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EBook Publishing: What It Takes To Publish An eBook. [THE 5 STAGES OF EBOOK PUBL


EBook Publishing

What It Takes To Publish An eBook


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My appreciation first of all goes to the Most High GOD who equipped every one of us with sufficient talents and gifts and abilities to do some incredible things for His Glory.


My appreciation also goes to all that have made this writing a success. From the Editor of this book, Martin Olurinjon, to the Book Cover Designer, Book Layout Planner, the Publisher, the Marketers and also you the reader. I say thank you to you all. May the Good LORD reward you handsomely.

Thank you.




The 5 Stages of eBook Publishing

Stage #1: Writing of the eBook to be Published

Stage #2: Formatting Your eBook

Stage #3: Uploading Your eBook For Publishing

Stage #4: Marketing Your eBook

Stage #5: Getting Paid

Outsourcing Your eBook Work

Be Prepare To Spend Money

Professional Services

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An eBook is an electronic format of a book. It is digital in nature. It can be read on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or eBook reading devices like Kindle Fire, Nooks and Sony Reader, with an eBook reading software or Apps install on it. As technology and Computer devices grow, there was a shifting from old conventional printed book to an electronic book format.

In this book, I assume you are a Writer or an Author or eContent Developer, who wants to publish his or her books in an eBook form.

There are so many reasons why people nowadays chose and prefer to publish their books and writings in an eBook form:

1. It is cheaper to publish an eBook than to publish a physical book with the old traditional Publishing System.

2. It is easy to distribute. There is no need for bookshelf, racks and big wide room to keep them. No load whatsoever. It is sent digitally to buyers within seconds.

3. Easy duplication. Makes it once and make a million copies of it in minutes or seconds. In traditional Book Publishing system, you know what it means to produce 100,000 copies of your book. Digital eBook publishing solves that problem in seconds.

4. It doesn’t occupy space. A single USB Flash Drive of 4GB can hold 500 eBooks with ease. So you can be carrying 500 books in your pocket with only the weight of the USB Flash felt. Your Laptop can turn into an eBook Library that the biggest bookshop in the city cannot rival it.

5. Information in eBook is easy to search. With the aid of Find command, you can search for any information in a PDF eBook. It is easy to read eBook.

6. It is easy to sell. It can be marketed to millions of people over the internet. [Websites, Social Media and eMails] and is available 24 hours.

7. It is easy to purchase. Just go to the eBook publishing website and purchase an eBook. Within 5 minutes, your eBook is downloaded into your eBook reading device. You can even read some sample chapters of an eBook before you buy it.

Above are just 7 reasons out of the numerous reasons why eBook is becoming popular and why people now prefer it to physical book.

Because of these advantages and shift from physical book to eBook, Authors and Writers and eContent Developers [Like Magazines, Newsletters and Articles producers and writers] are now publishing their works in an eBook format.

The problem now is that, What Does It Takes To Publish An eBook?

What it takes to publish an eBook is what I want to share with you here.

I don’t want a complex and lengthy write-up on this stuff. Many books that I have read about how to publish an eBook, make the process so complex and lengthy that it piece me off. Anyway, that was how I learnt how to publish an eBook. But after I understood the process, and having published 5 eBooks myself on Amazon.com and Shakespir.com, I now understand the whole process in a more compact and simplified way.


Publishing an eBook can be divided into 5 main stages of activities.

1. Writing of the book to be published.

2. Formatting of the eBook to be published.

3. Uploading of the formatted eBook to an eBook Publishing website.

4. Marketing and selling your published eBook.

5. Getting royalty from your sold eBook.

These are the 5 stages of eBook publishing that I have found, after having published 5 eBooks myself on the World 2 leading eBook publishing companies. Amazon.com and Shakespir.com

I would take each of these stages one by one and tell you what they mean and what you should do at each stage. So pay attention.




Before you publish your eBook or any writing project like Magazine, Newsletter or Article, it must first of all be written. So write your eBook content first.

Here you decided what type of eBook you want to write. Book, Magazine, Newsletter or an Article.

If it is a book, what type of book do you want to write?

