prophet are the mouthpieces of God… not the puppets of men! They carry a supernatural boldness when speaking for Christ and are often fearful outside of His Anointing. Just as the prophets of old, so modern prophets are often misunderstood and persecuted by those who claim to know the Lord and walk with Him. Prophets are often well received when times of blessing are present but are often hated when words of rebuke and correction come. They, just as those who walk in the office of apostle, are both loved and hated at the same time; understood and misunderstood; despised and yet sought after. They live lives of holy contradiction!

Do “you” want to be or even believe yourself to be a prophet? You very well may be a prophet yet if this excites you… you’re yet an infant concerning what a prophet is! If and when God calls you into the ministry of prophet, you’ll learn quickly who’s on your side and who’s out to destroy you; that I guarantee! You’ll come to realize immediately who’s sincere when they say they’re behind your life and ministry and you’ll know those who are not sincere. Some will shout your praises for a while but then despise you after a period of time when they disagree with your methods.

Being in this ministry, I can say with absolute certainty that any of you reading this called to the office of prophet must:

1- Get planted in a local church. Parking lot prophets go from place to place trying to “correct” everyone and they’re almost always false prophets. Even if they’re not, they certainly give off that air. A balanced prophet of God will stay connected to a local church. Period. You’re not in the Old Testament… stop wondering from place to place and get hooked up!

2- Be under submission! Prophets often feel that “they” hear from God and because “they” have heard from God “they” don’t need to listen to nor submit to their leadership. These people almost “always” become false prophets; not due to their prophecies and visions, etc.. .but due to their rebellious wicked hearts that use God’s voice as a springboard to rebel against godly authority. Once rebellion is submitted to, it’s not long before they begin to have false prophecies, dreams, visions, etc.

3- Prepare for suffering. If you’re truly called as a prophet you’re going to suffer. Jeremiah did. Isaiah did. Ezekiel did. On and on… all prophets suffer! This suffering will come through rejection, lies, slander, gossip and attacks on every side! This is why the local church and submission to authority is important; they’ll shield you and pray you through.

4- Never fail on a prophetic word. This is a tall order but a true prophet of God speaks "for" God... not himself or herself. If you "miss it" then shut your "ministry" down and question if you're truly a prophet of God. You may be; you may not be. The obligation of the prophet is to prophesy and to be 100% accurate. False prophets "miss it"; they're no different than psychics. True prophets do not miss it and if they do, they repent and seek God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of the one(s) they prophesied falsely to. The best course of action? DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE in your gifting. How can this be done? Learn, listen and then learn and listen again… until you know His voice just as you know your husband’s or wife’s.

These 4 principles will cause your life and ministry to glorify Jesus Christ and you’ll be well grounded and kept as you are planted in a local church, submitted to godly authority, endure suffering and hear from God in a way that gives evidence that He shares His secrets with you!


Four points for prophets to ponder

A true prophet of God will be terrified when God calls him or her to speak a word of warning or of judgement; they will not have within them anything that "wants to" and will at times run from it (just as Jonah did!). A false prophet will glory in his "words" and will rarely, if ever, speak anything that can be considered "negative". Why? Because "negative words" aren't for the "Day of Grace" of which we're all now in (according to them).

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  • Published: 2017-06-26 21:05:08
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Four points for prophets to ponder Four points for prophets to ponder