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Eliminate Sugar Cravings in 21 Days: The proven, natural and most practical way

Eliminate All Sugar Cravings in 21 Days

By Aviv Gil

Natural Health Therapist











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Thanks Very Much!


Dear reader, I’ve invested long time and much effort in this book in order to give you the best scientific but practical knowledge that will put an end to your addiction to sugar and carbohydrates.


I know for sure, from a lot of experience with thousands of patients that once you’ll finish reading this book you’ll have everything you need to take back the control of your weight and daily nutrition and you will have no more battles with yourself on when, how much and when to stop eating that sugary food.


I would really appreciate it if you leave your comment on my book after you finish reading it and tell what do you think about it and what new knowledge did you learn.


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Later in the book, You’ll find out that another big challenge with sugar addiction is the emotional addiction. But don’t you worry, in this book you’ll get all you need in order to eliminate your sugar cravings entirely in 21 days, physically and emotionally!



I wish you a pleasant reading,

Aviv Gil




Well done!


You have made the right decision on the way to a complete sugar and carbohydrates rehab.


I will begin with calming you down, I don’t have any intention to forbid you from eating sugar and carbohydrates completely, and you know what? It is not a very natural or a desirable thing not eating sugar and carbohydrates at all. I do want you to control it. You will be the one who decides when to eat and how much, you will be able to stop (for real) eating after just one piece of cake or right after one comfort plate of mashed potatoes because you will not need those sugars or the carbohydrates to comfort you.


It may be right now, that this image looks to you a bit far away and unclear. In this stage, you probably ask yourself “how could I eat only small amount of processed sugar or only a small amount of processed carbohydrates (chocolate, candies, snacks, potatoes, pasta, bakery, etc.)?” It could be that until today, you thought that the only right way to rehab from the desire for sugar and carbohydrates is to stop completely. But you know, as I know, that this is not the way – it is simply doesn’t work!


And here I want to tell you that it is not your fault, really not your fault. Our desire for sugars and carbohydrates is completely natural and any attempt to stop consuming sugars and carbohydrates entirely will lead us simply into a crisis and then again we will return to our old habits and start over eating as before.


So what is the true solution?

How yet can we get the control back to our hands and stop consuming sugars and carbohydrates without any control?

You will be surprised to find out how easy and simple is the solution to this problem, only by understanding a few simple things on our physiology and how our body, our hormonal system and our brain works.

When we own the knowledge about those things, we know also how to manipulate our brain and our hormonal system so we will not have any need for sugars, carbohydrates or any other comforting food that we are used to consume.


So I want to bless you again and say that you have made the right choice. I truly believe that if you will follow the principles that I will teach you in this book, you will manage, already on the first step, to decrease significantly your desire for sugars or carbohydrates, and after 21 days of practice, you will get to a point when you will have a full control! You will continue to eat sugars and carbohydrates but only according to your terms, only when you choose to, and also you will know how to stop whenever you like and you will not have to tell yourself any kinds of stories about how you deserve these things because you just had a hard day and tomorrow you will make up for it… (Yes, I know all of these stories; I used to tell them to myself all the time).


One more moment before we start, I want to tell you about myself and why I believe that I can help you. My name is Aviv Gil, I am from Israel and in the last seven years I treated thousands of people that suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and overweight, with the “Natural Health” method.


I am qualified by the Natural Health collage in Israel and I own a practitioner certificate for NLP treatments.

The natural health method which I really believe in, brings people to an impressive results without taking any pills or in any kinds of magic medicines that get you fast solutions but last only for a short period of time.


According to the natural health method, the power for healing and for losing weight is found in the patient’s own hands and all of what the therapist does is guiding the patient on how to work with his body so he could see fast and significant results.


And dear friends, this is exactly what I am about to do with you in this book. By the time you will finish to read this book you will understand exactly why our addiction to sugars and carbohydrates is a very natural thing and how do we rehab from this physiology addiction.


You will understand that the real sugars and carbohydrates addiction is actually an emotional addiction.

You will understand what the source of this emotional addiction is, and how it is related to our hormonal system and to the way our brain works, and most important, you will understand how to rehab from the emotional sugar and carbohydrates addiction, and all of that in just 10 minutes of work every day!

So, should we begin?




















Table of Contents


p<{color:#000;}. Preface[

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter one – Why our body is addicted to sugar?

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter two – Why should we rehab from sugar

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter Three – Let’s not fool ourselves – where is the sugar hiding

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter four – How to rehab from a physiological addiction to sugar

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter five – What emotional addiction is in general and why is it so hard for us to persist on new habits that we are trying to apply

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter six – Why do we get emotionally addicted to sugar?

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter seven – How to rehab completely from the addiction to sugar in 21 days

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter eight – Some more principles of natural health that will help you to balance the sugar level and to lose 10 kg in two months

p<{color:#000;}. Chapter nine Summary

















Chapter one

Why our body is addicted to sugar?


So, as I mentioned already in the preface, we suppose to consume sugar. Sugar is the most favorable and available shape of energy for our body. Our body knows how to use fats and protein for creating energy as well if it needs it but our body’s default choice for energy sources is carbohydrates and sugars. That is the reason why it does all the things that it can do in order to make us want to consume more and more sugars.


According to what the Anthropologists are saying, in the ancient past, when we were gatherers hunters, in case when a man wanted to impress a woman for winning her heart, he woke up in the morning, stretched, did a good warm up and got to the closest beehive so he could bring back to the girl a honeycomb, which was considered back then a quality and hard to get energy source.


It is important to make a short preface and explain about the differences between carbohydrates and the other sugars. Don’t worry, I don’t have any intentions to give you a lesson in bio-chemistry, you can relax.


We can divide our food into two groups in general:

p<{color:#000;}. Main food groups (fats, proteins and carbohydrates)

p<{color:#000;}. Micronutrients (minerals and vitamins)

Our body needs all of these components so it will be able to build and maintain the body tissues and also to create energy for the body.

Every food, natural and whole, contains many components all together. For example, an apple contains carbohydrates, proteins, small amount of fats and vitamins and minerals as well.

A fish contains proteins, fats, small amount of carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals as well.

When we eat some kind of food, our digestive system decomposes it to its basic stones. Those basic stones are being absorbed into the blood circulation and then they are making all the way to the liver and from the liver, they are moving in the blood stream to the whole body for building, maintaining and supplying energy.


Our body uses carbohydrates mainly for energy and to do so, it decomposes them inside the digestive system into the tiniest basic stones that it can do and after that, in the liver, all of the sugars are turning into a familiar monosaccharide, the most consumed and the most beloved on our body – the Glucose.


So, the bottom line is that from our body’s perspective, there is no big difference between foods which are containing carbohydrates such as potatoes, cereals, bakery, pasta, pizza, etc. and sugar foods such as candies, cakes, chocolates, ice creams, etc.

You cannot really compare a baked potato to ice cream regarding the nutritional values that the body gets from them but for the need of our matter, in our body perspective, the baked potato and the ice cream are providing the body eventually a lot of glucose molecules that it can use for creating energy.


What else is happening in our body while we are consuming carbohydrates and sugars?

At the time that we consume sugar or any other carbohydrate food that is being decomposed in our digestive system and becomes eventually sugar, the body releases in our brain pleasure hormones. The two main pleasure hormones that our brain releases are dopamine and serotonin.

Those hormones are being released, every time that we are getting in touch with a person that we love, every time that we are smiling (truly smiling), after every physical exercise and in every time that we eat sugar!

The job of these hormones is to make us want more from the thing that we just did. These are surviving hormones and their target is to help us survive. We humans are social creatures and that is why those hormones are being released every time that we hang out with the people that are close to us emotionally. Humans need to reproduce and that is why those hormones are being released while we are making love. Humans need sugar in order to live and that is why those hormones are being released every time we are eating sugar. So, there is no a real chance or any interest to not consume sugars and carbohydrates at all.


So, what is the problem? If we need sugar and it is a very natural thing and our body demands it, why should we rehab from sugar at all?

Why are you even reading this book?

The answer will be revealed in the next chapter…



Chapter two

Why should we rehab from sugar?


The problem is that we are no longer hunters or gatherers and the sugar, that you can find everywhere these days, in every color and in every shape, is very easy to get and consume. We are consuming it many times without even knowing that we just consumed a big amount of sugar. Actually, these days, we consume sugar 20 times more than what our body really needs for its energy (I remind you that we’re talking about sugars and carbohydrates of any kind, natural or un-natural).


Beyond the high availability of sugar, there is the problem of the process. In the ancient past, the only sugar that we could consume came in the shape of fruits, honey, sugar canes, grains, legumes and root vegetables.

Today we can find sugar in many shapes, colors and states of matter. Some of them are actually known to us as “healthy” or “dietetic” sugar replacements. (In the next chapter we will see in which shapes we could find the sugar and where else it hides from us that we don’t even have a clue about it…).


So, which health problems are caused by the sugar’s high availability and the sugar’s over process? We all know that over consumption of sugar is leading to overweight and diabetic, that is obvious, but did you knew that an immoderate consumption of sugar is also the source of high blood pressure problems, high cholesterol in the blood, fats in the blood (triglycerides), stubborn belly fat that won’t leave, Hypothyroidism, fertility problems, PCOS, skin diseases, thin hair, balding, Anxieties, Migraines, other neurologic diseases and more.

Yes, I know it is sounds like sugar and only sugar is the “Darth Vader” of our world and it is responsible for all of the health problems in the world.

It is true that there are other things which are influencing our health’s status and we will talk about them in the next chapter. But immoderate sugar consumption is definitely one of the main causes to the health problems that I mentioned above. Actually, when I treat people, one of the first things that I am starting with is reducing at least half of the sugar that they are consuming and the results are showing up very quickly.


Just before I will explain why is the sugar causing all of these medical issues, it is important for you to understand the term “insulin resistance”. Understanding this term will make it clearer for you regarding the physiologic base for all of the medical issues which are related to sugar overconsumption.

In order to explain it in the best way, I will use the “door donation” example.

Imagine to yourself that one day a man comes to your door and asks you to donate a few dollars for the breast cancer association. Probably you will open your wallet and give the man a few dollars because it is for a very important cause.


The next day, the same fund raiser comes to your door and asks again for a donation for the same association. Maybe you will fuss a little but because it is about an important cause, you will donate again a few dollars.

A day after the second day, the man comes back but this time, he comes back three times; morning, noon and evening hours.

You will think right away: “this guy thinks that he found himself a sucker…” and probably you will keep the door shut.

This is exactly what happens in our body when we are consuming too much sugar!


When we eat any kind of sugar or carbohydrate, they are decomposing inside the digestive system and the liver into glucose (we talked about it in the previous chapter). Once this glucose arrives to our blood circulation, the brain sends an order to our pancreas to release “insulin” hormone. Insulin has many jobs in our body but one of its main jobs is to get the sugar from the blood circulation into the cells. The sugar doesn’t know how to enter into the cells so it depends on the insulin that will open the door for it and only after that, it could enter the cells which are using it for creating energy.


So as we saw in the door donation’s example, in our reality we are over consuming sugar and that fact is leading to overload of insulin in our blood circulation. This insulin is knocking on the cells’ doors and asking from them to get the sugar inside over and over and over. In some point, the cells are saying to themselves: “this insulin thinks he found himself a sucker…” and they just shut the door for good and the sugar cannot get in anymore.

And this is ladies and gentleman – Insulin Resistance. A situation when the cells are not responding to the insulin and the sugar cannot get into the cells and stays in the blood circulation.


And what happens then?

A high sugar level in the blood circulation is very dangerous to our body and that is why the body has to protect itself and take some emergency steps.

The first emergency step is that the brain is sending signals to the pancreas to release more insulin. So now, instead of one fund raiser knocking on your door, you will have 20 fund raisers who are shouting from the other side: “please, just one more small donation and we promise to go away!”

And inside our body, a lot more insulin is coming to the cells and force them to open the sugar door and its working but not for long because the cells continue to learn and exacerbate their resistance until at the end, it doesn’t matter how much insulin the pancreas will release, the cells simply won’t open the door (and also the pancreas is tiring and incapable of release so much insulin).


Now, the body is moving forward to the second emergency step which is to turn the excess sugar that is found in the blood circulation, into fat. Happily, this mechanism works well most of the time and actually saving our lives. Unfortunately, our body can accumulate more and more fat, without any limits.

The same insulin resistance, in time, causes us to gain weight and develop diabetic.


But how overconsumption of sugars relates to high blood pressure problems and high levels of cholesterol?

We hear a lot that the cause of those kinds of problems is consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol.

So first I would like to start and say that we all need to include saturated fat and cholesterol within our nutrition. Did you know that 80% of the cholesterol which is inside our body has been created by the liver who turned it to cholesterol from saturated fat? Only that fact itself can teach us that saturated fat and cholesterol are very essential for our body. Otherwise, it would not have been created most of the cholesterol by itself. In the bottom line, if we will include less saturated fat and cholesterol within our nutrition, our body will simply have to create more cholesterol by itself.


But what is the purpose of the cholesterol and how it relates to overconsumption of sugar?

Do you remember when I said earlier that when we get to the insulin resistance stage, there are sugars that flow freely in our blood circulation, until they get into the liver and there they turned into fats and get accumulated inside the liver’s cells and the tissues around the hips and arms?

Well, while these free sugars flow in the blood circulation, they hurt gently the sides of the blood vessels. Those free sugars are like tiny and sharp crystals and the inner tissue of our blood vessels is very gentle and sensitive so the collision between them cause little injuries on the inner tissue of the blood vessels.


Our body knows how to deal with those kinds of injuries and how to patch them up effectively and it does that using… the cholesterol!


Yup, this is one of the important jobs that the cholesterol has in our body; patching up the damages and the little injuries inside our blood vessels.

So, why do we get so many warnings regarding the cholesterol? Why we have been told to consume only a small amount of cholesterol? Why they are scaring us and claim that high levels of cholesterol are putting our health at risk?


It is true that high levels of cholesterol are putting our health at risk but you should not blame the cholesterol in it.

I will clarify this point with another example and this time we will call it: “the firefighter” example.


Imagine to yourself that there is a fire in your living room and the furniture is on fire. You call the firefighters and suddenly, a brave firefighter is getting inside your living room with a fire extinguisher in his hand and starting to spray some foam extinguisher on the burning furniture. You are in shock because of the firefighter who sprays the foam all over your furniture and you ask him to stop immediately. The firefighter says to you that if he will not spray the foam on the furniture, the fire will spread out and will burn the whole house but you insist and ask him to stop spraying the foam on the furniture.