There are 2 types of book you can write: Fiction or Non-fiction.

p<>{color:#000;}. FICTION: Books that are imaginary in nature. Like novels, thriller. They are not necessarily true life story, but imaginary story. You will hear people say Science Fiction, imaginary story of a man who has a Space Shuttle he uses in transporting his wife and two children to Jupiter every summer. That kind of book is called Fiction.


p<>{color:#000;}. NON-FICTION: These are books on true life issue. Like this book you are reading now is a Non-fiction book. How to run a successful family. Beauty and merit of being humble. Godliness is blessed. The 10 laws of success. Archimedes Principles of Floatation. How to start a poultry farm. Mathematics made easy. Budgeting for novices: are all Non-fiction write ups.

So you need to decide the type of book or eBook content you want to write first before you begin.

In this book, I assume you are an Author and a Writer and you want to write an eBook and not a magazine or newsletter or article for publication on a blog.


The book you want to write, who are your target audience? What group of readers are you targeting? This is very important before you write your eBook. Writing a book on “How To Raise Children” for 14 years old teenagers, is a waste of time. But if that book is for the First Time Moms, that would be a good bet.

Don’t write book for general public except religious book, like: The Salvation Of Your Soul. How To Make Heaven. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. All these are good for general public. But if you want to write a book on “Menstrual Pain And How To Handle It”, definitely your book audience are not men. It is purely for women who understand the subject matter.So know your target audience before you starts writing. You can write to solve a particular type of problem. You can write to address a particular issue. How To Farm Snail. How to produce orange juice. Ginger drink production. How to sell your product. All these book titles target a particular audience. Let your writing target some group of people. This book you are reading is only meant for Authors and Writers and eContent developers who want to know what it takes to publish an eBook.


Decide what the title of your book will be. Title matters. It helps to market your eBook. It helps to get the attention of the buyers of your book. You must know how to use attention getting title that will tell the reader what to expect in your book. Just like the title of this book now. When you pick it, instantly, you know what this book is to do for you. The title of your eBook matters so much. It must be able to compel buyers to buy it.

Let the title of your book be well researched to inform your audience what the book is all about.


After you have solved audience issue, and you have gotten an attention grabbing title. You need the Table Of Content of your book. What kind of information will your book contain?

The content of your eBook is the greatest of all book marketing or selling point. Research well on your book content.

Here, I can’t tell you precisely the method to use in writing your eBook. Some writers like to write the Table Of Content of their book before they begin writing the book. Some writers after solving the audience and book title issue will just pick up their pen and begin to write. You know yourself better; adopt a writing method suitable to your person.

This is the biggest work in book publishing. Content writing. To write book is not a lazy man venture. You have to write, and write, and re-write, and edit and re-edit before you get a perfect work. Don’t worry, go ahead.

Your book content must flow. It must be logically related, so that your readers doesn’t get lost or confuse. They must be able to get what you said they will get. Be honest in doing good work. Don’t just write trash, people will pick it out fast. Some readers have read hundreds of books and know what a good book is all about. Take time to research well on the content of your book, because that is the reason why you write the book in the first place.


Give yourself target of when you want your eBook to be ready. One of my first set of eBooks that I published took me 8 years to complete writing it. You know why? I have no project completion deadline date. But now I know better, I can’t allow that kind of thing to happen again. Let your writing project work have a lifespan. You can’t write a single book for an infinite time. You must have a writing project lifespan.

p<>{color:#000;}. In the next 1 month I should have been done with this book.

p<>{color:#000;}. In the next 3 months I should be done with this writing.

p<>{color:#000;}. In the next 1 year I should have been done with this research project book.

Writing is a project, and every project must have a lifespan. Give your writing project, a completion date. Some people will even have a launching date fixed.


Do thorough research on your writing project. Let all your data, illustrations and facts be 100% truthful and as accurate as you know best. Don’t write rubbish. Don’t quote data and reference that are falsehood. Research well on your project data and accuracy.


It depends on individuals. Some people like to type straight to their Computer or Tablets or even Smartphones, when writing book. Some like to write first on paper before typing it or giving it to a secretary to type it for them. It doesn’t matter the method you use, type your book project completely. Many book work ideas and dreams were never born; because the dreamer does nothing about it excepts words of mouth that do nobody good. Write your book. Type it out. It is just then you begin book work.


After you have typed all your book content, begin to proof read it. Check the flow of your writing. Even if you are a genius, you hardly get perfect book on first writing. So proof read it yourself first. Cross check your data. Check their validity. I remember sometimes ago, in one of my books, I made mentioned of the day Airbus A380, made its first maiden flight, I know it was in 2005, but what date and month, I can’t remember, I have to research for it on the Internet to get the correct date. And trust Internet, Google will help you search it out. [April 27, 2005] Airbus A380 is a Passenger plane manufactured by Airbus that can carry over 500 passengers at a time.

