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Echoes of Light: Journey Into Who You Truly Are... A Powerful, Spiritual Being o



Echoes of Light

Journey Into Who You Truly Are… A Powerful, Spiritual Being of Light

© 2017 by Renee Amberson

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher, except for brief quotations used in a review.

Light Library

This book is dedicated to your higher self—your spiritual guide into all aspects of your life.



Echoes of Light offers a journey into the light within you.

Part One. Magical Journeys

Waterfall of Light

A shimmering, sparkling waterfall of light invites you to bathe in its healing energies, refreshing and rejuvenating you in body, mind, and spirit.

Magical Mind, Magical Life[*:*] How to Live a Magical Life, Filled With Happiness and Light

Your mind is magical. You are magical. You hold the key to a magical life within your mind.

Part Two. Inner Journeys

Center of the Sunrise

Travel into and beyond the center of the sunrise and experience the dawning of the light within you.

Inner Journeys[*:*] Meditations and Visualizations

Offers you a peaceful, quiet, tranquil time to tune into your inner self and touch your soul.

Part Three. Rainbow Journeys

Library of Light

Visit a library of light and read a special book about the adventures of your soul.

Whispers Beyond the Rainbow[*:*] Awakening Your Spiritual Self

A soul is reluctant to reincarnate.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow[*:*] A Soul’s Journey Home

A visionary novel about the reality of reincarnation that offers a lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.

Part Four. Past Life Journeys

Journey of Light

Travel through the vibrations of time and space into the awareness of all your soul’s experiences in past and future lives.

Past Life Journeys: Time Tripping Adventures Into Your Soul

Offers everything you need to know about traveling into and through your past life memories, as well as sidetracks into the present and side trips to take along the way.

Past Lives, Future Lives: Mirrors of Time

A down-to-earth guide to looking through the mirror of time that will take you on a mind-expanding journey into the multidimensional vibrations of your soul.

About the Author

Echoes of Time ~ Light Library, Book Two


Echoes of Light offers a journey through light-filled books that invite you into the light of your soul. We’re all travelers through this earth experience we call life. As we journey though our experiences, it’s important to remember who we truly are: Powerful, spiritual beings of light.

I’m glad your journey has led you to this book. The journeys (meditations) in this book are excerpted from my full-length books. I’ve also included a brief blurb about each book after the meditations.

Waterfall of Light invites you on a healing journey.

Center of the Sunrise invites you into the dawning of a new awareness and reminds you that you are the essence of light.

Library of Light invites you to read a very special book that’s all about your soul.

Journey of Light invites you to travel through the multidimensional vibrations of time to visit experiences in your past and future lives.

Please enjoy the meditations as you look for the light within yourself.

Part One

Magical Journeys

Waterfall of Light

You’re in a beautiful, peaceful place in nature that is serene and quiet, covered with the most beautiful green grass you’ve ever seen or felt under your feet. You notice a tall oak tree next to a calm, reflecting pond.

You see how the shadows of the leaves interplay on the surface of the water. You notice the shadows of the leaves cover only half the pond. The other half shimmers with sunlight that creates sparkling patterns on the surface of the pond.

You feel a gentle breeze caress you softly and watch the water as it responds to the breeze by creating gentle ripples on its surface as it simultaneously creates a soft musical sound in your mind, like harmonious wind chimes.

You know you’re in a magical place, and that this pond is very special; you know it has a spiritual purpose. Walking closer to the edge of the water, you notice the pond reflects the shadows of the leaves, just as it reflects the sparkles of sunlight, and it also reflects your thoughts and feelings. The sunlight mirrors all the positive, loving thoughts and feelings you have inside your soul; the shadows echo your negative thoughts, feelings, doubts, worries, and fears.

Walking around the pond, you see there is a place where all the shadows disappear, where the water is clear and sparkling. You know that viewing the pond from this perspective gives you an entirely new perception of it. You know the shadows are only there if you see that they are there.

As you look at the water in this calm reflecting pond, you know you can place all your thoughts there and they will be reflected back to you in the motion of a soft breeze that creates gentle ripples on the surface of the water.

You’re drawn to the sparkling, shimmering side of the pond that reflects your soul. And yet you know, you sense, there is a positive purpose for the shadows, though you can no longer see them from your current viewpoint.

The water looks inviting, and you know it is absolutely pure in nature. You decide to dip your hand into the clear pool of water, wanting a cool, refreshing drink. As you bend down to touch the water, it rises up to you in a magical fountain for you to drink from. You drink deeply from the pure spring of water, knowing you are drinking in its magical qualities, its healing essence, the purity of your soul.

You decide you’d like to splash the water on your face, to feel its wonderful coolness and serenity, to feel its magical aura around you. The water sprinkles you with a gentle spray on your face, returning to the pond in soft shimmers and sparkles of sunlight.