All of that is happening inside our blood vessels.


Our blood vessels are suffering from a severe infection (the fire) as a result of the scratches and the little injuries which were caused by the free sugars. Now, the cholesterol comes (the firefighter with the foam extinguisher) and tries to cure the infection (extinguish the fire), but we are afraid of high levels of cholesterol and taking medicines in order to reduce it so it will not block our vessels. In fact, the cholesterol is accumulating in our blood vessels only because there are too many infection areas in the blood vessels which were caused by too many free sugars that are found in the blood circulation. If we will take care of the fire itself, meaning consuming less sugar, we will reduce naturally the cholesterol’s amount in our blood.

It is the same story with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused mainly because of the incapability of our blood vessels to shrink and expand. This incapability is the result of the infection which is found in the blood vessels. And what is the cause for those infections?

You guessed it right – high levels of free sugars in the blood.

So I’ll say it again, it is true that the sugar is not the only evil guy in this story and there are more things that can damage our health and make us fat but a consumption of sugar in large quantities is definitely one of the main reasons for these kind of problems.


And for summarizing this point, if you didn’t get deeply depressed until now. The same free sugars which are flowing in the blood are getting also to the little vessels and the gentle tissues and damaging them as well. I am talking about the vessels that are found in our skin, our scalp (beneath the hair) etc. So the final outcomes of health problems that are caused by an overconsumption of sugars is not only obesity, diabetic, high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol.


bottom line, If until now you thought that maybe you should rehab from sugars and carbohydrates because of overweight or diabetic, now you know that you really want to rehab from sugars and carbohydrates in order to improve your life quality and your health status much more beyond that.



In the next chapter we will talk about the different forms of sugar that we can find and where it is hiding from us without even knowing that we are consuming it.





Chapter three

Let’s not fool ourselves – where is the sugar hiding?


In this chapter we will talk about some main topics. We will talk about the difference between natural sugars and un-natural sugars – what is the meaning of this term, natural sugars, and un-natural sugars. We will define and detail what these natural sugars are and we will be focusing mainly on these un-natural sugars and where there is some sugar that hides from us in places that we would never think of or believe or even know that it is in there.


So let’s begin with the difference between natural sugars and un-natural sugars. The actual definition of a natural sugar is anything that contains sugar because you can’t find sugar that is standing by itself. There is no such thing as natural sugar that is standing by itself so if you come across sugar, it is probably un-natural. So the definition of natural sugar is anything that exists in nature and contains sugar naturally. We are talking about honey, fruits, root vegetables, whole grains and sugar canes, simple as that. These are the only things that you can find in the nature that contains natural sugar. On the other hand, un-natural sugar is any sugar or carbohydrate or food that contains sugar unnaturally. What is the meaning of the term ‘unnaturally’? it means that the human had to deal with it in order to create some food out of it – a food that was made by a human or a natural food that the human added to it artificially sugar. Or maybe it is a food that was under the definition of natural sugar foods, like potato for example, and the human took it and created something else from it. For example, pasta made of potatoes. All of these things are the definition of un-natural sugar.


Now I’ll start to breakdown every section of all the different kinds of un-natural sugar that you can find these days which are being consumed by humans regularly and in large quantities as well.


So I am starting with a very clear and obvious category which is regarding to sweeteners, candies, chocolates, ice-creams, etc… – all of the things that we know for sure that they are under the definition of un-natural sugar. They are not made of fruits or grains or root vegetables for sure and we know that they are containing a lot of sugar.

There is no point in detailing those things because we know that they are containing a lot of sugar and it is clear to us that they are not healthy.

Once again, there is no intention in this book to make you avoid completely from all of these sugars. We are having fun and we know that we can treat ourselves sometimes. The goal of this book is not a complete avoidance and it is also an un-natural and wrong thing to do – avoid it completely as we mentioned in the previous chapters. The goal of this book is to give you the option to have fun and eat some sweets, some un-natural sugars, but for once, you will have the control of it. It means that you will not think of it all the time, you will be able to decide whenever to eat it, and most important, you will be able to decide when to stop eating it without thinking about it and wanting it more and more.


The second un-natural sugar that I want to speak about is flour. Any flour, no matter which one, which kind – When we consume any flour that is made of grains, in the bottom line, our body consumes and gets sugar.


I’ll explain, In the nutrition’s world, in the health’s world in general, there is this trend to talk about whole flour, or things that are made of whole flour like whole bread, whole grains’ cereals – We hear that all of these things are much healthier from the things that are made of regular grains. Dear friends, the differences between the products that are made of whole flour, and the products that are made of regular flour, are very tiny. Eventually in the bottom line, the thing that gets into our blood circulation after those products went through our digestive system is mainly sugar.


Why is that happening?

When you take grains and whole grains, and mill it very thinly with the help of the industrial machines that we use these days, which are actually turning the grain into flour, there is no difference. The machines are turning the grains today differently than the old days when people made flour with millstones and back then it really mattered because the grain’s shell has been kept. So in the past, we were getting true whole flour plus its dietary fibers. In our days, the milling is so aggressive that it is turning the grain with its shell, even the whole grain, into tiny thin pollen and most of the vitamins and the minerals and mainly the shells which are containing the dietary fibers, are losing their values almost completely.


So it is true that there are some tiny differences between flour and whole flour. But those differences are so tiny and they don’t have a lot of meaning like the industry people want us to believe. In the bottom line, when we turned the grain, no matter if it is whole or not, into the thinnest pollen, and then we create from it no matter what; bread, pasta, couscous, wheat groats, bakery, pizza, crackers – it doesn’t matter what we create from this flour, eventually when we get it inside, eat it, and it makes all the way into the digestive system, most of what we get from these products eventually is sugar.

The third kind of food that it is important to talk about which is also unfortunately contains too much sugar is prepared food. Yes. Prepared food. Any prepared food that we are buying, in the supermarket, in the shops or in the grocery shops. It doesn’t matter if it is ready for eating or frozen – most of these foods (not all of them, most of them), are containing sugar in one way or another. Why people add sugar to prepared food? because they use it as a flavor enhancer. It can be a baking enhancer, flavor enhancer, general enhancer. The sugar can enhancer the product in general by causing us, the humans, to get addicted to it and want it more and more. Now pay attention, also not-sweet foods, even schnitzels, frozen pizzas – almost any food that we are buying which is already prepared, a food that the only thing that you need to do is to put inside the micro wave or inside the oven for 20 minutes to make it ready for eating, contains a very large quantities of sugar.


That is the reason why these kinds of foods that we are consuming in very large quantities are very problematic for us regarding to sugar consumption.


The next kind of food that I would like to talk about is fizzy, sparkling drinks and sugary drinks. It is very clear that bubbly sweetened drinks are full of sugar. But did you know that even sweet drinks that has the label “health beverage” or “natural beverage” are all full of the sugar, also if the maker of this juice just took four oranges and squeezed them into the carton, it also contains very large quantities of sugar.


In many cases, these beverages are so problematic because they are not containing even a half of gram of dietary fibers or any fats – it is the same as injecting sugar directly into the vein. When we are eating, even a small quantity of natural sugar, it has a quantity of fats or dietary fibers. So these fibers and fats are helping the sugars to get absorbed in the digestive system slower and in controlled manner. When we drink our sugar, in the form of sweet beverages and bubbly beverages, there is nothing that will prevent the sugar from entering into our blood circulation from the digestive system in enormous speed and in very large quantity. This process will simply lead to the insulin resistance stage that we talked about in the previous chapter. Unfortunately, this news is bit worse. Many of us are drinking natural homemade squeezed juice with the belief that they are very healthy to us to drink. We take oranges and squeezed them ourselves. We take pomegranates and squeezed them ourselves. There is no doubt that these juices are much more natural and healthy for us than the juices we find in the stores, but on the other hand, drinking it every day because we decided that it is a healthy beverage is completely wrong.


Those fruits are containing naturally a lot of sugar. Now, if we eat the fruit as it is, as a whole fruit, with all of its components and its dietary fibers, the sugar will enter naturally and in a controlled manner as it should. The moment that we take the fruit and squeeze it until we get only its liquids, only the juice, we will get its vitamins and minerals but we will leave behind all of its dietary fibers. This case is also like injecting sugar into the vein with the addition of some vitamins and minerals but still, lots and lots of sugar.


So it is not a problem to drink natural juice once in a while. An orange juice once a week can get you a lot of vitamin C and a lot of minerals and it is wonderful. But don’t think that this juice is so healthy so you should drink it every day or even twice a day because in that case, it will only cause you damage regarding to sugar.


I want to take a moment right now and give you a little emphasis on the difference between juice and smoothie. When we are making the juice ourselves, as I mentioned earlier, we are squeezing it until we get only the liquids from the fruit and we are leaving behind all of its dietary fibers. When we are making a smoothie, we put together the whole fruit, all of the liquids, the green leaves and also its dietary fibers so the sugar problem is less severe in smoothies. So what could be the problem with smoothies? Sometimes the smoothies “help us” consuming a lot more fruits than we could have consumed if we were eating them in their natural form. For example, if I would have wanted for breakfast to eat two apples, and maybe another small handful of lettuce and maybe a small handful of walnuts I could have, and it would have defiantly gets me filled up. But there is some people that prepare themselves a morning smoothie which is containing not two apples but four apples, three giant handfuls of lettuce and kale leaves, another two handfuls of walnuts and a little of coconut oil etc. And eventually they finish this smoothie but during a whole hour. So actually, they ate a large quantity of fruits and leaves and nuts, and in general a large quantity of food, that they would not able to eat if they were trying to eat them is their natural form. So I don’t have any problem or any resistance to smoothies, as long as you are taking care of making the smoothie from a quantity that you could have eat in its natural form.


The next food that I would like to talk about is sauces and spreads. Unfortunately, also prepared sauces and spreads that we are buying, in 99.9% of the cases they contain a very large amount of sugar, because of the same exact reason that every prepared food is containing sugar. It is a flavor enhancer; it makes us want to consume it more and more. If you are making it for yourselves at home, you could know what the real components are. That is terrific and of course better. But, if you are buying it to yourselves, it doesn’t matter if it has a label on it that says ‘organic’ and it doesn’t matter if it has a label on it that says ‘natural components only’. If you will observe the components list, you will find there some kind of sugar. Also if it is not written as sugar, and most of the time the word sugar will not be there, it will be under some other words or some other derivatives of sugar and many times, in very large quantities. So I will say it again. We don’t need to avoid all kinds of sugars, and all kinds of spreads and snacks, sweets and desserts, etc. but we do want to limit their quantity within our nutrition and the main thing that we want is to be able to control it. Control our feelings; control our strong desire for sugar. This is what we will learn further on in the book.


The next kind of foods that contains a large quantity of sugar is the low calorie and low fat foods. In the last 20 years we are going through some brain wash that makes us believe that – in order to lose weight and become thinner and healthier, we need to eat and consume low calorie and low fat foods. Unfortunately, the reality today shows us that it doesn’t work. Did you know that the most sold departments in every supermarket are the departments of the low calorie and low fat foods? It means that the public, we, the people, are eating a lot of low calorie and fat foods. On the other hand, the reality shows that our health or weight status isn’t getting any better although the fact that we are following the recommendations and we are actually eating low calorie and low fat foods and still, the health status, the obesity plague, the diabetic plague, the pancreas diseases and so on, only getting worse every year.


Now, let’s understand what these low calorie and fat foods are. First, we're talking about un-natural foods. The simple fact is that there is no such thing as natural low calorie or low fat food. Of course there are natural low fat foods like vegetables but we don't see "low fat" label on them right? All of the products that we can find in the supermarket which have the label “low fat” or “low calorie” on them are un-natural. Also if it is dairy products, which is supposed to be natural foods, in order to turn a dairy product into ‘low fat’ and ‘low calorie’ product, humans had to interfere during its making process. The reason for the interfering is that any milk that gets out of the animal, female camel, sheep or cow etc. gets out with at least 23% fat. In order to turn this fat milk into cheese, cottage, yogurt or any other low fat, 0% fat, 1.5% fat, 5% fat, 9% fat product, the industry takes the milk and decomposing all of its components; milk’s water, milk’s protein, milk’s fat and milk’s sugar. Now, after all of these components are found separated in front of us, we simply can take them and create a completely new product from them. We can take a little less fat, little more water, much more sugar, because without it this new product will not have any flavor. And this is how we make a new low fat product which is low calorie as well but on the other hand, has a lot of sugar in it. And the reality is similar not only with dairy products. Any low calorie food, also if there is no actual addition of sugar are full of sugar. Just as I mentioned before regarding the flour that is made from grains, eventually what we get when we eat them is mainly sugar. So all of these industrial foods, these low fat and low calorie foods, are not giving us almost anything, surly not any important nutrition values like vitamins and minerals. We do get some, but not like we were supposed to get if we were eating a whole natural food. But we will talk about it further on.


The next food group that I would like to talk about is the world of the artificial sweeteners and any kinds of sugar replacements. I am talking about saccharine, Sucralose, Stevia – any kind of those extracts and others different replacements for coffee or tea. The updated researches are showing that all of these replacements, also those that are made of stevia that so called healthier than the others, all of them are overloading and damage our liver because the liver doesn’t know these materials and it now needs to try and convert them to something that it does know. This process requires a lot of work from it and that work damage it. Many times it doesn’t succeed to produce nothing from these materials and it just releases them as trash into the blood circulation. And then, until this trash arrives to our kidneys so we could release it out of our systems via our urine, it damages us during its journey inside our body. So, dear friends, whether your goal is to lose weight or to be healthier, give up on all of the artificially sweeteners. Do it now. They will not help you lose weight; they will just damage your health and stress you out, which will just cause you to gain more weight. If you want to sweet your beverages, take beside the coffee or the tea a date or two. But if you are already sweetening your beverage, you should do it with honey. But don’t you worry, we will get very soon to the actual nutrition recommendations which are all about the eating recommendations that will help you to really rehab from the physiological addiction to sugar. We will see further on in the book, that the real addiction is not a physical one, but an emotional one and then we will treat it and rehab from sugar for real.