You could modify, delete or add more content to your eBook. Do this till you get 90-95% good work. You may not be able to get 100% professional work at first attempt; but 90-95 is good enough.

At this stage too, you could give your eBook to Book Reviewer in the subject area, to read it and comment on it. This is not mandatory, but if you are obliges to do that, it is a good practice. Another reader may see what you couldn’t see.

Make all your personal correction and the one the Book Reviewer suggested. Your book is now set to go to the Editor.


You need to give your eBook to an Editor to help you to edit it. Except if you are an Editor yourself. I write well, but I didn’t study English Language, though I passed my English Language in WAEC, but that doesn’t make me eligible to edit my book work myself. So after finishing my books, I give them to an Editor to edit them for me. You may need to do that too.

Editors are good and helpful, because they can easily see your grammatical or spelling error. Your content may be okay, but your language could be wrong. A good Editor will help you to correct all these errors and make your book work look more professional.

I remember once downloaded a very good eBook that was poorly edited. The content of the book is good. But there were too many spelling errors in that book. It is like eating deliciously cooked rice with plenty of tiny, tiny stones in it. It can be annoying.


After you have done your self-proof reading, correction and editing, Editor has done his or her job and you have made all these corrections. You are now having a final copy of your book work. I advise you to save your work in 2 different filenames and back it up into 2 or more places.

1. YourBOOkName

2. YourBookNameBackup

Keep the backup in a safe place. May be one in your USB Flash. One on your Computer and one in your Cloud online storage drive.

You are now set for stage 2 of eBook Publishing: Formatting Your eBook.



One of the greatest headaches of eBook publishing is the formatting of your Microsoft Word document to be ready for publication on eBook publishing company’s website. [Such as Amazon.com or Shakespir.com] But from experience, I have discovered that, it is not as difficult as it looks, though a little technical. If you already know how to use Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, to type your document, then you are half way done.

It is at this stage that you are going to format your eBook to be ready for uploading into eBook publisher or seller website.

The kind of eBook formatting you do depend on the kind of eBook format that you want to produce and the device on which the eBook will be read. So you may first of all need to know different eBook formats and eBook Reading devices.


There are many different types of eBook formats, but only 3 stands out than others.



3. PDF

4. RTF

5. TXT

The first 3, EPUB, MOBI and PDF are the industry standard. The remaining eBook formats are hardly in use nowadays.

p<>{color:#000;}. To sell your eBook on any eBook publishing company websites, except Amazon.com, you must format your eBook to be in EPUB format.

p<>{color:#000;}. To sell your eBook on Amazon.com, you must format your eBook to be in MOBI format. Amazon.com only accepts eBook in MOBI format.

p<>{color:#000;}. PDF is the third type of popular eBook format that is widely accepted by all devices. This eBook you are reading now is in PDF format. This format is the best eBook format by my own rating, because it is the most flexible eBook format. With the aid of PDF Creator software, you can convert your typed Microsoft Word document into PDF in seconds, with all your Microsoft Word formatting commands maintained. You can save your Photoshop or CorelDraw design into PDF straight without much hassle. But you can do that with EPUB or MOBI eBook formats.

So the kinds of eBook Formatting Style you do will depend on the type of eBook format that you want to produce.

p<>{color:#000;}. To produce an EPUB eBook format, you have to format your eBook document to EPUB Formatting Style.

p<>{color:#000;}. To produce MOBI eBook format, you have to format your eBook document to MOBI Formatting Style.

But the good news is that, EPUB and MOBI eBook formatting style are the same. So you don’t need to specifically format your eBook document to be EPUB formatting style ready and then reformat it to be MOBI formatting style ready. Once your book work document has been formatted to be EPUB ready, it is automatically MOBI ready.

p<>{color:#000;}. Amazon.com sells only eBook in MOBI format.

p<>{color:#000;}. Shakespir.com, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple sell eBook in EPUB format.

If you want to sell your eBook on any of the above eBook retail shops, you will have to format your book document to be in EPUB and MOBI formatting style.

PDF: Any of the above eBook formatting style can be converted to PDF in seconds. So learning how to format your eBook document to be PDF ready is not a problem. Just do a fine and beautiful eBook formatting in Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 or higher version or in Photoshop or in CorelDraw or In Design, even in any Microsoft Office document, you are 90% done to produce a beautiful PDF eBook.

