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For All Our Dreams And Unborn Children


For All Our Dreams And Unborn Children

© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-55-7


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On the front cover: “Let the valley sing a wholly wondrous thing (rebound on wing)” 2016


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For those who keep encouraging me – thank you most gratefully.


May the wind gently carry where our dreams see free to laugh with love and energy.




For all our dreams and unborn children…


Treat them well what you wished and hoped to tell

Treat them as a part of you – integral in the heart you knew before a different day blew such dreams away and in a moment’s kindly chance, you’ll see a different circumstance of what you always knew – the love that would come through if you told it to give you each and every clue and then around the world you flew to seek with eyes anew a treasured part of you and penguins in your midst were a part of this – to travel so far south and catch at winter’s mouth a breath and gasp divine to see and hear a different time where you could always be laughing energy and those moments that you knew resided in the depths of you – gave the final clue -


you never forget for you do all that you’re accustomed to – you always tend now to sing a sacred song, a quiet hymn where your soul was listening to what had gone before you entered a different door and though you think you can’t ignore and though you think that you can’t shore – it’s as it was before : a part of what your life adore – the evermore I see embraced in depths of me lives on eternally.


For all our dreams and unborn children wherever we may see a twinkle laugh so free.


For all our dreams and unborn children…

they had their own lives to tell – they cast on us a special spell of wishes we wished so well and absorbed into our hearts those tender open parts of what’s on display when we greet the world today – and come what may and come allay – these sacred moments stay and see – the finer parts of you and me are hidden bright from view – the loveliness we knew – anticipation shining through and tender now our dreams that turned to other streams for they hold within our keep, a special space our soul can sleep and lay tenderly to rest what our souls wishes the best – a gentleness now test the boundaries of such happiness that simply grew and grew and anticipation anew that whether loss or gain, life is gleaming just the same to shine in pure sunlight and feel our hearts with pure delight : the unadulterated view – the final sense of what we knew – when we could really see – we wished the best for you and me and in that energy there twinkles from afar a bright and rising star of what we wished and where we are thanking endlessly for all of life and its mercy to twinkle now and then when we were happy when…


For all our dreams and unborn children… treat them well : each hope’s last spell.



Purple Eyes Publishing the Value of Knowing


Thank you for reading through until the end: may it enrich you.


PEP logo creation




The logo for PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing) was part of a personal quest in art and design. The two spirals represent eyes opened when pivoted on a peak that has a steep side and a sloped curve. This portrays the delicate balance between hard-earned (steep-sided) understanding and sliding into familiarity (sloped curve). The overarching wave recognises the far-reaching potency of individual receptivity. Purple is often used to denote power or spirituality, and a particular mysticism or greater understanding is attached to purple eyes.


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purple eyes publishing the value of knowing





For All Our Dreams And Unborn Children

Simply we can see what hurt so long to be free - shining with bright energy, we catch our own true memory of when we really knew we never did let go of you... but kept instead a treasured bed where hungry soul rest weary head and can now just know a part of greater flow surrounds us wherever we may go.

  • ISBN: 9781910774557
  • Author: PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing)
  • Published: 2016-02-12 14:05:17
  • Words: 724
For All Our Dreams And Unborn Children For All Our Dreams And Unborn Children