And the last kind of food that I want to talk about is not a single kind food but a group of foods and it will be under the headline – “restaurant and eating outside”. In every fast food net and in any kind of restaurants – also restaurants that are not fast food restaurants such as home cooking small restaurants and the high quality restaurants, in all of them, they use a lot of sugar in order to make our food tastier, simple as that. So again, in this case as well, there is no intention that you will stop going to restaurants and eating outside and stop having fun at all. No. it is really not the intention. On the contrary, you can continue to do so – the thing that was important to me to do in this chapter is not only increase your awareness about where the sugar is, and to truly show you that in reality today, it is really hard for us to run away from it. We get sugar everywhere, an industrial sugar, which gets inside and absorbs quickly in the blood circulation and is leading slowly and safely, towards the same insulin resistance that we talked about in the previous chapter. We already understood in the previous chapter why this insulin resistance is the first source for so many health problems and surly for overweight. But dear friends, don’t worry. The last two chapters are maybe a bit dark and ominous but you are not reading this book in order to get depressed. On the contrary, there is a solution. The solution is not moving to Alaska and eat only ice cubes and lettuce all day, absolutely not. The solution is very simple and I will talk about it obviously in the following chapters. So let’s continue to the next chapter.




Chapter four

How to rehab from the physiological addiction to sugar


In this chapter we will talk about the physiologic rehab from sugar – pay attention, a physiologic rehab only, in this phase. I will give the rules, the natural principles, my eating recommendations, what are the natural nutrition principles that I am recommending on. That is why it will be very easy for you to get physiologic rehab from sugar completely. Again, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat sugar at all; it only means that your body will not depend on sugar and will not demand it physically etc. so, let’s start.


The good news is that it is very simple and easy. The physiologic addiction to sugar of our body is not strong at all. Although the fact that I mentioned above that consuming sugar is a natural thing for us, and our body demands and releases pleasure hormones which are called by the names dopamine and serotonin and which are making us feel great while we are eating sugar, it is still doesn’t mean that our body demands large quantities of sugar. No, physiologically, the body needs a very small quantity of sugar during the day, a lot less than what we are consuming today. The main problem is the quantity and also the processing. As I said in the previous chapters – it is the quantity and also the processing that the sugar is going through, that make our body really addicted, in a very bad form.


So let's start with the first common mistake – one of the biggest common mistakes is that people are trying to avoid sugar completely. I said it many times already and here I will say it once again – you shouldn’t avoid sugar completely, you shouldn't avoid natural sugar that I mentioned at the previous chapter and you shouldn't avoid un-natural sugar. What is my recommendation? My recommendation is that 95% of the sugars that you are eating – pay attention, not 95% of your general nutrition but 95% of the sugars that you are eating, should be natural. And here I am reminding, what natural sugar is? Cereals, root vegetables and fruits. These are natural sugars. If you will make sure to consume 95% of the whole sugar quantity that you are eating, only from those kinds of foods, you are making a guarantee to yourselves to physiologically rehab from sugar.


On the other hand, 5% percent of the sugars that you are eating, again, not 5% of the whole nutrition but 5% of the amount of sugars that you are eating, can be un-natural sugars. It can be a candy, a chocolate, an ice cream, a bakery, bread, pizza – these are sugars as we mentioned in the previous chapter, that are very un-natural to us but we shouldn’t avoid them also so we should restrict the amount we eat them to 5% percent of the sugars amount that we are eating. Probably right now you are saying to yourselves: "ok, what is the meaning of 95% percent of the sugars? How much is it actually? And what is the meaning of 5%? How much is it? Give me some accurate quantities". So don’t worry, towards the end of this chapter, in order to make your life really simple, you will be able to download a full menu for 30 days that I made for you – no matter if you are omnivorous, vegetarians or vegans – a complete menu for 30 days which is based on the principles that I am about to explain in this chapter.


But before you are downloading the menu, it is important to understand something about the un-natural 5%. Look, it doesn’t really matters if you are eating something that is so called healthy or some energy snack, or some healthy cereals, or even whole bread or a chocolate. As long as you keep it small quantity such as 5% of your sugar consumption, it doesn’t really matter which un-natural sugar you are choosing to eat. It doesn’t really matter. I know that maybe it sounds shocking and outrageous. "What? Really? Eating chocolate and eating energy snack is the same thing?" well, of course it is true that it doesn’t really the same. It is true that energy snack will be always better than chocolate. But again – the real important thing to remember is that the quantity should be small, really small – 5% of your sugars consumption and then, in this case, it doesn’t really matter which un-natural sugar you eat. Your body will deal with it. It will clear it and there is no problem to eat some of the less healthy sugars in a small quantity. I'll say it again, you might ask yourselves right now: "wait, how much is it 5%? What are these sizes?" So I'll remind you again that towards the end of this chapter, I added for you a whole menu for 30 days which are built on the principles of this chapter, including 5% of un-natural sweets, including everything. So you won't have any problems about this matter.


Let’s continue to the following nutritional principles that will help you physiologically rehab from sugar.


The next health principle is one of the most important principles that if, in my perspective, you will apply it, that one principle only of all the rest of the principles that I talk about in this chapter – if you will apply only this nutritional principle, you will make a huge step for your health. You will feel better, you will lose weight, and you will have much less physiological desire for sweets and sugars. Obviously the real addiction is emotional and I will talk about it further on, but if you will follow only this principle that I am about to talk about right now, you already made a significant change for your health and for your weight.


That principle called "The Fifty-Fifty" principle and it means that every plate of yours, every dish that you are eating, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner – half of the plate needs to be filled up with raw fresh vegetables. Not boiled vegetables, not steamed vegetables, not roasted vegetables, but raw fresh vegetables. It can be a vegetables’ salad, and it can be some sliced vegetables. It has to be half of the plate. With the other half, you can do whatever you like. It can be cereals, it can be some root vegetables, it can be meat, it can be chicken, it can be eggs, it can be fish, it can be whatever you like it to be as long as it is standing with the rules that we spoke about them in the previous chapters – obviously we will make an effort not to eat things that are made of flour such as pastas, bakery, pizza etc. those things are related to the un-natural 5% of sugars. It means that we are eating a very small amount of them. But again, the principle is "fifty-fifty". Half of your plate needs to be filled with fresh raw vegetables, and you can do whatever you like with the other half. You will see some wonderful examples inside the 30 days' menu that I provide you towards the end of this chapter.


The next nutritional principle is called “Natural fats – Healthy fats”. This principle is saying in general that you need to add some natural fats in every meal of yours. This principle and also the previous principle (fifty-fifty), are sharing the same goal which is making your food and especially the sugar that you are eating to be absorbed and to be digested slowly and in a controlled, natural manner. So if we talked about fifty-fifty in the previous principle so the thing that helps the sugar to be digested slowly and in a controlled manner is the nutritional fibers which are existing inside vegetables and that is why we are eating fresh vegetables. In the case of this princple, of healthy fats, the fat itself is the thing that causes the rest of the components that you are eating as food; sugar as well, to be absorbed slowly and in a controlled manner.


But what are healthy fats?

First of all, healthy fats are fats that you can find naturally inside an animal food. It means that the fat which is naturally found inside the meat, and the fat which is naturally found inside the chicken, and inside fish and eggs. These are fats which are found naturally inside the animal’s tissues and they are good and healthy fats for us, although what the doctors are saying about cholesterol and saturated fat. Today, there are countless researches that proof that there is no real risk in consuming high fat or high cholesterol foods. Even the American heart association has already announced in public that cholesterol and saturated fat are not really damaging our heart but the real problem is caused by inflammation inside the vessels. This inflammation is caused, as I explained in the previous chapters, from overconsumption of sugars. So don’t be afraid to eat natural food that contains fats such as chicken, meat, eggs and fat fish – on the contrary, we need those fats, they are important and essential to us. So this is a healthy animal fat. What about vegetable fat? The healthy vegetable fats are nuts, almonds and seeds in their original and whole form and fat fruits like avocado, olives and coconut. When I talk about nuts and seeds, it’s important to understand that I don’t mean seeds’ oil, or sesame’s oil, cannula’s oil or corn’s oil. These oils are not included. Only the seeds themselves and the whole nuts and almonds are included. Whether they are whole walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds or flaxseed – again, not their oil, but the whole and full seeds themselves. In the other hand you can defiantly consume fat fruit oils from fat fruits like avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Cold-pressed oils of course. All of these oils are wonderful and you can do everything with them – cook, fry, bake and roast – everything. You don’t need any other seeds’ oils.


The clear conclusion that comes out of it is that the un-healthy and bad fats that we want to keep away completely from our nutrition are fats which are made of seeds. Again, I am saying repeatedly, it is cannula’s oil, corn’s oil, soya’s oil, hemp seed oil, grape’s seed oil, sesame’s seed oil – we should stay away from all of the oils that are made of seeds. Keep them out of your kitchen completely and I will explain why.

If you visited lately an olive press place, you could have seen clearly that in order to make olive oil, the same thing as avocado’s oil and coconut’s oil – the only things that needs to be done is to press the fruit, squeeze the oil out of it and then just filter it so it will be clean and pretty. In our day’s people are not doing it anymore like in the past. We don’t step on the olives because we have machines that are doing it for us but the procedure is the same mechanic procedure – activating pressure on the fruit so the oil will come out from the other side. On the other hand, the production of seeds’ oil is un-natural and un-healthy procedure at all. For this procedure, for producing oil from seeds, we need to heat them up to a very high temperature. In that point, the seeds are already oxidized. Then, we need to mix them up with some chemicals, heat them up again and filter them by mixing them up again with some other chemicals and so on and so on. Now, what about cold-pressed seeds’ oil that you can find? You can find in the supermarkets cold-pressed canola oil for example. Cold-pressed procedure means that there was no heating during the preparation process. Or for example, another common question that people are asking me is – what about tahini? Tahini is not oil but it is a very oiled spread and it is an extraction of sesame. And you can find it also cold-pressed, meaning there was no heating process during its preparation. So dear friends, it is true that oil of seeds, or tahini, if they are cold-pressed, they are much better than those who are not cold-pressed, but in this case there is the quantity issue! Think about it for a moment – let’s try to compare, just for the example, avocado oil and sesame oil. We can all eat two avocados during a day, a whole two avocados. And if I try to produce oil out of these two avocados, I will get more or less six spoons of avocado oil. On the other hand, in order to produce six spoons of sesame oil, I will need more or less six big handfuls of sesame. I will never be able to eat six big handfuls of sesame just like that. Maybe I could have, if someone would have been pointing a gun in my head but naturally, I can’t eat six whole handfuls of sesame seeds. So, even If I found cold-pressed seeds’ oil or tahini, also in that case, we shouldn’t, and it is very un-natural for us, to consume a large quantity of it. Really it isn’t.


I’ll say it again, like the rest of the principles in this book, you don’t have to avoid completely from those seeds’ oil. If you are visiting one of your relatives, or maybe you went to a restaurant, to a dinner, and there you have a dish that you know that was made with canola oil, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat from it at all because of the oil or the flour and sugar and so on and so on. But these seeds’ oils are included within the “eat as less as possible” category. Those seeds’ oils are causing to a severe infection in our intestinal and simply damage our health. So we do want to add to every meal some quality fats as I said before, any kind of food that contains the fat inside of it – chicken, meat, eggs, fish. We can also add nuts or seeds or whole almonds, or oily fruits such as avocado, olives and coconut, or the oils which were made of thous fat fruits – olive’s oil, avocado’s oil and coconut’s oil. You can also spice your salad, the half of the fresh vegetables, with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Of course try not to use any kinds of other sauces because we talked in the previous chapter about how much these sauces are filled with sugar. So spice your vegetables with salt, pepper, lemon and some kind of fruits’ oil. Personally I prefer olive oil.

Let’s move forward to the next principle.


The next principle and the last one for this chapter, is a principle that will help you very much in losing weight and is really turning the insulin resistance which is maybe already exist in your body, really causing it to do some sort of reverse. This principle called – “24 hours of water”. What this principle is actually saying? This principle is saying that once a week, you take a whole 24 hours that in them everything that you put in your mouth is water or bubbling water. That is the only thing that you are putting in your mouth. Now, how it actually happens? In fact, you can decide whenever you like to start these 24 hours. Most of the people will start after breakfast. It means that they get up in the morning, eat a completely normal breakfast, you don’t need to have some special breakfast, bigger smaller or fatter – you don’t need to change anything, a totally normal breakfast, and since this moment to the next breakfast, the only thing that you are putting in your mouth is water or bubbling water. No coffee, no tea, no water with lemon, not anything that is similar to water, just water or bubbling water – of course bubbling water without flavor or color. Obviously those 24 hours are including your night sleep as well. Now there are some people that are more comfortable with starting the 24 hours after lunch. So they get up in the morning, eat breakfast, eat lunch and since this moment, and 24 hours to the next day’s lunch, they drink only water or bubbling water without flavor, color or something like that.


Many times when people read this principle they get terribly scared. It is something that many of us are not used to do. We used to eat all of our lives – even if one day I ate only one meal, we don’t used to and we are not familiar with this costume of suddenly not eating during a whole 24 hours each week and many people are getting scared of it.


So first of all I can calm you down and say that physiologically, our body can handle it easily. We all have enough resources and our body can handle many more days than 24 hours without food and only with water. So, only 24 hours will not cause any harm to anyone. On the contrary, they will do only good. Of course it you are on some medications, whether they are for lowering your sugar level, no matter which kind of medications, before you apply this principle, consult with your doctor. Because it may be that during this day you will need to lower the medications dosage a bit, or you will have to eat something small in order to take the medication and it is all right as well, but only if it will be something really small and only for the purpose of taking the medication. But again, if you are taking medications regularly, you need to consult a doctor before you apply this principle.


Usually the main problem with applying this principle is that people mostly afraid and the moment that they begin these 24 hours, after an hour or two they are suddenly start to feel a terrible hunger that they never felt before. And if they were at the same phase of the day, on a normal day, they wouldn’t have felt this hunger at all because this part of the day is naturally not a part that they were eating in. But because in their mind they know that this is a day, which is a whole 24 hours that they are not eating, the fear is raising and with it, the feeling of hunger. This hunger is completely emotional.


Our body doesn’t have a real physiologic need to eat in these whole 24 hours of water only. So in this case, you can calm yourselves and know that physiologically, there is no problem. And also if this emotional hunger is rising during this day, just keep yourself busy with something else and you will see how magically, like a magic trick, the hunger disappears. Now, what is it good for? Why this principle is important? First of all, this principle is not mandatory. It is an optional one but I am highly recommending on doing it once a week. I am doing it myself every week since forever. It allows the body to reset itself, clean itself, and clear the toxics with the help of the digestive system that will not be occupied all the time with digesting food. And it is just as I said at the beginning; it really does a reverse for the insulin resistance. Of course it doesn’t neutralize all of the insulin resistance in one day of water only, but If you will persist in it, one day like that each week – it doesn’t matter by the way, which day it will be, you can choose the most comfortable day for you, but if you will persist in it you will see that your desire for sugar, and in general the insulin resistance is just getting lower and lower and less significant and slowly getting cured. If you are taking medications for sugar levels or measure your sugar levels, you will notice that after a few days like these, not a few days in a row but one day each week – after a few times that you are doing a day like this, your sugar values will get lower and obviously your desire for sugar with it. The main goal of this principle is to rehab your body from its addiction to sugar completely.


