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Drawn To Life

Drawn To Life

  • Drawn To Life
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Drawn To Life

Ralph’s Story

By IronGut

Text copyright 2017 Brian McMiller

All Rights Reserved

Notes From the Author:

Hello everyone! Thank you for downloading and reading this short story of mine! It has been a little while since my last book, but that’s what happens when you become a first time home-owner, that kinda takes over your life for a while XD. Anyways, this is a side story to go along with Patches of Gray, in the same canon, all about the events that lead up to the formation of the, well, I won’t spoil anything for you. That said, you don’t need to have read Patches of Gray in order for this book to make sense, and vice-versa. So enjoy the story! And if you like what you read here, give Patches of Gray a read through as well! I think you’d definitely enjoy it! And on to the story!

[_ Chapter 1: On The Loose_]

Unit 1-09 be advised, we have reports of an unregistered macro in the vicinity of Battery Park, subject is reported to be an orange dinosaur with three stripes on it’s back. Witnesses report the subject as inquiring about the Museum of Natural History…”. “Copy dispatch.”. The police blotter called out into the mostly empty office where a thick rhinoceros sat in his chair, calculating estimates of labor and time on his notepad before his ears perked up at what he heard.

“Wait a sec…”. The deep voice of the rhino let out as he hunched forwards in his seat from his previously reclining position. He reached forward and turned the dial of the old analog radio to increase the volume as he listened intently, quickly pulling a binder from the shelf and scanning through it. “Natural history… natural history….”. He muttered to himself as he quickly flipped through pages, stopping finally on one as his eyes shot open. “… REX!…”. He yelled out as he jumped from his seat. “BEN! WE GOT ONE!”. He exclaimed out as he stuck his fist into the air sharply, his thumb protruding out away from him, and within the blink of an eye a bright yellow taxi zoomed in before him, screeching to a halt at his feet, right in the middle of the studio. “Ey Frankie! You call a cab? What we got?!”. The cab car exclaimed as it turned it’s headlights and bumper towards the tall, thick rhino, them all making a face that those who followed Disney would find very familiar. “Rex! From We’re Back! He’s in the city, let’s go get him!” Frank summed up, to which the cab yelled back as he turned to face the nearby big screen TV, and his tires screeched as he full speed floored it for the screen. “Alright then! Hang onnn!”. he yelled as he dove into the screen, disappearing through it like it were a stage curtain with his rhinoceros passenger.


“Excuse me down there! Do you know where the museum of Natural History is?”. The big dino bent down to ask an old lady fox, her shrieking in reply as she smacked him on the nose with her purse in fear, which sent him flying high into the air, before beginning to fall towards earth again, right above a group of kids playing on the nearby sidewalk. It was just as they looked up to see their impending orange doom that out of nowhere a taxi cab launched high into the air and bounced into the dino, knocking him away to land in the open street where the cab managed to land too. The huge thud from the combined landing of the dino and car bounced everyone into the air like a small earthquake.

“Oooooh, owwww… gosh that wasn’t very nice! Or ladylike…”. The dino rubbed his nose as he spoke and sat on his butt, blissfully ignorant as the door to the cab swung open in front of him, and from inside the rhino shouted. “HEY! Big guy! I know where the museum is!”. The dino took notice and replied slowly “The museum of natura-”. “Yeah yeah the museum of natural history! Come on and follow me, quick! We gotta get you out of sight before anyone else sees us!”. Frank yelled back out with urgency, cutting off the Dino’s slow and smooth talking to try and rush him. “Well nobody knows me tho-” “Just shut up and follow us ya big dummy!”. Frank cut him off again, slamming the door shut as Rex got up to his big feet, and suddenly the cab was taking off, and the dino struggled to chase after it.

A few blocks passed and a few turns later, Frank and Benny saw a good enough spot to pause for a moment, and turned fast into a deserted alleyway juuuust big enough for the dino to fit into, and he parked and got out of the cab. The dino began, “This isn’t the museu-”. “I know it’s not.”. Frank cut him off again, the dino not seeming to understand the need to hurry up yet as he still spoke calm and slow, where the rhino was doing his best to relay information fast while thinking what to do next. “I had to stop here for a bit to talk to you. Listen, you’re not who you think you are, well, OK you ARE but you don’t know WHAT you are yet, and we gotta get you hidden before too many people see you.”. Rex scratched his head with a claw digit as he replied, “But… I’m a dinosaur… right? How can I not be?”. Frank replied again with a bit of frustration, “Ughhhh… look, I’ll explain that later Rex, right now we gotta figure out a fast way to get you to the stu-, I mean to the museum. The sewer maybe? Oh wait, but you can’t swim… AH! THE SUBWAY!”. He burst out.