With the help of Adobe Acrobat Creator: both desktop and online version, you can create a beautiful PDF with a few clicks. There are also many awards winning PDF creator software out there that you can purchase with less than $100. Even Microsoft offers a special add on that you can install in into your Microsoft Word document that would allow you to be able to save your Microsoft Word document as a PDF file stress free. This adds on is a sophisticated tool for saving Microsoft Word as a PDF with all your formatting kept.


EBook reading devices are devices we use to read an eBooks. These eBook reading devices are powered by 2 things.

p<>{color:#000;}. The Operating System on which they work.

p<>{color:#000;}. The Application Software (App) that read the eBook file.

But nowadays, Operating System issue matter but little, the main concern is the Application Software (App) that is needed to be able to read a particular type of eBook format on a particular reading device.

Below are some popular eBook reading devices.

p<>{color:#000;}. Laptop

p<>{color:#000;}. Notebook

p<>{color:#000;}. Tablets

p<>{color:#000;}. Kindle

p<>{color:#000;}. Smartphones

p<>{color:#000;}. Desktop Computer

p<>{color:#000;}. Mac

p<>{color:#000;}. Nook

p<{color:#000;}. Kobo Reader.



To be able to read a particular type [format] of an eBook on your devices you need its Application Software (App) to be able to do that.

p<>{color:#000;}. To read EPUB eBook, you need an EPUB reader software installed on your reading devices.

For example, to read an EPUB eBook on your iPad or Smartphone or Tablet, you need an EPUB App or software installed on your devices to be able to do that.

To be able to read EPUB eBook on your Laptop or Desktop Computer, you need to download and install an EPUB reading application software on it to be able to do that.

p<>{color:#000;}. To read MOBI Amazon eBook, you need Amazon Kindle device that is wirelessly connected to Amazon Kindle Store to be able to read it. This reading device is mainly used by US residence and some few countries where the devices work. But recently Amazon has developed an Application Software called, Kindle Previewer software, that can allows reader to read an eBook in MOBI format on their devices.

To be able to read MOBI eBook on your Laptop or Desktop Computer, you need to download and install this Kindle Previewer software [Free download from Amazon.com website] and install it on your device to do that.

The best EPUB and MOBI reading application software for both Window and Mac that I know is called Calibre. It is a free download with free donation on will. When you download this software and installed it on your Window or Mac based device, it can read 17 different eBook formats. And it can also covert from one format to another. For example, if I have an eBook in EPUB format, you can use Calibre to convert it to MOBI eBook format.


An Amazon Kindle device is a wireless internet device that can only be used in US and some countries where the services is offered. But it cannot be used in Nigeria here. But if you have an eBook in MOBI, you can still read it on your PC [Laptop or Desktop or Tablet] here in Nigeria. All you need to do is to download Amazon Kindle Previewer or Calibre or Adobe Digital Edition software and install it on your Window or Mac base devices, and you are ready to read it.

PDF book is the best eBook format for Nigeria market, because Window based Laptop, Tablets, Desktop Computers are common, and they all can read it. All you just need to do is to download Acrobat Reader, which is a free download, from Adobe.com and install it on your Computer or Tablets and you are ready to read any PDF document.


Conclusively, the kind of eBook you want for your eBook depends on your target audience or market.

Below are different markets and the eBook formats they support.

To sell on Amazon.com: MOBI

To sell on Shakespir.com, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

To sell on your website for international market: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

To sell on your website for Nigeria Market: PDF, EPUB


To be able to format your eBook and make it ready to be uploaded and publish on Amazon.com and Shakespir.com, you must go and learn how to format a Microsoft Word document to be Amazon.com or Shakespir.com publishing ready. And that is completely a new learning on its own. Just like you are first of all now learning “The 5 Stages of eBook Publishing”, so you will need to learn how to format a Microsoft Word document to be Amazon.com or Shakespir.com publishing ready.

This is where the real work is, and with all that, is not as difficult as it sound. The only problem is that, it is a total learning on its own. After I have learnt all I have taught you so far, I went ahead to learn how to format my eBook myself and make it ready for Amazon.com and Smashword.com ready. And Boy! I didn’t know it wasn’t a child play.

