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Flashbluee and Verian's Lament



  For my family, who are always there for me


             Chapter 1

         Stranger Days

It was the middle of the day, around 12:35, it was a normal day unlike most, an ordinary day of forty five minute classes, and fiveteen minute lunches.  It was lunch around that time and since it was a Friday everyone was wound up like a steel spring.

         There I was, sitting at my lunch table at Chisholm Trail middle school, with my two best friends, sitting to my left was Jacob Creel, though he called himself Kairo, he was eating a ham and cheese sandwich with a side of fries and chips. He had brown hair and Blue eyes, he was an average fellow, and was like me in many ways, in fact, if I didn’t have a few differentiating features we would most likely be mistaken for brothers, as we acted like such.

         Sitting to my right was my second best friend, he was the shortest of us, with me being five foot five, Kairo being five foot nine, and him being five foot two. His name was Charles Hudgens, his usual lunch consist of a can of soda, a pudding cup, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Hey Blue, are you going to finish those cookies?” Kairo said. “Well, I was going to trade them for your orange juice,” I said. “Wait, what kind of cookies are those?” Kairo said. “They’re chocolate chip,” I lied. We traded the orange juice for the cookies. Kairo bit into the cookies. “HEY!” Kairo yelled, “These are raisins you dirty trickster!” Kairo punched me playfully. “Sorry bro, I guess I mistook them for the good stuff,” I said. “Hey, where did Charles go?”

         “Huh, I don’t know, maybe he forgot he had some tutorials for math or something,” Kairo said. When the bell rang I said goodbye to Kairo and went to my next class. By the end of the day, I was beat like an egg, so when I finally reached the bus I fell asleep. I woke with a start when the person in front of me woke me up, and I quickly started running to home. I lived on forty five Candlebrook Drive. I slung my backpack by the door and yelled, “Mom! I’m going to the park!” I ran out the door, grabbed my phone and called Kairo to go to the park.

         It was 5:45 sharp when I went to the park, it was perfect outside, the temperature was perfect, the sky was Blue, and the swings were open. “ Absolutely nothing can ruin this day ,” I thought, “ absolutely nothing. ” When it hit me like a gigantic boulder racing at one hundred miles an hour, straight for my head.

         A small whistling, it lasted one second, two seconds, three seconds, four. Until the whistling grew, It was a whistle of an arrow going through the air, then it was a whistle of a missile, but still, it grew louder , until on this gorgeous perfect day , a meteorite, the size of both my hands balled in two fist, hit in the general direction of my house.

         I ran faster than I ever did, faster than a speeding train, I ran into my house and yelled to see if my mom was still home. No, she wasn’t, that’s good, she probably went to the store.  I double checked to see if any of my family were home, then checked again just to make sure. I also checked my email on my desktop, it was an average computer, but it was sleek and had a high performance rate. Everyone of the people I talked to at school used email for communication services. I found a message from my brother  that he was still on his trip to London, he was a star athlete in a country cross country team. “To my brother Blue, I am sorry that I will not be home for another 2 weeks, but things have been going well for the team and I, we have been winning against London and have the upper hand. Your brother, Dom.”

  “Huh, well I hope he does good.”  I thought as I was typing a response. “Dear Dom, everything is going good over here, school is ok, Mom got a promotion, and Dad is doing training for his work, but lately there has been some ordinary days, but there hasn’t been many for the past week, but today seems ok. Your brother, Blue.” I had finished the email and sent it to Dom, just as I sent it, there was a crash outside, and when I looked out the window. “Oh no, not today, any day but today,” I said, I knew that today, was one of those stranger days.

                                Chapter 2

              More Blue Than The Sky

         I went outside into my backyard. It was almost as if it was a dream. “Why did this happen?”  I thought. Life has always been mostly out of the ordinary,  and here I was staring into a deep Blue crater. I got some oven mitts out of my mom’s kitchen drawer.   I reached into the crater and found the meteorite. It was surprisingly heavy, the meteorite was about the size of both my hands.

 It was a strange rock, it was a bright sky Blue, and it was cold, I was surprised it wasn’t burning from crashing down from the atmosphere. I decided to keep it, so I put it in a glass case beside my bed, right next to my computer. I got the glass case out of my brothers closet, since he gets a ton of awards from running. I was still amazed that this rock had made a crater roughly the circumference of a middle aged elephant.

