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Final DIET BOOK You'll EVER Need to Buy: 24 Slim Down Steps for Everlasting Resu


Final DIET BOOK You’ll EVER Need to Buy

24 Slim Down Steps for Everlasting Results

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – Diet Motivators

Chapter 2 – Take Your Pick

Chapter 3 – Slim Down Twenty: Exercise Counts

Chapter 4 – Slim Down Twenty-One: Quick Tips

Chapter 5 – More Slim Downs


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Are diet books cluttering your desk? Are they everywhere mocking you with their promises? One is about cutting everything but protein. Another cuts just carbs. Then there is the one that is based on a miraculous tea from the Andes. They are skinny folk, aren’t they? What has this done for you lately? I ask a lot of questions even though I know the answer. Nothing. Too much information, too many alternatives, and too much wasted time.

If you are truly serious about losing weight and you want things simple and easy to follow, you have come the right place. We can dispel all the myths and put the truth plainly before you. You can drop pounds if you give it enough time without starving and feeling ill. You may need to cut calories, cook healthier meals, and exercise regularly, but you know this! What you need is a pat on the back and a motivation booster to get you started. That’s where we come in.

Motivation is a tricky business. We don’t have it automatically just because we want to do something. We have to cultivate it. If you have had a long hard look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, that should start the process. Here’s how it goes:

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Self-assessment: those pounds have creeped up ruining my looks. I have lost confidence and self-esteem.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Decision time: I need and want to diet.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Motivation: I will get a new wardrobe when I’m done plus accolades from friends and family.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. The process: it will be a good lifestyle change. Who doesn’t want to be healthy!

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. End results: wow! I did it!

It’s as easy as a few basic steps to get where you want to go. How far has the process taken you with other methods? Probably not far or you would not be reading this book! It’s time to look the last resort in the face and decide once and for all you want to see a new you in just a couple of months. Maybe you have a goal: starting a new job, getting married, traveling, etc. Whatever the circumstance, put a picture of it on your mirror so it reminds you each and every day how important your personal objective is. Think of how you will feel if you fail. Not a pretty thought!

Every diet book makes a big promise: you will lose weight. It is not an idle promise as dieting does work. Not yoyo dieting or half-hearted attempts where you cheat every day, but real, honest-to-goodness plans that are followed to the letter for a sufficient period of time. Thus, like many other books, we offer a guarantee of success. If you eat less, or fewer items in certain food group categories, and if you follow through with exercise, you will be renewed—both in appearance and in terms of overall health. The purpose of the book is to inspire motivation to choose a plan and stick with it. Only then can you be the master of your own slim and trim destiny!


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Chapter 1 – Diet Motivators

We mentioned motivation as a key factor in dieting and we are not kidding. You must have it or you will stall in your tracks. You can try a variety of methods.

Slim Down One: Meditation

Sit quietly in a dark room and banish thoughts from your mind. After a minute or two, you will start to feel relaxed. Your muscles will let go, your shoulders will slump, and you will start to tune out of daily life. Then say your mantra over and over again to take you deeper into the zone. It can be “I can do it” or “I will succeed.” Repeat it with conviction. As you go deeper, count from 10 down to 1. One will be the deepest level of concentration and self-awareness. Now picture yourself pounds lighter looking fabulous. Think thin. Be thin. Internalize the concept. Visualize it. Memorize it. Do this every day while you are on the diet until it becomes second nature. It is like talking to yourself. You should feel more motivated consciously from the work you have done with the subconscious.

Slim Down Two: Role Play

Ask a close friend or family member to sit with you and have a mock conversation. You will in effect play act. You can be in a job interview or on a date, etc. You take on your new slimmer persona. Your partner in this game will respond to your appearance and make comments. Here is an example:

You: I am happy to be here today to interview for this position.

Partner: Yes, we are happy to have such a slim candidate. Appearance is everything in retail.

You: Thanks. I just lost ten pounds and am proud of it.

Partner: it shows.

