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End of Endurance

Zoe’s marriage came with an expiration date - ONE ONE day - to understand the meaning of abhorrence and grief. ONE day - to shatter her fantasy of ‘happily ever after!’ She was too young to be exposed to the gravity of these dark emotions. But sometimes, life doesn’t give us lemons, it gives us humans. A day before… Dancing her heart out at her upscale Punjabi wedding, Zoe thought she might actually burst from happiness. She looked at her husband – her soulmate, with adoration. Everyone remarked about how perfect they were together. Two peas in a pod. ‘She was,’ she smugly told herself, ‘the girl who had it all!’ A day later… The man that Zoe knew yesterday was not there! He was not the same person she went to bed with, the last night. So much, incalculably much, had changed. What was his problem? Did he look at everyone with ‘a reptilian stare’ or had she unknowingly done something to annoy him? There are tears in her eyes, for the first time, yet not for the last. Why? What had she lost? What did she hope to regain? Why did the voice inside her scream, ‘Run! Run away.’ **************** The book, 'End of Endurance,' is an emotional ride through the murky waters of a wretched marriage. It follows Zoe's journey from a naive newlywed girl with fairy tale dreams, to a life imploded with domestic abuse, including not just physical, verbal and financial abuse, but also sexual abuse - and finally the freedom from the insidious torment. As you read through the stages of her relationship, you will share the roller coaster of emotions that delve her deep into a state of existential crisis. Zoe does not ever seem to play the victim, even when she is one. Her story is brave and full of hope. 'End of Endurance' is a moving exploration of a pervasive situation in which you can't seem to find your way out of the quagmire, even when you are aware that the situation is not a good one. Undeniably, most of the chapters will take you on a bone-chilling journey, complete with emotional conflict and replete with descriptive story-telling, without being preachy. 'End of Endurance' delivers a profound message using a story. If Zoe can endure all she has been through and still stand, then the question has to be, “what’s your excuse?”

  • Author: Rachana Arya
  • Published: 2018-10-12 14:10:06
  • Words: 71926
End of Endurance End of Endurance