The water you drank and the gentle spray you felt on your face has had a wonderful, rejuvenating effect on you. You feel much happier and lighter than you did before you came to this magical place. A feeling of joy comes over you, and you want to experience all the magic this wonderful pond has to give you, all the magic your soul has to give you.

You decide you’d like to bathe in the water, to bathe in the essence of your soul. At the very moment you think the thought, the water rises up in the center, creating a very beautiful waterfall in a rhythm of motion with harmonious, beautiful sounds, radiating and reflecting sparkles and shimmers of light, echoing the light of your soul.

You look at the waterfall that is shimmering and sparkling with light, knowing it will be as refreshing and magical as the water you drank and the water that sprayed your face. You notice there is something different about the waterfall that came from the water in the pond.

It shimmers and sparkles in the same manner as the sunlight that was reflected on the surface of the gently rippling water, but the waterfall is not composed of water; it is composed of light. Beautiful, warm, inviting sprays and showers of sparkling, shimmering light. Somehow, magically, the water has changed into vibrations of light. You wonder if your thoughts and feelings had anything to do with it.

Reflecting on your thoughts and feelings, you realize you were drawn to this side of the pond by the sparkles and shimmers of sunlight that played on the surface, creating a magical melody that sang to your soul as the soft breeze gently caressed you and created a gentle movement on the water.

You step into the waterfall of light, wanting to completely experience it with every part of you, wanting to be completely in tune with it, wanting to be completely in tune with your soul. A feeling of total harmony and complete, perfect peace washes over you and bathes you in a waterfall of light, gently permeating every pore of your body, then circulating and flowing through you—through your body, mind, and spirit—filling your entire being with that same perfect peace and harmony.

You are completely immersed in this wonderful, beautiful, magical, healing waterfall of light. The light is effervescent and bubbly; it’s like bathing in gentle bubbles of energy. The light gives you a wonderful feeling of being totally alive and completely healthy.

The light feels exhilarating, soothing, and peaceful at the same time as it nourishes and nurtures you, as it cleanses you in body, mind, and spirit, revitalizing and rejuvenating every part of you, as it showers you with health and harmony, peace and joy, as it washes you completely in the vibrations of your soul.

You step out of the pond, out of the waterfall of your soul’s light that was so nourishing and rejuvenating, the light that filled you so completely with health, harmony, and happiness. The waterfall returns to the pond, shimmering with sunlight again.

Stepping back from the pond, you see the shadows of the leaves again, but this time you understand and know why they are there. The waterfall of light has gently and completely drawn from you all your cares, worries, problems, ailments, and negative thoughts, washing them away from you and giving them to the shadows of the leaves, replacing them with beautiful, radiant health and happiness inside you.

You see the pond in a new way, with a clearer vision. Even as you watch the shadows on the pond, the gentle music of the breeze blows them away, letting the light shine through as it disperses all the shadows, so the pond reflects your vibrant health, your positive thoughts and feelings, and the essence of your soul.

You know you can return to this magical pond of healing at any time you choose. It will always be there because the waterfall of light is a reflection of your true spiritual nature.

Magical Mind, Magical Life

Your mind is magical. You are magical.

You hold the key to a magical life within your mind.

This book is an adventuresome, interactive guide into opening the magical power inside your mind. It offers you a journey of self-discovery and shows you how to create miracles in every moment by using the magical power of your mind to enjoy a happier, more fulfilled life.

You can make your life everything you want it to be and more. You have this power within you now; it’s not something new or something you have to learn. All you have to do is look within yourself—look within the power of your own mind and put that magic to work for you. As you look into your mind, you’ll see how to:

Create your reality through your thoughts;

Recognize and neutralize negatives;

Turn problems into positive experiences;

Minimize stress and maximize happiness;

Use your imagination to make real changes;

Tune into and listen to your inner self;

Weave your dreams into the fabric of your life;

Open your intuition and look into your insights;

Enjoy perfect health in body, mind, and spirit; and

Put the positive power of your mind into motion.

This life-changing book invites you to open, explore, experience, and understand the natural power of your mind. It’s a guide that shows you the way to living a magical life, filled with happiness and light.

Light Library; 260 pages

Part Two

Inner Journeys

Center of the Sunrise

Sunrises hold a promise of a new and wonderful discovery—the dawn of a new beginning, the dawn of a new light beginning within you. Explore and experience the light within yourself as you travel in your mind into and beyond the center of the sunrise, as you completely remember your inner knowing and rediscover your spiritual knowledge.

Imagine… It’s only moments before dawn. It’s a beautiful summer morning and you’re outside enjoying the beginning of a new day. You feel a warm, gentle breeze and smell the fresh scent of the morning air. You hear birds chirping in the distance; the sound is muted and pleasant as they welcome the dawn of a new day.

You know there’s a beach nearby because you hear the sound of the waves, and you think you’d enjoy the sunrise even more if you were at the beach. You begin to walk toward the beach and as you walk, you feel free and happy, enjoying the beginning of a brand new day.