You: I worked hard and I hope to get results from this “new me.”

Partner: We are interested in you as an employee. Your diet results show discipline and self-care. We value that.

You: Great. I am ready to work today!

If you have never done a role play before, it may seem silly, but it is a great way to get out your thoughts. It could go the other way. You could reveal some self-consciousness or fear of failure. It is a way to find out where you stand in the diet process and where you expect to go. It, like meditation, internalizes important goals and objectives. You might set up a role play on procrastination for example, or cheating.

Slim Down Three: Counseling

People with severe weight problems may need counseling with a professional therapist. Sometimes hypnosis works. Counseling is a way to bare your soul and here the plain truth. It can get quick results if you are stuck on a personal problem that is causing your frequent over-eating. We often know why we indulge. We are anxious or depressed, and hopefully for you it is only short term. If not, a therapist such as a psychologist can suggest a plan to follow if you are having trouble devising one. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who can add medication to the mix to calm you down and get you to a good state at which you can begin your self-improvement program. Hypnosis can be done by any specialist in the field. It is not a medical practice. It works with cigarette smoking so why not over-eating. It is worth a try, but doesn’t work for everyone. There are certain people who are receptive “subjects” and fall under the command of the therapist at once. Others resist and can’t be hypnotized. The point is to be in a relaxed conscious state so that suggestions for losing weight can be internalized. You are never going to do something stupid while hypnotized so don’t fear the process. It is safe and effective.

Slim Down Four Negative Habits

Meditation, role play, and counseling can all make use of visualization techniques adopted from the theory of “psycho-cybernetics.” The book by Maxwell Maltz has been extremely popular even years later and is recommended for those who want to see a big change in their lives. You will learn about altering negative habits and substituting them with new ones. If you can harness the mind-body connection using the concepts in the book, you can achieve any goal and life success. You can turn any crisis into an opportunity to learn and grow. It is all about the power of positive thinking and directing yourself away from failure. As such, it is one of our best motivational tools.

Chapter 2 – Take Your Pick

There are many ways to go and you can choose from the following popular diets. Everyone can work if it is followed faithfully. Each plan is unique as noted below. They all have websites where you can find menus and recipes, daily requirements, and various types of miscellaneous information. There are often free trial offers as well. What’s more, some sites have a weight tracker, experts you can speak with, and shopping lists. Customization is a benefit you will certain want.

Slim Down five: the Paleo Diet

How cool is this! You eat what the cavemen consumed during the Paleolithic period when they were the hunter-gatherers of their tribe. It is super popular and simple to follow, focusing on the nutrition of our ancestors—steak and vegetables. The premise is that modern man is less healthy than he should be due to modern agricultural practices. Going on the diet thus not only reduces weight gain and promotes loss, but also lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, seeds and nuts, and eggs are allowed without restriction. Processed oils and food made with them is anathema as are sugar, salt, dairy, and preservatives.

Slim Down six: the Atkins Diet

One of the most revered, this diet comes from Dr. Atkins, a cardiologist who devised the program to keep sugar levels steady and reduce fat storage, all while curbing hunger cravings. Followed closely it is said to pare away as much as 15 pounds in a couple of weeks. How is it done? By reducing carbs, not fat. Carbs are the culprit in storing the lipids that make us take on pounds when we overeat. This one has been around for a long time with many proponents. Its premise is that carb are bad, especially white pasta, white bread, and processed rice since they are stored as fat. Cut the carbohydrates and eat protein (meat and eggs) and your body will thank you and burn that stored fat efficiently. There are many imitators, but this one started the low-carb fad, preferring any source of them to come from high-fiber vegetables rather than starches and sweets. It is noteworthy that dieters can eat fats galore. Furthermore, it works with a Kosher or gluten-free approach and you can eliminate sodium if you want, even go vegan (substituting soy). It is particularly touted for quick results and perhaps another plan thereafter to keep the weight off.

