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This book has been made possible only by the Grace of the Divine Providence.



Published by Dev Khanduja at Shakespir

©Copyright 2017 Dev Khanduja


This book is a work of entire fiction. Names, characters, scenes and situations in this book are the products of author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events or incidents is purely coincidental.

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p<>{color:#00F;}. THE BEGINNING



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A legend says that Emperor Aniruddh Singh Rathore of Jaipur had amassed an immensely valuable treasure comprising of unique gems and jewels. His treasure was considered as the most precious one in India and was famously known as the ‘Great Indian Treasure’. However, no one knows what became of it.

But the first clue leading to the Great Indian Treasure lies in the Oath Book of the Rathore Dynasty. However, no ruler in the past three centuries had enough insight to understand the meaning of the ciphered clue, except Abhimanyu Singh Rathore, the tenth descendant of Emperor Aniruddh Singh Rathore.

But finding the Great Indian Treasure is not a piece of cake. A series of tests unfold in front of Abhimanyu as he sets on his quest to find the legendary treasure.

Will Abhimanyu be able to prove his worthiness and gain the much cherished “Great Indian Treasure”?


Hello Readers,

Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Abhimanyu Singh Rathore. By profession, I am a scientist in NASA. My wife, Samaira is a doctor. We led a casual life in California until 6th May 2017, the day of the beginning of a new adventure in my life.

That morning, like any other morning, I was sitting in the living room sipping at my coffee when I received a phone call from my dad. He was calling me to India for Raj Tilak (Crowning Ceremony).

My father had grown old and I being his sole son, was his heir to the Royal Throne. I forgot to tell you that I am the tenth descendant of the great King Aniruddh Singh Rathore of Jaipur who conquered half of the Indian subcontinent during his reign in the 18th century. Since India has become a democratic republic, we are no longer the ruling kings. But by title and honour, we still follow the old customs and practices.

So a couple of days later, I and Samaira found ourselves at the Jaipur Airport where the royal carriage was waiting for us. It was an hour’s journey before we found ourselves passing through the winding drives of the royal premises. Our palace— the ‘Rathore Crown Palace’, is situated in the lap of nature. The place premises are so enormous that it took us a quarter of hour’s drive from the main gate of the royal estate to the palace front door.

The palace owes its name to its structure which resembles the front view of a crown. The Rathore Crown Palace is exceptional for the way it brings together a magnificent palace with its park, gardens, orchards, a woodland, hunting lodges, ponds, a beautiful lake and fountains. The front yard is adorned with all sort of trees- yews, ashes, ashokas, mahoganies, sals, oaks, etc. and flowers of all colours. The sundial adorns the centre of the front yard. The scenic landscape seems to have no end. As far as one’s eyes can see, one sees only beauty of nature. There is a stable in the backyard of the palace and also a ground for horse riding (my favourite hobby). Its garden, ponds, and fountains are enchanting. I felt very refreshed while walking through the front garden to the palace door which was opened by our butler, Kunal.

Standing in the central hall, were my mom and dad waiting to greet me and Samaira. The central hall is adorned with a splendid chandelier in the centre. The palace is divided into three wings. The central one is largest of them and for our family. It has three floors. The ground floor is made up of the central hall, the dining hall, the conference hall, my parents’ room and the lobby. My room is on the first floor. The left wing is for the staff and the servants, while the right wing is for the guests. Our lifestyle is still full of luxury and splendour.

I was back home after a year. We had a sumptuous dinner. There were varied foods in the feast that one can never grow weary of. After heartily talking over the dinner, we all retired to sleep.

Next day (that was the 9th of May), I was reading in the library. The library was like a huge winding maze. While taking out a book from an old book rack, I noticed two parallel slight crevices on the back of it. I took out two or three more adjacent books to reveal the whole of the crevice which seemed unusual to me. I pushed the rectangular crevice from one side and it flipped open.

I wasn’t much surprised to find a trapdoor because I had found a half a score of empty ones in my childhood. I had hardly found a couple of trapdoors which contained something- that too not of much use or interest.

But what I found in this trapdoor vault was something that really amazed me. It was the diary of Emperor Aniruddh Singh. It had a grotesque cover. I went through the first few pages of the diary. It was about his daily life, administration, rules, etc. It was interesting to read his diary but at the moment, the butler came in to call me for lunch. I took the book to my study and kept it on my desk.

