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This book is an anthology of short stories created in 1 hour by 10 short listed story tellers, who were the part of 101 Indie Publishing Workshop by Voice Verso.







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Fastest Book ever made: A collection of Short Stories from a Workshop






Voice Verso is one of a kind DIY (Do it Yourself) book writing, publishing and selling web platform for authors. This is the first of the many books that are followed. Combining with 30 authors altogether (both online & offline), Voice Verso tried doing something unprecedented. Authors in a workshop were asked to be a part of an impromptu short story writing competition on any random genre, any random topic. Authors ranging from 13 years old to 40 years old, authors ranging from school students to Social Entrepreneur, stories ranging from fiction to nonfiction etc., participated and top 10 storytellers were selected to be the part of this anthology.


Many more books to come…….


















Thank you so much for the top 10 amazing authors to be the part of this short story anthology. Special thanks to the Workshop that we had to bring along story tellers together. Finally, God almighty for giving us courage to try and shift the paradigm of book publishing in the world.









Story #1




“It was a dark day to begin with. And the disconnected power lines weren’t exactly reassuring too. Not to mention that the battery run radio wasn’t helping as the man from the radio station whose raspy voice sounded even more weirder than usual shouted to the world that the streets of Chennai were no longer safe to walk around, let alone to swim on. To clarify it was more of a necessity than rather being an exercise. It was on that day that the common man had a glimpse of what it took to endure Army training whilst figuring out whether or not, it is safe to walk around the streets with knee deep water, dirt, mud and open sewer holes. 

But we are not here to talk about what happened to Chennai on that day, but rather to talk about what happened to me on that day. Like any other girl, I was anxious. But there was only one man who was even more anxious as we, together were going to meet someone new and alien to us. That man was my father who was hopelessly stuck at Chattrapathi Sivaji Terminal and was waiting for another flight as opposed to the one that he missed. 

Just to clarify, when I refer to someone here as ‘Him’, I mean the person who I am going to talk about and not my father, who couldn’t keep his alarms properly and couldn’t board the flight properly. Although we thought going out in this rain would cause havoc, but we had no other choice, as it was very important for me to meet the guy whom I was waiting patiently to meet all this time.


But the skies clattered and made awful noises every now and then and tried to be the spoilsport. I guess they too were a little impatient like me. Unfortunately, they opened up the gates and let forth their mayhem. It was incredibly ghastly for me, Mom, Grandpa and Sherlock, our dog. 

God knew that I have been a good girl. I did my homework, my chores and I have not been naughty, inspite of what people say about me. And yet they told me, it still isn’t time to meet him. I was pissed that I broke into tears. The water from my eyes were so powerful that even the clouds closed up thinking that eyes were enough to flood an entire continent, and were no competition in front of me. After all, it took them a whole week to make Chennai into Venice anyway.

Oh, wait. I haven’t told about him, have I? He’s the smallest guy I know till now. He is all red and has short hair. The first time I saw him on the big TV, I fell in love instantly. Even if it was all black and white, it was so colorful for my eyes. 

I distinctly remember that day because I was so bored and even Sherlock was too lazy to play with me. Maybe I spoil him, I don’t know? But he is still the good boy that he always will me and I love him for that. He was so lazy that day that he didn’t react to old glass breaking sounds that came from Shantilal Uncle’s shop. I don’t know why I call him uncle, he once called me a weird girl for no reason. All I did was ask him why he likes to collect gold.

Sorry, I am deviating, back to the point, my mother suddenly started screaming to the top of her lungs. We didn’t know what to do, as Gramps was too old to walk out and ask for help. But our cries were heard by two men who, for some reason, had a mask on, and I have to be honest, the masks weren’t good at all.  

They heard my mom crying and came to our rescue or something. I have no idea why their pockets were filled with Shantilal Uncle’s jewels and cash. Maybe I never will. But they were kind enough to help us in between what could be said as busy work. I still find it hard to understand who was weirder. Me or Shantilal Uncle who made men work in this downpour with masks on that did not look. 