         My room had suddenly become colder, so I raised the temperature on the thermostat to 74. I was just about to open the fridge to see what I was going to have for dinner when there was a knock on the door. When I looked through the peephole in my door I saw it was my second best friend, Charles. I opened the door and let him in. “Did you hear that crash? The sound itself was enough to rattle my house!” Charles said. “Yeah, I heard it alright,” I said sarcastically.  “Why the sarcasm?” Charles asked. “Well, whatever it was crashed into my backyard,” I said. “Really? Can I see the crater??” Charles asked. “It’s nice to know I can talk to you about the meteor, the crater is in my backyard,” I said, “I already got the meteor and put it in a glass case upstairs in my room.” “Wait, why is it colder in your room than it is in the rest of the house?” Charles asked. “I think the meteorite is emitting some kind of icey temperature, whatever it is, it seems really cool,” I said. “Nevertheless you should probably go to a scientist to examine it, it could be giving off some kind of radiation,” Said Charles. “Yeah, I’ll bring it to the observatory across town, I don’t think that it is giving off radiation though, it hasn’t affected me in any way,” I said. “Well, my mom is making mac and cheese along with some hotdogs, so I think I’ll go now,” Said Charles. “Well, my mom is going to be home soon,” I said. “Okay, see ya,” Charles said. “Adios amigo,” I said.

         So right about then my stomach grumbled and I went to the fridge to get a snack. Mom had brought home some food from chili’s, a restaurant that we usually went to. I decided that I wouldn’t share the meteorite’s appearance, by the time she came home I covered the hole with dirt, so there were no hints that it had actually occurred. “How was work?” I asked. “Oh, like they usually are, but today wasn’t as long as yesterday,” Mom said. “Tell me about it, usually the days are as long as the sea is wide,” I said. “Why is there less grass outside in the backyard?” Mom said. “Oh, I mowed the lawn, it took a little while though,” I said. “Well, remind me to put more lunch money into your account so you can eat lunch at school,” Mom said. “ Ok . Time to check on the meteorite,”  I thought.

         I checked on the meteorite and put it back in its case, then went to sleep. I woke up with a sharp breath, it was so cold in my room that I could see   my own breath, I got up and checked the thermostat in the hallway, it was still a temperature of 74, it had gotten noticeably warmer as I walked out of my room too.

As I walked back into my room I looked at the meteorite, it had started to glow very bright, and morphed into the most unlikely thing. Sunglasses. It had an intense Blue color to it, as if it was forged by the sea itself. Under closer examination I noticed they were some of the coldest pair of sunglasses that I’ve ever seen, I picked them up and felt the texture, it was as smooth as butter, and could be mistaken for plastic, although it had more of a metal material , definitely not from earth, not of any metal I had felt before, convinced it was a dream I went back to sleep until morning.

                                  Chapter 3

          The Things We See

My eyes drowsily started to open. I looked to my side and saw the Blue sunglasses. I jumped out of bed grabbing the sunglasses on the way and went to my mirror, from there I put the Blue sunglasses on my face. They fit perfectly, it was actually pretty terrifying, it was almost as if they were made specifically for me. I rushed downstairs and got a bowl of cereal, some toast, and a glass of orange juice. My mom didn’t usually get up between the hours of eight o’clock and ten o’clock. So I had time to eat breakfast and sneak very cautiously out the door. I texted Charles to see if he was awake, when he didn’t answer for the next ten minutes, I gave up and went to the park. From there it was early in the morning so dew had just started collecting on the grassy field by the park, since it felt so nice outside I went on the swings, relaxed, and closed my eyes. While my eyes were closed, a bright Blue flash appeared in front of my eyelids, when I opened my eyes, everything was ten times more beautiful than they were, and I could go ten times faster than I could before. It was almost if I could teleport, yet I could still remember the journey. I was fast enough to where I could run to the school and back, it was amazing. “ I felt as if I could do anything, but, how would I get back to normal speed?”  I thought. So I did exactly what I did before. I closed my eyes and relaxed. My vision returned to normal, it was no longer Blue outside, I reached for my phone to text Charles, and found that he had already texted me telling me that he was coming to our “meeting” place in the park. Once he had gotten to the park I explained what I had discovered about the sunglasses. “Where did you get them?” Charles asked. “The meteorite that fell from space transformed into them, it’s pretty weird,” I said. “Well, it’s pretty cool that you get some powers from your sunglasses, but you know what’s cooler?” Charles said. “What can be cooler than these awesome Blue sunglasses?” I asked. He went close to my ear and whispered, “I can control time.” I then suddenly began laughing so hard my gut started hurting. “What?” He said. “The day you control time is the day I shoot lightning.” He challenged me to a friendly battle, which I thought was even more funny that I chuckled a bit, and I tried to surprise him with my newfound speed, yet he always seemed faster than me! How is he that fast? He was never the fast type before.  As soon as he was about to dodge my next attack, the impossible happened. I shot lightning, and then he dodged it.