After lunch, I strolled through the gardens with Samaira appreciating the beauty of nature and enjoying the chirping of birds and admiring the beautiful fishes and swans in the ponds.

During all this, I had no remembrance of the diary that I had discovered.

Next day (which was the 10th of May), was my Raj Tilak ceremony which I enjoyed thoroughly. I was proclaimed as the new Rathore King! During the ceremony, I had to take an oath over the Holy Geeta. My dad had to read some pages from the small oath book which contained the oath to be taken by me. All the pages except the last one contained obvious content like pledging to be honest, just, fair, kind etc. The last page read by him was not a part of the oath but had to be compulsorily heard by me as a part of the ceremony. This last page as cited below was very weird.


When the giant ball will be above you, the black image of the Majestic Emperor Ashoka IV will fall on the twin of the sky. Beneath lies the legend to what you deserve if you really do.

The one who is worthy shall be the one who must possess the potential to know it. May the time of the worthy one come soon.”

Later I asked my dad about the unusual content of the last page of the oath book. He casually replied me, “This may have borne some meaning or significance in the past when this book was written. Don’t forget that this book is three centuries old. It was written by your great great great great great great great great grandfather- King Aniruddh Singh Rathore the establisher of our Rathore dynasty. In the present scenario, that thing hardly bears any meaning or importance”

So herding to my father’s reply, I just ignored “For The Worthy one”. But still in the heart of my hearts, I had a gut feeling about the significance of this seemingly worthless text.


The very next day after Raj Tilak (10th May), I found patches of blood stains on my clothes and a piece of rotting bone in my shirt’s pocket. That afternoon when I came to my room for a short nap, my bed sheet was covered with bloody footprints. Samaria felt uneasy, so I tried to placate her.

That evening, I shared these incidents with my mom and dad over the dinner. The butler, Kunal startled on hearing my short narrative. He rushed to the library and came back with an extremely old piece of paper and handed it to me.

He said “Pardon me sir for overhearing your conversation and disturbing you at dinner. I had found this page in the library tucked in an old book last year. I had completely ignored it believing it to be a false tale. But today after hearing about your experience, I immediately had nostalgia about it. I beg you to read it, sir”.

I tried to read that wreck of the page that he had handed me. But the words were hardly legible. “Will you please read it to me?” I asked Kunal.

“This legend says that there is a curse on the Rathore dynasty that it will abruptly end by the sudden murder of its tenth ruler. And that tenth ruler is you, kind sir. The legend also says that the curse is bounded in the royal premises where the “supernatural” will kill the heirless tenth Rathore king. Your life is in danger here. I request you to leave at once for the sake of your own safety.”

I pettily waved at him saying, “I don’t believe in curses and the other supernatural stuff. I am not leaving before a month at least. And I will soon find out who is playing the joke on me.”

Kunal shrugged in compliance but there was a tincture of distress in his features.

Shortly after, we retired to bed. Later in the dead of the night, I and Samaira heard blood chilling howls and screams. Samaira was almost paralyzed by fear. She hugged me tight. I tried to pacify her by saying that someone was playing a practical joke on us. With an outward show of bravery, I was about to set out to investigate but Samaira was too terrified to be left alone and too scared to accompany me. So I cancelled the idea of investigating the source of the horrible noises.

Moreover, being alone on the first floor, we were all the more threatened. But soon, the terrible sounds ceased. But we couldn’t sleep after that.

Next morning(11th May), Samaira urged me to leave but I refused. So, she changed her room and occupied the one adjacent to my mom’s room. On hearing our account of the last night, mom and dad were stressed. The whole day passed in panic. That night, instead of sleeping in my bedroom, I went to my study from where I could command the view of my bedroom and the whole corridor as well.

I sat at my desk waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, my eyes fell on the grotesque diary that I had discovered the other day in the library. For the time being, I went through the diary when on a specific page, a certain paragraph caught my attention.

“Today I am hiding the reward for the worthy one— the one who will be the worthy heir to my royal throne. But he will get his reward only after succeeding in the tests laid by me.”

The phrase “For The Worthy One” struck me like lighting. I tried to recall where I had encountered it earlier. I recalled that it was the heading of the last page of the oath book. This meant that weird text on the last page of the oath book was a cipher leading to some reward or treasure perhaps. It was excitingly thrilling.

But the next moment, there were those horrifying sounds again. I went out to find their source. I had walked a couple of yards when I decided to pick up my pocket revolves in case my little expedition turns out to be dangerous. As I turned back, I saw a dark figure entering my bedroom. I picked up my revolver from my desk in the study and hurried to my bedroom.