Sitting on the beach and watching the waves as they gently touch the shore, you feel a wonderful sense of peace and harmony within you and all around you. Listening to the ebb and flow of the tide relaxes you completely. Breathing in deeply, you feel perfectly content, at one with yourself and with the world around you.

Looking across the water, you have a clear view of the horizon as the water seemingly touches the sky. There are a few clouds just above the horizon, and you notice they’re tinged with the early colors of dawn: pale orange at first, then the pale orange blends into a beautiful mixture of coral and pink as the first rays of sunlight color the bottom of the clouds.

The beauty and misty softness of the colors inspire a sense of awe and wonderment inside you, and you recognize you’re seeing more than the colors of a new day; you’re seeing the colors of a new beginning. You notice the sky is getting lighter. As the light from the sun begins to shine behind the clouds, you see the first rays of the sunrise come over the horizon, and the light is reflected and mirrored on the water.

The light of this sunrise emanates a wonderful feeling of energy, and you sense this sunrise is very special; it’s magical and has a mystical aura and ambiance about it. Turning your face up to the sun, you breathe in the light. The warmth and light of the sun envelops you as you breathe it inside your mind and your body, filling you with pure energy and awareness. You feel your body and your mind vibrating in harmony with the warmth and light of the sun, with the energy of awareness.

As you experience the sunrise with every part of you, you feel drawn into it. The early colors of dawn begin to change into the golden color of the sun, the color of knowledge. Somewhere within yourself, you realize that you are the colors of dawn. You are the colors of the sunrise. Just as the water mirrored the beginning of the sunrise, you know the sunrise mirrored within your mind is a reflection of your spiritual awareness, opening up within you, reawakening you to the knowledge within yourself.

The sunlight sparkles and shimmers on the water, reflecting the light. Centering your awareness into the sunrise, you notice it becomes brighter, illuminating every part of your mind, filling your mind and your spirit with pure enlightenment. You know the sunrise is within you and that you are the sunrise.

You feel as if you’re part of the light, as if you are the light, and somehow know you’re seeing the light of your soul. The light grows brighter and brighter, expanding and radiating everywhere, emanating rays of light and wisdom. As you’re enjoying the rays and warmth and light of the sun, you feel the light and warmth spread throughout your entire body, mind, and spirit, flowing into and through every part of your being.

The sun is above the horizon now, and as the sun continues to rise in the sky, you rise with it—higher and higher. The feeling is exhilarating, and you feel more alive and awake and aware than you’ve ever felt before.

There’s a special place you know of, a magical place you’ve just remembered is beyond the colors of dawn, beyond the colors of the sunrise. As you go into and through and beyond the light of the sunrise, you enter that special and most magical place within yourself.

It feels as if you’re coming home, as if you’re returning to yourself. You know you’ve been here before in this sacred place inside your soul. You’ve always known the way to this most special and magical place.

You see the sun beginning to rise in the center of yourself and a pure white light—a light brighter than the sunrise—enters into every part of your mind. You feel this light, this energy of spiritual awareness, vibrating inside your body, your mind, and your soul. You experience a feeling of total joy as you completely open yourself up to this magical energy of spiritual awareness and enlightenment, knowing it has always been part of you.

This pure white light opens your awareness to the truth of your spiritual essence. As the light becomes brighter and brighter within you, you become more and more aware of your inner spiritual knowledge—knowledge that is infinite and goes beyond what words can describe.

You know this light is the light of your soul, the light of your spiritual essence vibrating all around you and within you. As you breathe in the pure and positive energy of the light, you fully absorb the spiritual energy within yourself, knowing that your spiritual enlightenment is completely opening up inside you as you become more aware and awake than ever before.

As you accept the light that is radiating from within the center of the sunrise, from within the center of your being—your soul—you become fully aware of your true spiritual nature and you know you are the essence of light that shines upon the earth.

The light within you becomes brighter as the sun continues to rise. Your spiritual knowledge and the awareness of your true nature is interwoven with the rays of sunshine, with the colors of a new day, a new beginning. Your inner knowing becomes clearer and brighter at every moment as you experience and enjoy the sunrise, as you experience enlightenment within your mind and your spirit.

You feel completely connected with the light of the sun and you know, somewhere deep within yourself, that the source of light from the sun is the same source your soul draws from. You feel yourself becoming the essence of your spirit—radiating and emanating the same golden rays of light you’re receiving and experiencing from the sun.

You see a golden sun ray that emanates from the sunrise, a golden sun ray that emanates from you. You notice how it originates from the sun and from you, and how it travels from its source to gently touch the earth and light the way of a beautiful new day.

You notice that this sun ray sparkles on the water and shines on the beach where you watched the dawn begin, where you enjoyed the beginning of the sunrise. Travel with that golden sun ray onto the beach where you watched the dawning of the light within you.

