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Don't Do It


Don’t Do It


Copyright 2017 Chloe Mason

Published by Chloe Mason at Shakespir




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I rang the doorbell of my best friend Katy Lawson’s house. It was about ten seconds before she opened it, and when she did, I pulled her into a massive hug. I had my El Paso Tigers cinch-bag on my back, and in my left hand a gift bag with Katy’s birthday present inside.

“Happy birthday, Katy,” I said to her as I handed her the gift bag. Just then, one of my other best friends, Jessa Regan, walked into the room. I rushed over to give her a hug, too. I hadn’t seen either of them since we had graduated from El Paso High School in El Paso, Texas. As I was about to say something to Jessa the doorbell rang again. It was the last of our group, Hanah Smith. When Katy opened the door to reveal Hanah, I sprinted to the door to hug her.

“KAILEY!” screamed Hanah.

“HANAH!” I screamed back. I gave her the biggest hug I had given any of them. Now we could finally begin the party.

“My parents went to visit my grandparents up in Lubbock,” Katy said. “So we have the entire house to ourselves.” She smiled menacingly. Katy had no little brothers or sisters. Lucky her. I have one little sister, and she’s annoying as heck. Claire is twelve and a complete brat.

“Ooh, yay!” said Jessa. We followed Katy up the stairs and into her room. Hanah closed the door behind her. Out of all of us, Hanah and Katy were the only single ones. I had a boyfriend, David, but lately he’d been getting into drugs and alcohol, and I’d heard from my other friends that he’d done some things with a couple of popular girls from high school, Ashley Martinez and Elisa Guzman. I hadn’t broken up with him yet, but my friends and I all knew that it was coming. I should just call him tonight and do it that way, I thought to myself.

“Hey! Earth to Kailey!” Katy snapped at me.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about David,” I replied anxiously. “I think I should break up with him…tonight.” Katy, Hanah, and Jessa were all silent with shock. Jessa had a boyfriend of her own, Victor. They had been happily dating since the seventh grade.

“Why, Kailey? I mean obviously you’ve heard things, but those could all be rumors…” said Jessa.

“Yeah, and you guys have been together for two years!” Hanah added. This was true; David and I had gone to both Junior and Senior Prom together. If I broke up with him, I’d be throwing away not only the memories but two very important parts of my high school years. But I knew what I had to do. I reached for my back pocket and pulled out my phone. I pressed the home button to check the time. Nine-thirteen PM. I decided that at ten I would call David and break up with him. I should probably also delete his contact information. I didn’t know where he was tonight, but hopefully he would pick up.

“So?” Katy asked, as if she were waiting for me to answer a question. I looked around the room, attempting to stall.

“Sooo…” I began. “So I’m going to call him at ten and do it. Im going to break up with David Rogers.”


“Are you sure you want this?” Hanah stared at me with one eyebrow raised. I paused for a moment before I spoke. Did I? Did I really believe that I was no longer in love with David? He was a nice guy and all, but he wasn’t a very good quality man. I took a deep breath and followed it up with a sigh.

“Yes. I do want this. I know it’s a choice that will affect my life, but I believe it to be positive.” I finally replied.

“Okay,” Katy began. “Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

I checked the time on my phone again. Nine-fifty-nine PM. It was time to call David. I went into the other room and Katy followed. She was going to stay with me while I talked to David. I had been practicing for the past forty-five minutes what I was going to say, and nothing was going to stop me now. I unlocked my phone and clicked the “contacts” button. I scrolled down to “D” and then “David <3” I sighed as I remembered the day that I typed that little heart symbol in next to his name in my contacts. That had been the day that he had asked me to Junior Prom, and the day we started dating. I selected his contact and stopped. I took a deep breath and went over what I had practiced in my head. After a few run-throughs, I glanced nervously over at Katy. She gave me a sort of disappointed look in return as I pressed the “call” option. The phone rang four or five times before David picked up. I heard the loud booming of music on the other end of the phone. Very loud music. I figured he was out partying. Of course he was. I rolled my eyes. Katy looked up and gave me a confused stare. I began to speak into the phone just as David yelled a “hello” over the music.

“Hey, David. It’s Kailey.” I said.

“Oh hey, Kailey. What’s wrong, babe?”

“Actually, um, that’s kind of why I called. Nothing’s really wrong, or at least not yet. David, I’ve heard a lot of things about you doing stuff with other girls, and I’m sick of it. Maybe if we stopped dating for a while that would clear things up.” There was a long stretch of silence as I waited for David to respond.

“Well, Kailey, I hate to say this, but everyone who’s said that I’ve been “doing stuff” with other girls isn’t wrong. To be truthful with you, I’ve gotten kind of bored with this relationship.” I felt my cheeks burning as I heard Katy gasp next to me. My eyes began to sting with tears.

“How could you say that, David? Or betray me like that? After all we’ve been through together…I thought you loved me.” The tears started to roll down my cheeks.

“Honestly, I did, Kailey. I really did love you. But I think our lives would be easier and a heck of a lot better without each other in them. At all.”

“But David—“and then we lost connection. My phone let out a blaring noise to signal that David had hung up. I looked to my right and saw Katy’s jaw dropped and her brown eyes a puddle of tears. I was in a full-on sob now. I heard the loud, stomping footsteps of Jessa and Hanah rushing themselves into the room Katy and I were in. Katy hugged me really hard. Or maybe it was all three of my best friends hugging me. All I knew was that my heart was smashed and stepped upon by the boy I thought I loved. I looked down at my phone. Well I won’t be needing his phone number anymore. I scrolled down to David’s contact again, but this time, I pressed the red button that read DELETE.


Meanwhile, at Devon’s house, where the party was being held, David was sitting on one of the many couches in Devon’s home. His phone was in his lap. His left hand was holding a beer and in his right arm were the shoulders of Tierra Rodriguez, the girl he really liked. Tierra was super tall, almost as tall as David was, and very thin. She probably weighed only about one-hundred ten pounds, which was well underweight for a girl with a five-foot-ten frame like her. She had been a flyer and team captain on the varsity cheerleading squad at El Paso High School. She had long, red hair that was currently pulled back in two of the longest Dutch braids David had ever seen. Her green eyes “reminded David of the Emerald City castle in The Wizard of Oz”. Tierra was wearing white skinny jeans and an olive-green tight-fitted crop top that was only laced halfway up her chest.

“Well, that felt good,” David said to Tierra.

“You finally did it? You broke up with Kailey?” Tierra puzzled.

“I mean, kind of. She was calling to break up with me, but I was the one to seal the deal.”

“Did you tell her that we’re together?”

“Not exactly.”

“Oh. Well, good for you for finally ending it, David. I love you.” Tierra leaned over and kissed him.

Back at Katy’s house, I was in the bathroom, splashing water onto my face to help rid the pink splotches from my fair skin that were created from all of the crying I had done. Why are you so upset? I thought to myself. You were the one calling to break up with him. Then it hit me. I was upset because I didn’t want to believe that David would ever betray or cheat on me like that. But he did. For all I knew, he was at that party right now with some other girl. I wiped the remaining tears from my blue eyes, the ones David had always said were the prettiest he’d ever seen. He’d thought just about everything was pretty about me.

