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Unwittingly, three years have already passed and I’ve already graduated from my junior high school. In these 3 years, there’re a lot of happiness and sorrow, and I do realize there’s a big learning curve happened to me in these 3 years.

In these 3 years, I learn a lot about school life. It’s a great lesson and I want to share it with you via this book. But, first of all, I’d like to thank you to my junior high school teachers who always support me, especially when the time gets tough.

You are very great. You persevere to prepare us for our bright future. I won’t forget your goodwill. Once again, I’d say thank you to my junior high school teachers, especially for these very great teachers: Mr. Suppana, Mr. Eka, Mr. Yusuf, Ms. Patrice, Ms. Naomi, Ms. Vita, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Nugroho, and Ms. Ronauli. You are some of the great teachers in my junior high school I ever know. Without you, I won’t be like today. Thank you for all of your effort to make me like this.

I also would like to thank my best friends, Brandon and Matthew who always support me in these 3 years. Thank you for all of your support; you are my beloved teachers and friends. I hope we can continue our journey well and I also hope this school will be better, better, and better again.



Chapter 1: Get Out From the Scams

Part One – The Myths

Chapter 2: Myth #1: Good Scores Equal Good Career

Chapter 3: Myth #2: Make Friends with Everyone

Chapter 4: Myth #3: Students Work Harder Than the Teachers

Part Two – The Secrets

Chapter 5: The Secret of Utilizing Your School

Chapter 6: The Secret of Academic Lessons

Chapter 7: The Secret of Socializing At School

Chapter 8: The Hidden Curriculum


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Most of the people think that school needs a lot of work hard and it seems only a few of students can afford it. Students need to study, study, and study the same lessons a whole day, especially when there was a test on the next day. Most of them think the more time they study, the better their scores. Then, how about the students who can’t afford it? Does it mean that they can’t get a good score? And, does the good score really guarantee us a successful life after we finished our school? I don’t think so… There’re the other functions of a school that we can utilize. If we just focus on the academic lessons, it’s lowly possible to see the other offers of a school. We need to see the other functions of a school. Have you already seen it? If no, then this book is for you!

In this book, I’m going to show you how to utilize your school optimally without struggling too hard nor burn your head. It’s so hurtful in a school, especially if you are an introvert person. I’ve already felt it and I don’t want you to get the pain. Before I found this formula, I was bullied. I felt so sad, school just like a hell and I don’t have enough dare to meet the other students and the teachers. I spent my time alone and devote my attitude. Why they treated me like this? What’s wrong with me? Then, I found the problems and tried to fix them step by step and now I have some great friends. This formula is a life-changing. And I want you to get out from the trap too. We need to understand the myths and the secrets of a school to utilize our school years optimally and get ready to get out from the hurtful conditions.

Every student wants to get good scores, make their parents proud of them, and of course without burn their head. You can get all of it. You can also achieve your school’s goals, either academic’s goals, social’s goals or the other goals. You can change your school’s life, just like me, only by following the formula which I want to share with you in this book. Here’s how I put myself for the great experience in a school. When I was at grade 7th, I only have 1 friend and he is as lonely as me. We are diligent enough to study hard. In school, focus on learning the lessons, and then at home, study again and again. It was so tiring. I was looked for perfect scores at that time and of course, I don’t want to share anything with the other students. At that time, I’m very egoism. Then, what’s the result? I even got lower scores than the other students; I didn’t get the perfect scores. Then, I felt disappointed when I graduated from the 7th grade and I committed to myself I wanted to make a change in my 8th grade. At that time, I met a great homeroom teacher. He is also our counseling teacher. He advises me a lot and almost every day I go to the consulting room to ask for his advice. Then, I changed myself and became better. By that moment too, I found a formula that can make me a better student with a better score, social, and that’s all I can get without struggling too hard like when I was in grade 7th. The key is study smart not study hard. The harder I study, the less I’ll get. It’s because I only study the same again and again. It isn’t how much time I spent rather than how focus am I while I was studying. If you only study hard but you lack focus, it won’t give a great result because the problem is not in the quantity but in the quality. You even feel hurtful when you study hard and you don’t want to share because you want them to know how hurtful you are. That’s totally a misconception. The less you share, the less you’ll get, just like my own experience.

