It’s late evening in a futuristic metropolis. The long beams of light are pointing to the sky and moving side to side.

Phill says how far is that nacho place?

Phil says nachos help me study i got 2 days before my etiology embriology test

his friend does something funny and stupid. you have to enjoy life while youre still alive.

phil says maybe we will be immortal. I leisuning very small holes in the body and inserting dehydrated and frozen stem cells into them through a microthin tube. It works the same way as an amputated finger replantation. It will fuse again to the hand. But these are brand new cells. Their chromosomes are longer then in old cells and they are healthy.

“ yea, and then everyone will have tiny red spots all over the body. (Both saying this) but they will be less likely to get cancer.

The next morning phil asks his professor about this. The professor explains its not possible and laughs saying thats not science, and laughs again.

Phil takes a walk feeling devastated. He spent a large part of his youth thinking this was his special idea and nobody else thought like him in a special way. He was thinking why was he so foolish. He pictured his ex girlfriend thinking she was better then him.

The next morning phil wakes up and sees a big fish taking up most of the sky .

The fish is saying that they want to transport the people and dogs to their ship, before they will destroy the planet.

For the next two days there are straws attached to the fish in slightly tilted ways like towers of pisa. People start walking inside the straw and standing there waiting.

Phil remembers there are many white walls and hallways, and he is floating in low gravity. He is in a closed white room with some people. The food makes them sleep . When he awakes he talks to . then they are forced to do some calculations and organizing things baced on size and shape.


  • Author: Elizaveta Limanova
  • Published: 2016-03-29 00:05:09
  • Words: 348
fish fish