“Hey, Kailey, are you okay? You’ve been in here for twenty minutes.” It was Jessa.

“Oh, um, sorry. I was just trying to clear my head from thoughts of David.” This was mostly a lie; I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Jessa grabbed me and gave me a monstrous hug.

“I’m so sorry about all of this. You do not deserve this kind of betrayal. You’re a beautiful, smart, caring girl and my best friend. What do they always say? You break my best friend’s heart, and I will break your face.” I kind of laughed at this to be honest, for Jessa is probably a foot shorter than David and is outweighed by at least one-hundred twenty-five pounds. She joined me in the laughing.

“Now come on,” she giggled. “Let’s go back to Katy’s room. She’s probably finished opening her presents by now.” Then I heard something odd. A song maybe…no, no. It was my phone, and it was ringing. Why would someone need to reach me this urgently at ten-thirty on a Friday night? I reached for my back pocket. I whipped out my phone. Weird. “NO CALLER ID” my phone read as it continued to ring. I selected “decline” and put my phone back into my back pocket.


I followed Jessa back to Katy’s room.

“You feeling okay?” Hanah asked me when we returned.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be fine.” I replied.

“Ooh, I have an idea guys!” Katy said. There was wrapping paper and tissue paper covering the floor, and the unwrapped presents from each of us were next to her on the bed. “Let’s play Seek and Kill.” This was Katy’s favorite sleepover game, as we all knew.

“Okay.” I said.

“Sure.” Hanah added.

“I’m down.” Contributed Jessa. We got up off of Katy’s bed and walked to the door. I was in front. As I gripped the doorknob that would lead us out of Katy’s room, my phone rang.

“Sorry, guys. Let me see who this is.” I felt Hanah walk up behind me. I looked at my phone screen. It again read “NO CALLER ID”.

“This is so weird,” I began. “This no caller ID literally called me five minutes ago.”

“Maybe you should answer it,” Hanah said. “Maybe the person really needs to talk to you.”

“Then why turn off caller ID?” I retorted.

“I don’t know, Kailey. Just try answering it.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll answer it.” I pressed “accept” and held the phone up to my ear.

“Hello?” I said shakily. Silence.

“Hello? Who is this?” continued silence. A deep, female voice finally emerged in the form of a whisper.

“Don’t go downstairs. Don’t do it.” I was about to respond when the voice hung up. Immediately following, the doorbell of Katy’s home rang. Whoever was there began pounding ferociously on the door.

“Oh my God.” I let out a fearful whisper.

“Kailey? What the heck is going on?” Jessa whimpered. I ignored her.

“Kailey? Kailey, who was that?” Katy asked.

“I have no idea.”

“Why is someone ringing my doorbell and uncontrollably pounding on my front door?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t.”

“Should we answer it?” Hanah asked Katy.

“No! No, we can’t. We can’t even go downstairs.” I replied, scared.

“Why, not Kailey?” Jessa questioned.

“Because the person on the other end of my call said not to.”

“Why do you think they said that?”

“I don’t know, guys. But I do know that we probably shouldn’t go downstairs.”

“Shoot,” Katy said loudly, smacking the palm of her hand into her forehead. “Shoot, shoot, shoot! My garage is open and the back door isn’t locked. Someone needs to go downstairs and lock the door before whoever is banging on the front door gets in.”

“But we can’t go downstairs.” Hanah reminded her.

“We have to, Hanah! We can’t give anyone a chance of getting into my house.” Katy angrily replied.

“Do your parents own a gun?” Jessa asked Katy.

“No. We don’t own any kind of weapon except for our kitchen knives. But those are in the back of the house, downstairs, in the kitchen, of course.”[
**]“So if we go downstairs, we’ll be unarmed and in danger?”

“Pretty much.” I finally spoke up. Everyone turned to look at me, as if I knew something that was going to help us.

“Guys, I don’t know anything, I promise. All I can tell you is that the person who called was a woman and—“

“Wait, did you just say that the person who called was a woman?” Hanah asked me.

“Yeah?” I replied, kind of confused as to why that mattered.

“That means that if we all go down there together, we’d be able to fight this woman off, if she’s unarmed.”

“Exactly, if she’s unarmed. That’s too big a risk.” Jessa mentioned.

“I disagree,” Katy said. “The back door, the one that leads to the garage, is right at the bottom of the steps. All we have to do is reach the first floor, turn the deadbolt and run upstairs. We should make it okay.”

“I agree.” Hanah said.

“Me, too.” I added.

“Okay, then.” Jessa said. And then it stopped. The pounding on Katy’s front door ended. We all looked at one another nervously. We grabbed each other’s hands. I turned the doorknob and we stepped out into the dark hallway.


I felt Hanah squeeze my left hand, and Jessa my right. Katy was holding Hanah’s other hand. I took a deep breath. My voice shook in fear as I exhaled. Katy led the way. Lucky for us, her upstairs and steps were all carpeted. As we approached the steps, we heard the sound of something large falling and hitting the ground. The noise was slightly distant, though, not coming from inside the house. The woman must have been in the garage.

“Shoot,” Katy whispered, her voice also shaking. “Whoever this woman is, she’s in my garage. We need to be quick.” We all nodded in response. I was so afraid, my knees trembled as I walked. We tip-toed at an amazing speed down the steps. Then we stopped. Katy dropped Hanah’s hand. Hanah let out a whimper as if to say “be careful”. Katy set one foot on the ground in front of the last step. Then another. Katy was officially downstairs. She bolted to the door and turned the lock. She dashed back to the steps and into our embrace. We all sighed in relief. Katy rushed us up the stairs and into her room. I let out a cry of victory.

“Yes! We did it guys!” I beamed with pride. Just then, my phone rang again.

“Shoot, what now?” Jessa pleaded.

“Hang on, let me answer it.” I replied. I looked at my phone screen. It was the woman and her dumb no caller ID. She was probably calling to congratulate us on our victory for all I cared.

“We got you!” I shouted into the phone. I had set it to speaker so my friends could hear what was going on. The woman let out a menacing laugh on the other end.

“Oh. Ha-ha! You’re funny, Kailey.” The woman said.

“How do you know my name?” I demanded.

“As if I would tell you that.”

“You should! Because if you don’t, I’m calling the police.” The woman let out another mischievous laugh.

“Wow, you’re that stupid? Well, let me get to the point. Three things, Kailey. One: you and your friends were dumb enough to come downstairs. Now I have no choice but to confine you to the bedroom. If you leave, I have weapons and I will kill you. Two: don’t you dare call the police, or I will kill not only you, but your friends, too. And three: as for Katy having locked the back door? Well, hon, that won’t be mattering. Because I’m already in the house.” And with that, she hung up. So we were stuck. Stuck in Katy’s room with our lives in danger, unarmed, and a killer loose in the house.