                                Chapter 4

        The Powers of Four

         “So does any one else of my friends have powers I don’t know about?” I said to Charles, Kairo and Olivia. Olivia was another friend of mine other than Kairo and Charles. “Well, I wanted to talk to you about it, but I found something strange that gave me powers,” said Kairo “Didn’t we all,” murmured Charles. “As, I was saying before Charles interrupted me, I found a dragon scale, or that’s what I think it is,” Said Kairo. “Well..” Olivia said as she lifted her hood. “Wow! Your ears are really really pointy!” I said. “For me it’s not really powers, these are my natural abilities,” Olivia said. “As well as unquestionable beauty,” Charles whispered. “What did you say Charles?” Olivia said. “Oh! Uh, I said that I thought you just dyed your hair green, I didn’t know it was natural,” Charles said studdering. “It isn’t natural, I actually did dye it green,” Olivia said. “Oh,” said Charles and I at the same time. “This also explains why you always wear something over your head, I usually see you with a hat or hoodie or something like that,” I said. “But I could see why you would do that, actually, we probably need to conceal our identities so one, the people we care about are protected, and two, the government won’t you know, dissect us and stuff,” I said. “I have been doing that,” Olivia muttered under her breath. “But other than that, we need to help others, we could be heroes!” I said. “It’s better we don’t even get involved with all of this justice stuff, we could cause more trouble than we could stop,” Charles said. “Then I have a question, what if someone else found an artifact like yours, then what destruction would they let loose?” “Good point,” Charles said. “But, we should probably only use these powers, except for someone that is trying to destroy the world, or the city, or you in general.” “Even if all of us were combined we couldn’t destroy the earth, but either way I’m concerned,” I said. “Well I say that we should use them how we please, I mean, who is going to bother to try and stop us?” Said Kairo. “The military,” I said. “I don’t exactly want to be shot at you know, as fast as these sunglasses make me, I’m still not faster than a bullet.” “What I find most fascinating is that you have the ability to launch electricity from your limbs, I mean, the static has to go somewhere right, or it’s the glasses or magic,” Olivia said. Whatever it is, it is totally awesome, the glasses, the lightning, the speed, it’s almost overwhelming, too much is changing, it’s like if something else happens out of the ordinary, I’ll snap.

             Chapter 5

                              Black Light


           That night I  had a dream about all of us. It was different than the usual dream of me hanging out with them, it was dark and dreary, it was stormy outside and all I  could see was black, pure black, but it was different than the usual black that I  saw in my room, the pitch black. It was almost as if it had texture  to it, like it was alive. I stuck my hand into this cool blackness, it was like ooze in my hands, it tried to swallow me. So I did what any ordinary person would do, not that I was an ordinary kid anymore, and I ran. The darkness, the pitch black kept chasing me, trying to engulf me in the black ooze, and it did finally. It was darker, darker, darker still. In the blackness I saw a face, a strange face, a familiar face, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Well, I could, but I didn’t want to touch the face, it engulfed me in a black lightning. I screamed, and woke up.


              Chapter 6

       The New Girl in Town

         I woke up, sweaty, and looking like a wreck. I had dark circles under my eyes, probably from bad sleep. After a healthy dose of bedhead, I combed my hair and went into the kitchen, and poured myself a bowl of fruit bites. I thought it was simply incredible that someone could pack all the flavors of fruit into tiny marshmallows with small wheat cracker like cereal. I ate my breakfast, put on my sunglasses, and went outside. My phone made a very techno drumming sound, I looked and saw that Charles had texted me telling me to come to the park, he said that he texted Olivia and Kairo and told them that if we were going to fight evil or something, we should probably train our powers. I put my phone back into my pocket and started towards the park when I stopped by the house next to me. [_ That’s weird, the car is new_] . [_ I thought.]  When I wasn’t paying attention I accidentally bumped into a girl, she looked about my age. She had brown hair and brown eyes, a combination I saw very often. “Sorry for bumping into you,” I said. “No, it was my fault, I didn’t see where I was going,” The girl said in a softer voice. “I’m still sorry, bye I guess,” I said. She waved goodbye at me and walked past me. “Oh yeah, my name i-” I started to say, but when I looked back, she was gone. I shrugged it off and headed down to the park, looking and hearing the different things and sounds around me, all warped into different things through the sunglasses. After the day of training with our “team” I was so tired that I literally fell into my bed. “ [_Had the girl moved in during the night?”]  I thought, “ She was so shy, she looked friendly, she might become one of my best friends.”  I decided not to think of it anymore and went into a dreamy sleep. That night I didn’t dream of the black ooze, I dreamt of the pale girl who had mysteriously appeared on the sidewalk, presumably my new neighbor. I was in Blue mode, what I called the speedy form, where I saw many other things. I stared directly at her, but something about her had changed, she had two white wings, she reminded me of an angel. She said something, but the only words I could make out were, “His name is Ch-.” When she had almost finished her sentence, the sky grew darker, and the black lightning engulfed me again, making me wake up.