For summarizing this chapter, we talked about few principles that I highly recommend on applying them as part of your nutrition already from tomorrow. They will help you a lot with the physiological rehab of the body from sugar. If your nutrition is very different from those principles, I recommend on starting first with the fifty-fifty principle. It is the first principle that you should follow. You will get the rest of the principles slowly and progressively unless you know for sure that you could handle the rest of them or couple of them in a good form.


O.K., now is the time to download your 30 days’ natural menu that will help you follow all the principles in an easy manner.


[+ Click here to download your menu+]


Just download the menu, print it, hang it on the fridge and act according to its instructions. It includes different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and all of the 5% un-natural sugar treats. Actually it is including all of the principles that I talked about in this chapter. So just download the menu and good luck!


And now to the less good news. Why less good? Because although the menu of the 30 days that I am using as part of the treatment, not the first time, but on many patients of mine – although I know that this menu is a healthy and high quality menu that can really make a difference regarding to health and weight of many people, my great experience with patients shows that most of the patients doesn’t succeed to keep on with this menu and persist in it for two weeks in average.


It is not a complicate or an extreme menu, really it is not. But if you already downloaded it, you could see for yourselves that it is a very optional and not extreme menu. But unfortunately, the less good news is that the addiction to sugar is only 3% physiological and 97% emotional. It means that the treatment to this addiction by only a menu is not the right treatment. It is not the root treatment. It doesn’t mean that I think the menu which I gave you will not help you at all. On the contrary, I think that this menu will help you a lot. But I think that along with the menu, you have to treat the real root of the addiction, to treat the emotional addiction to sugar. And then, only then, you will have the possibility to persist in this menu easily all of your life. And I am saying that from a personal experience, and especially from an experience of treating thousands of patients that only by nutritional change and emotional work, of cleaning the emotional addiction to sugar, only then they succeeded to really persist in this menu, and eventually, to win completely the addiction to sugars and carbohydrates.


Now, one moment before I continue, I have to give a little warning here. Many people, when I say emotional addiction, think that it is not about them. It belongs only to the mentally ill people, people who went through some trauma – “…no it is not related to me. I am a calm person, peaceful, mentally health…” – so dear friends, it doesn’t matter if you have been experiencing some trauma or not, if you are very mentally healthy or not, all of us, in the reality of today, all of us are experiencing an emotional addiction to sugar. All of us. Even the most competence men, the most successful, and the healthiest – as a result of the culture that we live in, we all experience an emotional addiction to sugar. And I will explain all of this matter why and how in the next chapters.


In the bottom line, we all know what we should do in order to be thinner and healthier. Eat healthier, do some exercises and sleep well. The reality shows that most of us, although we know it clearly, we don’t manage to persist in it and apply it. From my experience and from my knowledge, the root of this problem is emotional. I’ll say it again; we are all there. And that is why the reality that we are living in is like that and this is exactly what I want to get into and start to explain about in the next chapters.

In the next chapters I will explain what is it an emotional addiction, why do we get emotionally addicted to sugar – all of us, and most important, how do we clean completely this emotional addiction and truly beat once and for all the addiction to sugars and carbohydrates. You will not be disappointed, let’s move on to the next chapter.


Chapter five

What emotional addiction is in general and why is it so hard for us to persist in new habits that we are trying to apply


So in order to understand what is it exactly an emotional addiction, we need to speak first and explain how we, the humans, learn and remember information in general. So, inside our brain there are two ways to remember information. The first way is to memorize the same information over and over again until we have it deeply inside our brain and then we can remember it. Usually we use this memorization way for information which is less meaningful to us – some un-important date, phone numbers, and declarative information – simply dry information. On the other hand, our brain is coding and remembering information in another way – by significant emotions, some meaningful events that happened to us such as positive events like wedding and childbirth. A happy event that we simply remember right away and we don’t need to memorize it. Also, we remember immediately the little less good events that were also very meaningful to us, some kind of trauma. We can remember these events immediately happily and unfortunately without the need of memorizing them. Now, let’s understand how does it work? What actually happens in our brain? There is a neurologically law that was invented by a very famous Neurologist named Hebb, the law is – “Two neurons that fire together – Wire together.”


Let me explain a bit about neurons – the neurons are the nerve cells. Our brain and a big part of our spine, our spine cord is composed of these neurons. Once our brain gives a command, these nerve cells are leading it to its destination. The brain can communicate between itself and the different parts of it and also communicate with the rest of the body. This mechanism is similar to electric cables. Imagine to yourselves that you have in your house on one side of some wall, a light switch which is connected to some electric cables. When you turn it on, it is powering some bulb. From the other side there is another wall with another switch and when you press on it, it is powering a different bulb. Imagine that one day you press both of the switches together at the same time. The two switches are sending at the same time an electric pulse through the electric cables which are found inside the wall, and activating together the two different bulbs. The incredible thing that happened on that second is that both of the electric cables were bonding together. From now on, every time that you will press one of the switches, both of the bulbs will be powered together. The reason for that is that because you sent an electric pulse through these two electric cables together at the same time, they were incredibly bonding through the wall and from now on every time you will press one of them, both of the bulbs will be powered or turned off.

That is exactly what happens in our brain regarding the nerve cells, the neurons. Every time that a couple of neurons are firing together, they simply bond to each other. From now on, when you are getting exposed to the same information, to the same event, the same neurons will simply be firing together and then their bond will get stronger and stronger every time they’ll fire together again.


Let’s give another short example. Let’s say that on the first time when you were little kids you got exposed to the mathematical formula 2+2=4. Now, when you see it at the first time, a couple of areas in your brain are being activated. First of all, the visual area that sees shapes, the logic area that understand that these shapes are numbers and another logic part from the other side, that makes logic and understand that this shape plus this shape are equal together to this shape. So all of these areas, all of these neurons were firing together and from now on you will not have to do all of this thinking process all over again. The reason for that is that the neurons were bonding to each other and some pattern that says 2+2=4 has been created in your brain and now you remember this information. Now, as long as you will memorize this information more and more, the bond between the neurons will get stronger. In memorization, in order to remember something that is regarding to some information that has no any emotional influence on us, we need to memorize it over and over again for making the bond between the neurons to become as stronger as we could.


On the other hand, in case of a significant emotion – why do we need only one time? Why we don’t need to memorize it over and over? Why we don’t need to experience the childbirth over and over so we could remember it? because, at the moment of the birth, the moment of the event, there is so many neurons and so many brain centers that are firing and acting all together so the bond which was created in that moment is so powerful that it is like we memorized this moment during a whole year. And that is why, again, for the purpose of summarizing this part – our brain’s way to remember information is by memorization; memorizing and creating new bonds in our brain and as long as we are continuing to memorize the information, we are making the bonds stronger, or by some emotional experience that creates strong bonds inside the brain and in the whole body so we can experience it one time and it will be enough for us in order to remember it because of all the neurons that are firing together and creating strong bonds with each other.


But now let’s try for a moment to understand how all of it – information memorization, remembering information, meaningful emotion – how all of it relates to emotional addiction. The purpose of this chapter is to explain what is the meaning of emotional addiction and why most of us are emotionally addicted to sugar? Is it true? Is it relating to each one of us? Let’s find out.


Just like I explained in the previous part, when we are memorizing something for a long time, or when we are experiencing a very meaningful emotion, new bonds are being created inside our brain and spinal cord. Now, when the experience is very meaningful and also repeats itself, like memorizing a meaningful emotion or something very traumatic that happened, the bonds that are created in the body are so strong that you can almost consider them as an organ. Even if we will not use these bonds, the body will look for them the same way that a man with a missing organ will always look for it. Here some examples:


Soldiers that took part in the battle and experienced some kind of trauma, usually returned from the battlefield and experiencing something that is called PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder. They experienced a very meaningful experience (in this case a negative one) and while they are walking the street, every little noise, even if it is not related directly to battle or any sight of something familiar, get them straight back to the event and they are experiencing it all over again in their minds. This effect is caused by the powerful bonds which were created at the time that the man experienced the negative experience. Those bonds are so powerful that the body is searching for this event like it was an organ, and if we are not giving it the possibility to experience it, every little sign or every little stimulus which is reminding the event, immediately raise the event in our body all over again.


Another example is phantom pain. Phantom pain is a pain that a human who got through some amputation of an organ or a limb suffers from. For example, a man who got through a hand amputation, for this example, his right hand, although the wound is clean and it has been years ago, the body is still looking for the right hand. Unfortunately, every person who got through an amputation is familiar with this effect. Even after all of the rehabilitation process, when the person is already functions completely normal without his hand, the brain sends messages and looks for the hand because of the powerful neurons’ bonds and that called a phantom pain.


The person feels the pain that is coming from his right hand although he doesn’t have one. His right hand exists only in his mind. He can feel his right hand tickling, or itching or acing although in fact he doesn’t have a right hand. That is because that in his mind, he has a right hand. It is the same thing with the post trauma of soldiers. The event is no longer exist except in their mind, and in their whole body in general (I will explain in the next part what is the meaning of “the whole body remembers”) this event is totally exists. Dear friends, this is the definition of emotional addiction – we experienced something very emotional and meaningful to us, many of us have been experiencing it several times, it can be a negative or a positive experience – a very powerful emotional experience. As a result of this experience, a very powerful bonds were created inside our brain and the brain just got emotional addicted to this experience and if it will not find it, if we will not re-experience this experience, the brain will simply look for it. Every signal, every small stimulus that will remind us the experience, will cause to our whole body to look for it, look for this excitement all over again. This is ladies and gentlemen, an emotional addiction.


So theoretically, in order to learn new information or to rehab from an emotional addiction, we want to learn something new that will conflict the previous information. If we will take for example the sugar addiction, we have two ways. One way is to memorize a lot of times the new information. For example, “I hate sugar, I hate sugar, I hate sugar…” that way unfortunately is not realistic so much because in order to succeed, we need to memorize it many times every day for a couple of months. So this way is not realistic. The second way is to feel something very meaningful about distasting sugar. We can actually find examples that support this kind of way. An examples of people that were sick in a very hard disease which was related to sugar (an extreme example is cancer) and they have succeeded to get healthy and then after they got healthy, they took a very meaningful decision – “I will not cause any more damage to myself so I will not touch any more sugar, cigarettes.” and so on and so on. And they actually experienced something so meaningful that they have succeeded to rehab themselves from sugar. But this way is also not realistic so much and applicable for us. Because we don’t want to experience something so horrible and meaningful that is related to sugar in order to stop consuming sugar and being emotionally addicted to it.


So what is the thing that we can do? Or maybe we should ask it from another direction, why is it so hard to us to rehab from some emotional addiction that we own? We all know what the things that we should do – we all know that we should eat healthier food. In the previous chapter, you all got the menu that will guide you how to eat healthier food (If you didn’t get it yet – Click here). We all know that we should exercise regularly, sleep well and be less stressed. We are all familiar with that. But in fact, when we try to persist in a new habit more than two weeks, most of us fail. Most of us don’t succeed to implement the new habit; most of us give up after two weeks. What is the reason for that? And how can we break these statistics at last and implement the new habits?


Dear friends, in order to understand that we need to get familiar with the seven brains inside our body. Before I will explain this weird statement, this weird definition – seven brains – I would like to explain first what a brain is. When we say brain, most of us mean one brain – the one that is found inside our scull, in our head, this is our brain. But friends, the definition of brain is actually some group, some kind of an assembly of nerve cells. These are the same neurons that I talked about and explained about them earlier. And if we have also with the nerve cells some hormonal glands – gland that release hormones, we get something that is called – a brain.

It is true that most of us refer to only one brain which is found inside our head, which is also applies to this exact definition – many neurons and hormonal glands that are placed together in one location – but in our body there is six more centers, (seven centers in total), which are applying to this definition. Two of them are actually inside our scull. The first one is the frontal cortex. The frontal cortex applies to this exact definition – a very large assembly of nerve cells and hormonal glands. This is our thinking brain, the frontal logic brain. The second center that applies to this exact definition is the lower brain, the brainstem, the cerebellum. This is the second center.

The third center that applies to the exact definition is our thyroid gland which is placed inside the neck.

The fourth center that applies to the exact definition is the thymus gland which is placed behind the sternum bone inside the chest, at the center of the ribs, in front of our heart.

The fifth center is the adrenal glands which are found above our kidneys. The sixth center is our intestinal and the seventh center is our reproductive organs. All of these centers are applying to the brain’s definition – a very large assembly of nerve cells and hormonal glands which are releasing hormones.


Here below is a picture that shows the exact locations of the seven brains in our body:






Now, one of the most important things that you need to understand is the differences between all of these brains because this will teach us a little more deeply what an emotional addiction is and why it is so hard for us to get cleaned from it. So pay attention. The essential difference between the superior brain, the first one that we were describing, which is the frontal cortex, and the six lower brains which are placed below it, is the way of coding the information, the way that they remember the information. If the superior brain is coding and remembering the information declaratively, stated information, an information like phone numbers, and information like dates and so on, the rest of the brains are coding and remembering emotions only.

They don’t know how to code any other information. They don’t know how to code and remember stated information, a declaratively information. So for example, when we say that we are having a gut feeling, our intestinal is one of the brains in our body (6th) that actually do remember things emotionally. For example, when we say as a joke that men think with their productive organs, so it is partly the truth (not only men, women also) we all think with our productive organs, we all remember feelings via our productive organs. So as we understood, our productive organs are also applying to the definition of a brain (7th in our body). Those lower six brains are remembering information emotionally unlike the superior brain, the frontal cortex which is remembering information stately.


Now pay attention, what exactly is happening in our body? How do we get exposed to information and learn something new? I explained the Hebb rule a before but pay attention. In general, we are being exposed to information from the world by our five senses; touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Every time that we get a stimulation by one or more of our five senses, it is going through the most superior brain first, which is giving it some logic meaning and then some connection is being created between groups of neurons, As I explain before by the Hebb rule – “two neurons that fire together – wire together”. But this is not the end of the process because at the moment that the two groups of neurons are connecting and a bond was created; some messenger that is called neuropeptide is sent out from the superior brain towards the rest of the body in order to pay a visit to all of the six brains. Now, the mission of this neuropeptide is to signal to the rest of the brains how this new information which was just received by the superior brain from the senses should feel like.