“Oh. My. God.” Jessa said, absolutely terrified. “We’re going to die.”

“I just don’t see why someone would be doing this. It’s obviously not a prank because if it was there wouldn’t be any death threats involved.” Katy added.

“Someone is obviously out to kill Kailey.” Hanah said.

“Well, thanks, Hanah, for totally making me excited for this.” I said as I rolled my eyes at Hanah.

“What are we going to do, Kailey?” Jessa asked me.

“I don’t know, Jessa. But we need to come up with a plan, and fast. Because I have a feeling that even if we do everything this woman says, she’s still going to try and kill us, or one of us.” I cried. Jessa was crying now.

“Oh, Jessa. Please don’t cry. We’re all going to be okay.” Hanah told Jessa with a hug.

“We’re going to die, Hanah. We’re going to die in this house, I just know it.” Jessa said, her voice trembling as if it was going to shatter any moment. There it goes again. My phone was ringing. I was beginning to get really tired of that noise. I didn’t even look at the screen to see who was calling because I already knew it was the woman.

“What the heck do you want?!” I screamed into the phone.

“We are doing everything you’ve asked of us.” Jessa sobbed into the receiver.

“Yeah. Why are you trying to kill Kailey?” Hanah cried.

“Slow down, ladies. What are you talking about?” I recognized this voice, definitely. It was a woman, too, but not the woman I had thought it was. I looked down at my phone screen. I was talking to my mother.

“Mom?! Oh my God, Mom…I am so happy I’m talking to you. There is a killer loose in Katy’s house, and she’s trying to kill me. She’s confined us to Katy’s bedroom and stated that if we leave she’ll kill me. If we call the police she’ll kill all of us. Mom we’re so scared and we have no idea what to do and—“

“Okay, Kailey. Okay. Take a deep breath. I’m going to call the police immediately and send them over to Katy’s—“

“NO! No, Mom, you can’t. The killer is in the house and for all I know she’s standing right outside the door listening to our conversation. If she hears that you are going to call the police, she’ll kill me and my friends.”

“Oh my God, Kailey. I have no idea what to do. Should I come down to Katy’s house and pick you up?”

“No, Mom. You can’t. I’m not putting your life in danger, too. Just stay put. My friends and I will figure out a way to handle this.”

“But Kailey, dear—“ I hung up. I couldn’t continue to listen to my mother worry about me like this. I just had to hope she wouldn’t call the police and get my friends and I all killed.


“Guys,” I began. “I think I have an idea.”

“And what might that be?” Katy questioned.

“Since I drove myself here, my car is in your driveway, Katy. My plan is to open your bedroom window, and scream out for help. Then, we wait until we hear the front or back door open and close, signaling that the woman is coming outside to shoot the screamer to death from below. Then we run. We run out of this room, down the stairs, and out the door. We get into my car and drive away.”

“That would be a good idea, Kailey, if it didn’t involve putting our lives in danger.” Jessa said in a kind of know-it-all way.

“Aren’t they already in danger?” I asked her. My phone was ringing, again. This time it was the woman.

“Hi, girls! Having a good time with nothing to do in that bedroom?” she asked rhetorically. “I’m adding a little something to spice things up a bit. Not only do you have to stay in that room but you must turn off all the lights…starting now.” She hung up. I let out a scream in anger. I stomped over to the light switch and threw it down. The lights were off. We were in pitch black and couldn’t see anything, not even each other.

“That’s it,” Jessa said. “I’m done waiting. Yeah, we might die. But I’m initiating Kailey’s plan. Now.” She got up, trotted over to the window, and unlocked it. She pushed it up over her head with both arms. And then she did it. She screamed as loud as she could. She screamed and screamed and screamed. And then came a loud pop. Jessa fell to the ground. We all stood up and rushed over to her. Her stomach was bleeding. She had been shot and was bleeding out.

“Oh my God, Jessa.” Was all Hanah could utter. I could feel the tears staring to fall down my cheeks for the second time tonight.

“I’m not going to make it, guys,” Jessa was able to breathe out. “But I want you to know what amazing best friends you guys were. I love you all so much. One more thing…the person who shot me wasn’t—“ she heaved, followed by rest. Jessa was dead.


I left Jessa’s side to look out the window. Nobody was there.

“Whoever shot her is gone, guys.” They didn’t hear me. They were sobbing over Jessa’s body. I fell to the ground.

“That son of a gun,” Katy said. “They killed my best friend. What a nasty, horrible human being.”

“Ugh,” Hanah spitted. “I can’t wait until we get out of here and into the police station. Because when they find out who killed Jessa, I will personally beat them to death.”

“We still have a chance to escape,” I said over my silent tears. “If one of us screams from inside the house and doesn’t lean over the sill, maybe we could try to get out.”

“Hey, Kailey?” Katy gazed up at me, confused. “What is that crackling noise?”

“Where is it coming from?” I asked her.

“I think from outside the door.” I got down on all fours and crawled my way over to the door. I lay flat on my stomach and peered beneath the door. An orange light was all I could see. Then I smelled it. Smoke. The house was on fire, and we needed to get out. The smoke alarms started to wail loudly. Although it was past midnight, I could see people standing on their driveways, watching Katy’s house burn. Multiple people had phones up to their ears.

“Oh my God, Kailey! What are we going to do?!” Hanah screamed.

“I have no idea, guys. But we’re not going to die. There are people contacting the fire department right now. The fire is very close to reaching your bedroom door, Katy. We can’t get out through the door. We obviously can’t do the window either, because there’s a person with a gun down there somewhere. We’re going to have to wait for the fire department to get here and rescue us.” I shouted over the crackle of the flames and the siren of the fire alarm.

“We should all scream together, to signal that we’re in here and we need help!” Katy yelled.

“Not a bad idea, Katy! Okay, guys! One, two three!” We all screamed as loud as we could. I glanced out the window and saw people staring up at Katy’s room. Then a woman screamed into her phone.

“It sounds like there is a group of teenage girls up there! Hurry!” I heard the sound of the fire truck coming into earshot. It got louder and louder and louder. When it arrived, the woman that heard us screaming pointed to the open window that led to Katy’s room.

“Oh my God, look guys!” The door to Katy’s room had been burned down. The flames were licking and growing towards us. We stood up.

“Someone pick up Jessa!” I shouted at my friends. Katy and Hanah bent over to pick up our deceased best friend. They hoisted her up just as a man dressed in a fireman’s suit arrived through the flames. Another fireman appeared in a lift up to the open window.

“Don’t worry, girls, you’re going to be okay. Go ahead and hand me the body and hop into the lift.” The other fireman was busy putting out the flames. Hanah and Katy transferred Jessa’s body into the arms of the fireman. I reached for Hanah and Katy’s hands. We were all shaking, crying, and squeezing each other’s hands. When we reached the ground, I saw two fire trucks, four police cars and an ambulance. Jessa was immediately put into the back of the ambulance and driven away. It didn’t matter; we all knew she was already dead. A female cop strode over to us calmly.