“Who’s there?” I shouted at the top of my voice “Who is there, I say. If you value your life, come out or else have half a dozen of bullets fired on you.”

I had seen a pair of feet beneath the window curtains.

“I am gonna fire” I warned again. A gaunt figure came out from behind the curtains with a goblet in his hand. I turned on the lights with my revolver pointing at him. It was Kunal, the butler. He had some red liquid in the goblet that he was holding.

“You!” I exclaimed. He lowered his head.

“Your family has served us for centuries and you black sheep. Why did you play so mean?”

“It was a joke, sire.”

“I too thought so earlier. Tell the truth if you want to live. Spill out your dark motive behind all this drama. Speak up. Remember that I can kill without letting a soul know of it and you would be none the better by being dead with your secret dying with you.” I spoke angrily.

Scared of my anger and revolver, he blurted out his dark truth, “I wanted to clear you out of my way.”

“Your way?” I asked being completely befuddled.

“The other day, I was searching for you to call for dinner when I entered your study room. There I saw that archaic looking diary of Emperor Aniruddh. It wasn’t something that you see daily. Out of curiosity, I picked it up and opened up a random page. By chance that page happened to be the one referring to that old mystery of “For The Worthy One”. After reading that I had understood that there is a treasure hidden in the palace and that last page of the oath book contains the clue leading to that Great Indian Treasure.”

“Great Indian Treasure?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes, sir. I have heard of a folk legend according to which Emperor Aniruddh Singh Rathore had amassed immensely rare and precious gems and jewels in his lifetime. Some say that he hid it, some say it was stolen and some say he lost it. But now I am sure it is hidden somewhere in the palace. I am doing justice to find it because if I don’t find it, it will rot undiscovered for centuries to come.”

“But what did you mean by clearing me out of your way”

“As long as you were staying here, I couldn’t find the treasure because you would interfere and interrogate my activities. I was eager to find it. If you left, I would have been left to myself. Your parents are too old to meddle with my affairs. To scare you away, I cooked up the story of a curse on the Rathores. I spilled this red paint in my goblet on your clothes and bed sheets. I had come again tonight to spill some ‘blood’ on your belongings. The terrifying sounds came from a mini-speaker hidden in a trap door in the corridor with a hole in it for the sounds to penetrate out. But unfortunately you returned unexpectedly at the wrong time to spoil my plans.”

“I am generous enough to give you six hours to pack your bag and baggage and leave the palace for once and for all. The treasure is meant for the worthy heir, not for the worthy butler. Consider it my kindness and your luck that I am not punishing you harshly for your misconduct.”

“You are afraid that I will find the treasure before you. Eh?”

“Not at all”

“Then I challenge you to decode the meaning of the coded riddle before me. Till then, let me stay here. If you decode this meaning successfully before me, I will leave at once. Else, I will keep the treasure. Say, do you dare to accept it?” challenged the butler.

“All right then.” Saying so I left the room and went straight to the library from where I picked up the oath book. Kunal had already made a copy of the puzzle for himself.


I spent the whole night restlessly tossing the puzzle in my mind. I couldn’t figure out the meaning of a single word on it. Let me cite the cipher again.


When the giant ball will be above you, the black image of the Majestic Emperor Ashoka IV will fall on the twin of the sky. Beneath lies the legend to what you deserve if you really do.

The one who is worthy shall be the one who must possess the potential to know it. May the time of the worthy one come soon.”

At dawn, when the first sunrays entered my room through a gap in the curtains, I opened the windows for fresh air. I stood gazing out of the windows when my eyes fell on the sun. That was it! The cipher said, “When the giant ball will be above you…”

The giant ball” meant the sun. The sun is above us at noon. Correlating sun and light, I understood that “black image” meant a shadow.

But where could the shadow of “the Majestic Emperor Ashoka IV” fall. As far as I know about history, there was only Emperor Ashoka. There is no fourth Ashoka. Moreover there is no statue or portrait of his in the palace of which shadows could be formed.

Since the shadows had to be formed under sunlight, I went out in the garden in hope of some cue or hint. In the half lit dawn, I was the only soul awake apart from the chirping birds. It was refreshing to stroll in that beautiful garden. I was surrounded by all sorts of trees including fruit trees (like mango, apple, and cherry), oaks, yews, ashes, hazels and …the ashoka trees!