How I did it. I went to Shakespir.com to download a 117 pages “The Smarshwords Style GuidePDF document on how to format an eBook to be ready for eBook publishing. To read it alone is a hard work. But my IT background helped me so much, so nothing new to me, I understand it fast. Now after I have published 5 books on each of these 2 platforms, [Amazon.com and Shakespir.com]. I can tell you from experience that it is not as difficult as it first looks, as far as you keep their rules. And I did understand it like a child play.

I didn’t plan to write this eBook you are now reading; it was when I went to some Nigerian blogs and websites and some foreign forums and saw how desperately people want to know how to publish an eBook that I decided to write it. And I try to make it as small as I could, to tell people what it takes to publish and eBook, and the kind of knowledge they needed to acquire to be able to do that.

So in this eBook, I will not be able to go into the whole details of how to format your Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 or latter version book, to be Amazon.com KDP ready. The only thing I could do here is to give you sound foundation on which you can build your eBook publishing knowledge on.

To learn how to format your eBook and make it ready to be published on Amazon.com or Shakespir.com or on your own website, I recommend you do any of the following 3 things:

1. Go to Shakespir.com and download The Smarshwords Style Guide. This is a 117 pages PDF document that teaches the whole formatting stuff. Read it and learn it. Or go to Amazon.com and learn its eBook formatting guide.


2. I have written a simplified, highly illustrated, direct to point eBook, on How to format your Microsoft Word book document and make it ready to be published on Amazon.com and Shakespir.com. You can order for it and I will send it to your eMail box. My contact: [email protected]


3. You can outsource your eBook formatting job to a Professional to do it for you. There are many professional eBook formatters on the Internet and I think, in your area. If you need help, you can also count on me too. My contact is as given above.


Your book is now well formatted, ready to be uploaded to Amazon.com or Shakespir.com or Kobo to be published or to be sold directly on your own website. But one thing is still needed. You need to design a professional eBook cover for your eBook.

Don’t play with your eBook Cover. Your eBook Title and Cover is the first attraction grabber for your buyers. Make it professionally beautiful. Don’t just put something nasty and ugly up there. You are dealing with millions of people all over the world and standard counts.

Some eBook covers will be so annoying that, you will just think the writer or author is just playing and not ready for a serious business.

Design an award winning professional eBook cover for your eBook. If you are not professionally good enough to do that by yourself, outsource the job to professional to do it for you. Employ the service of a good professional Graphic Designer to help you out. Just look at this eBook you are reading now and some eBooks that I have published, see their eBook covers. They are all designed by professionals.


You can order for any one of these eBook from any of the major eBook retailers [Amazon.com, *Shakespir.com*, Barnesnandnoble.com or Kobo.com] or directly from me the author. My Contact: [email protected]

If your eBook cover cannot beat mine, let it be to their standard. If you also need help, you can count on me.

In a nutshell, let your eBook cover be professional and compelling enough.

p<>{color:#000;}. Your eBook cover must be in JPEG picture format.

p<>{color:#000;}. It must be up to 2,500 by 3,500 pixels.

Your Graphic Artist Designer will understand this.

If you have done this: You are 70% done to publishing your eBook on any website in the world.




You are now set to publish your eBook. All is set. You have written, proof read, edited, formatted, designed a professional eBook cover for your eBook, you now want to publish it, upload it into an eBook publishing website [like Amazon.com or Shakespir.com or Apple iBookstore] to begin to sell your eBook and earn royalty on sales or you want to sell it directly from your own website, and earn your 100% royalty.

How you publish your eBook depends on where you want to publish it.

Where do you want to publish your eBook?

p<>{color:#000;}. On Amazon.com

p<>{color:#000;}. On Shakespir.com

p<>{color:#000;}. On Kobo.com

p<>{color:#000;}. Apple iBookstore

p<>{color:#000;}. On your own website

Before we go into publishing procedure, you must know the following:

p<>{color:#000;}. All eBook Publishing Companies demands that you register with them first before you publish your eBook on their website.

To publish with Amazon.com, you must first of all register with Amazon.com KDP program. You can do that via. www.kdp.amazon.com

To publish on Shakespir.com. You must register with Smaswords.com


Every eBook you published on Shakespir.com, Shakespir will help you to distribute it to up to 15 other eBook retailers companies. So you don’t need to publish on Shakespir.com and Kobo.com and Apple iBookstore. Once you publish on Shakespir.com, the company will help you to distribute it to 15 other eBook retailers at no cost to you. And all sales from these outlets will be remitted back to Shakespir.com for you. That sounds good.