“Hello, ladies. I can’t imagine how traumatized you are right now, but I need you to get into the back of our police cars; you will be riding separately. We’re going to take you to the station to answer some questions. My name is Officer Kathryn Adams by the way. You may call me Officer Adams.” She pointed to me. “What’s your name? You’ll be riding with me.”

“My name is Kailey, ma’am.” I said.

“Well, nice to meet you, Kailey. Follow me.” I followed Officer Adams to her police car. I slid into the back seat and closed the door. I looked to my right into the practically decrepit garage, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.


I saw her. I saw the woman. I wanted to scream. I wanted to shout to her, you imbecile! You killed Jessa! You burned down Katy’s house! But I couldn’t. I couldn’t even open my mouth. I was in complete shock.

“Are you ready to go?” it was Officer Adams. I hadn’t heard her get into the car. I swallowed the lump that had formed in the lodge of my throat.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied. I reached for my seat belt. I glanced one more time at the garage. The woman was gone.

In the police station, I was taken to a large open room. The only thing within those walls was a table and two chairs, one on either side of the table. I felt like a criminal, or at least a crime suspect. But I was the exact opposite. I was a witness of a crime and a victim of another. I looked to my right, through the glass. In the room on my right side was Katy, being questioned by a male officer. She was sobbing and holding her head in her hands. Her caramel hair was matted and messy. In the room to my left, Hanah had a calm expression on her face as a female officer questioned her. She was shaking, and I assumed she was telling the story of Jessa’s murder. Her dark skin had gone as pale as dark skin could. I put my head down on the table and closed my eyes. I tried to remember everything about the woman I had seen in Katy’s garage. She was tall and thin. She had to have been at least five-feet-eight. She was wearing a ski mask, and her hair had been pulled up in a bun underneath it. The color of her eyes was not visible. She had on black leggings, a black tight-fitted crop top and black high-top Converse shoes. She was young, maybe only my age or slightly older. I was trying to remember even more just as Officer Adams walked in. Time for questioning. Fabulous.

“Hello, Kailey,” Officer Adams began. “I know you probably don’t want to talk right now, but I need to ask you some questions, so that we can find Jessa’s killer and the person who burned down Katy’s home.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I replied groggily.

“Alright,” Officer Adams began. “So do you believe that the acts of arson and murder were committed by the same person?”

“I really don’t know. Jessa was trying to tell us something about the person who shot her, but she was unable to finish her sentence before she…you know.” I was trying so hard not to completely break down in front of this police officer.

“Hmm, I see. Had anything else previously occurred before the murder and arson?”

“All night, things had been going wrong. At about ten PM, I had called my ex-boyfriend in an attempt to break up with him. I was made aware that he wanted to break up, too. He told me that yes, he had been cheating on me.”

“Aww, I’m so sorry, honey. Anything else weird?”

“Yes, ma’am. About thirty minutes after I got off the phone with my ex-boyfriend, David, I started receiving calls from a woman with no caller ID. The first thing she said to me was “don’t go downstairs”. But then Katy remembered that her garage door was open and her back door was unlocked. So we all went downstairs together, and Katy locked the door. We went back upstairs into Katy’s room, and I received another call. The woman said that we couldn’t leave Katy’s room, or she would kill me. If I called the police, she would kill all of us. And she said that it didn’t matter that Katy had locked the back door because she was already in the house. So we didn’t leave Katy’s room. But then my mom called. I thought it was the woman because I picked up without looking to see who it was and assumed it was the woman. My mom said she was going to call the police, but I told her not to because the woman would kill us. After I hung up on my mother, the woman called a third time and told us we had to shut off all the lights. Jessa said that she was tired of all of this. So she got up and opened the window. She screamed for help. And then they shot her. She died almost immediately. Then Katy said she heard a crackling noise. So I looked underneath the door and saw an orange light. Then I smelled the smoke. I put the pieces together and realized that it was a fire. I looked out the window and saw people calling the fire department. I hoped that they would get to us before we and Jessa’s body were burned. And now I’m here.” The officer had been writing down everything I’ve said. I looked to my right. Katy was no longer sitting in that questioning room.

“Do you have any idea who might have wanted to kill Jessa, or burn down Katy’s house?”

“No, ma’am. Not at all. Jessa was very well-liked. She had no enemies that I knew of. And Katy, too. I can’t think of anyone that she has a real problem with.”

“Anything else you think I should know?” I thought about how I saw the woman in Katy’s garage. I needed to tell Officer Adams what I had seen.

“Yes, actually,” I began. “I saw her. I saw the woman. In Katy’s garage.”


“Are you sure you saw her? It wasn’t just a hallucination from all the pain you went through tonight, Kailey?”

“I’m positive, ma’am.”

“Alright. I will immediately send a search party out, as soon as you tell me what she looked like.”

“Well, I couldn’t see a lot. All I could see was that she was tall and thin. At least five-feet-eight. She was wearing a ski mask and her hair was underneath it. She was wearing all black.” Officer Adams wrote all of this down on her paper in her manila folder. She pulled out a walkie-talkie and radioed.

“Send three squad cars as a search party. We are looking for a young adult woman. Tall and thin. Wearing a ski mask and all black. Effective immediately.” She demanded.

“Yes, ma’am.” A male voice radioed back.

“Wait here, Kailey. We’ll release you when your mother gets here.” Officer Adams said to me. She picked up and closed her manila folder. She stood up, nodded at me cordially, and exited the room. I watched her glide down the empty, silent hallway. I looked to my left again. Hanah was no longer in her questioning room. I stared at the clock on the wall in front of me. Tick, tick, tick. One forty-seven AM. Then something changed. It was no longer silent. I heard the faint voices of men yelling at some people to move along. To hurry up and walk. An officer leaned in the door a moment later.

“Ma’am? Your mother is here. I will now escort you to the lobby.” He said.

“Thank you.” I said with a smile. I stood up and followed him out of the room. The hallway was very long. As we neared the end, the men’s voices I had heard before were becoming easier to hear. Soon after they became visible. They were in the lobby. There were at least four men. They were trying to get a young man and woman to talk to them. The young woman looked familiar, even from afar. I stared at her. She was tall and thin, just like the woman I saw in Katy’s garage. This woman was also wearing all black. She wasn’t wearing a ski mask, though, so I could see her features. Her long, red hair was pulled back in a bun. Her eyes were a radiant green. As I entered the lobby, I couldn’t help but to keep thinking about how familiar she looked. I squinted hard, trying to think where I’d seen her before. Then I realized: it was Tierra. Tierra Rodriguez, from high school. It only took me one glance at the young man to recognize him. It was David.


Before I could ask anyone anything about why Tierra and David were there, someone embraced me harder than I have ever been before. I knew then and there that it was my mom.

“Mom,” I whispered. I could feel her shoulders shaking on me.

“Kailey, dear, I’m so glad you are okay.” I gave her a sad stare as she released me and rested her hand on my shoulders.