You’re sitting on the beach again, and you see that the sun is completely above the horizon, above the clouds. The colors are different now; the clouds that reflected the early colors of dawn now reflect the color of gold, the color of the sun, and the color of knowledge. The sky is a very bright blue, and even as you look at the clouds that are golden, they change to a pure white as if they’ve absorbed the light of the sunrise.

Looking above you at the sun that is still rising in the sky, you feel the aura and atmosphere of light all around you, and you know the sun is vibrating with light and love. You feel the radiant light of the sun shining brightly overhead, its rays warming the air, creating its own special ambiance.

You feel the ambiance all around you—the sun is sharing its radiant light and perfect warmth; the rays of light are warming your body, mind, heart, and soul. You feel your soul opening up to the light—to the light of knowledge. You feel every thought in your mind opening up and becoming more aware.

You look over the water and notice how it sparkles and shimmers, mirroring and reflecting the light from the sun. And you know the light of your soul shines brightly within you and is mirrored and reflected in the world around you.

You feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze. You smell the scent of the morning air and hear the sound of birds chirping in the distance as they welcome the light.

You smile up at the sun, knowing you’ve remembered your spiritual nature and rediscovered your soul’s knowledge within yourself on the journey you’ve just taken beyond the center of the sunrise.

Inner Journeys

Guided visualizations can take you on many wonderful inner journeys that lead you into the multidimensional worlds of your mind and soul.

Inside this book are metaphysical, magical, mystical meditations that will inspire and empower you on your path of self-discovery and spiritual awareness.

These meditations share with you the harmony of your body, mind, and spirit, showing how they’re intricately connected. They’re offered to illuminate and guide your way as you travel an inner journey on a magical, mystical path to remembering your spiritual knowledge and reawakening your spiritual self.

By taking a few moments to meditate, you can tune into who you really are; you can touch and fully experience your essence. You can know the joy and harmony of your soul as you rediscover your spiritual knowledge and receive the guidance of your higher self. In addition, making time to meditate offers you many practical benefits, such as:

A refreshing, rejuvenating break from your day-to-day activities;

Clarity, calmness, and peace of mind;

A wonderful sense of relaxation and well-being; and

Health and harmony within your body and your mind.

Inner Journeys offers you a peaceful, quiet, tranquil time to tune into your inner self and your soul. The meditations invite you to travel on the wings of your spirit to explore the many multidimensional realms within you and the worlds of the universe around you.

Light Library; 234 pages

Part Three

Rainbow Journeys

Library of Light

You see a spiral stairway composed of rays of light shimmering into the universe. Placing your foot on the bottom step, you feel a gentle wave of energy flow through you. As you travel up the stairs, the vibration of energy softly radiates upward from your feet through your entire body. You begin to feel as if you’re floating a few inches above the steps, gliding through emanations of energy, weightless and free, flowing into higher realms of light.

The top of the stairs are shrouded in a soft, white mist. As you enter the mist, it clears, showing a vibrant path shimmering with light. Following the path, you feel the pure white light envelop you with a very pleasant warmth. Breathing in the energy of light, it fills you with a wonderful feeling of peace and harmony.

A few steps ahead, the light illuminates a shimmering building in an open, circular area. The building radiates a special kind of energy that resonates with your soul. Stepping into the light, you enter a library that is created entirely with the vibrant energy of the light. Windows reflect rays of universal light everywhere. Vibrations of light form the floors and the walls. Beams of sparkling energy support the arched ceiling; in the center is a domed skylight. A magical aura surrounds the library; ethereal energies of pure awareness softly reverberate through the vast array of books.

A hushed stillness echoes within the library even as it shimmers with energy, with the knowledge contained in the books that fill the shelves and line the walls. As you listen quietly, you hear the books talk in whispers of wisdom and murmurs of mystical knowledge.

The rows of books appear to be endless, as if they go on forever. Walking through the aisles and the alcoves, you see books on every subject imaginable. This library contains all the knowledge that has ever been written or recorded in all the world and the entire universe since the beginning of time, since the beginning of thought.

Running your fingers over the titles of the books, you feel a shimmer of energy go through you and discover you can read them within your mind. The books are written in a universal language you understand easily, just by touching the books or looking at the pictures on the covers. The words and their images dance into your mind, creating a symphony of sound vibrations; within the music and the melody, you understand the knowledge inside each book.

Continuing to walk through the library, exploring the light energies of knowledge, you notice another stairway with seven steps that vibrate with a light more dazzling, more brilliant than the light that surrounded the open entrance to the library. The light shimmers and sparkles with energy as if it’s alive.

There’s a sacred feeling about this light; it seems to contain an essence within itself. The vibrations emanating from this light are filled with images of color that have shape and substance. It looks like a beautiful blur of rainbow colors in a gentle wave of motion, forming into ever-changing transparent prisms of light. Looking into the light, you experience an emotion that goes beyond words and thoughts, and you know you’re about to enter a very sacred space.