But the point was that they safely took us to the hospital and I remember my mom going inside the operation room. I was a good girl, I waited long and hard till I fell asleep on Grandpa’s laps. 

When they woke me up, Mom was still inside and I wanted to peep in and check if she’s okay, but I was a little too short to even reach up to the knob. But there he was! Finally, after all these days of exhausting waiting. He was red, he had short hair and he was crying. But yet I loved HIM. And I always will, even though he keeps pulling my hair at times. And he is exactly one-year-old today.

I still remember the first time the nurse gave him in my hands. His eyes were closed and yet he grabbed my finger and wouldn’t let go and I wasn’t ready to withdraw it either” said Meenu, as the teacher who found it adorably cute, didn’t have the heart to say to the student of Class II that her time was up and she can finish the speech on the incident that is most memorable to her.


p<>{color:#262626;}. Karthik Sreeram Kannan

















Story # 2


The Bus Ride


She came back from the college and rushed to the university to be there for her class. It was hectic, but she loved it -this rush. It made her feel alive.


It was a Saturday and she had to complete her errands, the usual household shopping chores. As soon as the class got over, she rushed home for a cup of tea, then decided not to take her car to the market, since she knew it would be difficult to drive through the maze of maddening traffic, added to it the challenge of finding a parking place.


She walked to the nearest square for a public transport and soon a mini bus came puffing along. People rushed in, pushed in, squeezed in, in whatever ways they could, to be in and to be seated. Once in, she breathed a sigh of relief and after a couple of people got down the bus, she managed to find a seat for herself.

It was hot and sweltering, the summer months were blazing hot. She had a sip of water from her bottle, kept it back in her handbag and gazed out at the hustle -bustle around.

Life buzzing and running around everywhere, smells and sounds everywhere.

When the bus halted briefly at the next stop, a lady in a burqa got in and sat next to her. Her red and green glass bangles jingled as she searched for change in her purse. She handed out the money to the conductor. After a couple of minutes, she looked around and then in a soft voice she asked me if I had some water. “Gala sookh gaya hai (my throat is parched). Bohot garmi hai(it is very hot),” she said.

She wanted to reach out for her water bottle. She so wanted to. But the next instant she answered, “Nahi hai pani (I don’t have water).”

The bus stopped. She got off and walked away. The ‘no’ kept ringing in her ears. She suddenly felt ashamed. She knew why she had refused to share her water and she felt guilty. Was it something lurking in her collective consciousness?

-Dr. Deepa Vanjani













Story # 3


Grandma of the yesteryear


The grandmas of today are not a shade of what our grannies used to be. They were fully trained matrons, who knew well how to spoil a child’s day and how to find faults in the most perfect daughter’s in law and their kids. My grandma was no exception.


A strong willed person- my granny was a stern looking matriarch. Her half paralyzed body only added to her fierce look. My grand-mother had suffered paralysis on the right side of her body rendering her entire right body useless. The doctor attending her said that it was lucky she suffered on the right part of her body; had it been the left side she would have succumbed to the disease as the heart lies on the left portion. We still don’t know how far the doctor was true, what we know is that her right eye had stopped moving and always stayed at a certain gaze. It would neither move, nor give away any kind of emotion. So you did not know whether she was happy, sad, thoughtful or angry. The fixed stare of her right eye was penetrating. Not that her left eye would give away her emotions. That other eye had synchronized emotions with the right eye.



She never let us know that her right eye was a paste while she was alive. The fixed stare of the glass eye pierced deep into our soul and all our mischiefs and misdoings would tumble out of our tongues without even a word of inquiry from her. It is only now that I realize that this one eye had such a penetrating look that it took all our attention, we never got a chance to look into her real eye support of a staff, and the tapping of her staff never made her any more amiable than she already was. Never do I remember her for a single sweet word towards any of us, never a hug, never a look of love and affection. We were always very badly ignored by her till we did not do something that was of her dislike. It was always a distasteful experience to be in her company, despite this Machiavellian behavior towards us, she had a great impact on our life.