“My God, Mom. I have so much to tell you.” She led me out of the police station.

“I know about what happened to Jessa, dear. I am so sorry, I have no idea what it feels like to lose a best friend like that. If there’s anything I can do to help—“ I pulled my mother into a hug and began to weep on her shoulder outside the police station.

“Mom, I just, oh. It makes me sick to even think about it.” I hiccupped.

“I know dear, I know.” She comforted me. All I could do now was cry and cry. I couldn’t bear to speak or even think about Jessa right now.

“Let’s get in the car, dear. We need to get home so that you can get some sleep.” My mom said. I nodded and wiped the tears from my face with my sleeve.

When we got back to our house, I made quick work of getting ready for bed. I gave my mom a quick kiss on the cheek, said goodnight, and made my way up the stairs. In my room, I opened the top drawer of my dresser and pulled out a baby blue slip. I removed my shirt, followed by my shorts and my bra. I pulled the slip on over my body. I stared at myself in the mirror. You’re a terrible friend. You couldn’t even save Jessa. I pushed my long, wavy dark brown hair out of my face. I really needed to brush it. I reached for my hair brush atop my dresser. I slowly ran it through the waves and pulled on the knots when needed. When my hair was all brushed out, I remembered I needed to remove my makeup, or I was going to break out. I opened the package of cleansing towels and pulled one out. I began to rub it over my even complexion as I heard a soft rat-tat on my door.

“Yes?” I called.

“It’s me, dear.” It was my mom.

“Come in.” I said softly. I quickly tossed my cleansing towel into the trash can at my feet. My mom slowly pushed the door open and sat on my bed.

“I just wanted to tell you that Jessa’s parents called, and they’re holding a funeral at the Catholic Church tomorrow at five PM. I told them that I would leave it up to you to decide whether or not you wanted to come.” I was silent. I didn’t really want to have to go to my own best friend’s funeral. But I knew that it would make my mom happy and Jessa’s parents relieved.

“Okay. I’ll go.” I finally responded.

“Thank you for being so mature, Kailey.” My mom said. She stood up and left the room. I sighed and plopped down on the bed where my mom had been sitting. I reached for my phone, which was on the nightstand. I picked it up and began to type a message to Hanah and Katy. R u guys going 2 J’s funeral? I wrote. Katy responded almost immediately. Yes. She responded. Hanah’s response came a few minutes later. Me 2. After I read Hanah’s text, I shut my phone off. I turned off the light in my room and lay in my bed. I couldn’t sleep. I kept rolling around and squirming. I was going to find Jessa’s killer, and the person who burned down Katy’s house. And nothing was going to stop me.


I guess I had eventually fallen asleep because I happened to wake up. I glanced over at my nightstand where my clock was. Two thirty-three PM. I had slept for almost twelve hours. I threw the covers off of me and groaned. I didn’t want to leave my bed. Everything about my bed was comfortable and content. Everything in the real world was the exact opposite right now. I forced myself to sit up and push my weak self off of the bed. I trotted over to my closet, opened it, and pulled out a robe. I flung it on above my slip. I sauntered to my bedroom door and opened it carefully. I walked all the way downstairs. Each step was one of agony. My mom was sitting on the couch, eating a sandwich. She was watching the news, which of course, was about me.

“Last night, seventeen year-old Jessa Regan was shot and killed. Shortly thereafter, the house in which Miss Regan had been in was burned down. The house belonged to a couple with a daughter, eighteen year-old Katy Lawson. The couple had been out of the house, and their daughter, Miss Lawson, was holding her birthday party the home. Two other young women were present, Hanah Smith, eighteen, and Kailey Reid, also eighteen. The criminal or criminals that took part in this horrible event have currently not been identified.” My mom reached for the remote control and turned the television off. She leaned back on the couch and rubbed her forehead.

“I just cannot believe that someone would do this to a group of teenagers. This is absolutely terrible, and I can’t wait until the police find this disgusting person.” My mom ranted.

“So, that’s the thing, Mom,” I began. “I’m going to. I’m going to find the person who did this and make them pay.”

“No, Kailey, you are not. I am not going to let you put yourself in harm’s way again, dear.”

“I don’t care what you say, Mom. I’m going. I need to avenge Jessa’s death. Plus, you can’t stop me. I’m an adult and you can’t hold me hostage anymore. I am free.” My mother sighed. I knew she really didn’t want me to go, but she didn’t exactly have a choice, either. She sighed again. She didn’t speak.

“We have to go pick up your car, Kailey. It’s still at Katy’s house.” She finally said.

“Okay,” I responded. “Let me go put on some clothes.” I turned away and quietly walked up the stairs. When I returned to my room, I chucked on a purple t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and my white Converse. I brushed my hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. When I was ready to go, I went downstairs again and went over to the counter. I opened the drawer. Where were my car keys? Shoot! I remembered now. I had left them on Katy’s dresser the previous night and never picked them up before we escaped the house. I had no idea what my mom was going to say.

“Hey, Mom?” I said nervously. “Umm, I kind of left my car keys in Katy’s house as it burned?” My mom whipped around and glared.

“Kailey! What were you thinking?” My mom asked.

“I was thinking about escaping the burning house that I was trapped in.” I retorted. Her gaze softened.

“Well, I guess I can’t blame you. How were you supposed to remember your car keys at a time like that? I’ll take you to the Dodge dealership tomorrow and get you some new keys.” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Really?! Thanks, Mom.” I beamed. I glimpsed at the clock on the oven. Three-o-seven PM. I needed to start getting ready for the funeral. The church was a thirty minute drive from my house.

“I should probably start getting ready for the funeral.” I said to my mom.

“Okay, dear. Would you like me to drop you off there?”

“Yes, please.” I tried to sound as polite as possible. I went back upstairs for what seemed like the four-billionth time today. I removed my shirt, jeans, and Converse. I opened my closet and took out what I have always called my funeral dress. It was a solid black dress that went down to just above my kneecaps. I also took out my solid black heels. I dropped the dress on over my head and slipped the heels onto my feet. I walked up to my mirror and detached the hair band from my hair. I brushed my hair through a second time, and then braided it. I felt like I looked okay, and definitely good enough for my best friend’s funeral. I reached for my Lululemon bag and put my clothes from earlier in it. I was going to need to change out of my dress and heels if I was going to find this criminal. I picked up my bag and my phone. I was ready to go.



When we arrived at the church, I saw Hanah and Katy getting out of Hanah’s parents’ car. I said goodbye to my mom and she drove away. I secured my grip on the Lululemon bag in my right hand. My phone was in my left. I walked as fast as I could in my heels up to Hanah and Katy. They were walking in silence. I decided it would be a good idea to stay silent, too. We found a spot in the pews where all three of us could sit. I glanced up and saw Jessa’s parents in tears at the front where the pastor was. Jessa’s coffin was purely white and open. Before the ceremony began, everyone in the pews was handed a white rose. We were going to place them in Jessa’s coffin at the end of the service. I felt the vibrations of the church bells underneath me. This was supposed to signal the start of the ceremony. Mrs. Regan stepped up to the podium. She was a small, slightly round woman with short, bob-cut brown hair. Her voice was choking up, so it was difficult for her to speak.

