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Evolution of the Kabbalah

Unlike most manuscripts on the subject, the proposed purpose of the writings here is not to tell you what is known, but to show you wherein can be raised its possibilities. I have to say that this must have also been the idea, intent, mindset, and mentality of the original creators and teachers of the Kabbalah. But to be clear, what’s written here are my own thoughts and ideas. I have yet to do any really deep study of Jewish Mysticism. I have not read the Zohar front to back (or should I say 1st volume to the last?), nor the Bahir, nor any other centuries old Jewish text that may apply to the subject. And, although I might mention the names of others who inspired some of the ideas, the ideas in no way reflect their thoughts and teachings either. But let me also be clear that this isn’t an attempt to draw connections that aren’t strongly suggested, it’s not an attempt follow the Pseudo Scientific, Pseudo Philosopher’s Facebook fad of posting random correspondences. Even though I do believe in the Hermetic Law of Correspondence, I also believe there is a practical limit to its usefulness when trying to match things that only have vague relation. The things I have sought to deal with are all a part of the Kabbalistic tradition as it known today—mostly including the Tree of Life, Astrology, and the drawing of logical conclusions as to how they relate to one another.

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  • Published: 2017-12-05 19:20:08
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Evolution of the Kabbalah Evolution of the Kabbalah