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Eternally, Yours

Eternally yours, is the first book of love, of author D. Lyra Vega. Waiting on love will hurt your heart, the only way to overcome is to love yourself. No matter what goes on in life, you have to love yourself. This book comes with a collection of quotes dealing with anxiety, loneliness, and hurt, all leading to the part where Love comes in and makes it all better, A love in God. God made you just like you are, perfect in his eyes, his eyes are the only ones that matter. Divided in 4 chapters. The Hurt, The Healer, You and Eternally Yours.

  • ISBN: 9780463956403
  • Author: D. Lyra Vega
  • Published: 2018-08-22 16:40:06
  • Words: 5036
Eternally, Yours Eternally, Yours