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Diwali Gift

Diwali Gift




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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This story is about a real girl who used to love a friend of mine who was able to reunite with my friend as her husband after death of his first wife. With initial hiccup, she was able to win the hearts of her step children and they are now a happy family. However, Madhuri’s character is a fictitious character, far from reality. The reason for their initial break-up was not known to me. Therefore, I have to introduce the character of Madhuri. In fact, she (present wife of my friend) was the only daughter of a teacher. I have made some comments on scrap dealer in the statement of Madhuri just to spice up the story. I do not have any intention to demean the profession of scrap dealing business. They are giving a yeoman service to the society through their business which I always respect.

I am thankful to the readers, well-wishers and family members for encouraging me to write something on something! Thanks to Shakespir for providing me the platform to publish this compilation.



Chapter I: Diwali Festival of Light


Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated all over India with different intensity and different forms. In east of India, it is celebrated along with Kali Puja (The black Mother Goddess-the destroyer of the evils). In the north of India, it is celebrated along with Lakshi Puja (The Goddess of prosperity). In the extreme south of India, it is celebrated in a mute manner. In North India, this is one of the liveliest festival with lighting and lots fireworks.

The story I am going to tell you is thirty-two years old. It was about two gifts that I got from two sisters on Diwali day when I was doing my M. Phil course in Delhi University.

During that period, I developed friendship with a local boy of Delhi, Pikul alias Devender Arora. In due course of time, I started going to their home during the evening when I was free. Slowly, I developed close bonding with the entire family. His mother loved me as her own child and I was very happy to have a family in a city two thousand KM away from my village. I shall remain grateful to that family for their love and affection for me. Today, both Uncle and Aunty had left this world, but they are still in my heart at same pedestal as my own parent.

On that particular Diwali, Aunty invited me for dinner and I reached their home much before time. Reaching Pikul’s home before time had two reasons; obvious reason of reaching early was my love for sweets prepared by Aunty and second reason to meet Arul, the lovely girl of Pikul’s neighbourhood.

Chapter II: Pratibha the Beautiful Lady


Pratibha alias Arul, daughter of a scrap dealer resides three doors away from Pikul’s residence. I met Arul for the first time one year before at Pikul’s place. She used to come to Pikul’s place quite often as she was close to Pikul’s younger sister being of the same age of Pryanka. For Pikul, Arul was as good as Pikul’s own sister. She was introduced to me by my Aunty as a girl who was very good in cooking and household chores despite of reasonably good in academics. Aunty had introduced me to her as a brilliant student. We developed immediate liking for each other from the very first day.

As time progressed our relation turned into friendship and was in the right direction of a love affair.

Just before Diwali, I wanted to know from her whether she had the same feeling what I was having for her.

‘I shall discuss on this particular topic on another day. By the way, what is the plan after completion of your study?’ With a mysterious smile, she asked me.

‘I have cleared my written examination of M.Phil and there is a good chance that I shall clear my UPSC examination as well. If everything goes in the right direction, I may settle down by the next year.’ I told my expectations.

‘No, I want to know whether you will settle down at Delhi or you want to go back to Assam?’ She asked me with a serious tone.

‘I want to settle in Delhi. But I cannot be sure!’ I answered after a deep thought.

‘It is fine, I am going to talk on the topic again after some days.’ Saying the sentence, she left in a hurry.

‘Probably, I started loving her so much that it will be difficult for me to live without her!’ I told to myself with a sigh.

After few days when we met, she started the same topic.

‘I understand your problem, being a student or as an unemployed youth. How you can decide where you will settle, before you get a decent job as per your educational attainment. But do not worry, I am sure, you will be able to get a good job and will be able to adjust yourself comfortably anywhere you are posted.’ With another mystic smile she comforted me.

Before we could talk further on the issue, Pikul came in between us and she hurriedly told, ‘Today I am little bit busy. I shall come to meet you again soon to discuss about your future plan.’ Without waiting for any reaction from my side she went out of the room like a bullet out of a pistol.

Pikul had got a smell of our developing relation; but he showed that he had no idea about our relation.

On the Diwali day, I came to Pikul’s place to discuss my plan for future with Arul and if possible, had also an intention to propose her.

Chapter III: Madhuri the Sister


When I reached Pikul’s place I saw Arul was already there. But to my dismay, Madhuri, Arul’s elder sister was also with Arul. Madhuri was of my age and I seldom talk to her. Madhuri was not as beautiful as Arul. I wished both of them with typical way to convey best wishes for Diwali.

After few minutes, Madhuri proposed me to go out to the market along with Arul and Pryanka till dinner time. Her proposal practically ruined both the purposes of my early visit to Pikul’s place. However, Pikul came to my rescue, ‘Arey, let Hiranya take some sweets and snacks before going to the market. He is still a student, not a person with money to feed three heavily built hungry girls like you.’

That ensued a heavy fight between him and his sister for calling her heavily built. Aunty had to intervene and fight ended with a decision that Pryanka would not go to the market with her brother. I tried to be a broker for peace, but in vain and finally it was decided all the three girls would accompany me to the market. I was happy at the final outcome!