                                Chapter 7

      The Boy in Black Shades

[_         “What is infinite?] ” I thought to myself. It was interesting how philosophical I could be even though I wasn’t the type. _Not everyone is greedy, now I admit that I used to get a cookie or two from the cookie jar.  Kairo said that he wanted to talk to me at the park, he said that he found something interesting. I was still groggy from the nightmare about the girl, so instead of eating breakfast, I went straight to the park. As soon as I went outside, I knew something was off, but I was sure I could deal with almost anything. I walked over to the park, and saw there was nobody there. “Kairo?” I semi-yelled. I heard an unmistakable sound of wood chips being crushed under someone’s foot. I turned around expecting to see Kairo, but it was just a dark haired kid, he was about five foot four. As I went closer to him, I noticed something funny, he was wearing a very interesting pair of sunglasses. They looked a whole lot like mine. “Who are you?” I asked. The black haired boy said in a deeper voice than I would have thought, “My name is Verian.” “Mine is Blue,”I said. “Oh, that’s my mom, I’d better get going,” Said Verian. “See ya,” I said. “See you, bro,” Verian said. “ What a strange guy,”  I thought. “Hey,” Kairo said behind me, “Who was that?” “I don’t know, some weird kid,” I said. “Oh yeah, look what I found,” Kairo said. The moment he lifted it up to me to see, I jumped. A black scale.

                                Chapter 8  

                              My True Name

That night I had a dream about a black cat. “Hello?” I said into a dark void. There was a snarling sound coming from inside the abyss. The snarling sound gently grew stronger and stronger and nearer and nearer. “Hi, my name is-”  I was cut off. “I know who you are,” said the cat. “How do you know me?” I asked. “There is no time, I have been protecting you, from him. ” “Who?” I said in a worried voice. “I cannot tell you, I am almost discovered, but I shall give you full access over the sunglasses, as you call them.” He said, “Goodbye, FlashBluee.” He looked at me in concentration, his sides lit up with yellow, and he was gone. This time, it was Blue lightning that engulfed me, filling me with courage, then I woke up. “ FlashBluee, ”  I thought as I examined the small lightning bolt that appeared on the front of the sunglasses ,   “ FlashBluee . That, is my name.”











                Chapter 9

            I Hate Mondays

It had been almost 5 days since I’d found the sunglasses. It was strange at first, testing new abilities out, finding out the limits of my powers. I began to see things differently, even without the glasses on. Some things were huge in comparison. Water looked like it had more texture, like wet cement. Other things were small. The leaves of trees and plants were a Blueish color now. I actually kind of liked the way I saw things, they were more noticeable now, I could see things that appear for a fraction of a second, like people’s lying movements. A nose twitch or a mouth movement. There were other things about me that changed, my eyes had more Blue in them, my hair was a lighter color, and I became faster and stronger even without using the sunglasses. My senses became more acute, I could hear different things and smell things others couldn’t. I was in lunch, Kairo and Charles weren’t there, they were probably off training with each other. So I sat there, alone. Mom hadn’t gone to the store for a little while so I bought some lunch at school. The pizza that was served had a light taste of styrofoam mixed with cheese and tomato sauce, and the milk tasted like wet paper. It wasn’t very different at school today, nobody ever noticed me really. Sometimes I could make some people laugh, or start a conversation, But today I just felt like taking a nap or two. I was dozing off when the bell rang. I nearly jumped out of my seat about five feet in the air. Some of the kids in the cafeteria turned around and saw me midair, others just kept walking as if I didn’t exist. Those kids were what we called “popular” kids, they could care less about you unless you were famous or had a lot of money, neither of which I had at the time. They were usually mean and snotty, always thinking that they were better than everyone else around them. “ [You’re not better than me,” _] I thought. Next class was choir. I was totally awesome at choir, I got invited to be in a regional choir, and rocked the house. I wasn’t too worried about choir, it was a Monday though, so you never know. The thing about Mondays is that something _always  happens, no matter how prepared you are. One time, there was a kid named Jimmy Knoghter. This guy was smart, really smart. His backpack felt like it weighed forty pounds, he had so many pens, pencils, and notebooks. He built a machine that wakes you up by rubbing you on the head, so he didn’t need an alarm clock. He lived right beside a house that was still under construction. He was definitely smart, but apparently not smart enough to wear a hard hat, if you catch my drift. He’s still alive, he was just going to be in the hospital for a little while. I was walking into the classroom when I found a dollar bill on the floor. Who would leave a perfectly good dollar bill on the floor? “Wow!” Someone said in a deeper voice inside the classroom, “That was the best thing I have ever seen!”“ [Oh no, not him,” _] I thought _.  As soon as I looked in the classroom there was a black haired boy with black sunglasses on his head, with an unforgettable voice and a crooked grin. Verian.