More than anything else, you want to be part of that light. You want to rush into the light, to become the essence of the light, yet feel you might disturb it if you rush, so you wait respectfully and reverently. The light opens up and invites you in, just as the light at the entrance to the library welcomed you in. Stepping into the light, you’re filled with a feeling of awe and wonderment and pure joy.

Each step of the stairway vibrates in harmony with the colors of a rainbow. Walking slowly, thoughtfully, up the stairs, you pause on every step—feeling the energy, hearing the unique vibration, the tone and hue and experience of each color. Ascending the stairs and absorbing the colors within your body, your mind, and your feelings, you become more and more aware of your soul. As your awareness expands, you know you’re traveling a stairway that leads you into the true essence of yourself.

Reaching the top of the stairs, you see that the higher echelon of the library is a loft that contains the written records of every soul’s existence, and you know, with a magical sense of inner knowing, that these books vibrate with a light that is unique to every soul and can only be opened and read by that particular soul.

In the center of the loft, you see a table with an open book and a lamp that glows with a luminous light. Next to the table is a comfortable chair. You walk over to the table and look at the book. It seems the library has been waiting for you to discover it, and the open book has been waiting to be read by you.

Knowing the book is about your soul, you look at the chapter title the book is opened to. As you read the words, they begin to vibrate on the page, then to shimmer with a soft glow of light, emanating into rays of energy that form images that swirl into your thoughts and sparkle into pictures, opening a special kind of knowing within your mind.

Touching the words, your hand begins to vibrate with energy. You realize how very special this book is. Picking it up, you settle comfortably in the chair. Holding the open book in your hands, your body begins to vibrate with a radiant energy.

You feel as if you’re being drawn inside the pages of the book as the words vibrate and resonate in your mind, moving in rhythm and harmony with the flow of spiritual and universal energy. It feels as if a gentle current of energy is flowing through you, opening up and releasing a higher awareness within.

You hear a soft humming sound inside your mind, and as the energy continues to softly flow through you, you know your spiritual awareness is completely opening up inside you. Hugging the book close to your heart, you know you’ve found a very special treasure—a book that reveals all your spiritual knowledge, a book that shows you the secrets of your soul.

You read the chapter title again; the words form an image that draws a complete and detailed picture in your mind. You touch the picture in the book, the picture in your mind, feeling the texture of the images. The pictures are solid. The scene is real; it isn’t an image that disappears when you blink your eyes.

The words form real pictures. When you read the words, they form pictures that come to life—three-dimensional images that vibrate from the pages into your awareness, into your physical reality—resonating with an energy source that is inspired by the words on the pages.

The book is energy in motion and the words magically transport you into the scene. You’re there, inside the picture; you’re really there. Looking all around, you see and feel and experience everything there is to see and feel and experience. The book is filled with every experience you’ve ever had or will have, and yet you know you can write and rewrite the pages and paragraphs in any way you choose.

As you look through the pages and read the words that have already been written, your experiences come to life, and you completely understand—with a clarity and knowing that goes beyond words—why they happened and why you chose to experience them. You feel—with every part of you, with every part of your awareness—the events and emotions inside your experiences as the words draw detailed and descriptive images and scenes within your mind.

The book is timeless as it portrays the pictures of your soul—the essence of your spirit—as it speaks to you of the events and emotions in your life, and shows you the many, various aspects of all your experiences in every time frame—past, present, and future—and in every dimension of being, in every realm of your awareness. The book shows you the true reality of you—the true multidimensionality of your soul.

Whispers Beyond the Rainbow

Prequel to Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The last thing Amanda ever wanted to do was to experience another lifetime on earth.

She can’t remember who she is—or even who she was before—and a shadowy image of an old bearded man keeps wavering through her thoughts.

Maybe it isn’t real. Maybe it’s just a dream. Maybe she doesn’t have to reincarnate this time.

Then she hears a whisper—a voice that is strangely familiar, echoing through the winds of time—telling her to follow her dream.

Light Library; 82 pages; Free ebook

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A visionary novel—part fact, part fiction—about the reality of reincarnation and spiritual awakening.

The story takes you on a universal quest for knowledge and presents an entertaining adventure through this earth experience we call life as it offers a lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.

Do you ever think you’re someone else once in a while, but can’t quite remember who you are? Or maybe you dream about events that seem to be happening to someone else, yet you resonate completely with them—as if they are happening to you?

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is based on my past life in Egypt and the parallels to my present life. But this book goes way beyond reincarnation; it explores the concept that we’re living all our lives at the same time in different dimensions of energy. It also covers the concept of parallel selves—the unity of our physical self with our spiritual self.

Amanda is a free spirit who somehow manages to get herself stuck in the energy vibration of a physical body. Of course she did it on purpose; nothing happens by accident. She’s a little embarrassed to find herself on earth again and wonders how she ended up here when she vowed she’d never reincarnate again.

