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Farewell to the Light

Part 1


Samuel Moore knew what was going to happen before he even walked in. He knew what they wanted to hear, and he was going to feed it to them.

“Tell me about Zero,” Michael Hunt said as soon as Moore too his seat.

“He’s, well, the perfect operative.” Moore waited for Hunt to say something, but the room remained quiet for a bit,

“Enhanced to be partially synthetic.” Moore continued.

“That’s the problem.” Hunt said.

“He needs to make accurate decisions. If we brainwash him, he won’t have the capacity to make complex decisions.”

“Which is why we should use MYSTICS.”

“I can’t stand by that.” Moore said, “Isn’t the U.S. here to ensure freedom? Not to take it away from people?”

“Yes. But some people need to make a sacrifice.” Hunt said. Moore didn’t like that sound,

“It sounds bad, but we can’t survive without it.” Hunt said, “Also, we’ve got another assignment for Zero today. It shouldn’t be too hard on him.”

Moore left, feeling almost like he’d let Zero down. Almost. He knew Hunt was right, like always, but it would never feel good spending a day with his wife knowing he sent someone else to spend a day with the enemy.

He still made himself tell Zero that day, and Zero looked up at him with his black, soul-sucking eyes. The man didn’t even say a word, he just got up and left.

Before the end of the day, Zero was on a plane into the Amazon rainforest.




Part 2


Zero was rattled around when the Jeep went over more rocks. The Amazon was bad, but there was worse. He’d been through it all.

Zero finally stopped when the Jeep was at the edge of a river. The terrorists were supposed to be around there, waiting to spring a trap on anybody dumb or brave enough to go so far off the beaten trail.

He got out of the Jeep, and waited. Someone would attack soon. At the moment, however, there was nobody.

Zero marched deeper into the Amazon, his pistol drawn. The terrorists couldn’t stay hidden forever.

He raised his pistol, and fired a deafening shot into the sky.

Whispers and branches crunching beneath someone’s boots came soon after.

When the first terrorist showed his head, everything became a blur for Zero.

He moved like water, and struck like lightning. Before he could even think again, his welcoming party was replaced by dead bodies.

He stood over his handiwork for a while before leaving.

Zero moved further into the jungle, taking down everyone he saw. When he was certain everyone was dead, a small figure ran by. He watched the child disappear behind the trees.

“Zero, what are you doing?” Moore asked over the radio.

“I’ve got them all.” Zero said.

“You let a terrorist run right in front of you!”

“The kid?” Zero didn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes, that kid is part of this branch. He needs to be eliminated.”

“Moore, that’s a kid.” Zero looked back to where the child had ran off.

“You must kill him. It’s part of your mission.” Moore sounded like a bulldog.

“But sir –”

“Do it!”

Zero felt like he weighted nothing. He slowly turned to where the kid had run off to.

He finished the job in a trance.

Zero left the Amazon the way he came in. He felt emptier than when he had entered.

He got himself back on the plane he left on, and was out.



Part 3


Zero had his head hung low during his flight. He couldn’t get the child’s face out of his thoughts.

He’d done many questionable things on someone’s orders, but nothing like killing a child.

A million thoughts raced around Zero’s mind, and they were getting worse.

When his feet were back on the ground, Zero felt his wrist buzz. There was a new assignment. And He knew exactly what he was going to do.

Zero went to the conference room without saying a word. A bit later, Moore walked in carrying his tablet.

“Zero, some of our highest ranking C.I.A. operatives have been burned by a crime lord. You’re on it.” Moore said.

Zero didn’t get up like he usually would,

“Hey, were you listening?” Moore said.

“No,” Zero said.

“Then pay attention.”

“I’m not going to do it.” Zero said.

“What?” Moore’s didn’t seem to be getting the message, though.

“I’m done working for you!” Zero jumped out of his seat, “If you want someone else to murder children, send them!”

He pushed past Moore, and out of the room. Several people gave him confused looks. Zero had almost made it out when he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head.

He tried to pick himself up, but he felt another crack.

“Zero’s down, Zero’s down!” Someone yelled from on top of him. He felt cold metal get slapped onto his wrists.

“Send him to MYSTICS.” Moore’s voice sounded like a deflating balloon.

“MYSTICS?” Zero’s croaked out.

He was shoved into a van, and driven away.



Part 4


When the van’s doors swung open again, Zero was greeted by the blinding sun.

“Out,” A guard poked Zero with a rifle.

“What? Where?” Zero’s heart pounded against his chest.

“Do as I say!” The guard leveled the gun to Zero’s head. He decided to comply.

He was lead into a brick building, filled with insane, evil looking machines. He was forced into an uncomfortable chair.

He felt something get strapped across his face, and a video started playing.

“Welcome to MYSTICS. Here, we will help you aid with any concerns with actions the U.S. Government has taken.” The machine stated.

“Let me go,” Zero felt anger bubbling inside him.

“Try not to move as we aid you.”

It hit Zero. MYSTICS was a program to brainwash him.

His arms shot up, and yanked the device off his head.

“Stop!” A guard grabbed him.

In one swift move, Zero snapped the guard’s neck. Despite everything in him telling him that what he did was wrong, it felt right.

Alarms blared, and more guards came through. Zero grabbed a guard’s pistol, and put a bullet everyone in the room.

He tore through the building, and everyone who stood in his way became part of the trail of corpses.

Zero ran outside of the building, and refused to look back. He stopped when he made it to the streets, and wished to become anonymous.

He had no clue what to do, or what would happen. Zero thought about the injustice he was forced to do. The injustice others must have gone through as well. Someone had to pay for it all.

Zero walked away with an idea of what he was going to do.






Farewell to the Light


Zero quickly became a crime lord, and took the U.S. Government by storm. He managed to assassinate anybody who had red in their ledger, which was more than the government could handle.

This was his contribution to the fall of the U.S., and his release from control.

Zero never wanted any of it, but he was pushed beyond what any person should endure. So he said farewell to the light, and freed himself.




Farewell to the Light

  • Author: Quentin Eddington
  • Published: 2015-09-20 19:05:06
  • Words: 1213
Farewell to the Light Farewell to the Light