Exploratory Investigation : The Colours Of Creation - The Sound Of Animation


Exploratory Investigation: The Colours Of Creation – The Sound Of Animation


Do Languages Convey Their Own Colour? An Exploratory Investigation Into The Colour Code Of Life From The Perspective Of Frequency Of Agenda And Agency Of Intent


On the front cover: ‘Data Stream Consciously Cream’ 2017


Barbara M. Schwarz



It may seem far from the maddening crowd to attempt such a discussion, but, in truth, colour, or the sensory generation of energy that is recognisable consistently to the beholder, is of vital importance in finding out one thing: are we the agents of our own design by the colours we choose to govern our life?


My thoughts follow purely philosophical and exploratory strands: there is no great attempt to circumvent ‘loaded depositions’; equally, whatever comes, is just that – an exploration and muse.


Muses have long held sway over the art world and those creating their vision in it. The tendency to acclaim ‘rightful ownership’ of a particular passage, time or person in a creative’s life is understandable, but, perhaps unnecessary.


We think we can see how nascent patterns in early works lead to greater discovery of a different, perhaps radically innovative connection to the environment that a creative operates in. Perhaps though, much is ‘unconscious’, in the sense of simply channeled through means other than those more easily explainable or attributable.


Much has been made – in the literal sense of – of digitisation of art and the hearth of inspiration, namely, imagination as a fuel to creation and innovation. In essence, we rarely know what we do when the muse ‘comes over’ us, except that we are at ease with our surroundings and ourselves.


The hours whittled away in such intent and focus, betray that there is a greater being at work, than simply our sweat and tears, blood and fears, and the sum of however many years we work at a project is superseded by the joy of a moment that sustains our body in unison with our mind to simply act as part of a stream of consciousness.


We may prepare for a moment of greatness, in the sense of deeply intensifying our personal knowledge of what matters deeply from our own perspective, but there is a delightful moment, nonetheless, when we are overtaken by joy, and ‘see the light’.


The thoughts expressed here, are that of an artist’s. There is often a betrayal of what we wish for and actually achieve by our own hand, as we draw closer and closer to something else beyond the measures of pre-determined comfort zones. This is the unusual, the one thing that we are not expecting, namely, that we take ourselves to a higher place by making space for something else that allows itself time to define, and thereby, in turn, impact on us.


Frequency of perspective is something we are all familiar with – the visualisation of content in a familiar manner of cognition, but the perspective of frequency as an agency that places itself upon us and calls out in increasingly gentler and subtler tones, is like a musical instrument or a form of movement, that fills itself with life, as we empty of preconception and prior acceptance. After all, something that is accepted can no longer change and develop or lead to subtler voices of instigation.


That sense of soul creation is perhaps an oft used expression, but with it lies an agency of intent in its purest form: that willingness to let life be air-borne in the colours that it can form, and perhaps, this is the greater evolution of mankind to realise that however we plot and track and corollate, there will be a moment beyond the expectancy of our demand, that has us gasping at life in all its richness, and that perhaps only gradually dawns on us, and is too fleetingly a moment of awe without canned supposition.


In terms of design, a Spanish guitar makes a particular distinct sound, but the individual player brings the instrument to higher levels and deeper tones of delight and insight over its particular versatility to ‘instrument sound’. When we so familiarly talk of creativity and loosely define particular sectors of the workforce as creatives because they engage in activities that perhaps more readily visualise to others their intent, perhaps we should spare a thought that however deep the trenches of our trammelled minds, there will always be a floater that bobs up from the deep of our consciousness, and displays to us, that there is much (much more) that we can learn that goes beyond the complexity of our pre-composed patterns of identity and familiarity.


The question I would like to finish on is if a Spanish guitar speaks with a particular tone and voice and summons up much more than we can associate on a purely visual, locational level, will we find as we understand and explore language more and more, that there is a colour co-ordination that transcends our initial understanding of how language arose and associated itself with its surroundings.


When we ‘colour perspective’, do we also understand that we are an agent of the colour we encounter, and can that colour ‘instrument sound’ in a deeper way than we are aware of today?



Purple Eyes Publishing


It has legs

it begs me to see:

the humming patterns constancy


a source of memory,

the colour that once came to me


hidden oral history

colours – life’s own mystery.


Epitaph – the patterns

come together at last


pioneer : artist : seer

see, all lives in colour appear.


Disappear for me

the simple form of ecstasy,

behold now bold the energy

that brought to me,

a greater sense of constancy.


Polyglot, the language slot

Poly-animation – a wordless creation

becomes a sound sensation

teeming bright and through

all the colours you once knew.


Data stream, now you lift to wider dream

when you know where you have been

beyond the mere contextual

the reverential contest

what is now at sound’s behest


See and with your eyes

you develop and surmise


Feel and even in the dark

there encounter humming spark


The sense we almost see

what colours there can be

open energy free

the greater world to me!



Exploratory Investigation : The Colours Of Creation - The Sound Of Animation

The longer you delve, the finer you see shelve, the colours that alight and brand new sound ignite. The force of memory, perhaps this constancy, that the sounds that teem right through, are the colours we once knew.

  • ISBN: 9781370905591
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-03-16 19:05:09
  • Words: 1037
Exploratory Investigation : The Colours Of Creation - The Sound Of Animation Exploratory Investigation : The Colours Of Creation - The Sound Of Animation