“Today, we gather here in honor of my daughter, Jessa Ava Regan. She was too young, too pure and innocent. She didn’t even get to experience adulthood. My life will never be the same. She was a smart, beautiful, amazing young woman, and I pray the Lord her soul to keep. May God watch over you, my precious, sweet daughter.” I was crying now, but there was something different about these tears. These were not tears of sadness. These were tears of anger. I was so angry, I wanted to scream.

“Please everybody,” Mrs. Regan hiccupped, “stand calmly and quietly, we will now place our roses into the coffin.” The first row of people stood and filed out to place their roses in the coffin. Followed by the second row, and then the third. When it was finally my turn, I stood and made my way to the front of the room.

“I love you, Jessa. And I will avenge you.” I whispered as I placed the rose into the coffin.


While people stood in line to have their turn to wish Mr. and Mrs. Regan all the best, I went to the bathroom to change. I made quick work of it. I also put my hair up into a messy bun. When I emerged from the bathroom, I saw Hanah and Katy taking their turn reassuring Mr. and Mrs. Regan. They gave Jessa’s parents each an enormous hug. They nodded a goodbye and turned away. I dashed over to them as quickly as possible.

“Hanah! Katy!” I shouted, trying to get their attention.

“Um, what are you wearing, Kailey?” Katy asked me in disgust.

“Well, I am going to explain that, if you give me a chance.” I countered. Katy nodded as if giving me permission to clarify.

“I’m going out to find the criminal who killed Jessa and burned down your house.” I said to Katy. “And I wanted to know if you guys desired to help me.”

“I don’t really want to, Kailey. I’m still trying to sort all of this out for myself.” Katy responded.

“Same here,” Hanah began. “I’m in a lot of emotional pain right now, and this would just add to it.” They both gave me apologetic gazes.

“You know what, it’s fine, guys. I understand the kind of pain you feel because I feel it, too. But I’m also angry. Very, very angry and I am going to find this criminal.” I fast-walked away from them without letting them answer. I needed help, and I knew someone who would help me. I pushed through the doors of the church and reached into my Lululemon bag for my phone. I turned it on and clicked on the contacts button. I looked for his name. I selected his contact and pressed call. It took only two rings before he answered.

“Hello? Kailey? I watched the news earlier, and I heard about what happened—“

“Thank God you picked up. John, I need your help.”



“Um, what is it?” John asked me. John Evans was one of the few guy friends I had. We had an interesting history, too. He has liked me since sophomore year, and when he asked me to Junior Prom a year later, I turned him down for David. John was tall and lean; he had been on the track team at El Paso High School. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. As far as I knew, he still liked me, and I was cool with it. He was a good friend, and an even better lab partner for senior year chemistry class.

“You said you heard about what happened on the news. Well, none of my friends want to help me find the murderer of our best friend. So I need your help. Can you pick me up at the Catholic Church?”

“I’ll be there in five.” John said.

“Thank you so much.” I said releasing my breath. I hung up.

When John arrived, he got out of the car and gave me a hug.

“I’m so glad to see you,” I started. “Thank you for helping me with this.”

“No problem, Kailey. Anything for you.” I blushed and giggled. I released him and got into the passenger seat of his car. “So, where am I taking you?”

“To the police station. I need to ask the officer who helped me if they have found the person who killed Jessa and burned down Katy’s home.”

“Okay,” he said. “Next stop, El Paso Central Police Station.” John started his car and sped out of the parking lot.

“Really, John, thank you so much for this. I lost my car keys in the fire at Katy’s house, so I can’t pick up my car.”

“Really, Kailey. You don’t have to thank me. I’m always here for you if you need anything.” He smiled at me. “So how are things with David?” I let out a facetious laugh.

“David? I broke up with him last night. Very soon before Jessa was shot and Katy’s house was set on fire.”

“Did it ever occur to you that maybe he did those things to Jessa and Katy?” John mentioned. I had to let that process for a moment. No way, David would never do something like that. “Like, maybe because he was mad you broke up with him or something?”

“No, no, no. No way. David wasn’t mad. He actually wanted to break up, too. Plus, even if he was, David would never do something like that. And the person who did all this was a woman…at least I think so. We had been receiving threatening calls from a woman with no caller ID all night prior to the shooting and arson.”

“Okay, Kailey…whatever you say.” I was absolutely positive David wouldn’t do something like that. Would he? Just as I was about to say something to John, we pulled up to the police station. “You ready, Kailey?” John asked me.

“Yep. I was born ready.”


I pushed open the door of the car. John was already around to my side of the car. He held out his hand. I took it, and he helped me out. He shoved the door shut behind me. I gripped his hand. We walked to the door of the police station. He opened it for me. I smiled at him. John and I glided to the front desk of the station.

“Is Officer Adams present?” I asked the officer at the front desk. His name tag said Grady.

“Yes, ma’am,” Officer Grady said. “Would you like to speak to her?”

“Yes, please.” I said.

“I will find her, have a seat while you wait.” John and I turned around and walked backwards to the chairs. I sat beside him. I hadn’t let go of his hand. We were silent until Officer Adams appeared.

“Good evening, Kailey. You wished to speak with me?”

“Yes, ma’am. This is John, my uh, friend.” I said. Officer Adams saw that I was holding hands with John and kind of stared at me skeptically. She quickly switched her expression to a grin and said,

“Follow me.” We followed Officer Adams to an office with a desk, a computer atop the desk, and two chairs on the opposite side of the room. John and I took the two seats across from the desk. Officer Adams sat behind the desk. “So why did you need to talk to me, Kailey?” Officer Adams asked me.

“I wanted to know if you guys had sought out the criminal responsible for all of the damage last night.” I asked, leaning forward in my seat.

“Actually, we haven’t. But we did find two suspects. We think they were in it together.”

“May we speak to the suspects?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can allow that.”

“Please, Officer Adams. I am begging you. I need to speak with anyone of possible responsibility for these crimes. I was at Jessa’s funeral today and I was crying tears of anger rather than sadness. Please, Officer. Help me avenge my best friend’s death.”

“Me, too,” John finally spoke up. “Please let us speak to them. For her.” He looked at me and squeezed my hand a little tighter. I grinned at him and mouthed a silent “thank you”. He nodded in response. I could tell Officer Adams was thinking. Should she let us speak to these suspects?

“Okay,” she said. “Fifteen minutes, max. And I will have officers directly outside the room.” I jumped up in my seat a little. I leaned over into John’s embrace.

“Thank you so much, Officer Adams.” John said.

“Not a problem.” She winked at him. “Follow me to a questioning room.” We all stood up in unison. Officer Adams led us to a large questioning room, at least two times the size of the one I was in early this morning. Instead of one chair on each end of the table, there was two, John and I took a seat on the left side of the table. I gazed at him nervously and clutched his hand tighter.