“The subway? But won’t I not fi-, wait… how do you know I can’t swim? And how did you know my name without my medal on?…”. Rex replied in a tone of confusion. “Sorry Rex, I promise I’ll explain everything soon, we gotta get to the subway first! Follow me! The next entrance is 2 blocks down!’. The rhino replied as he dashed under Rex’s legs, the already confused dino suddenly even more confused when the cab door suddenly shut itself and the cab drove out of the alley all on it’s own! He managed to get a hold of himself enough to back out of the alley and watch the rhinoceros waving for him to follow again towards the subway entrance. The big dino quickly made it over there with just a few stomps, and poked his head down the entrance as Frank waited and watched for onlookers. Rex, seeing that it was empty, squeezed himself through the stairwell as best he could while Frank shoved his big ass down from behind, managing to pop him in after just a moment. Crouching down on the thankfully deserted platform in the less crowded part of uptown Manhattan, Rex and the rhino waited, and soon enough a train pulled into the station.

“Alright, squeeze in Rex! Come on!”. Frank waved him in after jumping in himself, the dino, who barely fit in the station, had a bead of sweat drip down as he chuckled nervously then bent down even more and tried to shove himself inside through the tiny train door. It was to no avail this time though, the doors were simply too small for a full sized dinosaur like himself.

"HRRRRGGHHH!". He gritted his teeth and grunted right in the rhino's face, his arms inside struggling to pull his fat ass through before Frank grabbed hold of him and tugged back in a fit of grunting before finally calling for reinforcements with a thumb in the air. Suddenly Rex felt someone or something shoving against his backside hard, screeching tire sounds accompanying the forceful push. "RGHHH I- I think I'm just too biggg!". Rex blurted through squeezed shut eyes and a grimace of effort. "RRGHHH, OK, Rex, I know this isn't gonna make sense to you, but just trust me. Imagine yourself shrinking down in size, visualize it in your head and don't open your eyes!". Frank instructed, and Rex tilted his head in confusion as he replied "But why would tha-" "Just do it!". Frank tugged hard on the Dino's head as he watched Rex close his eyes and imagine, and then suddenly POP! In he went, the doors sealing shut behind the smaller-than-before dino and off the train went.

“How… how did that work?”. Rex asked, puzzled. A new voice suddenly came in from the seat beside him, “Cause whatever you imagine becomes real!”. The Brooklyn accented and raspy high pitched voice of the cab came in, and Rex turned his head to see the semi-anthropomorphic taxi cab sitting in the seat. “Hiya! I’m Benny, and I’m like you!”. “What does he mean, like me?”. Rex asked dumbfoundedly.

[_ Chapter 2: Exotic Nature_]

“Rex…”. Frank began, the trio in the last car of the train and thus well and alone there. “You’re a dinosaur, yes. But you’re a special kind of dinosaur. You’re a cartoon, Rex. A cartoon is something that people here in the real world watch on TV that someone else has imagined and drawn on paper in a way that makes them seem to move. Sometimes people from these cartoons though can come to life, like you did. Am I making sense?”. A long pause followed. “Nnnnnnnope…”. Rex shook his head, and Frank’s face-palm smack could be heard probably on the other end of the train.

“Well…” Frank started again “A cartoon character like you, has an original show, or movie in your case, and you came from it. Your body isn’t like normal bodies, you aren’t as subject to the laws of physics as the rest of us. When I told you to imagine yourself smaller, you actually GOT smaller. Here, let me show you…”. He reached out his hand and took the Dino’s claw, and with his other hand he pulled a pencil from his pocket. Uncapping it’s safely covered end, he pressed it’s eraser end to the first claw digit, and erased it from existence. He held the dinos claw tight to keep him from panicking, well, as best as that could be done anyways “AHH!! WHAT?! MY CLAW! IT’S GONE! AHHHH!!!!!!!” the dino cried out as his legs panickingly kicked all on their own, accidentally knocking the cab into the pole on the far end of the train car. Frank luckily had a good strong grip, and managed to hold tight to the dino’s arm as he cut him off “HEY! LOOK AT ME REX! It’s ok! Calm down, Watch.” he directed their gazes back to his partially amputated claw, then, quickly flipping the pencil over in his free hand to it’s drawing end, and drawing the outline of the claw he’d erased back onto the toon. Rex watched in disbelief as the color from his whole parts bled into the outline, filling it up to be whole again, after which the dino spent the next minute or so flipping his claw over in front of his face, checking it back and front, curling and uncurling his claws to see if they still worked, which of course they did.

