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Please be aware that images and information used in the Dn Ebook are a documentation of my own usage and there is no intention to infringe on any existing copyrights or to defame any organizations or individuals. Any Domain Names mentioned available to hand register were available to hand register during February 2017 Of course it is entirely possible they have since been hand registered from that point forwards


Table of Contents




Hand Register a Domain


Parking Domains


Setting Name Servers

Paying For a Name


Transferring Domains


60 Day Transfer Restriction


Account Security


Domaining Tools






Terms and Meanings


Chinese Domains


Buying Domain Names


Selling Domain Names


Backordering Domains


Idn Domain Names




Trademark Tools


Sales Data

New Gtlds


Country Code Tld’s


Setting Up Shop






The Future





Domainer Suicide





Changing World


Some Good Will

Thank You Email


But It’s My Birthday


Just In Time


Google Is Your Friend


Social Media


Your Thinking Cap


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Adult Domains


Win Some Lose Some


Stolen Domain Names

Strange Bidding


Famous Domainers


Progressive Future

Industry Links


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Is the art of buying and selling webpage addresses (Domain Names)

Described by some as the next gold rush

Are domains really the next big thing?

You can own one from $10-$12 per year and there are

no restrictions on how much you can sell it for?

Learn where to buy Domain Names, where to sell Domain Names

What tools to use and how to pay for what names and why?

People need a domain name to set up a website

Even in a world of apps websites are still very relevant

Have fun and learn how and why so many are now

getting into domaining for fun and serious investment




“Congratulations your Domain Name has been sold” is the best email a domainer can receive!



Introduction To Domaining

Welcome to the 2017 updated version of this ebook. The 2011 Domain Name Investors Ebook has now been replaced by Dn Ebook (Domain Name Ebook) Some of the old rules and attitudes have changed and the current debate of whether the new Gtld’s are going to succeed is truly fascinating! We are also now fully amerced into in a world of Brandables and Chinese “Chip Domains” So let’s get started and create a solid platform and understanding of what domaining is in the modern world of the Internet and how it can become a sound investment!


What is Domaining?


First off, there are no affiliate links in the Dn Ebook. Situated within this ebook there are well over 100 invaluable time saving Domain Name industry links plus discussion on the new Gtld’s and also a look at the world of idn’s (International Domain Names) There is also a glossary of common domaining terms to give you a thorough knowhow without delay! You will soon be armed with the best knowledge base needed to make informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling Domain Names. Consider that for less than the price of a single domain registration the Dn Ebook will save you wasting heaps of time searching for information and wasting money buying the wrong Domain Names! The Dn Ebook is an invaluable resource to draw upon when getting started in this exciting new industry! Consider Domaining to be the buying and selling of Virtual Property (website addresses)


Contemplate how old Telephones, Radio and Television are and then think about how young the Internet is! Then reflect on how much Internet growth there has been while reading the following couple of paragraphs:


When I caught up with a friend in about 2005 I asked ‘what are you doing for job?’ The answer was ‘I am working at a Domain Name registrar’ He went on to tell me how some people were making money out of typo’s! ‘What’s a typo?’ I curiously asked. It was explained to me that some people make mistakes when typing a website address name into the address bar on their browser (the address bar is up top where you type in a website address) He went on to mention that once arriving at the mistyped address providing he page still had relevant adverts people would click on them and make the owner of the typo Domain Name some income via their parking page ads. I was amazed to hear this! Intrigued, I inquired ‘Can anyone do this?’ The answer was ‘Yes’ immediately the light bulb in my head went off! Wow people make money on the Internet via Virtual Real Estate addresses. I asked ‘Why not just register correctly spelled Domain Names instead of typos?’ The answer was ‘You can do that too’ I was instantly hooked on the idea of investing in virtual property. (Update 2017: typos do still make some folk money but due to the fact some browsers do not offer the address bar the chance of making money this way has been lessoned) This means the value of a typo has also been diminished. Timber.Com is correct, Timbet.com is a typo because someone hit the ‘T’ keystroke instead of the ‘R’ and then pushed enter. If there were relevant ads on the typo page people still may click on the ads!


Also it is worth noting typos do not generally get indexed by the search engines due to lack of content on the landing pages (Just Adverts) The chance of an accidental typo in appearing via a search engine is most unlikely. Some generic correctly spelt names occasionally appear in a search engine result but this has become less and less as Google and Bing seek quality content in their search results. Also remember Google have paying customers using the Google Adsense service. These are the adverts appearing on the top and bottom of the search pages. People pay to have their adverts on these pages and it is more in the search engines interests to make money this way. The parking companies split the ‘Parking Revenue with Google and You’ So it’s better for Google to run their own ads and not have parking pages appear in your search results! Many feel the days of the direct type in (Correct Domain Name) into the address bar are also over, they may be correct? We are now programmed to search via Google! However depending on your age and habits you may still prefer to type the website address into the address bar at the top of you browser. (Browser is a window opened using the Internet, examples are Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari)


Next I cautiously asked ‘What about the tech bubble crash of year 2000, wasn’t the Internet finished?’ It was further explained to me the earlier version of that Internet was completely flawed and that some of the promises being made were too unrealistic! It was no wonder most of the Internet Based public floats in the stock market ultimately failed. It was then further explained to me that a whole new generation were growing up with the Internet and that many of the people who had sold their names in haste in the year 2000 would end up regretting it later on. Online business attitudes were changing and the idea of having a website that did not offer the world, but perhaps just an easy to ship and affordable product such as t-shirts or books (Including Ebooks) made a whole lot more sense. When technology progressed a little more then it would be time to make the promises of things that could be achieved! Those days are here and many websites make income via affiliate programs (more about that later)


So I started my journey into Domain Name Investing and soon discovered it was a minefield of information with some being good and some being quite confusing? I think when I first joined Namepros (A great place to get started) I got a bit too puzzled at how a forum actually worked? So I went elsewhere looking for information about this new hobby/passion I had enthusiastically thrust myself into! Eventually I rediscovered Namepros and started to ask questions. Although I would have really liked some form of guide, just to get me started. I needed a collection of terms and phrases of what things were and why they were named so? It really did take quite a while to get all the information I required and I could have saved some time money and lots of frustration had I had a decent reference point to start with! (Like This Ebook) Keeping that in mind that is why I have written the Dn Ebook. This Domain Name Investing Guide will not offer any false promises or get rich quick schemes. Instead it will try and point you in the best direction early on in your domaining career. In domaining knowledge is your best power and tool, the Dn Ebook will help you with that!


You will quickly learn lots of relevant industry terms from the reference material and the helpful links on offer. There is lots of helpful explanations to guide you through the different transfer scenarios and how to go about paying for a Domain Name. You will learn where to sell, what to register and why! Basically this is the reference tool I wish I could have accessed when I was starting out! I can now offer the all information needed to get started in domaining in one easy to read resource. Consider that if the Dn Ebook saves you time, money and costly mistakes. It has achieved the purpose of its undertaking. This is a great starting point with reference links and handy info, all for less than the cost of regging a name! At this point let’s consider how old the Internet is and where it is going? The Internet is Still Young! All the websites you visit daily use a Domain Name and always will!


Domaining is the business of buying, selling and investing in Domain Names. What is a Domain Name? A Domain Name is a website address, all websites have a Domain Name. Does a Domain Name have to be a website? No, an example would be number one smith street is a vacant block of land, but it still has an address … ‘Number One Smith Street‘ The same applies to a Domain Name. You can have a Domain Name without a website, but not a website without a Domain Name! Technically a website can exist without a title, it would exist as just a series of numbers in the address bar of your browser. The human mind works well but can you imagine having to remember a series of numbers and dots every time you searched for a website or typed in a website address. You simply could not do it or if you could, it would be with very limited success and quite frustrating! To the point you may just give up on the internet at this stage and go back to the phonebook as your preferred choice of information supply (Remember Phonebooks) It could be said when you register a Domain Name you have created a “New Address On The Internet” you can now ‘Activate it’ by assigning names servers for hosting of a website or a parking page. (More on Names Servers and Parking later) Parking page with static adverts example is below.



The human mind associates much better with ‘words’ rather than numbers in this situation. So when each word Domain Name comes into existence as a website it will have what is called an ip number (Internet Protocol Number) In other words a website has an associated ip address number but it will be the “Word Title/Domain Name” that plays the major part in the human mind. We often connect to words much better than numbers. Consider how hard it is to remember all the new phone numbers you come across in just one week! You will undoubtedly remember a website’s “Word Title” before the ip number address. Ask your self which is easier to remember: Business.Com or (Type both into your browser’s address bar then push enter) You will see they both take you to the same website, Business.Com Also another factor is that if the website address contains the countries extension you will trust it more if it is local to you. Example is if you live in England and type in LondonHireCars.Co.Uk or Hirecars.Hk Which one would you think would be more likely to gain an English residents trust as being local and most accessible for them? HireCars.Co.Uk of course. HireCars.Hk is a Hong Kong based website address (.Hk is the cctld for Hong Kong. More on Country Code Top Level Domains later) We can now see that words and locality work best when it comes to websites. Although, the main extension of the Internet (.Com) is not actually associated to any specific country? .Com is called a generic Tld extension (Top Level Domain)


Ever since the “Public Internet” began in the 1980’s people have been registering Domain Names. The most popular domains are the .Coms because alongside .Net this is the extension first used worldwide on the Internet and as a result it is now the most recognizable. Because of this it has an inherent value much greater than any other extension! .Com is the most popular extension used basically since day one of the Internet. Some people do not use search engines, they just type in the subject and add a .com! Example is to type in Travel.Com This method is called “Direct Navigation” Instead of using a search engine like Google or Bing they just type in the subject and normally use .Com. In many countries .Com is still one of their most popular extensions. What is an extension? An extension is the end part of a Domain Name. Most countries now have their own extensions. Australia has the extension of .Com.Au, England has the extension .Co.Uk, India has .In, The American extension is .Us although most people assume .Com to be the most used American extension … and to a point they are correct as it was in America where .Com started and the .Us extension has not really taken off yet. Even after two decade from it’s first release! Businesses want the most well known extension, which is (Yep you guessed it .Com)


In a world of fast communications a great self-advertising Internet address (Domain Name) is very important, people pay good money for best ones available! If your business is selling furniture you would want a website address such as Furniture.Com because it’s short and easy to remember. Plus it contains the generic keyword of “Furniture” in the title. Many people would type in Furniture.Com before they went to a search engine to sort through all the results. Maybe you sell outdoor furniture? Then the best address would be Outdoorfurniture.Com. Self-advertising and to the point is what a good Domain Name/Website Address is. People can pay a lot of money to own the rights to memorable Domain Name! Diamond.com was sold in 2008 year for U.S $7.5 million dollars because this was considered to be the best Domain Name for the owner of a business which deals in diamonds (They were correct, you just can’t get any better) Guess what, this domain was registered for about $10 U.S.D per year, yes $10 per year! A truly amazing investment for the person who sold it!


The average cost to register a .Com Domain Name is currently about $10-$12 a year and there are no restrictions on how much you can sell it for. Domain Names have finally been recognized as a great way to invest by the media and also by the broader investment community! Although as a whole, it still remains a mystery to most people, even after all these years! Domaining is considered by many in the “Know” to be the ‘Goldrush’ of the 21st century. Many participants are starting to see amazing returns on their original investments. Domains are the REAL ESTATE of the 21st century with the benefit of a low reg fee cost of $10-$12 a year. Although you can buy an established name for more if you want? Many people are still hand regging new names each day. This means they are thinking of website address’s and registering the rights to the name. Some people are registering names in the American .Us extension or perhaps the Chinese extension .Cn There are many opportunities all over the world. Because India has such a large population, the .In extension has become a popular extension. Some people just invest in the .In extension. Some just invest in the .Com extension. There is a very popular saying amongst domainers that ‘Dot Com is King’ Many folk only deal in this extension because of its acceptance and reputation worldwide! .Com is very popular with new startup companies!


The Australian extension of .Com.Au is one of the few restricted Domain Name extensions. You are expected to have a domain you own associated to your business and an Australian Business Number or other criteria such as an Australian Business presence or an active Trademark set in place. Some believe these restrictions will be lifted in the future but for now this extension still has some restrictions. Don’t worry though … there’s the rest of the world to buy domains from!! There are websites dedicated to the buying and selling of Domain Names, you can place your names for sale there or buy a name from these sites. Some people feel it’s better to buy a previously registered name … Perhaps people are already searching for it? Example would be Cars.Com (There would be many people searching for information using this Domain Name) Or it may be a Domain Name that you thought of and someone else registered it before you did? Perhaps you believe there is a good future for that particular topic, so you buy it from them in the aftermarket. (More on the Aftermarket Sales Platforms later)


This happens all the time and this is how you can make money from buying a Domain Name. Many domainers buy a good name and hold it for a few years and then sell it for a good profit. Of course you are speculating on what is a good Domain Name? Do your research on what topics you think may be popular? Not every name is a great investment? Some people only buy names that have been already registered because they believe there are no good names left to hand register? They prefer to buy into an established market already. Some look into new upcoming technology and try to find a good Domain Name that way. These are called ‘Future Trend Domains’ A name like Holograph.Com or Wearables.Com (Wearable’s are smart watches and active wristbands plus many other products including the now forsaken Google Glass which is now destined to become something like Hololens) The term “Dn” is short for Domain Name, you will see it used quite often in this amazing industry! Some domainers will try and discover the title of the next big craze??… then get in early.


Hand Registering Domain Names

When registering a Domain Name consider if you want a 67 V8 Mustang or Toyota Prius? One has lots of appeal and plenty of grunt (.Com) The other is a Prius (.Info) By the way how are the young folk at spelling complicated words these days? EquilibriumEquinox.Com is currently available to hand register, now ask one of your friends to spell it! Remember a good Domain Name is easy to spell and pronounce and is also memorable!


To hand register a Domain Name is very easy, to register the correct Domain Name is much harder! In the following section of this Dn Ebook I will show you Domain Name that I recently hand registered. I will also share the reasons why. First off it is a three word Domain Name (Say What!) But aren’t only short names sellable? All names are sellable, but whether you actually sell them or not is different matter! One famous domainer called Mike Mann sold the four word Domain Name ThrillOfTheGrill.Com for $30,000 This Domain Name now redirects to Home Depots grilling appliances sales webpage. The name was mostly likely used for a commercial either on Tv or the Radio. It was easy to remember and spell, to the people who purchased it the length was no issue. It was a handy slogan and is still now being put to use. Below shows us that Godaddy.Com is the most popular of the Domain Name Registrars



For the purpose of this book I thought it may be handy to go through the process of hand registering a Domain Name and some of the reasons for my choice of Domain Name. I will share my thinking with you. First off the Domain Name I hand registered is FindHiddenWealth.Com A three worder! Why? Well there are a couple of reasons, one is that the Domain Name is finance based (finance based Domain Names have the ability to create good revenue either parking or as a operating website) Plus it is a “Call To Action” Domain Name. This Domain Name invites you to “Find Hidden Wealth” which is something most people desire! The name is slightly vague but in this scenario but that is ok. If the Domain Name was to be FindHiddenSuperannuation it would be locked into only one genre! Yet with a name such as Find Hidden Wealth can be used for a variety of purposes such as Real Estate, The Stockmarket and all manner of financial based services (Including Superannuation) The Domain Name is also in the best extension being .Com. As you can see the search revealed the Domain Name was available



Names like Wealth.com and HiddenWealth.com are long gone now (Wealth.Com was created in 1994) Meaning we are left with choices, buy into a lessor extension (Wealth.Net is listed for sale at $95,000) at this point of time. No doubt a handy name but way out of my budget! Also my second choice of HiddenWealth.Com (Created in 1998) was also long gone in the .Com .Net and .Org extensions. It was the same situation for (FindWealth.com created 2003) in the .Com .Net and .Org extensions. There were other options such as DiscoverWealth but as expected is was also gone in the .Com extension and the .Net version was listed for sale for $477 (Fair price I thought) But for me I was still seeking to hand register a .Com using a call to action phrase! It’s worth noting as time goes by longer Domain Names may become more “Acceptable” due to the supply situation (The shorter ones are gone and already in use or just too expensive for some folk) As previously mentioned this is a finance based Domain Name and can achieve some good advertising revenue due to the fact most finance based advertisers on Google and the like, pay a decent sum to have their ads clicked on. The higher they bid to have people click on their advertisements the higher they are seen in the search results. This means to whomever is using this Domain Name is that they can gain decent income if people click on their ads if the name was operating as a website with Google Adsense ads placed on the site. This element adds appeal, hey we all wish to make money and if a Domain Name adds to expanding our income you could say it was a good choice.


Domain Names can be sold to all manner of people, if you have a vegetarian based Domain Name your buyer will probably be a vegetarian or at least a business selling vegetarian products or services. If your Domain Name is “Pet Based” you will most likely sell it to business involved with pets. Example would be Petfood.Com (This is known as a category killer because you simply cannot get any better for the genre of “Pet Food”) When registering a Domain Name it is worth thinking of potential endusers, will it sell easily? So let’s consider the endusers you are aiming to sell to for just a moment. If an enduser had a business in finance such as Life Insurance they would be regularly dealing with high dollar amounts and pay good money for advertising leads. To these folk a name like LifeInsurance.Com is priceless because of the self- branding aspect and the .Com extension (It can be used worldwide) To purchase such a Domain Name could cost in the millions! However such a Domain Name to a business in this genre is perfect and if used alongside a successful Life Insurance business would re-coup the outlay over time and then become an “Invaluable” asset.

A vegetarian based business will still need a great name but they will not be dealing such high dollars on average so it would be fair to say that if you were hand registering Domain Names aimed at being sold to this industry you would not achieve high prices when compared to finance based Domain Names.


Worth keeping in mind that many folk change over to vegetarian and there will always be a market for a good vegetarian Domain Name but they will probably not reach the high reseller prices achieved in the finance industry! The Domain Name of Fund.Com was sold in 2008 for $9,999,950 because of it’s perceived value to that finance/fund based industry. When I went to NameBio and searched the sales data for the word “Fund” it showed that there have been 529 .Com Domain Name sales containing the word “Fund” (there would have been a little crossover from the word “Fun”) but essentially most of these sales related to the word “fund” I then searched for sales data relating to the word “Vegetarian” I could only see 14 listed results. This tells me that the finance based sector are more proactive in buying Domain Names which means if I am to hand register a Domain Name and try to sell it, the finance based Domain Names appear to have much more success according to Namebio sales data (More on Namebio Sales Data later)


You never actually “Own” a Domain Name. You will either hand register it or you will purchase the rights for a Domain Name in the aftermarket. Individuals and companies alike can pay over a million dollars if the believe the Domain Name is best for their business or is a great investment! Most Domain Names do not sell for anywhere near a million dollars but there has been many success stories evolving from “ Hand Registering Domains” But how do you register a Domain Name? When you register a Domain Name from new it is called a hand reg. In other words you have registered by hand, it is a new registration! Hand regging is easy, hand regging is addictive and hand regging is dangerous to your budget! Why? Because there is a certain element of excitement when you hand register a Domain Name! “Did I just register a million dollar name?” The answer is that it is highly unlikely! Pretty much all of the great names were registered decades ago and if they dropped they we soon picked up again. Even many of the “Future Tech” Domain Names are now also many years old. However it is fair to say for the hard workers some success can be had. These hard workers have a great understanding of how domaining works. They realize that some categories will allow for more than just one big player (The .Com)


Sometimes a category is set for growth there may be room for secondary hand registrations? If the .Net or the .Org is not taken they may register a name using these extensions if the .Com is unavailable. Please note the success rate is lower than using a .Com (It’s harder to sell lessor extensions) The value of .Net has dropped off significantly lately, yet it is a worldwide trusted extension and a great starting point for companies that cannot obtain the .Com version of what they need. Domainers do not like .Net but developers do so it is case wait and see. The .Org extension was originally aimed at organizations like charities but for a while now it has been used commercially and has some popularity with domainers. In fact when searching for a new Domain Name quite often you will see the .Com and .Org have already been registered. Leaving .Net and .Info still available. Now at this point you need to consider how many .Info’s and .Net’s you regularly visit? Probably not many! Yet to a new startup that cannot afford the .Com these are quite handy options. (.Net is preferred over .Info) I would not base a portfolio around this way of thinking though. Perhaps you might try one or two? But as a rule be wary!


Domain Name registrars such as Godaddy and Uniregistry make their money by domainers and endusers registering Domain Names. They are all too happy for you to spend your hard earned money on domains and extensions that may be mistakes (It keeps them in business) So be aware of this once you start your domaining! As mentioned to hand register a Domain Name is quite exciting, there is a certain buzz about it all. There is excitement and perceived contentment that you have just registered the next big thing! The reality is probably 99% of new hand registrations are just crap and will never sell. But here’s the thing, domainers get stubborn and sentimental about their new Domain Name and worse still their pride “I know what I am doing, I’ll just keep it another year for when a buyer comes along” The registries love this way of thinking (It keeps them in business) At the risk of confusing you (But all the good ones are gone?) I am now going to say that the title of this ebook is called Dn Ebook and to my amazement the Domain Name of DnEbook.Com was actually available to hand register! I was surprised and excited, but here’s the thing I already had a purpose for this name (I will eventually either make a minisite or forward this Domain Name directly onto the sales page for this ebook) In this case it all made sense! It does go to show that yes you can still do a hand reg and get a good result. Had this name not been available I may not have continued searching.

You need to know when to “Walk Away” domainers go a little stir crazy and quite often register “Second Best and Third Best” Just to prove something to themselves “See I got an ok name” Then a year later when nobody wants the name they have to concede “Yes it was a crap name and I should have ….walked away!” When domainers see something sell for good sum they often try to emulate it. If a name like PandaPhone.Com was to sell for a big amount, the day after everyone hears of the sale their will be an upsurge in panda and phone Domain Names …smartpandaphone or pandasmartphones phonesforpandas mypandaphone thepandaphone and so on and so on. The truth is the sale may have just been a fluke or the purchaser had a very specific purpose for this one particular name and everything else is incidental. In other words there is not going to be a big rush on Pandphone or Domain Names with PandaPhone in the title! All these second best options, even the .Com examples are still worthless and will most likely end up dropped a year or two later (The registers love this … it keeps them in business) Over at the NamePros forum there is a section called “Niche Domains” In this section there are various threads relating to various categories such as (Virtual Reality) Vr Domains, Robot Domains, Short Domains, (Augmented Reality) Ar Domains and even Ai (Artificial Intelligence) amongst others. In these threads I see the same people registering names on a daily basis and then “Showing Them Off” to the other participants in the thread. Sometimes they get a “Like” and this only entices them to keep hand registering Domain Names that more often than not are “Second and Third, even Forth best options!”


Rather than spending money in the aftermarket to acquire a decent Domain Name they are addicted to hand registering names. This is a very bad strategy that many, many new domainers fall into the trap of doing. Then after two years and hundreds, perhaps thousands of wasted dollars they realize it was all a waste of time! Do not fall into this habit! Yes there is nothing wrong with hand registering a few names and trying to sell them when starting off. However when you are hand registering two or three names a day all of a sudden you are spending a lot of money on what are basically “Lottery Ticket Domains” Many of these domainers believe that they can sell the names on the forums where they got their “Likes” They soon find out that just because someone liked your name it doesn’t mean they wish to purchase (The person giving the “like” probably also have a bunch of rubbish names they are hoping to sell and do not want to add your name to their list) Some of the registrars occasionally offer discount codes and it is only then that to “Take a Chance” on a second or third choice Domain Name for a year makes sense. Some Domain Name registrars offer you a discount so you will register it once and hopefully re-register it for many years after the first year? You can ask around at the forums if there are any current discount codes available? You will get a few responses but keep in mind most discount codes can only be used once and the days of a regular discounted hand regging are fast disappearing!


Godaddy used to offer many discount codes and when the demand for Chip Domain Names happened in 2015 there were domainers using discount codes to register Domain Names for a $1 or $2 and then selling these names for $50 or even $100 the next day! (There is more info about Chip Domain Names later in the Dn Ebook) But those days are gone! If you are going to hand register a “New Name” that is perhaps in the Future Tech niche be aware that you may have to keep it for up to a decade without ever getting an offer! Sometimes in situations like Future Tech you may be better off buying a quality Domain Name in the aftermarket. One purchase I recently noticed was that someone had bought the Domain Name VrGame.Net for $2,000 U.S.D midway through 2016. The name is owned by a Chinese investor who has listed the name for sale again on the landing page (The current landing page) So in this persons mind the category of Vr (Virtual Reality Games) is going to be big enough for developers and other domainers to want to buy VrGame.Net. Time will tell if they are correct but their thinking is sound and the Domain Name does appear to retain value. Virtual Reality Games are going to be absolutely huge just a little further down the road. Also worth noting the Chinese folk do use .Net for some of their websites. He decided to buy aftermarket rather than hand register a second or third choice .Com “Vr Games Domain Name”


It may work out the next owner of VrGame.Net may be another investor or developer. The point is that sometimes you are better off buying than hand registering. Also worth noting that the term VrGame is registered in many other extensions such as .Org .Info .Biz .Shop .Xyz etc. Many believe this will be a strong category! The person that previously owned this name most likely registered it in 2013 according to the “Whois Data” at Dynadot registrar (More on “whois” later) It appears that the .Com version of this name was registered in 1998 according to the “Whois Data” at Dynadot. This says to me that the seller of VrGame.Net did in fact go for a second best option in a very strong growth category. It was better than hand registering a second/third choice Domain Name such as the following example of BestVrGamesOnline.Com Now this does not mean that BestVrGamesOnline.Com will not sell but it is highly unlikely that BestVrGamesOnline.Com will fetch anywhere near the sales price of VrGame.Net Simply put, although not a .Com Domain Name. VrGame.Net is in a well known extension and is short and contains all the vital information! The category and the purpose, this particular Domain Name is self-advertising and in a fast growing industry! If a new startup cannot afford to buy the .Com version they may very well buy the .Net version of this name and the current owner might double or triple their money over the next year or two? If the new owners are successful in their venture they may have enough capitol (Money) to go after the .Com version later on. Currently when I looked VrGame.Com is a static page with no ads or information on display. There is just a picture. The current owner would be well aware that they are sitting on a winner and are just biding their time I would suggest.


Back to the niche threads at NamePros, so when the news got out that there had been a good sale in Vr Games there was a whole heap of new Vr Game based hand registrations and people giving each other “Likes” Truth is that most of these “Secondary and Third Choice Names” will be held for a few years and then dropped (The registrars like this, it keeps them in business) Talking of Future Tech Domain Names at this point I will mention that I did actually register HireRobot.Com back in 2005 and I have had to pay the annual registration fee ever since. My thinking was that one day when Robotics is a bit more common there will be a demand for “Hire Robots” Basically because they will be too expensive to buy! I did receive an offer of $1,500 the second year I owned it and it was rejected due to the fact I believed I would get more for it further down the road. Up till now I have only ever had this one offer and should have perhaps taken it and purchased a few “Numeric Domains” (More on Numeric Domains later) So the jury is out on this one, did I make a mistake? Or am I correct in waiting longer? Over a decade in fact. During the same year I also registered BotHire.Com as a shorter version of RobotHire.Com (Which was already taken) In the years since the term “Bot” has also come to mean “Small Pockets of Software” This Future Trend Domain Name now transcends over two categories. Robotics and Software, the world is always changing!