“It’s going to be okay.” John reassured me. I cuddled close to him. He made me feel safe, like nothing was or had gone wrong in my life. I sighed. I perked up to see who was at the door. The two suspects were cuffed and looking down at the floor. The cops sat them down in the seats across from us. They looked up to meet me and John’s stares. “Oh my God.” I whispered to John. It was Tierra and David.


John looked almost as shocked as I did. Tierra smirked at me.

“Surprised?” she asked sarcastically. I glared at her.

“It was you? You killed Jessa and burned Katy’s house down?” I questioned.

“I don’t know, was it?” Tierra laughed as if she had me confused or scared.

“Why are you laughing, huh?” John jumped to my defense.

“Wow, Kailey. You were that quick to move on?” David taunted. John blushed and rolled his eyes.

“I wouldn’t be talking David. You didn’t even have to move on, you were cheating on me. At least I found someone better than you.” I snapped.

“Excuse you, boo,” Tierra stepped in. “You want to talk to my boyfriend like that? We’ll see what my fist can do to your pretty little face.” Tierra stood up and so did I. The only difference was that Tierra was handcuffed and I wasn’t. I reached out to slap her but John grabbed me by the waist to restrain me.

“You’re dang right, she’s pretty,” John said, still trying to pull me back from slapping Tierra across the face. “And you’re not going to touch her.” I stopped trying to break free of John’s grasp and sat down again. I didn’t take my glare off of Tierra. I wanted to smack her so bad. My right hand was shaking with the urge. I felt John take my trembling hand into his. Two officers appeared through the door.

“That’s enough,” One of them said. “Come on, you’re done here.” Each officer stood up one of them, and pushed them out the door.

“Oh my God, John. Why did you stop me from hitting her?!”

“Because I didn’t want you to get in a fight with her.”

“It’s not like she could’ve defended herself anyway!”

“Exactly, Kailey. You never attack a defenseless person. Plus, if you had hit her, Officer Adams probably wouldn’t let you come back.”

“Okay, John. I guess you’re right.” I really meant it. “Also, thank you for coming to my guard before.”

“You’re welcome, Kailey. And thank you for telling David off for me.” I laughed. “Kailey,” he began to speak again. “Whenever you said to David that you had “found someone better than him” did you mean me?” I laughed. John could be so stupid sometimes.

“Yes, silly. Of course I meant you.” I quickly peeked down at our hands. I squeezed his hand.

“Wow, um…I wasn’t expecting that.” He chuckled.

“We should probably get going,” I looked at the clock. “It’s six thirty-one.”

“Do you, uh, want to get dinner?” John asked me.

“Like a date?” I questioned back.

“Um, uh, sure, if you want to think of it like that.” I blushed profusely and giggled.

“Yes. I would love to.” I beamed. He beamed back. “I should probably change back into my dress, I look gross right now.”

“You never look gross, Kailey.” John said. I blushed even more copiously.

We stood up and made our way out of the questioning room and down the hall. As we exited the police station, I waved to Officer Adams. When we got to the car, I reached in and pulled out my Lululemon bag.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” I said to John. “Wait here.” I walked back into the police station and down the left hall to the women’s room. When I opened the door, I stopped. I didn’t want to go in anymore. Standing at one of the sinks, no hand cuffs, was Tierra.


Tierra turned to face the door.

“Oh, hey Kailey!” She said in a fake voice. “How are you holding up, with your dead best friend and all?” she sneered.

“Shut up.” I said, glaring.

“Aww, make me, hon!” she laughed mischievously. “Oh, I forgot to say, I know how to shut you up.” She charged toward me. I stepped back and she caught herself. She reached out to slap me, but I grabbed her wrist. I kicked her in the leg and she fell to the ground in discomfort. I grabbed her tangled red hair and started hitting her in the side of the head as hard as I could.

“YOU KILLED JESSA! YOU BURNED DOWN KATY’S HOUSE! I HATE YOU! I HOPE YOU ROT IN ONE OF THESE CELLS, YOU IMBECILE!” I screamed. I hit her one last time in the mouth. She was out cold. Her unconscious body sprawled over the bathroom floor. Her nose and mouth were bleeding into her hair.

“Hey, hey!” I heard a couple distant female voices. I quickly ducked into a stall with my Lululemon bag. I slipped the dress on over my head and changed from my Converse into my heels. I heard the female officers come in.

“What happened here?” one of them asked. I briskly opened the stall door, just as Tierra was waking up. I stared at them.

“She attacked me,” I said. “I was coming in to change my clothes, and she charged at me.” The women nodded.

“You were defending yourself?” a blonde cop puzzled.

“Yes, ma’am.” And with that, I left the bathroom like nothing had happened.


When I reached John’s car, he was there waiting for me.

“What took you so long?” he asked. I sighed.

“Tierra.” Was all I said.

“What do you mean?”

“She was in the bathroom. She attacked me.”

“No way!”

“Yes, she did.”

“What did you do?”

“I left her unconscious and bleeding.” It felt kind of nice to say that.

“You go, Kailey!” John said. He put his arm around my shoulders and I leaned on him.

“I love you, John.” He seemed kind of shocked by this. But it was true. I loved John Evans.

“Wow, um…I love you too, Kailey.” And then it happened. John kissed me, and I kissed him back.

After dinner, John drove me back to my house.

“I had a great night with you, Kailey.” He said to me.

“Me, too.” I said. We were sitting on the hood of John’s car, holding hands and watching the stars. I was resting my head on his shoulder. We sat in silence for what felt like centuries, until my mom came outside.

“Time to come inside, Kailey,” it took her a moment to realize that John was sitting there. “And who is this young man?” she said with a little grin.

“Mom, this is John. My boyfriend.” I said with a blush.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Reid.” John said.

“Oh please,” my mom said. “Call me Alana.” My mom turned around and closed the door behind her.

“Well, looks like I have to go.” I said with a mock-pout.

“Goodnight, Kailey.” John said as he jumped off the hood of his car. He helped me off the hood, too.

“Goodnight, John.” I wrapped my arms around his neck. He placed his hands on my hips. He kissed me again. When I pulled back, he walked away. He got in his car and pulled out of my driveway. He waved as he was backing out. I waved back with a little laugh to myself. After John had disappeared down the street, I let myself back into the house.

“Well, he seems like a nice young man.” My mom said.

“Moooom! Stop embarrassing me.” I said. I sat on the couch beside her. The news was on. On the screen showed a picture of Tierra and David.

“Tomorrow morning, Tierra Rodriguez, eighteen, and David Rogers, also eighteen, will go to court for a trial. Mister Rogers has been charged with the murder of Jessa Regan, seventeen. Miss Rodriguez has been charged with arson. The two recently became a couple. Mister Rogers just broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Kailey Reid, eighteen, who had been in the house that Miss Rodriguez is charged with for burning down.”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. John was right. David had killed Jessa, or at least that’s what the police thought. No way could David have done that. Why would he? And why would Tierra help him? Tierra and I never really talked to each other, but we didn’t hate each other, either. I was going to that court for their trial, and I was going to state everything I knew. I was also going to call John because I needed someone to take me there and my mom wouldn’t let me go if I asked.