We learnt being self-sufficient, we learnt how to overcome our own problems and make the trickiest thing look simple. We learnt that it is not always that you learn through dialogues sometimes it is your first-hand experience that teaches you.

which I can’t remember showed any kind of emotion either.

Dadi would hop on her left leg and drag the right portion of her body with the help of the left one. She had to take


-Dr. Alka Tomar







Story #4


Naag Nath


It was a Sunday afternoon and yet peace was a word now, I could no longer relate to. I peeked through the folds of the warm blanket I was rolled inside. It seemed like an indolent blue caterpillar curled to the corner of a leaf. I stuck my head out to look at the noise when a police car raced by with its siren screaming.


   The street was filled with cackles of kids from the nearby slum. I felt it was not interesting enough to look, albeit it was. I dropped out of my bed and overlooked the cacophonous banter. I went inside where mum was looking something under the cushions. She was searching it all over the place. She came walking to me -


“Where is it?”



“The remote. You hide it in places even you cannot remember.”

"I didn’t'--- (a voice interrupts in between) - "Auntyji!"

“Look who’s on the gate and we’re not done yet.”

I went to the gate. He was a kid from the Nath street. He had a weary look on his face or it was just his ‘face’. He was staring at me with his black button like eyes, all so familiar.

Nath community was different in many aspects. They begged to make a living. Every morning they marched with their families to the interiors of the city. It was a sight for us. One can assume they run a tight ship but it was contrary to the common belief. They lent money to our neighbors in big numbers. It was never a dull affair for them but Sundays were especially interesting. They were notorious for drunken gimmicks and unnecessary brawls.


The kid was looking nervous and dazed. “Bhaiya I was playing here with my friends and I saw a huge snake sneaking in your house from the water pipe in the porch.” He said everything in a single breath.

The sentence alarmed my senses and I turned my head to the big old corroded gate resting in our porch. I slowly went up there and threw myself ahead to catch a glimpse of the space between the gate and the wall and yes he was not lying. A long black shiny guest was sitting comfortably there. I don’t like visitors and this one was not a human either.


Before I could react, a group of kids came to the place. My mum came out to see what was this fuss all about. The word was out and my mum wanted to get rid of that creature as soon as possible.

“Auntyji we can catch this for you.” A tall boy wearing a black shirt said.

“And how much will you take?”

“It’s up to you. Whatever you feel like giving us”

Mum nodded approvingly.


He opened the main gate and came inside. I was watching him with controlled breath when my phone started ringing. I rushed inside and attended the call. When I came out the boy was already holding the snake in his hands. He was handling it like a rope and looked to tie a knot with it.


“Auntyji we want three hundred rupees,” The boy said.

“No I’ll give just hundred rupees, you said you’ll take anything happily.”


“We’ll leave it here if you don’t pay us.”

“I don’t care! I’ll give you hundred rupees and nothing more than that.”

“Okay calm down, I’ll take the money but I want a container to keep it.”


“Take this polyethene.” She pointed one lying near the dustbin.

“It’s a snake, not a cockroach. A steel container would do.”

She heavy heartedly took out the empty sugar container and gave it to him. He bundled the scaly reptile in that container.

“I want it back after some time.” Mum looked with askance.


The boys ran away with the snake.

She went to the kitchen to arrange the boxes. There was black thing near the cupboard. It was the remote. She stared at me and I ran away to my room.


The police car came back to the street.

“They won’t give you the container back.” I told mum.

“Why so?”

“We’ve been living here for three years, and you’re asking me this?”

"Don't worry! I know how to handle these numbskulls. I'll take this belan and ---


‘Aaaahh’ a screaming sound entered the room and it was following by a smacking one.

“Wow, now that was fast.” I was quick to comment.

It was coming from the street. Someone was crying. We went out to see. It was police taking the boy and his friends into the custody. They were pleading they were innocent.