Slim Down seven: the Juice Cleanse

A juice diet, often called a cleanse, is usually done for a couple of days. These diets can be purchased already prepared or you can make your own, akin to a home-grown smoothie. There are tons of recipes on line with ingredients like carrots, kale, berries, melon, and tomatoes. It is often described, not only as a weight loss method, but a means of boosting immunity. A side benefit is healthy skin and hair. The idea is to consume raw fruits and vegetables to stock up on antioxidants and vitamins. Because the water in the diet flushes out the system, it is a type of detox program.

Slim Down eight: Garcinia Cambogia

Of all the pills out there, this one has the approval of Dr. Oz so we include it as an option along with other diets that control consumption. You can purchased the natural fruit extract supplement in health stores and online. Those manufactured in the US are recommended. The product contains an active component abbreviated as HCA Hydroxycitric Acid) which impacts hunger by controlling appetite. It also helps the body burn fat more efficiently to produce more energy and a feeling of well-being. Science says it does so by blocking the relevant enzymes during metabolism. Side benefits are a better immune system, reduced belly fat, less risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Slim Down nine: the DASH diet

With this diet, you can lose weight and lower cholesterol and blood pressure: triple duty. By losing weight, you lower your risk of obesity and all the consequences thereof. The name means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension thus indicating its primary benefit. It advocates little to no sodium and the ingestion of whole grains, vegetables and fruit. You are allowed just a small portion of lean protein and fat-free dairy.

Slim Down ten: the Detox diet

Usually a detox diet is a ten-day plan for major impact in terms of weight loss results. This can be “get into that wedding dress” diet. It is meant to flush waste and excess water from the body to flatten the stomach fast. You can go the vegetables only route, mostly liquids like soups, or use supplements along with a normal, balanced diet. Obesity as always is the target by preventing high sugar content in the blood stream. Fat burning enhances the other benefits of the process without weakness or fatigue. There are various versions to research online. It is suggested that certain foods do considerable work in this regard such as artichokes, lemons, berries, watercress, flax, apples, brown rice, ginger, cabbage, and garlic.

Slim Down eleven: Low-Calorie Intake Diet (portion control)

Your mother probably told you about this one: eat less! Cut the mashed potatoes, cakes and cookies, and pasta. Stop the white bread, the candy, and the pizza. Simple. We intake a certain amount of calories according to our height and build, and if we take in more—the pounds pack on! A low-calorie diet would be 1200 and you go up from their depending upon the level of exercise and your own particular metabolism. An easy way to go about this is to access the calorie counters on line. As you enter your daily foods, just stop eating when you get to your target total.

Slim Down twelve: Mediterranean Diet

If you want to share the good health of people who live in the Mediterranean region, try this diet on for size. Certain traditional foods cooked in red wine and olive oil promote a stable weight and ward off cardiovascular disease and cancer. While Italians, for example, eat fat from cheese, they also eat enough antioxidants from fruits and vegetables to make up the difference. They also enjoy a large amount of fiber, legumes, and nuts. It’s all about foods low in saturated fats. It is said that in this part of the world red meat is not as common as in the west, nor is dairy consumption as prevalent other than cheese.

Slim Down thirteen: Weight Watchers

It’s great to be able to buy prepared food marked by ingredients and calories. You know just where you stand. In choosing one or the other, it comes down to taste and price. With Weight Watchers you can get balanced meals, group support with trained leaders, personal coaching, and a chat line. It gets better all the time. It is one of the old-timers, founded in 1963, thus pretty tried and true in terms of results.

Slim Down fourteen: Southbeach Diet

Weight loss is guaranteed in a short period of time with this popular favorite that eschews bad carbs and fats. Good health comes from the good kind. You have to go in phases focusing on vegetables, eggs, chicken and nuts. It is restrictive in nature according to some but it soon changes in later stages. It can accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, reduced sodium, and kosher requirements. As you progress there are fewer forbidden food (except for high sugar content fruit like watermelon and pineapple) and sweets. It requires pretty close compliance like any diet. The good news is that you don’t count calories. The bad is that it mandates exercise every day.