It could be said that all the people registering “Drone” Domain Names may be in for a similar wait. When you hand register a Domain Name you also need to know the spelling is correct and that there will be an enduser who will want to buy this name at some stage. Oh I forgot to mention that the opposite of HireRobot.Com ….RobotHire.com was sold in March 2016 for $2,000 U.S.D According to the whois date it was created in 2003. To my surprise domaining has taught me patience! Do I want to wait a decade every time to make good sale? No but when entering this particular genre I knew I would be in for a long wait. If you hand register a New Gtld you may be in the same situation, a long wait! (More on New Gtld’s Later)


The 3L market is very popular and out of the reach of many people due the fact all 3L Domain Names are now aftermarket (All have been registered for many years) however some people that do hand registrations will add a prefix or suffix to what would normally be a 3L Domain Name. They may add “Dr or Mr” to the start of a new hand reg. Or perhaps they may add a “Hq or Co” to the end of a new hand reg. Example is they may desire a Domain Name in the pet industry so they try for Mrpet or Pethq (Headquarters) I did register a few Vr based Domain Names last year and one example is VrgCo/com (Virtual Reality Game Company) You can add to a 3L combination and achieve some success. As a rule the 5L Domain Name market has dropped off and you need to be quite sure there will be an enduser for what you are registering! Many random 5L “Chinese Chips” are being dropped this year (More on Chinese Chips later) Please be aware that yes you can possibly hand register a Domain Name like nnnnnnnnnnwwwwwwwwww.Com (Ten of Each) but who is going to buy it from you? You need to take things like this into consideration in all your dealings when it comes to Domain Names. Simply put “Is there a market?” One website to use to get an idea of previous sale and markets is Namebio.Com you can get previous sales data to help guide you. (More on Namebio later)


Before we leave this part of the Dn Ebook I will mention an annoying new development that has emerged over the last year or so. People can request to Verisign (the people that run .Com .Net amongst other extensions) to get the data on new Domain Name registrations. This means that your new Domain Name registration is now public knowledge and because of that you will receive associated spam. This spam comes by way of phone calls from website developers wishing to make a website for you. I will not name the offending country mostly responsible for this spam, other than to say they make a nice curry! You may get up to 5-10 phone calls the following day after you hand register a Domain Name! Most of these phone calls will appear as a private number so you can’t identify them as spam. Now here’s the part I don’t like, most will just rudely hang up on you when you say you are not interested in their services (Bad Business)


This attitude shows me that these folk are not worth doing business with, however it may just a callout center that is actually hanging up on you? Either way just a real hassle, to the point the day after I have hand registered a Domain Name I rarely answer any phone calls. I figure if someone really wants to contact me via the phone they will send me a text after a failed phone call. Sometimes I just answer and hang up immediately. You can also expect up to 20 emails regarding development. Some of these emails may not use names associated with the country doing the development. In other words if “Nancy” sends you an email it may not be “Nancy” you are really dealing with? Many of these sites on offer are just WordPress blogging platform websites that most people can soon learn to do themselves. (More on minisites later) Remember the question is when hand registering a Domain Name, who will buy it? The example below is available but has a limited pool of buyers, how many people are currently selling Space Travel Tickets?



Domain Name Parking

Ok I bought/registered a domain, now what? Well remember that vacant block of land, number One Smith Street. This is not a website but still exists, you will park it? Yes park it. (Do not register AppleComputerChannel.Com and park it. The ads that appear will infringe on Apple’s Trademark!) Parking is the term used for creating some small revenue from your Domain Name while it’s not for sale or sitting idle while you are waiting to sell it. Most parking pages will have a “For Sale Link” visible. Domain parking is like putting a mobile billboard on your vacant block of land, there are companies that put advertising on your Domain Name site and share the advertising revenue with you. You won’t make a fortune but you might make a couple dollars a year towards the renewal cost of that particular domain. Some of the great Domain Names do actually make good money from parking (Remember though due to search engines popularity this this form of revenue has declined) However let’s recall the Domain Name Furniture.Com, well if this Domain Name was just parking, because of its popular subject matter ‘Furniture’ there would still be many people that type in that name. Then once arriving there they click on the relevant ads to find information on furniture. This particular example would most likely pay for its registration fees many times over in a year … even if not developed (Not a website) some of the best Domain Names are still undeveloped and make decent money from being parked … Names like business and travel will always be popular and people will go looking for these kind of sites.


When they get there, even if only a parking page quite often it will get clicks on the ads, thus making income. (Update, some say parking is dead and that you may be better off buying cheap hosting and putting up a Wordpress Blog, an easy to use blogging platform website) Or a landing page with a for sale advert and your contact details. Another benefit of doing this is that cannot be accused of profiting off someone else’s trademark. Some of the parking pages will display trademarked company’s adverts and this means you are profiting off their brand name and they can come after you for doing this. A Urdp means Uniform Domain Name Resolution Dispute, in other words if you infringing on a trademark the owners of the trademark may start a Urdp against you and win possession of your Domain Name! However if you are wise and do not have ads relating to a trademark you should be ok. Some parking companies allow you to set the topic for your parking advertisements. You could playing with fire though! Here is how a Urdp is initiated .. learn about it … [+ Lodge a Urdp+]


Some people choose not to park their names and just list them for sale at sedo.com Forwarding to sales pages or waiting for prospective buyers to find them via the Whois Information (An internet search for the Domain Name owners contact details) for their Domain Names. Seems to be a bit of a lottery as to who does this strategy and who doesn’t? Just consider what your end motives are? If you purchased a name for parking revenue you may wish to take the chance? If you go to Domaining.Com you sometimes see articles about Domain Names being hit with a Urdp (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) This is where a one or three man panel will decide the fate of your domain name if there is a complaint made about it’s legitimacy and if the complainant has a better right to own it than you do? (Perhaps they have an active trademark and you have in fact infringed on their brand) You can pay to have a three panel team access the complaint but it will cost you over a thousand dollars so remember this next time you see a domain for sale that has ‘Apple and Computers’ as part of it’s title ….. it will most likely be destined for trouble if not now, later on, avoid!


If I click on my own ads or get my friends to click on the ads, will the parking company know? …. yes and they will probably close your account with them. They have fraud tracking software to detect strange patterns on which names are getting clicks. They will know who is trying to cheat them, avoid this! They hope for direct navigation traffic, which is when people type in your address out of interest to see what is there? Some of the older names have old links from websites and do get some clicks even as a parked page. The Domain Name may have been a website site that closed down but had lots of links on other websites that can still be clicked on by visitors to these sites. You can pay for tools to help you see if a Domain Name has lots of backlinks (Old links on other websites) SemRush.Com is a popular tool for this. Backlinkwatch.Com is a free resource as is Siteprice.Org You can get an idea of how many backlinks a domain has on these sites. If a Domain Name has 500 old backlinks it might just make you some money while parking, even these days! The Bodis Domain Name Parking website is easy to use and manage your Domain Name Parking options. You can have your parking revenue paid via Paypal which is quite handy.



Generic Websites such as something like Pen.Com do very well out of this. That is why such a Domain Name has a great value, because of the ‘Interest Factor’ a website that doesn’t even need advertising is a great asset in this fast changing world where the marketing dollar has great influence! This is called a generic word Domain Name, because it has a common dictionary word. Some feel that generics (Dictionary Words) are considered safer in an Urdp Dispute due to less trademark rights? Sometimes the domain is still lost due to the nature of the ads appearing on the parking page? Scary stuff to think that you may purchase a Domain Name in the thousands of dollars range and still lose it! I prefer to make a small WordPress Minisite and have Google Adsense on it (I have ads run by Google and they pay me if people click on them) You need to have your own hosting (Hosting = Cyberspace Real Estate Renting) plus a website and a Google Adsense account to create revenue. Quite often not much money is made unless you are a passionate blogger adding fresh content everyday. It does work for some folk though, especially if your blog/minisite is finance and insurance based because these advertisers pay more for clicks on their advertisements than a pet store or fashion shop. Remember if you cheat you will normally get caught!


Some companies offer parking and a sales service as well, Sedo.Com is one of the most popular companies for parking and selling. They are at the forefront of selling and they do sell many names each week. Sedo are considered one the industries best place to buy and sell, they also have auctions!! People can list their names for sale there and park elsewhere, this is allowed. Some people are happy to keep all their names at the same place and they are not too fussed about parking revenue. They are just happy to keep the management of their names all at one place. Ok I am going to park my name ……. what do I do? Once you own a Domain Name you will need to change name servers yes, name servers? Each parking company has their own name servers, there are some changes that you have to make at your Domain Name register (In your account section) As part of your Domain Name parking you can manage the settings of your parking pages. Try using different options such as “Two Step Click” and “Search Box” The example below shows us a Bodis Parking page set to the search box option. As well as offering relevant advertising this parking page offers the option to search further using the search box on the page.



Setting Name Servers

You will use your Name Servers to point your domains to websites associated with your Domain Name, parking, websites, social media and hosting. If you want to park at Sedo.Com, you will need a Sedo account (Join Site) and then add your name to their parking program. You will then change your name servers (Also referred to as DNS) Perhaps your name is registered at godaddy.com, you would go to > My account > Domain Name manager, tick the domain to change then click on Name Server Icon/Tab up the top of the Domain Name management page. Then you click on custom name servers, change the name servers to (If parking at Sedo) ns1.sedoparking.com and ns2.sedoparking.com then save the changes you have made. Seems complicated but once you have done it once it’s quite easy and you are able to change name servers very easily! Perhaps you are parking at Bodis.Com, once again you would go to manage accounts and click on name servers, you then change to ns1.Bodis.Com and ns2.Bodis.Com, each parking company have their own ns1 and ns2 Then click save changes!


Soon you will look at your new Domain Name and see there are ads on it. Some people don’t even bother to change name servers over to parking. If this is the case a parking page for Godaddy will appear if the name is registered at Godaddy.Com However keep it in mind Godaddy will receive any revenue from the parking ads! Godaddy do have a Domain Name Parking Program but you have to pay to be part of it, this is the only one I know of that does this and no Domainers that I know will pay to have their names parked, especially since it’s our domains making the money! Do not pay for parking, it is the parking company that has to pay us! Setting name servers is easy, just click on the Domain Name and put the required changes in the box. Example is ns1.bodis.com + ns2.bodis.com then save. Go to another window and type in your Domain Name’s address into the address browser. Please note, you may have to refresh your cache to see the new parking page (Clear Your History)



To try and improve your chances of getting people to click on your ads at many parking companies there is a tool called Optimization and this allows you to add a keyword or keywords to make the ads more to the subject matter of the Domain Name. Example is if your name is a car site name, let’s say … Conceptcars.Com, you will use keywords such as ‘Cars’ or ‘New Cars’ or perhaps ‘Modern Cars’ these keywords will determine the type of ads for your Domain Name parking page and help to either sell it or create some advertising revenue. You can play with this optimization tool until you feel you have the correct ‘Keywords’ if a prospective buyer looks at your site, it’s nice for them to get a slight idea of what the Domain Name may look like if developed into a website. An attractive parking page will contribute to this. Some parking companies will not have this option and the ads will be determined most likely by Google if they are the Parking Companies partners. You many wish to ask on a forum like Namepros.Com which Domain Name Parking Companies still offer an Optimization Option and who has the best payouts?



You can also use a Keyword tracking tool, these free tools that help Domainers seem to be disappearing in favor of paid tools but here is one example SoloSeo.Com. If you go here and type in a word into the search bar you will get results of how many people are searching for that term/word/subject. You will get an exact match and also an indication of the terms use in other searches. Google Trends is another tool that may help you collect data on a subject. Some folk would go there and compare the terms Vr verses Virtual Reality to see which is the most popular of the two terms? This information helps to conclude which is the most viable to own, the most popular term of course!


When you type in a search into Google you will see how many results there are (This search results number is just above the first of the results and paid Adsense ads up top) You can also try Google Trends (More on Google Trends in Domainer Tools section) Try to do a search for Robot,Robo,Bot (Use a comma to separate each word) This gives you an idea of how popular a subject is? Also if you do a Google search and there are lots of ads in the top and bottom of a Google page you will see this is also a popular subject because there are many advertisers paying to be a result for the subject search. Once again sounds confusing but like most things after you do it once you normally get the idea. One company called WordTracker.Com also offer a statistics tool that tells you how many people searched for a particular term each day, this will give you an idea of how popular the name/subject you are thinking of buying or registering is. You will need to sign up for a free trial to use this for a limited time, then decide if it is worth paying for continued use of this tool, but a free trial is a handy tool for a short time!


Just next to the Name Severs Section on my Domain Name management pages is the option to “Forward Domain” This means you can point the Domain Name to other websites. You can point it to your Facebook or Twitter for example. Many domainers will quite often forward their names to existing sales listings. It’s easy to do, just simply go to your sales listing and up in the browser address (Up Top) you highlight and copy the web address then paste it into the empty “Forward Domain” box in your Forward Domain Management section at your registrar. This is normally just next to the Name Server Section. Make sure you do a “Temporary” forwarding of the name!


Paying For a Name

Ok I am going to buy a Domain Name?…. how do I pay? Well like most things on the Internet you need either a credit card or a debit visa card or if buying from another domainer (Many Domainers sell names on the Domain Name Forums) you will quite often need a PayPal account (As used on eBay) Also some may request a escrow payment …… go to Escrow.Com and open an account. It’s not too hard and this is considered quite a safe way of paying and receiving money over the Internet. They even have a ‘Domain Dame Section’ some people are happy to use PayPal for purchases of $200 or less, many swear by escrow.com, handy to have both PayPal and Escrow accounts. Please note that Escrow.Com is now requesting for accounts to be verified via supplying scanned copies of driver’s license or other government issued related information. There are other companies that you can use Dn.Com, Payoneer.Com (Please note you may also be required to verify your account with these companies as well) You may find local companies, in Australia there is CheckVault.Com.Au for example. Most international transactions will be done via Escrow.Com



Domain Name Transfer

Whenever you purchase or sell a Domain Name you will need to go through the transfer process. I sold a name!!!!! …..yipppeeeee, to another domainer.. But what now I wonder? Well this section will go through the different transfer scenarios at both Godaddy.Com and Dynadot.Com They are both different in their approach to transfers, but don’t worry once you have done it a few times you can find your way around at all the various Domain Name Registrars with confidence.


If you are selling a Domain Name that is under a 45 day transfer lock at Godaddy or another registrar you will need to do an inhouse “Push” the Domain Name to the new registrant. This means you are doing an “Inhouse Push” (Keeping the Domain Name at the same registrar)


To transfer the name you will need the new owner’s Godaddy customer number or username and their email address used in their account.


~ Godaddy Inhouse Domain Name Transfer Process ~


Login to your Godaddy account and click on the my products link, you then click on Manage My Domains


Once your Domain Names management page has opened up tick the box next to the Domain Name about to be transferred.


Once you have done this you will see a number of icons light up at the top of the Domain Name list.


In this list there is the option of “More” You hover this icon and more options will appear


In these options there is one saying “Begin Account Change” Click on this icon.


You then put the new owners email address in the empty box. You also click “I have the recipients Customer Number or Username.


Scroll down a little and click “do not change” in the Domain Contact Information and also tick “keep current Nameservers” Leave it up to the new owner to do these changes later.


Once that is done click and supply the username or number and fill out the required info


Click next


In you have supplied all the correct details at this point you simply click finish.


Expect an email from Godaddy acknowledging the transfer, no further action required


~ Dynadot Inhouse Domain Name Transfer Process ~


The method of pushing a Domain Name at Dynadot is quite different but quite easy once you have done it once before, don’t stress it


When you login at Dynadot situated on the account homepage in the right hand sidebar in the “Info Section” is the account holder’s Forum Username, this is what you need from the person you are transferring to the Domain Name to. You will need their Forum Name to push the domain.


Once you have the person’s forum username select the Domain Name you are going to “Push” to a new registrant. Simply click on the name and a management page will open up.


Halfway down this management page you will see “Account lock” section. Click the Account Unlock Link and then supply your details (birthday date and month)


You will now see a Transfer Lock and Authority Code Section and you will click on “Unlock”


You will now see further down the page there is a “Change Account” section. You will there is a box for you to put the new owners Dynadot forum name into.


Once you do this you simply click on the “Change Account “ underneath and you have done it!


Expect an email form Dynadot requesting you to click on a link that “Authorizes the Transfer”


Please note you will normally get an email from registrars acknowledging the transfer, don’t panic it is just procedure. Different registrars have different methods but once you have done this at a few registrars you will confident enough to do the transfer push. Remember if you sell a newly hand registered Domain Name you will need to do an “Inhouse Push” It is a good idea to wait 45 days before listing a Domain Name for sales on sales platforms that are not associated with your registrar. So if your name is registered at Godaddy then yes do sell at Godaddy Auctions (It is most likely any buyer would have an account with them) but wait 45 days to list on a sales platform such as Sedo. This means your buyer can transfer their new Domain Name away to another registrar if they desire to do so.


When a Domain Name is going to be transferred to another registrar there a requirement of having to supply “The Authorization Code” (Sometimes called the Epp Code) If you buy a name off someone you will need to use this code to complete a transfer. The seller will need to supply you with this. If you sell a name you will need to supply this code to the buyer.


~ Retrieving The Authority Code At Godaddy ~


After logging into your account and going to the Domain Name management page to get the Domain Name’s Authority Code at Godaddy you simply click on the Domain Name in question, this will see a new page open up with the title of Domain Details. Down the bottom of this page you will see a heading of Authorization Code and a link saying “Email My Code” You click on this link and your Authorization Code will be emailed to the email address supplied in the Contact Details section. If you have the correct email in the Contact Details section you will receive the Authorization Code. You can now supply this to the Domain Name’s buyer so they can transfer the Domain Name to the registrar of their choice (Simply cut and paste the code and email it to the buyer) Remember that a Domain Name will need to be unlocked if it is to be transferred. The link to unlock your Domain Name is also on the Domain Details page, just click “Manage” and you can now unlock the Domain Name.


~ Retrieving The Authority Code At Dynadot ~


You need to need to login into your Dynadot account and then click on the Domain Name you are seeking to retrieve the Authorization Code for. A new page will open up and halfway down the page you will see the heading of “Transfer Lock and Authority Code”


Click on the “Unlock Your Account” link and supply your date of birth to unlock the account. The page will re-open and under the heading of “Transfer Lock and Authority Code” you will see the option of “Yes Unlock” Click on this and the page will the re-load and display the Authorization Code. You can now supply this code to the new buyer, or use it yourself if you are transferring the Domain Name out to another Domain Name Registrar.


~ Transferring a Domain Name to Godaddy ~


To transfer a Domain Name to Godaddy from another registrar you will need to go to the Godaddy website’s front page and click on the “Domains” link up the top of the page next to the Godaddy logo.



You will then see a drop down menu where there is a link with the title of “Domain Transfer” Click on that link and type in the Domain Name you wish to transfer in the empty box. Then click the Go Button. You will then see notification that the Domain Name is ok to be transferred.


You will need to pay for the transfer (Yes transfers cost money but you get a year of registration with the transfer) Do the shopping cart checkout procedure (Pay for the transfer)


You will soon receive an email from Godaddy acknowledging your payment and the Domain Name transfer. This email will also contain two codes, one is the security code and the other is the transaction id code. These two codes are used in conjunction with the Authority Code when completing the Domain Name transfer into Godaddy.


The next step to login into your Godaddy account and go to the Domain Name Management section. Once on that page up top on the left just under the Godaddy logo you will see the heading of “Domains” (Just next to the Buy and Sell heading)


Click on the Domains heading and you will see a drop down menu appear. In the drop down menu there are links to Transfers, Pending Account Changes, Expired Domains and Pre-Registration Domains. You will click on the Transfers link. You will see in the example below that there is a link to authorize the Domain Name transfer.



Once you click on the Transfers link a new page will open up and the Domain Name you are transferring will be listed. You then click on the “Authorize” link above the Domain Name


A new dialogue box opens up and you can see a link to “Add Transfer Codes” you then click on this link and add the Transaction id Code plus the Security Code, you then click next and add the Authorization Code. Once this is done you simply click finish! A short time later your Domain Name will appear in the Domain Name management page and from here you can change Nameservers, Forward the domain and do all the usual Domain Name management requirements.


~ Transfer To Dynadot ~


Just as with the transfer to Godaddy you will need to login into your account , once on your account homepage down the bottom in the right hand sidebar your will see a heading with the words “Transfer Domain” There are two boxes. In the first one you put the Domain Name you are transferring to Dynadot. Underneath you will put the Authorization Code. You then click “Transfer” and you will be taken to the checkout cart where you will pay for the transfer (Remember you get a year of registration with the fee) This basically means that the transfer is costing you nothing!


~ Accepting An Inhouse Transfer At Godaddy ~


To accept an inhouse transfer at Godaddy you will need to login as usual then go to the Domain Name management page, under the heading of “Domains” just under the Godaddy Logo there is the heading of “Domains” Click on this heading and you will see there is an option for “Pending Account Changes” Click on this link and the Domain Name being pushed over to you will appear in a new dialogue box. Tick the box next to the name then click the “Accept” button. A short time later the Domain Name will appear in your Domain Name management page.


~ Accepting An Inhouse Transfer At Dynadot ~


For an inhouse transfer at Dynadot you be sent an email notifying of the pending account change. You click the “Accept Domain Name Transfer” option and the Domain Name will then proceed into your account.


I suggest opening up these different management options and practice going to the required sections and links. This way when you are required to go through these transfer processes at a later date you will have the experience required to be able to successfully complete any transfer steps. As mentioned different Domain Name registrars have different methods but the procedure is essentially the same. You will soon be very confident of any upcoming transfers.


60 Day Transfer Restriction Rule

Icann have recently introduced a “60 day transfer rule” which means each time a Domain Name has a change made to the registrants details, such as contact details or technical details there will be a 60 day lock placed on the name. Even if you just change your phone number! You need to make sure all your details match up and that all is in order. There are no rules regarding making changes to your contact details but you do need to know you if you then sell the Domain Name the next day you may not be able to transfer it for a 60 day period of time. Some of the Domain Name registrars are now offering an “Opt Out Option” This appeals to domainers who like to try and flip names quickly (Don’t wish to wait 60 days) Also be aware that new “Hand Registrations” will have a period of time that you cannot transfer away from the Domain Name Registrar. However you will be able to do what is known as an “Inhouse Push” Which means you can sell the Domain Name but it will need to be transferred to an account holder at the same Domain Name Registrar.


This is called an “inhouse push” Many domainers have multiple accounts at different registrars and often do “Inhouse Transfers” You may notice when buying a Domain Name on a Forum there may be a notice of “Inhouse Transfer Only” This means you will need an account at the Domain Name’s current registrar. It costs nothing to open an account and is very handy for “Active Domainers” Back to the new Icann 60 transfer rule, this has been done to add extra security. If a thief tried to change your details and transfer the Domain Name away they could not do it for 60 days! It is a great initiative and provided you are not in a rush to sell a name it adds another level of security. Some domainers hold names for a number of years and are grateful for the extra security level now available.


Remember, domains that have just been registered have a 45 day out bound transfer restriction. Most buyers just transfer inhouse into their own account, in other words the person you bought the domain from may not have had it for 45 days before selling. Godaddy and some other registrars have this rule, once the 45 days is up you can transfer out. Remember Godaddy have a rule of having to wait 45 days to transfer hand registered domains out from their register to another register. Many people new to the industry just open up a Godaddy account and do the inhouse transfer if they do not already have an account there.


Account Security

This is an extremely important section of the Dn Ebook! It deals with the security of your account. It is worth noting there are people out there with the skills to send you fake emails that you will believe have come from your Domain Name Registrar. Just like any other form of malware/spyware once you click on a link in the email you may be allowing your login details to be tracked and ultimately end up with your account being hacked and your names being stolen! Over the years the “Domain Thieves” have become more sophisticated and skilled at obtaining you personal login details at your Domain Name Registrar. So what can we do about this disturbing development? Well thankfully most Domain Registrars have now implemented Two Factor Authentication, which means as part of your logging in process you will receive a code via you mobile phone that is used as part of the login process. There will be a time limit to use this code. Don’t worry if you are too slow to input the code, you can request another code if the first one expires!



Simply insert the new code in and your username and password and you will have access to your Domain Name control panel. It is also good practice to change passwords on a regular basis! The Domain Thieves are sneaky and do not even change your nameservers in the hope you do not notice the domain is no longer in your possession. Another part of their ploy has been to change the Domain Name Registrant details which meant when they transfer the Domain Name away from your registrar you do not receive any notification of the change. Provided you use the two factor authentication method you should be safe and able to avoid the scammers! If they do not have the Two Factor Authentication Code they cannot login to your account! There will be times when you do receive a legitimate email from your Domain Name Registrar. An example would be that when a Domain Name that you have sold is being transferred away from Dynadot Registry to another registrar you will receive an email with a link you are required to clink on to approve the Domain Name transfer. If you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of an email do not click on links. Instead contact the Domain Name registrars support either by phone or email and confirm the legitimacy of the email.


Domain Names registered at Dynadot will require you to click on a link to acknowledge a transfer away to another Domain Name Registrar or an inhouse push, so don’t panic. A Domain Name being transferred from Godaddy.Com will receive an email alerting the registrant that a name is being transferred away. It will state if there are no problems, do not take any action. Each Domain Name Registrar has its own methods when it comes to Domain Name transfers. Remember don’t panic when receiving expected emails. If in any doubt ring or email the Domain Name’s registrar support team!


Domaining Tools

Domainers love to use all available resources on offer for a variety of reasons. They can be seeking to confirm the value of the names they are dealing with or to find Domain Names of certain quality. They can simply wish to “Hunt” for Domain Names that are of a particular length and are seeking an idea of value? There are many different attitudes to domaining and there are many different kinds of domainers. Some will only deal in Numeric Domain Names and some may only deal in Geographic Domain Names, then there is the Brandables market and so on. The one thing all these domainers have in common is that they like to take advantage of all the “Tools” available. One popular domaining tool is called Esitbot, this is an automatic Domain Name valuator and although it does not have the advantage of “Human Thought” it is an interesting tool to use. Many domainers will go to this site to find out what Esitbot thinks of their Domain Name? You can use this website once a day to get a “Free Valuation” or you can join up if you think you need regular data relating to Domain Names. Basically Estibot using certain metrics such as past sales, current names listed for sale plus Google search numbers for the category/phrase. It will also take into account how many other extensions the Domain Name is registered in? Once all the information is calculated Estibot will offer a valuation.


As mentioned Estibot does not have the benefit of human thought and can only offer a valuation on available data (In other words it may not get that “Gut Feeling” we humans tend to get) The funny thing about Estibot is that when a domainer gets a good valuation they tend to like it a bit more than when they get a low or zero valuation. Many domainers tend to dismiss “Automated Valuations” As mentioned Estibot does offer some useful information along with the valuation, it’s up to you to decipher it. Members get access to a larger database of information and can do more than one valuation a day. For some fun go and get a free valuation on a popular Domain Name just to see how it works and what information you can see at Estibot.Com There is another auto valuation tool called Valuate.Com, of course you can also ask “Humans” for appraisals on the forums.