“You never did tell me what happened with you and David.” My mom said.

“He cheated on me. Simple as that.” I stood up and walked away from my mother. I didn’t need her questioning me over my criminal ex-boyfriend. I stomped all-too loudly up the stairs, phone in hand. When I reached my bedroom, I closed the door and dialed John’s phone number.

“Hello?” John said.

“Hey, John.” I said.

“What’s up, Kailey?”

“I need you to take me to the courthouse tomorrow at ten AM. They’re having a trial for Tierra and David. The police think David killed Jessa and Tierra burned Katy’s house down.”

“Yeah, I’ll take you.” He said. I could almost feel his smile on the other end.

“Thanks a million, John. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Kailey.” I hung up. I needed some sleep. Tomorrow was a big day. The day I would take vengeance for the death of my best friend.


At exactly nine-fifty AM, John’s car pulled in to my driveway. I hopped into the passenger and kissed my boyfriend hello. We immediately got on the road. The trial would begin in ten minutes, and I couldn’t miss it. When we arrived at the courthouse, John led me into the first room, where I saw Tierra and David in the criminals’ places. John and I took a seat towards the back of the courtroom. I reached for his hand and laced my fingers in his. I was actually extremely nervous. I didn’t want anyone to go to jail, but I knew that Tierra and David deserved it. David’s parents were seated beside him. Mrs. Rogers was sobbing hysterically, and so was Mrs. Rodriguez, Tierra’s mother. I laughed at this, for it was absolutely hilarious to see the parents of criminals upset, as if their children had done nothing wrong. Seriously? Murder and arson, nothing wrong? Yeah, right.

“Order in the court!” The judge yelled, beating her gavel onto its stand. Everyone was silenced by the judge. “We are here today for the trials of Tierra Rodriguez and David Rogers. Each has been said to have committed the serious offenses of murder and arson. We will begin with Miss Rodriguez.” Tierra was stood up by a security guard and guided over to an oddly shaped podium with a chair behind it. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back. She glanced ever-so slightly in my direction, and it was my turn to smirk. I did exactly that. She quickly shifted her gaze to the judge as she was seated behind the strange podium.

“Miss Rodriguez,” the judge began. “You have been charged with arson. You are said to have burned down the home of Chris and Helena Lawson. How do you plead?” Tierra was silent for what seemed like an eternity. She finally squeaked out a response.

“I plead guilty, your honor.” Every person in the courtroom excluding the judge and Tierra herself gasped. The gasps quickly became whispers of surprise.

“Oh my God.” John and I said in unison.

“That’s right,” Tierra began. “I did it. I burned down Katy’s house.” She looked back at me. “I did it in an attempt to kill Kailey Reid under the request of my boyfriend, David. She pointed behind her at David.

“Order in the court! Order in the court!” The judge screamed as she connected her gavel to its stand repeatedly. “Miss Rodriguez pleads guilty of arson and attempted murder. I sentence you to life in prison. Amen.” The security guards stood Tierra up and pushed her out of the room. Tierra would be spending her life in jail. Exactly what she deserved.

“No! Tierra, no!” It was David, and he was about to break down into a fit of tears.

“Now for Mister Rogers.” The judge requested. Another group of security guards led David to the same abnormal podium that Tierra sat behind.

“Mister Rogers,” the judge began again. “You have been charged with first-degree murder. You are said to have killed, by gunshot, Jessa Regan. How do you plead?” It didn’t even take more than a second for David to respond. He was in tears. David NEVER cried.

“I plead guilty, your honor.” He sobbed. “Please, just let me go now.” He said.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Mister Rogers. Mister Rogers pleads guilty to first-degree murder. I sentence you to thirty years in prison. Amen.” The judge thumped her gavel one final time. “Case dismissed.” Everyone stood up to exit. Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Rodriguez were weeping and embracing, embracing and weeping. I jumped into John’s arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. I kissed him and didn’t let go.

“I’m so happy,” I said to him when we finally broke the kiss.

“Me too, Kailey.” He smiled.

“Thank you for being there for me.” He put me down.

“I love you, Kailey Reid.”

“I love you too, John Evans.”


When John dropped me off at my house, my mom was standing outside.

“Did you forget about what we’re doing today?” she asked, tapping her foot on the ground impatiently.

“Umm…” I thought really hard but couldn’t remember. “Yes?”

“Oh, Kailey,” she said. “Sometimes I don’t know what to do with you. Get in the car. Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“Hopefully you’ll remember whenever we get there.” She said, rolling her eyes. We rode in silence. I honest-to-God could not remember where we were going. When we arrived, I remembered though. We were at the Dodge dealership, getting me new car keys.

“Do you remember now?” my mother asked.

“Yes, Mom. I do.” I chortled and hugged her. I stepped out of the car and into the dealership. I strolled up to the front desk and said,

“Hi, I lost my car keys in a house fire and I need new ones. I drive a 2017 Dodge Challenger.” The guy at the front desk reached underneath the desk and pulled out a plastic box labeled “2017 Challenger”. He handed me a set of keys. “Thank you!” I took them from his hands. When I appeared back at the car, I said to my mom,

“Let’s go pick up my car.” I grinned. My mother drove me to Katy’s house. When we arrived, I jumped out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat of my car.

“I’ve missed driving you.” I whispered as I gripped the steering wheel. I jammed my key into the ignition and turned it. The car shook a little as it started. “Let’s do this, baby.” I put it into reverse and backed out of the driveway. I reached for the stick and pushed it into drive. I stepped down on the gas pedal incredibly hard. I shot off down the street screaming,

“Woo-hoo!” John didn’t live very far from Katy, and I wanted to show him that I got my car back. I made a left instead of a right. I stopped in front of John’s house. He was sitting on the hood of his own car, playing on his phone. I rolled down the window.

“John!” I shrieked. His head whipped around to see my car. “Want to go for a ride?” He chuckled.

“Of course,” he replied, leaping off of his car. “Any day with you.”


Don't Do It

Kailey Reid is an average 18 year old girl from El Paso, Texas. She is spending the night at her friend Katy's house for Katy's birthday sleepover when she decides to break up with her boyfriend, David Rogers. Shortly after she breaks up with David, she begins receiving calls to her cell phone from an unknown caller. Crazy things begin happening at Katy's house. Very crazy things. When Kailey and her friends finally escape the house, Kailey is determined to find the person or people that made that night so horrific. Will Kailey be able to find the criminal or criminals and prove it was them? Or will she be taken by their wrath?

  • ISBN: 9781370834815
  • Author: Chloe Mason
  • Published: 2017-07-20 22:20:19
  • Words: 11945
Don't Do It Don't Do It