The market was illuminated with different lights with different intensity and colours. After few minutes I realized Madhuri wanted to be nearer to me and tried her best to keep Arul away. I thought she must be instructed by her parent to be a wall between Arul and me. I was little bit upset with the latest development.

But next moment, I was about to laugh on myself. But controlling my laugh, I asked Madhuri in a different line, ‘So you are also like my company like your sister! Tell me one thing, why you are not allowing Arul to come near to me?’

On my straight question, she felt little bit awkwardness. But on that day perhaps, she did not want to back down. She retorted, ‘Let her enjoy her company with her friend, Pryanka. We are of same age, so we should allow them to enjoy their way and we should enjoy our time in our own way.’

Her answer actually posed me a new question, what she meant by saying we should enjoy our time in our own way.

As we were talking, we became little bit slow, we lost Arul and Pryanka in the crowd. As I showed little concern about losing Arul and Priyanka in the crowd, Madhuri caught my hand and whispered, ‘They are not kids and they are in a known place. They actually give us a chance to talk freely!’

Her talks and catching my hand tightly gave me another dimension of the evening! I also pressed her hand slowly which she reciprocated strongly.

‘My parents are looking for a boy for my marriage. But I told them categorically that I shall marry with a boy of my own choice!’ She said.

‘That is a very strong statement you have made to your conservative parents. But have you selected a boy of your own choice?’ I asked her.

‘Yes, I have. I shall tell him today that I cannot live in this world without him.’ Before she could say something more or I could react, Arul and Priyanka re-appeared before us.

Arul proposed for taking gol-gappa (water fed small sweet and sour snacks made of brown flour) which other two girls readily agreed.

After taking gol-gappa, we moved together and I could not talk much with either of the sister.

Priyanka knew about our relation, between Arul and me. So she wanted to give me a chance! She told Madhuri to accompany her to a shop to purchase something her mother has told her to bring. As they moved to the shop, Arul and me, slipped away from the place.

‘I am notorious for my mingling with many girls of my age. Many of my friends and seniors are unhappy and envious about this! But to be honest I have never loved any girl so far!’ I paused for moment to see the reaction on the face of Arul.

‘I know, but will you be the same even after marriage?’ She asked with a very low voice.

‘With whom? I want to mean, with whom I am going to marry?’ I asked her.

‘How do I know whom you are going to marry!’ She showed some artificial anger.

‘You should know, whom I want to marry!’ I said her with a teasing voice.

‘Are you really serious about our relation?’ She asked me with all seriousness.

‘Yes I do. I love you and want to marry once I am settled.’ I do not know how I had uttered those deadly words.

‘I also love you. I want to be your wife for my entire life!’ By saying those sentences she caught my hand and told again, ‘Promise me, you will not love anyone other than me!’

‘I promise.’ I said with conviction.

Chapter IV: First Gift


Before we talk further, Priyanka and Mudhuri surfaced before us and we have to behave as normal as possible. By the time it was 9 PM and we returned to Pikul’s home.

Aunty was waiting for us. Dinner was served to us along with some other guests. Priyanka, Arul and Madhuri helped Aunty in the kitchen. Madhuri was taking special care in serving and attending me during the whole dinner time.

As soon as I finished my dinner, a phone call came from Arul’s mother to send Arul home for some urgent work. As Arul was going home saying good bye to all of us, I offered to accompany her to her home.

When we reached her home, Arul’s mother was standing on the door. She invited me to come inside her home.

She talked for sometimes and left the drawing room leaving Arul and me alone. As nobody was around I caught Arul’s hand pulled her towards me. She did not object to my advances and she embraced me lightly. I embraced her tightly for a minute or two and finally I kissed her on her lips. When we heard sound of footsteps of her mother coming towards the room, we separated ourselves and sat at two chairs separated by another one.

We talked for few minutes and as I wanted to leave, Arul’s mother said, ‘Beta (my dear son), please do come to our home on regular basis thinking it is your own home!’

‘Definitely Aunty, I shall love to come to meet you!’ I said.

I touched her feet and then left for Pikul’s home. On the way, I was feeling extremely happy to get the positive answer from Arul. Kissing on her lips was a bonus for me as Diwali gift.

Chapter V: Second Gift


The moment I reached Pikul’s home, Priyanka teased me, ‘I thought you will stay overnight at Arul’s home!’

Next moment Priyanka did a surprising move. She pulled me to a corner and said, ‘Clean your lips before anyone sees that your lips are coloured with Arul’s lipsticks.’

Immediately I wiped out my lips and said, ‘Thanks my dear sister for reminding me of my examination dates. I am leaving now!’ I tried to change the storyline. But I wondered if Arul’s mother also noticed my lips were coloured by her daughter’s lipsticks! If it was so, she also approved our relation on that day!

As I was to coming out of Pikul’s home after saying good night to everyone present, Madhuri told me from behind, ‘I am also coming with you, drop me at my home.’

It was already eleven. Streets were empty. Though there were only three houses in between the house of Pikul and Madhuri, we had to cover about 100 feet in the congested lane of a Delhi colony. She grabbed my hand as soon as we came out of the house of Pikul. Before I finally could say good bye to Madhuri, she placed few kisses all over my face including few on my lips.

