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Ducati Brando: Vigilante For Hire.

Ducati Brando.

The only person in the history of the Navy Seals to be kicked out of that elite fighting group for being too rough. He’s committed to being unforgiving, relentless and the one person he trusts besides himself: his Native American Girlfriend, Tamaya.

Her long dark hair, statuesque body, captivating eyes and quiet demeanor hide a wickedness that is unleashed when she and Ducati punish those that dare too challenge them.

Ducati and Tamaya are the new norm for being vigilantes that hunt down the evil, twisted demons of society.

Their rewards are cash and knowing they’ve performed a necessary deed that police officers are unable to do despite their own personal desires due to the multitude of legal snares that limit them.

Ducati and Tamaya live by the three G’s:



Getting even.

They are hired by men and women who’ve been tormented by criminals. Ducati and Tamaya move across the country on their motorcycle, town to town, doling out the revenge that they are hired to do.

They deal with the slickest, craziest, and disgusting perpretators that have escaped and abused the legal system while leaving those they’ve harmed suffering in emotional and sometimes, physical pain.

So, with that being said, the question remains:

Are you capable of dealing with dangerous people?

If so, then jump in, and hang on tight and take a ride with Ducati Brando and Tamaya.

Von Kambro


Nothing in this book is based on true events, situations or people. It’s Completely fictional.

This is isn’t a tale of seduction and happy ending.

It’s Ducati Brando and his dedication to destroying the vermin that crawls within our society. The criminals he hunts down would be poisoned, trapped or otherwise disposed of if they were rats, or insects. His clients reward him with large sums of money for taking care of the things they want to do, but can’t, but don’t have the ability.

He’s a modern day vigilante. He’s got the guts and doesn’t give a damn about the glory. The law is on his side, and Tamaya has got his back.

Ducati Brando is a man that stands six foot three. His skeleton is hard as steel. He’s lean, but his strength is very apparent in his muscular arms. His face is rugged, half shaven. His steel blue eyes are almost always covered by sunglasses. His dark wavy hair hangs down to his shoulders in longs curly strands. He never smiles- Never.

Ducat Brando never says more than five words when speaking – Never.

Ducati’s actions are his words – Always.

The Navy Seals had to release him due to his relentless, aggressive behavior. He followed orders, and then some. Some say he doesn’t sleep, but he does, once he accomplishes his goal.

Ducati Brando isn’t alone on his quest to seek and destroy, or should we say?: “dispose of” the lowest of the low in our society: The evil that commits crime without regard to the damage they not only inflict onto their victims, but to those that must contend with the feelings of loss, anger and the feeling that the law was abused by the person that committed the crime.

Ducati brings his beautiful Native American girlfriend along with him everywhere. She’s his match, but with a feminine touch that she sometimes uses to attract those they seek and destroy. Once Tamaya releases her wide, beautiful smile it’s an indication that she’s ready to unleash her years of training in the martial arts. She doesn’t carry a gun, but her pink handled razor sharp knife has skinned its share of men and women that mistake her smile for friendship.

Tamaya. A tall, attractive Native American woman that is Ducati’s equal and partner. Her face is flawless. High cheek bones, and perfectly toned skin that highlights her piercing, dark eyes. Her free flowing long, straight, raven black hair reaches all the way down her back. She’s almost as tall as Ducati and just as dangerous, and when she smiles, that’s the cue she’s ready to unleash her own brand of punishment onto unsuspecting the perps that easily believe she’s flirting with them.

Enter the perp.

Jeffery Landow is the worst kind of criminal. In fact, when his type go to prison, they end up in a beaten, bruised, and often bloody pulp shortly before their death. The crime he committed is horrendous and the parents of his innocent young victim have always sought revenge despite their outward appearance of forgiving Mr.Landow for his hideous crime.

Mr. Landow was sent to prison but was released due to a very adept lawyer that found an error from the prosecution that allowed him to escape legally into the streets as well as a reward for convicting him illegally without regard to his legally prescribed mental condition that wasn’t revealed until after the trial by his weasel of an attorney. A slap in the face to the justice system, but proves that lawyers are indeed trained (and paid) to find cracks in the legal system in which some criminals are able to slither through and find their way back to the hole they came out of.

Once released from jail, it was only a few days before Jeffrey committed another crime against the most innocent of our society: a child.

The child was tortured before it’s body was dumped alongside a rural road. The parents, Jonathan and Karen Baner were of course grief stricken, and in shock after the discovery that a neighbor’s son committed the crime. They wanted nothing more than to hold to try and move on with their life, and always said they had forgiven Mr. Landow for what he had done, but deep inside themselves was a swelling blister of revenge, especially after the verdict of a mistrial was making the news night after night. They decided to stop talking to the media in order to prevent the prying and antagonistic questioning that made them feel even worse, but with ratings to get and an eager audience watching, the journalist of today must go with what the producer suggests to achieve the satisfaction of the unseen consumer that sits bug eyed, and glued to their television’s screen.