Her most down-to-earth task is to see through the misty illusions of things for herself and to remember her spiritual nature. In the course of events, she gets sidetracked by what everyone says is real life. But she’s not sure what’s real anymore. She’s been dreaming about rainbows lately and now she’s beginning to wonder if her life is really a dream she’s having.

Violet is trying to remember something she’s forgotten about her true spiritual nature so she registers for school in the universe and begins classes in Time and Space, Energy and Matter, and Reality Awareness. She’s more than a little concerned about the whole idea of synchronicity and the simultaneous time-space concept; she’s not sure if she can handle everything at once.

Her destiny is to unearth the mysteries of the universe and to find the Scroll of Knowledge she wrote in Egypt. But she’s reluctant to remember her experiences as a philosopher and has turned off her spiritual awareness.

Rainbow is a universal light-being. She’s also Amanda’s higher self and Violet’s teacher who tries to help them see the light within themselves. But Rainbow is really more than she appears to be at first, or even second, glance.

If you look somewhere over the rainbow, you’ll probably see a lot of things about yourself that you knew all the time, but have temporarily forgotten somewhere in your earth experiences. And if you look for the light within yourself, you might remember who you really are and you might see a universal path of knowledge that all souls must travel to find the way home.

Light Library; 344 pages

Part Four

Past Life Journeys

Journey of Light

Imagine you’re on a sandy beach on a pleasantly warm, beautiful summer day, watching the waves as they come to the shore and return to the ocean, listening to the ebb and flow of the tide.

This place, this day, this moment is absolutely perfect and you feel a wonderful sense of contentment and peace being here. The sun is warm and pleasant on your body, and you feel a gentle breeze caress you softly. See and feel yourself in this safe, soothing, peaceful place on the beach on the most beautiful day you’ve ever experienced.

You feel so relaxed and comfortable here. You’re in tune with the harmony of the waves and in harmony with yourself. The sound of the water is peaceful and soothing, relaxing you more and more.

You decide to lie down on the soft sand of this beautiful beach, resting on the warm sand as you listen to the motion of the waves and watch the blueness of the sky above you. You notice a few puffy white clouds in the sky that are just floating along. You feel so in tune with them; you’re just floating along in a comfortable rhythm and motion of harmony.

Your spirit feels free and light, as free as the clouds that float above you. As you’re breathing in and out, you continue to watch the clouds in the sky as they float by. Take another deep breath in, feeling it fill you completely. As you let it out very slowly, you know your breath is like the ocean with waves of time coming and going, matching the rhythm of your breath as you inhale and exhale.

As the waves ebb and flow, you breathe in and out. Listen to the waves as they come up to the shore and as they recede into the ocean. Listen to your breathing as you breathe in and out, slowly and naturally. Listen to the sound of the waves as you breathe in and out, as the waves of time ebb and flow. You’re breathing in and out, in a natural rhythm and flow that is in harmony with the tides, breathing in harmony with the ebb and flow of time.

As you breathe in, you feel your spiritual essence expanding with your breath, becoming lighter than air. You feel very free and open, expansive and light. As you breathe out, you feel the essence of your spirit leaving your body, rising up into the air, floating freely and easily away from your physical body, traveling on your breath, floating through the air, just like the clouds floating leisurely along in the beautiful blue sky above you.

You feel weightless and free. You feel so weightless and free that your awareness—your spirit—begins to float upward toward the clouds in the sky. It’s a safe, comfortable, natural feeling, as natural as breathing and listening to the sound of the waves.

Feel your awareness—your spiritual essence—continue to float upward, slowly, bit by bit. Your spirit seems to expand and rise on your breath as you breathe in and out. Your breath cushions you like a gentle current of air as you rise higher and higher. Breathe in, becoming lighter than air. Breathe out, floating on a soft current of air.

As you’re floating through the sky, you become aware of a soft radiant white light that is filtering through your mind as you enter one of the beautiful white clouds in the sky. As you breathe in the light, you’re aware of your soul, flowing into a timeless realm.

You feel your mind—your soul—flowing into a vast, infinite sea of white light, an essence so ethereal and luminous that words cannot describe it. See and feel this gentle, illuminating energy as it bathes your mind with the higher wisdom and eternal essence of your soul. Breathe this light inside you; feel it circulating in and through your body, your mind, and your soul.

As you feel the energies of white light softly entering your mind and gently circulating through your body, you become completely aware of your soul and you know that you are an eternal, spiritual being. You know that your soul is timeless. You’re aware of the freedom you have to go beyond the limits of your physical consciousness, beyond the restrictions of physical time and space.

You know you can go anywhere in time and space, into any past experience simply by placing your awareness and attention there. You know time and space are illusions of physical reality. In the multidimensional energy of your soul, time and space do not exist. You know your soul is part of that infinite essence of light that is beyond time and space.