He finally spoke again after a big sigh of relief and a slumping down, “And… you can do that too, but you can’t?” He looked to the cab, then to Frank, to which Frank responded by trying to erase his own fingers in front of the dino, and then Benny, having driven himself back over from the far end, lifted up a fender for Frank to erase and redraw. “Yup, he can, and nope I can’t.” Frank quickly confirmed. “I’m… different?” Rex pondered aloud, the rhino replying simply, “Yep.”. And another long pause. “YAY!!! IM SPECIAL!” Was followed by the dinotoon stomping happily his big thunderous legs, shaking the train and damn near derailing it, much to Ben’s amusement, who calmed him down with a wheel on his shoulder. “Heheh, yah you are! Now calm down before ya throw us off the tracks!”. “Oh, right! Sorry ^^;”. Rex chuckled and stopped stomping.

Frank began talking to the dino about what toons could do and such, though it wasn’t quite getting through to Rex at the moment. Talk about newly drawn on ink being able to be washed off, while your natural ink remains intact, unless it’s rased by erasers, seemed to just go over his head every time either of the two tried to explain it. Getting the message about “biology” sent to the dino went equally as fruitful, which was to say not at all. He did understand the part about getting new things drawn on him though, that part was easy cause, well, they could just do it and show him! First with a third claw, then a set of muscular, longer arms, which the toon immediately used to scratch a forever itchy spot on his big back, letting out a big sigh of relief at finally being able to have reached it. A few more experiments followed, not too many though as Frank cut him off to get to the most important part.

“Alright good. Heh. So there’s a thing about toons, they, kinda have to stay a secret I’m afraid…”. Frank began, a bit dismayed, Rex replying as they passed through another station “Why?…” to which Frank gestured to the cartoon cab “Show him why Ben.”. The cab nodded and stood up on his wheels, and then suddenly spun in a 360, and when he stopped again, he was in full Rambo gear, guns all over himself, knives, explosives, and all sorts of deadly weapons that could have annihilated an army at will. Rex stammered backwards suddenly in shock and intimidation, Frank quickly holding him from being too afraid with a pat on his thigh, before turning his attention back to Ben. Frank got up and pulled out a pocketknife from his pocket, and in a motion tried to stab the Rambo toon, the knife simply bouncing off however, leaving him without even the slightest scratch. The rhino put it back away and nodded for Ben to change back to normal, the cab quickly shoving all the gear out of sight behind him back into the nothingness it’d come from. “That’s why Rex… Unfortunately, while it’s a miracle and wonderful you guys can exist, you guys are also invincible unstoppable death machines if you wanted to be, except for your one kryptonite being drawing supplies.”. He sighed out in dismay, wishing somehow the toons could be free to roam in the open and be who they were meant to be. “B-but I don’t wanna hurt anyone.” Rex blinked before hearing Frank sigh again. “Sadly Rex it’s not about that, I know you wanna just make people happy, but if the wrong person figured out how to trick you guys or worse figure out how you guys work, that’s the end I’m afraid.” He continued on after a moment, “So the toons and the animators and studios have an arrangement where you guys stay secret, and stay at either your animators homes, or the animation studios, that way no REAL bad guys even know you are here.”. “..I don’t have any other options?” Rex asked simply as they sped through another station, only a few stops away now from their destination. “Don’t worry though Rex! The studios are really like resorts for you guys, trust me! You’re gonna be fine.”. Frank reassured with a gentle palm rub over the Dino’s big nose. “I, hope so…”. He muttered, as the train pulled into the stop just before the studio’s nearby station.


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Drawn To Life

Cartoons! They're more than just ink you know! Some of them, might just very well be alive... But then that begs the question, where are they? What about the villains? And what happens when one of them decides to change everything?... Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out my 4th book! It has been a little while since my last one, but that's what happens when you become a first time home-owner, that kinda takes over your life for a while XD. Anyways, this is a side story to go along with Patches of Gray, in the same canon, all about the events that lead up to the formation of the, well, I won't spoil anything for you. That said, you don't need to have read Patches of Gray in order for this book to make sense, and vice-versa. So enjoy the story! And if you like what you read here, give Patches of Gray a read through as well! I think you'd definitely enjoy it! And on to the story!

  • Author: Brian McMiller
  • Published: 2017-09-07 11:20:10
  • Words: 13725
Drawn To Life Drawn To Life