Ducati and Tamaya ramble past Jeffrey Landow as he stands on a corner as he takes a large bite out of an overstacked cheeseburger that releases some mustard onto his chin. He wipes it from his face with his forearm as he watches Ducati and Tamaya pass by. Tamaya glances back at him as Jeffrey shakes his head back and forth while mumbling a self righteous, cocky sentence directed at them. Tamaya taps Ducati on his shoulder and he abruptly turns around and speeds up as he aims for Jeffrey Landow.

Jeffrey continues munching on his cheeseburger as Ducati approaches and stops his rear tire just as it kisses feet. The force was gentle, but enough to throw Jeffrey off balance. Jeffrey’s cheeseburger flies out of his hand, as he stumbles backward and lands on his butt.

Jeffrey: “Ass-hole!”

Ducati revs his motorcycle and lets his rear tire spin until it begins to smoke and then releases the clutch as he speeds away while his motorcycle spits out the cigarette butts, rocks and other debris that often collects near along city streets. Jeffrey tries to shield his face as he’s pelted with the bits and pieces of trash that was chewed up and fired at him.

As Ducati and Tamaya disappear from hi sight, Jeffrey stands up, weak kneed and wobbily, he slowly steps into the street, trying to get a glimpse of the man and woman that came and went so fast, it’s as if he were in a dream.

A car’s horn languishes in the air: HOOOOOONNNNNNNK

Jeffrey looks to his left just as his hip is brushed by the passing vehicle. He speedily jogs in reverse and stands on the sidewalk as he looks in the direction of the passing car.

Jeffrey: “Two A-holes in two minutes.”

Jeffrey reaches behind himself and slowly moves his hand down over his butt. He gently clutches a small, brown clump and groans. He closes his eyes as he prepares himself for what he has in his hands as he brings his clenched hand to his frontside and slowly opens his fingers one by one as a a warm, heavy liquid oozes down his wrist.

Jeffrey: “I shit my pants.”

He slowly opens his eyes and instantly has confirmation of what the chunky mess is:

His cheeseburger.

A brown, gooey, yellow red clump in the palm of his hand. It gives the impression to passers-by that he has soiled himself and he’s inspecting it. Jeffrey picks at the chunky, greasy remains of his lunch, he waddles down the street and heads back to his place of residence in a local homeless shelter.

Ducati and Tamaya are at the Jenkins residence and listen to the sordid details of their horrific loss. Mrs. and Mr. Jenkins explain that they’re aware of Landow’s presence in the area, but are unsure of his exact location. Unfortunatley, they have seen him as he meanders the streets as a free man without any apparent guilt or shame for his hideous act.

Mr. Jenkins: “He’s around. It makes us sick.”

Mrs. Jenkins: “A mother’s pain should be felt by the person that created it.”

Ducati glances at Tamaya before he speaks to Mrs. Jenkins.

Ducati: “He’ll feel pain. Trust me.”

Ducati walks back to his motorcycle and starts it as Tamaya climbs on back and places her hands on his hips. She leans in close and whispers in Ducati’s ear before kissing it.

Tamaya: “It’s a good day to be in hell, isn’t it?”

Ducati slowly nods his head up and down one time and slowly accelerates away from the Jenkins. Tamaya glances back and sees Mrs. And Mr. Jenkins embrace as they watch Ducati and Tamaya leave to right the wrongful death of their child.

Mr. Jenkins: “Mr. Landow, your wish has come true. Your death wish.”

Mrs. Jenkins shakes her head up and down in silent agreement.

Ducati Brando: Vigilante For Hire.

Ducati Brando works on the right side of the law. Even-though Ducati was kicked out of the Navy Seals for being too rough, he has found acceptance and gratitude from those that hire him that have been subjected to personal loss at the hands of guiltless low-life that take advantage of the legal system to walk free and re-enter the streets looking for their next victim. Ducati is hired to seek and destroy the lowest criminals of society. He's relentless, and is equally unforgiving as those that he pursues. Ducati isn't alone in his exploits, he accompanied by Tamaya. Her Native American heritage is evident with her long dark hair, statuesque body, captivating eyes and quiet demeanor, but inside is a wickedness that's unleashed when she and Ducati punish those that dare to challenge them.

  • Author: Von Kambro
  • Published: 2016-05-27 02:50:07
  • Words: 1689
Ducati Brando: Vigilante For Hire. Ducati Brando: Vigilante For Hire.