After you have registered with the eBook Publishing Company [on Amazon.com or Shakespir.com]. You will then be taking to Author platform where you can now upload your well formatted Microsoft Word book document and professionally designed eBook Cover, to the eBook publishing company server, where an instant online eBook Conversion of your uploaded book document will be done.

Here too, on this publishing website, you set your eBook price and provide some other relevant information about your eBook. This is simple enough to understand.

Wait for some few minutes: 5 – 15 minutes at most, all things being equal, your eBook generated version will be up and ready for sales on the eBook publishing website where you are publishing your eBook from. [Amazon.com or Shakespir.com].

If error occurs during conversion process, you will be notified and you will be told what to do to correct it. I can tell you from experience, that if you have followed the Formatting Style Guide keenly, you can get it right at first attempt. I got it right at my first attempt on Amazon.com and Shakespir.com.

I also encountered trouble at the second time, because I broke Shakespir.com Formatting Guide rules. So my uploaded eBook failed both EPUB and MOBI test. And I was told what I did wrong, which is correct.

Do you know the meaning of this? I have to go back and reformatted the whole eBook all over again from the beginning to the end, following the Formatting Guide rules 100%, and then re-upload it. Guess what? It was 100% successful without error.


To publish on Amazon.com, you must read through Amazon.com publishing contract Terms and Conditions first. Royalty percentage and payment method and some other issues must be settled first.

The same thing applies to any eBook publishing company.

You only need to do 1 or 2 publishing and you don’t need to look at book again before you publish your eBook. The steps are simple enough to understand.

When your eBook is published, it is ready for sale. You can publish as many eBooks as you want. Just follow the same steps and procedures all over again.


In publishing an eBook, you set your eBook price yourself.

If your eBook price falls between $2.99 – $9.99, you will receive 70% Royalty in Amazon.com and Shakespir.com. Anything outside that eBook price range, you will receive 35% Royalty. There are some eBook publishing companies that give as much as 80% royalty.

Also, you don’t pay to publish on Amazon.com and Shakespir.com website. Some eBook publishing companies may demand you to pay for registration, but Amazon.com and Shakespir.com don’t do that. You only pay royalty commission to them on every sale your book made.

Also you must first of all upload your eBook to their website to sell for you before you are paid Royalty when sold or before they remove their commission when sold.

To learn a complete process or procedure on how to publish on Amazon.com or Shakespir.com, you can log on to any of these companies website to learn more about their publishing procedures.

You could also get a book dedicated for that purpose alone.



After you have published your eBook on Amazon.com or Shakespir.com or on your own website, you could be lucky people will start buying it within 24 hours. You may also need to wait for 1 week before a single copy is sold. It could also take 3 months before 10 copies are sold.

So after you have published your eBook, you must put in place a mechanism of how to market your eBook. EBook business is not a fast money business. Of a truth is a good source of cash when it begins to sell. You need to market your eBook. All eBook publishers will market their site, but know that there are more than 1 million books on Amazon.com and more than 350,000 titles on Shakespir.com. So these companies market their website and not an individual book. Well, if your eBook turn out to be a Bestseller, you can find it on any of these eBook publishing company home page or Book Promo programme.

For an eBook to sell well, luck and share hard work is the secret.

How to market your eBook is a separate topic on its own. You need to learn it and put it into practice.

It takes some authors 3-6 months before they begin to sell a single eBook. But the good news is that, luck could just beckon on your side one day, and it begins to sell. And when it begins to sell, it is a fine source of income. But please don’t expect big money fast. Some authors take more than 2 – 4 years to breakthrough.

Don’t listen to all the lies people are telling that in 1 month, your eBook would have fetched you $30,000. It can, but not always. You need to establish a market audience before you be thus lucky.


You can do it on your own or other people’s:

p<>{color:#000;}. Blogs

p<>{color:#000;}. Social Media [Facebook, Twitter, Linkln, ]

p<>{color:#000;}. Bulk SMS

p<>{color:#000;}. Email Marketing

p<>{color:#000;}. Websites

You can research more on this stuff.

You can also do what is now becoming popular: Paid Advert.

Some eBook publishers can help you do a Paid Advert. You pay to get your eBook on the publisher Home Page for a period of time. This is good when you get more download than you have paid for. But in all, like any other business, eBook publishing needs patient on your side. May be 6 months – 1 year patience before profit begins to pop up.