They cried their eyes out but they were dragged inside.

“What happened sir?” Mum asked.

“These bastards were leaving a snake in a house across the street through a water pipe. The owner saw them and informed us.” They took the boys in the police car.

The next day the boy came walking to the street with bruises on his head. My mum was standing at the gate. He looked at us and said – “Auntyji they broke my bones yesterday.”

“You deserved it and I’m so happy about it.”

“I know you are, but the steel container is in the police station as an evidence and you won’t get it back. You’ve one reason less to be happy.”

He whistled on his way to the street.

My mum closed the gate in disgust.


– Ankit Verma



















Story #5


An Untold Story of a Narcissist….


A girl who loves to be in herself since from her childhood. Being born in a sophisticated family where the environment was nothing like of an army commander one, which is generally less seen in the Indian business houses. Gradually going older she realized that she is started loving in her own self, her own imaginary world created by her ideology’s, creations and thought process. By following the same tendency, she attained an age where people have seen generally i.e., being someone who can hold your hand, but as she was wild and free she doesn’t bother all this and started moving ahead to pursue her career goals and ambitions.

She started believing that “love” is not her cup of tea at least and who will like a bibliomaniac and a person who easily get bored from human beings. In between her journey of achievements and desires of the same she met someone and that someone changed her life. She started believing that yes something like love exists too. According to her beloved ones and counterparts, she has attained too much at an early age. They both already had a meeting in their school once where they only seen each other’s faces and never think of meeting again in the rest of life because of the opposite personalities they pursue. But, who knows that god has planned something for them. They met at the university campus where unfortunately the boy got admitted, the girl was already over there.

From small walks, canteen chai’s to accompanying each other sometimes they started indulging into each other. The girl realized when people started pulling her leg that the guy is intellectual, handsome and smart where is the problem? Soon that walks, canteen meetups give them a new direction and girl started playing a role of director of boy’s life which includes making him a keen reader from a party animal, assisting him on how to achieve the career goals and all. They never think of this even in their dreams but life is truly an uncertain journey. They didn’t even know how they turned themselves such an amid lovers whom people used to follow though that is very sarcastic too. 


The girl who was a narcissist gradually started thinking that she was living a colorless life and then she found a painter who painted her life with so many beautiful colors. She started enjoying and living a life which was missing somewhere badly. Well, there is an assumption of life that if you want to mold life according to you that does not work always so it is better to wait life is ready to give you what you deserve sometimes it is early and sometimes you have to wait but definitely you will get what you have worthy of… 

-Yamini Upadhaya










Story #6

[* The Opinionated “Self- Image” *]

For the early childhood years of my life, I always imagined myself a princess. Then in the tenth grade, Rudy Baxter bullied me and called me a hag and I realized I wasn’t a princess after all. It’s astonishing now when I think of it, that how quickly someone can defeat your dream with the utterance of just a word. Fifteen years later, I cringe whenever I hear it and it immediately brings back that moment when my love for myself diminished. That’s the reason why when I opened up my mail and found an invitation to my high school reunion, that moment just flashed across my eyes and I could feel it again: the sudden pinch in the chest, and my mind, questioning my worthiness in this world! I shrugged away the thought from my mind, and brought back my focus into the reading the contents of the mail. “Hi Martha!” it read, “You are cordially invited to attend for the St. Stephen’s High School Reunion for the batch 2000-02” along with a colorful template with the details of the program.

“You should definitely go and attend it mom!” Lily, my daughter exclaimed. Though, after the high school was over, I was too busy with my graduation, then research project and a full time job later, I neither had time nor an inclination to attend any of the previous reunions. But this time, I somehow decided to go and attend. Though that incident was long lost and forgotten, but I think it left a dent in my overall personality for years. Maybe the then embarrassed teenager in me wanted to show her bully what I have grown up to become. That’s why I wanted to attend the reunion this time.