For example, when I walk at the middle of the night and suddenly beyond the alley, where I don’t see anything clearly, I hear someone says: “freeze and give me your wallet” this is what is happening in my body; my hearing sense is receiving the information and send it through towards my superior brain. at the same second, the superior brain processes this information and understands that there is some danger here so it sends immediately a neuropeptide towards the rest of the six brains and this neuropeptide signals to the rest of the brains that now I should feel stress, danger and fear. This is how our body works. So first of all we understand logically – a neuropeptide is being sent by the superior brain so it could teach the rest of the body, the six other brains how this thing, this information supposed to feel like because the only way that those six brains could remember this information is through emotions or feeling. And that is why in the next time that I will walk at the same alley at night, my body will shake from fear immediately as a result of the fact that my six brains are remembering this place. They don’t remember it by the number of the street or the date and the location of the previous event, but they do remember it by the feeling, the emotions that I felt over there in the last time I was there. I will feel the same feeling all over again.


And it is not ending just there because those six brains, those centers in our body, it is not like they only remember the information and feel it, they also transmitting it to the rest of the body and guide it how to act accordantly to the emotion. If we will use the same example of me walking down the street in the middle of the night and suddenly hearing from beyond the corner a threat such as “stop and give me your wallet” – so I me not just sensing fear, stress, and danger. At the same moment, my brains are guiding the body what should it do at this moment. And the “what should I do at this moment” thing is brought back up to the superior brain, the logic brain. Again, there is always communication between the superior brain and the other brains regarding to what I should feel. It means that the sense of what should I do, sense of fight or flight or freeze, is brought back up right now to the superior brain which is processing all the data that came from the lower brains all over again and decide what should we do right now. Should we really escape? Should we fight? Should we freeze? And this decision is carried by the neuropeptides toward the six brains in our body. It is a circular procedure actually. This procedure starts from information that we get from the outside via our five senses, some kind of stimulation. And since this point of getting the information, the neurons are starting to bond inside the logic brain which is creating neuropeptide, a messenger, that is going through our whole body towards the lower six brains in order to tell them: “ok, this is how this information should feel like, now you all need to feel like that”. Those brains are sending messages to the whole body and guiding it how it should behave according to the emotion. Those messages are brought back up to the superior brain which is calculating the new information. Then, the superior brain sends again a neuropeptide to the lower brains and this thing is continuing on and on and on. This is a circle that activates the whole body according to the new information and stimulation we get and according to the feelings that this stimulation is making us feel.


Now you probably remember that a moment ago I talked and explained about emotional addiction. I explained that if we are experiencing some very emotional feeling, or if we memorized something over and over again and some very powerful bonds were created in our body, then, the body actually turns those bonds into an organ and it is really getting emotionally addicted to them. and when we are actually experiencing our daily reality over and over again, day after day after day, because 75% of the things that we do every day are the same things that we do every day (we work at the same workplace, we are living at the same house, we are living at the same neighborhood, we are living with the same spouse, with the same children and we are taking them to the same classes – a routine). We all love routine and we all need one. This routing is making our body to get addicted to some emotional addiction of something. Again, it is not an emotional addiction of some trauma; it is just an emotional addiction because of the fact that we are experiencing the same stimulations that our senses are getting every day. Those stimulations are releasing, creating and maintaining the same bonds inside the superior brain, the logic brain. The same bonds are sending the same neuropeptides to the rest of the body and they are explaining them: “here, it is the same stimulation all over again, you should feel the same”. The six different center brains in the body are sending the same emotion and again this circle is repeating itself. That circle is feeding the superior brain and the six other brains and we are just getting emotionally addicted to our reality.


One of the greatest fears that all of our seven brains suffer from is the unknown. From our body perspective, the survival perspective, when we are coming across something unknown, it means that we should be careful from it. Even if it is something that is supposed to be something good, as long as it is unknown, we should be careful from it. so when we are trying to implement a new habit “from tomorrow I will go to the gym, I will eat healthy food and I will stop smoking…” and so on – even if it is a very healthy and right decision for me, for my body, for all of the seven brains which are found in my body, it is still something new and unknown. The whole body, with its seven brains is already emotionally addicted to the old version of me, to the same regular neuropeptides that we are releasing every day as a result of the reality and our daily routine. And at the moment when we are trying to implement a new habit and actually making actions according to this new habit, there some new neurons bonds that were created inside the superior brain that are sending new neuropeptides to the six brains inside our body. Those new neuropeptides signal a new feeling. This is new and unknown thing to our body and our body just doesn’t like it and we are starting to receive uncomfortable messages. “It is bad for us here. It is not comfortable. It doesn’t fit. Please go back quickly to the old you again…” The reason to this effect is simple – it is unknown to our body.


And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, it is very difficult for us to implement new habits. This is the reality. We are trying to teach our seven brains by creating new neurons’ bonds, by creating new neuropeptides, how to feel and experience this new thing. But the problem is that our body really addicted to the old version of us. It is not always a negative thing. The brain is having difficulties regarding to getting the idea of a new habit because of the powerful bonds, the neuropeptides, inside all of our brains that are preventing the new bonds and neuropeptides to rise. The brain is having difficulties and it is sending us messages like “pal, don’t do it, it is unfamiliar, it is not good, it doesn’t make me any good…”


So actually when we are trying to convince ourselves logically that it is very important to eat healthier food, and how much it is important to reduce the chocolates, pizza, bakery, bread and ice-creams quantities, and how much it is important to exercise every day, we are explaining to ourselves logically only via our superior brain. And at the same time, the rest of the brains are sitting around and they are emotionally addicted and knowing and remembering emotionally other information in a very powerful way. So they look up towards the superior brain and say to themselves: “come on, it is trying to convince us again to do things that we know that they will not happen”. So we try to convince ourselves and explain to ourselves logically over and over again how much it is important to us changing our ways but we only activate one brain while the other six lower brains are still addicted to a totally different information. So actually there is almost not a chance that we will succeed in that way, the logic way of getting rid of the old bad habits and rehab from the emotional addiction and apply the new habits.


So, how all of it, all of this emotional addiction, our seven brains inside our body, all of this information, is related to sugar. Why do we actually emotionally addicted to sugar and most important, why should we rehab from this emotional addiction to sugar – all of that in the next chapters. Let’s move on.




Chapter six

Why do we get emotionally addicted to sugar?


So after we talked in the previous chapters about how do we remember information, pleasure hormones, memorizing information, seven brains and emotional addiction, how all of that are relating to sugar and why do we even get emotionally addicted to sugar?


In this chapter I will truly explain and show that all of us, or to be more accurate, 99% of us are emotionally addicted to sugar. That is the reason why a physical rehabilitation from sugar will work during the first two weeks but it will be exactly like trying to implement a new habit of exercise more. It will be the same thing to try convincing our superior brain, the logic brain that it is important to eat differently, according to a specific menu. But as we understood already in the previous chapter, the rest of our brains are emotionally addicted to our old version and in most of the cases, we just can’t succeed on going with it.


Let’s understand it. Do you remember which hormones the sugar causes our brain to release? I mentioned it several times in this book – those pleasure hormones, those hormones that are making us feel very good, those hormones are Dopamine and Serotonin. Every time that we are eating sugar, natural or un-natural sugar, the hormones dopamine and serotonin are being released in our brain.


Now, I want to talk about these hormones and explain that these hormones are very important hormones for the general function of our body and specifically for the general function of all of our brains inside our body. When these hormones are being released in our body, beyond the pleasure and the good feeling, there are some other effects which are caused by these two hormones; they put in order the heart’s activity, they balance the blood pressure, they balance the hormones’ activity through all of our whole body, they balance anything that is related to the hormone insulin (we talked earlier about insulin resistance), these hormones balance the insulin’s activity and help with balancing the sugar’s levels, they balance anything that is related to the hormones of the thyroid gland – when these hormones are being released, they balance the general hormones’ activity so they can balance and treat the Irregularities of the thyroid gland.

They also balance anything that is related to the fertility hormones in women’s and men’s bodies. Those two hormones are being released into the blood circulation and then they are balancing the hormonally activity and can help with fertility issues and with the irregularities of the women’s period. These two hormones are crucial and essential to our body’s health and to our brain in general and they are also in charge of the deepest cleaning and curing procedures.


So as we mentioned before, every time that we are eating natural or un-natural sugar, these hormones are being released in our body. What else causes these hormones to be released? I talked about it in the previous chapters as well – touching a close person, sex, hug, smile, exercise (to be accurate, the hormones are released only after the end of the exercise). But dear friends, there is two things that are causing these two hormones to be released in the most significant way and also making them to remain in our body for the longest time than all of the other causes. Those two things are DEEP RELAXATION and THE SENSE OF COMPETENCE. I’ll say it again, deep relaxation and the sense of competence.


In the bottom line, 99% of us are simply addicted to sugar because we are having a lack of some deep relaxation and a lack of the sense of competence during the day. Now, at this point you probably stop and say to yourselves, "Wait a minute, it doesn’t concern me. I am a relaxed person; I am a competence person, with high senses of competence. I earned many achievements during my life, I can feel them, and I experience them every day. It is true that sometimes I get a little stressed, maybe about politics, maybe because of security issues, but in general I am a relaxed person and I am feeling the sense of competence during the day. So it is not about me. I sense these senses…"


But dear friends, I want to proof to you and show you that even if you are defining yourselves as very relaxed persons that are having sense of competence, 99% of us are not really found in deep relaxation mode and we are not letting ourselves to feel this sense of competence during the day. That is why we are not releasing enough dopamine and serotonin during the day and the body needs these hormones so we are looking for a quick solution that will release those hormones.


The fastest, most convenient and most available solution is simply eating sugar. We are telling ourselves that this is a physiological addiction, we say: “I feel the desire for sugar in my stomach. I can feel it in my mouth; I can feel it in my throat…” But in fact, the body is suffering from a lack of the hormones dopamine and serotonin. We are not relaxed deeply enough and we don’t really let ourselves feeling the sense of competence. And our quick fix, the fast solution for releasing these hormones is simply consuming sugar.


So if you are telling to yourselves right now, "I am a relaxed person who do feel the sense of competence", let me clear it out for you why although you are defining yourselves as this kind of person, 99% of us are not experiencing enough of those feelings and we are not releasing enough dopamine and serotonin. The answer is one, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is STRESS.


We, humans, in the modern reality, in the modern culture, that we live in today, we are addicted to stress. Many times when people are hearing the word stress, they immediately interpret it as panic, as some very stressing event, very traumatic such as standing in traffic jam or worse, a car accident, as some very emotional traumatic event, and as some mental event. When people are hearing the word stress they think truly about an extreme event, they think on panic. But dear friends, stress is not panic. We are all experiencing stress, 95% of our day, only because we are living in this culture.


Now pay attention. We are the only creature in nature that is capable of getting itself into a real stress, physically, even if it doesn’t have any outside justification. For example, think about the last time that you watch discovery channel or on any other nature channel and saw some a mountain goat that escapes from some lioness. There is this big chase and while the lioness is chasing the mountain goat, you can hear the background upbeat music and there is a broadcaster that is asking the big question with a lot of enthusiasm– will the goat manage to escape from the lioness? And eventually happily, the goat did manage to escape. At that moment of the chase, the goat that is running from the lioness is filled with stress, stress hormones, cortisol and adrenalin which are being released into his blood circulation. And the lioness is in a big stress also – would she get her dinner or not – and eventually, the goat has succeeded to escape. A few seconds after the chase, the goat looks to the right, looks to the left, walking some more few steps and then when he sees that the danger has past, he is getting back to normal, eating grass and all, like if nothing happened. His stress just disappeared. There are no more outside causes to be stressed of, so the physiologic stress has gone.


On the other hand, there’s us, the much cleverer animals – the humans. Think about the last time that you were having a big argue with someone – your boss or your spouse. Or maybe you had a dangerous incident in the road. Is the stress really gone after this incident ended? Absolutely not. We are reliving this event over and over in our minds, for a whole day, sometimes whole days and weeks. Someone is coming and asking us: “hey, why are you looking so nervous?” so we are telling him what happened and what he told me and what I told him back and what he did to me and so on and on. And when we are telling this man what happened to us, we are actually reliving the event in our minds and our body is stressing out over and over again, even if there is no outside justification for that.


Dear friends, we are all stress addicts. Now, even if you are reading these sentences and saying to yourselves: “ok, right, it is happening to me also, I am reliving bad events that happened to me as well, and I am experiencing them all over again, true, I agree. But most of the day I am a relaxed person. It is not true that 95% of my day I am stressed out. Most of the day I am a relaxed person”. So dear friends, I am adding to what I said earlier and saying that it is even more than that. We are all physically stressed 95% of our day, even if we are defining ourselves as relaxed persons. In order to fully explain why is that, why 99% of us are in stress most of our days I want to introduce you to another physical term – please meet our BRAIN WAVES.


What brain waves are? Do you remember that we have learned in the previous chapters that our brains inside our body are working with nerve cells and hormonal glands? The nerve cells, these neurons that work like electric cables, are actually electric conductors. Just like the electricity that is going through the electric cables in our wall, the electricity which is found in our body is going through frequencies, certain waves. Our brains, our seven brains are also working with certain frequencies.


Our brains are working with five different waves. The order of the waves is from top to bottom: Beta, Alfa, Theta, Delta and the lowest wave Gemma. Now let’s understand for a moment what the difference between these waves is and when our brain uses in each wave.



So the superior waves, the most superior frequencies are called Beta. You can divide them into two types – high Beta and low Beta.




When we work with Beta waves, when our brains are working with Beta waves, our body is stressed out. Physiologically, every time that our body works with Beta waves, when our brains are working with Beta waves, our body is in stress mode. What is the meaning of the term “stress mode”? The meaning of it is that it is releasing stress’s hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which are turning our whole body into stress mode. The body signals stress signals and this is how it acts on survival mode. Fight or flight or Freeze. Stress.


So when is our brain, our brains are actually working with Beta waves? So we said that there is high Beta and low Beta. Our brains are working with high Beta in case of panic. The same panic that I mentioned before; in cases we're in danger. Someone is threating us. We're in a middle of some chase, an actual danger. Also it doesn’t have to be a concrete danger, it may be a very rough fight with a college, with the boss, with the spouse as well – also then, I am working with high Beta. When is my brain working with low Beta? The brain works with low Beta in three cases: 1- every time that we plan a head and activate our senses for this planning; 2- every time that we remember something that happened in the past; 3- every time we get Increased sensory input.