                        Chapter 10

      A New Like in my Life

Verian was a pretty good singer I had to admit, he could even hit some tenor notes although he had a lower voice. It was a pretty good class considering the karaoke that we decided to have in class that day. Most of the kids in class just goofed off and made crazy voices instead of giving their hearts to the song, of course we all laughed at the voices, I could just imagine the author of the song singing the lyrics like that even though it didn’t seem to match, it was hilarious. I chose a song called Counting Stars by One Republic. It was one of my favorite songs because it reminded me of the “bad” things I used to do when I was younger. Me and Kairo used to sneak out to go to the park and watch the stars, matching the constellations together. Verian chose a song called Bad, by Michael Jackson. It was pretty funny watching him dance and sing the lyrics. “ You know, some people think that if you believe enough in what you have, you could perform miracles,” Verian said, “But sometimes you don’t know what you have until someone takes it from you. ” After the bell rang it was seventh period, I was never any good at language arts because my handwriting wasn’t desirable. A day passed, and I’m so glad it did, Tuesdays are a whole lot better than Mondays, some things happen here and there but they are usually easy to get by. Second period was what made my day though. Aisu, as I  learned her name later, living in the house next to me, was in that class, she was pretty nice, She looked like a dependable person, and a capable girl. It was then that i decided, i wanted to be friends with her, and perhaps something more in the future.

           Chapter 11

          False Friendship

I was walking home with a bunch of jumbled thoughts in my head, thoughts that I liked, “ Nothing can go wrong today .”  I liked Tuesdays even though they were the second day of the school week. But as usual the universe has a really cruel sense of humor. I heard footsteps behind me and before I  could turn around, someone had suckerpunched me. It doesn’t take much to knock someone out, even if they are faster than most. The only thing that I  saw was a black shadow. Then I  blacked out. I don’t know when I  woke up, I  was just on the sidewalk and it looked around six o’clock. It was getting nearer and nearer to winter, so around six the stars usually come out earlier. I got up and looked around for my backpack, it was sitting on the middle of the road, I  was surprised it didn’t get run over. It was open, it looked like someone tried to shake all of my stuff out. I cleaned all of it up and put it in my backpack. At that moment realization struck me, my sunglasses were gone. Thoughts raced through my head as I  started running back in the direction I  came. “ Who did this? Who stole them?”  I thought. I knew that Verian wore a lot of black, and he had hinted that his glasses did something for him. “ [_Did he steal them?” _] I thought, “ [_But we had some good times today.” _] Then it hit me. “Sometimes you don’t know what you have until someone takes it from you.”

            Chapter 12

        An Odd Conversation

A few hours had past by since I was mugged, so I was on the bus to school now, and ever since my sunglasses were gone, I haven’t felt the same, like some part of me was gone, like part of my identity was taken away from me. It was six o’clock in the morning, I couldn’t sleep that night, there was too much rage in me to sit still. I tried everything, pacing, eating a small snack, But I couldn’t sleep knowing that Verian, a so called “friend” had my glasses and keeping them for himself. It wasn’t just that it felt like my identity was gone, I felt weaker and more vulnerable, and quite honestly, it scared the crap out of me. The bus had arrived at school, and I looked for Verian. He was sitting by his locker putting away pencils. I was going to say something until he turned. “Hey, I needed to talk to you,” Verian said. “I saw this guy running away with your sunglasses, so I chased him and made him give them to me.” “ Yeah right, Verian is a pretty good runner, but he’s not that fast,” I thought . He gave them back to me without any trouble, in fact, he seemed almost glad to give them back. “ Do you know what his name was? ”  I asked with genuine curiosity. “ Huh? Oh, no, not really, he was wearing this big black cloak ,”  Verian said. [_ So it wasn’t him, or is he trying to trick me?]  I pushed the thought away. [ _] “ Thanks Verian ,”  I said. “ No problem, f riend. ”   “ Uh, Verian? ”  I said. “ Yeah? ”  He said. I looked around to see if anyone was looking or hearing us. “ Would you like to join a team of heroes that me and my friends have made? ”  I asked. “ Yeah, sure, it might be fun ,”  He said.

                                  Chapter 13

            The Warning

That night I dreamt of Aisu again, this time she was more clear, and the world around me wasn’t so blurred. “Hello Bluee, it’s nice to see you again , ”Aisu said. “Same to you , ” I replied back. Her face had a smile on it, then became very stern. “Bluee, Verian is not who you think he his, he is not your friend, he is very evil , ”She said.  “How did you come about this information?” I asked politely. “I knew Verian before I  came to this school, before he came to this school, I  think he followed me here because I  came searching for you , ” She said. “Why were you looking for me? Why was he looking for me?” I asked. “I have to go, Verian is interfering with the link. You must go, your friends need you , ” She said. This time when I  woke up I  felt much more calm, I  wasn’t sweaty. I grabbed my sunglasses and clothes, and ran outside. I stopped dead in my tracks when I  saw the park. It had been destroyed, in a mountain of plastic rubble. “Bluee!” Kairo yelled. His face was bloodied from a scratch over his left eye, it was probably going to scar. He wore a worried face. Charles was beside him sitting on the ground, somebody had broke his glasses. Kairo looked at Charles, then at me. “He took her… He took Olivia. ”

                   Chapter 14

        Our First “Mission”