Slim Down fifteen: the Zone

At one time, each diet reigned supreme. This is true of the Zone whose motto is live better, live longer. Like many diets, it has its medical proponents. In this case, Dr. Barry Sears is the brains behind the concept of anti-inflammatory nutrition. He blames weight gain on physiological causes, not lack of will power. When you eat the incorrect foods, the resultant inflammation rouses hunger and also encourages fat storage, not fat burning. It is a vicious cycle of feeling hungry and tired. The Zone is a combination of meal planning and special supplements that help convert stored fat to much-need missing energy.

Slim Down sixteen: Biggest Loser

A new entry to the diet game is based on the popular TV show of the same name. Six weeks is all it takes to make the journey from over-weight to fit. Yes, you have to eat right and exercise, but you will shun obesity and therefore diabetes from your thoughts. A better immune system and less risk of dementia and disease are major benefits of any good eating plan. It is a low-calorie concept to boot. Load up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein in the right amounts and you will be on your way to a better body as seen on the show. The plan advocates a food journal and exercise as well. Not restrictive, it advocates solid nutrition based on a food pyramid and to keep moving.

Slim Down seventeen: Glycemic Impact Diet and Ketosis

These two diets deal with human physiology. The first is based on the glycemic index. When you eat a particular food, it has an effect on the body, good or bad. To lose weight, it is vital to understand the metabolism and fat burning processes. The GI measures how fast something raises blood sugar levels. You want to avoid dangerous spikes. This is the root of weight gain and low energy. It has to do with insulin production that lowers blood sugar back to the safe zone. But when it is secreted in excess, the body will start to store fat. What you must do in this case is to avoid foods high in sugar and processed ingredients that harm the natural state of things. These are called high-glycemic foods and they are responsible for that dreaded belly fat, not to mention obesity and diabetes. These include orange juice, salad dressing, cereals, some health bars, and more. It is not just about sweets. The answer is eating low GI items such as eggs, healthy fats, lean meats without hormones, etc. Your blood sugar will become balanced and you will become slimmer and trimmer the long you continue with the plan.

The Ketogenic diet advocates a formula: low carb plus high fat equals quick weight loss. To follow this concept, the body must be induced into a state of ketosis. It can be risky so there had better be good reason for it. You may feel tired, nauseated, have muscle fatigue and dizziness. Thus it is a short-term method to be used with caution. You basically eat no carbs so that the body must utilize fat burning for energy. That in itself is good if you are willing to face the side effects

Slim Down eighteen: Jenny Craig

Each of the meal planning diets has a certain amount of variety. Go for the foods you like best. Check out typical offerings and compare them to the other vendors. Jenny Craig is not the cheapest but its reputation for weight loss is solid. People like the pre-packaged balanced meals and keep on buying them. The company says people can lose an average of two pounds a week which is normal and reasonable. You achieve results with calorie restriction (1,200 to 2,300 per day) and forgoing fats and carbs. Counseling sessions come with the program and daily multi-vitamins are advocated.

Slim Down nineteen: Nutrisystem

If you like the spokesperson, you tend to like the diet. It is all about advertising as it is another meal planning concept. As mentioned, it comes down to taste and price as they produce a good product. It all makes perfect sense: portion control, balanced nutrition, and frequent meals to fight off hunger. Shakes are a great antidote to those late-day pangs. You don’t count calories, carbs, or points (Weight Watchers) so it is great for those who just want to buy food and eat it. They stress getting what you need in the way of nutrition including ¼ of your intake from lean meat or fish, less than 1/3 of your calories from fat, at least 25 grams of daily fiber, low-glycemic carbs to avoid high blood sugar rushes, and low sodium (less than 2,300 milligrams).