Another handy Domain Name search tool is called DomainNameSoup.Com this really is a great resource and some domainers would prefer to keep it to themselves! At this website you search for Domain Names in different extensions and also in combinations numbers and letters. Once example would that if you wanted to hand register a Domain Name with the word “Bot” you could do a 5L (Five Letter) with the word “Bot” at the front and then go through search results to see if anything grabbed your attention? You may try and combine the word “Bot” and some numbers? Simply put the word “Bot” in the position you want it in (Could be at the front or at the rear) then select “Number” “Number” Click submit and you will soon see any available combinations. You will also see that some of the search results are taken and listed for sale at Sedo.Com At DomainNameSoup.Com you can do searches for combinations of letters, number or both up to a length of 6 Characters. Maybe you would like to see what is available with the prefix of Nyc (New York City) Just as before you can search for combinations of Letters and Numbers. It’s up to you what combinations you search for?



Possibly the best free Domain Name tool on the Internet would be the website called NameBio.Com and as the title suggests it is full of “ Domain Name Bio Data” This site offers daily reports on sales and also historic sales data. You can select the extension you would like to see sales data from? Perhaps you are only seeking .Com sales data? Or perhaps you are seeking to review sales data relating to “Insurance” Simply put the required word into the search box and select if you want the word at the front or rear? As stated you can refine your search to focus on just one extension or for all extensions. Now one aspect that I really like about this sales data website is that you can chose to focus on results for short Domain Names such as 4L’s or 5N’s Once you arrive at the site you will see there is a search with faint lite colored letters indication this is where you can search for particular patterns. It may be you wish to concentrate on 4L’s containing the letters of “Cn” You simply put the letters “Cn” in the left hand side search box and then in the pattern search box you put the length of the pattern.

For a four letter search you would put LLLL into the pattern search box. You will now push search at the other search box where the letters “Cn” are placed and you will soon see how many 4L Domain Names containing the letters “Cn” have been sold.


In the search example below you can see I am searching for the sales results for a LLNN patter, I have placed 88 in the search box to be more specific. I am trying to discover if there has been many sales for 88 Letter Letter. You can leave the 88 out if you wish to be a little more general in your search quest. Also at the top of this page you will also see a link to the daily name sales, interesting reading and great resource to give you an idea of current prices.




You will also see how much for and where they were sold. It is this data that helps you decide on values of certain Domain Name categories. Perhaps you are a fan of 4L Vr names (Virtual Reality) Again you would place the letters into the same search boxes as before, at this point you may decide to choose whether the “Vr” should be at the end or the beginning? Namebio allows you to mix and match many different search requests. You can search for 3L .Coms or 3L .Nets You are also able to combine letters and numbers in your search requirements. To do this you would put LLNN in the pattern box. This would give you results for names such as Dr84 or Ny23 Perhaps you are seeking the opposite way around? Simply change the pattern to NNLL to see results such as 25Bj, maybe you are seeking a different pattern such as random two letters and three number sales. In this instance you would do a LLNNN or NNNLL depending on what you are requiring to study? Domaining Tools are quite often discussed on the forums and it is a handy subject to read up on!


Alongside the tools already mentioned up above there are a number of Domain Name bloggers who will keep you up to date with industry changes and developments. They really are a big help and provide a heap of valuable information that we quite often overlook or don’t get alerted to. Many of the Domain Name Blogs will offer a subscription service that will email you when each new post comes out. Some of the Domain Names blogs take a different approach. For example if you go to DomainSherpa.Com you can view video podcasts featuring some of the industry’s leaders and top analysts, they do valuations and reviews on submitted Domain Name portfolios and on upcoming NameJet auctions. It is entertaining and some handy viewpoints are shared. Then you have other blogs such as DomainNameWire.Com where once again you have to option of listening to podcasts and reading articles. TheDomains.Com is another industry leading Domain Name blog featuring various writers from within the Domaining Industry. Tldinvestors.Com is another valuable blog touching on many subjects. OnlineDomain.Com is another frequent blogger offering some good information. Dsad.Com is always blogging and offers some good data reports and articles on past sales and auction results (Good Flips and Bad Flips) One Domain Name blog that is a little bit different would be DomainGang.Com this blog likes to have a bit of fun and quite often does a post that may slightly exaggerate the truth for a bit of a laugh! After a while you start to notice what is satire and what is actual commentary. The point is that you do get something out of each one of these industry blogs and you may wish to add them to your “Favorites List” I do quite often go to Domaining.Com where all these blogs are listed.



The Domain Name Forums are another fantastic resource and perhaps one of your best learning destinations. The industry leader is undoubtedly NamePros.Com which is a popular site for both “Newbies and Old Timers” alike. There is something for everyone, I have been a member for ten years now and although I do not always agree with the moderators on certain parts of their policy I do respect they do a great job overall. Namepros has really picked up over the last couple of years and has a vibrant marketplace and thread section (Threads are where people discuss different topics) You can join this forum for free and ask lots of questions about all manner of things relating to the Domain Name industry. Dnforum.Com is another forum that has been around for a while, it has recently changed hands and is in the process of being “Rejuvenated” It will be interesting to see how it all pans out? It is worth mentioning most of the forums have a marketplace section so if you wish to be an active seller it may pay to be active on more than one forum. However if you are selling remember not to list the same name for “Buy It Now” at two forums due to the fact if you sell it on both forums you will get involved in a conflict as to who now owns the Domain Name? If “Multi Listing” on various forums I would suggest to have a “Make Offer” listing to avoid conflict. There is nothing wrong with seeking offers over different forum sales platforms. Join a forum, read up and ask questions. You normally get many helpful answers from the domaining community!


I have mentioned Google a few times in the Dn Ebook and I will mention them again now, if you are following certain trends and categories you can go to Google News and set up an email alert for the information you are seeking, just do a news search and then set up an email alert for what you were searching for news on? Many of the “Future Trend” domainers do this to keep ahead of the pack! The create news alert button is down the bottom of the page under the news articles. Google Trends allows you to compare how popular certain words are when compared against each other, it’s easy to use. Just separate each word with a comma and push enter. You will see “Graph” style results appear.




Some domainers are great at predicting new trends, some are better spotting quality! Either way if it adds up to profit it’s a winner. As recently as 2015 there was a big swing to the 4L .Com market (4L means Four Letters) Values went through the roof literally overnight due to the Chinese Folk entering the market in a big way! (More on this in the Chinese section) One NamePros forum member noticed many Domain Names containing the letter V were being ignored by the 4L “Chip Investors” due to the fact that there is no V or Vowels in the Chinese Pinyin Alphabet. This savvy fellow believed there was an upcoming trend for the Vr Category (Virtual Reality) So he went about buying these “Ignored” Domain Names and amassed a considerable portfolio of VRLL Domain Names (VR+Letter+Letter) All of these were purchased for a low price as everyone else was chasing the new Chinese Pinyin Trend (More on that later) Many people did do well selling these Chinese based Domain Names but there was another trend coming up and that is what this investor concentrated on. Within a year 4L his Domain Names that were purchased for $200 – $300 were valued at between $1,000 and $2,000 even much more! Now when we consider how young the Vr Technology is these names should retain value and even rise over the next couple of years and beyond. One or two sales has paid for the purchases of ten quality VRLL’s. A trend was spotted and acted upon, he has amassed a solid portfolio and can now wait for great profit over the upcoming years.


There are other ways trends are identified, one example is the Television Show called The Big Bang Theory. One of the main characters is called Sheldon and he often says “Bazinga” Well before not too long one clever domainer registered the Domain Name of Bazinga.Biz then one day while I was reading Namebios daily sales results there was the name Bazinga.Biz sold for $191 U.S.D. A great example of identifying the potential of well known term or phrase. In fact it is not unusual for newsworthy terms to be registered only hours after being mentioned. One example would be during the 2016 American Election Hilary Clinton called Donald Trump supporters “Deplorables” Yep, you guessed it, in no time at all the Domain Name Deplorables.Com was registered! Now this name may not be worth a fortune, but it is now a well recognized term and that in itself contributes to value. Consider if this Domain Name was registered for $10 and sells for $1,000 to $2,000 this is a significant profit in a very short time. Definitely some profit to be made on this one word .Com “Brandable” Another example of recent political banter transcending into a Domain Name is term of “Alternative Facts” This was a phrase used by Counselor To The President Kellyanne Conway when answering an awkward question during a Meet The Press interview. Overnight it made headlines and was instantly recognizable. And yes just like the earlier examples this was quickly registered! Sometimes the profit should be made when the “Term” is fresh in people’s minds. I think the term “Alternative Facts” could be a great fake news humor website and would be a handy brand. Amazing to think until this term was mentioned by Kellyanne Conway, this was an unknown phrase that is now worthy some decent money!


When I was younger if something was a bit raunchy or risqué some folk would say “oh la la” Then one day a few years ago I was reading the DnJournal weekly sales report and I spotted the Domain Name ohlala.com had been sold for $4,150 U.S.D but what was also interesting was that the another possible version was also sold 8 months later ohlalah.com was sold for $1,288 U.S.D (Source of this date is NameBio) ohlala.com currently appears to be a dating site. Like I mentioned, something that it is a bit raunchy or risqué! This where training your brain come into play. Learn to recognize the potential in certain words and sayings but at the same time realize what other people are seeing. In the case of ohlala someone believed the term represented something a little “Steamy” and then went onto make a brand around that thought. This Domain Name suits its purpose nicely! Consider this Domain Name would have also made a good lingerie brand. New trends can come from old sayings and new trends can come from current day events. New trends can come because of inpending advances in technology and geological changes in the world. Example of change is that China is now a world player compared to just ten years ago!


It might be worth mentioning that although short Domain Names are all the rage. I have seen a few sales for three word Domain Names. As quality short .Com Domain Names become scarcer or just too much to purchase by endusers and domainers alike they search for other alternatives. Such as two and three words Domain Names. Sometimes it actually makes more sense due to the fact these “Longer” Domain Names can be more descriptive. Example might be “LeatherCowboyHats.Com” This Domain Name tells us the product’s category and what materials it is made from, quite handy for any hat shop selling this style of cowboy hat!




Ok so you have just hand registered the brandable Domain Name of smazcot.com (Available when I wrote this) and soon you should have many people contacting you to purchase it! Hey you might even be able to sell it to the folk that make smazcots! Oh wait, no-one makes smazcots? What am I going to do? Well you will need to submit it to Brandbucket or Namerific (Websites that sell brandable Domain Names) and see if they have as much faith in this new brand taking over the world as you do! After all we all need a smazcot don’t we? Yes the world of brandables is fraught with danger and many unsuspecting domainers who all have a similar way of thinking. “It sounds cute and should sell” Wrong! Just because a name is cute and short does not mean it will have a buyer. Brandable Domain Names are a popular category with domainers but most will never sell a name for full price. What happens with many in this category is that after a while they end up for sale on forums and display the term “Brandbucket Accepted” in the title. This means the name has been accepted to the Brandbucket website but is not yet published (It’s waiting in a line) You will need to pay a small publishing fee once the logo is done and the name is ready to be listed. (Names at Brandbucket are advertised using a logo) The fee for the logo is deducted from the final sales price.


Now there is nothing wrong with this scenario, you just need to be comfortable with the whole process. Some names will also appear on the forums (Buy Now or Auctions) Listed as “Brandbucket Published” this means the name is already on this sales platform and can be purchased by a company/individual seeking to use that name. They may quite like the sound of it or something else that has “Grabbed” their attention. A Brandable name may have a sales price of $1,999 on a sales platform such as Brandbucket (Brandbucket is a brandable Domain Name sales platform) Yet you can purchase it for perhaps just $60 at a Bin Price or maybe even cheaper if it is at forum auction. Worth noting all auctions are different in their results. The above is an example of one brandable I noticed at Namepros. So why is Brandable Domain Name that is listed for sale at Brandbucket for $1,999 with a nice looking logo now for sale for just $60 Bin? Ok let’s say the Domain Name in question is smazcot and it has been on a sales website for three years now. The original registrant has paid the renewal fees three times and is now losing faith that the world needs “Smazcots” So they decide to cut their loses and try to sell the Domain Name.


It should be said that this brandable is on a website well known for selling this style of Domain Name, but it is mixed in with many similar names of this quality and may not stand out enough to catch a buyers eye at the moment. But it must be stated, it is listed and does have a chance! The current owner may have decided to concentrate their domaining efforts elsewhere or perhaps they are just “Trimming Down” their portfolio? Also it is worth noting that some domainers will register a Brandable Domain Name and then submit it to perhaps Brandbucket or Namerific and then list the name for sale or auction on the forums. The buyer at least knows the “Accepted” Brandable they are buying will be on the best sites for this kind of Domain Name. The seller is happy to make some profit and not to have to wait for publishing process on the sales website. They are essentially “Flipping” the Domain Name for quick profit. Again there is nothing wrong with this and if the buyer is happy, it’s all good. If you no longer wish to have a name on these sales platforms such as Brandbucket you will need to give notice of delisting the name, I am of the belief they still own the sales rights for 30 days! In other words the Domain Name will remain as “Listed” for 30 days upon notice of deleting the Domain Name from their sales platform.


Worth noting that you will be up for commission fees upon a sale (Just like any other sales platform) You need to check but somewhere in the region of 30% of the sale with go to the sales platform. There may be listing fees, sales commission and the cost of the logos. One benefit is that these websites make themselves known to the new startup communities and generally are the place to go to if you need a new Brandable Domain Name. Now here is where it gets a little interesting, in world of brands we have some very big players such as Google, Yahoo and Amazon! However these brands do not use made up words, they use known words and terms instead. Of course we all know that Amazon is a major river in South America but it also serves well as a brand name. Yahoo is a term for “lair or lout” but is also a term you would hear alongside something like “Yippee” Yippee I won a million dollars" or "Yahoo I won a million dollars!" Then we have the term “Google” In the twentieth century you would sometimes hear the term “Google-Eyes” To have “Full Staring Eyes” I guess we use our eyes to search on their website so it does tie in with the name. But most people would consider it to be a “Made Up” I suspect. It could be said with enough money anything can become a “Brandable” One example I know of would be the hotel search website titled Trivago (We see Tv Ads for them all the time lately) What bothers me is that I don’t think it passes the radio easily? I would tend to spell it as Trivargo if I heard commercial for this site on the radio!


However it must be doing well because as I mentioned we are seeing many ads for them lately and the critical mass would be well aware of who they are and what they offer. It is interesting to note the secondary spelling Domain Name “Trivargo.Com” is listed for sale. I do wonder how much traffic leaks to the that one landing page instead of Trivago? This goes to show the best Brandables have no confusion when it comes to spelling, although if you budget is big enough you can still succeed it seems. Personally I would buy the secondary Domain Name and re-direct it to the more advertised brandname. This might be a good time to mention perhaps the very best brand is the one that needs no “Investigating” So If I was in the online hotel room comparison business I would be wanting a Domain Name such as Hotel.Com. Domains Names like these have been sold for many millions in the past! It used to be that the search engines such as Google and Yahoo would gives these “Generic” Domain Names higher ranking because they were the most appropriate for the category. However Google has changed their algorithms and these names no longer command high search engine positions just because they are the best “Brand” So where does all this leave us? I would suggest that yes there is plenty of room for brandables in our world but we need to get a little smarter when creating them! Simply put, the best Brandable Domain Names will indicate what service or product they are involved with.


If a business is offering Data Compression a brand name such as Compressy.Com (I let that one drop!) would be handy because it contains an element of indication. You have an idea of what the genre is. Same could be said for a brand like “Prepayo” If I was to see this name on the Internet I would expect that it involves some form of prepaid products or service. Perhaps you could secure a discount by prepaying? Another approach may be to abbreviate a name, let’s say you are manufacturing teddy bears, you may wish to use a name such as Tbear.Com Most people will get an idea of what you product is. They will almost certainly remember the brand if they visited your site “Oh I bought that teddy bear at Tbear.Com” As well as shortening you can also add or change a letter. In the past I have seen Domain Names such as Gentertainment or Rentertainment with both giving an indication of what their purpose is. Another “Trend” I am seeing lately and do not like it the addition of a letter within a name or at the end. Example is Largerr (I just spotted this for sale on a forum) Personally I do think to avoid these, simply because the do not pass the radio test! Try and say that name out loud and see what you think? This example only has one thing going for it, it makes the word “Larger” … actually larger I guess, but still an awkward brand in my view! Also while having a look at on the forums I spotted a Domain Name termed as Brandable that was “SocialMeedia” Sure it sounds the same as Social Media but trying to pronounce that on the radio would be a tough task indeed.


The brandables that seem to sell the best are short and contain an element of indication, something like “Petso” would indicate a business dealing with pet products. It is short and only two syllables! As mentioned New Startups like a catchy brand name that is short and easy to remember! Although there are always exceptions, here is another way of looking at it. If I was in the business of selling hats I would desire the Domain Name of Hats.Com although of course I could never afford it, plus it is already operating as an online Hat Store! So what can I do? Well I might consider something like a well known term such as TheMadHatter which of course is from Alice In Wonderland. It is a term that instantly indicates an element of fun and product, perfect! Try not to get stubborn when searching for Brandables, in the case of smazcot if it was not available when searching, avoid going longer if possible. Adding suffixes and prefixes will normally lesson the value, Here some examples that I would avoid, smazcoted, smazcotify, smazcoter, smazcotaroo and so on and so on. As mentioned there are exceptions but they have to make sense. In the past I have sold the Domain Name “Automational” as a Brandable Domain Name. On the currently existing business’s website they refer to “Marketing Automation” so the Domain Name is in sync with their purpose! At this point you may be a little confused and wondering about the whole “Brandable” category.


I would suggest looking at the websites Namerific and Brandbucket to see their inventory, I would also suggest looking at the Brandables section in the Namepros Marketplace.

I did see another form of Brandable the other day and they are called Domain Hacks. They are a mixture of part word and part extension. One example would be Flig.ht (The Word Flight) by using the extension of .ht as part of the word. I saw one years ago which was do.gs This is handy for a person/business dealing with dogs but the .Gs extension is not too well known and many people would get confused and just go to Dogs.Com instead. Interesting to note that if you type in Instagr.am it re-directs to Instagram.Com The new Gtld’s lend themselves to Domain Hacks, example would be Electric.Guitars Although how many of your friends know that there is a .Guitars extension? So what can we take out of all this? I think one thing would be to not overexpose yourself, doesn’t mean avoid this category. It just means start slow and see how you go? Perhaps buy one or two cheapies and go through the listing process and learn a little along the way! People have purchased cheap names in the past and made considerable profit the next day, strange things do happen in domaining. But do not bank on it as a certainty.


Two word Brandables are gaining ground lately and offer the chance add “Harmony” What I mean by this is that you can enhance a brand by using two well synced words. Something like VeganVine would have a certain appeal to the Vegan folk. The first part is the category while the second part promotes “Growth From The Earth” via a vine. Another example could be BlueBoat, the blue ocean and a boat equals “Harmony” Try to see other examples of harmony when searching for Brandables.


Ok at the time of writing this the Domain Name of smazcot.com was available to register. The Domain Name of Apaxx (.Com) was listed in a forum auction with 199 other 5L .Coms (5 letter Domain Names) So far there has been a number bids reaching just over $151 The renewals on this “Auction Lot with an average costing of 75 cents per name” will be close to $2,000 depending on where you re-register them or transfer them to? Possibly meaning any perspective buyer may need to “Weed Out” the worst of the names and only keep the best (In Their Opinion) Maybe they will keep them all? I am not saying there is a right or wrong in this situation but I am saying there is 11,881,376 different combinations when it come to 5L Brandables (A Huge Pool) Some would say take a quality over quantity approach with Brandables. The seller has not indicated if these names have been rejected or accepted by any of the Brandable Sales Platforms? Someone needs to ask if they have been submitted? (This does affect the prices)


Also on the forums the Domain Name of koxy.com is listed to buy now at $1,400 (No mention of submission to sales platforms?) Vo.lt (volt) is listed for make an offer, however it is doubtful a name like this would be accepted on a Brandable Domain Name sales platform (They seem to prefer short .Coms). Kuxo.com is listed for sale on the forums for $4,000 and it is listed at Brandbucket for $14,999 This is a cvcv Brandable (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, Vowel) Namerific currently have a listing fee of $4 pre name and a quick acceptance time frame, they also do a logo for free to add a bit a “Pizzazz” to your listing! Worth noting these sales platforms will require you to list your Domain Name exclusively with them. There have been some good sales for these short pronounceable Domain Names. However the world could be heading towards “Two Word” Brandables that are a little more descriptive in their nature! At the time of writing this the Domain Name BlackLeatherSkirt.Com was available to hand register. (Product or Long Brandable?) All I will say is there are opportunities in all Domain Name categories!


Terms and Meanings


The following terms are abbreviations for letters , numbers and characters, LLLL or 4L means four letter domains, NNNN or 4N means four number domains. CCCC or 4C means four character domains (Letters and Numbers together) They may also be presented by stating the exact characteristics, example LLLN means three letters and one number or NNL means two numbers and one letter. Because short names are considered prime, these mix and match combinations are starting to get good money, especially if repeating letters or numbers. The LLLL market has officially gone crazy and have all had been bought out for a few years now. There were just over 456,000 of them and now you have to buy one in the resale market because there are none left to hand reg! Some strange terms for this category exist, cvcv or maybe abba domains?? cvcv is short for consonant, vowel, consonant, and vowel. Of course AEIOU being the vowels, an abba domain is one with repeating letters in the middle and at the end …. Uwwu.Com or Alla.Com, get the idea! The LLLL market has many eager sellers with people claiming names are pronounceable, example Myqt.Com = my cutie? Yes they will tell you a name is also brandable ….Wovy.com could be an example. To some it sounds good so it may sell at a great price (Remember short names are popular) it’s up to the end user to decide ???? A domainer will always want it cheaper than a motivated enduser!


What is an end user….. well they are the ones that decide your Domain Name is worth buying! They are the ones who will pay you a good price for a Domain Name because they wish to develop the Domain Name. Other domainers are called resellers ….. they buy a domain and then resell at a later date ….. Maybe they already have an end user in mind? As long as you are happy with the sale, it’s all good. Hyphens are the only character other than letters or numbers allowed when creating a domain name, although not considered to be the best choice. With most desirable domains already registered … people do buy them although in much lessor volume.


L-L or L-N or N-N are short and do retain certain value. Some have no problem with the hyphen. (Two word hyphen names can get some respect) They can be purchased much cheaper and are not punished by the search engines. There is a belief they are good ones to develop as .Com websites if the non hyphen version is gone and currently just parking. Problem is they do not pass the radio test? In other words there is confusion when saying the address out loud. Example is ‘Black dash Dress.Com’ or ‘Black hyphen Dress. Com’ It is so much easier to say ‘BlackDress.Com I would not over expose myself to hyphen Domain Names. I did hold Black-Dress.Com for over five years and never got one offer!


Spelling is also important. Example is England they would spell this as Astronaught. Americans spell it as astronaut. You must check for correct spelling!! “Mum” is British spelling “Mom” is American spelling. Remember this when registering a Domain Name! It’s important to have the correct spelling for your target market which is quite often the U.S.A

Domainers are wonderful people and will help you in most cases, you only have to join a forum and there is a wealth of information waiting there for you. But before you do join a forum here is an extensive list of domain terms to get you started.


Some Domaining Terms Are :


2L ……………….2 letter Domain Name (very rare and highly valued)

2N ……………….2 number Domain Name (only 100 exist 00-99)

3N………………. three number Domain Name

4N………………..four number Domain Name

3L ……………….three letter Domain Name

4L ……………….four letter Domain Name

appraisal ……….. estibot.com offer an automated appraisal service, most Domainers will tell ………………….. you automated appraisals are not very accurate

aftermarket……… where you buy domains already registered by someone else

auction ……………auction off a Domain Name or Buy at auction

backorder ………… chance to be next inline to register it if a name becomes unregistered, if …………………… the name drops

buyers remorse …… I wish I didn’t spend so much on that Domain Name

bin …… …… …….is short for Buy It Now, the bin is the Buy Now Price

cctld…………………. country code, also the extension for Cocos Islands

ccc………………… would mean three characters (numbers and letters)

chip…………………chinese premium Domain Names (letters and Numbers)

direct navigation …. typing the website address directly into the address bar

domaining ………. means to buy and sell Domain Names, names/website addresses

domain hack …….. incorporates the extension into the domain, example is sof.as or p.et

dn …………………short for Domain Name

domain parking …… when a domain is not a developed website it can be parked with ………………………advertising placed on it to earn revenue

dropped name ……. when a Domain Name becomes unregistered it has dropped

emd……………… exact match domain, normally a generic keyword/s domain

end user …………..person who buys a name and normally wants to develop it into a website

escrow…………… a form of paying over the internet, escrow.com is a safe secure service

expired………….. has run out of registration

extension……….. the end part of a Domain Name, .com .info are examples

forum …………… a website where people discuss ideas relating to a topic

future trend domain ….. a name for upcoming technologies, example holograph.com

generic …………. common dictionary term

generic tld ………. com .net are generic top level domain, from 2014 there will be thousands …………………… of new gtld’s such as .music .books and .photography to name a few

geos …………… term used for geographic Domains such as NewYork.com

hand reg ……… means to think of a name and register it, to register a new name

idn ……………international domain name

icann ……………. the governing body of the domain industry

inhouse ………… means within the current registrar (inhouse transfer)

keywords ………… the best words for your domain, example for cars.com cars or autos

LLNN domain…… two Letters and two number in this order

L-L domain ………one letter one hyphen one letter in this order

L-N domain ………one letter one hyphen one letter in this order

listing …………….list a Domain Name for sale

live auction ……..as it suggests, a live auction for a Domain Name, popular in the future?

lowballer ………….. offers under value offers for names

liquid …………….. considered very easy to sell, LLL.com’s and NNN.coms are liquid

nda ………………..non disclosure agreement

newbie……………. new to domaining (still learning) also called a noob (newb)

new gtld’s ……… new top level domains, .photography .music .app are examples

numeric domains …… domains using numbers instead of words/letters

NNLL domain ………. two numbers and two letters in this order

N-L domain ………one number one hyphen one letter in this order

optimize ………… modify your parking domain for better advertising results using keywords

paypal………… used on ebay and used for domain transactions (lower priced names)

ppa ………………. Is short pay per action, a term used for affiliates

ppc ………………….…. is short for ‘pay per click’ parking a domain , you earn ppc revenue

premium …….. means premium pricing and will cost more than usual (renewal costs)

push ………….. you push a Domain Name when doing a inhouse transfer

registrar ……… where you can register a Domain Name, godaddy.com is an example

reseller ……….. buys a domains from other Domainers, normally seeking low prices

scam………….. tries to trick you for information or money, avoid scams!

