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Ether Force: An Essay





Edward E. Rochon




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Ether Force: An Essay

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1: Ether and Force

Chapter 2: Michelson-Morley

Chapter 3: Microcosm

About the Author





The situation is that Einstein’s Special and General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, the continuing superstition of Newton’s attractive force assumption for gravity, the ocean of evidence that light is in fact a waveform, even if incremental in nature (fits and starts of emission), leaves physics and science in general with a massive stumbling block impeding its advancement. We may hope that sinners stumble in their misdeeds, but thoroughly abhor the impediments to truth in any form, including the natural sciences.

Recently in my Essay: Ethereal Mea Culpa , I returned to the Fitzgerald contraction of matter assumption to explain the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment. Thinking the matter over, and in corollary to other notions of mine regarding physics, I will try another tack here to deal with the ether wind.

Briefly, Michelson-Morley used an interferometer to measure the ether (medium) that light passes through on its journey. The motion of the earth through this medium would create a kind of wind just as your car does on a calm day passing through the atmosphere, when you stick your head out of the window. The two men wanted to detect the absolute velocity of the earth through space. The earth goes about the sun, the galaxies, and whatever clusters you might suppose.

Anyone reading my ebooks will no doubt note that my notions seem to be at odds at a number of points. For reasons of publishing, I do not put out second or other editions of my work. I have altered them from time to time, though under the same ISBN, but that is not kosher. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 1: Ether and Force

I have postulated in the past (Unified Field Theory: An Essay) that radiation passing through space must produce interference regardless of how the radiation meets other radiation. Waves must move the substance of the medium back and forth. Colliding waves must impede the actions of this in an absolute overall manner. By absolute overall I mean that positive reinforcement of waves, while certainly valid, operates in an overall inertial frame where negative interference impedes all waves. To be sure the energy of any wave will diminish along a front that expands indefinitely according to any measurement along the front, but negative interference is in addition to this.

Seeing that all heavenly bodies must perturb the ether and do in fact radiate, oscillate, within their own substance, we see that an ether null exists between nearby heavenly bodies on their near side. That is, the sum total of vibratory energy at a point from a radiating body is greater at a point radiating away from a solar system than within the solar system. This is due to negative interference, creating a relative calm in oscillatory energy on that side. This creates an imbalance in forces pushing back on the body. Waves must indeed push off from something, creating an action/reaction. As waves push through the ether, in like manner, they push back towards the emitter body. If nothing else, the back and forth, up and down motion of waves creates a back force. At one point the particles move with the forward propagation of the wave, at another point they move against it.

The end result is that planets push themselves in towards the sun by their own oscillatory energy, an energy that comes from within as tidal forces, gravitational pressure forces, radioactive decay, electrical forces, and all constantly being renewed by the passage of the planet through the ether and under torque forces due to the angular momentum of the orbits.

We may suppose that a vibrating medium possesses a pressure in proportion to the total quantity of oscillatory energy within the volume. We suppose that if one area of space had an abundance of agitation, this agitation would spread to another area of less agitation. This is coincident with and not in any way contrary to the natural flow of radiation or any other type of energy to move out from its source. The one necessitates the other. Moreover, this would suppose that higher pressure matter would push inward to lower pressure areas as any volume of gaseous material would. In the void of space, the transfer of energy at light speeds would obviate this tendency for the ether to actually flow from higher to lower pressure areas. Would the presence of heavenly bodies and systems of bodies in any way change this matter? I think so.

The Solar System possesses an ether calm or null within its boundaries, relative to the vast space between other star systems. We also have negative interference outside the boundaries of the Solar System, but the diminution of radiation from other bodies must make this attenuation by negative interference much less noticeable about the nearby area of space of the solar system. Moreover, the solar array of heavenly bodies form a distinct local pattern that predictably creates distinct patterns of negative interference. This pattern follows the trajectory of the system. In effect, it places the ether within it in a kind of corral.

The ether calm between the bodies creates a lower pressure area of oscillatory energy that is incident with the motion of these bodies. This means that the pressure all about the system is higher in pressure, pushing in on the system. But the radiation is greater about the rings of the system than outside the system due to the inverse square law of energy. The vast forces of distant stars is not in play to any significant degree. And this is a continuous state of affairs.

Nature abhors a difference in potential and will strive to equalize this. To increase pressure in a given volume, you increase the density or increase the agitation of the particles. Both ways increase pressure. A lower pressure volume will not push into a higher pressure volume. This corrals the ether within the Solar System. But the pressure must be equalized. The other way is for ether to flow into the Solar System in greater density than without. This also has the effect of dragging the ether within the system along with the system.