So I went. And nothing fancy or dramatic happened. Neither had he remembered me nor what he had said! As a matter of fact, he had no idea about the episode! And I never bothered to remind him, as it would have been quite childish. (Though a part of me wished that I leave my decency and behaved childishly for the anguish I had in me.) I was felicitated along with the few others of my classmates for our current achievements. Suddenly, a thought, sort of a realization occurred to me. For him, it was just a casual act of bullying someone. But the pain I endured was due to the sole reason that I mentally accepted what he judged about me. Other people are too much occupied in their own life to seriously think about you. How can I shape my self- image based on others opinions? I am quite successful in life, an entrepreneur, a single mother, though I am not your stereotypical of what defines the so called artificial “beauty” as a woman. I was always beautiful, to my family and friends and those who really cared. And yet, I caged myself into the burden of not appealing to other people who didn’t care! Suddenly, I started to feel more beautiful! I am glad that I attended the reunion as it mended a small broken part of me again into me. I forgive him and felt free from a burden because as long as you don’t forgive people, they occupy a rent free space in your mind!

Just yesterday my daughter came home crying after her friend teased her. And now she knows it doesn’t matter

-Mayank Ramnani

















Story #7


God, Soul and Body!


Isn’t our soul running on a long journey since the start of this Universe! So when this Universe was formed 13.7 billion years back with a Big Bang. At least this is the description the physicist gives us about the origin of the universe. They say it started with a Bang and everything that we see today has come into existence. In an infinitesimally small time, everything came into existence and is there till today. 


Every drop of water, every atom and so must be every soul is as old as the Universe. None of the scientists’ say anything about the soul, but I believe this must also be true! 


Souls also started their journey back then and are traveling from one body to another since then. They must have traveled from a body of fish to dog to humans, what not! 


Hindu religion speaks that our soul is a small part of God or say the force behind the Universe. Isn’t God trying to live the life of every living being by giving him, small part of himself!

Yes, he is! At least what I believe he is doing. So he gets to live life of every organism here. But then you might say we are in control of the body that we dwell in, how can god control us? So here is what I believe is happening-


If we think in terms of how much control, God has given us, I would say 50 %, means he has 50 % of the control and we have 50 % of control. How? You can eat food but not digest it. Right! So the work that he has given you is earn or say arrange your bread butter and eat it. He will then do the measures to digest them. Similarly, we can breathe but we cannot do the process of Respiration. It is a lengthy process involving not only inhalation and exhalation but the whole work of taking air to each and every cell of the body. This whole hard process is done by God!


Let us take another example – Child birth. We humans can only do the love making but from there starts the huge project of development of an embryo to human form! Don’t we see who does it! Don’t tell me it was Evolution.  

Evolution is the word given by scientists to explain this beautiful process. They saw it happening and they studied it. They named it but still they do not have answers to many of the basic questions of life. Example how does the life come after a complex chemical reaction happening in cells.      


 Some scientists in laboratory conditions arranged all those chemicals that actually happen inside a cell. They gave all the right conditions like temperature, warmth etc., that are given inside a mother’s womb.  


But still were not able to generate life out of it. There must be something like soul, which is turning these chemicals into life.

Still do we say that there is nobody doing this. Or are we denying the fact that God exists! So if the God exist so must be the soul. 

- Yash Bajaj












Story # 8


Too Little, too late




They separated…

The cutest couple according to many just had a break up…

She promised not to meet again but he kept begging, he cried, he begged, he tried every possible way out but she never came back. She was also affected by this break up, she also loved but somewhere she was determined not to come back, not to give that guy another chance…

Years passed he still tried, he still cried but he found a positive way out of his pain. He knew her feelings, he knew she was still single, he knew at some point of time she loved him, so he decided to groom himself up, to study, to build a carrier and then again approach her. Approach her and propose her after getting a job.

“Baby… oh badmash” …

In a loving way she woke him up.

“Yes angel just a few more minutes, i worked till late night yesterday” he in his sleepy tone said.