There were 7 Ashoka trees in a row. The fourth Ashoka tree from either side was the middle one which was the tallest of all. So, another part of cipher was decoded.

I had somewhat begun to understand the kind of puzzle it was. Now the next part was “twin of the sky”. I looked around to see where the shadows of the ashoka tree could fall. There was the grass, a bench, hedges and a nearby pond. The “twin of the sky” meant the sky’s reflection in the pond!

The last part of the puzzle was easier to solve now. “Beneath lies the legend to what you deserve if you really do” meant that under the point where the shadows of the tree falls on the pond lies “the legend” to the treasure. ‘Legend’ means key. The word ‘legend’ made me think that this cipher wouldn’t lead me directly to the treasure but to another cipher or key.

So what I was seeking lay was under the pond. It was almost 6 o’clock in the morning when I had completely deciphered the puzzle. I went back into the palace and woke up Samaira. I narrated my account of my night’s expedition and about the significance of the cipher –“For The Worthy One” and how I decoded it. Samaira was spell bounded as she listened.

But she objected at one point, “This cipher was created three centuries ago. The height of the Ashoka trees might have remained different at that time. Maybe, those ashoka trees died and these are the new ones”.

That was something that I had already thought over. So I replied “Ashoka trees stop growing after attaining a certain height. In any case, I am going to get the whole pond dried and dug up. So, the height of the ashoka tree doesn’t matter at all now. And there is only one pond near the tree.”

“Well, that sounds good. Let’s have breakfast first. Afterwards, you can take a short nap because you didn’t sleep a wink at night. At noon, we will all gather near the pond and see where the shadow of the ashoka tree falls though it doesn’t matter much.”

“But I am too excited to wait till noon. When else will mathematics come handy? With a few basic trigonometric calculations, I have confirmed that the tip of the shadow of the fourth ashoka tree will fall in the centre of the pond.”

We went out and asked the gardener to empty up the pond which was of the size of a small swimming pool. Though later on, it was restored to normal, but presently it took a quarter of an hour to dry and dig up the pond when finally the gardener’s shovel hit a small metallic box.

So, finally I had solved the cipher. The dimwit butler had lost the challenge which he had himself given me out of over-confidence. He couldn’t figure out head or tail of the puzzle and left the service shortly afterwards.


My heart was beating with excitement when I was opening the lid of the small box. It contained a scroll with the royal seal which went as follows:

It is good that you are reading this scroll which means that you have passed the first test. I knew that someday this scroll would be discovered by an intelligent heir who has turned out to be you.

It proves that you possess great wisdom and an insight deeper than the generations preceding you. I congratulate you, but you have some more tests ahead of you which will unfold themselves as you clear the previous ones. These tests are meant to check your worthiness and if you succeed in all of them, your reward will be the most prized treasure of all.

But remember that my blessings and help will always be there for you if you can identify it. For now, my lesson for you is that never give up. If you fail twice, then try third time too but never give up. Opportunities are immense. If two doors close, the third one opens. Also, think thrice before jumping to conclusions.

For now, you must use all your wit to solve the following puzzle which is a test of your mental capacity and will lead you to your next test.

Behind moon lies the darkness in east of direction of living a stable life.”

All the best!

Your Ancestor,

Aniruddh Singh Rathore.”

Samaira was excitingly listening as I was reading the scroll aloud. The puzzle was very weird this time. Its grammar was improper and the puzzle bore no hidden meaning as far as we could think. We stood silently for some time thinking over the matter.

The silence was only broken by the sudden interruption of Samaira, “The emperor said that his help would be there for you provided you identify it. Where is this help? You must try to find and identify a hidden clue in the scroll’s message? Have you seen both sides of the scroll? Some text could be camouflaged somewhere on the scroll or on the tin box”.

“I have checked everywhere, Samaira. No camouflaged text. No hidden message. I have read the whole scroll thrice and am still reading again. And since this is a test of my worthiness. I must insist that you do not help me in this.”

As I was reading the scroll again, a peculiar thing struck me. The emperors teaching for me was “…never give up. If you fail twice, then try third time too but never give up. Opportunities are immense. If two doors close, the third one opens. Also, think thrice before jumping to conclusions.”

This message was as singular as the puzzle itself. The number ‘three’ was repeated thrice in this message. So I decided to read every third word in the puzzle.

Behind moon lies the darkness in east of direction of living a stable life.’

That gave — “Lies in direction a”

Well, that made no sense. So I started from the first word and read every third word thence.

