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Eternally Musicality - The Last Settles Endless Petals


Eternally Musicality – The Last That Settles Endless Petals

© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz

Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP by Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-717


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On the front cover: “The last that it showers (the language of flowers)” 2016.


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And the moment it was gone, the music carried on and a bridge to the past could no longer last as a crossing-point when music all life anoint.


Musicality, a turn of imagery – deep inside of me. The moment it was gone, I wrapped up yesterday’s song.


Musical glorification – the source of all creation and from the rhythm sound the last brush ground to dust, all the lust and persuasion and left to each equation, in its wake the simple sound that life now make.


Musicality endless petals float free eternally. My life now filled with song for the wonder that prolong a simple melody to see the world set free in rhythm harmony.


“As a coppice of conundrum

see life sway; see life hum

deep in everyone”.


No holds barred – life plays every card and every chord has its own reward.


Eternally Musicality – The Last That Settles Endless Petals

I gathered up the petals

The last that settles

Is music allegory


I had taken the liberty

to hide all imagery

and still,

the music beckoned me


this is the path that is free

this is the path that you see

entirely stroked in harmony

where imagery need never despair

always imagination repair

whatever you see there


and I took a moment to

enjoy the strings that played around you

the determined strong

the note that played along

and had me see

an entirely different



and I waited on each note

not too hurried now

not too relaxed the plough

not too tense,

that made no sense,

for how the energy stacks

in orderly queues

a-waiting pews

of ordered rhyme

all released on time

and in the beat

I could feel the rising heat

performance in its wake

not a moment hesitate

or prolong

the magic of each

wordless song

and so I dwelled within


the moment now free

to worship life’s musicality


and all around I knew

the mathematical too

was out to get you

to start to see

the pattern of a harmony


and the moment it was gone

the perfect sound that prolong

a magic in the air

that always will share

when in my mind I see

a thousand violins playing for me


and my voice sang loud and clear

in an empty atmosphere

that only I could hear

the humming sphere

the music on the brain

a call to life just once again


and soul tree laughed enormously

‘now you get to see the full-stringed entirety’


and I moved a little closer to

just enjoying the endless queue

of music sailing through

regardless of what I do

my soul laughed too!


the last that settles

endless petals

of sunshine

when the image can decline

and leave

a simple thing

music carried on a wing

of soul


the message borne now whole

when you’re next on your way

music holds your life in sway

and to a beat

that rocks you to your feet

and bids you dance

at all each circumstance


the journeys that you told

rippled bold

and fell into a well

of never-ending music spell

poetry in motion

the music now the ocean

a divine potion

and greater source

to plot every rhythm course


the last that settles

endless petals

countless mettles of design

oh, grasp the nettles all on time,

and see!

life’s open harmony

washes over you

and me


last roses

all those endless supposes

were brittle to the touch

we like the music far too much

to ever adhere to such a taboo

as always the light coming through

flower press a time redress


for in the light and shade

music your aid

and what once felt staid

opens up to see

an inner harmony

blossoming free

in musicality


and last vestige of a past

laid to rest, will you ever last

for I had cast away

on a music play

to dance my life and sway

for another day

in the bright array

of music coming through

rejoicing at all I do


quickening up to

music in a queue

to welcome you


and as I look down

the holiest crown

had blown away

to reveal such scent today

endless haze

the last of summer days


the last that settles

endless petals

at summer’s close

for autumn knows

the silver shows of light

lead to new insight

and memory of the golden few

return at once to you


magic moment of my time

to revel in the last of summer’s prime

and know the gold I see

turns to musicality


and all around the stirring,

the whirring of great things

here now I gather my wings

for what the future brings

unsettles many things

and leaves its wake

like a ripple snake

upon an endless sea

that drops to



imagination you are true

to the music deep in you

and sedately you may now flow

but we have many paths to go

and explore

the rhythm beat

beat some more


and as I pour away

last vestige of a yesterday

the last that settles

endless petals of

the last roses, it’s true

lets winter gather you

with a final bouquet,

‘encore’ you say

but I have left with autumn’s golden sway

and dying notes in my head

to new music now lead



a reflected actuality

of life coming through

stirring strong emotion in you

the passion crew always knew

the final lingering thought

every image sought

into an endless bough

of never-ending now


green is my field

and gold is my heart

I had such memory impart

the finest start in my head

musicality said in whispered tones

‘patterns now create greater zones’

and simplest bones can see

a rhythmic musicality


why would it matter to me

if the music flee

when notes return in constancy

of delight and level up to new insight


each and every score

brings out life through my front door

and I cannot ignore

‘this is what I waited for’


the rhythm slow remove

each aching groove

the water runs so smooth

as if to shower

life with beating flower

for now, pushing through

the musical pulse in you


and as I tap my keys

my memory seize a moment

that you wished to spew

a concerto right in you and see renew

the source of musicality

blue and white


the glistening listening

of all insight

all brand new

the work cut out for you

for all you ever do

is live on stage


(and now so are you).



Purple Eyes Publishing

Endless petals in my mind float as if in kind array of musical display, and all thoughts relay a simple harmony, the floating of a memory, the humming of a bee, a source to all menagerie that can see, the inner outer harmony leads to musicality.


Thank you very much and good night – all birds now in flight !


Eternally Musicality - The Last Settles Endless Petals

Musicality - the swiftness that I see the fading of reality before my very eyes: music has its own surprise and in the depths disguise, the imagery cannot ignore how imagination pour right on the dance floor when we conceal away the matter of a yesterday, the open world now play in autumn's golden sunlight ray and whisper bold and true: the musical rhythm's now got you!

  • ISBN: 9781910774717
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-08-24 13:00:09
  • Words: 1237
Eternally Musicality - The Last Settles Endless Petals Eternally Musicality - The Last Settles Endless Petals