For example, when I think about what am I’m going to eat for lunch, who will pick up the kids, what am I going to do later this day, when am I going to have lunch, where am I going to eat lunch, what would happen after my lunch break etc. every time that I work in front of a computer, answering emails, sitting in front of the Facebook, sitting in front of the television. Every time that I am processing a lot of sensory inputs that I get via my senses, and I am processing them and thinking about what I should do with these sensory inputs, I am working with low Beta. Another case is when I remembered something that happened in the past, when I am picturing some memories, whether if they are bad or good memories. When I remembered things that happened in the past, I am working with low Beta, simple as that. And if we will summaries it all, every time that we are not “here and now” and thinking about a different time than the present, every time we are doing that we are working with low Beta. If we are in a real panic, we are working with high Beta.


In ancient cultures, and still in some of the remote cultures which are existing up to this day, there are some defined moments during the day that a person is really in the “here and now” and thinks about the present only. He doesn’t do anything, he doesn’t plan anything, he doesn’t work, he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t picture some memories – he is just present, whether if it is in nature or just simply sitting and looking at the lake or at his herd of sheep, and maybe he is in some temple and meditates. He is “here and now” and thinking about nothing but the present.


In our reality today, we almost never really “here and now” and thinking about the present. Since we are waking up in the morning, right after we turned off the alarm clock, we immediately check our emails or our WhatsApp messages, or Facebook, or Instagram, or Pinterest, whatever, our brain starts to work and plan right away. It means that we, most of our day, whether if we defined ourselves as a very clam person, we are working with low Beta and sometimes even with high Beta in case there is some stressful event going on. And again, I repeat on what I said in the beginning of this part – physiologically, no matter how I defined myself, calm or not, when our brains work with Beta waves, whether if its high Beta or low Beta, our body is found in stress mode. That is why – most of us, 95%, even 98% of our day we are stressed out. No matter if we think that we are calm or not. The moment that our brains work with Beta waves, because of the daily routine – working, planning, and picturing memories. When our brains are working with the frequency of Beta, our body is stressed out, simple as that.


Now let’s talk about the rest of the waves, because until now I only mentioned the Beta waves. When do we work with Alfa, when do we work with Theta, Delta and Gamma?


We are working with Alfa waves when we are reducing a little bit of the sensory input that we’re getting via our senses. What is the meaning of it? We are reducing the amount of information our brains sense from the outside environment. Whether it is just closing our eyes, putting headphones with calm music on our ears, we already reduce two senses. It means that we are not seeing and we are also hearing only one monatomic thing, so we already reduced the sensory inputs that we are getting from the outside environment around us and then, our brain starts to work with Alfa waves automatically.


When do we work with Theta waves? Our brains work with theta waves when we are almost asleep, meaning a moment before we fall asleep or just a few moments after we woke up. In these points during the day, our brains work with theta waves.


When do our brains work with Delta waves? When we are sleeping and even sleeping deeply. Only then, our brains manage to work with Delta waves. And as for Gamma waves, most of us don’t get to work with these waves at all. There is no actual need to do so – in order to get to that stage we need to meditate very deeply. These waves are less relevant to us and less relevant specifically for our goal, rehab from sugar, so just so you could be professionals; know that Gamma waves are existing also. But most of us during our day, including our night sleep, are working with Beta, Alfa, Theta and Delta waves. Most of us, 99% of us during the day while we are awake, are working only with Beta – high Beta when there are extreme cases of panic going on, or low Beta as I explained in the previous part, as a result of working, planning and memorizing. Also if I sit in front of the television and watch my favorite show, now as it were I don’t think on anything, just watching the screen and look at the television, also in that point, our brain which is processing the information, is working with low Beta waves. That is why most of us, while we are awake, are working with low Beta waves. Most of us are working with the lower waves – Alfa Theta and Delta only when we sleep.


But pay attention, there’s another way to get to Alfa Theta and Delta waves other than going to sleep. We can reach them by some deep relaxation exercises even if we are completely awake. Via some simple exercises that takes only 10 minutes a day, we can transfer our brains into working with Alfa waves, Theta and even Delta, while we are completely awake. We don’t have to sleep. We can get our body to full and deep relaxation and not being stress. When we, when our brains work with Alfa waves, or mainly with Theta and Delta waves, our body is moving from stress mode into deep relaxation mode which allows it to convince the rest of the six brains inside it (we already understood that they are receiving and remembering information emotionally). When we are in deep relaxation and our brains work on Theta and Delta waves, this is the magic point when we can convince the six brains inside the body that although they are emotionally addicted to something else – they can accumulate new habits emotionally, quickly and easily.


When we manage to get our whole body and our 7 brains to work with Theta and Delta waves via deep relaxation exercises (while we are awake), we make our body and our brain to releases relaxation and pleasure hormones (Dopamine and Serotonin), in a very effective manner. These are the same hormones that I talked about in the previous chapters. And it is also the magic time when the body start a deep cleaning and curing procedure that goes on and on a lot longer than those 10 minutes. Also, this procedure teaches our body that it doesn’t need any magic solution, a fast solution (sugar), in order to get these pleasure hormones that it is so need for and it can get them naturally every day!


How do we do it actually? How does it actually happen? I will explain it right away but one moment before I do that, I just want to summaries what we have learned so far.


We understood that our addiction to sugar is physiological and also emotional. Physiologically, we understood that consuming sugar is a natural thing to do and we are not supposed to stop consuming it entirely. It is un-natural thing to do. We also saw that there is a menu that if we will stand with, we will rehab the body from sugar physiologically but we understood also that the real challenging addiction is the emotional addiction.


We understood what an emotional addiction is, why our body is getting addicted emotionally to certain things and why we are getting emotionally addicted to sugar. Do you remember? We talked about the pleasure hormones; dopamine and serotonin, we talked about the fact that during our day we are not experiencing enough deep relaxation and sense of competence and that these feelings are causing for quality and prolong release of serotonin and dopamine which are staying in the blood circulation and our body.


The same body that suffers from the lack of these hormones and looks for a fast solution and it simply demands us to consume sugar. Because every time that we are consuming sugar, whether if its natural or un-natural sugar, the brain releases, a small and ineffective but still some dopamine and serotonin.


So we also learned that in order to get into some deep relaxation and in order to get loose from this stress that we feel 99% of our day, we need to make our brains to work with Theta and Delta waves, the lower waves. We also understood unfortunately that most of us don’t reach to these waves because most of us are stressed out most of the time, although we are defining ourselves as calm persons. Most of us are working with Beta waves most of the day because it is simply the reality that we live in.


We work, we plan, we remember, we are always working and processing some sensory inputs. Our brains are working all the time with Beta, whether if it is high Beta or low Beta, and those are the reasons why we are sentencing ourselves to be stressed out 99% of our day. While we are stressed out, when our body is working with Beta waves, there is no chance that we will get some deep relaxation, although we are defining ourselves as calm persons. And when the body is stressed out and working with Beta waves, there is no actual chance that we will allow ourselves to feel a real sense of competence, although we are defining ourselves as competence persons with great sense of competence and we know how many things we achieved in our lives. When the body is stressed out, it simply cannot feel this sense.


I will explain it again with the same example as before – I am going in the dark at night and suddenly beyond the alley I am hearing someone’s voice telling me “stop, give me your wallet”. In that moment, can I close my eyes and get into some deep relaxation and tell myself that I am a person who has an extreme sense of competence, and I love myself and so on? Absolutely not. There is no chance. And the reason for that is that at this moment when I am stressed out, the only thing that I care about is how to survive, saving my life and run away from this situation as fast as possible.


So this situation is very extreme and happily doesn’t happen in a daily manner but from the body perspective, when it works with Beta waves and in stress mode, it is the same, exactly the same. And as we already understood we are 99% of our day working with Beta waves so 99% of our day we are in stress mode. Therefor 99% of our day our body simply doesn’t allow us to feel a deep relaxation and to feel a deep sense of competence because now it is surviving and now it is trying to save its own life and it will not allow us to get into those feelings because this is not the time or place to feel them.


Therefor there is no chance that we will get to work with the lower waves such as Alfa Theta and Delta unless we are simply going to sleep. But dear friends, going to sleep is not the solution. The reason is that during our sleep, this deep relaxation and this sense of competence are not happening. There are some very important actions that are being made during our sleep that are very important to us and it is really important that we will sleep well every day. But the release of dopamine and serotonin doesn’t happen effectively during our sleep and surly not at the same effectiveness as when we get into deep relaxation mode for 10 minutes during our day.


So in the bottom line, in order to rehab from sugar, in order to rehab from the emotional addiction to sugar that most of us are suffering from, we should, during our awaking hours, get our body into a deep relaxation mode. Lower our brains to Theta and Delta frequencies and then, only then, the body will release enough dopamine and serotonin in a very effective way which will cause them to stay in the blood circulation for a longer time. Only then, the body will suddenly (not suddenly at all but completely physiologically), not have any desire for sugar anymore. And when we will practice and actually work with Theta and Delta waves, at least 10 minutes in a row and we will persist in it day after day for a least 21 days, we will see how truly magically, we rehab completely from our desire to sugar.


How do we actually do it? How do we lower our brain to Theta and Delta waves for 10 minutes each day? How do we do that? How do we rehab from sugar? All of that will be in the next chapter. Let’s continue.



Chapter seven

How to rehab completely from the emotional addiction to sugar in 21 days


So dear friends, we made it to the most important chapter, the practical chapter, the chapter where we will learn truly that we can rehab from the emotional addiction to sugar with the work of 10 minutes only, during 21 days. We understood in the previous chapters that the thing that we should do is to get into a deep relaxation and feel the sense of competence, just for 10 minutes each day.


What is this thing will do to us? This thing will lower all of our brains’ work to Theta and Delta waves. Also, it will cause our brain, all of our brains, to release pleasure hormones, serotonin and dopamine much more significantly and will cause them to stay for much longer time in our blood circulation. The quantity will be much more significant than what the sugar, the exercise, the sex, a hug, the smile and any other thing that causes our brains to release those hormones will be able to.


When we will practice these deep relaxation exercises 10 minutes a day, we will simply teach our body that it doesn’t need any replacement, it doesn’t need any kind of magically solution, it doesn’t need any other idea or solution that will cause our brains to release dopamine and serotonin because it can do that in a way that is more effectively, that makes that hormones to stand for a longer time in the blood circulation and just like that, like a magic trick, we will not have the desire for sugar any more.


We will not have to stop eating sugar completely. We will have the possibility to eat cakes, candies and ice-creams, but you will see how with a practice of a few days, only 10 minutes each day, you simply will not want to eat those kinds of things any more. You can eat them but you will be satisfied by a small quantity of them, simple as that.


Let’s see how actually we practice those relaxation exercises. How do we lower our brains to work in Theta and Delta waves, without going to sleep? So the following technics, that I will teach you now in the book, are proofed technics which are taken from the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and mediation world. All you need to do is to practice them 10 minutes each day, only 10 minutes a day. Any one of us has 10 minutes each day that he can dedicate for himself. It doesn’t matter when you do it. Immediately after waking up in the morning, just before you go to sleep at night, during your breaks at the middle of the day, at work. These exercises are only 10 minutes a day and when you will practice them for a few days in a row, 21 days at least, you will simply eliminate the emotional addiction to sugar.


I divided the exercises to three weeks, 21 days. The First exercise is about abdominal breathing, diaphragm breaths, and you will practice it only 10 minutes each day during the first seven days.


The second exercise is called “The sense of competence’s exercise”, and you will practice it during the second week, only 10 minutes each day. The third exercise, which is also only 10 minutes each day, is about will power and you will practice it during the third week. At the end of those three weeks, you will be clean for good from the emotional addiction to sugar, or you will be very close to that point. What are you going to do at the end of those three weeks? I recommend you to keep on practice one of the three exercises that you felt most comfortable with for 10 minutes each day. It doesn’t matter which one, just keep practice every day for ten minutes.


The influence and the significant change will happen to you already after 21 days. But as we spoke and as we learned in the previous chapters, we are experiencing our daily reality day after day after day and if we will decide that after 21 days we will stop practicing at once, we are sentencing ourselves to go back into the emotional addiction to sugar status. Because every one of us is dealing with a daily stress and every one of us are working with Beta waves, high and low, most of the day and every one of us at some point will go back and search for the fast solution for releasing dopamine and serotonin which is the sugar solution.


So it is true that after 21 days you will not have to practice it every day for 10 minutes but I recommend that you keep on practicing at least three or four times during the week. But please do practice for 10 minutes every day for the first 21 days, in accordance to the following instructions – so let’s begin from the first exercise that you should practice during the first week – abdominal breathing exercise.


(Beneath the explanations about the exercises, you’ll find a link for downloading the exercises as mp3 files with my guidance and a relaxing music. But I recommend reading the exercises’ explanations, here below before that.)



First relaxation exercise – abdominal breathing – during the first week


p<{color:#000;}. The goal of this exercise is to get into a deep relaxation mode

p<{color:#000;}. Sit on a chair comfortably, you can lay down if you want but only if you sure that you will not fall asleep

p<{color:#000;}. Close your eyes and listen to the music

p<{color:#000;}. The goal of this exercise is to inhale to the belly instead of to the chest (when we inhale to the belly, we actually fill the lungs with more air than we inhale to the chest).

p<{color:#000;}. We inhale through the nostrils and exhale through a small hole that we make with our lips

p<{color:#000;}. The goal is to inhale faster than the exhale.

p<{color:#000;}. Most of the times, people find it comfortable to inhale in 4 seconds and exhale in 8 seconds but you should find your own comfortable periods of time. It doesn’t have to be in a way that the inhale is faster two times than the exhale. Inhale in four seconds and exhale in 6 seconds is also fine, as long as the exhale is longer.

p<{color:#000;}. The inhale and exhale should be uniform and permanent (do not inhale in 2 seconds, hold the air in for another 2 seconds and then exhale in 1 second).

p<{color:#000;}. Remember, we inhale to our belly, not to our chest.

p<{color:#000;}. And now, for the most important part:

p<{color:#000;}. During these breaths, you need to focus only about the touch of the air on your faces. The touch of the air on the nostrils when you inhale and the touch of the air on the lips when you exhale.

p<{color:#000;}. It is very natural that during this exercise your thoughts will be wondering to other things. Simply get them back gently and focus on the touch of the air on your nostrils (when you inhale) and in the touch of the air on your lips (when you exhale).


