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‘’There is never the right time to do the right thing’’ Andre’ Mwansa

‘’Love does not imitate, love comes from the heart’’ Andre’ Mwansa

‘’You don’t have to have enough for you to give out, just a little, even your time makes a difference’

Every day, Faith sat there, along the road, waiting for that miracle, for that prayer to be answered. She could sit there the whole day, the whole night, through seasons, because that was her home. Yeah, she was a beggar and has a story to tell.

‘’Hello uncle,’’ she said to the man that was passing.

The man stopped in his trucks, looking at her. ‘’Uh huh, what do you want?’’

‘’I’m kindly asking for a coin’’

The man looked at her disgusted. ‘’You know what?’’ the man said ‘’I don’t blame you, I blame your dad for not working hard to support you, I blame your mum for giving birth to you and only send you out here to do such staff in the streets, go take a bath or something’’ with that said, the man walked away.

Faith sat there, sobbing and crying. When an oncoming man saw her crying, he couldn’t help but kneel beside her and ask. ‘‘Why’re you crying little girl, lost your mum or something?’’ She was only ten.

Faith continued crying, saying nothing.

‘’Can I be of any help, tell me your story little girl?’’

Faith looked up at him still sobbing. ‘’You would do that for me?’’

‘’Yeah, so come on let it out of your heart, you don’t need it any more, you have young blood and a whole life ahead of you, you shouldn’t be sad’’

‘’I lost mom,’’ she said through tears.

‘’I can help you find her, what’s your name?’’

‘’My uncle (pedophile) said she died after giving birth to me’’ Faith said.

The man now sat silent listening to her.

‘’He said she was raped, so after she died I was left with no one to take care of me, so he took me in. I stayed with him for ten years, when he started telling me that I was ripe and no different from my mom, at then I thought he meant my looks and all, until one night, he walked to my room whilst I was asleep, at first I thought I was dreaming, till I opened my eyes to find him pulling my undies off, ain’t you wet already he had said, I don’t know how, but I managed to slip passed him, dashed out the room and outside the house. Till then I have never gone back.

‘’I just sit here, asking for coins from people, piling them up in hopes of taking myself to school one day’’

The man sat up, stretching his hand to her. ‘’How would you like seeing your new home’’

Instead of judging and criticizing people, why don’t you take time to know their story, because it’s only then that you will understand some people. It’s what we do, that gives meaning in our life, and the question of the purpose of life will never be answered if you don’t know yourself. You’re life, you decide, and choose what you do with your life, circumstances shouldn’t change you, tough luck shouldn’t steal your joy, mistakes should make you grow, above all love and appreciate, remember that you’re life, and it’s you that gives life its purpose and meaning, MAKE IT SHINE!!! And be the one to lighten the load.


Junior sat on the couch sipping his coffee, all finely dressed up, ready for that job interview, when the cat leapt on his lap. He has just married the girl of his dreams and since they had no child yet, his wife decided on adopting a cat from the street. The cat meowed, and jumped out of his lap.

When Junior got up to leave, he noticed that both his white shirt and trouser was covered with shit. ‘’That cat,’’ he said cursing, then called out to his wife, who joined him in the lounge room.

‘’I told you, bringing that cat in was not a good idea, now look what mess it has made to my shirt’’ He run to his bedroom, coming out in new refreshing clothes ‘’I don’t want to see it anymore, or I’ll kick it back in the streets where it belongs’’

His wife just nodded, saying nothing.

When he returned home, the cat ran up to him, meowed and ran away.

He looked down to find his trouser all soaked with piss.

‘’Rebecca!’’ He called out to his wife, when he’d walked inside, she came out from the kitchen giving him a kiss on the lips ‘’I thought I made it clear that I shouldn’t find that cat’’

‘’Everyone deserves a second chance babe’’ Rebecca said.

‘’Second chance? I was about to, now look,’’ he showed her his trouser ‘’not anymore’’

‘’Your mother called,’’ Rebecca said changing the subject.

‘’Oh, what did she say?’’ Junior said while he got out his phone from the pocket trouser.

‘’I guess she was just checking up on us, oh, she told me to tell you to call her’’

Junior dialed his mother’s line. She answered on the second ring. ‘’Hello son?’’

‘’Hello mom, how are you, heard you called?’’

‘’How did it go with the job interview?’’

‘’Great mum, I’m blessed, call me Dr. Albert Junior Mulenga’’

‘’I’m so proud of you son’’

‘’Me too’’

He heard his mother laugh a little from the other end. ‘’What for?’’

‘’For raising me up to be the man I’m today,’’ Junior said ‘’ Unlike Rebecca, who is raising up a cat that only knows how to bog and piss on people’’

His mother chuckled from the other end.

‘’Why are you laughing mom?’’

‘’Just reminds me of the old days, when you used to do the same thing, when annoyed, you would strip down, get on anyone’s lap and piss on them, then you would jump out and ran, do you remember that honey?’’




‘’Hello honey, are you there?’’


What’s the difference?…….. There’s really not much of a difference between people and animals. We often judge people without really putting ourselves in their positions. Well this does not only apply to people, I often see both kids and elders getting the thrill of squashing ants and other insects, but by the grace of God that could have been you. Animals lives matter, so why don’t you meow a little, quack a little and buck a little, that way you will know that animals have feelings too.


A man walked in the pastors office smiling. The pastor smiled back and told him to sit down.

‘’I’m so glad to see you pastor’’

‘’Me too, what brings you here?’’

‘’I would never have made, if it weren’t for you’’

The pastor smiled but said nothing.

‘’A few years ago, I was a person you might call an addict. One day I came in your church mass, I’d promised myself that it was the last time I’ll ever be at one, from there on I will just sniff, drink, sniff, drink, that will be my life. Untill I heard you teach about change and everything. I changed my mind and my perspective of life and decided to take myself to a rehab and perhaps start over. I did get a reward for sure, but I have to say it was really tough. But I said to myself, it’s my life, my body, my choices. How can I ever be a better me if I don’t change?.

‘’ God did at the time bless me with a small job and all the money I’d been using to buy drugs, I started saving them for school, and now I’m here, running my own business. I now sell cars pastor, and to show my appreciation, I want you to have this X6 BMW’’ he handed him the keys.

Moral of the story: Our lives can only change if we change ourselves.

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Everyone Has A Story To Tell

  • ISBN: 9781370381302
  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-04-11 05:20:08
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Everyone Has A Story To Tell Everyone Has A Story To Tell