“He did what?!” I practically yelled. “He took Olivia. He just came and took her, He took us out like we were nothing, it was like trying to fight a hurricane , ” Kairo said. “He was just standing at the edge of the park, and then we were both on the ground.” “He beat all three of you? At once?” I said. “I couldn’t protect her, it just happened so fast , ” Charles said. “We need to go after him , ” I said. “We don’t even know where to look!” Charles said. “We’ll find a way , ” I  said lamely. “Hey guys, what if I  could track him?” Kairo said. “How?” I said. “Well, it isn’t perfected yet, but I  might be able to… pick up his scent , ” He replied. I had to restrain a snort. “From the moment I  picked up the scale things around me started changing, my sight, my sense of smell, I  can smell twenty different things at the same time and none of them would be overpowering , ” He explained. “So, what’s keeping you from smelling him now?” I said. “He barely smells like anything, it’s like standing in an empty room , ” He said. “Then, follow the trail that smells like nothing , ” I said. “It’s ironic actually, in order to smell something I  have to smell nothing , ” Kairo said. “But we can’t go out looking like this, people would recognize us snooping around , ” Charles said. “Then let’s make costumes, so no one could know who we are , ” I said. “Is there a costume shop nearby?” I said. “There’s a Party City beside the mall , ” A voice said behind us. It was Aisu. “How long have you been listening?” Charles said stepping forward. “I don’t need to listen, I ’ve known what was going on , ” She said. “ [_How far back did she know?” _] I thought . “I didn’t know that Verian would follow me here, I knew he wanted the sunglasses, I guess power can drive someone mad. Wearing any of the sunglasses bonds with the person that wears it, they’re also made of a very hard metal composite that’s almost impossible to destroy , ” She explained. “How much do you know about these, sunglasses?”Charles said. “More than I  want to , ” Aisu said. “And I ’m coming with you , ” She added . “You can’t come, it’s too dangerous , ” I said. “Actually, we could use her to get information , ” Charles said. Aisu continued ,  “And it’s not too dangerous for me, I ’m just as strong as you.” “Are you as fast as me?” I said. She pulled something out of her pocket. She put on strange looking light Blue sunglasses. “Does that answer you question?”

             Chapter 15

            Verian’s House

Once we went to Party City, Kairo followed the scent of Verian, which was barely a scent at all. We had put on fake super hero costumes, but it still made me feel like one. We followed Kairo’s nose and we went on for what felt like miles until we came up to grey concrete house. Most the paint was peeling off from it, otherwise it looked like a normal house. I rung the doorbell. I heard shuffling inside of the house. I knocked on the door. I heard more shuffling. I pounded on the door with my fist. “ Yes! Yes! I’m coming, jeez , ” Said Verian. He unlocked the door. “Yes? I’m kind of busy right now.” I made my voice sound deeper so he wouldn’t recognize it. “We’re raising money for a charity , ” I said. “Oh, let me get my wallet , ” Verian said as he walked into the house again. I think he recognized me anyway because when he walked into the house he locked the door. I heard mumbling inside of the house. The garage started opening up and Verian and a white haired girl with white sunglasses I  didn’t recognize came out. “Hello Bluee, I  would like you to meet my new companion, her name is-” “I don’t really care about who your companion is, where is Olivia?” “Since you interrupted me I  think I  might not, plus I  don’t really want too anyway.” The girl whispered something into his ear. He nodded, and they both ran at super fast speeds. “After them!” I said. For a moment I  forgot that only me and Aisu could run at that speed. “Bluee! Wait! Ugh, I  guess I ’m going to search the house , ” Charles said.

                              Chapter 16

        The 100 Mile Run

“I can’t believe we lost them!” I said infuriated ,  “How could they possibly be that fast!” “I have a possibility , ” Aisu said. “What?” I asked. “Either he’s been training one hundred years longer than you have, or he used essences.” “Essence?” I said confused. “You need three pairs of sunglasses to do it, it makes the wearer stronger and faster than if they were just wearing one , ” Aisu said. “But I  only saw he had-” The words died on my lips, the memory of him stealing my sunglasses came back to me. “He took mine, he mugged me after school and took my sunglasses, that’s how he got three essences. He’s probably miles away from here.” “About 100 miles west, Tyler Texas, I’m guessing that’s where he took Olivia, but I  don’t know why he would need her.” Charles said looking at a map in Verian’s living room. I opened some of the drawers in Verian’s room. “Huh.” There was a strange blueprint inside of the drawer. “Can I  see that?” Aisu said. “No, he wouldn’t dare do that… No, he always dares.” “What? What’s wrong?” I asked. “We have to follow him, or billions will suffer the consequences.” “Is it some kind of weapon?” I asked. “Yes, but the weapon itself isn’t dangerous, it’s the fuel of that weapon.” “What is the energy?” “If he fires it, it will consume half of the metal core of the pl anet a nd, g ravity will go haywire, leaving everything being swallowed by the sun, and the sun will go supernova, and kill anything from about fifty light years away.” “Then what are we waiting for?” Charles said. “Let’s go kick Verian’s butt!”