Breathe in and be in the light. Be and become one with the light. Be and become one with your soul. Be the light; be your soul. Breathe out the light and feel it expanding all around you. Breathe in the light and feel it expanding within you.

Within the ethereal essence of white light, you see a guide who is waiting to journey with you as you travel into and through the vibrations of time. You experience a wonderful feeling of complete trust and feel a positive attunement with your soul guide. Your guide is part of your soul and knows everything there is to know about all your experiences in your past lives. Your inner guide will show you events and emotions in your past lives and will explain how they interconnect with and weave through the experiences in your present life to give you a complete understanding of those experiences.

Your guide says it is time to begin your journey, and asks if you are ready to explore the experiences and emotions in your past lives. As you answer yes, you move toward your guide to reconnect with the essence of your soul.

Your guide reaches out to you. As you embrace, you merge your physical and spiritual energies together. As you take the hand of your guide, you feel yourself floating through time, floating through a vast infinite sea of time. Your awareness is floating, flowing through the ethereal essence of light as you travel into and through the infinite reaches of time—going into time, through time, beyond time, above time.

Your awareness is in a place of luminous light, a light that is vibrating with energy, with the essence of life. Your awareness is flowing and floating gently through this light, through the vibrations of time as you begin your journey with your soul guide, who will show you the experiences in your past lives and how they interconnect with the experiences in your present life.

Breathing in and out, feeling expansive—lighter than air and floating on a gentle current of air—you feel the essence of your spirit rising up even higher into the air, above the clouds. Your spirit is expansive and light, and can travel anywhere you wish.

You flow through the vibrations of time with your guide—seeing, knowing, and understanding all the things you see and experience. Breathing in harmony with your spirit, your awareness travels on the gentle rhythm and energy of your breath. You feel yourself soaring, gliding, rising even higher in the air.

Floating freely in the air, you observe the world below you. Your guide asks you to look at the earth—the home where your soul resides now. You see a great expanse of ocean below you. As you watch the waves ebb and flow, you feel the rhythm of the tides, the rhythm of time, as you breathe in and out. You see the various shades of blue in the ocean and the ripple of the waves.

You feel the gentle current of air as you float above the vibrations of time, above the energies of the earth. You rise up even higher into the air far above the earth, looking at the beautiful blue and green earth below you, revolving slowly in the universe. You see the majesty of the heavens and the panorama of the universe.

A feeling of timelessness surrounds you; you know that time, as you normally perceive it, does not exist for your soul. You know you can travel into the past just as easily as you are in the present. You notice your vision and awareness are also expanded. You see places in the earth that have a special connection for you in the past, places where you’ve lived before. These places call to your spirit, beckoning you to visit.

As the earth revolves below you, you feel your spirit being drawn to a place on earth where you’ve lived before, a place that has a special reason and purpose for you to explore now, a place that will provide you with meaningful information you can bring back with you into your present life. Your spirit floats easily and softly on a gentle current of air into the place where you’ve lived before.

As your spirit begins to explore this physical place on earth, you notice you have an expanded view and an increased understanding of all the things that occurred here in your past life and why they happened. You see souls you know now who were with you in that past life. Your spirit shows you all the experiences you had in your past life that have created the present you’re now experiencing. You see how the present and the past are interwoven through the threads of time.

Completely explore the experiences you’ve become aware of to see what happened in the past life and to understand why it happened. Listen to your soul guide as your inner knowing—your spiritual awareness—speaks to you through your thoughts and feelings as you observe and participate in the events and emotions that were part of your past life here, and to see how your past life experiences affect your present life.

When you’re done exploring everything you want to know about this past life, your spirit rises into the air above the earth with your soul guide. You again notice how the green and blue earth revolves below you.

If you wish, you may visit another location where you’ve lived before that has a special meaning and purpose for you now. You may visit as many places as your soul desires for you to see and experience. Explore the experiences you’ve had there to understand why they occurred and how they’re connected with your present life.

When you’re done with your past life travels, you feel your spirit rising into the universe above the earth as your soul guide accompanies you. You feel your essence return to the ethereal, luminous white light, and you’re aware of being in this infinite sea of white light. Your guide takes you into the multidimensional energies of your soul to show you where you live when your soul is not experiencing a life on earth.

Explore this land of spirit; re-experience what your soul knows. See what your soul shows you. Listen to what your soul says to you. Be there for a while in the light, in this land of spirit, in the home of your soul, to reflect on everything you became aware of during your past life journey. Talk to your guide; ask any questions you have so you can reach a higher understanding of all the things you experienced on your trip through time.

When you are done with your reflections and you’re ready to return to what your physical self perceives as your present reality in this lifetime, bid your soul guide good-bye. Thank this wonderful guide who showed you the experiences your soul has had, who gave you insights into your soul and provided you with answers as you saw the events and emotions in your past lives, and in the multidimensional realm of your spirit.

Your guide embraces you and gives you a special gift to bring back with you into your physical reality. Watch your guide go into the pure essence of white light, knowing you may call upon your guide at any time you want or need to, and for any reason.