Second exercise – the sense of competence’s exercise – during the second week


p<{color:#000;}. In this exercise you will need to do some preparation first.

p<{color:#000;}. During the preparation you will need to try and remember an event that happened in the past when you were at the peak!

p<{color:#000;}. An event that you felt the most significant sense of competence. It doesn’t matter when this event happened or how it happened. It matters that it will be an event that you felt the most significant sense of competence during it.

p<{color:#000;}. Now write on a piece of paper as many details as possible on this event: where it happened, with whom it was, what did you wear, was it night or day? Was it cold or warm? What you have been told during this event, what you said etc. Write all of the details that you can remember.

p<{color:#000;}. The goal of this exercise is to relive this event so the more details that you will succeed to remember, the better.

p<{color:#000;}. Now, start to practice.

p<{color:#000;}. Again, sit comfortably on a chair and put to yourselves a calm music.

p<{color:#000;}. Close your eyes.

p<{color:#000;}. Start with 30 abdominal breaths like the previous exercise.

p<{color:#000;}. Now, during these breaths, start to picture in your minds the event that you wrote about during the preparation for the exercise.

p<{color:#000;}. Now start to remember the details of this event and try to live the event like you are actually living it right now.

p<{color:#000;}. Don’t remember it as something that happened in the past but as something that is happening right now.

p<{color:#000;}. Now, set aside all of the details around and focus only on the feeling that you had during this event, the sense of competence, the sense of “omnipotent” that you had during this event.

p<{color:#000;}. Feel this feeling and focus on it only.

p<{color:#000;}. Try to locate the place in your body that you feel this feeling at.

p<{color:#000;}. Is this feeling have a specific temperature?

p<{color:#000;}. Does this feeling have a color? Which one?

p<{color:#000;}. Continue to look for it and try to feel this feeling, how it is growing stronger inside you, more and more.

p<{color:#000;}. Feel how this feeling is getting stronger and more powerful until it is actually fills the whole of you.

p<{color:#000;}. Continue to feel how you are getting filled with this great feeling and continue to feel it until the end of the exercise.

p<{color:#000;}. There is no need to do a preparation each time. It is enough to find one event in your past that you had a significant sense of competence. If you like, you can try to find another event from your past from time to time.


Third relaxation exercise – the power of will’s exercise – during the third week

p<{color:#000;}. You need to do some preparation for this exercise as well.

p<{color:#000;}. Write on a piece of paper what thing you want to get in your life that you don’t have already.

p<{color:#000;}. It can be a physical thing (house, car etc.) or something else (more time to spend with the children, keep up with the exercises, lower weight, better health etc.)

p<{color:#000;}. Write on a piece of paper how your perfect day will look like if you will have already the thing that you want.

p<{color:#000;}. Describe this day of yours and add details as much as possible which are relating to the same thing that you want, like you already have it (for example: lower weight – “I come to the office and everyone is looking at me, smiling and complimenting me about how much weight I lost…”)

p<{color:#000;}. Write as many details as possible on your perfect day like you already got the thing that you want.

p<{color:#000;}. The goal of this exercise is to live this event in your mind so the more details that you will add, the better.

p<{color:#000;}. Now start the exercise.

p<{color:#000;}. Again, sit comfortably on a chair and put on some calm music.

p<{color:#000;}. Close your eyes.

p<{color:#000;}. Start with 30 abdominal breaths the same as the previous exercise

p<{color:#000;}. Now, during the abdominal breaths, start to picture in your imagination the details of the event that you wrote about during the preparation for the exercise

p<{color:#000;}. Start to remember the details of the event and try to live the event like you are living it right now

p<{color:#000;}. Don’t picture it as a future event but as present, like it is happening right now

p<{color:#000;}. Now, set all the details aside and focus only on the feeling that you have during this day. This great feeling that accompany you during your perfect day that you are experiencing right now.

p<{color:#000;}. Feel this feeling and focus on it only.

p<{color:#000;}. Try to locate the place in your body that you feel it there.

p<{color:#000;}. Is this feeling have a specific temperature?

p<{color:#000;}. Does this feeling have a specific color? Which one?

p<{color:#000;}. Continue to look and feel this feeling and feel how it is going growing stronger inside you, more and more.

p<{color:#000;}. Feel how this feeling is getting stronger and more powerful until it is actually filled up your whole body

p<{color:#000;}. Continue to feel how do you filled with this great feeling and continue to feel it until the end of the exercise.

p<{color:#000;}. You could do a different preparation for this exercise every time for another thing that you desire for your life or focus on one thing through all of the exercises but it is very recommended to focus only on one thing that you desire and not several things in the same exercise.

Good luck!


[+ For downloading those three exercises to your computer or cellphone as mp3 files click here+]


Dear friends, I guarantee you that if you will practice these three exercises in order; the first exercise during the first week, the second exercise during the second week and the third exercise during the third week – if you will practice them every day, 10 minutes each day, for 21 days in a row, I guarantee you will go through some significant change regarding to your addiction to sugar. It may be that after 21 days some of you will not feel that they are completely done with their addiction to sugar. It may be that some of you will feel like they are completely done with their sugar addiction already after a week or even after 4 days, but in the bottom line, you will feel a significant change regarding to the addiction to sugar after 21 days.


How do we keep on these results for life? The answer is Unequivocal – practicing and persisting. I am telling you unequivocally, I have a lot of experience with patients and unfortunately with the lack of persistence as well. We all humans, looking for the quick solution, the magic solution, the one that if I will use once, it will do me some kind of magic trick once and that will be the end of it. I will be cleaned of my addiction to sugar completely and all of my health and weight problems will be solved. So, this magical solution does not exist but the natural solution I’m offering to you in not that far away from it and it really works!


And just think for a second, think about yourselves, on your life – every area that you can say that you are good at, is an area that you are dealing with and doing it, if not every day, at least in a way that you are practicing it often. So also regarding to your health, your weight, and to the sugar’s rehab, you should continue to practice persistently and permanently. Again, you don’t have to do it every day. But, if you can do it after the 21 days’ period for at least three or four times a week, I absolutely recommend it.


I can confess and say that I am practicing 10 minutes each day for a very long time already and I plan to keep practicing it for the rest of my life. If you keep on practicing after 21 days, you will really continue to see some more wonderful results, regarding to your health and weight.


So, once again, good luck!


Ok friend, in the next chapter I want to expose you to some more principles that will complete the full picture that is the natural health picture. So far in this book we talked about nutritional change and we also gave a 30 days’ menu for natural balanced and healthy nutrition. We also talked about emotional change, a change that relates to stress, and 10 minutes a day exercise for deep relaxation. In the next chapter I want to complete the whole picture regarding to sleep, physical exercise and nutritional supplements. The completion of these parts into the full picture of natural health will not just be making the work of the sugar’s rehab easier for you, it will also help you to get much more significant and faster results regarding to your weight and to your health status. Whether if you are suffering from overweight, unbalanced sugar – even diabetic, cholesterol, ADHD, unbalanced blood pressure, digestive system’s problems, migraines, anxiety, and a chronic infection in general in your body. The principles in the next chapter and the explanations about how to apply them will help you to get very significant and fast results. So dear friends, let’s go on!




Chapter eight

Some more principles of natural health that will help you to balance the sugar’s level and to lose 10 kg in two months


In this chapter I will talk about three more principles which are important and very essential to your health and they are: movement (physical exercise), sleeping and nutritional supplements!


Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and limiting untrue beliefs regarding to those three topics and in this chapter I want to break those myths and provide you with some important guiding principles that will help you to see more significant and fast results regarding to your health and weight.


Let’s start with movement


As humans, we always were active during our day. Our ancestors walked 10,000 steps in average each day, and you could have divided those steps into regular step and some sudden sprints. Even in most of the western societies, people were very active until the industrial revolution came on. On the 18th century, at least 90% of the jobs within the economy included physical work and physical movement as part of the job.


But today, we became a nation of "sitters". Less than 2% of the jobs require movement and / or some physical work. We spend long hours each day sitting in front of the computer or the television. The average grownup man is found in static status at least 60% of his waking hours (excluding sleeping time when it is recommended that we will be static) and in sitting status at least 6 hours a day (much more when we talk about people that are working in a job that includes sitting in front of a computer most of the day). An average man that works in the office is burning only 10 calories for kg a day compared to his opposite man who works in a job that includes physical work and is burning between 40 to 60 calories for kg a day.



Why sitting is the new smoking


We are not built for sitting or for being static so many hours a day. We are built for being active and on movement. The transformation into sitting and static mode in most of the hours of the day, as is the case today, influence our health significantly and weight in any level, and here there is some of them:

p<{color:#000;}. Damaging the normal metabolism.

p<{color:#000;}. Lowering the enzymatic function (of the enzymes) inside the body. That is what prevents us to lose weight and normal digestive procedures.

p<{color:#000;}. Lowering the efficiency of the insulin hormone (we mentioned Insulin resistance).

p<{color:#000;}. Hurting significantly the wholeness and the health of the bones.

In general, a long duration of sitting is damaging our life expectancy. According to a famous Australian research - the patients were being followed for six and a half years - spending many hours in sitting in front of the television was found to be directly related to higher risk of suffering from heart diseases and strokes. Every hour of sitting in front of the television increased the risk of having a heart attack in 11%. On the other hand, those who watched the television less than two hours a day had 46% less chance to have a heart attack or a stroke than those who watched television for more than four hours a day. Of course the researches isolated the television watch from the rest of the causes that can influence on heart diseases and strokes such as physical exercise, smoking, genetic, nutrition etc.


This is the reason that many health specialists in the world have defined sitting as “the new smoking”. Multiple sitting during the day shorts our life in the same way as smoking.


Physical exercise is not the answer: “the active lazy” effect


Now you’re probably thinking to yourselves: “ok, maybe I am sitting a lot but I am also doing some physical exercises 4 days a week so I’m all good”


I am sorry to break a myth here but it is simply not enough! According to a wide research that included more than 100 Americans grownups, those who were sitting for more than six hours a day had a higher risk than 40% of having a heart attack than those who were sitting less than three hours a day and all of that regardless the general physical exercises amount that they have being doing (some less some more).

It doesn’t say that physical exercise is not essential and necessary thing because, it is. It is just saying that it is not enough in order to neutralize the damaging effects which are caused by too much sitting during the day.


So what is the solution? We can divide it into three parts:

p<{color:#000;}. More standing compared to sitting.

p<{color:#000;}. More walking and movement beside your defined physical exercises.

p<{color:#000;}. Regular breaks of more intense physical exercises during the week.


More standing compared to sitting


The best way to sit less is simply to stand and walk more. Standing and walking requires a permanent muscle activity that contributes to your losing weight efforts and to a normal metabolism inside the body. Standing and walking are increasing the daily calories burn two and a half times more.

My recommendation is to set a goal to yourselves of standing and/or walking at least 6 hours of your awaking hours. Here some effective ways to achieve this goal:


p<{color:#000;}. Organize a desk that you could work on it while you are standing. It depends on the work place that you are in and it is not always possible but these days it is becoming more and more popular and acceptable thing. Big hi-Tec companies already understood the importance of preventing a long sitting and got office furniture that allows the employee to control the height of his table and raise it in order to work while he is standing. If you don’t have this kind of furniture in the office, you simply can raise your computer’s screen, your keyboard and your mouse to a height which will fit to you while you are standing by improvised or designated lifts. Be aware that a long-time static standing is also not healthy for us but the transformation from standing into movement is much easier and natural for us than the transformation from sitting into movement. So you could move your weight from leg to leg, put one leg on a stool, bend over one leg etc. if you are suffering from back or knees issues, it is recommended that you shouldn’t start with a standing work station but choose the next two options instead.

p<{color:#000;}. Take standing breaks for a whole minute every 15 minutes of sitting. It may sound insignificant thing but this step only is very significant to your health. During this minute of break, you could walk around the work table and do some stretches. You can download a reminding application that will warn you on your computer’s screen every 15 minutes to take a break. A good application for windows computers is work rave and for mac computers is time out.


p<{color:#000;}. Stand during long work meetings or during some office activity that doesn’t requires computer tapping (such as phone call or reading). If you are afraid of what people will say, tell them that they should also try it and discover a whole new world! (Or just say that you are having back issues…)



More walking and movement beside your defined physical exercises


This headline is talking about any physical exercises during your day that are not part of a defined physical exercise. These are actions that include gardening, house chores, walking, cycling to work etc.

Maybe you will be surprised to hear that even that kind of physical exercise at low – medium intensity will significantly lower your sugar’s levels after a meal, the insulin levels in the blood, the triglycerides (Fats) in the blood and it will be very helpful also regarding to narrowing your hips. You don’t have to join a running team; a cross fit class or personal trainings in order to improve your physical shape and health. Sometimes, those little changes are the most significant ones. Beyond that, it easier and cheaper to combine some low intense physical exercises during your day than going 3 times a week to the gym.


Again, I am not arguing that physical exercise within some organized frames is not good or effective, but I do say that if you think that when you are sitting most of the day and this physical exercise 3 times a week will do the job, you are wrong. You have to increase your movement time during the day beyond your organized physical exercises in order to truly protect yourselves from the damage that comes with too many hours of sitting.


Here some ideas that you can apply to:

p<{color:#000;}. Do work meetings during a walk. With a college or as a phone call.

p<{color:#000;}. Use the stairway instead of the elevator every opportunity that you have.

p<{color:#000;}. Walk or cycle to work and back. If you are living too far so you can’t do it, think about driving part of the way with the car (or in public transportation) and for the other part, walking or cycling. Park the car in a parking lot which is found 15 minutes of walking or cycling from your working place and leave it there. Use the rest of the road for walking or cycling.

p<{color:#000;}. Do your house chores. Choose every day another chore and do it yourselves. Laundry, dish washer, making food, cleaning a certain room at the house, washing the car, fixing broken things or any other thing that requires movement instead and not sitting (my personal preference is washing the car. My car and my wife’s car. My children help me and it becomes a “father – children time”).

p<{color:#000;}. Adopt a dog and walk with it 3 times a day.


As a general goal, I recommend you to aim for 10,000 steps a day. You can measure your steps’ quantity via application in your smartphone or via an electronic steps indicator that you can find in Amazon or EBay.


Regular breaks of more intense physical exercises during the week


In addition to more standing and walking and more movement during the day, you should also add and combine some regular times for more intense physical exercises during the week.