The second gift on the Diwali night was uncalled for!

But as a youth of 22, I enjoyed both the Diwali gifts!

I used to love Arul from my heart. She also loved me. She was never aggressive in her approach towards me. I used to enjoy her company. I wanted to marry her to make her my life partner for rest of my life.

But the main hurdle in our marriage was attitude of Madhuri towards me. My problem started due to aggressive nature of Madhuri. She started coming to my hostel room without any invitation from me and with one pretext or another, she used to press all sensitive parts of her body on me. On the slightest opportunity, she used to touch my sensitive organs with a meaningful smile on her face. I tried to avoid her for any further physical intimacy. But one day, I succumbed to her aggressiveness. After committing a grave mistake, I felt sorry for Arul. On seeing me remorseful, she started laughing like a vamp putting her dress on. Then she revealed something which I never thought even an elder sister can think of!

She told me, ‘I know that you love Arul, not me. She gets everything what she wants because of her beauty and soft nature. This time, I want to teach her a lesson. Though both of us are daughters of scrap dealer, she used to get everything brand new and I used to get scrap only. This time she will also get a scrap only. I snatched the brand-new thing from her and she has to be satisfied with a scrap. She missed what she was aspiring for years. You can now marry her. My marriage has already been fixed to a scrap dealer. He will hopefully not mind to have a scrap in me! Oh! One thing I have to tell you; before Priyanka noticed Arul’s lipstick on your lips, I noticed. At that time, I promised to myself that I shall take the real thing from you before she can take!’

She left my room triumphantly and I sat on my bed like a soldier of a vanquished army.

Chapter VI: The Pain and the Gain


A few days after the most disgusted physical relation with Madhuri, I got my result of UPSC examination and I got a posting in Nagaland, a remote state of India, almost two and a half thousand KM from Delhi.

I did not tell any of the sisters that I was leaving Delhi to join my first place of posting. Though I felt very sorry for Arul, I had decided to leave both the sisters forever and never come back to Delhi.

After two years, I married a girl from Assam and started living with her happily forgetting about the very existence of Arul and Madhuri.

But God must have some other ideas!

One day before my tenth anniversary, my wife died in a road accident leaving behind two children beside me. My heaven crashed on me.

After the demise of my wife, Government decided to transfer me to Delhi. Leaving behind my nine-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter with in laws, I joined my new place of posting at New Delhi.

After settled down at Delhi, one day I went to Pikul’s home. Unexpectedly, I met Arul also at Pikul’s home. I became little nervous and did not know how to start a conversation with the lady whom I ditched fifteen years ago.

She understood my guilt feeling and nervousness and told me with a faint smile, ‘My sister told me everything about her mischievous act. I knew that you are a victim of her conspiracy to take revenge on me. It is not your fault. She ditched not only both of us, but also another innocent man whom she married and now she has been staying with him happily for last fifteen years. I also could have taken revenge on her by telling her story with you to her husband, but I restrained myself and left to God to decide our fates.’ She heaved a deep sigh.

‘Have you married someone?’ I asked her meekly.

‘No, I have not and I shall not marry anyone in future also. I am now working with a NGO and very happy with my work. Tell me about you and your family.’ She asked me with a smile.

I told her how I felt on that day when I fell victim of Madhuri’s seductive prowess and decided to leave Delhi without telling both the sisters. Then I told her about my married life and death of my wife few months ago.

‘Where are your children now?’ She asked.

‘They are with my in laws. My mother is also no more. It will be difficult for me to manage both office and children in Delhi!’ I said with a sad voice.

‘But children like parents’ company. That is essential for their all-round development. Why don’t you marry again?’ She asked.

‘I fear to marry again, if my new wife does not love my children and torture them physically and mentally!’ I tried to explain my position.

‘You need not have to marry a new wife again! You have to take home your first wife only who is living alone for the last fifteen years waiting for her husband to come back to her open arms once again. Long back her husband decided to live with another lady, but his first wife is still waiting for him. She is waiting to get a nod to come to his life, hopefully this time till her death.’ Her tears were coming while uttering those words slowly and almost soundlessly. I did not find any difficulty, by referring first wife, whom Arul was actually referring!

Before I reacted to her statements, she assured me, ‘Your children are my children also; only they were born from another womb!’


The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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Diwali Gift

This story is about a real girl who used to love a friend of mine who was able to reunite with my friend as her husband after death of his first wife. With initial hiccup, she was able to win the hearts of her step children and they are now a happy family. However, Madhuri’s character is a fictitious character, far from reality. The reason for their initial break-up was not known to me. Therefore, I have to introduce the character of Madhuri. In fact, she (present wife of my friend) was the only daughter of a teacher. I have made some comments on scrap dealer in the statement of Madhuri just to spice up the story. I do not have any intention to demean the profession of scrap dealing business. They are giving a yeoman service to the society through their business which I always respect.

  • ISBN: 9781370334858
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-10-31 14:20:22
  • Words: 3592
Diwali Gift Diwali Gift