Sellers remorse ….. I wish I didn’t sell that Domain Name so cheap

seo ………………… search engine operation, Google, yahoo, bing are all search engines

spam …………sends you unwanted lowball offers or unwanted selling emails

tld …………… top level Domain Names, .com .net .info .org and .biz are examples

typo …………. typing the wrong website address into the address bar

whois ………… is the question of ‘who owns the domain’ ? whois can normally tell you

$xxx ………… means a money in the three figures, high xxx or low xxx

wtb ………….. manes wanted to buy, wtb numeric domains


Chinese Domains


In the Trends Section we just touched on the phenomena that was the Chinese “Chips” revolution. 2015 was the year that China entered the Domain Name Market in a big way! Some say the Chip 4L .Com Domain Name market was manipulated by Asian Hedge Fund Managers, who were aware of the demand for Domain Names. They were able to notice that many of the 4L Domain Names considered “Useless” by western domainers had meaning in the Chinese Pinyin Alphabet. Prior to this many of these 4L Domain Names were of little use because they were not able to be used for quality western language based acronyms! A Domain Name like xzry was basically only worth reg fee (The cost of the registration) However if Domain Names like this could spell a word in the Pinyin Alphabet it now had what was perceived to be considerable value. Within just a couple of months nearly every 4L Domain Name that did not contain the letter V or any of the Vowels of the Latin English Alphabet was suddenly worth up to 100 times their previous value! The Hedge Funds continued to buy these Domain Names then sell (Once the market was hyped up) for big considerable profit at the end of 2015. However although much hype has continued, the value has dropped with many of these names. When I say the value has dropped I mean to say many have dropped down to perhaps $1,000 instead of $2,500 or more just six months prior! Now remember early in 2015 these Domain Names were considered “Useless” by western domainers. This really demonstrates the Internet is a powerful entity!


This only goes to show the power of hype! It also goes to show the Hedge Fund managers were very smart. Most Domain Names purchased by these folk were sold at the market’s peak and substantial profit was achieved. So what did we learn? Well for one thing we now know that the Chinese Folk are well aware of Domain Names and their value. We have also learnt that China is set to become a major player in the Internet over the upcoming years! They now have a thorough knowledge of the power of the good Domain Name. The term used for premium Chinese Domain Names is called “Chips” which is an abbreviation for Chinese Premiums. In no time at all suddenly the Domain Name Forums were selling “Chip” Domain Names for thousands of dollars that only a year previously had been purchased for perhaps only $50 or even less! Some Pinyin and Chinese Geographical words do in fact contain vowels but the average Chip Domain Name may contain letters excluding V and the five Vowels.


When you look at some Chip Domain Names you wonder if they do in fact a meaning? This is where the crossover of a good “Western” 4L thinking comes into play. Many of these once perceived “Useless” Domain Names will actually make very handy acronyms for Chinese businesses. A name like xxcp.com can represent four words in the Chinese Pinyin Alphabet. This is appealing to the Chinese Folk and there is now a true market after the original hype of the new “Chip Domain Names” It is worth considering how many new Chinese businesses are starting each and every week! Although locally the Chinese Cctld of .Cn is more popular, the Chinese folk are aware that the king extension of the Internet is .Com It is still desirable to own a good Chip Domain Name that can transcend globally!


3L’s are very good for this purpose because they are very short and easy to remember. Once there was a time when a Domain Name like Xyz.Com was considered low quality and worth only a tenth of the 3L Domain Name such as aba.com. That has all changed now the Chinese are involved in the Domain Name Market. A name like Xyz.Com could now possibly command well over $200,000 U.S.D because it has appeal not only to Chinese investors but also it is well known for the being the last three letters of the Western Alphabet. Then throw in the fact there is a New Gtld (New Generic Top Level Domain Name Extension) that operates as .Xyz we have an amazing situation. A 3L Domain Name that is a Chip and well known sequence of letters to Western society as well as matching up to a new extension! Ten years ago this scenario was unimaginable. So lets all go out and buy Chip 4L Domain Names ….. hang on wait a minute! I strongly suggest you have a Chinese contact that can confirm the meaning of any Chip Domain Name you are considering purchasing. Sure you can try and use Google Translate but trust me, you may only get a vaguely close answer, this is not good enough! You need to confirm the true meaning before spending any hard earned cash. I do believe the 4L acronym market offers opportunities. However as just mentioned you need to confirm the possible usage?


Ok here are a couple of “No Brainers” Using Chip Domain Names that contain Chinese provinces and cities. Example is to use BJ which of course represents Beijing or how about SH which represents Shanghai. Of course by using CN in a 4L or 3L Domain Name you are referring to China. So a so Chip Domain Name like Cht.Com could possibly represent “Chinese Tours” A short easy to remember domain with value set for growth is what you need. However because 3L’s are now very sought after due to China expanding to the rest of the world, such a name may be out of reach to the “Average” domainer? A name like this may be double the annual wage of many people. So what do we do? We are forced to consider a 4L or a 5L alternatives such as Cntc.Com or Cntco.Com which could possibly stand for Chinese Tour Company. Cntc.com would still command a high price but should be more accessible when compared to Cnt.Com. Remember these names could be used worldwide and China are expanding, especially the Chinese Tourism category! The other longer example is worth less. But to a fledging Chinese Tour Company it could be a great asset that they are willing to pay a decent sum for?


It is important to consider end usage when trading in Domain Names. Who will buy this name? In domaining this is possibly the most important question you have to ask yourself.

Also is the Domain Name at the correct price? Remember some domainers will hang to a Domain Name for over a decade to reach their desired price (They wait for the market to come to them) Some domainers will flip a Domain Name within two weeks if they believe the profit is worthwhile! This is perhaps the only industry where you can double or triple your money overnight. Yes there is also the Stock Market but entry level is generally a higher entrance cost. With Domain Names you can hand register a name for $10 and in theory sell it the same day then do an inhouse transfer to the new “Owner” Of course many folk will tell you there are no good names left to register. However in the Trends section I have pointed out that some words and terms used in the media can quickly become valuable. I will point out at this time that the 5L market has seen many many dropped Chip Domain Names due to lack of interest from the Chinese (5L’s are considered too long) You are currently better off buying into the 4L market than hand regging a “Random” 5L Chip Domain Name.


But wait! There’s more! Yes there is another interesting aspect to Chinese Domain Names that is unique to Asian Culture. This is the usage of Numerical Domain Names in Chinese Culture. To the Chinese folk certain numbers represent different meanings. Example is that the number 8 stands for “Fortune and Luck” whereas the number 4 sounds like death and of course is not as popular! However one of the most popular Domain Name sales venues in China is 4.cn (There are only ten single digit .Cn numeric Domain Names 0-9) Which means in this case although an unpopular number a single 4 is extremely rare and worth a considerable amount of money. Whilst one 8 in a Numeric Domain Name is desirable, so is two 8’s (Double the luck) or even three 8’s (Triple the luck)


Sometimes certain combinations add up to something significant because when pronounced they sound like particular sayings. If you say the number 4 to the Chinese it will sound like the word for death! If you were to say the numbers 24 it would sound like easily dying! Once again not too good. Yet there are only 10,000 4N’s (four number .Com Domain Names) 0000-4444 Remember what I said about scarcity! So keeping this in mind even though not a popular number a 4N Domain Name even with a 4 is now worth considerable money! Most of the 3N Domain Names are now owned by Chinese folk and they command prices in the high hundreds of thousands. This is due to scarcity! This is where it gets a little tricky? Although the number 4 is considered death and bad luck there are only certain amounts domains within certain categories. Example is there are only ten 4N Domain Names with four repeating numbers 1111 2222 3333 4444 5555 etc. In this case the Domain Name that is 4444.com is worth big money due to scarcity and the pattern, yes the pattern plays a big as well.

Imagine two Domain Names, one is 1324.com and one is 1234.com The second example is worth much more than the first. Although both have a good value, it is the pattern in the second example that makes for better value and recognition.


We know that Numeric Domain Name’s scarcity plays a role in the value but also the numbers contained within play a part. At this point I mention short Domain Names are what the Chinese folk are seeking! Currently the value of an average quality 4N Domain Name compared to an average quality 5N Domain Name is ten times more for the 4N. So an average 5N could be worth $2,000 whereas the average 4N is now at $20,000 Why so much difference? Well there are 100,000 5N Domain Names and only 10,000 4N Domain Names! I was lucky enough to buy one (with a 4) from ebay ten years ago for $350, it is now worth somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 or more! Worth noting I have held this Numeric Domain Name for ten years now. Back to patterns, even a 6N (Six Number Domain Name) with a good pattern will command a great price. A name like 111666.com should be worth more than a 5N Domain Name such as 54790.com Even though the 5N is shorter, the 6N only use two numbers 1+6 Plus there is also “Harmony” in the 6N Domain Name, Yin and Yang (An even spread of odd and even) So that is another aspect to consider “Yin and Yang”


A little bit more about the meaning of the numbers. You need to do research on this subject because if you are a Westerner you will not be fluent with number combinations. So let’s use the numbers 1+3 for example (They add up to 4) many Chinese folk will avoid this number combination! So as previously mentioned the number 4 is bad luck, even death! Yet when used with the number 8 or 5 the number 4 has a different meaning. Example is 84 sounds like “Forever Prosperous” when pronounced. Sadly death (4) is considered “Forever” so when used with a lucky number such as 8 the meaning changes. Example is the numbers 48 will mean forever lucky/prosperous. The number has added an “Eternity” factor the number combinations! I have mentioned you need to speak to a Chinese national when entering the world of “Chip Domain Names” Same applies to number combinations. Numeric Domain Names that do not contain the numbers 4 or 0 are considered worth more! However Numeric Domain Names that do have a 4 or 0 also have a hierarchy. You are better off to have Domain Name ending with a 0 than starting with a 0 You are also better off have a Domain Name starting with 4 that ending with a 4.


As you can see by now, it can get very confusing! But there some rules to remember, patterns add to value, scarcity also adds to value and length adds to value! When I purchased my 4N Domain Name ten years ago now I knew that scarcity would play a part of the Domain Name’s future growth. Although considered “Low Quality” at the time it has turned out to be a great investment. In the ten years I have owned this name I have paid about $100 in registration fees yet the value has gone up $15,000. When it comes to Numeric Domain Names China is the main purchaser and you need to consider their culture and desires when purchasing. Many things come into play, in 2015 the 6N and even the 7N markets were commanding great returns on recently hand registered Numeric Domain Names. This has changed now the hype has died down for Numeric Chip Domain Names, many of the 7N’s are now being dropped (Not re-registered) and only the strong pattern 6N’s are going up in value or at least holding their own.


A 6N Domain Name with 888 at the end or beginning is still a desirable asset but has seen the value decline compared to the hype of 2015. The thing is that perhaps there will be another rise of the Numeric Chip Domain Names? If so, the holders of Domain Names with strong patterns and number combinations should do well. Whilst it sounds like a lot there are only 100,000 5N Domain Names 00000-99999 in existence. How many Chinese folk are currently on the planet right now? That’s all I will say other than to do your research, ask questions on the forums and seek out handy reference guides or better still speak to a Chinese person if Chip Letter and Numeric Domain Names are of interest to you.


Interesting to note that at the time of writing this ebook I came across the sale of 88844.com for $29,069 mentioned on DnQueeen.Net Why so much for a name with two fours? (Double Death) The answer is that the Domain Name only contains two numbers 8+4 plus it is in the pattern that starts with 888 Then consider there are only 100 5N Numeric Domain Names that have this pattern 88800-88899 This adds up to scarcity! I would suggest the lucky 888 outweighs the unlucky 44


I have read that the Chinese domainers are treating Domain Names similar to the Stock Market, with Chinese Domain Names you have the option of using .Com .Cn .Cn.Com and the Chinese IDNs of dot Chinese online .在线 and dot Chinese website .中文网 I have also read that in the end the Chinese fold may favor the Idn’s that are in their own language script? One comment I read was “It is a game of pass the parcel” In other words do not be the last one holding a Domain Name! Of course large Chinese companies desire to expand word wide and so seek out short two and three letter domains. I also believe nothing will change when it comes to the Chinese folk’s strong association with numbers and their meanings. I think the most interesting part of all this is the 4L.Com’s verses the 4L.Cn’s .. which one will end up the most favored?


I recently spotted the Domain Name of ViiiViii.Com. At first I did not realize what it represented? So I did a Google search and discovered that it represented the Roman Numerals 88 ….. this way of thinking has no influence on the Chinese market and will most likely end up being dropped or passed onto the next unsuspecting domainer. It can be handy to think outside the box but this is a bit of a stretch imo.


Buying Domain Names


Buying Domains Names is like hand registering Domain Names, but even more dangerous to your wallet! Why? Because when buying a Domain Name you are generally going to spend more than when hand registering a Domain Name. The upside is that you should be purchasing better quality! Like all forms of marketplaces there are bargains and there are unjustified high prices. It is up to you to decide what is fair and reasonably priced. Experience is a big help with all this and a slow sensible approach is required if you are not familiar with the domain’s category value. Time taken to do research is time very well spent. You can compare pricing against similar past sales by going to historic sales data websites such as Namebio. Domainers and businesses often buy Domain Names on sales platforms, via emails, plus on the forums amongst other venues. You can even buy a Domain Name on Ebay! There are many sales venues on the Internet these days and the most popular have been around for a while and are seen as seen as industry leaders. The only downside is that many of these sites have a large inventory of Domain Names and can be hard to search? Another approach is to contact the owner of a Domain Name via the “Whois Information”



The whois will give you the Domain Name owners contact information and you try your luck via an inquiry email to the registrant. Although there will be times when the Domain Name is “Under Privacy” This means the registrant has no desire to be contacted, their details are hidden from the public. Yes you will see a whois result but you will soon notice the details are not to a specific individual. You can actually try your luck and still send an inquiry email. Whether the registrant receive the email is dependent on the privacy settings of the registrant? I do have a Domain Name “Under Privacy” but I have set the privacy to still receive inquiry emails.


The Domain Name aftermarket has now “Matured” If you type in the full Domain Name and extension you seek it will quite possibly forward onto to a sales listing at a venue such as Sedo.Com or possibly Afternic.Com Or even a dedicated sales platform that the Domain Name registrant has set up them self to sell their own names! When directly typing a name into the address bar up top of your browser (Direct Navigation) you may also end up on a parking page (Static website page displaying ads) Up top on the parking page there may also be a an inquiry link as well “This Domain Name is for sale” If you click on this link you normally end up at either the marketplace sales listing or at a form where you can make an offer. The seller will soon get back to you and either accept or decline your offer? They may also “Counter Offer” if you are happy with their price you will accept and most likely do an escrow payment (Online Payment) As mentioned you may end up clicking on the inquiry link and end up at a sales venue. Arriving at the venue you will see either a link to make an offer or a link to buy now! Most buyers prefer the buy it now method (The Bin Price) because they feel they have secured the Domain Name they seek and now “Own It” Although it is worth noting the sales process will still take some time because upon notification the seller will need to transfer the Domain Name to the sales platform that will then send the buyer instructions on how to transfer the Domain Name into their registry account (Possibly Godaddy or Dynadot) Many Domain Name buyers have multiple accounts and can transfer the name into the Domain Name’s current registrar for a faster transaction!


Some negotiations may take a number of offers and counter offers to reach an agreement. Sometimes the buyer or seller will “Walk Away” because the feel no common ground can be reached! It’s disappointing but does happen, at the worst you now have an idea of the expected price the seller wishes to achieve. I did once make an offer on a Domain Name listed at a popular sales platform with a minimum offer amount of $500 U.S.D The Domain Name had two previous offers. My offer was at $500 U.S.D and I felt quite confident the seller would accept? However they seller came back with a price of $10,000 U.S.D, this counter offer was nowhere near my original offer (That was equal to the minimum offer) At that point I closed off the negotiations with the belief the seller was not serious in their pricing. I had reached the minimum offer and yet the seller replied with a price of twenty times their minimum offer price! It is possible this seller may have had ulterior motives? It could have been the seller was happy just to have another offer next to the Domain Name (The number of previous offers remain visible next to the names listing)


When a Domain Name has “Rejected Offers” offers next to the listing it demonstrates the seller is seeking to sell for high return. They believe that having a number of offers next to their Domain Name indicates this a quality Domain Name that deserves a good sales price! Of course all the previous offers may have been low and this is just a ploy to inflate the perceived value of the Domain Name. A year or so later I have since noticed the same name now has 17 previous offers next to the listing. One thing that does make me wonder is that the same name is listed for a Bin price via the Dynadot registrar. In this situation I would actually send the seller an email via the whois if possible. If there was a contact email available I would ask if the sale will actually go through if purchased through Dynadot? I may also send an email to Dynadot asking if a full refund is applicable if no sale happens. Previous dealings with this seller would make me wary of making a buy.


That is one of the pitfalls of the offer/counter offer format. It is worth noting had I got the seller on a bad week where they had a lot of bills or some unexpected cost had occurred they may have begrudgingly accepted my original offer! So I when it comes down to it “You have to be in it to win it” As a buyer you can try your luck and make “Lowball” offers and sometimes you may just get lucky. In the situation I have just written about I felt the Domain Name was only worth my original offer so I do not believe that I tried to “Lowball” the seller. It needs to be stated the more you spend the more “Committed to the name you are” At this point you would have committed, money, time and hopefully research into your purchase! You need to be confident that there are sound reasons behind your purchase, similar past sales, a growing market or perhaps scarcity will play a part? Have similar Domain Names been successfully developed? Is there a number of possible endusers? (If there are not may possible endusers, less chance of a sale) In the Dn Ebook I have shown a search for BookSpaceTravelTickets.Com and it was available. As either a hand registration or a marketplace purchase would have been bad choice for the simple reason space travel is not really happening at the moment! Who would buy this Domain Name from me? Nasa or Virgins Airlines? How long would I have to hold it for? To put it bluntly, it’s a dud and I would be wasting my money, walk away (fast)


Interesting to think that once upon a time compact disks were extremely popular as a from of media, yet now the trend is towards online downloads. So what is better MusicCds.com or Cds.com or Music.com Of course music.com is the winner because it remains “Timeless” a website using that Domain Name can offer whatever contemporary technology is currently available. Cds.com may seem a little dated but you need to remember those three letters can be used as an acronym for something else. Examples are “CoolDanceSchool.Com or CreateDigitalSongs.Com” Then there is the first domain which remains “Stuck In Time” MusicCds.Com easily has the lowest value of all three for this reason. But just to make you think a little more I normally say I am going to the “Video Store” instead of the the Dvd Store. Some terms are still relevant it seems! Another example of being careful when buying a Domain Name is past relevance, with names such as MusicTones.Com or Ringtones.Com is that these Domain Name’s time has come and gone! Technology now offers many various ringtones in our new phones meaning the musictone/ringtone industry has diminished to a point the Domain Name’s value has basically evaporated in just a decade! A question to ask yourself is what is the lifetime of a particular Domain Name? Were we wearing caps ten years ago? Will we be wearing Caps ten years from now? Do entities such as sports teams need caps? Do fans of sports teams buy caps?


Buy Domain Names that will always be in demand! Interesting to note that I once spotted a Future Tech Domain Name of CarTones.Com listed for sale on a forum marketplace. In the listing someone asked the question “What is a Car Tone?” To which the reply of “When we are all driving electric cars we will be picking out our own Car Tone so people can hear us coming and we don’t hit them!” Whilst this may be true there would be a long long wait for a sale with this name. If you buy Future Tech Domain Names be prepared to possibly wait many years for an offer or sale! It is worth noting that some Domain Name sales venues also offer auctions as well as offer/counter offer and Bin options. Sedo.com has auctions running everyday and you can purchase via this platform. Sedo will also run “Specialist” auctions concentrating on specific categories or extensions. Many New Gtlds have run auctions via the Sedo platform, some Cctlds have also ran auctions for previously unreleased names. Auctions such as these do get reported on and discussed on the blogs and forums. You can pick up some interesting tid bits of information when these events occur, possibly you may become interested enough to participate. Make sure you are eligible! Example is at the time of writing this there is a specialist auction for previously reserved .Nyc Domain Names, the thing is you must be a resident of Nyc to participate! I am always saying to “ask on the forums” if in any doubt because ninety nine times out of a hundred you will get a useful answer!

One thing to consider when buying a Domain Name is the development potential? Does the Domain Name you have just purchased possess lots of options for an online business? Are there many affiliate programs in place? Is there an ongoing supply of the product or service? Consider Domain Names related to events such as Christmas or an Election. Whilst information and products relating to these events are handy, their time in the sun is limited. Yet if you owned a Domain Name related to Music Downloads you could be selling all day every day of the year via an affiliate program! (More on affiliate sites and opportunities later) When you buy a Domain Name you need to be aware of worst case and best case scenarios and buy at a price accordingly. Back to the Domain Name MusicTone.Com Although it’s time in the sun has come and gone to the next generation who have no idea of the previous industry it was related to and it may make a useful “Brandable” Just remember you are not buying because of past glory’s. Some Domainers treat buying a Domain Name like long term investing in the Stock Market, they have patience and do not panic if there is no offers every week. They buy and let the market come to them (Similar to real world Real Estate) You may wish to give thought as to what type of domainer you wish to be? Are you going to be a Flipper or a long term investor?


Either method can achieve success and failures, it is a case of studying your market. Years ago when the world was not so “Connected” Some buyers purchased names relating to cities in China, now that China has opened up to the world these previously un-noticed names can command quite high prices! That is an example of a “Long Term” Domain Name Investor. Some buyers will buy into a well known market and then try to quickly flip the Domain Name, they are of course “Flippers” They are most likely buying undervalued names and have a buyer lined up or are willing to contact potential endusers that may have purchased similar names in the past. Flippers can be content with staying with a price range they know sells well, so they stay in that range. Consider what your motives are when you buy a Domain Name. You also need to consider if the Domain Name you are buying is spelt correctly? I have seen many names in the past that just do not make sense in their spelling, these names are normally offered by flippers who are grasping at straws. Domain Names such as CarsInsurances.Com are just plain wrong and although the car insurance industry is huge there will never be a demand for a Domain Name such as this example. Actually even CarsInsurance.Com is not too flash but at least has a slight chance of selling. I would still avoid this name!


The only true pronunciation for this industry is Car Insurance and if you wish to have a name in this category that is not with a secondary extension (CarInsurance.biz or CarInsurance.info) you would need one with a prefix or a suffix. Examples are FastCarInsurance.Com or CarInsuranceGuide.Com These two examples are viable and make sense when compared to CarsInsurances.Com. Now to be fair the registrant many not be a native English speaker and has taken a chance on this Domain Name. Make sure your spelling is correct and there is a perceived buyer for your Domain Name. At this point we know we cay buy names from Static sales venues such as Sedo.Com and Afternic.Com and that we can also buy via Bin and Offer/Counter Offer methods. We are also aware to think about the category of Domain Name we are buying and it’s ongoing relevance to the world we live in. We will now look at some other options for buying Domain Names.


Buying and Selling on the forums comes in various formats. There may be some active members on the forum that have down the bottom of each post have what is called a “Signature Line” This a small footnote section appearing down the bottom on a forum members post each time they share their thoughts (A message or comment) It can may contain a link to their website or a simple message such as “Wanted To Buy 4L .Coms” A signature line may also contain a headline displaying their best name for sale “FreeBeer.Com” accepting offers” Domainers are getting better and better at letting people know about their Domain Names. The forums are a constant beehive of activity and the leader in this category is easily Namepros. This vibrant Domain Name Forum has many different sections to learn about and discuss Domain Names! Just as importantly it has a very active marketplace where you can purchase either from Buy Now listings or Make Offer listings and also Auction listings! There is also a Brandables section and Numeric Domain Name section. In fact there is also a “Bargain Bin” section that is a great place for a newbie domainer to get started. For as little as $5 you can purchase a name and go through the transfer process (Very Cheap Learning) The experience you get will be invaluable later on. If you get stuck the seller will normally point you in the right direction!


The best thing about the Namepros market place is it costs nothing to look, you can simply go to the website and browse through the various listings! Of course it won’t take long until you join up and get in on the action. I suggest reading all the different threads to increase your knowledge base to make informed decisions! The auctions are good fun and there are some bargains to be had, plus of course some surprising results. Once you have a knowledge base you will start to form your own opinions on which is which. For example you may notice one name is constantly being “Bumped” (Bumped back to front of the auction listings) Yet no-one is making a bid? Why? Because either name is in an unpopular category like 7N’s (Seven Digit Domain Names) or the starting price may be way too high! It may also be a New Gtld that is in an unpopular extension and the domain doesn’t suit the extension well? The seller may possibly have some negative trade rating points and other domainers are wary?


There can be a number of reasons that a Domain Name does not do well at auction? Perhaps the seller listed the auction at the start of the weekend and had a “Auction Finish 48 hrs After Last Bid” in place, it could work out that some folk simply missed the auction because they were out doing other things! Many of the auctions on the forum can end with low sales results, the seller still expects you to pay within a reasonable time frame. I am of the belief 7 days is the maximum time frame to pay for a “Winning Auction Result” in other words you need to pay them within a week! Always check the auction listing rules if in doubt!


However some auctions may stipulate they require payment within 24 Hrs of someone winning their auction. Be aware to look for this and be prepared to pay within the allocated time frame. Most folk running auctions will expect their payment via a Paypal account or if the auction is for a high price Domain Name they may expect you to do an escrow transaction at a payment venue such as Escrow.Com They may request you must have a minimum of three positive trade ratings to participate. This is done to avoid “Bad Buyers” (People who don’t pay!) As mentioned you can go to the “Bargain Bin” and purchase a few Domain Names to do some learning and get some positive trade ratings! Then you will better access to some of the auctions you may wish to participate in. It is worth noting if there are multiple bidders in an auction it could be a Domain Name of quality? If a forum member of five years experience is bidding on a Domain Name they have a sound knowledge and believe there is value in the Domain Name they are bidding on. If an auction only has a few bidders it may be that the Domain Name is questionable in some folks eyes. Of course there are always exceptions, that is why auctions are so much fun!


Some auction listings may introduce a “Bin Price” (Buy It Now Price) during the auction, they will normally include this option when doing the auction listing “Bin to be added later” This suits many people who may wish to pay a little extra to secure the name immediately, they do not wish to miss out! So let’s say an auction is at $49 and no-one has bid for nearly two days the seller may post a Bin Price of $70 and one of the auction participants will post “Sold At Bin” to secure the name. Some auctions tend to drag on and on. Just as the leading bidder is about to get ready to claim their name, someone else places a bid and the auction finish time starts all over again. You will see words such as “Auction finishes 72hrs after final bid” This means that three days after no-one has bid the leading bidder has won the name. Some auctions will have “Auction finishes 48hrs after final bid” or “Auction finishes 96hrs after final bid” or even more which I find annoying. In longer auction endings like that the Domain Name is sometimes purchased at an introduced Bin Price just to bring the auction to a close! With auctions you need to read the “Increment Amount” The seller may state “$5 increments or more” This means you have to bid $5 or more each bid. Some sellers will place a $1 increment bid on their auctions, these can drag out sometimes but it is done to get participants involved in the auction.

Make offer sections are as they sound, you make an offer. The seller may ask they you send it via Pm (Private Message) as they do not wish for others to see what people are offering for this Domain Name, it’s their prerogative. In fact sometimes it is the winning buyer who will ask that the seller remove all references to price on the auction listing (Things stay visiable on the Internet) It could work out that a prospective purchaser down the road does a Google search on the name and discovers what the current seller previously paid for this name. It could affect the new sales price if a new buyer knows this information. It is no big deal to ask a seller to do this for you. Good buyers and sellers take the time to do a “Trade Rating” after each transaction, this done to build your reputation. There is an option to do a “Positive Feedback” or a “Negative Feedback” Much like ebay in a way. It only takes a minute to do this and builds better relationships with other domainers! Do not bid on Domain Names that you cannot afford, it is unfair to the seller. This is serious business and there is a need to be professional at all times! You will most likely be expected to pay in American Dollars so allow for this when making a bid or offer on a Domain Name. Good news is that you are also selling in American Dollars!