Your goal should be:

p<{color:#000;}. Two and a half hours of medium intensity activity twice a week (such as fast walking, yoga or dancing) or;

p<{color:#000;}. An hour and a quarter of high intensity physical exercise twice a week (such as running, Zumba or team sports) or;

p<{color:#000;}. Between 20 to 30 minutes of very high intensity physical exercise twice a week (such as sprints, rope jump, weights exercise with high resistance) or;

p<{color:#000;}. Combining all of the previous suggestions that I mentioned above.

Medium intensity = 50 until 70 percent of your maximum effort

High intensity = 70 until 90 percent of your maximum effort.

Very high intensity = above 90 percent of your maximum effort.


Pay attention, I emphasis that it is recommended to do all of these activities at least twice a week and that is of course considering the fact that you are also standing and walking more (instead of sitting) and you are doing more movement activities beside of the intense physical activities.


Of course, if you want to do the intense physical activities more than twice a week you are most welcome, but if you are not used to do an intense physical activity regularly, I recommend to start slowly (even only once a week) and increase the pace bit by bit.


You could do this physical activity as organized activities within your schedule twice a week or you could combine it as inseparable part of your day. For example, a 20 minutes break of rope jumping or push-ups sets at the middle of a work day.


Movement – summary

p<{color:#000;}. Sit less. The goal is to stand or walk at least half of your waking time.

p<{color:#000;}. Increase your movement during the day. Aim for at least 10,000 steps every day.

p<{color:#000;}. Combine a regularly times of more intense physical exercises at least twice a week.




More Quality and deeper sleep


Insomnia has been reaching to actually plague scales. More than a third of the western world population is suffering from insomnia. Between the years 2000 to 2004 there has been increasing of 100% in the number of sleeping pills' users between the ages 15 to 44.


These data are not surprising at all regarding to the society that stands values like effectiveness and hard work above all and despises calm and peace like the society we are live in. A rest for most of the people is combined with watching television, searching on the internet or using some other electronic device. Those things are everything except of resting our body or resting our brain (We talked about it a lot in the previous chapters, watching TV or searching the internet makes our brains work with Beta waves which makes our body be in stress mode). It is not just that we forgot the value of a real rest, but it also that we forgot how to do it.


You cannot be healthy or reach your ideally weight without enough sleep. Period!


Unfortunately, and thankfully, our body hasn’t forgotten the importance of a quality sleep. A sleep is absolutely necessary thing for a proper restoration of the nerve system, the muscles and the skeleton system, the hormonal system, the immune system and our digestive system. The levels of the hormone melatonin are increasing naturally in our body after sunset and during the night in a natural circulation pace which is raising the activity of the immune system and actually heal us and protect us from infections. This is also why many times we get sick after a few nights without proper sleep. And this is also why we get so easily stressed when we don’t get a good night sleep.


A good quality sleep contributes, among other things, to:

p<{color:#000;}. Sharpening the memory and improving the thinking clarity.

p<{color:#000;}. Flexibility and making the muscles stronger.

p<{color:#000;}. Improving the mood and the energy levels.

p<{color:#000;}. Improving the effectiveness of the immune system during the day.

p<{color:#000;}. Improving the effectiveness of the body while dealing with stress situations.

p<{color:#000;}. Helps a lot in the process of withdrawal of sugar and carbs.


How not-satisfying sleep hurts our health?


There is countless of researches that proof that the average human need seven to eight hours of sleep at night in order to function properly. A sleep of less than six hours at night was proofed as related to a chronic inflammation status in the body, worsening regarding to the insulin resistance, accumulation of overweight and increased risk for developing diabetic type 2 and heart issues.


The lack of sleep hurts our capability to think, to deal with stress, to keep on functional immune system and to control our feelings.

I believe that poor sleep and chronic stress are the biggest health challenges we have in our reality today. They are even bigger than poor nutrition! We talked a lot in the previous chapters about chronic stress but now I would like to talk more about how to improve the quality of your sleep.


Now you’re probably thinking to yourselves: “it is very easy to write but not so simple to do. I can’t really get more sleep…” and in this case I absolutely agree with you. Adding one hour of sleep at night doesn’t require much but it requires a good time management and that is something that most of us are not good at or not really trying to be good at.

But pay attention!

Also if you objectively don’t have the option to sleep 7 hours at least every night, you definitely can improve significantly the quality of your sleep.


How can you do it? Here some golden principles:


How to sleep a good quality sleep?


Before I will get into the natural sleep quality improving principles, I want to talk a little about sleeping pills. It is important to understand that taking these pills has many risks such as developing a dependence in them, severe insomnia after stopping taking them, drowsiness during the day, loss of memory, sleepwalking, changes on the chemical balance of the brain, constipation etc.


On the other hand, there are some cases with certain people that the damages from their lack of sleep are worse than the risks of the side effects of taking sleeping pills. On those cases using sleeping pills (as a totally last resort, after checking of all the natural options) could be helpful. If you believe that you are in that kind of condition and you really tried as many natural alternatives as possible, consult with your doctor about taking sleeping pills for a limit period of time and in addition to that, act according to what is written here below.


There are many ways to prevent this condition from the beginning and to improve your sleep’s quality with a simple and completely natural ways. It is important to clarify that if you don’t have any sleeping problems at all and you can organize your time so you could sleep at least 7 hours every night (a real 7 hours of sleep, meaning getting into bed before that), you don’t really need the next techniques but if you feel that your sleep is not satisfying you or you don’t have a real opportunity to add more sleeping hours, the following techniques will improve your sleep’s quality dramatically:


1. Lower your exposure to an artificial light after dark hours


Artificial light is damaging our circulating daily pace and hurting our sleep. Even the slightest exposure to artificial light (also from our cell phone) is hurting the quality of our cells’ partition (which is supposed to be increased in the dark) and increasing the risk to get diseases. One research has showed that even the dim blue light which is coming out of our digital watch which is found next to our bed is hurting the normal release of melatonin (the sleeping hormone) and disturbing the quality of the sleep.

Act according to these following principles in order to prevent exposure to light:


p<{color:#000;}. Don’t use computers, laptop, tablet or cell phone at least an hour before you go to sleep.

p<{color:#000;}. Close the shutters well or use opaque curtains in order to block the entrance of any artificial light into your room during your sleep.

p<{color:#000;}. Cover any electronic devices that spread light which is inside your bedroom.

p<{color:#000;}. Get used to read a book an hour before sleep.


2. Don’t be too full or too hungry


Take care for eating dinner, a dinner that will satisfy you but not get you over filled. Sleeping with full stomach is hurting significantly the quality of the sleep and the body’s capability to enter into a deep sleeping mode. In any case, you want to have a gap of at least 10 hours between your last meal for the day and the first meal at the day after (including a night sleep of course). In those 10 hours you can drink water of course but you want not to eat or drink anything that will spike your insulin levels of keep your digestive system busy. If you’re very very hungry before sleep and feel like you just must have something to eat right now or else you’ll have problems to fall asleep, it’s recommended that you eat one or two fruits and that’s it. Fruits are getting through the digestive tract very quickly compare to other natural foods.


3. Getting “from hundred to zero” in 10 minutes


In our daily reality most of us is “on the edge” most of the day (Beta waves and stress as we talked about in the previous chapters). We are in a rush in the morning, stressed out at work; the stress is following us to our home after work. We “succeed” to relax in the late hours in front of the computer, tablet or television. After all that, when we enter the bed, we don’t understand why we don’t fall asleep immediately!


So my recommendation is practicing one of the relaxation techniques which I talked about in the previous chapters, right before you go to sleep in order to really lower your body pace before sleep.

Try not to do these exercises lying down because probably you will fall asleep during your practice. There is no problem with falling asleep but you do want to be awake and relaxed during the whole 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, you could prepare yourselves for sleep and do to sleep.



Sleep – summary

p<{color:#000;}. Get sleep to be one of your first priority. Organize your time so you could sleep between 7 to 8 hours every night.

p<{color:#000;}. Decrease your exposure to artificial light an hour before sleep.

p<{color:#000;}. Don’t go to sleep too hungry or too filled up and in any case, take care to have a gap of 10 hours between your last meal and the first meal the day after.

p<{color:#000;}. Do the relaxation exercises before sleep (it is not mandatory, but recommended).



Nutritional supplements


The world of nutritional supplements is very large and very complicated. We can find nutritional supplements for every component and we can theoretically actually live only with nutritional supplements. Pay attention that I used the word theoretically because actually, the reality is far away from that!


Nutritional supplements are not natural for us. I will repeat this sentence again – nutritional supplements are not natural for us. Our body is designed to get its nutritional values from whole foods in complete synergies. When we eat an apple, we are getting a specific quantity of sugar, a specific quantity of protein, a specific quantity of vitamin C etc. but beyond all of these components that we are getting separately from the apple, we also get something beyond that and it is the specific combination that the apple is the only thing that contains such a thing.


If we will take a combination of nutritional supplements which are combining all together all of the values that the apple contains, our body will get, digest and accumulate the values in more natural healthy and balanced way if we will eat the apple instead of taking those nutritional supplements.


The meaning of the word synergic is: “the whole is bigger than the actual quantity of its parts”. That is exactly what happens in our body when we are eating a natural food compared to taking supplements.

So the recommendation according to the natural health principles is to get all of our nutrition values form a natural healthy food.


In the reality today we get scared a lot because of the fact that every food has some infection, some defect, sewage water and other pollutants and also that in the foods of today there is not enough nutritional values as it used to be and we “have” to take supplements in order to get those nutritional values we need but it is simply not true! It is true that the foods of today containing un-healthy materials which are capable of hurting us and it is true that the foods of today contain less nutritional values than they used to contain. But it is not true that we have to take nutritional supplements in order to be healthy and that is on condition that we will clean the food before eating it and we will care to eat natural and healthy food (according to the menu that you were downloaded in the previous chapters).


So who should take nutritional supplements and which kind?


There are natural ways to get everything we need from a healthy natural nutrition but there are some people who have major lacks of certain values in their body and are not willing to fill them in a natural way.


Anyone who suffers from a very serious lack of vitamin D, iron, B12 or any other vitamin or mineral can make up for it with correct natural eating.

For example:

A lack of vitamin D can be filled up with the right expose to the sun and via eating more small sea fish.

A lack of vitamins from group B or a lack of iron can be filled up via eating a real quality cattle liver.

A lack of many minerals can be filled up via eating many green leaves, berries and vegetables. Also you can eat internal organs.


However, there are some people that refuse to eat certain kinds of foods because of their conscience believes (vegans) or maybe they just don’t like the flavor of some food group (some people don’t like the taste or the idea of eating internal organs. Some people just don’t like to eat vegetables and fruits), so I recommend them to take nutritional supplements according to what they are missing by not eating certain things.


Which nutritional supplements I recommend on?

The best supplements are the supplements which are made of whole fruits and vegetables because only they keep on the synergy principle which is exist in natural food.


There is no doubt that the right and natural way to get our nutritional values is to complete the missing values by a natural consumption of a natural and whole food but I absolutely understand that there is some people who live by certain codes so their nutritional priority or their beliefs system are not allowing them to eat that way so I recommend them to consume a whole and natural supplement which are made of whole fruits, whole vegetables and whole berries.


I personally recommend my patients on the supplements of JuicePlus because of their high quality. Many researches showed that they are very effective and many of my patients who took those supplements saw a significant improvement regarding their health and weight.


So in the bottom line, who should take nutritional supplements?

p<{color:#000;}. Anyone who doesn’t like fruits and vegetables or do like them but don’t get to eat from them.

p<{color:#000;}. Anyone that has a very low health status (chronic inflammation status) and he don’t have the time or the capability to change his menu completely.


So I’ll say it again, if you don’t have a problem to apply and persist in the natural health principles, as I described them in the first chapters of this book, you don’t need to consume any nutritional supplements. Only if you know for sure that you don’t have the time or the resources and you prefer to take supplements, choose quality supplements which are made from whole fruits and vegetables such as the supplements of JuicePlus. (If you’d like to purchase yourself JuicePlus nutritional supplements, you can click here).


*** Integrity warning ***

If you choose to purchase JuicePlus nutritional supplements using the link above, I’ll get a little commission from it because that’s the only way to get those supplements. You can’t find those supplements on health stores but just through therapists like myself and that’s the company way to compensate their sellers. But I want to be fully direct and say again that the only reason that I recommend JuicePlus supplements is that I made a full and long research on their supplements and had a great experience with a lot of patients that use them. So, once again, only if you know that you don’t have the time or will to change your diet right now, I truly recommend you take JuicePlus supplements. [+ Here is the link for their website again+].






Chapter nine



Ok, dear friends, first of all I want to thank you. Thank you for dedicating the time to read this book. I want to tell you that in this book I included tools and some essential principles that if you will apply them, I promise you that you will change your life.


In this book we talked about principles from many zones. We talked about principles from the nutrition zone, from the movement zone – physical exercise, sleep’s zone, anything that is relating to nutrition supplements and most important – from the emotional addiction zone or the rehab from an emotional addiction.


I want to ask you to try applying these principles. But if you are right now in a condition when you feel flooded, or shocked, or just overwhelmed with all of the new information and with all of the principles – I am asking you, do not hurry to apply all of the principles all together because you will miss the point. You will get confused and eventually stop doing it all together. I explained in one of the previous chapters, that the moment we try to apply some new habits which are unknown to our body, from the body’s perspective, it is tackling something unknown, unfamiliar and so in its point of view, it is a dangerous thing and it signals us a real distress calls.


So I want to ask you – if you choose to apply only one thing from all of what you learned from this book, or starting with only one thing, start with the relaxation exercises that we talked about in the previous chapters. The 10 minutes’ relaxation exercises for 21 days in a row. You can download these relaxation exercises to your computer or to your cellphone so you could practice them everywhere you want. But the most important thing is to persist in them.


I also want to ask you, that when you do feel some change following the relaxation exercises of any other principle you learned in this book, whether if it is after a day or two, a week or two weeks, or just at the end of the 21 days, I want to ask you to write on the reviews of this book about the change that you are feeling. It will make me feel good that you read and applied it. And I will be very glad to hear about your results.


[+ Please press here to leave a review+]


That’s it friends. Thank you very much. I had the pleasure to give you this information. All I ask is that you will apply it. And after that you will get the results you deserve, write to me on the reviews and tell me how do you feel and to what wonderful result you manage to get.


Best of luck, yours,

Aviv Gil.

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Eliminate Sugar Cravings in 21 Days: The proven, natural and most practical way Eliminate Sugar Cravings in 21 Days: The proven, natural and most practical way