This book is not to teach you how to market your eBook, it is just to tell you, you need to do that, if you want to sell your eBook and make money. Go and learn eBook marketing strategies or secrets.




You get royalty any time your eBook is purchased on any eBook publishing website or websites where your eBook is published and being sold.

Like I said before, Amazon.com and Shakespir.com pay you 70% Royalty on your eBook when sold on their website if your eBook price falls between $2.99 – $9.99 and 35% royalty, anything outside that price range.

You may need to look properly into the Royalty Terms and Conditions and payment method of the eBook publishing company you want to publish your eBook with, before you do that.

Also, you need to put TAX issue into consideration. For example, if you are not from US, and your country does not have a TAX Treaty with US Government, you would have to pay a 30% TAX of your earned 70% royalty, to US Government. US Government doesn’t joke with TAX issue, so US companies are conscious of this. But if you are in US or your country has a TAX Treaty with US, you will get your actual 70% royalty intact. Because, it is believed that, you will pay a Personal Income TAX in your country.

Imagine you just published your eBook a week ago on Amazon.com, at $7.00 price tag and within a week, 100 copies have being sold.


Your royalty will be calculated like this:

= 100 × 7 = 700

= 700 x 0.7 = 490 [70% Royalty]

= 490 x 0.3 = 147 [30% TAX on your Royalty]

= 490 – 147 = 343

So your actual Royalty after TAX is $343.

When I look at the above calculation very well, I said, it is better to tell NONE US Author whose country has no TAX Treaty with US Government, who want to publish on Amazon.com or Shakespir.com or any US eBook publishing company, that his or her royalty is actually 49%. Because (343/700) × 100 is 49.


Your royalty will be calculated like this:

= 100 × 7 = 700

= 700 x 0.7 = 490 [70% Royalty]

So your Royalty will be $490.


AMAZON.COM will send you US Bank Check of your royalty every quarter. Once in 90 days. If you are an International author, your US Bank Check will be sent to you via Courier service and it is cashable in Nigeria here. But before you get a royalty check; your book must have sold up to $100 cumulatively

Shakespir.COM sends Bank Check to only US authors once in 90 days. But pays International authors via PayPal. But before you get a royalty check; your book must have sold up to $100 cumulatively or $10 for PayPal international authors.

ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE: You can sell your eBook on your own website, blog or social media straight to buyers. But you must device mode of payment. And that too will depend of your target audience. If you want to sell to global audience, then you must look for International Payment Gateway method. Like MasterCard, Visa Card, and PayPal. All these payment platforms required you employ a professional eCommerce Website Developer to help you to design an eCommerce website that can process International payment system. And also be ready to handle the order and delivery process. And be honest enough to keep to the Terms and Conditions with your clients. I do say that every business transaction on the internet is built on trust.



This book will be incomplete if I didn’t talk about this outsourcing thing. It is only here in Nigeria where people do the whole process of production single handedly. Imagine it is only 1 single person that would build a 2 Bedroom Flat House, roof it, wire it, paint it, and manufacture all the furniture in it. It will be too tedious on him or her.

Ebook publishing is not different. I wouldn’t like to praise myself, but despite as knowledgeable as I am in this IT stuff, I still outsource many of my IT works to specialized professionals in that field. I may even know how to do what I want you to do for me, but you can do it better than me. And I don’t want the entire work load to be on me.

What I am saying here is that, it is not wrong to outsource some of your eBook publishing works to some trusted and honest professionals.

After you have written your eBook, let Editor do the editing for you. After the Editor has finished his or her work, if you can’t do the eBook formatting yourself, outsources it, professional eBook formatter will do this for you within 5 working days. You don’t need to be a Graphic Designer to design every of your eBook cover, outsource it to professionals. With little bucks [money], professionals will help you out. Let professional at each stage do their work. I am not saying what you can do; you should outsource it, but time and quality matter in this stuff.

With the Internet global village platform, sometimes I employ professional from US or India to do some of my project work for me. I also use Nigerian professionals to do some of my works for me.

Learn how to outsource some of your eBook project works to professionals in that field that will free you to do more things that you are an expert in doing.