Chapter 3 – Slim Down Twenty: Exercise Counts

You can’t lose weight without stepping into the gym, at least a few times a week. It is hard to get those first pounds off without it. Otherwise, you have to restrict calories and feel those nasty hunger pangs. It is a question of whether you want to eat well when initiating your new plan. The hardest part in any diet is getting down to maintenance weight. The faster you do it, the better you will be in following a regimen that is enough to keep a stable weight for life. Everyone has to find this optimal level. With exercise, your total calorie intake can go from, say, 1800 a day to 2500. Think of that extra portion at lunch and dinner or an occasional sweet!

Exercise is very personal. However, if you want to follow a plan, there are great magazines out that that include new ideas each month such, Self, Shape, First for Women, Women’s Health, Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Runner’s World, and Yoga Magazine. Cut out the exercises you like and create a file manually or scan into your computer. Vary your regimen so you don’t get bored. Be sure to include aerobic exercise that can be done on a treadmill, in a dance or Zumba class, running, jumping jacks, or jumping rope. Also include weight bearing exercise to develop arm and leg muscles. Finally, attack those flabby abs with sit-ups and crunches. Pick three or four days a week for one-half to one hour each session and build your stamina. Watch the weight drop off like melting wax!

It is interesting to note which sports burn up the most calories! Let’s use a 150 pound woman as an example. She will burn fat in the following way doing certain activities for an hour:

Cycling 500

Stair stepper 600

Calisthenics 550

Circuit training 560

Rowing machine 450

Aerobics 360

Yoga stretching 280

Running 900

Bowling 200

Golf 300

Gardening 200

Horseback riding 450

Jumping rope 700

Soccer 500

Roller skating 520

Tennis 560

Carrying a child 200

Hiking 420

Pushing stroller 170

Swimming 400-500

Walking 250-600

Bathing dog 250

Cleaning 250

Chapter 4 – Slim Down Twenty-One: Quick Tips

We have some at-a-glance tips to follow to make any diet go smoothly and effectively.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Don’t put sugar or cream in your coffee.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Take mini exercise breaks at work to get the metabolism going.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Climb stairs instead of taking the elevator at work.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Snack on roasted almonds

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Eliminate one 200 calorie item per day such as bread, pasta, sauce, cereal with sugar, buttered popcorn, cookies or cakes, non-diet sodas, etc.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Wear loose clothing. Tight clothing makes you feel fat and unmotivated.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Protein bars are great if you are starving at 10:00 pm. Eat half only. Some are very tasty and still low in calories and carbs.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Read labels on all purchased food.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Give yourself a reward treat for progress periodically. Some people eat normally one day a week for example and it makes it more palatable.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. Eating is psychological. Do you have issues that are bogging down your diet? Learn to recognize them and how destructive they are in terms of gaining weight.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. We can’t say enough about the importance of will power in keeping the weight off. You often get a burst of enthusiasm in the beginning as you undertake the diet with the best of intentions. It gets harder to maintain the status quo. Try to boost that will power any way you can. Tell everyone about your weight loss so you will be embarrassed if you regress.

Chapter 5 – More Slim Downs

We have three slim downs left. Certainly there can be dozens more, but this book is a finite approach to dieting in capsule form so you don’t need to look elsewhere for advice. You have a little bit about most everything in hand. We have some final words of wisdom, however, to offer, before we let you go.

Slim Down twenty-two: get a coach

A life coach will help you through tough pre-diet times as you prepare for a difficult siege. No one ever says it’s easy unless they lie. It is hard to change habits and one’s eating direction. Getting motivation from another person can make the difference between success and failure. It doesn’t have to be a paid professional coach, but can be a gym trainer or a friend.

Slim Down twenty-three: diet with a friend

If you can choose to undertake a diet in common with a family member or a close friend, you can challenge yourselves to a “pound off.” Make it fun. Have a contest with rewards and specific goals and end times. It is very motivating to work with another person and not in a vacuum. We guarantee you will have better results if you are in competition. Ask your boss to sponsor a contest a work to make it a larger enterprise.