I once had a guy pay me in New Zealand Dollars and had to explain American Dollars were expected. You do not normally see this aspect mentioned in the listing but trust me you are dealing in U.S.D. I suspect it is located in the Namepros terms, not sure? Ask the moderators!

Some sales venues offering a “Drop Service” for expiring Domain Names (More on this later) Some sales platforms offer a number of buying options! You can purchase name for buy now and also auctions. One such venue offering this option is Flippa.com where the there is section for buying Domain Names on auction and also a section for “Static buy now listings” I suggest going to the website and having a look at both options, if anything interests you join up and get involved. Worth noting that Flippa have their own “Inhouse Escrow” This means you can pay for a name using your Visa Card and they will process the payment and pass the money on only after you have confirmed the transfer of the Domain Name. Generally you will receive the “Authority Code” and initiate a transfer at the Domain Name Registrar of their choice? They may simply leave the name at the current registrar and transfer out at a later date?


Remember there is a 60 day transfer lock once a Domain Name had new registrant details! This means unless there is an “Opt Out” option at the current registrar the Domain Name will have to stay at the current registrar. You should be able to do an “Inhouse Transfer Though”

Buyers are not normally charged a fee when they purchase a Domain Name, the fees are put on the seller. However some sales done through private Escrow sales may see the seller requesting to “Split The Fees” In other words they want to go half and half in the transaction costs. This is fair enough if a private seller makes this stipulation known. Be aware the forums have the rule that sellers cannot request buyers to pay fees. However if you buy a Domain Name and transfer it away from the current registrar you will be the one who is paying for the transfer fees (Normally one years registration cost) There is no onus on the seller in this situation. If unsure about fees in marketplaces and forums, ask the support team and they will soon clear things up. Sometimes a Domain Name about to drop may be auctioned/sold and the seller will include a “Years Renewal” as part of the sales price.


You can purchase Domain Names in a variety of ways when you go to Godaddy Auctions (accessed via the front page dropdown menu) Just click on Domains and then on Auctions in the dropdown menu. This is the only sales venue that I know of charging a fee to join in the action but the fee is minimal at only $5 and there is the benefit of being able to list your own names for sale on this platform! At Godaddy auctions you can also bid on expiring Domain Names that dropping (About to run out of registration) However it is not uncommon for the current registrant to renew the Domain Name, meaning your bid becomes “Void” and any money charge is refunded. It can be disappointing but it is all worth while when you sell a name you are on the world’s biggest Domain Name registrar (Lots of exposure)


One of my most favorite sales platforms would have to be NameJet they are one of the most active sales platforms when it comes to quality and specialist auctions. One example is that they ran the recent “Names Con” auction which was run live at the Names Con event (Names Con is short for Name’s Conference) This the biggest domainer event of the year and there are normally great Domain Names listed for auction! This year they had the category killer domain of Bar.Com which is one of the absolute best 3L Domain Names ever! Suitable for Bars and suitable for “The Bar” legal environment. There was also a good mix of .Coms .Orgs .Nets and New Gtlds. Some good results were achieved. However Namejet are not just one off, they are always hosting quality Domain Names via private sellers or even registries. They have private auctions that you must “Backorder” the Domain Name to participate (Place the minimum bid) you are not charged but can now participate in the auction when it starts! The minimum bid amount is $69 and if you were the only bidder in an active auction you would win! In private auctions the seller may not be happy with the pre-bidding and pull the name out from auction. Don’t worry though, there are heaps of others to chose from!


This really is a great place to acquire a quality Domain Name! They host 4L specialist auctions and 5n specialist auctions as well portfolio sell off auctions! There is even a section for expiring domains! In short, there is always a plethora of choice available! Please note if you are planning to spend over $2,500 U.S.D you will need to get your account verified, meaning you need to supply your credit/master card details so they can be confirmed.

Remember when buying a Domain Name Google check that the name is not banned by Google? Yes, sometimes you may be buying a name that has been banned by Google, this means Google has found a problem with this Domain Name in the past. Perhaps it was used for spam or “Shady” purposes. The Domain Name may be blacklisted which means Google may not index or allow their Adsense Ads to be placed on an operating website with that Domain Name. You can apply for this ban to be lifted but while banned the value of a Domain Name will be diminished! It’s worth asking or doing your own check, I will supply a link in the Domain Name Industry Links Section.


Buying a Domain Name can be frustrating at times, I still remember making an offer for a name at Sedo that the seller decided to push to auction! Yes on some platforms the seller can take up the option of pushing the name into auction to try for a better sale. Pleased to say no-one made a further bid for this name and I did win the auction (Without actually placing a bid) My initial offer was considered the first bid in this instance. Just something worth being aware of when making an offer a Domain Name, I think this is why a Bin price works best for buyers. It could be said if it is a offer counter offer situation you may have the option of taking up the Buy It Now price to avoid the disappointment of losing a Domain Name that has been pushed to auction.


One site that I occasionally visit is called HugeDomains.Com and they have a vast array of Domain Names listed for sale (Their own names) The thing about this particular site is that they might be ahead of the market due to the fact they offer the option to “Pay Off” Domain Names. Yes you can go there and select to “Buy It Now or to take up a 12 month payment plan option (You can choose any number of months up to 12) What I like about this option is that instead putting a decent chunk of cash on your credit card all in one go you can take the monthly payments option and keep your costs down. So if things are a bit tight money wise during a particular month you could make the payment via a credit card, but normally you can hopefully just “Pay The Name Off” with existing finances that do not need any form of credit. There are instances where ”Larger purchases in this industry” are paid off via escrow. An agreement is made and the escrow handles the funds and domain ownership until the transaction is completed. With many one word .coms commanding such high prices this method of payment for Domain Names this may become the standard as this industry continues to grow! It is also worth noting that some of the New Gtld Extensions are also offering financing on their premium Domain Names. Crazy to think that I once read the best quality Domain Names may even be listed on the Stock Market! I also once read “Don’t believe everything your read” Certainly an interesting comment though.


A final thought to ask your self, when you are searching for a Plumber on Google, are you search for a Plumber or a local Plumber in your area? Many believe one of the best Domain Name categories are the Geographic Service related, (Geo Domains) There are some great benefits for a company to have their location in a Domain Name! Another example of why two word descriptive Domain Names are sometimes better that a single word.


Selling Domain Names


Perhaps the most exciting part of this business is to sell a Domain Name! It really is a thrill, especially when you make a substantial profit. What is a substantial profit? Well let’s consider that if you sold a “Hand Registered” Domain Name the following day for $20-$25 you would have doubled your initial outlay! Try putting $10-$12 in the bank and see how long it lasts! This is an amazing industry that has grown alongside the growth of the Internet. Although you need to consider your time spent when trying to sell the Domain Name, how much is your time actually worth? It may be worth factoring this is when selling a Domain Name. If you think it is going to take a considerable amount of time and effort to sell a particular Domain Name you may wish to factor that into the final price. If you register a Domain Name and sell it for a 100% profit the next day on an auction at a forum, you may consider the small amount of time taken was worthwhile? We all have different expectations. Some forum sellers seem to prefer to sell on high turnover “Bulk Pricing” Where as others prefer to set a “Make Offer” listing and see if the market meets their expectations? On forums you can have Set Price Listings, Auction Listings and Make Offer listings.


On most of the sales platforms there is the option of setting a Buy It Now price or Make Offer. It’s up to you to decide what format your listing should be in? It truly is remarkable to think of the massive volume of Domain Names and the amounts of money paid out along the way up to this point of history. There is old saying that relates to selling Domain Names, this saying is “Good Domain Names get found!” This means that if you have a good Domain Name people will coming knocking at your door wanting to purchase it from you! Quality Domain Names always receive offers and create interest from endusers and investors alike! If you have a Domain Name portfolio and never receive any inquiries you may wish to consider the quality of your names and the possible mistakes that you might be making? Quality Domain Names have the luxury of waiting for the offers to roll in. This is good and this is bad, why? Well when a Domain Name receives many offers the seller tends to “Inflate” the Domain Names value “Oh no I could not accept any less than a million dollars!” The thing is not all Domain Names are created equal and when pricing your Domain Names you need to take this into account.


When pricing a Domain Name there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Is this a category killer Domain Name? (The absolute best)

Is this Domain Name still relevant? (Current and future usage options)

Decide how you are going to sell your Domain Names? (What is the best venue or strategy)

You will need to assess your financial situation and time frame (Can I wait ten years)

What will be the method of sale (Bin or Make Offer)


As you can see there are a number of factors that come into play when assessing your options, price, venue and method of sale. It may be that you desire to do a quick flip, if this is the case Domain Name forums may be the place to go (Many active buyers and sellers) It is also worth noting the history of the particular Domain Name at this point, is it a new Hand Reg? Perhaps it was purchased in the aftermarket and you are seeking to improve your purchase price? Many domainers fall into the trap of thinking all their Domain Names are worth a fortune when the truth is that their Domain Names may only be worth “Reg Fee” or less! (Reg Fee is of course the price of registration) If you feel your name is in fact worth many times more than what you paid for it (reg fee or purchase) you may wish to get a little pro-active! Many Domain Name sellers prefer to find a buyer rather than waiting for a buyer to come to them! They do this by contacting the people who would benefit most from using the Domain Name on sale. Sometimes a simple search on Google will reveal all the information required to find a buyer. The idea is to do a search for the subject of your Domain Name and then contact the first 20 or so search results that appear in the Domain Name’s category.


So if you are selling a Domain Name that relates to Custom Hot Rods you would do a Google search for Custom Hot Rods, Custom Cars, Hot Rods, Custom Rods and other similar categories relating to the Domain Name you are trying to sell. Most websites have a contact link either up top or down the bottom of their site. You simply need to let them know you are selling a valuable asset relating to their business. (I would be including the Domain Name title in the email subject line without the .Com or other extension) The subject line will catch their attention and they will be prompted to open up the email out of sheer interest (After all it is related to what they do or have and interest in) You can also find Domain Names that are similar to yours and contact the registrant via their whois information to see if they are interested in acquiring your Domain Name. If the similar Domain Name is parked you may wish to take into account that the registrant is most likely a domainer like you. Most domainers do not offer you high prices due to the fact they wish to sell the name them selves at a later date. I do get some emails from other domainers with similar names and normally do not act on the “Their Offer” However I do not begrudge them trying, they are being pro-active and I respect that. Sometimes I simply reply, stating I am currently not buying any Domain Names and wish them luck with their sale. I figure it’s nice to get some sort of reply for your efforts!


Your communications with perspective buyers does not mean that they will be throwing bucket loads of money at you, but it does mean that they are aware of the opportunity! Sometimes this simple notification will initiate a negotiation that can possibly result in a sale? You may need to demonstrate the benefits of the particular Domain Name to the business you have contacted. This can be done by explaining the use of emails containing the genre of the business, example could be if you are selling a Domain Name of FastCustomCars.Com to a Custom Hot Rod store they have the option of using the name for email purposes [email protected] or you may with to explain that a secondary blog website linking back to the main business can be very beneficial in the search engine rankings and that it acts as a venue to place extra advertising linking back to the main business. Then you can further explain there is the simple option of re-directing the new Domain Name back to the primary website/business. Some folk will happily buy the Domain Name just as an investment!


The main thing is to let perspective purchasers become aware of the opportunity to acquire the Domain Name you are selling. You may decide to list the name at a sales platform and then forward the Domain Name to that sale’s listing which lets anyone searching for this name to purchase via the sales listing. When directly contacting perspective buyers it is handy to already have an escrow account ready to use so you can quickly secure the sale if you come across an eager purchaser. As mentioned you can forward the Domain Name to the sales listing, you can also park the Domain Name and have an inquiry notice on the parked page or you may start a blog and add “This Domain Name For Sale” page for any interested buyers. There are options and it is up to you to decide how much time and effort you wish to put into it. Some sellers happily wait for the buyer to come to them via the whois information for the Domain Name (Remember good Domain Names get found) This method is favored by the sellers because it means someone was interested enough to seek out the Domain Name registrant details and then contact them (Motivated Buyer?)


However sometimes these so called motivated buyers use the line “I need a Domain Name for a project” Quite often this is a lie and just a way to try and get the Domain Name for cheaper “I am a poor student” Nothing wrong with being a poor student but you will need to meet my price for your project! You can always point these poor students to a lessor extension if it just for a “Project” Don’t forget if there is a personal name attached to the email you can do a Google search to see who you may be dealing with? If the search results reveal the buyer in question is in fact ‘Well Off” you may decide to add an extra zero to your price! Keeping in mind most buyers will most likely reject your first asking price and come back with a counter offer. It not unexpected or disrespectful, it’s just business and how it normally happens. Some sales can take many emails and it is a true haggling experience! You can stand firm or you can be a little flexible, it’s up to you.


Keep in mind that most people like to think they are “Winning” and if you show a little flexibility in your pricing it may be enough to let the buyer think they have “Won The Haggle” It’s fine to feed their ego if it results in a good sale! Some folk are yet to truly discover the hidden value in Domain Names and you may have mention the “Self Advertising Value” a good Domain Name retains. If you own a 3L Domain Name you are in the handy position of contacting the various acronym results of the Domain Name’s three letter combinations. It may turn out the company matching the acronym are looking to shorten their current website address and will jump on the chance to purchase!

When contacting a business you need to contact the decision makers, either the manager or the marketing department. You have to option of ringing the business and requesting the contact details of the people in question. A quick phone call to the correct person can result in a sale! When domaining it is handy to know what type of domainer you wish to be, are you a quick flipper or a long term holder? Once you have established a strategy act on it. As a flipper you may be very active on the forums and some auction platforms (Flippa.Com) You might even list your Domain Names on Ebay (Yes people do this, just search in the computer section) If you believe your Domain Names are of high quality you may decide it is better to list on the sales platforms and wait for the buyers to come to you. As mentioned a simple email to the matching business of the Domain Name’s category can obtain the desired results! Explore your options and see what works best for you! In fact some domainers will spend a token $5 to join Godaddy Auctions and use this as their main sales outlet, you can do a seven day auction to try your luck? If no sale you can relist and try again or switch over to offer/counter offer option. I have even seen Domain Names listed for sale via YouTube videos!


Some domainers like to ask for an “Appraisal” on the forums to get an idea of value of their names? It can be a handy resource if you are not sure what to price your name at? If asking for an appraisal on the forums it is a good idea to display your name like this D o m a i n N a m e . C o m because the gaps in the letters stop the name getting indexed by Google and being noticed by perspective buyers doing a Google search for the name’s history (If they read other peoples appraisals it may affect the final end price) It is better to have the Domain Name’s appraisal information to go under the radar! There is also the option of checking past sales data on similar Domain Names, you can do this at sites like NameBio.Com If you can study recent sales in the same category or genre of your names it helps with your pricing. Remember you are trying to sell, so a “Contemporary Price” is what you are seeking. I do believe a Domain Name portfolio should one or two “Go For It Domains” This means take a chance and price extremely high, you just never know who possibly wants your names? You can always come down when receiving offers on a Domain Name but you cannot go up!


Selling Domain Names is a strange business, sometimes you do see “Flukes” Don’t fall into the trap of thinking all of your names are also worth the same as a “Fluke Sale” Unless you have done your research and can be confident that you have in fact taken all factors into consideration in your pricing. I always find it fascinating to read old sales data, there is a link to DnJournal/Archives at the end of this Dn Ebook. You will see many “Flukes” and need to consider that someone actually took a chance on that Domain Name, then reaped the rewards (Do not base a portfolio around Flukes) It is worth noting that there are nearly 150,000,000 Domain Names and most will never sell. Some folk will sell each name for a reasonable profit and keep re-investing until they end up with a Domain Name of good quality. It can be about this time the selling procedure slows down dramatically! Mostly due to the fact we are dealing with higher quality Domain Names that command a good price. Names of this quality require serious decisions to be made by perspective buyers and this can take time. Higher quality names do not have the turn around of cheaper names. This is why some domainers will never price their names over $999 due to the fact the price point is considered “Not too risky” by perspective buyers, they will buy at $999 but to buy at $19,999 takes a lot more thought.


You may wish to start your own “Affiliate Program” Which means you can get other folk to do the legwork for you because you may be just too busy to be searching and sending out emails to suitable buyers? Yet there are many people in other countries that are willing to do this chore for you at a very reasonable rate. Example is that there is a website called Fiverr.com and you can list a “Gig” seeking someone to contact prospective buyers on your behalf. This can be done for as little as $5 per “Gig” and the person doing this task for you may be extremely grateful for the extra income! ($5 can mean a lot to a person in the third world country!) Now I am not saying to take advantage of these folk. I tend to think based on results you could offer a further sales bonus of 5% of the sales price to any “Broker” you chose to do this task! It is extra money for them and a sale for you. It may work out that you build a strong business relationship and both benefit from the partnership!


You have the option of doing the email script which could be a simple ‘Dear Sir/Madam I am selling the Domain Name of DnEbook.Com and believe it could be of benefit to your online business activities. If you are at all interested please do respond to this email so we can discuss a price. Thank you for taking the time to read this email” or you may wish to list all the benefits such as re-directing back to the main website, secondary blog with links back to main website and the email options. It really is up to you to decide how much of a sales pitch you wish to include in an outbound sales email. I believe if a person is interested in a Domain Name they normally know all the benefits and that an email should be kept simple. I would also include the Domain Name category in the email subject title to get noticed. There are many options when it comes to selling Domain Names and it is up to you to explore these options and find what works best for you.


A listing for a Domain Name Forum Auction would look like the example below:


Avrn.Com (Headline)


Avrn.Com is registered Enom.com until 6th of March 2018


Avrn is very well suited to a number of different acronym categories


A can be used for Adult, Audio, America, Asian, Advertising


Vr can be used for Virtual Reality, Vacation Rentals, Voice Recognition


N can be used for Network, Networking, New, News, Now, Net, Natural


Auction Start is $1 with increments of $10 or more after the first bid


First bid must have the starting dollar amount to avoid confusion


Auction finishes 72 Hrs after the final bid or if the name is sold at Bin price


A bin price of $999 in set in place


Payment is via PayPal for trusted members at my discretion or Escrow will be used


Payment is expected within 24 Hrs


Please note you need at least three positive ratings and no negative ratings to participate in this auction


Happy Bidding


As you can see the Domain Name and the current registrar information has been supplied. Also I have listed some uses for the Domain Name. The auction start price has been supplied and the bidding increments have been supplied. A finishing time is also stated and there is a Bin (Buy It Now) option. The payment method is stated and a notice that as the seller it is up to my discretion who I will accept PayPal from (Trusted Long Term Members) I have also requested a payment time frame. There is also a stipulation that you must have at least three positive ratings and no negative ratings to participate in this auction. This is to protect myself from “Bad Buyers” (People Who Win a Domain Name Auction But Don’t Pay!) It is worth checking the rules of each forum you are listing names for sale or auction on. You can also look at other listings to get an idea of how it is done. Sometimes if a forum auction is incorrectly listed you may get a notice from the forum administrators to amend the listing (Maybe you forget to put a finishing time?) This is done so all auctions run as smoothly as possible.


Back Ordering Domains


“Dropping” means a Domain Name is about to expire and may not be renewed? Some domainers will place a backorder on a Domain Name to secure it when it drops if the current owner decides not to renew it. Over the years there have been many significant Domain Names that have dropped! Sometimes due to the owner passing away or perhaps simply forgetting to renew? Sometimes the Domain Name was managed by the tech consultant working at a company, then when the tech consultant moved on no-one realized it was up to the company to maintain the Domain Names registration! As a result the Domain Name ended up dropping. Sometimes the current registrant can no longer see any value in the Domain Name and happily lets it drop. Remember the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” most applicable in this situation! Some domainers leave the Domain Name on “Auto Renew” and the Domain Name will automatically renew each year. Some domainers set the “Auto Renew” to off (Done via the Domain Name Management Page) They like to make a decision on the Domain Name’s potential each year. I normally do this and if after a while I have had no offers or success trying to sell the name I may just let it drop. Many domainers that hand register new Domain Names end up doing this. They realize the Domain Name was not as good as they thought when first registering it!


Back ordering? … A domain name can be back ordered, which means if a name is due to become unregistered at a domain register, it can be placed on order and re-registered by a person who has backordered it. Every register have their own rules regarding back ordering, some registries may charge US$10-15 for you to back order a Domain Name. If your back order is successful, this will normally include 1year Domain Name registration. However if a “Drop Catcher” gets the expired Domain Name instead they will charge about $60 and if there is more than one person who has back ordered the domain name they hold a ‘Mini Auction’ to establish a new owner. To participate in a Dropping Domain Names auction you bid a “Token Starting Amount” (You Bid But Are Not Charged Any Money At This Point) This amount will see you able to bid in that Dropping Name auction along with other people who have placed the minimum starting bid. Eventually someone will bid the highest amount and win the rights to Domain Name if it is caught by that “Drop Catcher” It is at this point if you are the highest auction bidder then you will be charged a fee (Auction Winning Amount) Many domainers will bid on the same name on various “Drop Catchers” to secure the Domain Name if they feel it is valuable!



If you secure a good name you may consider the price point to be worthwhile. Many names are on back order these days and you can try your luck if you think it is a Domain Name of value? Prices do change for backordering depending on the company, so the price quoted here is only a rough guide at the time of writing this. Snapnames.Com, DropCatch.Com Namejet.Com and Pheenix.Com are popular for backordering Domain Names. Why? Well some Domain Name back ordering companies have better software than other companies, plus they have more “Licenses” which means they have more avenues to approach a Domain Name on backorder. This means if a back ordering/ drop catching company also has ten Domain Name registrars they also have Ten more avenues to try and secure a dropping Domain Name. More licenses means more opportunity to secure the name (They have a better chance to get the name!) That’s why many domainers involved in the dropping Domain Name industry often place a back order for an upcoming drop with all the best of the drop catchers. By dealing with the industry leaders you are more likely to get the name you want.



The life cycle of a Domain Name can vary, below is a typical drop cycle scenario

Domain enters Auto Renew Grace Renewal Period (Domain Technically Expires but the Registry Auto Renews The Domain Name The registry have between 0-45 to “Delete the Domain Name”


Redemption Grace Period is when the Domain Name has been deleted by the registry, The Domain Name now is in a 30 day Redemption period but can be renewed by the current registrant (Higher than normal renewal cost)


If the registrant does not renew the Domain Name it will then go into “Pending Delete” for a period of 5 days


Once the 5 day “Pending Delete” process is finished the Domain Name is now available and will be caught by the fastest “Drop Catcher”


The Domain Name is now either allocated to an existing back order or will be part of an auction to see who the next registrant will be?


Idn Domain Names


idn = International Domain Name

Aren’t we forgetting something at this point? …. not everyone speaks the English Language! Because of this the Internet continues its worldwide evolution to allow for this by way of expanding into specific country language scripts that are starting to become approved by Icann. Already certain countries are using their own alphabets on their country/language specific computer keyboards. In other words in Germany they are using their own German based alphabet website searches and keyboards, remember how being local was also important!


You cannot get much more local that using your country’s specific alphabet. Search engines from each country will also point these websites using these languages to the people in these countries, in other words the search engines can also keep local. Will people in Germany search for Mietwagen (Hire cars in German) or 租用车 (Hire cars in Simplified Chinese) another example is the term: Tv Channels, in simplified Chinese it is (电视频道) in German is (TV-Kanäle) notice the accent over the (ä letter in Kanäle) a great example of how local script is used! Occasionally some English letters will crossover to the German or other alphabets such as the Spanish alphabet but as already stated if people see the website in your specific language featuring all the characters and symbols associated with your language and country there will be an inbuilt element of trust. This is very important for businesses located on the internet seeking your money for either goods or services. You cannot cross register letters from different countries (Different Scripts)

Worth noting the Chinese IDNs for dot Chinese online .在线 and dot Chinese website .中文网 are part of the new Gtld’s that have been released (Idn Generic Top Level Domains)


What is punycode?


International Domain Names


The Internet Punycode address for 잡담.com (chat.com in Korean) is: xn—jk1b250b.com, this is because in this early period of the Internet only Latin based English scripts have been used for website addresses. So if you had a Non-English based website address/domain name it would be converted to another script language called ‘Punycode’ which is a mixture of Latin based letters and numbers. Now what’s the big deal? Well the big deal is that many Domain Name investors have had faith in Icann to expand the internet into all languages from all over the world. This means some Domain Name investors have been buying idn words/addresses like 잡담.com … xn—jk1b250b.com in the hope of owning a valuable asset when the changes come to the countries alphabet based script. Some investors already own spectacular names before the Internet has changed over the local language script. In other words there is some long term speculation happening right now and as the changes come these people are preparing to cash in!


One very well known domain name forum specializing in this approach is IdnForums.Com. At this Domain Name forum there is much discussion about new language scripts due to be released and recent scripts released such the crossover to .РФ which from the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet. Russia also has the extension of .ru (Short for .Russia) However the people at IdnForums.Com are already actively buying, selling swapping domain names in the .РФ extension because they believe overtime the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet names will be more valuable than the English based Russian domain names to the people of the Russian States. Once more I will remind you it is better to be perceived as a local entity rather than from somewhere else in the world. In Australia they use .Com.Au and if you do business with a .Com.Au website you will be confident you are dealing with an Australian based business. It is possible that a foreign business has an Australian Business Number and can trade with as .Com.Au address. Keep in mind this situation is in the minority. Most websites with the .Com.Au will be from Australia. As for buying idn’s I suggest having someone that speaks the language you are interested in nearby, it is very easy to make mistakes with idns, some words may not be stand alone’s (Means they only work next to another and are not used in singular fashion)


Just think of how many different country specific languages exist! Even then certain countries have more than one popular language. One great example would be the country of India where such languages such as Tamil, Hindi and Kannada are used by millions upon millions of people! A company called VeriSign currently with the contract to run the .Com and .Net extensions (Among Others) have applied to Icann to supply the extensions of .Com and .Net in specific country language scripts as the list below will show how along with the countries own extension how other options for investors and website developers. The first on the list below demonstrates in the Chinese Domain Space there could be as many as five different options. It would be interesting to discuss the dangers of owning a .Cn name with China’s current strict censorship attitudes. I suspect the folks at IdnForums.Com would suggest to avoid the .Cn names (Unless they are currently holding some)


Remember Domain Name Investing is like all investing. You are speculating on the future happenings of certain things and trying to work that to your advantage! It is believed that if you own잡담.com (Chat.Com) in the Korean Language, once these changes happen will you be allocated the .Com or .Net specific country script first choice and possibly without charge? In other words if you own잡담.Com you may also have for free or for a cost the associated country’s script잡담.Com and the country’s spelling of .Com as the example given shows. It is ‘Chat.Com’ in Korean Language. 잡담.회사 will hopefully be allocated without cost to the owner of the existing .Com name? It seems the .Com extension is set to continue as part of the Internet except this time as a specific country script. This scenario is still laying itself out, in a perfect world it will work out as a two for one for the owners of names like 잡담.Com who will also get to own잡담.회사 as well for their money! Because .Com was the first extension used and is highly recognized worldwide it seems VeriSign feels it is worthwhile continuing the brand no matter what the language!


