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Discover Your Medieval Roots

Can a eBook go viral? Let’s find out. “Discover Your Medieval Roots” celebrates a tribe which emerges from the Dark Ages forming 400 family names associated with DNA Celtic Tribe R1b-L513. This DNA marker was first discovered in 2011. Several million people carry this DNA marker today. Check out, “About this Author” for the full list of surnames. Share this link with anyone you know who has one of these surnames. Share 10 links, then email me to let me know and I'll update the book listing you as a sponsor!! Author Anthony Murphy Barrett has brought your story to life in his book, "Discover Your Medieval Roots". The eBook represents 5 year’s of research and is over 100,000 words of family history. Discover the remarkable history of past generations through DNA which have been hidden until now. Discover Your Medieval Roots backs up migration patterns found from scientific DNA testing on thousands of people. This eBook discovers the rolls these families played from 410 AD to 1200 AD. The book covers the dark ages, (King Arthur); to the beginnings of the Vikings; Saxons; Irish; Scots; Welsh; Bretons and Normans. Discover how your surname fits into this amazing medieval world!

  • ISBN: 9780463140567
  • Author: Anthony Murphy Barrett
  • Published: 2018-06-08 11:20:11
  • Words: 107247
Discover Your Medieval Roots Discover Your Medieval Roots