                                    Chapter 17

              Past Revealed

We were about fifty miles away from Tyler Texas, Charles and Kairo took a bus and told us that they would meet us there. It had taken us two days to get to where we were, and we were sitting under the stars. “I have some questions for you , ” I said. “Go ahead , ” Aisu replied. “You said you knew Verian before you came here, what did you mean by that?” I said. “Verian isn’t human, he came here from a pod jettisoned from somewhere, nobody knows where. Verian and I were selected to go to a planet about ten light years away from here.” “You don’t look much older than me, it takes many years to get that far , ” I said. “We didn’t use starships, we used something much more practical, teleporters , ” She said. “It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie , ” I said. She continued. “We were supposed to make peace with the planet, but we found something.” “What?”I said. “They were going to do an invasion anyway, peace treaty or not. Verian stopped the docking bay from receiving ships or sending ships to our planet, and as thanks, they figured out his home planet coordinates, and destroyed it.” “And now he wants revenge?” I asked. “He will do anything to destroy their planet, even if it takes out another.” She said. “Why can’t he just use another one?” I asked. “Because he doesn’t have access to the teleporters anymore, and there aren’t many planets with a core like yours.” “So he’s going to kill himself to get revenge on those people?” I asked. “Unless he has a way to get out of the solar system.” “So you’re not human?” I said. “No, I am human, I was born on earth.” “Who chose you, and who chose me?” I said. “The people that chose me were the members of the shade, they were destroyed almost two years ago because they thought that if they chose any more people that they would turn bad because of greed of power. Rebels stole a meteorite made of a special tungsten and sent it out of air lock, and I followed it to make sure it got to its destination.” “Verian followed you?” “He needed it to make him stronger, building that machine would have taken him months, but it would only take him days now.” “I can’t help but admire Verian’s ambition, I  just wish it was focused somewhere else , ” I said. “With his abilities now, he could do almost anything ,”  She said ,   “ I just hope he makes the right choice and stops this madness.” “Yeah , ” I said.

             Chapter 18

                10 miles left

We stopped for the day at a diner with Charles and Kairo. At that time, we almost forgot what the mission was about, it was nice, sitting among friends, eating breakfast, just chatting. But there was a time for relaxing and this was not it. We had a mission to complete, Olivia needed to be saved, and Verian was trying to destroy the planet’s core, and potentially someone else’s planet. The machine needed an immense amount of molten nickel to power it, and we had a huge supply of it. It was about four thousand miles deep underground, and a drill would take a bit to get there. “Chances are that he has already beat us there, the drill, depending on how fast it is most likely has almost reached the core , ” Aisu said. “Here’s the plan , ” Charles said ,  “I’m going to try and slow the drill down, Kairo is going to try and find the console controlling the drill, Aisu and Bluee are going to confront Verian and distract him.” “You would think that the police would notice a giant laser , ” I said. “Maybe he told them he was directing a coffee and donut commercial , ” Kairo said. We all laughed. “Wouldn’t the people have suspicions?” Charles said. “He probably told them he would help them somehow, usually people will allow anything if it’s to their benefit , ” I said. That’s when someone tried to suckerpunch me, not this time. It was the girl with the white sunglasses. “I cannot let you pass me , ” She said. “That’s what you think , ” Aisu said, and was about to hit her, until Charles said ,  “Stop!” “What?” Aisu said. “I know who she is , ” Charles said. “We have to get past her and to save Olivia!” I said. “You don’t understand, this is Olivia , ” Charles said. It was then that I  noticed her features, they were remarkably similar. “Why are you helping him? He is going to destroy this planet and everything on it!” I said angrily. “What has this planet done for me?! ”  She said. I’ve been chased my entire life, people trying to hunt me down and dissect me, trying to figure out my biology, why I ’m stronger and faster, why my ears are pointy. You were a great friend Bluee, but I  can’t let you pass me, Verian can take me off this rock and to a planet that cares about me.” “We care about you , ” Charles said. “We all do , ” Kairo said. “I’m sorry, but two people can’t change the world , ” Olivia said. “Then help us change the world, stop Verian, all of us together can change the world. You’ll be considered a hero, everyone would care about you, you already have people that care now , ” I said. “Just go, stop him, he’s almost done , ” She stepped aside.

             Chapter 19

        When you try your best

“Do not underestimate Verian, he is more powerful with three essences, and will show no mercy when it comes to his revenge , ” Aisu said. “We just need to stall him long enough for Kairo to get to the controls, after that, we take Verian down , ” Charles said. “You’ll have to be fast, we won’t be able to stall him for long , ” Aisu said. “Ok , ” Kairo said. “Also, try not to die Bluee, the sunglasses will explode from the link with you, and it will destroy everything from a block from here , ” She said. “Good to know , ” I said. “If everything fails, then focus on the drill, we might be able to destroy it instead of shutting it down , ” Charles said. “Both of us together may be enough to stop Verian altogether, or it won’t be and we’ll need as much help as we can get , ” Aisu said. “Even if we fail, at least we tried our best to save the world , ” Kairo said. “Yeah , ” I said.