Some domain name investors will purposely avoid International Domain Names because they do not possess a working knowledge of foreign languages. Some folk have contacts overseas and have a reliable resource to call upon. Some folk rely on the good reputation of whom they are dealing with when buying such names. It is worth knowing that some words only work in conjunction with other words in foreign languages. Many people refer to international dictionaries to confirm spellings and usage. It could be suggested a local presence is perhaps the best resource. Some folk see Idn’s (International Domain Names) as the next big untapped “Gold Rush” and some folk see them as a minefield of danger and a certain way to lose your money. As with all investing research is always the best approach. More than once I have seen Idn’s for sale at IdnForums.Com only to have other members identify the mistaken usage or spelling or need to for the name to be acting as a joining word, in other words it is not a standalone word and has no value or use unless it is connected to another word. It is reassuring to see the members of this forum continue great censorship of the idn’s in their marketplace! Recently Hebrew script names have recently been released.


This list shows what the extensions .Com and .Net will look in their native languages, this list also has some country code top level domain extension of each country (their own country code) .Cn = China


Chinese: Scripts …………… (What an extension looks like in their language)

.中国 : .cn

.公司 : .com

网络 : .net

.公司.中国 : .com.cn

.网络.中国 : .net.cn

Japanese: scripts

.日本 : .jp

.コム : .com

.ネット : .net

Korean: Scripts

.한국 : .kr

.회사 : .com

.넷 : .net

Thai Scripts

.คอม : .com

Russian: Scripts

.ком : .com

.нет : .net

Hebrew: Scripts

קום : .com

נט : .net

Arabic: Scripts

كوم : .com

.网络.中国 : .net.cn

Japanese: scripts

.日本 : .jp

.コム : .com

.ネット : .net

Korean: Scripts

.한국 : .kr

.회사 : .com

.넷 : .net

Greek: Scripts

com : .κομ

net : .νετ

Hindi and Marathi and Nepali: Indian languages: Scripts

.com : .कॉम

.net : .नेट

Urdu Scripts: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran,

Many different Languages in this region

.com : کوم.

Telugu (India)

.com : .కం

.net : .నెట్

Kannada (India)

.com : .ಕಂ

.com : .ಕೊಂ

Gujarati (India)

.com : .કોમ

.net : .નેટ

Malayalam (India)

.com : .കോം

.net : . നെറ്റ്

Bengali (India)

.com : .কম

.net : .নেট

Latin language Scripts

.com : .com

.com : .kom (latin letters)




The world of domaining like any other form of speculating has a number of urban myth stories that become well known over time. The story of CamRoulette.Com is an interesting one because of the quick turnaround for a substantial profit but more to the point how the seller went about disposing the name to the person who made the huge profit. The buyer identified the name was perfect for the fun niche market of random webcam chat (No I have not used it) This Domain Name was registered on December-12-2009 after the initial success of ChatRoulette.Com (Many clone sites followed hoping to cash in on the popularity of the idea) The name CamRoulette.Com was mentioned on a Domain Name forum. The person that registered the name spoke of how he was thinking of making a site similar to Chat Roulette but had fallen off the idea. Subsequently he started receiving offers for the name from inspired Domainers who could see the value in the name. This domain name was sold in February 2014 for $1400 as a result of the forum posting which is quite a good profit considering it was only a few months old!


However it was what happened next that got the tongues wagging around the industry. On March-23-2010 a domain auction titled Domain Madness was held with CamRoulette.Com being one of the names sold, in fact it was the top sale, for a whopping $151,000 which is an amazing profit on a domain only months old! Two days later the original registrant of the domain name posted again on NamePros.Com who it was him that had originally been the one who registered it only to see it sold for such a massive profit, understandably he was quite disappointed at the amount of lost profit he could have achieved. On March 31st it was announced on Domain Name Wire that the original registrant was being sued because he had previously agreed to sell this particular Domain Name for $700 to someone else! The person lodging the lawsuit was suing for the amount of $150,300 (The amount of profit he would have made if he had purchased the domain and lodged it at the Domain Madness Auction)


The young Domainer who was the recipient of the lawsuit was only 20 years old and quite inexperienced at the world of Domaining! To say he was astonished at the twist in the turn of events would be an understatement indeed! The Domainers name was the same as another well known person in the industry who was then also considered guilty by association even though he had nothing to do with it. Just an unfortunate coincidence for sure. However the person suing thought he had been done by a major player in the industry and possibly believed there was a good chance to get the lost profit back. It turned out the lawsuit was quickly settled in August 2010 once the original seller was identified as just a young gentleman with not much money to his name. This was an amazing story that many watched on with great interest as it unfolded. There was much debate about if as the seller the young Domainer should have stuck to his original sales agreement for $700 instead of chasing an extra $600 after a sale was agreed upon. It is an invaluable lesson that in this industry your reputation is everything!


There are many scams in this ‘Trust Industry’ I use the term trust industry because for example if I buy a name from a forum like NamePros or Dnforum I look at the sellers trader rating before deciding I can trust him to do the right thing. The right thing is to transfer the name after I have made payment, if a seller had many sales to his name it greatly contributes to a peace of mind when dealing with this person. Also the longevity of the member on the forum is a contributing factor. If the seller has been on the forum for a while it is a fair assumption the seller is a genuine person who takes much pride in their online reputation. There is a wise saying to only use paypal to accept if you are willing to lose that amount. This means that some buyers have used perhaps a credit card to buy the domain name and then later on they have done a ‘Chargeback’ and recouped their outlay at the loss to the seller! Or the seller may request payment then not transfer the name?


(There are many more escrow services out there now, shop around for best fees) There is the option of using an escrow service such as Escrow.Com where they hold the funds until confirmation of the transfer emails are received from both buyer and seller. Sedo.Com offer an inhouse escrow service as well and it is a great way to avoid the stress. I personally refer all inquiries of any of my names to Sedo and I am happy to pay them a commission to avoid any frustrations associated with the payment part of Domaining. I do also hold the occasional auction at NamePros but generally it is for low priced domain names that I may not wish to renew. There is quite often some surprise packets at these forum auctions and the occasional bargain is achieved. I have also seen some great names listed for auction that are from new members and it quite obviously a SCAM. These members selling wonderful bargains are normally new and have no or a very low trader rating. The more experienced Domainers normally catch on and ‘Out’ the offender who is subsequently banned! Simple motto is “If it’s too good to be true” it is quite possibly a SCAM!


Trademark Tools


Are domainers ‘Cyber Squatters’ if you are a Domainer the answer would be no, we have a legal right to buy these names and bad luck for not getting in before me. However this is not a correct attitude because if you register a name that has an association with a trademark you are in fact pushing your luck. The owner of the trademark has paid for protection of their name and their brand in the hope of avoiding inappropriate dealings under their company name and image. Imagine how Google would feel if there brand name was associated with such things as a weapons company responsible for atrocities in the poorer countries of the world. Although that example is a bit extreme it goes to show name association can really harm a brand name and because of this companies will do whatever it takes to protect their ‘Goodwill’ Facebook are well known for trying to stop people trading off their name and they can afford a good lawyer, can you? By now you should be getting the idea to avoid trademarks. A good site to use is Uspto.Gov to check if there is a trademark before you register a name. The Madrid Protocol is another site to check for worldwide trademarks, you can save yourself many headaches by doing a little research before registering a trademarked term Madrid Protocol …….. Uspto.Gov + Trademarkia.Com are fantastic tools to use in this situation.



People’s names are another thing to avoid in my opinion, as well as being a dud investment unless you happen to share the same name it is perhaps a way to find trouble knocking at your door! Again some of these famous people have big budgets to get their name back! It is believed you can make a “Fansite” using someone’s name but I really do not see the value in return for doing such a thing. Another example of why Domainers are sometimes called cyber squatters is like what happened when Michael Jackson passed away. Many in the industry tried to cash in on his name by registering domain names using his name. Some of these names were advertised on Ebay for $1,000,000 dollars then a year later on the anniversary of his death many of these name just dropped anyway …. basically a bit waste of time for all concerned. Consider his family may have wished to use their legal right to these names. Domainers can help themselves by avoiding doing things like this, plus as mentioned it is quite often a waste of time and money anyway. Sometimes if a trademarked name is parked and has the trademark holders name on the parked pages the trademark owner as a good case to prove you are trading off their name. Remember the Urdp panel and be wary!


Many people once made a good living off their parked domain names however many of these parked pages are hardly ever seen in a Google search and if you are relying on this for income you may be disappointed. Another thing is some names are sold with false traffic, there are services offering to find the ‘True Figures’ of a parked domain (Alexa.Com) and if you going to spend a considerable amount of money it may be worth doing some research before you buy. If it is a new extension the odds are the figures may be false because the extension is hardly known, how can people be searching for something that recently did not exist? Some parked names are also picked up by “Bots’ which is software designed to grab onto a name for whatever specific reason the software has been set to find. A name may be getting big traffic but yet no one ever clicks on the ads? Could be because of bot traffic! Be wary, some people request a screen shot to visually see the stats. Even then these can be ‘Adjusted’ to look a bit better than they actually are. You can also type the Domain Name into Google and see if there is a tainted history associated with the name? Perhaps it belonged to a website that Google has banned? Use this tool to see if the domain name has a current ban Google Banned?


(SearchEngineGenie.Com) if the ‘Site’ name comes up as banned you can also do a check by typing the name in and seeing what appears? If it is something that seems wrong avoid the name or at least ask why this is so? When a new website is built you can ask Google for reconsideration but you are their mercy and I would not rely on them to save your Domain Name or new Website! There are tools in the Industry Links Section to check if a name id banned by Google.


Sales Data


There is one thing that domainers love doing, this is reading about sales data! It inspires and helps to make sense of certain things you may not quite understand? After a while when reading the sales data you start to frame a set of inbuilt values to certain styles of Domain Names. Example is that the 3C (Three Character) market is always liquid, however there are different sub-categories within this category. You can have a LLN or a NNL plus a NLN or LNL. When studying the sales data you may notice that the stronger patterns are the LLN and the NNL Domain Names. Although NLN’s and LNL’s are still considered “Liquid” They are not considered to be premium in some domain investors eyes. Many of these names that seemingly have no visible value were used for web based projects where a just a “Short Pattern .Com Domain” would be required. The main requirement of these web based projects was that there was a Domain Name present to resolve to a website page. After a while these short apparently random names begin to gain a following and a price point that made them liquid and quite popular amongst domainers. The same goes for the 3L and the 4L markets, it is the past sales data that helps to create a current form of value. Now it is worth noting when reading sales data the year of the sale plays a significant part. The venue is also important when looking into this data (Were these Chinese sales?) If there is a 4.Cn or Ename.Com next to the data the answer would be yes this is a Chinese sale.


Example is the 7N (numeric) market was strong and had many fans in the year of 2015 however once the Chinese folk lost interest the market dropped off sharply! This means if we are to study the 7N market we need to compare sales from 2015 to 2016 This would disclose the market is no longer viable and only the brave will continue to invest heavily in this niche! But here is the interesting aspect, if the pattern was strong a 7N Domain Name may still retain some decent value. I suspect that a pattern such as 1234567 or 5566778 would be desirable for the numeric Domain Name fans (Especially 1234567!) When looking at sales data we need to consider things such as patterns, sales venues and trends.


In the year 2016 19 non .com sales made the top 100 (including 8 new gtlds)

In the year 2015 9 non .com sales made the top 100 (including 4 new gtlds)


We will now have a look into one piece of information (Up Above) I recently noticed reported on the website Tldinvestors.com This was a look at the top 100 sales for the years of 2015 and 2016. You can easily note the increase in non .com sales but what does this tell us? We can now see we have the New Gtlds to consider but there is another category to pencil in which is the cctlds (Country code top level domains) Going by the statistics .Com has lost some ground in the year of 2016 compared to the year of 2015 It is worth noting some of these non .Com sales over the past few years have come via Specialty Name Auctions for particular extensions and that any country code big sales have come via category killer Domain Names (Furniture is a category killer) The one thing I can reveal is that .Com Domain Names were placed in 9 of the 10 top 2016 sales and in the top 30 there were only 4 non .Com sales. Another interesting aspect is the volume of 2L .com’s Chinese companies are always seeking to shorten their names as much as possible. Fair chance that if you did a “Whois Search” on the 2L’s in this top thirty most would have a Chinese Registrant!


High end buyers are aware of their rarity and their ability to increase in value! You will also note the inclusion of two “Games” Domain Names as well as a number of numeric Domain Name Registry Auctions are for names that have been purposely held back from general release in favor of an auction to achieve a greater price. Remember many Private Sales are never reported due to a signing of a (Nda) Non Disclosure Agreement. Yes there are some high sales but remember there are millions upon millions of domains names in existence!!


Hg.Com $3,770,000

Vivo.Com $2,100,000

Jade.Com $1,250.000

La.Com $1,200,000

Tp.Com $929,000

Yk.Com $900,000

Kiwi.Com $800.000

Rate.Com $725,000

997.Com $688,888.88

Da.Com $650,000

Furniture.Co.Uk $650,000

Wave.Com $420,000

Broker.Com $375,000

Aus.Com $345,000

Promotion.Com $315,000

Quick.Com $299,000

0123.Com $252,000

What.Com $251,000

BabyGames.Com $250,000

Clash.Com $250,000

Lawn.Com $240,000

Bgi.Com $235,000

Sideline.Com $225,000

Mikihouse.Com $224,224

281.Com $201,100

CarGames.Com $200,000

Ada.Com $200,000

Recovery.Net $200,000

1.xyz $181,720

9.xyz $170,250


Sales information gathered at Dnjournal.com TldInvestors.com. The future of Domaining seems bright, with many $1,000,000 + sales over the past couple of years.

New Gtlds


In the mid 1980s gtld’s .Com, .Edu, .Gov, .Int, .Mil, .Net, and .Org were first created for use on the internet. Domain names may be registered in three of these (.com, .net, and .org) without restriction. The other four Gtld’s had limited purposes, mostly because these extensions are more suited to government department usage. Then following on from the creation of the original Gtld’s after various discussions had occurred in 2001 and 2002 more new Gtld’s .Biz, .Info, .Name, .Pro, .Coop, .Areo and .Museum were released. 2003 was to see Icann release even more Gtld’s .Asia, .Cat, .Jobs, .Mobi, .Tel and Travel. Some of these newer extensions such as .Travel were sponsored by organizations and with that came specific stipulations regarding availability. Example was you needed to be or planned to in the travel industry to access a .Travel domain name. Subsequently the extension never really took off and more recently in an attempt to revive it they have eased some of the approval guidelines. But that train may have left the station. So keeping the failure of some of the recent newer extensions in mind some people feel these new Gtld’s will also fail and that .Com will stay king…..open to debate


Currently the cost of acquiring a new Gtld extension runs close to $185, 000 in application fees and then about $30,000 a year in ongoing fees but can you imagine the marketing advertising benefits of owning the .Music extension for example. Some of the most popular new extensions such as .Shop and .Ebook had private auctions for prospective entities to run the extensions. These auctions had many high bids running into millions of dollars and in some circumstances the entities that lost the auction were actually compensated millions of dollars? Strange stuff?


When I wrote the second version of this ebook (Domain Name Investors Ebook) in 2014 Google had applied for 98 new Domain Name extensions and planned to run their own registrar. It did occur to me that if a huge online presence like this has faith in what lies ahead perhaps we should as well? One rather interesting questing is how will Google treat their own Gtld’s compared the .Com’s and .Net’s when it comes to search results?? Some folk will be skeptical no doubt. The arrival of the New Gtld’s has domainers all over the world in heated debate as to whether or not they will survive or possibly even flourish? Earlier in this Dn Ebook I stated any Domain Name is “Sellable” but whether it sells or not is another thing. The New Generic Top Level Extensions (Gtld’s) are currently in the position of having to sell themselves to the “Critical Mass” It is only early days for most of them and they are not all created equal. Some are idn script based (Foreign Languages) some are product based (.Ebook or .Autos) Some are born from the parent company that makes the products (.Sony .Canon .Bmw) Then you have the sales platforms of .Amazon and .Ebay! As you can see there is a varied category base of applicants and each has it’s own merits such as brand recognition or category strength.


Some of the New Gtld’s will have the ability to create fantastic Domain Name Hacks that are the combination of a word and an extension. One that I have seen sold at auction is Electric.Guitars which to any guitar player has instant appeal! It is this “Instant Appeal” that the new registrars are banking on. However the problem is that most of the critical mass remain unaware of their existence! This is a problem if you are expecting instant recognition and instant profit. It could be said some of these new Gtld’s are already in a precarious situation due to their obscurity and lack of promotion. Part of the reason for lack of recognition to this point is that there has been a lack of promotion by the entities running these new extensions. Many domainers feel it has been up to them to keep these new extensions “Afloat” You see domainers are the best and worst of us when it comes to marketing, they have the ability to identify marketing potential well before anyone else and they will act on it (Register the Domain Name) However it should be said that eventually the domainers will figure out that they can’t be left holding the bag (It’s not just up to them to support a New Gtld’s) Many are asking what have the registries done to inform the general public and potential domain buyers of this new phenomenon happening to the Internet? For many existing domainers if the success is not instant some will lose faith and begin to go back to what they know (.Com)


It is a natural re-action that perhaps the new extension registrars did not properly allow for? Many domainers believe the registrars felt sure the Domain Name investor community would support each extension until the critical mass discovered them and started to use them. They were quite likely wrong. Problem is that in a world of different browsers and operating systems not all of these New Gtld’s are reliable enough to successfully put the hard sell on. At the moment it is claimed that some do not work properly when used as an email tool or worse still when as a website is created no-one can use it? Of course this will all be worked out by the time you can buy a new computer at your .Apple store (Trust me by that stage the .Apple websites will resolve “Appear” on all apple computers) It is at that point the critical mass begin to take some notice of these new “Weird” Domain Names. Then as other players enter into the market and people start to see adverts for products like Television.Sony and Cars.Bmw the change begins to take root. However this is going to take many, many years to reach the critical mass in a meaningful and successful manner. So what is going to happen then? Well simply put it will be the next “Big Thing” Like what Facebook was when it first hit the Internet that will be tipping point! This will also happen in a few years when most forms of media can run this “Next big thing extension” without problems. Until then these strange New Gtld’s will mostly redirect back to the industry standard of .Com (the safety net)


There is another aspect holding the New Gtld’s back, premium pricing! Before we look at the New Gtld premium pricing model we are going to step back in time a bit and look at the .Tv extension (.Tv is the cctld for the island nation of Tuvalu) Many years ago the .Tv extension was once “Normal” pricing which means that you paid a low yearly fee that was not too much more than a .Com or a .Net, However at some stage it was decided by the folk running the .Tv extension at the time it may be a good idea to introduce a “Premium” pricing model. This new form of pricing allowed the registry to choose certain names to be re-priced as “Premiums” Much to the horror of the .Tv domainers the price of certain Generic Domain Names were suddenly priced up to possibly $500 or more per year! Not all “Premiums” were priced the same but one thing remained, if you purchased a “Premium Domain Name” you would be paying the premium renewal for as long as you owned the rights to the Domain Name. This was a big setback for domainers who sought to re-sell their “Premiums” After all when you have to pay a “Premium” on a yearly basis there is the thought of “Is this worth it?”


On some of the forums .Tv Domain Names were getting harder to sell and the enthusiasm for this extension dropped off a little because of the unusual pricing model. People were placing names on sales platforms that were unspecific in regards to their pricing “Premium or Normal Reg Fee?” There was much conversion about the lack transparency regarding the annual renewals for some of the names listed for sale. If a .Tv Domain Name was listed on auction or sale at a forum you would soon see the question asked “Is this a Premium?” Sometimes the answer would comeback as yes! This was a very awkward situation for all concerned and some would be investors into this extension shied away due to the confusion! Some names were registered before the re-pricing and these names remained as “Normal Reg Fee” For a number of years this confusing situation remained and I do think this circumstance did hurt the extension overall. There was a website called Ahead.Tv and this was an invaluable resource for folk interested in the .Tv extension because you could check to see if a Domain Name was premium priced? The problem is when people have to go to some third party website just to see if a Domain Name if premium priced you start to wonder about the extension in general? Most people do not want or like all this “Cloak and Dagger” stuff, they just wish to purchase a Domain Name for a fair amount that is openly priced for all to see.


While there was an element of confusion regarding .Tv pricing, there was reluctance to invest! Eventually the folk running the extension took note of the complaints regarding pricing and made an amendment. They would keep the “Premium” pricing but it would only be on the initial registration (One off premium fee) In other words it was like buying a Domain Name, except from the registry. You paid the high price once and then the following year the name reverted back to “Normal Pricing” Example you may purchase a premium .Tv Domain Name for $400 but the following year it will revert back to something like $24.99 per year and will stay around that price point from then on (Keeping in mind registries do occasionally increase prices) So how does this effect the pricing of the New Gtld’s? Well it appears that history is about to repeat its self. Many of these New Gtld’s are in fact “Premium Priced” Meaning that depending on what price point you acquire the New Gtld you will be paying that as a renewal fee the following year! This is how the defunct .Tv premium pricing model worked when first implemented. (Did I mention the problems that came with that price model?) I sure did and it is fair to say that the folk running these new registries would be aware of how much resentment there was in regards to the premium .Tv pricing. Yet here we are again, about to go down the same road!

We now have a situation where certain New Gtld Domain Names are once more premium priced the same way .Tv was first premium priced and they are not cheap! In fact some premiums are priced so high that they may never be used by anyone? This statement includes businesses as well, after all if you are a small business can you afford up to $60,000 a year to have a web presence? Sure you may have a good product idea or service but in reality you are going to need some great sales figures to justify such an extravagant yearly renewal fee! The registries will tell you that the high premium pricing is to keep domainers at bay and leave the Domain Name open to business entities that may actually develop the name? Of course the fact that they are chasing up to $60,000 a year for renewals leaves this way of thinking open to cynicism “Who are they trying to kid?” The thing is that the average person has absolutely no idea that these new extensions even exist! It is only the domainers who have heavily invested into these Domain Name extensions on mass. Sure there are some real life companies trying out some new extensions but they are currently in the minority. One company that comes to mind is Coffee.Club (Working website) It is well known within the domainer industry that this name was purchased on “Terms” which allowed for annual payments to be made over a number of years meaning the Domain Name was able to be put into use immediately. This was a big plus for the buyer!


This was a workable situation for the company involved, but the price point was most likely unobtainable for a domainer (Ten payments of $10,000 over ten years = $100,000) Although credit must be given to the .Club registry as they have introduced the option to acquire Domain Names with the option of taking up “Terms” In other words you can acquire a premium .Club Domain Name and pay it off (Lucky Us) Seems the folk at .Club understand the market and the feelings regarding premium pricing a little better than some of the other New Gtld registries! Domainers have the choice, pay high renewal rates for a premium generic name and hope for a buyer to come along or to try and hand register a secondary name that may still achieve a sale? (Did I mention the general public are mostly not aware of these new extensions yet?) It all adds up to a hard sell at the moment. This does not mean you can’t make a profit when dealing with New Gtld’s, it just means you are going to have to be patient and prepared to possibly wait for a number of years (This can happen with .Com names of course) But here is the other little niggling problem with the New Gtld’s, most of the “Standard” renewal fees are perhaps up to three times the usual .Com renewal fee, depending where you register your names! In fact you can go to three different registrars and find three different prices for many of the New Gtld’s. This can also be the case with a .Com Domain Name but as a general rule they will be priced much closer to each other. You really do need to do your research when registering a New Gtld. It can save you a lot of money if you are going to hold a name for a number of years.


The current status is that you may have to hold a New Gtld for quite a while due to lack of recognition of the extension plus the pricing of renewals of standard and premium Domain Names. When something is mostly unknown and pricey it makes for harder sales in my humble opinion. I mentioned in the previous paragraphs there is going to be a time frame of years before any of these extensions take hold. This means you have to consider your tolerance to renewals when registering a New Gtld. There are many domainers on the forums trying to quickly sell their recent “Hand Reg’s” and premiums due to the fact they have either lost faith in the extension or the due to the cost of renewals? Are there buyers yet? Sometimes yes, many are other domainers and the idea is to keep this in mind when listing these names for auction or static sales listing. I did recently give a .Rental Domain Name that I was going to let drop due to renewal costs to a friend and to my surprise they recently informed me there had been an a good offer to buy the name! My friend counter offered but apparently went too high because the person making the offer then ceased negotiations. This name could have been sold for a $1,000 had my friend accepted the second offer from the perspective buyer. I gave the name to my friend and they had the right to do what they wanted with it, but I do think they possibly failed to understand how easily a purchaser dealing in these New Gtld’s can be frightened off. I have since suggested that this name should be priced at a Buy It Now price closer to the perspective buyer’s second offer.


Now is a good time to go and get a cup of coffee or tea while you contemplate the first round of new Gtld’s destined to hit the Internet over a period of the next few years. Notice I have stated ‘First Round’ In other words there will be more rounds to come!!


Below is an amazing mixture of Generic Terms, Business Terms, Company Names and Products that have been proposed for Round One of the New Gtld Roll Out. These are companies and entities based from all over the world. You may notice in the first paragraph that there is .Auto and .Autos You do have to wonder why there would be two very similar extensions? Most feel this only creates confusion and is just a money grab by Icann. (Internet Governing Body) Also it is worth noting that some of these new extensions may never see the light of day due funding blowouts and perceived lack of interest. Although as this is being written many of the New Gtld’s (New Generic Top Level Domains) are in use or have been allocated and accepted by Icann. You will recognize some of the words and brands such as .Sony or .Canon Then there are examples such as .Fun and .Shop which are both self explanatory in their meanings (Which is a big bonus) There are also city examples like .Berlin and .London Another aspect are the product names like .Game and .Book …. again self explanatory. Some are community based such as .Green and .Eco even .Gay (however .Gay may end up as an adult based extension?) Some names will crossover languages, .Global and .Globo are two examples


It is interesting to note that although some New Gtld’s have a lot of registrations next to their name it could be said that when offering heavily discounted registration fees there will always be some folk “Willing to take a chance” It is also worth noting that many heavily discounted extensions end up as the first choice for spammers! You will see that some of these heavily discounted extensions remain at the top of the registration statistics, to get a more rounded viewpoint on any extension go to Google and do a search for “Most Abused Domain Name Extensions” You may be surprised by what you read? Many feel one of the best of the New Gtld’s will be the .Web extension due to the fact it is not specifically associated to just one genre, Just like .Com and .Net it is very neutral in it’s nature and can be married up to basically any word or words.









































































So what did you see? For me it was a whole bunch of confusion that will only send people back to what they know and trust (.Com) Some folk will see opportunity! Some will see the future? But as mentioned some will see confusion and revert back to the industry standards. This where domainer’s loyalties will mostly lie, with the product that sells. We are still in a .Com world and it would be a brave domainer to go out and base a whole portfolio around these new extensions. Here’s a another thing to consider, if you do go out and acquire a New Gtld will you or someone else be able to get the matching .Com? Meaning if you were to register/buy a name like Join.Domains would you be able to get JoinDomains.Com? This is an important question to ask yourself because at the moment part of an enticing sales pitch would need to include “Yes we can supply the matching .Com as well” We are in a transition period that could take decades to conclude, in fact I don’t think it will ever completely conclude due to the strength of the .Com brand! I tend to think that while I am watching television and there are commercials for Hotel.Com we will always have the .Com “Mindset” So where are we with all this? To this point I have mentioned the perceived problems with the New Gtld’s and the reasons they may be slow to take off with the general public and domainers. I have mentioned the industry standard (.Com) I have also mentioned that I could have given away a New Gtld Domain Name that someone valued at $1000.