Behind moon lies the darkness in east of direction of living a stable life.’

That gave —‘Behind the east of stable’

That made complete sense. My next destination was behind the east wall of the royal stable.

I went to the stable which was in the backyard of the palace. The east wall of the stable was common with the store room in the back of the left wing of the palace. Surely, there was something in that wall. I measured the length of the store room from inside which turned out to be nine metres from inside but over ten metres from outside. This meant that the thickness of the wall was one metre. I guessed that there was a secret vault in the wall bearing the treasure.

As I rummaged through the articles kept against the inner side of the wall searching for a trap door. I stumbled at a wooden plank and held the window sill firmly for support. I noticed that the window sill was not firmly in its place. I jerked it and it came off in one go, revealing a black cavity beneath. I put my arm in it to see if there was something inside. But suddenly, the front part of the wall fell down revealing a dark staircase running down.

Samaira, who was accompanying me all this time, was awestruck. “You should be an archaeologist”, she commented “The way you find out that this wall is abnormally thick and contains something was ingenious.”

“Ah, that’s nothing.” Accepting such praise is lowering one’s own standards.

“You must go inside. Mom and Dad must be awake by now and searching for us. Its half past seven already. I will call you if I need your assistance.” Saying so, I sent Samaira inside.


Using my phone’s flashlight, I descended the secret staircase which led me down to a secret chamber. Ahead of me were two entrances leading into a mirror labyrinth. Between the two, there was a wall on which an inscription was engraved.

Congratulations, son you have proved your intelligence. You are very close to the treasure. Find your way to the treasure through this mirror labyrinth and the treasure shall be yours.

Remember, if you have peace, patience, determination, truth and courage in your heart, all obstacles will fall in front of you.”

So, I had to find my way through that gigantic maze. Normal GPS wasn’t catching signals down there. Since I am a scientist at NASA, I am amongst those who have access to official higher end services of USA. So, I connected my phone to high precision GPS satellite which is used only for official purpose (Since, my task was unofficial, I had to later answer my seniors back at NASA).

Though GPS couldn’t help me in navigating my way to the treasure, it could trace the path which I followed to get into the labyrinth and let me retrace it back it out, in case I get lost inside the labyrinth. Relying on the GPS and my phone, I walked into the labyrinth through the first entrance.

Due to the mirrors, I wasn’t able to see where to walk. I collided with the mirrors hundreds of times during the two futile hours that I spent inside the labyrinth after which I reached the same spot from where I had started.

I was quite disappointed until when I suddenly recalled that my ancestor had promised to help me. I read the inscription on the wall again and again and searched the other walls for some clue. As I was reading the inscription for the umpteenth time, the last line caught my tongue “…all obstacles will fall in front of you”. I had understood its meaning.

I pushed the stone wall bearing the inscription but it didn’t budge. I kicked it hard a few times and it creaked (I had been a kickboxing champion in my school days). I moved back and ran forwards and pushed down the wall with my whole might .The wall fell down and a room uncovered in front of me. The room might have served as a secret hideout to my great ancestor and the stone wall might have been easily movable at that time but was jammed by now.

In the centre of the room, stood a fabulous golden chest as large as a single bed. My heart was utterly delighted and enthralled at the sight of it.


Beside the chest, a scroll lay on the table which ran as follows:

So, finally you are standing next to the treasure which you rightfully own now. But the chest is locked and no instrument in the world is capable enough to open it except its original key. The following clue will lead you to its key:

The rabbit is most cute and precious animal like thing which means that this animal can’t be tamed be it be bought.

Remember, that it is important to learn from the mistakes and experiences of the past.

Also, remember that beneath all difficulties lies an opportunity to learn and grow.”

By then I had understood the trend that the great king was giving me hints in the form of life lessons. His saying that “learn from the mistakes and experiences of the past” meant the decipher was the same as the previous one that I had found under the pond.

Reading every third word in the cipher (starting from the first word), I got:

The rabbit is most cute and precious animal like thing which means that this animal can’t be tamed be it be *bought*.

Keeping the words together, a meaningful sentence was formed as:

The most precious thing that can’t be bought.”

The answer was TIME. Time is the most precious thing that can’t be bought .This meant that the key was hidden somewhere near the old sundial in the front yard. I rushed out to the sundial in the yard.

The last line of the scroll was “…beneath all difficulties lies an opportunity to learn and grow” So the key was underneath the sundial or maybe under the top of the sundial (which meant inside it).