Slim Down twenty-four: Setting and Keeping Goals

We save one of the most important points for last so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. You have to have defined realistic goals or you will not stay on track. Falling off the bandwagon is the most common problem of dieting, not just a little cheating, but a complete loss of faith. It can be in the diet, but it is usually in yourself. If your goals are set accurately for you weight and body type, and you allow enough time for improvement, your chances of success will grow. You cannot lose ten pounds over the week-end, even with water weight and diuretics!


Who says you can’t do it. Don’t let anyone talk you out of dieting by calling them fads that don’t work. They do. There are great testimonials about all of them with a few exceptions. We don’t include the ones that overpromise or are not based on real scientific and clinical evidence. You have seen many of the popular ones described in this book and you can use one or more as your staple. If one isn’t effective, move on to another. Everyone has a different rate of metabolism. It does change when you diet and exercise so it is important not to give up too soon. You can also lose pounds but the inches don’t dissolve for a few more weeks as your body takes on a new shape. Knowledge is most helpful in the diet realm. Don’t go into it blindly.

At this point as you launch your chosen program, you need to be reminded that there will come a time when you have to “keep the weight off.” This is hard. Some people get down to their base weight and six months later they are back on the diet. Why torture yourself? Keeping weight off is a state of mind. Nothing can replace a positive attitude. If you don’t care, you will gain pounds as before. You must talk to yourself or use others as coaches and mentors. Put post-it notes around your room along with pictures of your skinny self in a bathing suit. Now that’s a motivator! You are in control at all times. No one can make you diet or make you fall off it. Our job is to focus the subject for you so you know what it entails; now it is your turn to take charge of your diet destiny.

A final task for you is to understand metabolism. It is a system in the body that transforms food into fuel to give you energy and the ability to go about your daily tasks without experiencing fatigue. It is all about chemical transformation in cells using enzymes as catalysts. Without this vital system, a living organism cannot thrive. You can use sugar or fat as the fuel (carbs are transformed in a flash into sugar). When you diet, you don’t want to tamper with it and change its base rate so drastically that you slow it down and have to eat less. You want it to be efficient without experiencing highs and lows. You want it to function optimally by eating from all the required basic food groups such as meat and dairy, eggs and grains, fruits and vegetables, and the good fats. If you eat only protein, you will not have the means to produce energy by converting carbs. You do not want to burn muscle at any time. You want to build it such that any weight you gain in the future is in this category. Thus, you must always maintain a balance when on a diet. Perhaps that means staying on a restrictive one only for so long. There is a lot of physiological involved improper diet which is beyond the scope of this book. You can now research more about the various subjects broached and go on to develop your expertise more fully. Good luck.

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Final DIET BOOK You'll EVER Need to Buy: 24 Slim Down Steps for Everlasting Resu

Are diet books cluttering your desk? Are they everywhere mocking you with their promises? One is about cutting everything but protein. Another cuts just carbs. Then there is the one that is based on a miraculous tea from the Andes. They are skinny folk, aren’t they? What has this done for you lately? I ask a lot of questions even though I know the answer. Nothing. Too much information, too many alternatives, and too much wasted time. This book doesn’t promote a fad or a product. It does promote knowing about the process, and why customization and choosing the right program for your needs is essential. It is about setting goals and objectives and being realistic about the time frame. If you are truly serious about losing weight and you want things simple and easy to follow, you have come the right place. We can dispel all the myths and put the truth plainly before you. You can drop pounds if you give it enough time without starving and feeling ill. You may need to cut calories, cook healthier meals, and exercise regularly, but you know this! What you need is a pat on the back and a motivation booster to get you started. That’s where we come in.

  • ISBN: 9781311251466
  • Published: 2015-10-13 13:50:21
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Final DIET BOOK You'll EVER Need to Buy: 24 Slim Down Steps for Everlasting Resu Final DIET BOOK You'll EVER Need to Buy: 24 Slim Down Steps for Everlasting Resu