Don’t expect yourself to do meaningful and profitable eBook project without spending money. I notice something in people; we want to make money without spending any money to make the said money. It doesn’t work that way. You are expecting yourself to write an eBook that will sell for $9.9 per copy and at least sold 1,000 copies to people. So you want to make $7,000 after Tax without spending a dollar. It doesn’t work like that.

The smallest professional eBook project will cost you at least $300 – $500 to produce. Some even cost more depending on the type of eBook you want to produce. And I think that is okay and reasonable.

This eBook you are reading now, that I made free; despite that I am an IT Professional, I still spent money to produce it, else it won’t be as professional as you are seeing it now. Of a truth, I wrote everything in it 100%, from my eBook publishing experience and knowledge, and with the heart to help others to understand the subject matter, but I cannot do all the work alone.

Look for companies, professionals that can help you to handle some of your eBook project stages. Do you even know that nowadays, you can pay people to help you write on a topic? We call them Freelance Writers.

You want to make money? You must be ready to spend money.

An American Entrepreneur said something I love so much, he said:

If you pay a Peanut, you hire a Monkey.”

If you want a great work, be ready to pay great price. Nobody will be ready to give his or her best for a Peanut. Gold is highly priced, because it is a treasure. If you want your work to be a treasure, make it Gold.


These are the 5 stages of “What It Takes To Publish an eBook.”

You now have a wide view and in depth knowledge of what the whole process is all about. You now know where to focus your learning on. That is exactly what I promise you that I will teach you: “What It Takes To Publish An eBook And The 5 Stages Of eBook Publishing.” And I have done that.

Now you can go ahead and research more on each of these stages and become a professional eBook author and publisher and Bestseller.

I do hope this eBook has being an eye opener to you on what it takes to publish an eBook.



If you want a complete package of how to do it yourself: “EBOOK FORMATTING AND PUBLISHING, HOW TO FORMAT YOUR EBOOK AND UPLOAD IT TO AMAZON.COM BY YOURSELF.” below is one my straight to the point eBook title that will teach you how to do that.


You can order for this book from any of the major eBook retailers or directly from me the author. My Contact: [email protected]

AMAZON.COM: [+ Click here to BUY it+].

Shakespir.COM: Click here to BUY it.

p<>{color:#000;}. Should you also need a Professional Outsourcing Services in any areas of your eBook publishing work, [Like Formatting your Microsoft Word document to be Amazon.com ready, eBook Cover Design, Creating Clickable Table of Content, Editing or Vetting your eBook] you can contact me and I will happily do that for you or recommend trusted and reliable professionals to you.


If you are also interested in a customized One-On-One Training Program or Mentoring Program, on how to self-publish your eBook, you can get in contact with me and it can be done for you. It doesn’t matter where you are in Nigeria or in the World, as far as there is Telephone and Internet connection there, and you speak English Language, the Training Program or Mentoring Program can hold.




[email protected]



I have also self-published some eBooks that is available on most of the eBook retail websites; [Amazon.com, Shakespir.com, Kobo.com, Barnesandnoble.com] you can place an order for any one of them on these retail websites or order for them directly from me, and I will send them to your eMail box for you. My Contact: [email protected]


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AMAZON.COM: [+ Click here to BUY it+].

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BARNESANDNOBLE.COM: [+ Click here to BUY it+].


Thank you for taking your time to read this eBook to learn from my personal eBook publishing experience and to know what it takes to publish a professional eBook.

Once more, thanks for your audience. I do love to hear from you.

Have a blessed day.




[email protected]

EBook Publishing: What It Takes To Publish An eBook. [THE 5 STAGES OF EBOOK PUBL

The single goal of this eBook is to tell you what it takes to publish an eBook and the 5 stages of eBook Publishing. This knowledge is to help you to be able to Self-Published your eBook by yourself. I am a Self-Published author, so you can be a Self-Published author too. The book is divided into 5 sections. Each section is to teach you each of the 5 stages of eBook Publishing. In a nutshell, the eBook is to teach you what it takes to be a Self-Published author. This book is FREE, so you don’t need to spend money to get it. Yet, the knowledge you will get from it will worth more a thousand dollar to you. Have a good reading.

  • ISBN: 9781311434722
  • Author: Olu Dennis
  • Published: 2016-02-24 13:40:11
  • Words: 7619
EBook Publishing: What It Takes To Publish An eBook. [THE 5 STAGES OF EBOOK PUBL EBook Publishing: What It Takes To Publish An eBook. [THE 5 STAGES OF EBOOK PUBL