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Donald Trump vs. Jacob Sartorius

Donald Trump vs. Jacob Sartorius

  • Donald Trump vs. Jacob Sartorius
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Donald Trump vs Jacob Sartorius

Hi its me alvaro again! This is another tale I made.

I worte it for my dad.

I love you daddy!

This is a story about president trump who is a very fat ugly old man who wants to destroy Jacob satroius who is a very pretty kid that looks like a girl and they hate each other but in reality they liked each other a lot and they were very shy and didn’t know how to say they like each other because their love was impossible!!!

I hope you like I daddy!!!!!

Once upon a time…

Donald trumpo woked up and said:

“ha ha it feels too good to be an American old guy” And then he took breakfast.

He ate two eggs with bacon and oragnce juice for breakfast and also hotcakes with honey and a butter.

He ate too much and he was fat.

“aaaah I ate too much, now im fat!!! MYy stomach hurts!!!” Donald trump cried and then he said to his butler (his butler was a zombie, because Donald trump was actually a WICTH and he had magic powers) he said to his butler:

“servant zombie butler please tun of the tv so I can see myself on tv and I will feel happy and my stomach wont hurt anymore!!! Turn on the tv!!”

And the zombie servant butler said:

“say pleaseeee”

“no! do what I say!” said Donald and the zombie butler servant said:

“say pleaaaaaaseeeee!” and Donald say:

“Okay, please turn on the tv!”

And then the servant turned ion the tv and donadl trump say:

“Now I will see a lot of people talking how awesome I am that will make me feel better ha hah!”

The tv was on and the zombie butler put the news and there was a blad ugly guy talking about weather and Donald went angry and roared:


And then Donald changed the channel and put another channel and then he watched cartoons for 3 hours and then president Donald trump put the channel news again:

“now they will talk about me because im very famous because im the president !” Donald trump said.


There wasn’t any new about him!


“Why there isn’t any new about me! Im the president all the news should be about me!1” screamed president Donald.

Then he started watching the news, but all the news were about a boy named….


“what? Who is this man?” asked president Donald.

And then mr robot butler said:

“I will look on wikpédia page, so I will know who is he” and then the wikpedia page about Jacob Sartorius said:

Jacob Sartorius is a boy who is a very pretty and looks like a girl so all girls like him and also sings like a girl and is very pretty so girls like him a lot because he sings them about romances and kisses and hugges and he has the face of a girl so he is pretty unlike president Donald trump who is very ugly old and fat and smell like farts and rotten cheese.

We like Jacob Sartorius but we don’t like mr president Donald trump because he is ugly and he is mean to the mexcians. Mexiacnas don’t like mr president Donald trump because he is fat and ugly and mean with them and think Jacob satorius is much better because girls like him and many girls will actually kiss him but no girl will kiss mr president Donald trump :P

2aaaaa!” said mr president trump after reading the Wikipedia page about Jacob Sartorius! He was mad!


“I will kill him! I will kill Jacob Sartorius!!!” said mr president donald trump “I will kill him I will kill him I will kill him! I will destroy his face so people wont like him anymore and girl wont want to kiss him so they will have to kiss me instead! Ha ha !”

“how are you going to kill him?” asked the zombie butler.

“with my guns.”said Donald trump. “I have many guns in my house because im very rich and im the president and I will use my gun to destroy Jacob sartoius!”

Then Donald trump went to his room and among his toys and his videogames there was a big golden box filled with swords, missiles,knifes and guns. Then Donald picked a very big silver gun with lots of red stars with lots of golden bullets shaped like an eagle and he sad:

“I will kill Jacob sartoriuis!!1” and he left the house with the big gun.

Meanwhile Jacob Sartorius was in a big concert wearing a pretty pink and silver dreess and wearing golden high hells covered with pink sparkle dust. He had star earrings and wore make up and he looked like a girl so girls liked him and said : “aaaaah we love you Jacob sartortius!!! You are so pretty!”

And Jacob sing a song for them about love, hugging and kisses and asked the girls at the concert to be his girlfriend and all the girls screamed:

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” but they werent mad they were happy.

But then the music stopped and the earth started to shake and the girls at the concert were very scared.

“what is happening? Who are you?” asked Jacob Sartorius and then he saw a big helicopeter in the sky and president Donald trump was on it, with a big gun saying:

“hey Jacob Sartorius! Its me, Donald trump the president!! I will kill and I will destroy your face so girl wont want to kiss you anymore so they will have to kiss me instead!”

“ew that man is very old and ugly ew” said the girls at the concert and Donald trump was very angry so he started shooting everyone at the concert but then Jacob Sartorius started to shot pink laser beams from his eyes because he was actually a robot.

And he came from the space! So he used his powers to fight against president Donald trump!!! Aaaaa!!

Paf! Zap! Plum and zap!

President Donald trump and Jacob Sartorius fought for several hours and they shoy bullets and laser beams to each other for several hours and then Donald trump said:

“uh my gun don’t have bulelts anymore I will have to do something else!1” and then mr president Donald trump said:

“I will use my magic powers because im a waitch, and I will use my magic to destroy your face, Jacob Sartorius!”

And then Donald trump used magic to make fire rain from the sky and he make severals houses and building to explode but then Jacob Sartorius used his robot powers to repel the attack using his energy shield like steven universe.


Jacob Sartorius was actually…

A CRYSTAL GEM!!!!1!!!!!!

“Mr president Donald trump! You have so mean to the girls at my cocert and also very mean with mexcians!!1 I will teach you a lesson and you will be a good boy!”

“No, I will kill you!” said mr president Donald trump and he made fire rain from the sky once again but Jacob Sartorius transformed into a very big robot and ounched donadl trump in the face and then in the stomach and Donald trump vomited and started crying.

All the girs at the concert were “ewwww, vomit is gross, mr president donald trump is very gross!1!”

And Donald cried and said:

“please don’t kill me, Jacob Sartorius! Im not really evil, I just wanted to kill you because I was very jelly! I was jelly because ur very pretty and look like a girl so girls like you so and always want to kiss like you! I wish I was pretty like you so girls will like to kiss and hug me!”

Jacob Sartorius felt sorry for mr president Donald trup and said:

“its ok mr resident Donald trump, I forgive you! You don’t have to be angry anymore, because I will kiss you so then you will be happy!!!!

And then…

Jacob Sartorius kissed mr president donald trump!!!


Donald trump transformed into a very pretty princess!!!

“thank you Jacob Sartorius” said mr president Donald trump who now was a very pretty princess. “many years ago I was cursed by a Mexican wicth for being mean with her so he cursed me making me old and ugly so nobody wanted to kiss me, but yur true love kiss made a princess back again! Thank you very much!”

“you are welcome!” said Jacob Sartorius. “Hey I think you are now a princess we should get married. Do you agree?”

“ya, I agree” said mr president Donald trump and they got married.

Mr president Donald trump was very happy for being the girlfriend of Jacob Sartorius and Jacob Sartorius was very happy for having a girlfriend. Everyone was happy.

Mr president Donald trump and Jacob Sartorius moved to Disney world and they lived in a castle like a princess and prince and they had 50 kids and 38 of their kids were girls that became princess too and the other kids became princes and they all travelled around the world making it a better place for everyone and mr president Donald trump changed his guns for a big drafgon pet and everyone was happy because of that.

The End

Donald Trump vs. Jacob Sartorius

  • Author: Amalockh1
  • Published: 2016-05-27 21:50:08
  • Words: 1603
Donald Trump vs. Jacob Sartorius Donald Trump vs. Jacob Sartorius