This is a very great lesson the school gives me. It realizes me that there’re not only academic lessons in a school. There’s still much more and I would share them with you in this book. You can change your school-life. If I can do it, so can you! So, don’t waste the rest of your school years. You need to make it better or you’ll regret. Let’s get started on getting you meaningful school years RIGHT NOW!

The secrets of a school you’re about to read have discovered and they will come to help you to get a better school-life. Each chapter in this book provides the secrets of a school that will help you to utilize your school years optimally. If you follow the formula we reveal in this book, it’s highly possible you can enjoy your school years without burning your head nor hurt your heart. That’s why these eight chapters come to this book. Read, take benefits from it, and get ready to start your better school-life. As you read this book, you’ll be able to take a better decision and solve the problems in your school.

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Chapter 1

Get Out From the Scams

What do most people think about school?

Welcome to the first step of our journey! Before we discuss the secrets of a school, we need to know what most people or maybe you think about school. To know it, I do a mini survey. I ask my friends, and I also often heard of that we must go to school to get a good job. There’s nothing wrong with that idea, but it’s not complete.

We do persevere in our school, from kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, senior high school, and then college. We spent or will spend approximately 20 years at school! It’s not a short time. But, what do we get from school? It’s all depending on us.

Based on my mini survey, parents tend to tell us to go to school, get good scores, and then get a job because they want the best for us. Their number one goal is to protect us and see us become a successful person. They hope the best for us.

In contradictory, most of my friends said that they go to school for play with friends; only the diligent friends said that they go to school to persevere in a study because they want to get good scores. They don’t want to waste their parents’ money because the price of the school is expensive. They’re very devoted sons. There are also a few people said that we go to school it’s only for formality. To get a job, we need our diploma, to enter college; we need our senior high school graduation certificate and the same to junior high school and elementary.

All of their reasons to go to school are right. There is no incorrect reason here. But, they only answer a part of it. Our purpose to go to school is the combination of all of their answers. The primary reason we go to school is because we believe that school can give us a successful life. We also believe that the better our school/our scores, the better our career. No… It’s only a scam. You need to know about it. There are a lot of people who entered the best school ever don’t have a job and still depend on their parents. That’s because they don’t utilize their school years optimally. (To know more about how to utilizing your school years optimally, please read chapter 5, The Secret of Utilizing Your School).

There’s a lot of myth about a school that we are believed to. We also are told that we must obey our teachers; teachers are our parents at school, and etc. They’re right, but as you may know, not all the teachers in school are a good teacher. If all of them are great teachers, we also may not be compatible with all of the teachers in our schools. So, we need to choose our teachers selectively. We can’t learn well if we are taught with a teacher that we are not compatible with. But, whether it’s compatible or not, there’s always a way to make us can learn well. (Read chapter 6, The Secret of Academic Lessons to learn more about it).

That’s the two most popular scams of a school that we believed. There are still much more about them. Read the next chapter to discover and learn about them.

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Discover The Secrets Of A School : How to Utilize Your School Years Optimally

Do you know the secrets that can make you success in your school life? There are a lot of students who want to success in their school years and make their parents proud of them. But, they don't know how to do it. That's why Delfi Vijja writes this book. She wants to share with you what is the formula that can make you success in your school. By reading this book, you will able to utilize your school years optimally. If you want to success in your school, then you need this book!

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  • Author: Delfi Vijja
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Discover The Secrets Of A School : How to Utilize Your School Years Optimally Discover The Secrets Of A School : How to Utilize Your School Years Optimally