Empowering Messages - To: Whom It Concerns

Contained in this e-book are personal quotes of mine that have been gathered together from seasons of writing various empowerment "jewels." The aim here is to offer wisdom nuggets, encouragement, motivation and hope to whom it concerns. We all experience ebbs and flows in our journeys through life. This book purposes to assist in coping with assorted challenges that manifest as we progress in our developmental stages. Of course, empowerment measures involve, among other valued things, time and energy investments to include love, study, diligence, vigilance and tenacity. Choosing empowered living has the potential to result in bliss, fulfillment and splendor that can blow our minds. In the mixes, we experience necessary challenges, as well. They aid in our developmental progress. Indeed, balance needs its seat at the “table,” too. How bad do we want empowerment realizations? How much are we compelled to invest to attain them? For those folks who elect to journey such profound and liberating paths, certainly, it’s well worth all that’s contained in the equation.

  • ISBN: 9780463598948
  • Author: Sandra Renee Hicks
  • Published: 2018-10-05 21:45:06
  • Words: 14880
Empowering Messages - To: Whom It Concerns Empowering Messages - To: Whom It Concerns