I will now mention that I did purchase a 3L .Tv name when they were all re-priced to the one off premium pricing, within a year this 3L .Tv was sold for $850. I had paid $150 for it only six months earlier. The point is that I had made a decision based on price value and that brand recognition was strong enough to secure this 3L .Tv Domain Name. You may need to study the New Gtld market for a while before jumping in the deep end! If you are going to register a New Gtld you need to make sure the second year price matches the first year price, they are sometimes offered on a first years sales price and it is in the second year that you feel the real pinch of owning a New Gtld. At the time of writing this, the New Gtld Domain Name of Toy.Shop is reserved and the plural Toys.Shop (Sounds awkward compared to Toy.Shop) is offered for $120,000 per year when searched for at Dynadot. You can see price variations for this Premium Domain Name if you go to Godaddy or Enom you will see a different price offered.


You need to do price comparisons with the new Gtlds! Shop around and decide if there will be or is a current market and how long you will need to hold a New Gtld until a sales opportunity arises? In some instances the .Com versions of the New Gtld are also available to be registered, example is RobotHobbyShop.Com and RobotHobby.Shop are both available to be hand registered! Again you would need to search different registrars to secure the best price! (I did not see any trademarks for the term Robot Hobby There was one trademark for Hobby Shop but it appeared to be related to the clothing industry) ……Could be an opportunity? The question is am I prepared to wait up to ten years to sell these two name together, there would be holding costs of about $400 for this period. The other question would be how much could I sell these two Domain Names for? I am suggesting this is a growing genre and the fact that these a “Shop” and “Product” based names means they are well positioned for the Internet and the ever growing interest in Robotics. I believe these two Domain Names could be sold as a pair for somewhere in the region of $1500 to $2500. Worth noting you may not need to hold these names for ten years. It is entirely possible you could sell these for about the quoted price much sooner! Remember there are no guarantees!




Other Domain Name investing options are the Country Code Top Level Extensions, they are known and trusted in their corresponding countries of origin! This is very handy because there is a great benefit when dealing with a “Local” extension, people feel the communication and level of support is far superior when compared to an overseas websites. It is worth noting that not every company on the Internet is seeking global expansion. Some businesses simply desire to supply goods and services to their fellow countrymen and women. Just make sure you are able to be a registrant of the particular extension you choose. Example is that currently if you live in Australia and wish to have a .Com.Au Domain Name it is required that you either have an A.B.N (Australian Business Number) or a current trademark or a business presence of some sort in Australia. When unsure about your eligibility you can simply post the question on a forum and domainers from that country or someone with a better knowledge should supply you with an answer. Interesting to note that just like the .Co.Uk and .Co.Nz that have implemented .Uk and .Nz Australia is going to introduce a .Au The problem with these situations is the at the current .Com.Au holders are unsure if they will get first rights? Also what are the holding costs on top of their .Com.Au names? For me I am backing away until I have more information!


Take a look at all the various cctld’s which are the Country Code Top Level Domains, it’s worth noting that many of the Countries listed below have restrictions and other ‘Hurdles’ when it comes to registering a name using their country code. Some will not allow you to transfer out, in other words you cannot really sell them, some Country’s remain unstable in their governments and would be considered a risky bet. One registry that can act an agent for is EuropeRegistry.Com and if you go to their homepage you will see a list of Country Code extensions you can register via their site. Some of these Country Codes are not cheap to register so make sure you have the correct spelling and use of a word before going too crazy! It is also worth noting that some countries have certain transfer procedures and costs in place, make sure you are aware of any such costs. Example is that you need to do what is known as the “Cor” in Australia (Change of registrant) There is also a free involved, roughly between $25 – $50 depending on what registrar you are going to use. It pays to be aware of any hidden costs!


Ac United Kingdom academic institutions

Ad Andorra

Ae United Arab Emirates

Af Afghanistan

Ag Antigua and Barbuda

Ai Anguilla

Al Albania

Am Armenia

An Netherlands Antilles

Ao Angola

Aq Antarctica

Ar Argentina

As American Samoa

At Austria

Au Australia

Aw Aruba

Az Azerbaijan

Ba Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bb Barbados

Bd Bangladesh

Be Belgium

Bf Burkina Faso

Bg Bulgaria

Bh Bahrain

Bi Burundi

Bj Benin

Bm Bermuda

Bn Brunei Darussalam

Bo Bolivia

Br Brazil

Bs Bahamas

Bt Bhutan

Bv Bouvet Island

Bw Botswana

By Belarus

Bz Belize

Ca Canada

Cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Cf Central African Republic

Cg Congo

Ch Switzerland

Ci Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Ck Cook Islands

Cl Chile

Cm Cameroon

Cn China

Co Colombia

Com US Commercial

Cr Costa Rica

Cs Czechoslovakia (former)

Cu Cuba

Cv Cape Verde

Cx Christmas Island

Cy Cyprus

Cz Czech Republic

De Germany

Dj Djibouti

Dk Denmark

Dm Dominica

Do Dominican Republic

Dz Algeria

Ec Ecuador

Edu US Educational

Ee Estonia

Eg Egypt

Eh Western Sahara

Er Eritrea

Es Spain

Et Ethiopia

Fj Fiji

Fk Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

Fm Micronesia

Fo Faroe Islands

Fr France

Fx France (Metropolitan)

Ga Gabon

Gb Great Britain (UK)

Gd Grenada

Ge Georgia

Gf French Guiana

Gh Ghana

Gi Gibraltar

Gl Greenland

Gm Gambia

Gn Guinea

Gov US Government

Gp Guadaloupe

Gq Equatorial Guinea

Gr Greece

Gs South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

Gt Guatemala

Gu Guam

Gw Guinea-Bissau

Gy Guyana

Hk Hong Kong

Hm Heard and McDonald Islands

Hn Honduras

Hr Croatia (Hrvatska)

Ht Haiti

Hu Hungary

Id Indonesia

Ie Ireland

Il Israel

In India

Io British Indian Ocean Territory

Iq Iraq

Ir Iran

Is Iceland

It Italy

Jm Jamaica

Jo Jordan

Jp Japan

Ke Kenya

Kg Kyrgyzstan

Kh Cambodia

Ki Kiribati

Km Comoros

Kn Saint Kitts and Nevis

Kp Korea (North)

Kr Korea (South)

Kw Kuwait

Ky Cayman Islands

Kz Kazakhstan

La Laos

Lb Lebanon

Lc Saint Lucia

Li Liechtenstein

Lk Sri Lanka

Lr Liberia

Ls Lesotho

Lt Lithuania

Lu Luxembourg

Lv Latvia

Ly Libya

Ma Morocco

Mc Monaco

Md Moldova

Mg Madagascar

Mh Marshall Islands

Mil US Military

Mk Macedonia

Ml Mali

Mm Mynamar

Mn Mongolia

Mo Macau

Mp Northern Mariana Islands

Mq Martinique

Mr Mauritania

Ms Montserrat

Mt Malta

Mu Mauritius

Mv Maldives

Mw Malawi

Mx Mexico

My Malaysia

Mz Mozambique

Na Namibia

Nc New Caledonia

Ne Niger

Nf Norfolk Island

Ng Nigeria

Ni Nicaragua

Nl Netherlands

No Norway

Np Nepal

Nr Nauru

Nt Neutral Zone

Nu Niue

Nz New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Om Oman

Pa Panama

Pe Peru

Pf French Polynesia

Pg Papua New Guinea

Ph Philippines

Pk Pakistan

Pl Poland

Pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Pn Pitcairn

Pr Puerto Rico

Pt Portugal

Pw Palau

Py Paraguay

Qa Qatar

Re Reunion

Ro Romania

Ru Russian Federation

Rw Rwanda

Sa Saudi Arabia

Sb Solomon Islands

Sc Seychelles

Sd Sudan

Se Sweden

Sg Singapore

Sh Saint Helena

Si Slovenia

Sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

Sk Slovak Republic

Sl Sierra Leone

Sm San Marino

Sn Senegal

So Somalia

Sr Suriname

St Sao Tome and Principe

Su USSR (former)

Sv El Salvador

Sy Syria

Sz Swaziland

Tc Turks and Caicos Islands

Td Chad

Tf French Southern Territories

Tg Togo

Th Thailand

Tj Tajikistan

Tk Tokelau

Tm Turkmenistan

Tn Tunisia

To Tonga

Tp East Timor

Tr Turkey

Tt Trinidad and Tobago

Tv Tuvalu

Tw Taiwan

Tz Tanzania

Ua Ukraine

Ug Uganda

Uk United Kingdom

Um US Minor Outlying Islands

Us United States

Uy Uruguay

Uz Uzbekistan

Va Vatican City State

Vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Ve Venezuela

Vg Virgin Islands (British)

Vi Virgin Islands (US)

Vn Viet Nam

Vu Vanuatu

Wf Wallis and Futuna Islands

Ws Samoa

Ye Yemen

Yt Mayotte

Yu Yugoslavia

Za South Africa

Zm Zambia

Zr Zaire

Zw Zimbabwe


Setting Up Shop


Many domainers like to set up their shop front via a blog style website to sell their Domain Names. This can be easily done with an established blogging platform such as Wordpress! The benefit of having your own sales platform is that you decide on the appearance and features of your site. If you are concentrating on Future Tech Domain Names you may wish to have a Robot or some other Futuristic Image as indication of the site’s intentions for your main header image (The Big Picture Up Top) This helps you to create a “Certain Feel” to your sales platform. If you were concentrating on selling Vacation based Domain Names you may wish to have a picture of beach as the main image to indicate the genre of Domain Names that this particular site sells. By having your own sales platform you can also add further information that other sales platforms do not allow you to do. In other words you can supply statistics, news and further data about the subject of a particular Domain Name. It can be this extra information that gets the sale over the line!


You can run your sales platform under your own terms and link the Domain Names back to the main sales platform. In other words you can blog about your chosen subject and then link the displayed names back to Sedo.Com or Afternic.Com or another larger sales marketplace where they can handle the processing of the sales (Funds payments and transfers plus instructions for the Domain Name transfer)

Some domainers crossover into the developer side of things and they are quite skillful at creating an appealing website to sell their names on. Of course not everyone is so skilled but there are options and there are a heap of instruction videos to help you on Youtube these days. Some of the easier blogging platforms are Wix and Weebly They even offer a free option but you will have their ads placed on your blog which is ok if you are also getting benefit (Selling Domain Names) I prefer using WordPess that requires you to use your own hosting. What I like about WordPress is that is has the option of adding “Plugins” which are little extras that can help to make your blog/website run better. There are even plugins such as “Woo Commerce” which allow you to create a shop front and give a very professional website appearance! Remember first impression often count for a lot.


Hosting is what is your “Cyberspace Rent” is called and it can be purchased for dirt cheap these days, especially if you are only wanting to run one site. (A couple of dollars a month) You can normally install the WordPress blog on your hosting Cpanel (Your Control Panel) Don’t stress, it is very easy and there are dozens of videos on Youtube to help you get your blog up and running! The first two options of Wix and Weebly do not require any hosting but are more limited in their website options. You can pay for a more professional version and not have any of their ads on display. The worlds biggest registrar (Godaddy.Com) also offer the opportunity to create a website and you can have all your Domain Names, Hosting and Website at the one easy to manage venue which is quite handy and a streamlined solution to your own sales sites.


Not everyone wants to get this involved but they are seeking a bit more of a hands on approach to selling their Domain Names and how they are advertised on the landing pages (The Site) plus how visitor data and statistics are reported. These is another option and this is called Efty.com With this option can create your own preferred style of landing pages and the option to have a very visible Make Offer Box where perspective buyers can make contact with you! This is what you want when selling Domain Names, easy inquiry options. Some people feel that certain parking pages do not properly indicate the Domain Name is for sale and that visitors are missing out on this vital piece of information! No such problems with the Efty platform, it’s clean and crisp and domainer friendly. They also offer a free trial to get you started which is quite fair. From what I read in the pricing section you can have up to 50 Domain Names on their cheapest plan for under $50 paid annually. Not a fortune to gain more control over your sales pages in my view. I think it sure is worth taking the free trail to see how you feel about using this option.


I had a friend recently that purchased an appliance based Domain Name on the drops (Expiring Domain Name Auction) This was in Australia and because of smallish population and lack of “Domain Name” knowledge many people would find it hard to see the value in a Domain Name relating to their business (Appliances) My friend had the task of trying to sell this name for profit? There was a local entertainment club with the same name but after a few emails back and forth there was no agreement made to purchase the name. There was interest, but not enough to make a deal. So my friend now had the dilemma of trying to find another purchaser for this “Appliance” based Domain Name. He decided to make a minisite to show off the possibilities of what this name could be if some time and effort was put into it by someone running a business in this appliance category! He used Weebly as the minisite host/supplier and he paid the $10 a month fee to have a more professional looking website (No Weebly Ads On The Site) It was a “Stand Alone” site that dealt specifically in this particular appliance.


He wrote some articles relating to the appliance and also joined the Amazon Affiliate program so he could place some relevant “Appliance” ads on the site to further add this minisite’s overall potential! In fact he even had some sales via the Amazon Ads. After some effort on his behalf he was now well armed with a great looking site relating to the appliance Domain Name! This then put him in the position to do a Google search for this appliance and contact possible buyers with the confidence that they could go to the site and see just what could be done if they owned this Domain Name and created their own website. The next time I spoke to him he had sold the name for a profit was quite pleased to have created a sale and made a profit. He would have preferred to have sold the name to the entertainment venue but in the end he put some effort into his Domain Name and created an opportunity!


Interesting to note that I was going to include two companies that were in the original version of this ebook. They were Noomle and Whypark, both offered the chance to create your own content to get indexed by Google. You could also insert your own Google Adsense bocks (If you were a Google Affiliate) I think in a world of clean crisp looking websites their templates may have looked a little dated now? The Internet is constantly refining its self into a faster streamlined experience. It does not take long for things to become outdated. There are websites out there that are not “Mobile Responsive” (Can be viewed properly on a phone or tablet) and Google punishes them for this. Make sure any website platform you is mobile responsive!


Some people will make some income via affiliate programs such as Google Adsense and other companies offering Banner Advertising and Written Text Links. Simply put, if someone clicks on your Advertising Banner and makes a purchase you will receive a percentage of the sale. Commissions can very depending on the product. You can also match up advertising categories to your site. Example is if you are doing a blog about Pets you may decide to use an affiliate program offering Pet Insurance. The idea is that people that visit your site and click on the Pet Insurance Advert and make you income. The best way to make money as an affiliate is to use programs that offer local products.


So if you are in Australia and you are running a .Com.Au website you would probably want to use an Australian Affiliate program, try doing a Google search for Australian Affiliate Programs and you will see there many “Local” options available. If you are running a website more suited to a “World” audience you can be a bit more general in your approach, simply do an “Affiliate Program” search via Google.Com and you will see some familiar results such as Amazon, itunes. You will also see more general affiliate website companies such as CommissionJunction.Com and ClickBank.Com These sites have a wide variety of categories that they supply advertising for. You can visit these sites and see if there are any categories that match up with your blog or website. There are even affiliate programs for domainers. Sedo and Godaddy and Catchy offer programs either directly or through a third party company such as commission junction. Many hosting companies offer affiliate programs as well, as mention it is best for you to find one that either matches your location or your websites topic.


One of the best examples of a domainer setting up their own Domain Name sales platform would be Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.Com Here he has listed all his name for sale and it is a comprehensive example of what can be done when setting up shop! It is rumored he will soon allow other peoples domains to be listed but up until now this has been exclusively for his own domains. Another example would be Futrs.Com that concentrates on “Future Tech” Domain Names (I did a search for Hologram Domain Names) and it was the first Google result after the paid ads. This has put them in a very handy position in regards to being found by anyone search for Hologram Domain Names.




In a world of Facebook and the like, Domain Names can still play a relevant part. As shown earlier in this Dn Ebook you can forward a domain to another website. This means if you do not wish to set up your own minisite or parking page or sales listing you can actually forward your domains to your Facebook page. Funny to think many businesses think just having a Facebook page is adequate enough for their business needs. They are wrong due to the fact many business posts do not actually get seen by many of their followers! Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for “Why Are People Not Seeing My Facebook Business Posts?” You may be surprised at the results of this subjects search results! It is fair to say some people do their Social Media better than others, these people understand that no everything is free and that sometimes you need to spend a little money to get the best results, even in Social Media!

You could in fact have your own Facebook page and do postings about what Domain Names you are selling. Or you may simply wish to register your first and last name and then forward it to your Facebook page! (Information on how to forward a Domain Name is in this Ebook) There are no rules with what you do with your Domain Names. In fact you can set up your Domain Names solely for email purposes via your hosting or via the Domain Name registrar. Example is that my name is Rod and I have the Domain Name Rod.Tv so I could set up the email of [email protected] and do all my emails that way instead of Hotmail or Gmail. There are options when owning a Domain Name.




I did mention trends earlier in this Dn Ebook, one thing I recently noticed was that since Donald Trump has become president some domainers have been registering Domain Names using his name. This is done in the hope he will actually wish to buy the name from them? This is an absolutely crazy way of thinking, although the term “Trump” is used in bridge the minute your Domain Name indicates that it relates to Donald Trump you are infringing on his Name and Brand. Expect a cease and desist letter from his attorneys! Just because he is perceived to be rich it does not mean he wants more Domain Names. This is bad way to approach domaining. The same thing goes for “Fan Sites” If you register a celebrity’s name and make a website with ads you are in fact trading off their name and brand. Good chance you will get a cease and desist letter or end up with a Urdp filed against you to get the ownership of the name. Just not worth the hassle, most celebs can afford a good attorney and will win the name in court or via a Urdp. Just because other domainers are registering Donald Trump names it does not mean you should, don’t follow just for the sake of following! There is an old saying which is “The blind leading the blind”


The Future?


I wont call this a trend but recently some domainers have been registering Emoji domains! (Those smiley face icons on your phone) Yes those little icons and smileys used on a mobile phone can now be registered! However the only extension allowing this is .Ws (Western Samoa) Because this is a country code they can be a bit more flexible in their approach. Icann forbids Tld’s like .Com and .Net from using ‘Image” based media extensions. With Emoji Domains Names the image may not appear in the address bar up top and could end up looking like the Idn’s using the punycode that look something like this xn—h2p1wx.com instead of the smiley face. Apple have now introduced a new scrolling section to their keyboards that contains Emojis! This is quite an interesting development and could be a hint for the future? The use of Emojis over the last year has grown exponentially and is not about to disappear anytime soon. However the extension and lack of visible results may see them lag for sometime yet. Consider though, if Icann ever allowed the .Com extension to use them there would be a big change! I do in fact know of someone who has purchased a single character Emoji Domain Name. It is one of the smiley faces and cost him $500. A big risk that could pay off? That remains to be seen, one thing is for sure if you were seeking to register any of these only get a single character. Already I have seen domainers mixing and matching two or three characters as a Domain Name. These things are confusing enough sometimes as just a singular image. As mentioned there are variations on the single smiley faces so these can get quite confusing for us “Oldies” Some links to Emoji stuff in the Industry Links Section




New domainers are easy prey for scams and they need to be able to spot a scam when it comes. There is one scam that is well known for letting domainers know there is a buyer for their Domain Name but first you need to pay to get the name “Appraised” The simple truth is that no-one intended to buy the Domain Name, it was just a scam to get you to pay for a service you really didn’t want or need. The appraisal is normally way off as well. After they get the name “Appraised” they will send you an email saying the Domain Name’s value is too low and they are no longer interested in purchasing the Domain Name. Also as previously mentioned avoid clicking on links in emails. Just like the fake emails you get regarding your paypal account, these are normally phishing scams and they just want to get your logon details then possibly steal from you. If in doubt about an email received from a registrar ring the customer service or email the registrar to find out if the message was legitimate?


There is one bunch of folk that send out Domain Name renewal notices and they want you to renew the name via their email. The email contains links they want you to click on. I strongly suggest you do not do this! It is probably a virus that will put malware into your computer and may pass on your passwords and other sensitive information you wish to keep private. Then is the price, they are quoting $64 a year to renew (Way too much) There is a link down the bottom of the email to unsubscribe but I would not trust that link and tend to just send these emails to junk and delete. You will also notice that each of these emails normally has a different email address?? What kind of legitimate company changes their email address each time they send out an email? ….Scammers




In the world of Domain Names your word is your honor and once you are seen to be “Shifty” people will avoid you like the plague! When dealing on forums you get a trade rating point for each successful deal you have done. The buyers and sellers leave positive or negative feedback (Just like on ebay) After you have some positive feedback trade ratings next to your name on a forum people are more relaxed doing business with you! They will trust you to pay them via Paypal instead of having to do an escrow transaction. Paypal is very quick and you can do a deal very quickly with both parties satisfied with the result. However if you have negative trade ratings people on the forums will be quite reluctant to deal with you. I did have one guy win one of my auction on a forum and when it came time to pay for the Domain Name he stated he had no money? Wtf? Then the next day I noticed he was purchasing other Domains Names? I ended up leaving him a negative trade rating due to the fact he did not pay me for a name he won at auction (There were other bidders who missed because he was he high bidder) So not only did he mess me around but other people as well. Plus the thing is that when I offered the Domain Name to the second and third bidders they were no longer interested or had spent their money on something else.


About a month later I received a private message on the forum from the guy who didn’t pay me. He was asking me to change the negative trade rating to a positive because he was having trouble doing deals with people who were now wary of him. I did not change the negative trade rating because I had to run another auction and the second time around the Domain Name only achieved about half of the previous amount. Some people running auctions require you to have a certain amount of positive trade rating if you wish to participate in their auctions. This is because they do not wished to be messed around by people that think it is ok to business this way! He has sent me another message recently, it remains unopened!


Domainer Suicide


I was on one forum recently and offered an opinion on some 4L .com Domain Names, these names were nothing special and the owner stated he had purchased them for between $200 to $300 each. I stated that sounds like the correct price for these names. A few days later I came across the same names on another forum and they were not doing well in an auction he was running. All of a sudden he disappeared from the thread for a week and people were claiming the Domain Names they had won! The names ended up selling for less than what the guy was hoping for and now all of a sudden he was nowhere to be seen? He had three angry buyers and was not answering their messages so they could pay him and get the names. It was very obvious he had “Sellers Remorse” In other words he regretted running the auction and did not wish to hand over the domains! One of the buyers made a threat via private message the person selling the names used this as an excuse to walk away from the sale!


Simple truth was that if he had done the correct thing by the auction winners (Handed over the names) he would not have been threatened. The person who threatened him knew he was most likely not going to hand over the names and got angry, fair enough. But for the seller to use this as an excuse to “Walk Away” from auction was very poor form indeed because there were two other people that had also won a name at this auction. They missed out as well, so three names to three different auction winners were not delivered as they should have been, I went back and had a look at the auction thread which had a final message from the forum administrator stating “The seller has reneged on his obligation to sell the Domain Names won in this auction and has since been banned from using the Domain Name Market place” Now he is the thing, this forum is one of the biggest of it’s kind on the Internet and this guy who could not accept that he lost money has now tarnished his reputation, not only on that forum but on other forums (He uses the same name on other forums) He has essentially committed “Domainer Suicide!” By not being a man of his word. The buyers had a right to expect to receive the Domain Names that had bid on and the seller had an obligation to hand the names over to the successful bidders! Do not be like this guy, the Internet had a way of remembering you and it will hurt your further dealings and reputation!


There is another Domain Name forum other than Namepros that was once owned by a gent who will remain nameless. Many folk allege this gent was guilty of not providing goods and services that had been paid for? I have never had dealings with this person but I so cannot comment of the validity behind all these accusations? It is fair to say though when so many people in an industry believed they have possibly been “Duped” out of their money there must be a reason for so many accusations? As stated I have never dealt with this person and cannot comment of the truth behind all of this. I will say though, whether the accusations are true or false the end result has been that even that this person’s reputation has been tarnished to the point that the forum I am talking about is still coping some negative flack due to the previous owners perceived actions! When you do not honor agreements the Internet has a way of “Catching You Out” Even years later, by not honoring you are committing “Domainer Suicide”

One other quick example of falling out of favor within the Domain Name industry would be the entity that once had a Domain Name newsletter that would broker names for people seeking to sell on a platform other than the usual sales venues. After a while the newsletter was doing some good business and it was an option people started to explore, deals were getting done and money was being made. Then came the words “Where’s My Money?” It is alleged that for some reason the person running this newsletter was now not paying for the sales occurring? In other words the sales money was apparently being pocketed. Eventually the newsletter fell out of favor due to the rumors and online complaints of allegedly unpaid sellers! The newsletter in question had a resurgence for a while and was run by someone close to the original person running it. After a time the newsletter gained back a little traction because the original person was not running it anymore. Recently there has been news that the original person will soon be running the newsletter once more. I would have to say going by the comments on the blog where I read this, Domainers do not easily forget! The person in question responded to some of the comments and stated there were still outstanding payments to previous sellers from when this person previously ran the newsletter! I can say going by what I have read is that is was another example of Domainer Suicide. We all make our own reputations and some folk will only ever remember the negatives!




I have been a member of Namepros for about ten years now and I have over 200 positive trade ratings next to my name. I do have one negative and that is only because after one deal I did I gave the seller a positive trade rating but he refused to do my trade rating? (Too Lazy) For a week I regularly asked him to do my rating (After all I had done his, which I gave as positive) In the end rather just do the right thing he gave me a negative rating, just to be an asshole! Sometimes there is not much you can do about that. But here’s the thing, would I do business with him again? Absolutely not! Just like in real life you need to courteous and professional in your dealings with people. In fact in my early days I hand registered a Domain Name and actually sold on the forum within a week for $500 I was extremely happy but did not know how to transfer it? (I also had no trade ratings) The buyer had a good reputation on the forum and stated he would pay me after “I pushed” the name to him (Transferring to him) I was a bit anxious to pass the name along without payment first but he had been a member of the forum for a number of years and had many positive trade ratings so I decided to transfer the name before payment. But as stated I did not know how to transfer it? In the end he actually ended up ringing me and helping through the transfer steps until it was transferred over to him. He paid me immediately and I was happy and had learnt how to transfer a Domain Name. It was good business all round and both parties were happy! However had I had Domain Name reference guide like this it would have been much easier.


Over the years I have logged onto the forums and discovered there is a message asking for help on a certain matter, I have always tried to answer honestly and point people in the best direction, Sometimes you get a thank you, sometimes you don’t. It’s worth noting we all needed a little helping in the early days of our domaining.