“Acha so now I will have to join your office as you are already late my dear hubby”

Teasing him she said.

“Fuck I have a meeting” and he jumped up from his bed.

“Breakfast is ready my handsome hunk” she said winking at him.

He came out of the bathroom and hugged her.

“You are still wet idiot. Gila kar diye mujhe”, she complained


“Oho itna problem ab mujhse” he said while moving away from her.

She pushed him on the bed and slowly went over him and hugged him tightly.

“Office hai baby” he said.


“Aj maat jao” she in a naughty tone requested while kissing his cheeks.

She didn’t listen to what he said and kept kissing him. His neck, cheeks, nose and lips.

He rolled over her and touched her lips softly. It was not a kiss but just a touch a simple gentle touch of their lips and they didn’t move just looked into each other’s eyes and breathed heavily while water from his wet hair started dripping and fell on her forehead but still they didn’t move. Their heart beat increased they breathed heavily his hand started to move over her belly and she was loving it. His hand went up….

“Sirji beleghata agaya” the taxi driver informed him while parking the cab.


He jerked and got up and opened his eyes wide.

“Kya?” He shockingly said while his brain and heart was still in the dream.

“Sir beleghata, aapko yahi ana tha na?” The cab driver asked.

“Oh yes”

He now woke up totally and could understand that all that was just a dream, yes it was just a dream.

He paid that cab driver the fare and got down with his rucksack.



He was in Kolkata his home town, her home town. He flew from Bangalore taking a leave from his office to propose his lost love his first love. He bought a beautiful diamond ring to propose her as she always said.


“Give me gifts once you start earning baby”


These word always played in his mind as he finally got a decent job and bought the ring from his own salary rather his first salary after training.


He was standing in front of this big house where she used to stay 6 years ago, it was a house not a flat or apartment so he knew that they won’t be moving from that particular place. He was sure about that house as he confirmed that from one of her friend also.

So after 6 years of break up this boy is standing in that same place where he begged her to stay. He was happy as he knew that she still loves him and is still single as her Facebook profile indicated so. No one can write that feeling that he was going through, the happiness of getting back his love to see her after 6 years, to hear her voice after 6 years. Tears touched his cheeks, tears of happiness. He kept his bag down on footpath and opened it to take out the ring. As he was struggling to take the box which had the ring out he heard a cute voice from his back.


“Haan maa i will tell Bhai to distribute all the cards”

his lost love, his beautiful first girlfriend was standing in the main gate while she said this to her mother.

He turned back while his bag was still open and his clothes were popping out. Yes, it was that beautiful girl standing and talking to her mother for whom he flew to this city. She turned much more beautiful than before and in that pink salwar she looked elegant and breath taking. That Indian outfit suited her so nicely that he couldn’t move his eyes.

“Oh yes she looked” his mind said when she turned to see a guy staring at her with his luggage all open and a blue ring box in his hand but she couldn’t recognize him.


“Oh man my moustache and beard, they have grown so much i should have shaved” he cursed himself and abused himself for not shaving as he understood that she was not able to recognize him as she turned away and started walking…

Now he cleared his voice and was ready to approach her.



he screamed at the top of his voice to stop her.


She didn’t hear and kept walking.

“Hey you”

he screamed louder.


She turned but just then her mother came out calling her name..

“Beti you forgot this cards. Give this to bhai and tell him to distribute today itself and please come back fast” she said her while calling her.

“Yes maa.”

she said this softly to her mother and turned towards him.

“You called me?” She asked.


Again he was going to say but her mother interrupted saying.

“Beti one more thing please call Rahul as he was calling you in the morning to confirm your honeymoon destination”


“Okay ma” she smiled and replied her mother.


After hearing her mother’s words, he was totally confused. He stood still and after a few minutes could understand the whole thing, the words that her mother just said now had a meaning as his eyes just moved and could notice the big board which he didn’t notice in the happiness of getting her back. The board in which her name was written in in red with silver lining and continued with WEDS RAHUL.