          Chapter 20


Kairo and Charles went around the back of the drill to try and find the controls. “Verian!” I yelled. “Oh this is just funny , ” Said a voice behind me. “IceBluee and…” Verian said ,  “FlashBluee, with two E’s. ” I said.  “IceBluee and FlashBluee, it’s fitting, two pairs of sunglasses forged with the same metal, but to different people.” Verian said. “Verian, I don’t want to fight you, please stop the drill, and let us help you.” I said. His face went dark. “I don’t want help. They destroyed my planet, and killed billions of people, I will not stand for that. If you think that I  am going to stop the drill, you are very wrong.” Verian said. “You’re really going to kill Trillions of people just to get revenge? If you use the Earth’s core as a weapon, gravity will go haywire, everything will crash into each other, The Sun will go supernova, killing everything within light years from here, killing endless amounts of planets.” Aisu said. Verian looked surprised, like he hadn’t known what the outcome of using the weapon would be. “I’m sorry, I  can’t, I  couldn’t stop it if I  wanted to. There isn’t a self destruct, I  made sure that it couldn’t be stopped, unless…” He said, staring at the drill. “Unless what?” I asked. “I could jump into the drill, it would kill me, and my sunglasses would explode, stopping it.” He said. “No Verian, there HAS to be a better way.” Aisu said. “No, I  have to, it’s my fault that we got into this mess, I  don’t want to kill anyone, except THEM.” “Who?” I asked. “When Aisu and I  were trying to make peace with another planet, we figured out they were going to ally with the Members of the Shade, to take over everything.” He wore a courageous face, and dove into the drill. “NO!” Aisu said and tried to jump in after him, But I  caught her just in time. “He’s gone Aisu, he’s gone.”


It had been one week since Verian’s death, Aisu had took it hard, and she hadn’t spoken to me the whole time. Every time I  tried to talk her out of it, someone always said she wasn’t home. Two weeks. I tried again, the voice seemed to hesitate, but said the same answer. After another week went by, I  rung the doorbell. “Yes?” Said the voice. “Is Aisu home?” I asked. “Yes, she’ll be right out , ” It said. I waited for ten minutes, and Aisu opened the door. “Hey , ” I said. “Hey , ” she said. “I brought you some flowers, I know that you knew Verian well, and I ’m sorry for your loss , ” I said. “He did what he had to, to save the Earth, and everything around it , ” she said. Her face became stern. I knew something was wrong, that always happens when she gave me that look. “If what Verian said is true, the Members of the Shade will come after us , ” She explained. “We can handle them, we can do that together , ” I said. I took her hands. “Yeah, wearers of the Blue sunglasses, protectors of earth , ” Aisu joked. “That’ll be the day , ” I said. “That’ll be the day.” I muttered in response.


                 Unexplained things

The Black Cat: The Black Cat was the previous leader of the Members of The Shade, when he had figured out the plan of the new leader he started the Rebellion, a group of heroes to destroy the plans of the new leader, but they have not succeeded.

Verian Home Planet: Rimwire, Verian’s home planet was a planet kind of like earth, it had a nitrogen rich atmosphere, perfect for the needs of Verian’s humanoid species. His parent’s were rogues that would farm and take what they needed to survive, and when they couldn’t support a child they sent him to earth, to find a new family. Unfortunately Verian never met his family, but is now joined with them.

Olivia: Olivia could not return back to her home planet before, so the team and I helped to build her a rocket. Kairo’s dad was a rocket scientist, so we didn’t go in completely blind. Olivia went back home and lived with her parents. The Black Cat needed someone to protect the new wearer, and Olivia volunteered. She did her job, and now can go back home to her home planet.


                Bonus Story

       To Lift The World


It was a nice day, Charles and I were chilling at the park with Olivia. “Hey Kairo, when do you think Bluee will get here?” Charles asked. “I don’t know, he’s fast though so he can get here pretty quick , ” I said. “Hey, what’s that black blur?” Olivia said. Charles replied ,  “I don’t-.” He didn’t get to finish his sentence. Charles was on the ground, with a red welt on his forehead. I barely dodged the second attack, it scraped me right above my left eye. Whoever this guy was, he was incredibly fast, even faster than Bluee. The figure grabbed Olivia by the hand, and left as abruptly as he’d came. The park was in ruins, Charles was down. “How was I going to tell Bluee?”   I thought.  I saw Bluee running towards us, there was no hiding what had happened, we lost. “What happened?” Bluee said. “He took her… he took Olivia , ” I said.


Khristian Vastlik- Author (Bluee, FlashBluee)

Jaco  Creel- Artist (Kairo, Jacob )

Olivia Greene- Editor (Olivia, Flashwhite

Flashbluee and Verian's Lament

  • Author: Khristian Vastlik
  • Published: 2017-04-18 22:35:14
  • Words: 9008
Flashbluee and Verian's Lament Flashbluee and Verian's Lament