Whilst you will learn the bulk of your domaining skills online there is a lot to be said about talking to other domainers “Face to Face” It really is so much easier to ask those nagging questions that can be complicated get a full understanding of the answer online! Yet when in person you if don’t quite understand you can simply ask for some more information to get that better understanding! If you are able to “Network” and meet other domainers face to face you will learn a lot by just being close to other conversions discussing the world of Domain Names. You may also end up doing a few deals? There are many conferences for domainers in the U.S.A but not so many for the rest of the world. However there are ways to catch up with like minded people. One hand website is called Meetup.Com and this is where you can either join or start a “Meet Up Group” Here in Australia we have a meet up group that about every 8-10 weeks we all catch up and have a beer and chat. It’s great fun and most times you end up walking away with more information than before you went. There is a lot to be said about talking to other people with similar interests and knowledge. I strongly recommend starting up or joining a Domain Name Meet Up Group!


Changing World


Some years ago now there was a website with adult content called 739.Com with the idea being that on a mobile phone touchpad if you hit the numbers 739 it would spell out the word “Sex” In fact one particular company went about obtaining many “Numeric Words” in the belief the world was heading towards a numeric phonetic language! However eventually the use of phones incorporated sms (Short Message Service) and the use of numbers instead of words never really took off. Now that was a decade ago but the real crux of it all is that the portfolio of numeric Domain Names that were in this company’s possession would have sold for couple of million in the recent “Chips Boom” of numeric domains during 2015. They could have justified holding all these Domain Names for a decade in just a few months. Technology is always changing and some people think there will be a day when Domain Names will no longer be relevant. To that I say telephones and phone lines have been around for over a century now.


Television and radio still basically operate the same way (Sure some digital influence) but they are basically as they were originally designed. Interesting to note I read somewhere that one of the most famous domainers called Rick Schwartz was involved with the adult phone numbers that were quite popular during 1980’s. You could say he was well aware of the benefits of changing communication methods from very early on. The Internet opened up a whole new world of communications. For rick this was a chance not to be missed and up to this point he has held some names for over twenty years. He has been able to regularly sell Domain Names for over a million dollars! He calls it his twenty year plan and up to this point it has paid off! As for the those “Adult Phone” services, they have evolved into the adult cam websites that are possibly the only ones that make the real money when it comes to “Adult Services” on the Internet. You could say it’s a changing world!


Some Goodwill


Sometimes you see the strangest of things happening on the forums? It’s called goodwill, yes it actually still does exist! In fact it is not all that uncommon to see some good forum citizens offering up their dropping names to other forum members rather than having these Domain Names go through the drop system. You simply have to have a look in the “Free Stuff” sections on the forums and you may be lucky enough to score a Domain Name for free. It does not necessarily mean the name is crap. It could be that the person dropping the name is just trimming their portfolio. With these “Free Names” it is just a matter of timing. I know the few times I have offered free names there have been multiple claims on each name. Of course the first in line is the recipient! It’s only fair and who knows? Perhaps good karma comes back to you when you do nice stuff like this!


Thank You Email


I have a 5L Domain Name that has had an a couple of enquiry emails in the past, it relates to the Internet Of Things and has the “Iot” as the first three letters, the Domain Name is pronounceable and a Brandable as well being a handy acronym! To me it is a valuable asset to any online venture in the genre of Internet Of Things. However it seems sometimes people do not wish to pay a little extra to secure their online success! When I received an inquiry email for the Domain Name in question I responded with quite a fair price of just $500. From memory the best offer after a couple of emails was still at $50. Now let’s consider that some companies spend over a million dollars to secure the industry standard (.Com) I think when you put it into context $500 is not a greedy price, in the end the person making the inquiry decided to go with the more expensive to register .Co option. Below is my thank you email for all the lost traffic his lessor extension website sends me


“Hello Friend, I am pleased to see you have an online presence with the Domain Name of iot.co I hope things have been going well for you? I am still surprised you have not taken the opportunity to secure the industry standard of the .Com version for your venture yet? Of course you are aware that most searchers and customers will be expecting to see the .Com example of your business? They may even lose a little trust if it is not a .Com? I would just like to take the time to thank you for the bleeding traffic coming to my current re-direction of this .Com version of your Domain Name, it has been a big help! I wish you ongoing success and please do be aware this .Com industry standard is still available for purchase. I have recently renewed it and can still offer it for a previously quoted price of $500. However please be aware that as each year passes I am forced to increase the price 10% due to holding costs and my time. Again I wish you all the best with your venture! Regards, Rod


But It’s My Birthday


I can still recall a few years ago when I woke up thinking “Hey it’s my birthday, should be a good day!” I then checked my emails and discovered a “Your Name Has Been Sold” email from Sedo. Yippeee, so I opened up the email only to discover there was a problem. The name I had sold was listed on a forum auction the day before. I quickly went to the Forum and checked to see if there were any bids and much to my horror there was a $3 starting bid on the name that was sold overnight at Sedo! The Sedo sale was not huge but after fees I would have ended up with a $100, which of course is always handy. However as my reputation on the forum was more important and the bidder had every right to expect the name they had bid on I made the decision to inform Sedo the name was already sold and it was my fault for not deleting the listing! I normally always delete a listing if I put a name to auction on a forum. Although in this one instance I forgot to do this, it was my fault no doubt. Sedo again requested for me to transfer the name. I was left with no choice other than to point out to them to check my account and see all my recent deletions and that an unfortunate oversight had been made on my part.


I also pointed out they should check the whois and see that I no longer own the name. Thankfully Sedo understood that it was an honest mistake and did not ban me. The bummer was I had a $100 less to celebrate my birthday with! The Domain Name in question only ever got that one bid, and I did check the timestamp from the Sedo email against the person bidding on the auction, the auction bidder was first and had every right to get the name. I felt terrible for the Sedo buyer and even tried to buy the Domain Name back from the person bidding on the forum auction for ten times what they had bid. (So I could do the right thing and pass it onto the Sedo buyer) They understood my plight but had development plans for the name and wished to keep it, oh well …….C’est la vie


Just In Time


I live in Australia and many business’s use the Australian industry standard of .Com.Au. However the local domainer market can be a challenge due to the low number of residents and the Government restrictions on .Com.Au ownership. Sales can be few and far between for some Aussie Domainers. All sales are handy, especially these two. I checked the oil in my car once and discovered that it was a whitish milky color? “Oh no the engine has a cracked cylinder head!” I knew this was an expensive repair and would be over $2,000 which I didn’t have to spare at the time. I asked the mechanic if I could put the cost of the repair on the credit card (It’s there for emergencies) and he was ok with that. Of course I was none too keen to be paying the credit card interest on the repair but it had to be done! On the following day when I was due to take the car in to be fixed I received an email “Your Domain Name Has Been Sold” I excitedly opened up the email and discovered I had sold a .Com.Au name for $999 It was good news and now there was going to be half less costs on my credit card. I was pleased to get a sale and I was pleased to have less outlay on the credit card! I put the car in to the mechanic and the following day I checked my emails “Your Domain Name Has Been Sold” Again I excitedly opened the new email and discovered that the Domain Name I had sold was a $1200 sale! The car was going to be at the shop for about a week and by the time it was ready I had received payment for both names. I am not saying you should rely on Domain Names sales but I must admit the timing could not have been better in this instance. I think I even had enough left change to buy a six pack of beer …… “Hooray For Domain Names!”


Google is your Friend


One of the best Domain Name resources is always close by, it is called Google and when used correctly it can reveal a number of facts that may turn out to be deal breakers or deal makers. Let’s say you get an offer on a Domain Name by let’s say “Mr Smithy” It may be prudent to take the time and see if Google has any results for “Mr Smithy Domain Names” It could turn out that you are dealing with a multi millionaire or you could be dealing with a fraudster who uses this name as an alias! Either way you have the option of digging a little deeper into whom you are dealing with. Of course “Mr Smithy” may have one of his subordinates make the offer and if that is the case you may never know you were actually dealing with? Another scenario is that you may receive an inquiry from a broker, once again you have the option of doing a little research on who you are dealing with. You may discover there have been negative comments left on various websites as to this broker’s dealings and reputation.


You now know to proceed with caution and that you will not do any deals unless using escrow as the payment method. Another aspect to Google is the advertising on the search pages, a question to ask your self is there any advertising on the subject of my desired Domain Name that I am going to hand register or perhaps purchase? In other words is the category popular enough to attract advertising? If there are Google ads on the search results page the answer would be yes. If there are no Google ads on the search result pages the Domain Name in question may have a low value due to lack of popularity! You can also do this important search when going to buy a Domain Name “Is my domain name blacklisted by Google” You will soon find tools to see if your Domain Name is blacklisted in the Domain Name Industry Links at the rear of this Dn Ebook


Social Media


Some folk live for social media and this fact can be used to your advantage. You do have the option to search for and to post information about Domain Names by using the hashtag method. Someone recently asked me how they would go about trying to sell Vr Domain Names on Twitter? I simply replied add the hashtag to your tweet, #vrdomains or #vrdomainnames You can also use this method on Facebook to see what people are selling and to let people know what you are selling. In fact you can join the Sedo Facebook Page and list what you are selling on their page. Domaining offers you the chance to be pro-active when buying and selling! You can go to Twitter and do a search for Vr Domains to see that there are domainers using this option as you read this.


Your Thinking Cap


To me the best Domain Names are self-advertising and convey a message or a statement. Picking a good Domain Name can be as simple as footnoting a comment in a conversation or taking note of something you have read and applying some “Domainer Thinking” to it. You need to start thinking like an advertising agency does! Consider that everything in life is a brand, it’s just how you advertise it that counts. An example of applying this way of thinking is that you may read a blog post about the advertising “Bots” that crawl the web and bombard us with advertising that have tracked our browsing history. Then you go to Google and search for “Stop Advertising Bots. You see there are companies offering “Ad Blockers” that could use a better Domain Name than they are currently using, so you do a few searches and hey presto iStopBots.Com is available! It’s perfect for anyone supplying software to stop these advertising bots. It is a statement Domain Name “I Stop Bots” You can’t get any clearer than that if this is the service you are promoting. At the time of writing this iStopBots.Com was available to hand register! I had a quick search for a few more statement Domain Names and found iMakeDesserts.Com was also available to hand register. Again another Domain Name reinforcing the service/business that the person using that Domain Name is doing. Another quick search revealed the Domain Name of MobilePartySupplies.Com was available, not a personal statement but a specific self advertising Domain Name. These are the names people can use from the moment they acquire them from you! It’s all about advertising!


Buzz Words


We live in a world of “Smart Appliances” and “Mobile Services” Consider incorporating these terms into your way of thinking. Even as I write this people are asking Siri and Echo for search results via their phones. There is a school of thought that Voice Search will play a big part in the Internet sooner than later. Yet as I write this SmartVoiceSearch.Com is available to hand register! In the previous paragraph I touch on “Advertising” and use the example of MobilePartySupplies.Com (Also available to hand register) Well another quick search also revealed that MobileMoneyLender.Com was a available to hand register. Once I was aware of this I went to Google and did a search for the term Mobile Money Lender There were seven “Paid For” advertisements on the search results page. This is a good thing because that means people are searching for this term and if people are paying to advertise on this search term there could be demand for the Domain Name! Consider using contemporary Buzz Words in your Domain Names.


Adult Domains


Years ago the Internet was full of paying customers for the adult industry (Porn) These days this has all changed, many people still search for Porn but do they pay for it? The answer would be most likely no! There are just too many free sites out there sharing all manner of stuff relating to the world of Adult Entertainment. Before the Internet grew to what it is today many folk either purchased Adult Magazines or used Adult Phone Chat services to get their pleasure. To pay for your “Needs” was not unusual, however these days this does not happen like it used to. Although there are Adult extensions such as .Adult .Porn .Sex and .Xxx this does not sway people into paying for their entertainment. I would suggest it is hard to get good sales in the world of Adult Entertainment. The only Adult Platform that seems to do well is the live “Cam” genre. Perhaps it is because it is an interactive experience? However if you must look into this Domain Name category consider joining Gfy.Com If you are seeking to join a Web Cam affiliate program LiveJasmin.Com would be considered a good choice. There is a company called Juicyads.com that supply advertising to the Adult Entertainment Website Industry, members can bid for advertising spots or list that they have advertising spots available. However the Adult Industry is a hard slog in my view. If you are seeking to do more research you can go to Icm.Xxx who are the registry running these extensions.


Win Some Lose Some


So far I have mentioned a few sales along the way, but it would be remiss of me to ignore the non-sales as well. It is fair to say more than once I have dropped a Domain Name that I had paid $500 or more for! One was intended for use an online shop, however Google started ignoring these online shops as it considered them to be duplicate content sites and they treated harshly by the search engine when you consider people were adding their own content to “Knowledge Base Pages” The other was pure speculation on a 3dTv Domain Name that went down the tubes just like the whole 3d Tv genre! However I do not feel too bad as even the best of domainers can make mistakes. One example is the well known purchase of Flowers.Mobi by veteran domainer Rick Schwartz for $200,000 Only to be sold at a later date for a massive loss! Although I did read somewhere this actually helped with his tax bill, go figure! Oh well like I say you win some you lose some. Worth noting the Doman Names that I have dropped after purchasing were all non .Com’s


Stolen Domain Names


Sometimes around the traps you see something that does not make sense? Domain Names appearing on marketplaces that seem way undervalued and a real bargain! In this case they can be stolen and the seller may be a new member of a forum who has just joined to try their luck for a fast sale before anyone gets wind of what’s going on? Many times when something like this plays out the wise forum members realize there is something wrong and let the forum moderators know of the sales listing before anyone gets taken for a ride! Stolen names can be listed on all sales platforms and it is not just the forums that this occurs. Sometime it turns out the Domain Name is being brokered and there is in fact nothing shady going on. If in doubt about anything you can always do a Google search to see if there is any reports of Domain Name theft relating to the name. Like most things in life if it is too good to be true there may be something going on? Of course people do have “Fire Sales” and need fast cash. A good reason to hold a number of “Liquid Domains” some might say!


Strange Bidding?


Sometimes on Domain Name auctions we see bidding patterns that seem to make no sense? You see the bidding amounts rise dramatically above the other bids? It can sometimes be just a case of a bidder trying to scare off the other bidders? Although sometimes there are only a few bidders, yet the strange bidding pattern continues? The bidding seems to jump a $100 each time, even though the person holding the auction is only asking for $5 increments? This can be an indication of “Shill Bidding” This happens when an auction holder gets a friend to bid in their auctions and drive the price go up with false bids! I would suggest auctions with no Bin Price and strange bidding patterns could be suffering from a bad case of “Shill Bidding” If you see an auction with steady bidding patterns from multiple bidders you can normally be satisfied that nothing “Underhanded” is going on. This is just something to be aware of when participating in an auction.


Famous Domainers


Just like many other industries the world of Domain Names has some “Celebrities” and industry leaders. These folk were quick to realize the value of the Internet as “Communication Tool” In other words they identified the Internet as the next big thing, possibly the biggest thing ever! These entrepreneurs understood that the best Domain Names were the generic category killers! Names like business, sex, sport, phones and so on and so on. These folk were well aware that if the Internet did not succeed the first time around (1999 Tech Crash) it would grow to flourish the next time around (Our Current Environment) They all understood no matter how successful the Internet was as a “Whole” One thing remained prominent and that was that a website needs a Domain Name and that the best Domain Names are the self advertising examples we see in our world today. Domain such Hotels.Com and Phone.Com are priceless and always will be. Rick Schwartz, Mike Mann, Frank Schilling, Kevin Ham and Mike Berkens are just a few that you may wish to read up on. They each have a Domain Name success story and it makes for inspirational reading!


Progressive Future


So some folk say that in a world of Apps Domain Names are going to become irrelevant, I say “Progressive Web Apps” are the perfect compromise! These little gems create an “App Style Experience” from an existing website. (Have I ever mentioned websites need a Domain Name) It may be worth doing a little research on this subject if you are intending on starting a blog or other form of website, remember they all use Domain Names and regular content is what helps you go up the search rankings. By using a tool such as Progressive Web Apps you may find that some folk add you to their list of “Apps” even though you are a website!


Industry Links


Below is a handy list of current websites in this Domain Name Industry. Domain Name bloggers do not get much thanks, over the years some of the names on the list have dropped and have not been included in this update





























Domain Name Parking













Backlink Checkers






Blacklist Checker


[+ sucuri.net+]

[+ woorkup.com+]



Drop Catchers












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Popular Forums











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[+ dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales-archive.htm+]




Chinese Sales Venues











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chinese number combos

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chinese pager codes













1999 tech crash

[+ w3.org/punycode+]



Whois Tools









Website Archives






The History Of The Internet




A Different Outcome


Below is a copy of a post I did on a forum in 2007. This was well before the New Gtld’s were being touted as the next big thing. This was my take on how the future might pan out for the world of Domain Names by the year of 2049. I knew there would be changes but I was not sure what they would be? So I did this post as a hint of might be coming in the future. About five years after the post I heard of the New Gtlds. Just goes to show you never fully know what the future will bring. Have a read, perhaps you might like my version better?





Welcome to this weeks edition of alpha dot weekly, yes it’s a new week already, and as usual many sales and leases to review and report on, as always the star of the show are the ALPHA DOTS and the DOT TEN Some huge sales again this week show that ever since its inception the alpha dots continue to rise and eliminate any other extension registered on the stock dot !!!!! Not since .solar has there been such interest in a new stock dot? Even then that seems like a small drop in the ocean compared to the action that’s going on with the alphas and the dot ten, so please have fun reviewing the latest sales, news and rumors in this weeks edition of …





This weeks big rumor is that the YR’s are going to make an offer on 3dtv.e It is suggested that it will be around the 145,000.000 mark? But my sources say this could not be enough to secure the annual lease? the owner is reported to have said ‘how can anyone live on a $145,000,000 a year?’


Go figure? I say, On a personal note I would like to know how the young entrepeneurs make $ 5,000,000 by the age of ten? (between you and me, I say it’s the implants) but you didn’t hear that here!!!!!


The news is that this week the .hybrids are going to the luna court in an attempt to secure the .h alpha dot, they say because there are more hycars and hybikes than there are hotels, that they should own the .h domain, well my point of view is ‘where you when we had the world domain vote‘ we all had the chance to choose the keyword for the alpha domains? besides I wonder if they are including all the hotels on the moon and the ones they are building on mars??


I say ‘build a flyzork and get over it‘ ….. once again just my opinion folks, remember what happened when .real estate tried to get the .r alpha dot!!!!! I still remember my robotbin saying ‘I’m not cleaning this house‘ We all know .r is for .robo Next the holograhs will go on strike? so I’ll leave it at that I think


It seems that domaining will be a vital subject at InterSchools, but I think let them pass solar science first ???


The weeks biggest sale reported was 4.a at $ 1,000,000,000. interface have confirmed the sale and note that it was paid for using hydrocash credit, this will be complicated when they try to get their credits back from the government, but their argument is that they are only advertising ‘hydro products’ on a 3d interface .. (I’ve heard that one before) but good luck to them !!! Hovercarhire.t was a big surprise at $500,000,000 , but they still cost a fortune, so I guess people are just hiring and claiming credits at this point, it’s a good offset against solar tax I’ve heard ? also strange a ‘word’ domain getting such a high price ? but we all know the acronym belongs to mass dot and they are not selling!!


On a final note before we go to the weeks sales/lease list , I am still amazed at the rise of .j It seems there is a lot of junk out there ??? so its true? one persons junk is another persons joy, ok happy alpha dotting!!!!!! and remember if it aint alpha dot … it’s worth squat



The top 20 sales and leases go like this



1 4.a $1,000,000,000 3rd biggest sale this month

2 bgi.b $678,000 ,000 another win for .b

2 luv2.i $587,000 ,000 .i still rocks

4 2bf1.c $565,000 ,000 it seems f1 is still cool

5 oooo.o $549,000,000 must be a visual thing ?

6 hovercarhire.t $500,000,000 remember words (good to see one again)

7 1yr.k $499,000,000 annual lease

8 b2.b $475,000,000 wow another .b sale

9 bd.a $450,000,000 annual lease

10 m8.m $ 410,000,000 annual lease

11 coo.c $399,000,000 I would have prefered coo.l

(still available for 5,000,000,000) sale

12 hap.b $378,000,000 short for housing and property

13 888.g $375,000 ,000 annual lease

14 myi.b $301,000,000 short for my internet , yet another .b sale

15 xes.p $299,000,000 sex backwards ? still a win for .p

16 x2.v $278,000,000 have you played this game yet ????

17 b00.e $275,500,000 boo.e went for 520,000,000

18 vvd.v $274.800,000 virtual video drive (outdated I think)

19 lll.c $269,000,000 annual lease

20 j2.j $250,000,000 highest .j sale yet



IN CASE YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ALL THE ALPHA KEYWORDS, HERE’S THE LIST AGAIN, but please save them with your touchload after reading, I get so many brain mails regarding these names, I just want to go into orbit …. (again)


.a advertising

.b business

.c cool

.d download

.e entertainment

.f finance

.g gamble

.h hotel

.I interactive

.j junk

.k kids

.l love

.m music

.n news

.o orbit

.p porn

.q question

.r robo

.s shop

.t travel

.u .uni

.v virtual

.w work

.x xtreme

.y youth

.z zoo


The Dot Ten , THE MOST EXCLUSIVE DOMAINS AVAILABLE EVER only 55 exist and only for the high rollers


.1 .2 .3 .4 . 5 .6 .7 .8 .9 .10 I am unsure why some people want to change to a dot twenty?? What next a dot fifty?


This week the rumor is that dv have purchased a .2 from sp , a spokesbot from disneyvirtual confirmed that spacepet were willing to sell this stock dot!!!! wait for it …. a whopping $10,000,000,000, of course disneyvirtual don’t need this stock dot, they already have 11 other stock tens, but when your on a good thing stick with it, their spokesbot said. Plus we have .1 and although we receive about 50 offers a week, we will not sell, we actually hope to buy/lease more


The 4u corporation continues to make inroads with the addition of p4u (property 4 u) they now have p4u.4 , s4u.4 and i4u.4 ,, they paid 5,000,000,000 for the annual lease and are offering some stock dot options for the outright ownership of this dot ten stock dot, we think cc will go with the annual lease (we all know the trouble colacorp have had recently)


Hey colacorp stick with the drinks and leave the flybots to someone else (just my opinion) but at least it’s a little bit of revenue for colacorp


Spacebiz have also secured a .6 stock dot from sp4 as expected sp4 just couldn’t keep up sales, after all space petrolium is truly a thing of the past ! and as the blues keep saying ‘a clean universe is better universe’ sounds a lot like the greenfuels motto to me ? The truly big news is that an investor has finally made their way into the dot ten, this will be the first time a dot ten has not gone to a big corporation, we believe it will be a .9 ? the rumor is that steller radio have taken a huge gamble with their holographic radio venture and they need to set up more relay stations than expected . So my sources tell me an offer has been accepted for 4,000,000,000 annual lease ,,,,,, talk about getting a bargain, the indivual prefers to be known as doc stock dot ……… really, the ego some people have .. (yes I am jealous) some people have all luck!! remember you can touchload all this stuff and read review it later on your interactive glasses


Page 2 has all other sales/lease info, there were 4798 sales this week and 1880 leases and 1203 trades, yes the stock dot is here to stay, possibly the only thing we can really rely on in this crazy world …. happy stock dotting!!


Thank You For The Purchase


Consider that the Internet is only in its infancy at this point in time. Maybe one way to look at it is to think of television back on the 1950’s, look at how that has changed formats to become: Cable Tv, Satellite Tv, Pay Tv, Set Top Boxes and Internet based Television. Some believe each website is the equivalent of Tv Channel and to a degree that are correct with the implementation of video content on so many websites on the net today. Except these ‘Channels’ are much more interactive and other a myriad of services and features. Some of the innovations of website designers to this point simply amazing, then consider the rise of the ‘apps’ and you really are working on a variety of platforms. It is worth remembering technology changes quickly however the telephone was patented on January 30 1877 by Alexander Graham Bell, there is some conjecture as to when the first ‘workable phone’ became available because a gentleman named Antonio Meucci was said to have invented the concept 1857.


The point is that the technology remains strong to this day. Many believe it will be a long time before any significant changes affect the validity of Domain Names as investments. It is true the tools used to access the Internet may change but a website will still need and address. Perhaps an interesting topic to bring up at ‘Domain Name Forum’ Interesting to note that as I write this (2017) I have just read Verisign has just agreed to pay the island nation government of Tuvalu $5,000,000 annually until the year 2021 to run the .Tv registry! Verisign have been running the .Tv extension since 2001. They also run the .Com and .Net extensions and will be running the .Web extension. It is interesting that such a large company has an interest in this extension, perhaps they feel our association with Television and the Internet create a great meeting point for the future of the Internet?



Please note this ebook is based on my opinion and experiences over the last ten or so years and it is a fact we are always learning and things are always changing. There may be conflicting opinions as to what is written here. That’s ok because this Dn Ebook is designed to give you a ground base knowledge and get you comprehensively started with online destinations and industry terms. Remember nothing beats experience but a sound solid starting guide is also a handy. Oh by the way if you ever wish to sell a Domain Name for $1,000,000 you will most likely need to buy a 2L .Com or a 3L “Word” .Com for between $500,000 to $750,000 then wait for a few years, then you should reach your desired sales price! But as previously stated, this is domaining and there are no guarantees !




Dn Ebook

The world of domaining is still a relatively new industry that is best described as Buying and Selling Virtual Real Estate! It is an exciting and amazing industry to be involved with and there are many inspiring people that will help you along the way. The Dn Ebook was designed to help you form the best knowledge base currently available. The Dn Ebook contains a number of chapters all dedicated to educating a entry level person to this wonderful undertaking. In the early days people were able to go out and hand register the Domain Names that now sell for up to a million dollars! Whilst those days are long gone there is still a plethora of opportunities waiting for the enthusiastic folk wishing to buy and sell Domain Names for profit and fun. Just like any industry you need to learn the best techniques and methods used within the industry. The Dn Ebook will teach you how to best approach the world of domaining and where to go to find the best domains. In one easy to read Domain Name guide you can learn where to buy names, where to sell names, what kind of names to register and what kind of name to avoid! You will also learn the many various industry terms to get you started with no fuss. There will be discussion on the New Generic Top Level Domain Names and the world of Country Code Top Level Domain Names. There is also a look into the International Domain Name category as well as the best destinations to find out more about your chosen domaining genre. We will learn why to avoid trademark Domain Names and how to check if there is a current trademark. We also learn about the Chinese Domain Name market and why certain number and letter combinations make it so different to the way "Western Domainers" approach their domaining. Included in the Dn Ebook is a comprehensive glossary of industry terms as well nearly one hundred and fifty links to associated Domain Name blogs and Domain Name tools to help make your decisions based on industry knowledge and knowhow! Discover how some folk successfully sell Domain Names to enduser and fellow domainers and where they go about doing this. If you are seeking to enter the world of buying and selling Domain Names the Dn Ebook is possibly the most comprehensive domaining guide available. The Dn Ebook is complete knowledge base all in one easy to read resource. There is even a fun look at how the world of domaining might have been in the year 2049. Who knows maybe it will turn out to be correct? One thing is for sure, once you get involved in Domaining you will never look at the Internet in the same way, instead you will see opportunities and concepts that perhaps up to now you had never considered before? So let's get started and learn how to buy and sell Domain Names ..... welcome to the world of Domaining!

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  • Author: Rod Seeber
  • Published: 2017-03-01 11:35:24
  • Words: 52730
Dn Ebook Dn Ebook