Yes, the cards, those cards were her marriage invitation cards, yes his first girlfriend his one and only love was getting married and yes, her mother was talking about her honeymoon, yes her honeymoon.


Turning towards him she again asked

“Were you calling me?”

He was not able to answer as he kept looking at those cards.

“Excuse me” she called him.

“Yes actually can you just tell me where is this PALACE HOTEL?” He asked in a shaking tone…


“Oh sure, take the first right from that side” she directed him moving her hands.

“Thank you” he without looking at her turned as he already started to cry and while picking up his bag he looked at her. She was walking away just the way she did 6 years before and just like earlier he kept looking at her and tears touched the pavement on which he was standing just the board of her wedding was not there 6 years back. Yes, he was late, very late.


p<>{color:#000;}. Kartikeya Chauhan






Story #9


The Paradise Gate


It was another lovely day for Jane and Binny. They used to meet every evening at the society’s park, and spend time in the most adorable and explicit talk. They both were in their teens and the kind of love they share is rather spiritual than physical. Binny was waiting in the park for Jane to come that evening, but she never did. She met with an accident on her way. Binny stayed their whole night in the hope of Jane.


Jane’s spirit was taken away by the angels and she can see Binny, waiting for her. She was left alone at the Paradise Gate. She did all virtuous things in her life and hence was rewarded with the Paradise. Binny still in the hope of meeting Jane, strolled the park the whole night and She was waiting for him at the Gate of Paradise.


They both were separated by the infinite distance and were left with no hopes. Binny, the very next day came to know about Jane’s demise and looked up into the sky. Jane and the other hand, was waiting for some clue from Binny.

She cried and a drop of her tear touches Binny’s cheek. They both knew someday somewhere; they are going to be together again. Jane entered into the Gate of Paradise, in hope of Binny to meet her there and Binny moved to the Park in the hope of Jane to come there.

-Saksham Shrivastava











Story #10


Percy’s horrible birthday

Once a day Percy was happy that there was his birthday next day. He was ready to go to his school. When he reached to his school everyone was talking about his birthday, in his classroom everyone was asking to Percy, what will be going to happen in his birthday party?


After sometime the teacher came in the class and everyone wished her, teacher started her lecture. Later Percy asked the teacher “ may I go to the washroom please”. He went to the washroom. he heard a freaky noise there. He went at the corner of the washroom and suddenly a door emerged with a brightly colored light, he thought that he should go inside it or not. he thought that if there would be treasure inside it. He went inside through the door and lost his memory, this was the memory loss gate in which when a person goes lost his memory, this door only opens in every 50 years of time.


He came out and remembered nothing, he was walking in the school corridor and met his best friend he said “where are you going Percy” he said “I don’t know, who Percy is and who are you”. He remembered nothing and his birthday was spoiled because of this gate. there are many people who lost their memory thereafter. Meanwhile, everyone came to know that Percy lost his memory. They went to the doctor and he said that there no heal to this problem. When they were going to their home they met an unknown person who told them that he had to go there only where he lost his memory.


Percy’s family was very upset. They thought about that unknown person and they went to the school, they asked the teacher where he went the last, the teacher told them he went to the washroom. Percy’s parents went to the washroom and saw nothing there but a golden crystal, that was astonishing for them. They then went to the principal, he thought that it was that accident that also happened 50 years back. He knew the solution to this problem. he told the parents that solution but it was too late only half an hour was left for this problem.


The solution was that if there would be a frog who have been died that moment and shown to that person so the memory will be back. they found the frog and have murdered it and only a minute was left to solve the problem and the frog was shown to Percy and he got his memory 1 second before. Everyone was happy that Percy’s memory was back. The next birthday of Percy was celebrated happily…….


-Divy Jajodia



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Fastest Book Ever Made - A Collection of Short Stories from a Workshop

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Fastest Book Ever Made - A Collection of Short Stories from a Workshop Fastest Book Ever Made - A Collection of Short Stories from a Workshop