When you’re ready to come back down to earth, you feel your spirit flowing through the universe as you turn your attention toward earth. You again see the great expanse of ocean below you, moving in a natural rhythm and harmony with both the earth and the universe. You slowly and gently float down into a beautiful white cloud in the sky. Your spirit travels on your breath, returning to your physical body, returning you to the place here on earth that you call home now, to the place where you are right now.

Gliding gently back down to earth, you land softly on the sand of the beach where you began your journey through time. You see the ocean and hear the waves as they move in rhythm and harmony, as the waves of time ebb and flow. You feel the breath of your spiritual essence as you breathe in and out.

You hear the rhythm and harmony of your soul, in tune with the natural flow of the earth and the universe. Breathing in and out, you bring the full awareness and understanding of your soul and all that it has experienced in your travels through time into your conscious mind.

As you reorient yourself into the present here and now, slowly bring your awareness into the present time by focusing and directing your thoughts and feelings into who you are now and where you are, right now.

Bring with you the insight and understanding of everything you’ve experienced in your past travels. Take some quiet time to re-vibrate your spiritual energies into the physical here and now.

This time-tripping experiential journey you’ve just taken offers you unlimited opportunities to travel through time. You can take this trip through time into the multidimensional realms and realities of your soul as many times as you wish.

Every time you journey into the past, you’ll become aware of more information, and you’ll understand more about your soul and how it travels through the energies of time.

Past Life Journeys

Time Tripping Adventures Into Your Soul

Offers everything you need to know about traveling into and through your past lives. It gives word-for-word, step-by-step instructions, interwoven with an in-depth script, for remembering and re-experiencing events and emotions in previous lifetimes.

Included are sidetracks showing how you can use the same information in your present life for many positive purposes and side trips—interesting adventures and excursions—to experience along the way. Inside this book you’ll learn how to:

Enter a meditative frame of mind to journey into and through your past life memories;

Align and raise your physical energies into your spiritual vibrations;

Meet your higher self—your spiritual guide into the multidimensional realms of your soul;

Explore previous life connections with people currently in your life;

Discover the plans and promises you made before birth;

Re-visit realms of your after-death experiences;

Understand, balance, and heal your karma; and

Change the past so that it positively affects and influences your present and future.

This book is the ultimate guide to traveling into and through the realms and realities your soul has experienced.

Light Library; 172 pages

Past Lives, Future Lives

Offers a Mind-Expanding Trip Through Time

Look at reincarnation in a new light from a simultaneous time-space perspective. What if all your past, present, and future lives—instead of happening separately—are happening at the same time in the present at various vibrations of energy? Rather than the past creating the present and shaping the future, this book shows how the future interacts with and causes the present.

Looking into your future lives, or even just looking into the future in this life, through a future-focused perspective allows you to look deeply into your current experiences to see an expansive view of the past, the present, and the future, and how these time-spaces affect and alter one another.

You’re invited on a time tripping journey into your past and future lives. You’ll find many ways to see and explore—through experiential visualizations, mind-opening meditations, and interactive exercises—all your experiences in more levels of awareness than the linear framework of time.

If you want to travel through the multidimensional vibrations of your experiences, this book is the ultimate guide to tripping through time.

Light Library; 162 pages


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Echoes of Time

Journey Through Time and Space Into the Awareness of Your Soul

Step into the Elevator to Awareness—a magical time travel machine—that will take you anywhere you want to go on a journey through the multidimensional vibrations of time and space to explore your past-present-future lives and open the awareness of all your soul’s experiences through its many travels through time.

As you journey through time and space in this magical elevator to awareness with your higher self as your guide, you have a panoramic view of all your experiences in all your past, present, and future lives.

Light Library; 54 pages; Free ebook



Echoes of Light: Journey Into Who You Truly Are... A Powerful, Spiritual Being o

Offers four guided journeys that invite you to remember who you truly are... a powerful, spiritual being of light. Waterfall of Light: A shimmering, sparkling waterfall of light invites you to bathe in its healing energies, refreshing and rejuvenating you in body, mind, and spirit. Center of the Sunrise: Journey into and through the center of a sunrise where you will remember that you are truly a spiritual being of light as you experience the dawning of the light within you. Light Library: Visit a library of light and read a special book about the adventures of your soul. Watch as the words come to life and portray your experiences. Journey of Light: Explore time tripping adventures into past and future lives as you travel through the energy vibrations of your experiences. The meditations invite you to explore the many multidimensional realms within you and the worlds of the universe around you as you look for the light within yourself.

  • ISBN: 9781370091409
  • Author: Renee Amberson
  • Published: 2017-07-23 22:50:16
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Echoes of Light: Journey Into Who You Truly Are... A Powerful, Spiritual Being o Echoes of Light: Journey Into Who You Truly Are... A Powerful, Spiritual Being o