The result is that a portion of the ether moves through the ether as an independent body. To be sure we have currents within gases and liquids, but this is somewhat different. The immediate ether about the Solar System is effectively a part of that system. Its volume must be added to that of the heavenly bodies. In compensating for the energy imbalance, ether actually flows into the solar systems to equalize pressure with a greater ether density within the system. We must have:

Eo – Ether State Outside System
Ei – Ether State Inside System
Pa – Pressure Average to Inertial Frame
Pd – Pressure Due to Ether State Balanced by Increased Density

Pa = Pd (at equilibrium), so Eo = Ei (with respect to pressure)

Now we go to the matter of Michelson-Morley. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 2: Michelson-Morley

Michelson and Morley noted in their conclusions that unless the velocity of the Earth relative to the ether was quite small, the results of the experiment could not be reconciled with other observations up to that time with respect to light. But how could that be, given that the Earth orbited quickly about the sun? Was the ether coincidentally moving at the same speed as the Earth? And does its speed change with the motion of the Earth about the sun? The Earth must move into and away from this independent wind as the direction of the Earth changed in its orbit. That was not the case, or was it but on a local inertial framework?

When the ether within the system is postulated to move along with the Earth and Solar System, that mass included with the mass of the Solar System by that state, we see that we can explain Michelson-Morley without any recourse to a Fitzgerald contraction of matter, even less so to the space contraction nonsense of Einstein’s fancy.

We also see that ether nulls rid us of the superstitious nonsense of some mystical attractive force operating within nature, postulated by Isaac Newton. We suppose this fiction force was quite conducive to Newton’s mathematical notions, and that carried the weight in his mind. Even though nonsense, he could always mea culpa to: it is the work of God that makes it happen. Not disputing the theology, this is not conducive to the advance of the arts and sciences. The attractive force also dispensed with a mass of matter that interfered with Newton’s supposed light corpuscles. Going over the matter over and over again, I see no reason or reasonable supposition that can explain light other than a waveform of incremental or non-incremental propagation as the case required by the physical circumstances. We now have pushing forces controlling the universe much to the satisfaction of logic and to the prospects of more advances in scientific knowledge.

There is also the matter of the microcosmic world and how push forces operate there. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 3: Microcosm

We are justified in supposing these ether particles as quite small to explain the great speed of light and to explain other aspects of optics, chemistry and physics. That being the case, and the supposition that the so called atoms have a solar system type of structure with a massive central core, we propose the same forces keep the atom together. We include the inner ether as part of the mass of the atom, that this inner ether moves through the larger ether inertial frame as with the planets. Due to the anomalies of electrons, we suppose they are both liquid and droplets or beads as the case may be. Water does bead up and beads are particles with distinct borders independent of any container. Electrons are very small and quite likely to bead, but can be pulled apart when surrounding forces, acceleration, energy levels, differences in potential are suitable to this. This gives them a puddle state according to the case, or a string of liquid state, behaving at variances around other atomic particles. The whole notion of particles being waves and waves being particles is simply linguistic nonsense, logical nonsense.

From the days of Copernicus and before we have the dichotomy between algorithms that work and actual theoretical states. We hear from Kepler that the editor wrote the preface to the Copernicus system opus, calling the system an algorithm for working out planetary motions. Copernicus dropped dead on the day of publication and was not available for comment. We suppose he would not be happy. When Poincaré formulated Einstein’s equations and notions before he did, he simply noted that the absurdities did not matter, as it was only algorithms of mathematics. This strange Frenchman called the speculations of Georg Cantor on infinite sets as “disease” and then complimented Cantor on his notions. He smiled and babbled on about Einstein’s relativity, stolen from him most likely rather than independent invention, though he knew as a matter of physics that it was utter drivel, merely an algorithm to get around current problems in physics.

So I pull away from Fitzgerald contractions at the moment and go to my notion of ether nulls to explain Michelson-Morley in the manner stated above. Whether mathematical computations will support it or not is a future project that I put aside for others or for some later day. Back to Table of Content



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About the Author

My current biography and contact links are posted at Shakespir.com/profile/view/EdRochon. My writings include essays, poetry and dramatic work. Though I write poetry, my main interest is essays about the panoply of human experience and knowledge. This includes philosophy, science and the liberal arts. Comments, reviews and critiques of my work are welcome. Thank you for reading my book.

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Ether Force: An Essay

A brief preface notes the logical incongruities within modern models of physics. I explain why I change my views on the Michelson-Morley Experiment one more time. Chapter 1 goes over my Unified Field Theory of gravitational force. It supposes universal negative interference. The inner workings of solar systems have an ether null (or ether calm) due to negative interference attenuating waves within the system. This creates a more energetic ether outside the planetary system. Moreover, the planets and system corral this ether null, carrying the ether with it. More energetic ether has higher pressure than less energetic ether. The outside ether presses against the inner solar system ether on all sides. But the corralling effect of the bodies working in unison counteract this. This means that greater density within the solar system is required to maintain equilibrium between the inner and outer ether. This higher density ether is carried with the solar systems or other systems. Chapter 2 notes that this explains the results of Michelson-Morley without matter or space contraction. Local ether traveling through the ether with the planets will show a very weak or non-existent wind. Chapter 3 supposes this applies to the atom, the ether particles much smaller than atomic particles. We note the electron is likely both liquid like and beaded up like a particle as the case may be.

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Ether Force: An Essay Ether Force: An Essay