I tapped the sundial twice with my knuckles and was partially able to sense that it was hollow. By wiping the dusty sundial with a wet cloth, I was able to see slightly upraised part of it. I was able to see it because I was looking for it and examining it minutely, no one else could have observed it. I pulled it up with all my force and found a rusty key lying in the edge of the cavity along with a scroll which read:

“Very good. Now go and seek the treasure.”

I went back to the secret chamber with the key in my pocket to seek the treasure awaiting me.


With a trembling hand, I put the key in the lock of the chest and turned it slowly and opened it. The flashlight of my phone gleamed upon a collection of gems that I only used to imagine and fantasize as a child. I feasted my eyes looking at it for a few moments.

There were diamonds, emeralds, rubies, agates, carbuncles, turquoises, pearls, beryls, onyxes, sapphires and other stones (the very names of which I did not know at the time). Right in the centre of the chest, was the majestic crown of the Great emperor Aniruddh Singh Rathore.

The crown was made of pure gold and studded with multi-coloured gems, which I had never seen or heard of before. These unique gems are the sole specimens of their kind in the world and can fetch the millions of dollars each. In the centre of crown was a large diamond, larger than the “Kohinoor” and could be proclaimed as the largest diamond in existence. This diamond alone is worth a billion dollars.

The treasure was worth no less than a couple of billion dollars. With the treasure in my possession, I could be counted amongst the top ten richest people in India.

In the corner of the chest, one end of the scroll was protruding upwards. I had become habitual of finding a scroll every now and then. This time, the scroll went as follows—

You have proved yourself, son. You are the really worthy heir to my throne. This is half of my wealth which I am giving to you. Go and rule majestically but justly. Enhance the dignity of the throne. My blessings will always be with you. May God bless you!

With a final goodbye,

Aniruddh Singh Rathore”

I called mom, dad and Samaira to the secret chamber. Samaira had already told mom and dad about my guest till my finding the door to the secret staircase. I then narrated the rest of my story, every word of which thrilled my small audience.

But my dad reminded me of something that I had completely forgotten. Any treasure found in India belongs to the government of India and all finds must be duly reported on time. So I called the Archaeological Department of India and told them to come over.

I didn’t mind even if I had to part with the treasure which I had just recently acquired. I had enjoyed the small quest of finding the treasure as much as I was delighted to actually find it. My adventure in the past 12 hours had been incredible. Its reminiscences will remain with me, forever to be cherished. I had solved the mystery of “For the Worthy One” which remained unsolved for past three centuries.

Later in the evening when the officials came, I narrated them my most interesting and singular account. At last after hearing my narrative, they came to the conclusion that I can keep the treasure since my ancestor had intentionally hidden it for his worthy heir to find it. They agreed that my find wasn’t accidental and that I had all the rights to preserve it or sell it. But I have decided to preserve it for ever.

Who knows that someday I may hide the treasure for my worthy descendant to find?


DEV KHANDUJA is a 16-year-old budding author. Studying in the 11th grade, this young boy is fond of exploring his endless inquisitiveness for the sake of learning about his areas of interests including nature, science and the cosmos. You may often find him reading books during his free time because he is a voracious reader or practicing shooting. Dev believes in living life to its fullest and the best standards. Possessing one of the India’s best and the brightest ignited minds, Dev aspires to become a scientist and aims at contributing immensely in the field of science. His motto is to rise to the greatest heights of success and give new dimensions of standards to the society.

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A legend says that Emperor Aniruddh Singh Rathore of Jaipur had amassed an immensely valuable treasure comprising of unique gems and jewels. His treasure was considered as the most precious one in India and was famously known as the ‘Great Indian Treasure’. However, no one knows what became of it. But the first clue leading to the Great Indian Treasure lies in the Oath Book of the Rathore Dynasty. However, no ruler in the past three centuries had enough insight to understand the meaning of the ciphered clue, except Abhimanyu Singh Rathore, the tenth descendant of Emperor Aniruddh Singh Rathore. But finding the Great Indian Treasure is not a piece of cake. A series of tests unfold in front of Abhimanyu as he sets on his quest to find the legendary treasure. Will Abhimanyu be able to prove his worthiness and gain the much cherished “Great Indian Treasure”?

  • ISBN: 9781370400867
  • Author: Dev Khanduja
  • Published: 2017-06-06 16:05:12
  • Words: 5967